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The whats in your house game

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Scrafty, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Yes, I don't know why I have a Caillou's book.
    I have a Umbreon in my room, do you?
  2. I have two Umbreon plushies in my room, a figurine, and on two t shirts
    so I have plenty of them, I could use a lo tmore

    I have chocolate chip cookies in my room, do you?
  3. No, just in the fridge

    I have a TV, do you?
  4. not anymore, got rid of mine about 3 years ago

    I have small keychain Eevee plush in my room, do you?
  5. Yes, caugh caugh Pokémon Let's Go Eevee caugh caugh, obviously

    I have chairs, do you?
  6. yep, sitting in one as I type

    I have a plate of blueberry waffles in my room (about to eat), do you?
  7. No
    I have 3 Nintendos and a PS2, do you?
  8. yes and no - I have a 3DS, XL New 3DS XL, 3DS Flame Red, DS Lite
    I don't have a PS2

    I have flag in my room (well couple of them), do you?
  9. No
    I have a sketchbook, do you?
  10. Well... no. I do have a big stack of paper I use for homework, sketches, stuff...

    I have two teeth that are out of my mouth on my desk, do you?
  11. No
    I have Hot Wheels, do you?
  12. yep, both of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom collections
    and a ECTO II from Ghostbusters

    I have a poster of Jurassic World in my room, do you?
  13. No
    I have Monsters Highs, do you?
  14. nope, not myself

    I have a tiger blanket covering one of my windows, do you?
  15. nope

    I have two windows in my room, do you?
  16. No, only one
    I have Playmobils, do you?
  17. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Mother of Meltans

    I lack the Playing of the mobils.
    I have the Digimon crest set; do you?
  18. Nope, I don't have anything related to that show

    I have a Pikachu plush in my bed, do you?
  19. No
    I have a slept Pikachu,do you?
  20. I mainly sleep with an Eevee plush - my Pikachu plush decorates the bed
    not really sure what you mean

    I have a bottle of hot sauce in my room, do you?
  21. No.

    I have a Container of Pokemon cards in my room, do you?
  22. No, I have them in a bag
    I have the P15 DVD,do you
  23. not myself

    I have a shiny custom made plush in my room, do you?
    actually 5 - Umbreon, Sylveon, Espeon, Luxray, and Zorua
    #503 Firox, Jun 16, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  24. No
    I have two bathrooms in my house, do you?
  25. yep, one is on the first floor
    the other on the second floor

    I have a mousepad featuring a family member on it, do you?
  26. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Mother of Meltans

    I have a pair of pink Dr. Martens; do you?
  27. not myself... only pink is my Sylveon plush

    I have a green work shirt, do you?
  28. No
    I have a Black Kitty Bag, do you?
  29. not myself... would love one, I love kitties

    I have two posters of tigers in my walls, do you?
  30. Nope,
    I have a Homer Simpson poster running away form a donut like Indiana Jones :v, do you?
  31. Not myself, sounds nice

    I have a Captain America shirt in my room, do you?
  32. No
    I have memes saved in my tablet, do you?
  33. not even sure what that is, I could have them and probably not even noticed

    I have two small laptop speakers next to my laptop, do you?
  34. Yes
    I have a laptop in my house, do you?
  35. Yes.
    I have a Pokemon card binder in my house, do you?
  36. yes, actually have four of them
    one has Eevee on the cover

    I have a cozy blanket on my bed, in my room... do you?
  37. (Does it have the names of the Eeveelutions on the side? If so, we might have the exact same binder... :o)
    Yes, I do. Lots of them, to be exact.
    I have an older sibling in my house, do you?

    (Edit: spelling)
  38. (yes it does, where I keep all my Eeveelution and Fox-Pokemon cards)

    they all moved out, not anymore

    I have a Espeon GX Full Art in my collection, do you?
  39. No, I do not. (I have a Sylveon GX Full Art though.)
    I have a flashlight in my room, do you?
  40. (I have the Sylveon GX too, so adorably cute looking)

    sort of - if you count the built in flashlight app on my phone, other wise no physical flash light

    I have a windows 10 laptop, do you?

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