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Ask to Join The War of Dragnos (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by ThePlayfulFox, May 26, 2019.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea defeated Ragenrok. She and her sprite friend, Shui, took his neacklace. But it wasn't enough. His followers built a new body for the dragon. He came back and tried to claim the throne. However, Flarea also claimed the throne. Now the contery is thrown into a war. A war that everyone has to take part in.
    Blaze stood at the mouth of his personal cave. He looked down at the moutain range below him. He was lucky to recive a cave in Flarea's personal palce. He thought about all of the events that led him here. His parents being killed then Ragenrok offering him a home. He accepted, not knowing what his uncle had done. He grew up and relize what happened that night, the night he thought he lost his sister. She had came back and she was fighting his uncle He spoke out, then Ragenrok said he was going to talk to him. He never spoke a word, instead he gave him this sort of helment that made him to not think.
    Flarea saved him. He didn't know how much time had passed, just that a lot had. Flarea took him back to her castle and gave him a spot in her army. He quickly went to the top due to his hard-working attitude. Now he went directly to Flarea for orders. He didn't mind his younger sister giving him orders. He hurt her so much in the past, without even realizing it. Now he would fight for her to the death.
    Blaze flew out of his cave and went to the military cave. He was ready to give orders to the dragons that served Flarea.

    Windraza looked down at all of the juinos. She needed them to mine faster so then she could supply more armor to her soldiers. She gave a sigh. Why didn't Blaze or Flarea see all she was trying to do was put Ragenrok in his rightful place, on the throne. She gave a low grumble in her throat. She really wanted to rip them to shreds. Maybe she could?
    Windraza flew to the Cavern of War. "Troops, Ragenrok needs you on the front lines! We are preparing another attack near the Dragon Spires. Do not fail me!" She roared.

    Shada flew in the sky, her gray wings opened as she caught the early morning breeze. She laughed as she plunged towards the earth at an alarming speed. She quickly reopened her wings and caught the lower drifts. She always did enjoy long flights like this one. Sure she was slower than a normal Wind Dragon, but she was faster than all of the other breeds. She landed and looked around her to enjoy this beautiful spring morning.
  2. Skyecut soared high in the air, carrying sealed messages from the frontlines to Flarea’s palace. As he swooped through the sky, he looked down on all the empty homes below. Not that long ago, there had been happy homes throughout the region, but now only half the population was still there. Many had joined the armies, and many had died. He shook his head as he sped towards Flarea’s palace.


    Airethea was in the Cavern of War when Windraza arrived. She smirked. Even though Windraza had royal blood, Airethea was stronger and she knew it. However, she was exited for the attack, so she rounded up her troops and prepared for battle. She approached one of the soldiers.

    “You. Pyren. Help me get my battle armor on.’

    Airethea’s armor was very thick and heavy. It slowed her down a bit, but with her battle skills and speed, she was nearly invincible.
  3. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Veniem, Swift, Tatl, and Navi were walking down a trail, having completed their mission for flarea. Swift looked up into the sky and pointed up at a wind dragon(shada) high in the sky. Veniem smiled, It was nice to see people being happy during these times. looking back down the trail he said "When we get back we need to report our mission a success immediately" Tatl nodded and laid back on Veniems back. Swift frowned "Can't that wait? I want to go say hi to that wind dragon..." Veniem shook his head "Sorry, but this needs to be done swiftly"
  4. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Windraza also had her armor put on. It was built with speed in mind. With this armor, she was the quickest dragon on the battlefield. She smiled. "Blaze, I'm coming for you," She said, creepily. She glanced at the other dragons. "In the air NOW!" she commanded. She waited for her troops to get into the air before she followed suit.

    Blaze saw the Wind messenger. "Clear and give space! We have an important dragon coming in!" He commanded. All of the dragons in the cave nodded and made room for the messager. Blaze waited for the light blue Wind Dragon to land. He had to have some sort of warning about Ragenrok, and his sister, Windraza. He growled at the thought of her. Oh, how much he wanted to burn her.

    Shada saw the dragons and sprites. She suddenly became self-conscious and entered shadow form. Now she was nothing more than black smoke. She waited for the four to leave so then she could enjoy her flight. They were probably soldiers on their way to war. She wouldn't put it past most dragons these days.
  5. Skyecut swooped into the cave and glided to a stop. He looked around and saw General Blaze. He walked over and pulled out the dispatches and handed them to him.

    “Messages from the Generals on the front.”

    Skyecut was not a high enough rank to bring the messages to Flarea, and his orders were to hand them to the nearest General, who would bring them to Flarea.
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  6. Regann chuckled to himself as he held a helpless squirrel in the air with his magic, "Come back to daddy?". He then threw the squirrel against the tree beside him before thrusting his dagger-claws into its chest. He grinned rubbing the remaining grime down his ruffled fur and shaking causing it to splatter amongst the trees in putrid spots of death. His brother who stood nearby and watched, inspecting the gory remains of the creature splatter to the ground, "Delightful, shall we go find some more?". Both of them turned and trotted down the path, chatting to each other and sharing emotions through their rare twin linkage.

    After a nearly hour long massacre, the twins stopped by a burnt tree stump and began a small conversation. "That was most enjoyable, brother," Crezfaltaar "The Unholy" grinned grotesquely at his twin, "However we must seek more blood to quench our thirst."
    "Indeed," Replied Regann "The Mischievous" as he inspected the remaining section of the tree, "I say we join this amusing war the dragons have started."
    "Excellent! Though, whose side should we join. Or, a better question, which side is the bloodiest?" Crezfaltaar gurgled as he pondered the thought, "We shall decide soon enough..."
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  7. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Swift looked defiant "I'm sure a few minutes won't matter" Veniem sighed "I'm not sure they want to meet you" he pointed up at the new black cloud in the sky. Swift looked at him with a pleading look and Veniem gave up "Fine, I'm going to keep walking though, catch up when your done" Swift nodded and she flew up to the new dragon with Navi "Hi!" Veniem continued down the path with Tatl sitting on his head "Keep an eye on them, will you" Tatl patted his head and turned around to watch the dragons in the sky
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  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Blaze took the Messages. Most of them were to go to Flarea. "You do realize that Flarea likes to receive her messages directly. Go ahead, you have my permission to see her." Blaze told the messager. He then took one that was meant for him. It was from the east side base. He knew that he couldn't get there in time, so he sent his fastest dragons, Wind dragons and Wind hybrids.

    Shada looked at the new dragon. She exited shadow form and revealed her light gray scales. "H-Hello," she stammered. She didn't understand why someone would fly up here to talk to her. She was a Shadow-Wind Dragon. Made for scouts, when they weren't scared that their scales would fall of to an unknown breeze. She looked down. Maybe he was upset that she was flying so happily during a war.
  9. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Swift smiled and excitedly said "I just saw you up here and wanted to say Hi! I was traveling with those two down there" she pointed at Veniem and Tatl "But they said I could just catch up, cause I'm so much faster than them" Navi smiled and flew over to the new dragon "So who are you?" Tatl watched this from Veniems head, not seeing anything bad happening yet, she did nothing
  10. Skyecut was nervous. He didn’t feel like it was right to go into the ‘throne room’ of the castle. But orders were orders, so he walked into the throne room to present the dispatches.


    Airethea took to the skies and flew with her group in the direction of the Spires. She was easily able to keep up with the rest of the group, even with her heavy armor. She was confident that there would be a great victory for Ragenrok before the new moon.
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  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shada, overcome by Swift's energy, perked up. "I'm Shada, and I don't fight for anyone. I'm too jumpy." She said in her quiet voice. She did not really like having conversations with others like this, but Swift's happiness gave her enough energy to talk for a bit. Well, answer any questions.

    Flarea sat in the cavern, having a formal discussion with her sprite friend. "I told you not to eat the bread! That was for someone else!"
    "You mean the lovestruck Shadow Dragon?"
    A low rumble could be heard from Flarea's throat. She turned and saw Skyecut. Her eyes went from full of anger to full of enjoyment. "Oh! A message! Glad Blaze got to you before the others did! Would you like to sit down? I sware all of my generals are sticks in the mud. Even Blaze. It is always nice to see a new face in this cavern." She said to the Wind Dragon. She was about his size, due to her having a Wind Dragon body.

    Windraza flew in front of the others. She was the fastest out of all of them. Airethea might have the strength, but she had the speed. "Fly with haste! We are almost there!" She shouted.
  12. Skyecut approached rather timidly, and delivered the dispatches. He bowed and began to back out of the room, he felt very uncomfortable.


    Airethea scoffed as Windraza sped ahead. She was confident she was faster than Windraza, but she chose to combine her Wind Dragon speed with her unusual strength. As the swarm of dragons flew towards the Dragon Spires, Airethea grinned. She was looking forwards to the battle.
  13. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Swift nodded "That's fine, we only fight so our friends don't have to be slaves or killed or something else bad" Navi flew around shada and added "So what do you do, like for a living?"

    Veniem padded down the path, considering how to word his report as Swift was talking with whoever that was. He looked up, seeing the castle in the distance, it would not be much longer until they arrived, Swift might've be able to make it before lunch. He glanced back at Swift, wondering if she was enjoying herself.
  14. Venomalia flew through the mountain range housing the palace of Flarea, trying to work off steam and do something for a change considering Flarea rarely requires her to practice her trade of assassination. It wasn't until wind dragons and hybrids blew past her that she was snapped out if her foul mood, ”huh... They seem to be in a rush” Venomalia thought before spotting Blaze ”lets find out why” Venomalia’s thought continued as she soared up to Blaze and landed nearby ”oh general! What news can you give me? Why did you dispatch those troops?” Venomalia asked fascinated to hear the response.

    Svinx walked through a field admiring his find of a chunk of precious metal ”heh, well it's not too big but it’ll do me for now” he said to himself with a chuckle before spying a black dragon before him on the main path, ”hmmm a dragon on the path heading towards Flarea’s palace... Today might just get better!” Svinx cheered before slowly making his way up behind of Veniem, when Svinx finally got within earshot of the dragon he finally spoke up ”well hello there! Fancy seeing a dragon in these parts, hey” Svinx spoke trying to get the dragons attention.
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea frowned at Skyecut's timid approach. "Hey, I don't bite! I'm just very important nowadays. Oh, why do dragons always run form me? Is it because I act differently? It's because I act differently." The queen said, disappointed. Her ruby scales were dull in the cavern.

    Blaze looked at the Poison Dragon. "Veneomlia, I sent them due to reports of activity in the south, near the Dragon Spires. I don't send them lightly," Blaze said. He looked at the assassin. "Do you have a job to do, or did you finish it?" Blaze really wanted to fly out and feel the sun on his scales as he led another troop to meet the forces of Ragenrok.

    Shada looked around her. "Well, I run, if that counts," Shada said timidly. Her light grey scales seemed to match her eyes while her black horns resembled those of a Shadow Dragon.
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  16. Skyecut stopped and began to apologize.

    “No, my lady, I’m just nervous. This is my first time in the presence of a dragon of Royal blood. I normally would have left the palace to hunt by now, but General Blaze asked me to deliver the dispatches myself.”

    The cavern was very nice, but Skyecut supposed it was probably boring if you spent most of your time there.


    The swarm of dragons was nearing the Spires. These massive pillars of rock sticking out of the ocean were the perfect battlefield. With ocean below for Water Dragons, places to land for landed combat and plenty of flying room, there were not many locations to match it. Not to mention that hiding behind one of the Pillars made a great place for an ambush.
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  17. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Veniem was thinking about his report for his mission when he heard a voice. He glanced back at Svinx "Yes, fancy that" he turned around to face him, looking him up and down "What do you want? I really do need to be on my way." Tatl nodded in agreement, eyeing him suspiciously

    Swift tilted her head "You mean like racing, for money or something?" Navi smiled and landed on Swiftd head "I like racing! Its fun!"
  18. Azure was finished with a light mission, gathering a small amount of information about the enemy team, and scouting out people to help him. Nobody so far though. Due to his curiosity, he took a different route on the way back to Flarea, trying to find a shortcut, but instead, he got hurt a bit. He landed on the ground to get some rest, though it would be ideal to go back to a healer. He noticed a couple of people, talking to each other. He couldn't hear them, but he tried to.
  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shada shook her head. "No, I run from danger, guardians, other dragons. Everything," Shada said. Her eyes scanned the ground. There were plenty of places to hide if need be. There was a Magic Dragon not far away, he seemed to be trying to listen. Everything seemed to be normal, everything was fine. She was fine, for now.

    Flarea smiled. "That's not true! Blaze is my older brother, and he would be taking my place if anything happened to me."
    "What about Yoru?" Shui asked, referencing the Shadow Dragon that has been following her around

    Windraza flew through the spires like they were nothing. Only Wind Dragons could navigate through the spires. Everyone else had to go above or below the spires.
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  20. After a few minutes of thought the two brothers again spoke, Regann starting, "I think Ragenrok seems a much more of a better option, no? That Flarea is much too peace loving and equality based. I think that Ragenrok would allow us into his ranks, even though we...disgust...most of their race I expect he will do anything to get to the throne; that means skilled magic users like us will be straight in. But most importantly, I am sure that there will be more fun on his side."
    Crezfaltaar tilted his distorted head downwards in a nodding motion, "I must agree with you brother, you and I will have the chance to bring death, and on your part you can have some fun- make some mischief. We should only head West for a while and we will arrive close to the Mines of Rebirth, and eventually Volcain. It's lucky we are already this close."

    The twins continued from their spot by the tree stump and headed due West towards the great Mines of Rebirth and the lair of Ragenrok, where they would find their ranks in his army- and hopefully (for them) all the death, blood and pain they want.
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  21. “General Blaze is your brother?”

    Skyecut asked. This startled him. He was surprised nobody told him. Then he realized he was asking royalty questions, and became embarrassed.


    Airethea led her troops over the top of one of the biggest Spires. She signaled for the swarm to keep flying and then swooped down towards Windraza.

    “So. What are the details for the battle? Are we attacking, or are they?”
  22. "A race..." Azure said quietly. He advanced forward. His puffed up chest and jagged jaws made him look intimidating. He was now a bit closer to the group, easily noticeable. He still looked in curiosity, tilting his head. This could give mixed emotions: Intimidation, while also a small sense of cuteness...
  23. Venomalia ”huh ok... Well as much as I want to look good in front of the general and lie about completing a job I'm gonna be serious and say, I've had no jobs, being an assassin seems pretty pointless at the moment considering Ragnarok is the one starting the fights and we’re the ones run after him” Venomalia ranted before calming down ”look I don't mean to insult your skills as a general but this is a war, but it seems like they're the one's playing the game” Venomalia says pointing at the letter ”while we’re just holding the line” Venomalia concluded as the seriousness faded from her face, ”but look I really don't care I'm just bored, ” Venomalia added ”so please give me something to do, the most I've done so far is rehearse that speech”


    Svinx looked at the dragon and let out a smile ”oh yes, time is important and I promise I won't waste too much of yours” Svinx said ”I just wish to provide you a bit of information, a destroyed town just out to the west happened to be a mining town” Svinx said pulling out the piece of raw metal ”now a larger armory never hurt anyone now, has it?” Sphinx asked his eyes fixed on the dragon awaiting a response
  24. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Veniem looked at the metal and considered it, he looked back at Swift and Navi "And you say this is a really big opportunity, something we shouldn't pass up?"

    Swift nodded "That sound what an old friend of mine did" Swift and Navi noticed Azure and Swift gasped, dropping to the ground "Hello! who are you?" she looked over at Veniem for a second seeing him talk with someone, she quickly dismissed it and looked back at Azure
  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shada saw that no one was talking to her anymore and flew off. She did know it was rude to leave before you say goodbye, but she left her first, so it was fine. Right? Shada ignored the voice in her head. This was her life, run from everyone. Even if they did serve the queen.

    Blaze looked at Venomalia. " I understand, and I wish I could start an attack, but Flarea only wishes to defend what we have. Says that we can't hurt the innocent. And I swore we sent out someone to take out one of- Oh, that was someone else. Here you go, a general from the other side. Whirlpool is his name, I got this report from one of our top scouts." He looked at her again, hopefully, this was enough to quench her thirst for questions.

    Windraza couldn't believe the question that her fellow general had! "Attack stupid! When does Flarea ever strike first? I sware that'll be her downfall!"

    Flarea smiled. "Can you not see the resemblance?" she asked. Her scales were the exact same shade of red as Blaze's, although her eyes were blue. "Anyway, if you really want to leave, you can. I'm not forcing you in here. It has been nice to talk to you though."
  26. Svinx chuckled “a big opportunity? Are you kidding me? Kid look obviously you don’t get this whole war thing. You take control of the mine you have control over a major resource, that control get you weapons and business, business get you profit, profit gives allies” Svinx crudely explained before beginning to walk away from the dragon towards the palace “but oh well, if you don’t believe me that’s fine, someone else will be happy to take credit for discovering it I’m sure”


    Venomalia looked at Blaze “well Flarea has some questionable tactics, to fight a war you have to fight...” Venomalia said before taking the report and glancing over it, “a general huh... might actually make a challenge” Venomalia said before preparing to take flight “anything else you want to tell me before I go?”
  27. “You never know when your enemy might take initiative.”

    Airethea growled as she zoomed between two rocks. She felt stupid for letting Windraza make a fool of her. At least they were alone...


    “I will stay if you wish, my queen. Otherwise I will go find some food.”

    Skyecut bowed as he said this. He was begging to feel slightly more comfortable. Then he remembered one of his duties.

    “Do you have any messages which you would wish to send?”
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  28. "Hello..." He said, looking at them from below. It then hit him! Could they be working for Ragnarok?! Could they be...assassins?! "What are you two doing? And...Are you one of Ragnaroks allied?" He said, backing up in a threatening position." He didn't want to get hurt even more, due to his previous injuries, but he could put up a fight if they did attack.
  29. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Swift shook her head "I'm Not with Ragnarok!I was just going back to the castle to do something" Navi nodded in confirmation "What are you doing here?"

    Veniem nodded and turned around "Thank you, I shall head your word and change my plans accordingly" he started to walk back over to where Swift and Navi were talking. Tatl glared at the dragon with a 'you better not be lying' glare
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  30. Ursula sat in her cave. She had small water sprite tied to a large rock with her arms spread wide and could barely move them. Ursula loved this part of her job. Finding out what she wanted to know before she made this worthless little worm squirm and beg for mercy, just like all the others did. Though she never did give anyone any. She loved to hear them scream as she used her claws to rip them peice by peice.

    "Now, now dreary, why don't you give me the information I want and I might just let you live." Though she never planned to let the little worm live. She just wanted her to think that so she could get what she wanted.

    "I will never tell you how to get into Flarea's castle!" The little sprite looked determed she would not give up and secrets of the castles waterway entrances.

    "Too bad. I guess we will have to do this the hard way then." Ursula walked over to the rock from where she was sitting, with a sadistic gleem in her eyes. She held up one of her tallened claws and brought it slowly down to the arm of the sprite. She slowly cut the arm making sure the little wench felt every tear of her flesh.

    The sprite screamed and pulled against the rope that held her in place. It was no use she would not be able to break the ties that held her down. Her throat felt tight as she was cut on her arm.

    Ursula loved this part. She laughed gleefully as the sprite pulled and screamed. "I told you that if you work with me then I will make this a painless vist from me."


    Spring loved coming to the dragon spires. They looked so pretty and awe inspiring to her. Each spire represented each of the different type of dragons and sprites. They each seemed to shine like a diferent type of rock.

    Spring was making the waves dance as she walked across them. They seemed to move with her. She would spin and turn and the water would come and splash around her. Spring being a water sprite loved the water and loved when it would bounce and play with her.

    Hearing something that did not belong to this peaceful place, she looked up and spotted the army group, belonging to Ragenrok coming near to where she played.

    Spring knew what to do when in this situation. She hated fighting but she knew how to heal. She should probably use the signal to warn everyone that there will be an attack.

    Knowing that time was not on her side she ran to the base of Flarea's army and rung an alarm to sound of incoming fight. Hopefully she was not too late to warn everyone.

    After ringing the alarm she ran to a hiding spot to wait and see what they were going to do.
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  31. In The Udui Plains, Wrecker recntly recieved a message from the instructor. Wrecker happily walked over to the training ground where his instrutor was waiting.
    "Good evening," His instructer greeted.
    "Good evening to you too, Commander Ironstone," Wrecker replied.
    "I just got a report saying that your training will presume on the mountains, where Flaera's palace is," Inorstone explained, "You have two weeks to get there, and settle in."
    "Yes sir!" Wrecker said, a bit sad about having to leave, but there was going to be a new place to explore. Udui Plains is right next to the palace, but being a earh dragon, if he was going to train there, he couldn't fly back and forth all the time.
    ***Mountains of Phross***
    "Ready to go!" Yami playfully shouted in the young Sea dragon's ear.
    Mackerel jumped a bit and growl quietly, "Yes. So I'm finally going to get some real scouting done.?"
    "But you have been doing scouting," Yami grinned, "You found things that no other sprite -- besides me-- would find."
    "That makes me feel sooo special," Mackerel grumbled, still hoping that he would be able to get out of Flaera's lands as so as possible.
    "It should! Sprites are the only ones fit for scouting, and you almost as good as one," Yami boasted.
    "You are as clear as sludge," Mack sighed, "Can we hurry up now?"
    "Follow me, and then we'll get to a new training place, for you at least," Yami flutteed away.
    "Joy," Mackerel sighed, following the yellow haired sprite.
  32. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Aitou was on a daily flight, spying for anything 'injustice', as his boss told him to do. He had already gained a profile of all the major members of Ragnorek. Aitou heard a maniacal cackle from a nearby cave. "I know that dumb laugh anywhere!" he shuddered, going to the source to see Ursula, an assassin torturing a sprite.

    Aitou winced at the scene. He knew it was messed up, and it was risky to save the fairy. "I live for risk!" He declared, moving into the cave silently. He let out a cloud of purple smoke, very thick and was impossible to try to see through. He blurred through the cavern, slicing Ursula's arm, grabbing the sprite from their prison, screaming, "Not on my watch, you old coot!"

    Aitou groaned, the sprite thanking him for everything, Aitou responding with just, "Yeah, yeah, don't mention it, I'm probably gonna get in a crap-ton of trouble because of this." Aitou deposited the sprite in a healer's cave. As he continued the flight, he felt a toxic chill. "Aw, crap."

    "LAAAZY REEEEEPTILES!" Screeched a voice in the distance, and Aitou smirked, knowing he was in for a fight.
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  33. Blue had gasped awake from a sudden memory that had seemed to haunt her. She trembled slightly as she looked around seeing it was just a dream. She lowered her eyes to look on the ground feeling uncomfortable and scared after dreaming of that day her parents were murdered by Ragenerok's supporters. She heard the sound of footsteps as she looked up from the ground seeing a bright purple-green-pale blue and white-muzzled dragon come up to her. It was her brother Talakin who was always there for her when episodes like this happen. "Are you alright sis? Is it that same memory again from when we were younglings?" he asked her in a gentle tone. She looked down to the ground before nodding to him. "Yes...it won't stop haunting me....." she said gently looking at him once she looked away from the ground. Talakin saw Blue's tears start to well up in her eyes seeing her slightly tremble. "It's alright sis, it was just a dream and I know it actually happened but I promise to make sure nothing happens to you alright," he said as his amber-light blue eyes focused on her as he gave a gentle smile.

    Her light blue eyes made contact with his before she slowly stood up gently nudging her brother. "Thank you Talakin, I feel safer when you say those words to me....."she answered before she looked to him giving a shy smile. "It's what I am here for sis, now wipe those tears, you have injured dragons to care for so go on and forget what happened," he said to her gently pushing her side to go. "Alright brother.....be careful ok..."she said before she opened her ice dragon wings flying off. He watched her fly away as in thought. "-Sis I will make sure you are safe and in harms way, Ragenerok will feel my rath on what he has done to our family!-" "Don't worry sis I will..."he whispered before flying away himself to get to work.
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