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The War for Olympus

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Reynald, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. I'm going to warn you now that reading this could get you in trouble. And not the teacher slaps you with a ruler kind of trouble. I mean the monsters that only existed in myths and legends coming to rip you to pieces for merely existing kind of trouble. But if for whatever reason you decide to keep reading then listen up cause I may save your life.

    Who am I? Someone who works with people to find kids like you. Special kids who need help. Hey, I'm not calling you mentally disabled or anything. Relax.

    You're probably thinking that this guy is nuts. Couldn't possibly be talking about me. Well let's see. You're impulsive, can't sit still. Feels like you're seeing everything at once and everything is fascinating. They call it ADHD, good way to keep you in check with meds, right? Who's they? Get to that later. You're also probably Dyslexic, right? Words float around, mix themselves up like they got a mind of their own. And things...happen around you and you get the blame. You're called a troublemaker even though you didn't DO anything am I right? Finally, most important, you only have one parent. Or you KNEW only one parent. The other your parent wouldn't talk about or only hinted at things.

    How do I know all this? Simple.

    Cue dramatic music, pause for tension.

    You're a Demigod. That's right. All those myths of Greek, and Roman (Gotta mention that so they don't strangle me), gods? All those monsters and magic and stuff that couldn't be real? Well it is. One of your parents were one of the Gods. Happens all the time really, even in the myths. The Gods are real, Roman and Greek. They live right here in the USA. Course they try to keep a low profile and The Mist helps hide what mortals can see.

    What does this mean for you? Big trouble. You get cool, interesting abilities sometimes. I've seen kids from Zeus, or Jupiter, call lightning and fly. But not always as some Gods just weren't as...magical. Athena's kids are intelligent but don't posses cool powers usually. I'm getting sidetracked. You are powerful but you're also in a lot of danger. Because not only do those Gods exist...but so do all the monsters as well. And unlike us, they can't die. Sure, we can send them back to Tartarus for a bit. But they will return eventually. And they usually return pissed off. They can smell you. Because you're a demigod not cause you haven't bathed. They will hunt you.

    And they'll more than likely find you. Which is why we have to find you first.

    Normally if you're oblivious to your powers or your heritage it's easy to hide from them. Once you've started realizing though, it only gets worse. A while ago a kid saved The Gods and made them promise to claim you when you were thirteen. Then something happened. Something that caused a lot of problems with our world. You might remember that freak storm that was heading towards Manhattan? Well that was just the start. A war broke out afterwards. An old god tried to awaken and kill the other gods. She was stopped...barely. Ever since then things have been out of sorts. Kids are being forgotten, monsters are getting stronger and appearing more frequently, The Gods are worried about something. Something new that they won't tell us. And all this means you're in more danger and we need to find you.

    See. Normal weapons won't kill them. You need special gear, something we have. You need a place to lie low, something we have too. And you need to be trained to survive and control your powers.

    The point is you're not alone. We are here to help. We've got your location narrowed down. We're on our way. Just...sit tight and pretend none of this is real. There's time for the real stuff later...

    ...Once you're safe.


    The noon sun shone over New York City. People rushed through the streets and cars blazed across the roads as everyone was trying to get on with their lives as quickly as they could. Everyone entirely wrapped up in their lives, ignoring the rest of the world as it turned around them.

    "Do we have any idea where they are? Or even how many?"

    Three teenagers stood outside of Olympus High School. The school was fairly new to the city, specifically made for kids with ADHD and Dyslexia. At least that's what the mortals thought. The tallest ran a hand through his short, swept back auburn hair. His emerald green eyes scanned the crowd of people milling about in front of the school. He was dressed in a simple button down white shirt, unbuttoned slightly and sleeves rolled to the elbows, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers. He fiddled with a small, silver sword necklace around his neck.

    "There's four of them. As for WHERE they are it's not that precise, Erin. Cut me some slack I'm doing what I can."

    Standing next to Erin was a short scruffy kid. He wore a baseball cap, his curly hair sticking out in every direction, a windbreaker, and baggy jeans. A baseball bat sat on his shoulders. He looked like a high school kid with a wispy amount of facial hair and acne going into overtime. But Erin knew the satyr was older than the both of him. His hat and jeans covered the fact he had a goat's lower body and horns.

    "Randall you're the one that can sense them, not us man. And we are kind of walking beacons for monsters right now. So sooner would be better than later."

    Randall stifled a small, nervous bleat, "Ok Ok I'll keep trying." He inhaled deeply, eyes closed, and let out a small sigh. Erin couldn't blame him too much. He was a new protector and didn't quite know what he was doing. Which only made this mission even more insane. Why send two new scouts and a new protector out to find FOUR demigods? Especially with the monsters appearing and attacking more than normal. Erin sighed to himself. No reason to worry about it, now. Worry about not turning into lunch.

    Erin went back to scanning the crowds of people passing in front of the school. Any one of them could be a monster in waiting. He looked to the third member of his team. Cory arrived to camp about the same time Erin did himself. It was apparent he was a child of Demeter, with his curly honey blonde hair, brown eyes and perpetual farmer's tan. He was a good kid, always wanting to help. Though Erin wasn't sure how growing crops was going to help against monsters. Still, he wasn't going to say no to the help. It was really hot out for a spring day. Course summer was just around the corner, campers would be showing back up during summer break. Though less and less kids were showing up now a days. With how many monsters were showing up Erin wondered why any kid would try their luck for a normal life right now.

    Hold on, getting side tracked. Keep an eye out, Erin. ADHD was a pain in the -

    A bus pulled up to one of the stops across the street and every hair on the back of Erin's neck stood up. His senses went into over drive as everyone climbed off the bus. Something was off about them. They seemed like normal people...then why...When the bus pulled away Erin's heart sank a little. Everyone of the people that got off was staring at the three kids.


    "Ah..Cory...Randall...We got a problem..." Erin laughed nervously and waved at the group of people. Why were they waiting? Probably for everyone to leave so they could devour the kids. They seemed to be talking among themselves, planning.

    "We might have to split up...Randall...look for the kids...we'll distract the monsters..." Erin looked to Cory with a wry smile, "Ready?"
  2. (Some of the contents in here I've guessed and assumed, such as Cory and Erin's relationship, if you dislike it or think it's inaccurate, let me know)

    So this is what a modern city looked like? Cory never saw such towering man-made monuments before. His neck hurt just looking at them. And the sheer number of people that scurried along its crisscrossing streets all the time, not pausing for a moment. And the sounds, and smells, and even the tastes, a bombardment on his senses that he could barely keep up. It was truly a place that never rested. It fascinated Cory, yet scared him. He lived on a farm for his entire life, well, up until he learned the rest of his parentage and started living at the Demigod camp. That must have been at least two years ago now, longer perhaps.

    Yet now he was here, on his first mission outside the walls of that sanctuary. He didn't have much in the way of normal clothes, but the slightly oversized green flannel shirt, jeans, and brown boots of his father seemed to work out just fine. Well, maybe not the boots. Cory was here with two others, the trainee Satyr, Randall, and the other demigod, Erin. Erin came to the camp around the same time as Cory. As a son of Bia, the relatively unknown Goddess of Force, he had the power to push things around. They got to know each other fairly slowly, only occasionally meeting around the camp. Cory did know Erin enough to know about his troublemaker attitude and charming smile, though that was about it really.

    Cory felt eyes on his back and turned to notice Erin eyeing him briefly before turning back towards the streets. He then looked over to Randall, who was still meditating, or whatever he was doing, to locate their quarry. The process confused Cory somewhat, could Randall just sense where demigods were just by closing his eyes? Then again, any mythological monster could do the same, and Satyrs were simply the more friendly ones.

    "Ah... Cory... Randall... We got a problem..." Erin chuckled, though it was very dry and nervous. Cory looked at where Erin was waving to see a group of people eyeing the trio as they clambered off a bus one by one. They looked like students, in sports uniform with matching duffel bags. Yet they all looked much older, and larger. Cory swore that a few of them was bearded. Cory shifted glances around him, and noticed something else. Cars seemed to stop going down the road, leaving it bare. Pedestrians slowly dwindled in number, leaving the pavements bare, and the few students that were outside the school quickly disappeared back indoors. The entire area was slowly evicting of people, witnesses, to leave the grounds to the demigods and the mysterious group.

    "We might have to split up...Randall...look for the kids...we'll distract the monsters..." Erin looked to Cory with a wry smile, "Ready?"

    Cory looked back at Erin, a dry smile on his lips. "Always." He then turned to eye the group ahead of them, expecting them to make the first move.
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    (Alrighty then, the beginning is at hand! Still tweaking a few things for this new version of Cole, but, for the most part, I think he's pretty much all set.)

    The school was coming into view for a tired-looking young man as he chugged down the last remains of the energy drink in his hands, crushing the can and letting out a growl of annoyance as he entered the crowd of his fellow classmates. The summer needed to get here, and it needed to get here faster... Senior year was supposed to be an enjoyable one for Cole Caldwell. Graduation, freedom, a bright future ahead… it all sounded so appealing for a while…and then he had to move after the first semester ended… He still had all that stuff to look forward to, but now he had to spend the very brief remainder of his school years in a school he wasn’t used to, with people he wasn’t acquainted with, and with the constant torment of that loathsome dyslexia he had that only seemed to have gotten worse in recent years. It was why his mother sent him off to this school in particular, against his own wishes. He wanted to at least attend a regular school, even if it couldn’t be his old one, not some place where everything had to be modified to suit this pain of a condition he had…Being unique or special was all well and good, but this wasn’t exactly the kind of special he would’ve selected if he had the choice.

    Reaching for another drink in his backpack, Cole noticed a bunch of kids had just gotten off the bus they were on, and seemed to be staring at three guys he couldn’t recognize. Come to think of it…he didn’t really find any of the other students in that group recognizable either, which was rather unsettling… but then again, he was still pretty much a new kid, and he had only befriended a student or two (though admittedly he could only sort of call them friends even then). He merely dismissed this group as something he didn’t need to be a part of and turned back to the entrance of the school, straightening his sport coat and scratching at the black hairs on his head before letting out a light yawn, reminding him to actually take out the caffeinated beverage that he had been distracted from before. He always seemed to get tired all the time, no matter how much sleep he got, and, much like his reading issue, this affliction had really gotten under his skin recently. The constant nodding off and lack of attention forced him to carry a plethora of energy drinks around with him in order to keep him attentive and alert, but sometimes even they couldn’t do the job adequately; It was like the air was traced with Ambien everywhere he went. Still, dyslexia, sleep disorder, and new school aside, Cole was going to make the effort to keep life going on the track he was placing in front of him the best he could. He was getting the future he wanted to have, and he wasn’t going to let anything on Earth sidetrack him…
  4. Tony hated having to go to a special school. He'd miss his few friends that he had but he didfeel a bit better knowing he wasn't the only kid here with ADHD and Dyslexia. As he walked through the halls he felt nervous and strained, he wasn't much of a daytime person, there were moments when the lights and the people seemed too bright to handle. While passing the front of the school he noted a group of kids getting off the bus, they looked way too old to be in highschool. But who was he to judge? If they were like everyone else then he could see why they were here. He looked down at his necklace, the one thing his father said came from his mother. The silver star shape glittered in the florescent light. It
    stood out against the black t-shirt he always wore. Tony chuckled to himself, laughing at the amount of black he wore. Black shirt, black shoes, a set of black wristbands, hell even his hair was as black as the night sky. He shrugged and walked off to his next class but he still felt nervous like something was going to change that day.

    Once he reached his class he sat down and wanted nothing more than to draw but he knew his teacher would have his head for that so he did his best to stay awake and keep from looking out the window at the obviously older kids. Man Olympus High just gets weirder and weirder every day doesn't it? He thought to himself as he turned his attention back to the teacher and away from the emptying street outside.
  5. ((Well Shiny dropped out and may appear later. Got it worked into the story. Was going to wait for Blazi to reply BUT it's been awhile so HERE WE GO! Very sorry about the delay everyone.))

    "RANDALL! GO!" Erin yelled to the Satyr as the students began to change. Their clothes ripped and shed off, revealing leather armor underneath, as they grew to over eight feet tall. Muscular, tattoed, arms held clubs and large metal orbs. Cruel eyes glared hungrily at them and some grinned, revealing sharp yellow teeth. Fortunately no one was on the street to see this. No reason to cause a panic and gain news attention. Still...Something told Erin this wasn't going to end quietly.

    "Laistrygonians!" Randall yelled as he sprinted, bounded really as he gave up acting human, for the schools door.

    "Lazy what?!" Erin stared at the beasts as the roared and threw the metal balls at the two kids and at the Satyr running. The metal balls erupted into flames as they raced for their targets.

    "Canadians!" Randall cried. He swatted one of the metal balls away with his bat, which had changed into a larger solid bronze club. The ball went screaming into the ground, sending dirt in every direction. A second orb sailed to Randall. No, not at Randall. At some kid who was absent-mindedly walking into the school! How'd they miss him!? Fortunately Randall spotted the kid and without warning tackled him into the school doors. The metal ball slammed into the side of the door frame and sent rubble, fire, and metal everywhere. Erin couldn't see if Randall was alright through all the smoke.

    Erin! Focus! Canadians attacking!

    Fire filled Erin's vision as he turned just in time to see the metal orb feet from him. He rolled out of the way of the projectile as it crashed into the school. Erin snapped the necklace off of his neck. As soon as it left it started to grow heavy, increasing in size. The chain wrapped around the increasing handle, becoming a supple leather grip. In a matter of seconds it turned from a simple necklace into a full sized bronze sword. Erin pressed a button on his wrist watch and it snapped open into a bronze round shield. Gifts from a friend in the Hephaestus cabin when they found out about this insane mission.

    The Laistrygonians charged after their initial volley, clubs raised, at the two demigods.

    "Corey! We can't take them all at once! We have to -" Erin was cut off as a club slammed into his shield, sending him tumbling end over end across the pavement. Erin rolled to his feet as another club came swinging down at him. He slashed blindly at the attacker and backed away. Two had reached him faster than he anticipated. Erin called out, "- Split up!" as he parried, dodged, and attacked the two giants. They merely laughed at his attempts and knocked him around like a rag doll. He couldn't see Corey past their hulking forms. He had no idea how well Corey was doing or if he had caught his message and ran.

    The Laistrygonians that weren't in the fight stayed back and hurled more flaming spheres at the school and chaos on the front lawn. Erin spun away from an attack just in time to see death hurtling towards him. Erin raised his arms defensively. His skin tingled with energy and there was a small tug in his gut as the air around him popped just as the metal spheres reached him. An explosion vaporized the two giants that were attacking. It would have vaporized him too but the fire harmlessly wrapped around the field of energy that surrounded him. The concussive force still punched Erin in the chest and sent him flying through one of the classroom windows. He crashed into some student's desks, rolled across the floor, and stopped to a jarring halt against the classroom wall.

    Erin felt his energy slip away and his vision blurred a little as he tried to stand up. He heard the Canadians roar in anger and the ground shook as they ran to the school, looking for Erin.

    But at least Corey and he managed to split them up.

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