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Ask to Join The Wilds of Galar!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by sneazel, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Anyone familiar with the region of Galar knows of the sprawling Wild Areas - where the weather and terrain can be as unpredictable and vicious as the wild Pokemon that call these rugged ecosystems home.
    People come to this harsh but beautiful landscape for many reasons -- each is tinged with a hint of danger!

    Why have you entered the Wild Area? What are you hoping to find? Who are you hoping to meet? Will you reach your destination, or find yourself overwhelmed?

    Hi all! This is my idea for an "open-objective" RP :) I wanted to provide a setting for characters who aren't necessarily young Galarian trainers on their Gym Challenge to explore. Perhaps you're a runaway, a ne'er-do-well on a nefarious errand, a breeder or collector, a gym leader looking to train or blow off steam, a stranded traveler... Anything is possible!

    Link to the sign-up page and character app: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-wilds-of-galar.21837/#post-823397
  2. A young scientist, dressed in dark khakis, a trench coat, combat boots, biker gloves with a Z-Ring on her left wrist, and a scrunchy holding her short hair out of her face, was seen at the entrance to the Wild Area. She seemed almost too in awe to move forward. What was wrong with her feet? The Pokemon, all either flying or skittering about, were seen and there for her to study. Why was she stuck? Sensory overload? She had only seen a couple, but this was new. Off in the distance, she could see a larger version of a Pokemon she recognized, but they looked different - a Machamp. It had drastic differences and a red aura with clouds above their heads could be seen. It seemed to have been from some hotspot in the wild area, but just as quickly as it had appeared it vanished.

    What even was that? Galar held many mysteries and she wanted to find them all. But she still couldn't move, probably due to excitement. It took a bit of electrical shock from her orange-brown mouse companion floating alongside this starstruck researcher to realize she had been standing there like a dork for 20 minutes. Her facial features were very different to the people here, so she seemed very foreign and some were giving her strange looks. She didn't even seem to realize.

    Getting herself mentally ready, she finally lifted her foot off of the town she was residing in and took one step towards her long-term goal of meeting every Pokemon in Galar.
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  3. Not far from - and rapidly approaching - the awed Kantonian scientist, an absolute cacophony of sound grew distressingly louder and louder... Pokemon growling and screeching, along with a distinctly human hollering. Eventually, the source of the noises rounded the hill: a scrawny young person - bag flopping against their back as they scrambled across the grass - pursued by a much smaller but no less powerful version of the Pokemon the scientist had seen ringed by red clouds...a Machamp! A Noivern chittered and screamed, diving at the Fighting-type as he tried to drive it away.

    Charlie caught sight of the evident researcher (she looked smart...) and a desperate gleam lit up their eyes. "You!!" They cried, pointing with a gloved finger, "Are you strong?! Yes or no!"
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  4. Shade heard the sounds getting closer and closer. She got on the ready, but noticed a person running towards her. She couldn't tell what gender they were, but they seemed to be running from a Machamp. Figuring that's what they wanted, she nodded and sent out her Alolan Raichu.

    The orange-brown mouse popped out in a burst of white light on her tail and saw the Machamp. Giggling a little, she didn't need to be told what to do to know what she needed to be doing. Her eyes and an outline around her body glowed a bright blue while her cheeks crackled with electricity accompanied by the smell of pancakes surrounding the area. A powerful wave of psychic energy, enough to cause massive migraines and turn someone into a vegetable from the pain, headed towards the Machamp in a very visibly pulsating wave. Normally, one wouldn't see the psychic wave distort space around it, but that was what it was doing.

    Shade looked at the person and asked, "Are you okay? And yes, to answer your question, I defeated one Pokemon League Tournament and I'm one of the stronger trainers at the Battle Spire, which is like the Battle Frontier or the Battle Tower if you have ever heard of those. Basically people who can go toe to toe with champions."
  5. The hair on their neck stood on end when the odd-looking Raichu launched a devastating attack upon the pursuing Machamp. Charlie almost felt sorry for it!

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah--" They babbled hurriedly as the Noivern squawked in discomfort at the psychic wave, "A simple yes or no'd do, mate!" Charlie pursed their lips; they hated hearing about champions and leagues and battle tires or towers or whatever such nonsense young hopefuls busied themselves with. But this woman had done a stellar job of saving their skin, and that wasn't so bad...

    "Noi! Go make sure we're in the clear!" The Noivern sauntered over but it was clear that the psychic attack had made short work of the Machamp. Instead, Noi sniffed at the Raichu. He was sure he'd smelled pancakes. Where were the pancakes?

    Charlie shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot."Er...well...thanks. S'not often you run into someone out here. Now - I'll be takin' that Machamp if y' don't mind!"
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  6. Underneath the shade of a large tree, an unusually large Snorlax rested its head against the trunk while Rick-a boy who looked like he came from a biker gang-slept soundly on the giant Pokemon's belly, his hands behind his head with no signs of tosses or turns. While children used Snorlax' huge belly to play on due how soft and bouncy it was, to Rick it was more comfortable than any mattress he slept on. By the same tree, a Grimmsnarl leaned against the tree with one foot to the bark and his hair covered arms crossed, his expression looked rather cautious, yet drowsy as if he too was about to fall asleep.

    As Skwovets and Greedents slowly gathered around the tree to collect the berries that hung on it's branches, Grimmsnarl snapped himself awake and let out a low growl, most of the squirrel Pokemon immediately ran away after such intimidation, although one Greedent was more stubborn than the rest, it wanted those berries, but Grimmsnarl-like is trainer-wanted peace and quiet to enjoy a good after training nap. The Greedent began to charge toward Grimmsnarl... but due to how chubby it was, it didn't move much, Grimmsnarl stepped toward the Greedent and simply put a hand on its forehead, he didn't use much force, but it was enough to stop the squirrel Pokemon in its tracks.

    The Greedent looked up at Grimmsnarl once more who looked back with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes and began to make a small sound as if he said "Boo." The Greedent shrieked, and ran off like its brethren did before as if it just saw a scary ghost. Grimmsnarl dusted his hands and walked back to lean against the tree, this time he closed his eyes and began to fall asleep.
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  7. "Keep fanning! Keep fanning!" Ethan said. Charlie and Dahlia sped up their fans as Ethan kept stirring. "Dexter, how's it looking?" "Perfect temperature! This curry is gonna be great!" "I hope so," said Ethan as he did a taste test. "Koromaru, grab some more apples and Caroline, add some more acid" "Arf!" "Tun!" they both said as they carried out their orders. A splash of acid and some leftover apple slices. Ethan took a small spoon and did a taste test. "Delightfully tart and the apples' sweetness compliments that" "Aaaand Done!"

    Dahlia and Charlie both sighed with relief. Ethan put out the fire as the team set up the picnic table next to the pot. "Behold, my next entry in the curry dex, 'Sour Apple Curry'." The team cheered as they all started to wash their hands (Or whatever appendages they eat with). Ethan picked up everyone's plates and scooped a helping of rice on each. "I'll just give this a scan and save the data." "That reminds me, what class was it this time?" "Let's see. It's...another wobbuffet." "Wait really? I thought this would be at least Milcery." "Just kidding! Copperajah!" "Dexter, you're a real jerk sometimes. Just for that, I'm eating your share." "Wait, no!" said Dexter as he popped out of the phone. The team laughed as they finished off the curry.

    As Ethan's Team started to play (including Koromaru and Dexter racing for the thousandth time) Ethan washed the dishes. "I'm finished making apple curries so which should I do next? I've been doing vegetables and fruits for a while so I feel like I should do something more filling. Cheese covered? Nah. Slowpoke Tail? No, that's too expensive. I could just do some more Max Raids and sell the rewards. But before I even think about curry I need berries and I don't even have enough for a whole meal. I'll just grab some on my jog." Ethan put back on his favorite hoodie and went on his way.

    After a few minutes, he stopped by a berry tree with a Snorlax, Grimsnarl and a person underneath. In the tree, he saw a special looking berry. "Wait a minute, is that a Starf Berry? Oh my Arceus! Those are super rare! It would be perfect! How am I gonna get it though? I can't just shake the tree. That would wake that guy up. I guess I just have to climb it." Ethan rolled up his sleeves and climbed up the opposite side of the tree. On one of the branches, he found the perfectly ripe starf "Okay, stay right there and I 'm gonna gra-" he thought right before a Skwovet on a branch right on top of him jumped in front of him and grabbed it at the same time. "I'm sorry, I need this badly," whispered Ethan as he tugged on the berry. The Skwovet returned his tug. This went back and forth afew times until the Skwovet bit Ethan's hand. "Dont. Scream.". Ethan grabbed the Skwovet with his other hand and pulled it off and took the starf berry. The Skwovet stumbled back and fell of the branch right onto the guy's head. "Dang it. Dang it. Dang it!" thought Ethan.
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  8. Rick remained fast asleep on his Snorlax' belly just as his two Pokemon did, Grimmsnarl didn't even try to fall asleep but the training they did earlier made him so tired that he didn't even notice the new individual who seemed to want one of the berries up in the tree. Snorlax simply scratched its belly and enjoyed the curiously wonderful scent that came from the tree; a likely reason as to why it chose to sleep under it and be lucky enough for one of it's berries to fall.

    Rick tossed and turned lightly when he heard the faint sounds of an argument alongside the rustles of tree branches above. Although when a Skwovet fell from the tree and directly on to Rick's face, he jolted himself awake and flailed along with the Pokemon. "Gah! What the hell is this?!" Rick cried as his Pokemon jolted awake as well, Grimmsnarl pushed himself off the tree and began to do a series of stances from different martial artists while Snorlax jolted and made Rick bounce lightly on his belly, after a minute of panic after the sudden wake up call, Rick picked up the Skwovet by it's back fur and glared at it. "What the hell's with ya? Why'd you go and wake me like that?" Rick asked, clearly unhappy. The Skwovet shivered, clearly intimidated by the man's reaction and could feel the glares of both Grimmsnarl and Snorlax, despite the latter's eyes closed, it still felt like the large tubby Pokemon's gaze drilled directly into the squirrel Pokemon's soul.

    Skwovet simply looked up and pointed at the individual in the tree that appeared to hold a rather unusual berry in his hand, Rick looked up at the man briefly before he looked back at Skwovet. "Alright, now get outta here." Rick demanded bluntly as he put the Skwovet down in front of him, Skwovet slid off of Snorlax' belly and looked back only to thee the two Pokemon under Rick's command still glare at him with intense looks in their eyes, Skwovet flinched and began to run away while Rick simply glared at the man in the tree.

    Rick pointed up at him with a stern look on his face, then he pointed his finger at the ground next to Snorlax' arm. He remained sat on Snorlax' belly while Grimmsnarl moved closer to Rick and looked up at the man with his arms folded, patiently they waited for him to comply with Rick's silent demand.
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  9. Ethan saw the man be clearly pissed off and thought to himself. "Frick.Frick.Frick. What do I do?! He saw me so I can't hide and I probably can't outrun him. I guess I just only have one option" he thought on the verge of tears. Ethan walked up to a man and took a deep breath. "Hello sir, I'm really really sorry It was stupid of me and it was all just one big accident. What happened was I was doing this thing called the curry dex and I really need berries and then I saw a starf berry on the tree and they're so rare and they make some of the best curries. Some people don't even know they exist. I should've brought Dahlia or Charlie to grab them. Dexter always gets mad at me whenever I don't think things through. Anyway, there was this Skwovet an- Oh my Arceus I'm spiraling." He said all under one breath. "Let's start over, My name's Ethan, I'm sorry the Skwovet fell on you, it was an accident, and I hope you're not too mad at me."
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  10. Grimmsnarl stepped back to make room for the man who went by the name of Ethan. "Shut it!" Rick said when Ethan began to speak rapidly, he sighed with slight annoyance while Snorlax turned his head to look at Ethan. "I'm bloody peed off that my nap was rudely interrupted. What's a bloke like you even doing climbing a clearly occupied tree, eh?" Rick asked as he began to slide off of Snorlax' belly and walk toward Ethan, immediately he let his Black and Fuchsia eyes stare him down with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. Snorlax slowly stood up and stood behind Rick, clearly he towered over him and began to sniff a couple of times, curiously he turned his attention to the berry in Ethan's hand.
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  11. Ethan flinched at the guy's sudden shouting. "Sorry again. I was actually hoping to get this," said Ethan as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the starf berry. "I really like to cook. The starf berry is actually really rare and is a delicious ingredient. I was so scared that a pokemon like that Skwovet would get it before me. I know I was being stupid." he said while hanging his head. While doing that he noticed his hand was bleeding. "Well ain't that neat. Looks like that Skwovet got the last laugh," he said. "I have an idea. To make it up, I'll cook for you! I'm already going back to my camp." said Ethan. "I mean if you want."
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  12. Flareon~Chan

    Flareon~Chan Previously Yang-chan

    April strolled through the entrance of the Wild Area. Because she lived in Galar, she was quite familiar with it, but she could see others gawping at it, mouths open wide.
    “Tourists.” She thought to herself. She didn’t mind them, but she felt as if they overreacted way too much. Yes it was a beautiful sight to look at, but still.
    She grabbed a pokeball from her bag and released her Partner Pokemon, Cinderace.
    Scorch looked quite calm and modest there, even though she wasn’t. She craved attention from tourists and she always knew that the Wild Area was full of them.
    “Hey, stop posing for the crowd!” April teased. “You know what, how about we go find a tree to sit under and eat some food, eh?”
    “Cin!” Scorch replied, as they walked further into the vast lands of Galar.

    While walking, April noticed a pair of trainers arguing. She could tell one of them was from Spikemuth due to what he was wearing. She shuffled closer, listening intently. She was quite curious when it came to this sort of stuff. Scorch tried pulling her away, but April ignored her. She approached them slowly, wanting to know what happened.
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  13. As Rick folded his arms and kept his stern expression fixed on to Ethan, he watched him get out the rather unusual berry that made him raise an eyebrow. "Huh, thought those things were a myth, guess that's why Snorlax wanted to sleep under this tree. S'that right mate?" He asked as he looked back at Snorlax who responded with a nod and licked his lips at the sight of the berry.

    "Alright, fine. Suppose I could eat anyway." Rich said with a shrug. "If we're going to introduce one another, the name's Kendrick Murdoch Fitzgerald the fourth... or to make life easier, you can just call me Rick." He said with a small smile. "What kinda dish ya gonna cook up anyway? It better be good if you want my forgiveness."
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  14. "Nice to meet'cha Rick. I'm Ethan. Don't worry, I can make a pretty good curry unless you had something else in mind. Anyway, follow me." said Etham as he started jogging over back to his camp. He got back and met back up with his team. "Hey guys, did you miss me?" "zzt-You were only gone for 15 minutetzzt" "Thanks buzzkill. Did Koromaru beat you in a race again?" "Today's an off day -zzt okay?!" "Sure." "Trem, Trem!" Said Dahlia as she ran over to Ethan's wounded hand. "Hey Dahlia. Wouldja mind patchin' this up for me?" Said Ethan as he knelt down. "Hatt!" She said with a nod. She grabbed a spare napkin and wiped off the blood. Afterwards she held her hands together in which a ball of glowing water started forming in the middle. The ball splashed onto Ethan's hand and the wound started to heal quickly. "Thanks Dahlia, I'll be more careful next time."

    Ethan got back up and took put his ingredients. "What to cook? What to cook? What would a guy like Rick enjoy? Of course I don't know him that well, but a guy like him might enjoy spicy foods." "Alright I know what I'm gonna do." He said as he took out a box of packaged ramen noodles.
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  15. Shade looked at the interesting exchange happening between two trainers over yonder near a tree before they walked away. Interesting, and a third one was just as interested as she noticed them inching closer to what was happening.

    Looking back at the person she saved, she just nonchalantly waved her hand. "Go ahead, I don't care right now. I am just here to research the many Pokemon here, as I have never been here before. Everything here is amazing. Now, I get that you don't exactly agree with me on that, but for a person who has never even heard of Galar and its inhabitants until recently... Well, it's like a kid in a new candy store, who has never had a sweet in his life. It's almost overwhelming, but I digress. The name's Shade, and that's my lifelong partner, Chu. What's your name?"

    Chu, meanwhile, was dealing with a Noivern sniffing her because she smelled sweet. She giggled a little and crackled the electricity from her cheeks, the smell returning tenfold. She then pointed to her cheeks, but warned him in Pokespeach not to get too close. <You'll get shocked if you touch them, as I haven't had a fight in a while. I'm supercharged, if you understand that.>
  16. Rick shrugged and walked behind Ethan while his two Pokemon weren't far behind. "It'd better be..." Rick said bluntly, still annoyed at his sudden awakening. "So, s'it just gonna be curry for me or do you plan to feed my other Pokemon while you're at it?" He asked as he turned his head to look at his two Pokemon, he could tell at first glance they were okay with not eating, but Rick cared for his Pokemon to refuse them from being left out despite how his appearance suggests.
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  17. "I have enough for all of your pokemon. My team just ate." he said as he started to boil the noodles. once the got to the right firmness he started on the broth(/dashi). In the broth, a variety of veggies, berries and a leftover beef pattie were steeping in there. He also made a small pot of curry. He set up the bowls with noodles, broth, berry slices and mushroom slices. On top was a portion of curry. "Here you go! Spicy curry ramen. I recommend stirring it in a bit before taking a bite. And, for your friend here," he said as he picked up a The rest of the pot of ramen he gave to the Snorlax "I hope you enjoy, and I hope you forgive me now." He said a bit embarrassed.
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  18. Rick took his dish of curry without a second thought and gave it a good look before he brought it near his face to take a sniff. "Hmm, smells alright." He said as he watched Ethan take the pot over to Snorlax who gladly accepted it and was about to tip it into his mouth before Grimmsnarl cleared his throat. Snorlax stopped and put the pot back down so he and Grimmsnarl could share, meanwhile Rick stirred his food for a few seconds before he scooped up some of the curry and began to take a bite.

    Once the taste his his tongue, his eyes widened slightly. "Hmm, not bad." He said in a clearly impressed tone of voice as he took another bite. "Could'a gone a little more with the spice, but this on it's own's not bad at all." Rick said almost like a judge as he took another bite, it was clear he enjoyed the dish. "Although... don't think bribing me with good food means easy forgiveness. If you really mean you'll never wake me up again, you'll have to prove it; Words are one thing, actions are another.
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  19. "Yes, I understand," said Ethen as he started washing dishes. "I'll be more careful next time," he said as he scrubbed away at one plate. of curry. Once he finished he put all of the dishes away and put it back inside his tent. "Dexter, come over here real quick?" he said. "Sure thing!" he said as he zipped over in front of his face. Ethan tapped the pokedex app and open the scanner. He looked over and about 500 meters away he a large power spot started triggering the sensor. "Good thing one's so close." he said as he turned around to his team, "Hey guys, a power den is close by. would any of you guys give me a hand?" Koromaru and Charlie agreed while Dahlia shook her head no and Dahlia was hiding inside the tent from the 3 visitors. "Alright, Dahlia. Would you mind watching the place while I'm gone?" "Trem!" " 'Kay, I'll be back soon." he said as he got up from kneeling. "Rick, would you do me a favor? There's a den nearby and I'm basically broke. Would you mind helping me?" he said as he started to return Koromaru and Charlie to their pokeballs.
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  20. Rick blinked in surprise at Ethan's offer for help with a den, something he immediately knew what it meant as he returned his Snorlax and Grimmsnarl who were clearly satisfied after the meal. "I'd love to! I could use a bit more dough myself and after that rudely interrupted nap, I could use something to hit." He said with clear confidence as he walked up to Ethan with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "Do you know any other bloke who'll likely help us out? I can only do so much." He added as he looked around for other individuals.
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  21. Chu, a special Pokemon when it came to sensing power spots due to her natural psychic abilities, felt a strange sensation in the Wilds. She squeaked at her partner and pointed towards a distant camp with a fireplace. Shade took a moment from their conversation and peered ahead, squinting her eyes to see further. There appeared to be a purple glow quite far from where they were. She looked over to Charlie before deducing what that purple glowing spot was.

    "I'm assuming that's a Dynamax Den that I had heard from the locals as I was gathering information about the Wilds before I left town. If you want to follow, I'll go up ahead and check it out. Also, that Machamp is not unconscious yet," with that, Shade ran off towards purple spot.

    As she was running there with her Alolan Raichu in tow, she saw two people with their Pokemon at a camp, and she can smell some spicy curry. Spicy wasn't her favorite taste, but she can appreciate the smell. As she got there, Chu was getting more and more amped. They were near the Power Spot and it was making her Raichu a bit more active.

    She saw the dark and hairy Pokemon and wondered at it in awe before snapping to attention. "Sorry, but I have never been to Galar. I heard those spots are where giant Pokemon appear. I would love to battle one. I don't need to catch it. Can I get some help in battling it?"

    Her Alolan Raichu bounded about in the air on her surfboard-like tail, clearly amped for a battle. A sweet pancake smell emanated from the Raichu's cheeks, overpowering the yummy curry smell. Her entire body was visibly and audibly crackling with electricity now, as her cheeks visibly widen and a trail of lightning was left behind her as she floated along.
  22. "Jeez, you're still mad about that? It was the skwovet's fault anyway." he said to himself as he put his pokeballs in his back pocket. His thought process was interrupted by a researcher next to the power den. "Oh hello. Yes that is a power spot. It appears to be a dynamax obstagoon. Rick and I were planning on taking it on, so sure we'll help you." he said as he turned to Rick "If it's okay with you." he turned back around and noticed a strange pokemon floating right next to her. "question though, what's that pokemon floating right next to you? It looks like a Raichu but not exactly"
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  23. Rick turned to the direction Ethan looked at and saw what appeared to be a researcher with a... curious type of Raichu; he heard about different versions of the species from different regions, but he couldn't exactly tell what kind of Pokemon it was, but blinked when he heard 'Obstagoon.' "Obstagoon eh? This raid might be more fun than I thought!" Rick said in a more confident tone as his Black and Fuchsia eyes glistened briefly. "This raid was your idea; I got no objections." He said before he turned his eyes to the researcher. "Might we get your name as well, lady?"
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  24. Shade smiled as the two, seemingly on edge with each other, greeted her. She bowed her head down courteously before introducing herself, her Alolan Raichu doing the same. "The name's Shadara, but you may call me Shade. This is my birth partner, Chu. She is an Alolan Raichu, an Electric/Psychic-Type." Her eyes lit up when she heard of a Pokemon she had only seen once in another Region. "Obstagoon? That sounds familiar. Well, since I have my information pad, I shall worry about it after the encounter. How do these power spots work?" She asked whilst trying to peer inside. "Do we just go in and fight a large Pokemon? I have heard of Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing before, but I don't have a Dynamax Band. I'll have to see about getting one later. For now, I'm just here on a personal assignment."
  25. (OOC: Sorry I haven't posted in a while)
    "Nice to meet you Shade. You basically got it. In power spots like these there's a massive collection of energy. Sometimes pokemon absorb that energy and they can Dynamax." He said. "You'll probably learn best from watching, follow me. One Note, i recommend not using Chu since Obstagoons are Dark type." He said as he started climbing down the hole in the Dynamax Den. He walked a few steps into the cavern and sent out Koromaru. The storm whipped up and he heard an earsplitting growl.
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  26. Shade just chuckled. She knew not to use her Raichu against a powered up Dark-Type. She pulled out an Ultra Ball and walked into the Den. She could feel the power radiating from the den, coursing through her veins. The Ultra Ball in her hand felt like it was shaking, as if the beast inside was ready to fight. Shade didn't want to throw him out just yet, because then the Pokemon would be so aggressive he'd try to pick a fight with Ethan. She just gripped her Ultra Ball tightly and waited for the creature to arrive.
  27. Rick smiled at the pair and followed them into the den only to be met with a strange storm followed by a distant yet deafening growl. "God I can tell this is already gonna be a great raid. I may even have the chance to use a 'special trick' up my sleeve." He said as he got out Grimmsnarl's Poke ball, but had yet to let the Pokemon out. Rick could feel the strange dynamax energy flood through the den, not a lot of people knew how this power came to be or why it was only found in the Galar region, but he loved the sensation nevertheless.
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  28. It was then that Shade's Xtransceiver began ringing on her wrist. Sending out a verbal curse, she pulled it up and saw it was a very frantic brother of hers. His hair was unusuallly disheveled when it should be spiky and he was as pale as a ghost. Fear and worry were written all over his face as he stammered out, "Something is wrong with mom. Please come home as soon as you can."

    The call ended before Shade could say anything and then her face became paler than a ghost. "Oh Arceus... I'm so sorry, but my mom is probably terminally ill. I have to get back. Fuck..." she was more than just agitated as her body began shaking. She ran out of the den and threw her Hydreigon out to ride on. Looking around and finding no one to fight, he looked back at his trainer to see she had lost all color in her face. Sensing something was deeply wrong, he laid down on the ground so she could climb on. After a few flaps, they were off and away back to Kanto.

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