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Open The Walking Dead : Suffering Earth {SEASON 1 DISCUSSION}

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by hollowhead_, Oct 29, 2017.


What Should the name of Season 2 be?

Poll closed Dec 10, 2017.
  1. Faith? What's that?

  2. Death Emerges

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Aw, how I love making several discussions on the same subject.

    OK, so yeah. As you can tell from the titles, there will be seasons in this.

    Also, five people (including me) are already in this, so we need five more and it's over.

    They are : @Avalios, @Mikaela Strange, @9012_dirt, @Dave Strider and yours truly. Those who have posted their bios in the RP should transfer it here asap. Also, the first two members I mentioned are INVITED. That means, I don't know if they want a part in this, or not.

    Anyhow, let the madness begin.
  2. Name: Teal Gesano
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Appearance: With a deep shade of murky brown skin and large, deep, amber eyes, he stands at nearly 5' 9", weighing around 170 lbs. He's taller than your average person, but he'll tell you he was the shortest in his family. Even his wife was taller than him. Also with rather toned muscles, he isn't the type most people would want to mess with.
    He usually wears a hoodie, with heavy cargo pants and always tries to keep his backpack on him at all times, as it contains all of his important belongings and his necessities.
    Weaponry: He usually favors his crowbar above other things, usually refusing to use a gun, as the noise would attract walkers. He's still hoping he can stumble acrossed a sword, daydreaming of how fun it would be to use one.
    Backstory: He refuses to talk about most of it, but when his wife and children were all murdered by the walkers before him, it's obvious just how much he still hurts from the experience.
    Other: His right eye is going blind. He wants to find an eye patch to cover it up, and to also look more intimidating. He liked Pirates when growing up.
  3. Name : Jarren Leorit
    Gender : Male
    Age : 23
    Appearance : Jarren has a natural slender build, onto of that the starvation that he suffers quite often has kept him skinny. He isn't particularly tall or short and has very tanned skin, on the edge of being a completely different race than both his Caucasian parents. The once vivid freckles that spotted his face were mostly faded except for a few on his cheeks, his eyes are a bright blue color with lighter eye lights. His hair is a dark red, almost brown hue that has faded to a duller shade due to lack of hygiene- he does his best to cut it regularly, but can only afford to do that once in a couple of months. His hair is shaggy and slightly curly, reaching his ears... but when trimmed he cuts it down to a short spiky shape. He also sports a bit of stubble when he hasn't shaven it. Despite his best efforts, Jarren had pretty much failed his attempt to look at least somewhat presentable as often as possible.
    Clothing: Jarren actually has a pretty well put together closet despite the fact That he lives during the zombie apocalypse. He most commonly wears a simple t-shirt- white black or blue depending on how he feels- and his thick black vest over the top, with a pair of khakis or cargo shorts. He also owns thick jackets, scarves, mittens, and beanies for the winter and a pair of sunglasses for when it's sunny.
    Companion: Keisha is a Rottweiler-Border Collie mix with a build much similar to a Rotti's as well as the color but a slimmer body, and long fur. She is well muscled and extremely athletic as well as protective, but extremely loyal and loving once comfortable with a person. She travels with Jarren and sometimes sleeps in his home, but also often wanders by herself.
    Base: Jarren keeps base at an old house, a house that was never his but a good friend's. After the zombies had taken over he found himself trapped in the home but soon found that he could transform it into a base. It now includes his clothes, weapons, a bed, running water, blankets and almost anything you'd find in an ordinary house except for food, which he always seems to have trouble finding. Around the house is a large wooden fence surrounded by wire, it isn't very strong and gets broken down a lot but at least it's loud and serves as an alarm for when zombies are trying to get it.
    Weaponry : Has several sized wooden and metal bats that are leaned up against the wall in his closet although they are rarely used. He also has a chain-saw, a sledge-hammer, and a taser but he doesn't use any of it as much as he uses his fist and guns. A negev is always set up in his room but only used if there is an extremely large number of zombies, most commonly used is his revolver and beretta, he also can be spotted with his desert eagle although it has no ammo currently, and his bizon and galil are used among crowds of zombies during supply runs.
    Backstory : Jarren grew up fairly wealthy, he was popular in school, got good grades- he had an ideal life before the apocalypse struck. It all fell apart when his mom and dad were both taken out mysteriously and he attempted to live my himself, with raise in danger though his friends all created a small gang to protect one another. One by one, the members of his group died until it was only him and a girl. They took in a stray puppy near death and moved into the female's house, never had either one admitted their feelings towards one another until the girl's final breaths after a zombie attack. Ever since Jarren has sworn to protect him and Keisha, the only two survivors of his life.
  4. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Both of you are accepted.

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