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Ask to Join The war for Camelot

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Joelkjn Fox Lord, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    The rp thread https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-war-for-camelot-rp-thread.21842/
    The war for camelot

    The war against Morgana grew worse. Few people would help camelot in these times and that led to Arthur’s death. Now that Arthur is dead and no king to lead camelot it was in chaos. That is why Sir. Lancelot has decided to invite more knight or magicians to the castle. It needs an army to fight the evil forces. But it seems Morgana had the same idea and has invited more people to join her army or perish.
    Who will you join? Who will win this great war? Does it stop with the war or those the story continue? Who knows, Only you can tell me how our story turns out.

    I Sir. Lancelot hereby invite you to a tournament to see your worth as a knight. Camelot is in chaos and we need to restore order. There is need for brave knights in these hard times. Be you human or elf you are welcome to come and try.
    Signed Sir. Lancelot, Knight of the round table

    I Sir. Lancelot hereby invite you to the castle to see your might as a wizard or witch. We need help in these dark times. If you are proven worthy you will join the knights be you human or elf. I know Camelot has not treated you right but that will change. Prove yourself!
    Signed Sir. Lancelot, Knight of the round table

    I Morgana the greatest magician to ever exist invites you to join my army for the betterment of the world! We will take over the world and lead it to the new great era with me as it’s ruler. It would be wise of you to join me, Be you knight, orc, human. elf or magician.
    Signed Morgana

    1. Follow all Pokécharms forum rules as well as RP Forum rules.
    3. Keep your powers reasonable. Have a limit or drawback to your abilities, keep the RP balanced.
    4. No killing off each other's characters unless discussed with one another and at least cleared by with me before hand.
    5. Swearing is allowed but don't use it in excess, and of course, no slurs of any fashion.
    6. Romance is allowed, but keep any lewd content out of the RP, this is not the place for that.
    7. Violence is permitted.
    8. Include “Ramen” in the other section to show you've read the rules up to this point.
    9. Maximum of two characters per user.
    10. Please do enjoy yourself :)
    Credit to @AlrightAttorney for the rules :)

    Character sheet
    Age: (15-25)
    Role: (Knight, archer, Magician and so on)
    Faction: (Camelot or Morgana)
    Magic powers: (If going magicless just put N/A)
    Weapons: (Same as above, but N/A if you want.)

    Name: Kit Arch
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Appearance: A rather short elf standing at 175cm. He has long black hair with green eyes. He is always seen wearing green clothes of some sort.
    Role: Archer
    Faction: Camelot
    Personality: Kit is a prankster at heart. He is always talking and having fun, but he has his mission “personality” where he becomes completely serious
    Backstory: Kit grew up with a lovely family. Until they died when he was 10 by Morgana's troops. He has sworn revenge on Morgana for this.
    Magic powers: N/A
    Weapons: A bow and a short sword.
    Other: Kit is quite agile and good at climbing. He is also has good patience for days.
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  2. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

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  3. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Ah, well...
    Maybe, I'm kinda busy with the need to reply to all the other RPs I'm in, but I like the premise for it~
  4. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    That's fine :)
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  5. I'm gonna pass on this one, sorry mate.
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  6. Can I reserve a spot as a witch?
  7. @EeviumZ, I was going to do the same thing. Also would it be ok for my character to have a familiar who they are able to channel their magic through?
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  8. I know small dragons are atleast (but nothing too powerful. Just a tiny dragon who can’t do much with their breaths)
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  9. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

  10. I hope this is ok. Let me know if I need to change anything. If you need more details on how her powers work then let me know. She is not as advanced with her magic since she has only been able to get to work the past year or so.

    Name: Sarah Blackwell
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Sarah stands at 5'3" tall. She has a very petite build. She is soft yet toned. She has pale skin with a yellowish tint to it. Her eyes are slightly slanted, giving her an asian look to them. The irises of her eyes are a bright vivid pink. It is from a rare genetic from her father's side of the family. Her hair is pulled up into half updo. She has two strands of hair that frame her face as is shorter then the rest of her hair. Which comes to her lower back. The color of her hair is bit unusual as it is a dark purple color. On her right arm is a grayscale brickwall sleeve tattoo. It has black vines running across it. The vines have dark red roses that are the only color shown on the tattoo. Sarah wears a black short dress. It comes to the mid thigh and has a victorian feel to it. On the dress she wears a black corset that has a black rose and bone pattern to it. She pairs this with a black victorian jacket that is open and is longer in the back. It is lined with lace on the bottom of the jacket and sleeves. The jacket has a hood that she will sometimes put up when she wants to be less conspicuous. She wears a pair of black leather pants and combat type boots that come to the mid calf. On her neck she wears a white bone like choker that had vines wrapped around the arms. The hands of the choker hold a red diamond like gem in the shape of a rose.
    Role: Rogue, Witch (Assassin)
    Faction: Camelot
    Personality: Sarah is very laid back. Most of the time Sarah is calm and level headed. She tends to think things through before she acts. Sarah is very sweet to her friends and family. She can be a force to reckon with when she is made an enemy of someone. Sarah has a soft spot for childern and go out of her way to help. Sarah has a calling card that she leaves when she performs a job. It is a red rose with a black stem. Sarah is extremely protective of the innocents. She tends to be very motherly towards smaller creatures.
    Backstory: Sarah is the oldest of three children. She is the daughter of two very caring parents. Her father was a great scout. He was loved by many in their village. He helped many find things lost in the woods. The main things he had found were people, pets, and lost items. When Sarah was 8 her father brought home an egg. He helped his daughter to rase and care for the small dragon that came from it. It turned out to be a small miniature dragon. Sarah's mother was an apothecary. She helped many people in the village with her potions. She did not make much of a profit. She passed down the craft to her kids. Sarah had a knack for identifying poison and how to create them. Her mother was glad about this as she knew her daughter would make a living and a name for herself with some of the markets in neighboring villages. Sarah took to the woods with her father he taught her many things. She learned how to track and stealthily move about without alerting anyone to her presence. One day she had heard a noise she had hid from her father and mother who were out in the woods gathering supplies to take home. A young man with a scar across his eye attacked both of her parents they had no chance. He left them alone to die. Sarah rushed to there side and wept as both of them said their last words. "We love you Sarah. Take care of your brother and sister." She had stayed there for a long time. So long that it turned from day to night. A green flame could be seen coming from the shadows in the trees. It turned out to be the mother of the small dragon that Sarah now has as a familiar. She sensed the grief Sarah felt for her parents and wanted to help her get the revenge on the one who had done it. She sensed a great potential in her.The Mother Dragon decided to lend a hand and aid in her quest. She lent her powers to her. As the pact was made and Sarah accepted the help, her vision started to get clearer. She was able to see better in the darkness. She then from that day forward worked on her fighting skills. She was taken under the wing of an old assassin from her village. He taught her the tricks of his trade. He felt for her and her story. He had lost his parents as well to some useless blood shed. Sarah had developed a name for herself throughout the kingdoms. She was called Red Rose by those who have heard of her calling card. The only thing left from her kills is a single red rose left in the right hand of the body.
    Magic powers: Sarah is able to see better in the dark thanks to her pace with the Mother Dragon. She can summon green flames out of her bladed bone staff. Being a witch she is able to cast spells and craft potions.
    Weapons: Sarah has a few weapons she likes to use. She has two hand crafted daggers that she and her father had made when she was younger. They are made of a black material that seems to shine in the darkness. The hilt of them seem to be made of some type of bone She has two more daggers in her corset that are very well hidden. In her boots she has a set of throwing knives. She has a well made one handed crossbow strapped to her waist by the dagger. On her back she has a bladed bone stave. She is able to use it very effectively in close combat.
    Other: Ramen.
    Sarah has a small dragon that she calls Spirit. He is a white dragon that did not have much power to him at all. Though that said, Sarah and Spirit formed a bond together and now are able to amplify their magic.
    Another thing is the spirit guide that the mother dragon gave her to teach her, her new magic. It takes the form of a large male black Lion. It can not fight as it is just a spirit, but it can speak with Sarah to help her along her path.
  11. Sure, why not. I already have the character for it.
    Name: Azumi Towers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Guild: Camelot
    Class/Job: Sword Master/ Knight
    Height: 5"2
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Hair: Light Blonde
    Eyes: Dark Blue
    Personality: Strongly believes in justice and the protection of the weak. Very educated and respectful to others. She prefers a book over any activity that includes socializing. She is confident in her abilities and believes in strategy rather than brute force.
    Skills: Great swimmer. Is able to handle big swords or use twin swords. Her abilities rely on her speed and strength. Strong and quick attacks are her specialty.
    Weakness: Needs to be in a hand to hand combat, she deals poorly against opponents who are far away.
    Background: Azumi is the daughter of a great general. Her father achieved many goals for their Kingdom and the same is expected of her. She was trained since she could walk and became top of her class.
    Weapons: Twin Blue Moon Swords, Silver Long Sword.
    Other: Ramen
  12. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

  13. Thanks @EmoKitty21 for tagging me!

    Character sheet
    : Harry Ragourd
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Harry has spiked brownish hair going down from his forehead down all the way to his back. He is a rather muscular like character, ripped in many places. Long tattoos go down his arms of the names of people he’s personally killed, and no ones stopped him because they think he’s a madman. And he is, in a way. He has glaring red eyes, and scar going through the left one.
    Role: He likes to think of himself as a brawler, but really he’s a mage.
    Faction: Morgana
    Personality: Harry is is a very violent person, who often publicly speaks of how he’s going to kill his next victim which can be pretty disturbing. He’s the one to pick fights over small things.
    Backstory: Wasn’t an orphan with exceptional powers, and saw himself above the others, and broke out. Raised himself and became a strong fighter.
    Magic powers: Harry hasn’t blood magic, able to control blood in himself, and of close enough, other people. He carries around a large bag that Ian filled with containers containing his blood. He’s able to keep blood in himself, and dry blood into hard weapons, and throw blood weapons mentally.
    Weapons: His fists.
    Other: I love Ramen. It’s so freakin good!
    His weakness is picking a fight at the wrong time, making things even worse, or if he’s fighting a person that’s stronger than him, he still goes for it.
  14. Character sheet
    : George Stonewall
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: He has brown hair in shoulder length. His eyes are gray. He wears only a small piece of armor (only a chesplate basically) that makes it apparent that he doesn't live wealthy. He stands at 6'1 and looks quite well trained
    Role: Knight
    Faction: Morgana
    Personality: He's manipulative and would do anything for his own benefit (even if it means lying for his own leader). He's also quite sadistic and loves to torture people.
    Backstory: George grew up with his alcoholic and abusive father after his mom was sentenced to death for witchcraft by Camelot. He started taking out his anger on the other kids that he came to know and he was eventually left without friends. He started training at the age of 8 in hopes of one day making a rebellion to overthrow (and kill) King Arthur and tear down all of Camelot. When he was 13, he ended up in a fight with another teenager and he ended up killing the boy with a short sword that he had stolen from a knight. While killing the boy, a woman saw him and screamed. George then ran away with only his sword (and a knife to rely on. He left his father (which died a month later when a man wanted George's dad to clear his debt). He found himself an abandoned cottage to live in and from there he started to train in bow and arrow to make it easier for him to hunt animals for food, though he usually relied on traps so he never perfected the skill. One day (still 13 years old) he came across a trap that had killed a wolf. Right next to the dead wolf was a wolf cub that was surprisingly still alive. He took the dead wolf and made clothes out of it and took the cub in to live with him and they became good friends. The wolf grew up to become very helpful in hunting, so much so that George himself almost didn't have to hunt himself anymore (atleast with the traps still being active) so when he was 17 years old he returned to his old house and noticed that someone else lived there now. George killed that person in the sleep and took some of the belongings that he found useful which included another short sword, an axe, a bow and arrows (because he needed new ones) and a chestplate made out of leather. Eventually he turned 21 and that's were we are now (oh and the wolf is 8 now)
    Magic powers: N/A
    Weapons: two short swords, an axe and a bow and arrows
    Other: Ramen. Also have a wolf pet
  15. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

  16. @EmoKitty21 @Hecotoro @JayBird Joe you might not know this Character, but you will know her sister.

    Name: Tina Astrid Silver.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human?

    Appearance: 5'9" on a large frame, she may be built like a lady in waiting, and somewhat attractive, she actually has some muscle, not a lot. She wears Knight's armor and a helmet.

    Role: Knight

    Faction: Camelot

    Personality: She is usually stoic, and her emotions don't show that much. She is usually calm and collected.

    Backstory: She was the daughter of an older Lord who sided with Camelot, and her mother died when she was twelve, and her father died a week after Arthur. She left shortly after, her brother Devin went missing, and was trying to find him. After he randomly showed up in a tavern, she sent him home and at that point she received the letter.

    Magic: Support type Earth Magic, very basic.

    Weapons: A Lance with strange properties, I'll let you know about those when they are discovered, all she knows as of right now is that it can crack rocks and a Regular old Longbow. The lance has a gem in the bottom of the hilt.

    Other: Ramen.
  17. I’ll get a character here soonish seems fun
  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Stiles Greenhardt
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: 6'8", muscular and pretty decent looking with brown hair and green eyes. He has a scar on his chest and a tattoo of a wolf on his back. He wears full body plate armour, a helmet in the shape of wolf and enchanted gauntlets that can not be broken. His armour including gauntlets and helmet are all coloured with black paint and red paint in the detailing of the armour.
    Role: Knight
    Faction: Camelot
    Personality: Stiles is strong hearted and gentle, but he can be hot-headed and rush into things without thinking.
    Backstory: Raised in Camelot he grew up admiring Arthur and his knights, so much so that at the age of 10 he followed the knights on one of the adventures, the knights were after a witch who had been killing some travelers the witch caught Stiles and used him as bait, she cursed him. The knights saved Stiles and took him home, he swore he would repay the favor one day and when the invite was sent out he joined in an instant.
    Powers: a curse placed on him makes him super humanly stron, but he also moves quite slow.
    Weapons: Claymore with a jade wolf head in the pummel. Most of the time he prefers unarmed combat.
    Other: Ramen

    Name: Amy Stilinski
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: 5'4", skinny, well matured and beautiful, she has golden blonde hair and stunning golden yellow eyes. She wears a stunning red dress and flat shoes. She also wears a black hooded cloak.
    Role: Magician
    Faction: Morgana
    Personality: Can be kind and loving if she meets the right person. But due to her treatment she has become cruel and deceitful.
    Backstory: Amy's mother was killed by the knights of Camelot for using magic, her mother was the town healer and they killed her, she fled to learn under a witch she discovered, when she was strong enough she returned and decimated what was oncea her home, he killed every villager that turned on her mother, but she spared those that were kind. She recieved rumours that Morgana wanted magicians so she made her way to pledge her loyalty.
    Magic powers: Very strong fire magic, but her magic cause her heart to burn up, it heals but only if she takes rests. She also has strong seduction magic, this however gives her a rare weakness to falling in love, she is cursed to eventually fall in love with whoever she seduces.
    Weapons: A crystal dagger made of pure amethyst with a gold hilt.
    Other: Ramen
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  19. Name: Cerise Tamamo
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demi-Human (Human/ Kitsune hybrid)
    Appearance: Aria has long, wavy, unkempt fiery red hair that falls to the small of her back that is parted from the right so it slightly covers her left eye. She has large fox ears on top of her head that were the same color as her hair while the tufts and the inside of them were white. She has vibrant green eyes that almost seemed to glow, her skin is flawless and extremely fair. She also inherited her mothers sex appeal and attractiveness. She stands at about 5'6" in height with a perfect hourglass build along with three long dexterous fox tails that were the same color as her hair ending in white tips. Cerise is often dressed in tight but light leather armor. A red corset-like leather chest piece accentuates her figure adorned with white and gold straps that rides high and exposes a part of her tones stomach, and tight red leather low-cut pants with a white oversized leather belt that hangs loosely off her hip, it held many knives, bombs, potions, and poisons among other things. She wears a pair of long red leather gloves with golden bladed metal knuckle guards on each knuckle of her fingers, knee high red leather boots with bladed golden metal guards on the shins and knees , along with an extremely long white scarf with golden trim that is almost as long as she is tall when wrapped around her neck.
    Role: Assassin, Master of Subterfuge
    Faction: Unaligned Outlaw
    Personality: Like her mother, Cerise is a master seducer and very sultry. She is bold and assertive, often taking action to get what she wants. Clever and sly she is not afraid to show her stuff to get what she wants, she is a cruel and ruthless killer. She loves and cares deeply for her sister Aria sometimes a bit too much.
    Backstory: Born from a most wanted assassin human father and a Kitsune mother, Cerise is the older of their two children, agile and deadly, she utilizes everything she was born with to get the job done, sex appeal, seduction, and ruthless cunning. She grew up living a lavish lifestyle, their family bathed in wealth as both her parents were overlords of the criminal underground they worked both kingdoms for all the money they got. Much to her mother's disappointment Cerise did not inherit much of her mothers magical prowess and ability, so instead she trained her mind and body, honing them into the deadly tools of an assassin, a master of poisons and potions and a hardy survivalist, capable of utilizing an constructing a variety of traps and snares. What she did inherit from her mother was her agility, guile, and charisma.
    Powers: Simple illusion magic, short ranged teleport, enhanced human physique, reflexes, agility, and senses
    Primary: Set of custom long bladed daggers that connects to vials of replaceable poisons hidden in the hilt, keeping the dagger poison coated nearly all times
    Secondary: Custom throwing knives and needles, the throwing knives having a similar contraption to her daggers while the needles are simply poison coated
    Tertiary: Weighted throwing bolas.
    Weakness: Cerise lacks a good ranged option for offense, she will often close the distance by rushing down her opponent or teleport to them using her short ranged teleport. She is extremely close ranged and only moderately effective short ranged, and posses no offensive magic at all. As a stealth assassin she relies on getting the jump on her target and finishing them off quickly and quietly, not effective fighting anymore than two opponents at once, and would prefer to flee if her stealth is compromised or alerted.
    Other: Ramen

    Name: Aria Tamamo
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demi-Human (Human/ Kitsune hybrid)
    Appearance: Cerise has long, straight jet-black hair that falls to her buttocks, it's parted from the left so it slightly covers her left eye with a few long bangs that hides a bit more of her face. She has large fox ears on top of her head that were the same color as her hair while the tufts and the inside of them were white. And just like her sister she has vibrant green eyes that almost seemed to glow, her skin is flawless and extremely fair. Her face is slightly more rounded and cute opposed to her sisters slightly more angular and glamorous face. She also inherited her mothers sex appeal and attractiveness. She stands at about 5'4" in height with a perfect hourglass build along with four long dexterous fox tails that were the same color as her hair ending in white tips. She is often dressed in long black, white, and silver flowing robes of multiple layers adorned with numerous laces, sashes, and strange otherworldly trinkets that hang off the sleeves and sashes. A silver sash is tied around her waist to show off her figure with two long tails that often trails behind her but they seemly float like they are in water and gives off a otherworldly shimmer. Despite only being one year younger than Cerise she appears far younger resembling a beautiful and adorable porcelain doll.
    Role: Eldritch Sorceress
    Faction: Unaligned Outlaw
    Personality: Shy, meek, quite, reserved, and modest, she is almost the complete opposite of her sister. She prefers books over conversation and would rather be alone or with just a few close friends. She dislikes loud noises and often enjoys being dotted on by Cerise.
    Backstory: Born from a most wanted assassin human father and a Kitsune mother, Aria was the younger child of the power couple. She grew up living a lavish lifestyle, their family bathed in wealth as both her parents were overlords of the criminal underground they worked both kingdoms for all the money they got. Much to her mother's delight Aria inherited extremely powerful magics, attuned to the occult and eldritch. Aria displayed a cataclysmic level of magical power from a young age, unintentionally tearing holes in reality allowing for unspeakable horrors entry into the world. As she grew older with careful and strict teachings from her mother she learned control and has become a deadly sorceress unlike anything the world has ever seen. Unlike her sister Cerise, Aria lacks Cerise's seduction and charismatic, skills.
    Powers: Eldritch Magic, capable of opening portals and summoning and controlling otherworldly tentacles to devour, tear apart, and, destroy objects in a very large area (the larger the area the further away she must be and the more concentration and magic is needed to sustain the portals), Eldritch Magic bolts that hit with very powerful concussive force and causes insanity. Limited mind-control, and manipulation. Powerful illusion magic, short and long ranged teleport, enhanced human physique, reflexes, agility, and senses
    Weapons: Eldritch Spell tome, Enchanted spell dagger
    Weakness: Aria possess little to no physical defenses, mainly relying on her sister to defend her when a threat gets too close. More powerful abilities require her to be stationary and all of her focus, often times she will be exhausted after casting cataclysmic level spells that will render her in recovery mode for up to a week.
    Other: Ramen
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  20. I really like both of these characters and i like the fact that you have both of them as only outlaws with no side chosen already. That means my character can manipulate the younger one to join Morgana when her sister isn't there (it's harder to manipulate a person who's also able to manipulate people. It would pretty much only turn into a 'No u' contest). But from what i can see on the personalities, the older one seems more likely to join Morgana than the younger one is. I would like to see what would happen if my character meets the older sister though
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  21. Well if you got the money, you could also just pay for their services. If you got even more money, Cerise can do other things too....
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  22. Okay, slow down. I might be a pervert but this is unfortunately family friendly xD
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  23. just sayn XD

    implications are family friendly... no details needed
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  24. I thought of it more like a staring contest because of their manipulative tendencies
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  25. @Foxex, and @Killerbunny the god, I also enjoy how she is like an opposite to Sarah. I can not wait to see how the two interact together.
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  26. Oh Sarah will hate that George used to be a hunter before (which he was to survive mostly)
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  27. @Killerbunny the god, I had a thought, what if the cottage that he found in the woods was actually Sarah's family home. After her parents were killed she went to live with her mentor, and her sister went on to become a knight, her brother went on to study magic in a foreign kingdom.

    Also Sarah would not mind that he was a hunter. She knows what people have to do survive. With her profession, it is not unheard of for her to do underhanded things to get out alive.
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  28. That sounds pretty good. George could feel some sort of faint magic that's starting to wear off in the house (being the son of a witch he could probably atleast tell if magic is nearby or not). Sarah and George will technically be enemies but that doesn't mean they have to hate each other. George doesn't have anything against the people fighting for Camelot (atleast not those who doesn't lead Camelot's forces), he just hates the castle
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  30. I talked to him and he’ll get around to it when he can
  31. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    @Foxex Accepted :) I love the idea of kitsune OC
    @Shadow_Pup Accepted :)

    I'll start the rp tomorrow :)
  32. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Sorry that is not up yet. I will post it tomorrow. I promise. I can't come up with anything to write out but i can probs make something up tomorrow
  33. It sounds jnterrsting though I still have to write the char sheet and I completely forgot but I’m interested
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