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Ask to Join The Walking Dead S1

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by N E G A N, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Saxondale. It's a bit secluded, and out of the way. The infection has only just reached here, but no one knows about Walkers... yet. The biggest news on that topic is simply people going crazy and cannibalistic. there is no info of the dead rising, yet. The Town is Country, but big enough to hold nearly a thousand residents. There is the main town, which consists of a Barber's Shop, a Town Hall, several Diners, a McDonalds, a Police Station, a School, a Pet Care, a tiny Hospital, a Donut Shop, a small Theatrical Theater, a Cinematic Theater, a local Super Market, several Gas Stations, small Apartment Buildings, and several abandoned Buildings. Just outside town is the Farmlands, where many farms can be found, obviously, and then a long stretch of Forestry on all sides. The nearest City is miles and miles away. North of Saxondale is the Mountains, east is the main forest, which stretches on forever. West are other Country Towns miles away, and South, miles away, is the Interstate. Take the Interstate East, and you'll eventually come upon Xale City, a very Populated area. Take the Interstate West, and you'll eventually come upon another Country Town called Kabridge Town.
    School has just begun.
    Day 1.
  2. Van stuffed his bag with his paper, pencils and other school supplies into his bag, before leaving the house. It was just barely daybreak, and father was already up. Van could hear his father's grunts as he performed another set of pushups, as Van left the house. His father was once a military man, and seemed to always be one. The boy gave a shrug, and walked towards the school. Sure it was too early for it to officially start, but the janitors always left the school open this early so he could work. He stopped at the local donut shop to buy his morning coffee. Black, with no sugar or creamer, just th way he liked it. He headed towards the school, and entered the school newspaper office. He sat down, pulled out his laptop, opened it, and began to type, only stopping to sip at his coffee. This morning routine was comforting to Van. he didn't know why, but it use was.
  3. "Easy does it." Taylor grabbed the younger Girl's arm and softly helped her up. The Girl was on the verge of tears, and wasn't very cooperative with Taylor. "Hey... hey, you okay?" She asked. The young Girl shivered and shook a little. "They went that way?" She asked, pointing to the South end of the School Building. The young Girl slowly noded her Head, and Taylor separated herself from the Girl. "I got 'em." She told the young Girl, and left, heading to the South end of the School Building.
    She'd watched a group of three Boys attack this Girl for no apparent reason. They took nothing, just pushed her, threw her and kicked her before running off. It all happened too quickly for Taylor to react, but now, it was their turn to hurt.
  4. Conner frowned as a group of three Boys shoved past him, knocking the books out of his arms and he could hear his Bag rip open. He glared as they continued off, and stooped down to pick up his belongings, muttering about idiots under his breath. His mind was preoccupied though, as he had been growing increasingly worried about things going on around the Country. Especially about that disease making people go crazy. No one knew crap about it... he hoped it wasn't contagious.
  5. Taylor wove her way around Students, and nearly caught up with the Bullies, before watching them pass a guy, bumping into him, knocking his Books out of his Hands, and ripping his Bag open, It's contents spilling out. The Guys could wait. She jogged over to the Boy to help him, and hesitated when she realized it was none other than Conner, her crush last year. Gathering herself, she stooped down and began to help him, picking up his things, and examining his Back Pack. It wasn't broken, it seemed. The zippers had just been yanked, and all they'd need to do is zip it back up. She filled his Back Pack up with the contents she'd picked up.
  6. Conner looked up into the Green Eyes of Taylor. He recognized her immediately. He'd seen her around, but never actually talked to her before. "Thanks." He says as they fill the Backpack up, and he zips it up, then slings it over his Shoulder as he stands. "You're Taylor... aren't you?" He asked.
  7. After a while of typing, Van looked at his watch. Class would begin in about 10ish minutes, so he decided that he'd better, hit his locker and get ready for the day. He walked out onto the courtyard, where a few boys ran past, who were snickering from something they had done. Something about hitting a girl. Van turned and grabbed the nearest one's collar before lifting him not the air. "What did you do?" He asked harshly. The kid squirmed furiously, while his friends stood there frozen. "Don't move," Van added glaring at them. They gave a nervous squeak and stood there, shaking. Van stayed angry, still glaring harshly at them.
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  8. "Yeah... Taylor Boulet." She replies, standing. She looked back in the direction where the guys had gone, and saw just in the distance another Student dealing with them, thus satisfying Taylor, giving her reassurance that she can continue to talk to Conner. "And you're Conner." She says, looking back at him.
  9. "In the flesh." He grins. But his mind remains elsewhere. What if this infection reaches here? That wouldn't be good. At all. "Hey, Class is about to begin. What's your first period?" He asks, trying to keep himself from completely zoning out.
  10. "Earth Science with Medighinni." Taylor replies, rolling her eyes a little. He probably didn't realize until just now, but they have the same first period together. He wasn't very observant.
  11. Red mist sprayed Jack's face as he wrestled with the monster before him, his hands slipping as drops of the crimson liquid began to coat it. With a frustrated grunt he threw it to one side where it bounced off the wall before laying motionless on the floor. Damn Monster energy bottle, it must of fizzed up in the car, no wonder it began to shoot everywhere the moment he released the cap.

    After a quick visit to the loo so that he could wash his hands and face clean from the drink Jack was ready to get back to work. On this particular quiet morning at the station he had been tasked with fixing up one of the police quadbikes, something he was actually quite looking forward to doing. Apparently the brakes were shot but that wouldn't be a problem, fixing brakes was one of the first things he had been taught when he arrived here. You'd be surprised how much pressure the poor brakes of a police car are under on a day to day basis. Now he was looking at the quad Jake felt a glimmer of appreciation, what a fine piece of engineering. The perfect blend between car and motorbike.

    It took Jake little over an hour to replace the parts he needed to and soon enough he was sitting in his swivel chair with a smile that could only have come from a job well done. Oil stained his overalls, hands and face but he didn't care, that was all just part of the job. It was only then that he realised that nobody had been in to check on him in some time. He shrugged to himself, the officers had been pretty busy the last few days, they wouldn't tell him why of course but he understood, he was just a civilian really.

    With nothing to do he grabbed the remote to his little TV and turned it out, flicking channels until he came across something semi interesting. Apparently there were cases of cannibalism going on all across the globe right now. Of course most of it was probably fearmongering, some nutcase gets high on drugs and tries to take a bite out of his friend, these things happen. Gross really, Jack didn't understand why anybody would want to eat human. Hardly the most appetising of beasts.
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  12. "Ok, enought of this," said his uncle "get up. This is the last time i warn you."
    And with a BAM the door was kicked open.
    Michael wasn't a horrible guy guy, but he wasn't exactly a good guy either. He just wasn't ready to be a father when his wife brought a kid to their place a few years ago. He did his part providing food and education but Gabriel never really thought he considered Gabe his son.
    "I have to do something in the police station this morning, so hurry up."
    He had probably lost the first period.. Once he was properly dressed he took a apple from the kitchen and walked his way to Michael's truck.
    "Hello, aunt Violet." he said. His aunt was watering the plants in the garden.
    "So you're late again, huh?" she looked grumpy.
    "I love our little conversations." He said sarcastically.
    "Happy birthday, by the way."
    "Let's go already!" said Michael, waiting at the truck.
    "Friendly as always." Gabe replied while getting into the truck.
    "Meh. Just shut up already."said Michael with a smile.
    "Where are we going?"
    "Police station and then, i'm gonna get you a birthday gift."
    His birthday, today he was completing 18 years old. He couldn't buy alcohol yet, but he was in the right direction.
    "So, do i get to know what is it?"
    "Hell no. It wouldn't be fun otherwise, after all, it's a surprise."
    "I'm starting to think you forgot about my birthday and now you're just trying to think about something. Am i right?"
    "I don't know...Maybe..."
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  13. After a few harsh words were exchanged, mainly threats on Van's part, he let the little brats run loose. He then continuedelete to head towards his first period class, which just happened to be Earth Science.
  14. (OOC: Let's let the Chaos begin, shall we?)
    "Oh, me too!" He grinned. "Uh, I'll see you in class. I need a quick Bathroom break." Before she could reply, he headed off into the Boy's restroom. Inside, a Stall door was closed, and he could see Black Sneakers. Occupied. Instead of heading to another stall, he went for the sink and splashed water in his face. Looking up into the mirror, he grimaced as he slowly pulled down his collar on his T-Shirt, and examined the bite mark. The dumb ass had jumped him on his way to School, and Conner didn't like the looks of this. The guy was acting crazy, and he began to wonder if he should look up 'Humans with Rabies' on the School Computers, when he heard a little groan behind him. He turned to the Stall the Guy was behind, hoping this guy wasn't looking at Porn or something. The Sneakers shuffled, and something clattered to the floor and rolled outside of the stall. Conner examined it from afar, and identified the object as none other than a needle. Behind that stall is a druggie. He rolled his eyes and decided to leave before the druggie realized Conner's presence. He quickly left as the Bell rang.
  15. Tony sat in the back of class slouched down with his hood pulled over his head as he examined his switchblade. The teacher wasnt paying much attention so he wasn't worried about them looking.
    "Seem's like all this chaos is headed are way...." the sunlight shining in through the window beamed off his blade and reflected back onto his face, "....better be prepared."
    As he finished his thought he noticed someone out in the field next to the school acting strangely. He squinted trying to identify the person. A construction worker. He was moving around in a ragged almost limping fashion.
    A bead of sweat ran down Tony's head as the man reminded him of all those terrible news reports he'd read about lately.
    "Somethings up...."
  16. Taylor found herself in class, waiting for Conner to come back. The Teacher was preoccupied, leaving the rest of the Students to talk loudly to each other. She could barely hear the bell ring, and the Teacher didn't notice it. She sighed and leaned back in her seat as she turned to look out the Window and saw a guy with his hood over his Head. A glint of metal, and Taylor froze. Looking more closely, she realized it was a Switchblade, and NOT a Gun. She tried to look at the Guy's face, looking for some kind of recognition.
  17. Tony could feel the eyes watching him and glanced up to see a girl looking his direction. He quickly flipped the blade closed and slid it into his pocket while giving a faint smile before leaning back in his chair and staring out the window.
    "Just want this day to be over with. I really wanna find out what's going on, maybe they'll address it in class..." He spoke quietly to himself as the construction worker wandered off out of sight.
    "Just hope that girl Taylor doesn't say anything to the teacher about my knife." He pursed his lips trying to think if she would have a reason to rat on him, she didnt, they weren't acquainted. Thankful for his observant nature, he could list his history with every student in class if needed.
    "At least I wont have to worry about losing my blade...."
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  18. Van closed his eyes and rocked back in forth in his chair. He could listen to the teacher, but he never really did. He wasn't the kid to listen, especially, deal with learning He was completely independent, and spent most of his classes slacking off, and learning the material on his own. He glanced out the window to see a construction worker stumble past. He ignored it, and closed his eyes again.
  19. Michael decided it would be best to get Gabriel gift before getting to work.
    "Why are so quiet?"
    "I'm tired." Gabriel said.
    "Of what? You don't even work." Michael replied."Come'on, wake up, it's a beautiful day. Here, try to guess were are we going."
    "Hm...Police station?"
    "Wrong answer, don't you recognize that tree?" said Michael, pointing to a incredibly old tree.
    "Oh, yeah! That means you finally decided to buy one?"
    "Yep, but anyway, you would simply buy one no matter what i said, right?"
    The Bicentenary was a tree near Gabe's favorite spot, the town's "gunshop". Well, it wasn't exactly a gunshop, since all it selled was old knifes and wood bows. But it had some really cool knifes and axes. Gabriel's favorite? A black tomahawk with an really uncomfortable handle. How he knew the handle was uncomfortable? He tried to steal it once. It didn't ended well. But there he was again, and this time, he was taking it home as a gift.
  20. Conner slipped into class, but realized he didn't exactly need to sneak, as the Teacher was looking at his Computer, brow furrowed, lips pursed. Conner normally sat near the front of the class, but he felt a little out of it today. Taking his opportunity of not being noticed, he found an empty seat in the back of the room and slumped into it.
    The Teacher eventually stood and called for attention. "Um... so." He rubbed his hands together. "Looks like we're missing half the Class today, so we'll just have a free day. How about it?" Most of the Students cheered at the prospect of no work. Conner barely paid attention as sweat began to form on his face. He was heating up.
  21. Van rolled his eyes, after hearing the teachers statement. He really didn't need freedays. To him, everyday was a free day. He was more concerned with the lack of students. In a town this small, for over half the class to be missing, without something going around, meant something had to be up.
  22. In his way back home something pretty strange happened, after ten minutes driving from the "gunshop" a man simply decided to walk towards the car in a very odd way. It was like his leg was injured, and it kept making strange sounds when Michael asked him to get away from the car.
    "Hey, shithead, step away of the vehicle." he said, with his hand on his holster.
    The man simply walked towards Michael.
    "This was your last warning."
    For some reason Gabriel held his tomahawk tighter.
    The man raised his arms as he was trying to grab Michael neck, an reckless and stupid move against a cop. Michael simply grabbed his arms, and pulled the man to the ground. After putting the man facing the ground and handcuffing him, Michael picked his radio and asked for help. After a while he turned to Gabriel and said:
    "Something is wrong, no one is answering."
    When he said that Gabriel froze for a second,he thought about the universe of opportunities that was in front of him.
    "No police?"
    But he was too smart for his own sake, he knew something was wrong, very wrong. It was a small town, there wasn't exactly lots of crimes anything like that, but still, no one said a thing on radio.
    "I'll take him to the police station, we are near the school, you can do it by foot, right?" apparently Michael wasn't thinking the same as he.
    "Sure, but are you sure you can handle him by your own?" the man on the was moving and acting too strangely.
    "Yeah yeah. Just go already. And hey, take that axe of yours with you. Take care."
    "Yeah, you too." Gabe said.
  23. "Hey! Look!" A Kid near the Windows cried, grabbing everyone's attention. Students advanced to the Windows to get a look at what was happening outside. Some kids pulled out their Phones to record whatever it is.
    Three Local Farmers stood outside, all with Shotguns in their hands as they argued. Several other people were slowly approaching them, shambling along. The Farmers began to argue with each other, and their argument seemed to be getting pretty heated. "Dad?" One kid asked aloud as one of the Farmers ran at the other, knocking them both to the ground as the third Farmer took notice of the shamblers. He cocked his Shotgun and raised it.
    Pulling the Trigger on the nearest one, the blast blew off the top of one of the Shambler's heads, and everyone in the Classroom gasped in shock as the two other Farmers got ready, forgetting their disbute and returning to their feet, pulling up their own Shotguns.
  24. Van rolled his eyes at the class' general shock. Sure he was freaking out but more internally. "Well some people are going to have nightmares tonight," he mumbled getting angry looks from some of the students.
    "Jesus, they must be zombies!" Van heard a guy scream.
    "Clearly you've been watching to much T.V, another kid said, a girl this time. As an argument broke out between the class Van ignored them and watched the farmers. "Whatever's going on, they would need some help," Van concluded silently. He tried to sneak past the crowd of students, who were either skeptical or scared, and the teacher who was trying to keep everyone calm.
  25. Conner attempted to get a look, but couldn't bring himself to even stand. How had he grown so weak so quickly... was it the bite? It had to be the bite.
    The Farmers cocked their Shotguns, and behind them, more shamblers approached. One grabbed the first Farmer from behind, pulling him back and sinking its teeth deep into his neck, then pulled back, ripping flesh from the poor man. Blood began to spurt from the wound. The Farmer clutched it, coating his hand in red as he fell to his knees. The other two spun around and blew the head off of the aggressor. The shamblers closed in on all sides, and the Farmers were helpless as they were mutilated. The Children watched in disgust and terror as the shamblers fell to the ground around the Farmers' bodies and began pulling them apart, tearing into their flesh, eating them. The Boy who's Father was one of the Farmers was leaning against the Window, mouth agape, tears welling in his eyes, speechless.
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  26. Van stopped cold in his tracks when he heard the fading screams of the men. He rushed back into the room to see the men dead, and being eaten by the creatures.

    The teacher turned to throw up into her trash can, while the kid from earlier screamed, "I told you. They're zombies!"

    General panic had mixed in with the fear. People were beginning to freak out. And instead of facing the crisis, the teacher was behind her desk, having a panic attack. Van had had enough.

    "Everyone shut up!" He shouted climbing on top of the nearest desk. He glared around as the room fell silent. "We need to calm down and figure out a plan."

    "And what do you have in mind smart guy," a girl said harshly.

    "I don't know but we need to think and not freak out." Van said sternly. He hated dealing with people, but since this was life or death, and he was probably the onl one thinking logically, he would have to step up. "We should probably spread the word to teachers, and people, in charge, before we say anything else. Better keep what we can, low profile, as long as we can. Having a school wide panic attack will get us killed."
  27. Conner gathered his remaining energy, ignoring the speech being given, and stumbling from the room. He headed back to the Bathroom, stumbling in and approaching the sink, he leaned against the sink, sweat dripping down his face, and quickly turned on the faucet, his hands trembling. He splashed his face with water, and groaned as he felt overcome with fatigue, and crumpled to the ground as the world faded into black around him.
    Several shamblers had heard the chaos beyond the glass before the children had shut up, and several began shuffling to the windows, jaws dripping with blood.
  28. Just as Van finished his thought the school intercom turned on, "Attention, an unknown outbreak has reached the school. We will be going into lockdown for your safety. Please remain calm." A few minutes later Tony slipped back in the room, no one taking notice in him leaving to warn the main office. "Well...either the school will go into lockdown and we'll wait it out...." He looked around the room at the panicked students, '...or we'll all get ourselves killed." His words were soft so only he could hear them.
  29. Gabriel had just reached the school gate when he heard the screams. There was no one guarding the gate and it was closed, he could've simply turned his back to the school and go back home, but his curiosity didn't allowed him to do it. He jumped the gate and was making his way to his calssroom when he heard the shooting.
    "Okay, that's it, i'm going back." he said to himself, trying to calm down when he heard an incredible disturbing noise behind him. He turned around just to see a girl, Anna, they've met before.
    "Hi Annie, care to explain what the actual hell is going on?"
    The girl simply shambled her way closer.
    "Anna? Are you alright?"
    Once again, no answers. Just the same guttural sound. The girl was getting closer while Gabe was walking backwards.
    "Can you please, stop this? Is this a prank? The screams and shots? This creepy sound you're doing? The closed gate? Was Michael part of it?"
    Gabriel was starting to get really shocked with the possibility of that not being a prank.
    "Very funny everybody, now please, stop this." he said while walking backwards until his foot got trapped in something.
  30. Screams ensued from within the School as several of the shamblers had gotten inside, and one of them happened to be the recently deceased Conner. Students panicked, and all was in utter chaos. Saxondale had gone into anarchy as windows were shattered, last words were exchanged, and the lock down kept most inside, while others found their ways out.
    In a matter of mere hours, Saxondale had become yet another home of the dead.
  31. On ground, Gabriel was so scared he couldn't think straight, his eyes searched the floor for what made him fall, it was strange, soft, warm and very similar to an...damn, it was an arm. An chopped off arm with a bite mark on it.
    Anna, once his friend and now a creepy thing with blank eyes and a huge pool of blood in her clothes, was getting closer. Gabriel looked around, searching for his tomahawk, now 1,5 meters away. While the thing who used to be Annie was almost at his feet he tried to get to his axe.
    "C'mon Annie, stop with this bullshit already!"
    At the moment he reached his axe, Annie jumped, with his left hand he held her neck, keeping her nails from scratching his eyeball off his face. Her saliva was dropping on his face as she tried to bite his face.
    "Stop! Please... just...stop."
    As he said that he noticed there was no coming back for Annie. She wasn't a human, not anymore.
    And with his right hand, the one holding the axe, he striked. He closed his eyes, as it's blade cut thought flesh and bones and blood was spilled over his face. When he opened his eyes he realized something... his life would never be the same again.
  32. It was a sudden clunk at the door that snapped Jack out of his TV induced trance, making him blink like a deer caught in the headlights as he tried to locate the source of the sound. Looks like somebody was actually at the station. Shame really, he could have spent all day watching TV if nobody showed up.

    Something was clearly wrong though, whoever was at the door was seriously struggling to get in and it was only a simple door handle, the kind you could find on any door. Slowly getting up from his chair Jack cautiously called out to his inept visitor. "Hello? Do you need some help there?"

    There was no response, just more bumping against the door and what may have been the faintest of groans. With a tired sigh the young engineer slowly approached the door, expecting to see a rather embarrassed looking police officer. Instead he was met with the face of the stations receptionist, Jane. At least he thought it was Jane, it was hard to tell as part of her normally pretty face was actually missing, a chunk right below her right eye, and the rest of it was caked in drying blood.

    As she lurched forwards into the garage Jack let out a quiet gasp, and for him that was pretty much a shocked scream. What the hell was wrong with her? His mind flashed back to the TV. Had she turned to cannibalism as well? Maybe sh- Here Jack's train of thought was derailed as he had to dart around the shambling walking corpse of his fellow employee. She gnashed her teeth at him in a grotesque manner and caused him to grimace. One word kept circling around the young man's head as he dodged around the garage, pushing chairs and scrap materials in front of him in an effort to slow his pursuer. Zombie. Jane certainly had all the traits one would associate with that kind of creature. A mortal looking wound, shambling walk and what appeared to be a taste for human flesh.

    In a split second Jack made up his mind and picked up a large wrench from the worktop behind him. A few sicking crunches later and Jane lay on the floor with a skull resembling a dropped egg. The young man actually felt a little sympathy for her as he examined the damage done but as usual that feeling was only fleeting. A few seconds later he was sorting through his tools in an attempt to pick out an efficient weapon. He settled upon a sturdy red crowbar, one he had used ever since he had arrived at this particular job. Call it favouritism.

    With a determined look on his face the young man stalked the corridors of the police station, leaving several bloody messes in his wake, the remnants of his fellow workers. It was only a short walk to his destination and after a few very action packed minutes he was there, grabbing his cycle gear. He figure the thick leather might do him some good against the undead and regardless of that he would need it to get out of here. After slipping into his gear he sprinted back tot he garage, trying his very best not to look at the various corpses and ignoring the groans coming from behind locked doors. The only time he stopped was to pick up a single handgun from a fallen officer.

    Kicking the door of his garage open Jack swiftly prepped the quadbike to leave, gunshots coming from the upper floors were making him anxious. His helmet winked at him from its place on the work top. All black but with a visor that looked like a yellow smiley face, hiding his own. After slipping it on he sped off, quickly leaving that particular hellhole behind. Not that the rest of town was looking a lot better, the dead seemed to be everywhere. He knew exactly where it was he was going. The kids at the school could probably do with some help.
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  33. Van heard the screams. "Fuck," he mumbled. Students in the classroom soon becagn to freak out, with the zombies banging on the windows, and he one's who had gotten inside. He walked over to the teacher's desk and pulled out a pistol from under it. He'd seen the teacher stash it there a while ago, and with the teacher, only god knows where, no one should really mind. He stuffed the pistol in his pants pocket, and broke the leg off of the teachers desk. he clutched the piece of wood tightly and grappled his satchel of stuff, and exited the room. The hallways were worse. There was a mob of zombies who had formed at the other end of the hallway, ripping and clawing at any person near them. Of course teh infection was spreading. A boy, who's entire left side of his face was mangled beyond belief, made the mistake of shambling towards Van. Without a second thought, he swung his arm and smashed the wood into the reminder of the face, making a loud crack noise. The body fell to the ground, and Van looked around. Zombies were currently on all sides. He swung around and entered an opened room, closing it, and locking the door.

    He could hear the scratches of the undead' fingernails as a few had formed to get through the door. "If enough com to the door, then they'll rip it off it's hinges," Van mumbled looking around the room for anything of use. He was curently in a Home Ec. classroom. He rushed towards the kitchen part of the classroom, and rummaged around in the cabinets looking for anything of use. He stuffed some canned food, along with a few untensils, in his satchel. He included a few things for storage, like a couple bottle of water and some Tubberware. Sure it was heavy but he could sort things out later. Best grab as much as he could now. He then made a smart descion and grabbed a few kitchen knifes, shoving them in the satchel. The piece of wood from earlier had been dropped in his run in with that kid, so he would need something other than the pistol to defend himself with. Then, to top it all off, he grabbed a butcher knife and a long bladed knife, one for each hand, before taking another look around the room.

    Mentally he wasn't in the best state. Mentally he was screaming and freaking out, but his body was staying calm. The biggest thing his father had taught him, was self control, and boy was he putting it to use now. He would a calm mind to get out of this mess. At the moment his body and his actions were driven solely on instinct.
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  34. Taylor found herself backing into a corner in the hall as a shambler approached her. She was freaking out, and not thinking straight, but as she took the time to look at the beings face, she found that it was none other than Conner. "C-Conner..." She gasped, and a Student attempted something either brave or foolish. "I've got him!" The kid cried as he tackled Conner to the ground. "Get outta here!" The kid cried as Conner's head reared up, and his gnashing jaws found the kid's arm. Sinking his teeth in, Conner ripped the flesh from kid, who screamed out in agony. Taylor quickly retreated from the area, looking for anyone or anything that could help, to no avail. The School was overrun. Somehow, in a matter of mere hours, the World had become a living hell. Trying to calm herself, she found herself hiding in the Janitor's Closet, completely alone...
  35. The World was crumbling.
    Only the strongest can survive.
    Will you? Your first test is surviving the fall of Saxondale.
    Taylor, Van, Tony, Jack, Gabriel, and Micheal.
    But you are not alone.
    Help is on the way. Soon. Hopefully.

    "So It's true then?" The older man with the scruffy beard asked. The Black man noded his head in reply, turning off the Highway and onto the interstate. "It's hit Saxondale. They've already stopped communicating..." The Black man mutters, and the older man scoffs. "We hit the open road. We scavenge, we do everything that crazy guy told us."
    "Martin, I don't think you get it." The Black Man growls. "That's my Family, there in Saxondale. I was born and raised there. I have to find them and save them."
    Martin shakes his Head. "Legend, man, don't you get it? No communication means no life. They're gone, and we will be too if we don't get a move on." Legend glances at Martin, a scowl forming on his Face. "Shut it, Martin."
    "I mean, even if they are alive, they could be infected-"
    "I SAID; 'SHUT IT, MARTIN'!" Legend yells and slams his foot on the brakes, sending Martin into the dashboard. After several moments of painful grunting, Martin emerges. "What the hell, Legend!?"
    "Should have been wearing that seat belt." Legend replies cooly.
    "Let's just keep moving..." Martin growls, irritated as blood begins to run out of his nose.
  36. Tony walked through the halls slowly, clutching his blood coated knife tightly. "It broke out fast with little warning, just like everywhere else..." He mentally slapped himself as he thought about his home, him mom was probably dead now and set no precautions to stop that ahead of time. He stopped and breathed slowly, panicking about the possible outcomes isnt going to solve anything, he needed to stop and clear his mind.
    After a moment of silence he heard movement and a grumbled voice in the room next to him, he slowly pushed the door open with his blade drawn back just in case. As his eyes scanned the room he froze in his tracks, there was a shelf toppled over on a body that had been almost completely ripped in half at the waist, his left arm was bent up backwards over his head and his left leg was crushed under the bookcase pinning him to the floor. And worst of all, he was moving, but it wasnt a zombie, it was spurting out jumbled words of pain and fear. "He's alive....."
    The thrashed boy arched his head up at Tony and stared while screaming. "Oh god...." He winced slightly turning his head to the side trying not to listen to the harsh sounds. He slowly and unsteadily approached the mangled person, body tensing and shaking slight as the boy quickly tilted towards him. He leaned down next to the boy and looked over him slowly. "Im sorry....im sorry....." Tony's eyes welled up slightly as he stared at the suffering soul before him. The boy stared back up at Tony grunting and choking and obviously in terrible agony. "Okay....i-ill stop it!" Tony said shakily while pressing his hand down on the boys forehead to steady it. "Okay....you have to do this.....you have to do this.....emotions cant get in the way right now. I have to focus and block out emotions from now on." As he finished his thought he place his blade against the boys neck. He breathed heavily while looking up out the window at the sky, not wanting to see what was about to happen. He quickly drove his knife down through flesh and held on tightly until the body went limp.
    He stepped back, his breathing very sporadic and face drenched in sweat. He stared forward with a cold look, ".....just keep going Tony..." he mumbled quietly to himself.
  37. The school was already a blood bath by the time Jack pulled up on his quadbike, corpses littered the ground and the undead lurched around in crowds after the survivors. With a grimace the Jack leapt from the quadbike, bringing his crowbar up so that he felt a little more secure around these cannibalistic monsters. Leaving his vehicle outside the front gate he rushed inside the school, avoiding the large groups of the undead as much as possible as he knew he would have no chance against them. It would be like dropping a goldfish into a pool of sharks.

    Everywhere he went looked like something George Romero would have dreamt up, there was so much blood on the floor and walls it was a wonder that there was even any left inside any of the undead. At this point there were few kids left alive at the school, he had wandered the hallways for some time now and not seen anybody he had a hope of saving. The occasional scream gave him a little hope though, that meant they weren't dead yet. Probably pretty close though.

    By the time he found a survivor he could help Jack's motorcycle helmet was splattered with the blood of reanimated corpses, leaving the cheerful smiley face looking a little less happy. Out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw a flicker of movement inside of a janitors closet. The room had two members of the zombies milling around in it, both of whom turned towards him with dull and glassy eyes the moment he entered the room. Although these two had clearly once been children that wasn't the case anymore. Monsters, both of them. In fact as Jack stuck his crowbar into the skull of one of the zombies and curb stomped the other he was reminded of what his psychologist had once told him. "You have an empathy problem Jack. Your experiencing difficulties relating to others.". Well that wasn't so much of a problem anymore, it just meant he no queries when doing what was right. Kill a few already dead kids to save a living one? Seemed fair.

    So with the dead dispatched he stuck his crowbar through his belt and straightened his helmet. Introductions were everything, his mother had told him that. Of course there was nothing he could do to change the blood splattered all over him but hey, this was the apocalypse, that was practically the new style. And with that he opened the closet to discover a very scared looking girl. He stuck out one gloved arm for to take and with a stifled laugh said "Come with me if you want to live."
  38. Taylor looked up at the man before her. The blood freaked her out as she realized that the dead had found her, until he spoke; "Come with me if you want to live."
    As cliche as it was, it was better than nothing. Without question, she grasped a hold of his gloved hand.
  39. After helping the girl to her feet Jack regained his composure. This was no time for jokes, the Arnie quote was only a temporary lapse in his icy shell. He had to take this girl and get them both out of here before things got any further out of hand. Picking up any other students on the way would be a bonus.

    From behind his helmet Jack asked "So I guess I should ask your name. What should I call you?"
  40. "I'm Taylor..." She replies, glancing around for any more of the dead. "Taylor Boulet..." She looked into his visored face. "And you are?"

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