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Ask to Join The Walking Dead (Beware for gore)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ethereal_Whispers, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. (please beware of swearing, gore, and romance)

    you can join at: http://pokecharms.com/threads/does-a-walking-dead-rp-seem-interesting.14925/#post-336871

    Douglas stood before three men who were on there knees, they had tried to steal food from the settlement. Despite the fact that Terminus used human meat they had other food like fruit and vegetables Douglas looked at the three men he knew all of them one was named Shane he was at the age of 45 and he had a son named Taylor he was only 14 but followed his father in stealing food before trying to escaped. The third was Shane's best friend at the age of 49, his name was Jordan. Douglas's trusty crowbar sat on his shoulder he looked at them before saying "Well, ain't this interesting how many.. times have I warned you, three strikes and your out, literally" he walked to Shane then moved aside to Taylor then to Jordan "but you continued with it and you almost got away" he said moving his crowbar into a ready position looking at Jordan before walking back to Taylor "Since you didn't listen I gonna have to get the message across" he lifted his crowbar up and with full force he brought it down on Taylor's head Shane screamed at the sight as Douglas lifted it out. Taylor lifted his head up it was very bloody and damaged "Da- dad" the kid whispered as Douglas brought it back down. He did this again and again and again and again. He kept doing this until Taylors head was just a puddle of blood with chunks of bone and flesh. Shane who was crying stood up and tried to attack Douglas but of course he was knocked down the same scene was repeated but this time on Shane. After a few minutes he stopped and looked at Jordan he took pity so he let him go but he could not leave Terminus.
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  2. Rosa strode through the forest. She had her knives at the ready, watching her surroundings for walkers. She checked her traps and shouldered the rabbits she had caught. Walking back to her fort, she killed a few stray walkers, wander away from her noise makers.
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  3. Douglas looked over the two bodies as he called to the other survivors in Terminus. A clean up crew arrived knowing what to expect because when ever someone stole food and trying to escape. He left the room heading to get some fresh food at the grills it may be human meat but he didn't mind it, it tasted like chicken to him. After finishing up his rations he went out to set up signs for Terminus the train track he followed along the forest he didn't trust anyone he found in that part of the forest. he begun whistling a tune (much like that of the saviors in season 6) he had a smirk on his face as he arrived at a sign righting on it their slogan despite it no being true 'Sanctuary for all, community for all, those who arrive survive' he had a good feeling about the near future, he felt something big was going to happen.
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  4. Rosa watched the man below her with curiosity. She tilted her head and watched him do something with the sign. A group of three walked were following him and she hoped he knew. She waited to see his reaction.
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  5. Douglas continued forward after he had finished but was soon stopped as walkers had begun to walk onto the track. He motioned to the other Terminus dwellers behind him, they all pulled out knives except for Douglas who had his trusty crowbar out and ready hitting the walkers down about 10 walkers taken down with ease "There might be more" Doug said as he pulled out his Python pointing up into the sky firing hoping to draw out any walkers in the area "Holy shit" he shouted as the loud 164 dB gun went off and walkers stated coming out of the forest onto the track. He holstered his python and started hitting the walkers with his crowbar which he called Abigail smiling when the walkers stopped appearing.
  6. Rosa watched them move, climbing into another tree to follow their movements. She saw what seemed to be their leader, tilting her head as she looked him over. When they called the walkers out she rolled her eyes, knowing that there was many and her usual bell for this area was I need of repair.
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  7. As the walkers stopped showing up Doug picked one of the corpses and just started bashing it in not leaving any traces of it even being a head of anything in the first place.
  8. Rosa watched him from her foliage cover and her eyes widened at his brutality. She start to move away from the group, sticking to the trees and moving slowly to match the winds movements. She swore under her breath when she stepped on a loose brace and it cracked, catching herself but not the tumbling object in the ground.
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  9. Douglas slowly moved his head to where in the forest someone or something fell. He stood up a creepy smile on his face as he begun walking over to the location "It's okay I'm not gonna hurt you, hell none of us will hurt you" he said as he slowly walked over to the area. As he got over to the person he reached up to the stranger not in a threatening way but more of a friendly way like he wanted to help an old friend "come on lets get you to Terminus you can get some fresh food" he said his voice sounding like he was talking to an old friend.
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  10. (The branch fell not her. She caught herself)
    Rosa glared down at the man below her. Fixing herself in a stable position, she lined up the shot with her sniper. Finger ready to fire if he made wrong bad move. Her hair was pulled out of her face and she glared down at him, noting the slight movement to his left. She fired, killing the crawling walker that he had shuffled up beside. The silencer on her gun, muffling the blast.
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  11. (I know and I fixed it)
    Doug looked over at the crawler that was shot "damn, that is the finest shootin' I've ever seen" he held his hands up for a few seconds "wait I'm gettin' ahead of myself" he lowered his hands "I'm Douglas, Douglas Lang and I am from a place as I've said called Terminus" he paused collecting thoughts "We have food, water, and living space for many people okay, just calm yourself" he reached his hand back up "that scene you just saw that's, we have our ways of venting frustration" he said not at all ashamed but tried to sound friendly still.
  12. Rosa watched the other men move in and shot at their feet. Telling them to stay back, she whistled high pitch and a Harris hawk landing on a fallen tree not to far infront of Doug. The bird held a mouse in its talons and screeched at the man. She whistled again and the bird took flight into the branches in the tree across from her, leaving its catch.
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  13. "If you want the community is just up a few miles, just follow the track he said as he and his men moved back to the track continuing back to Terminus upset that the girl didn't want to come with. He soon shrugged the thought away as he got back "Phillips remind me that if we every meet her again not to piss her off" all four men chuckled at what he said. The path was completely walker free but when he arrived a few new people arrived since they had left "Greetings" Douglas said welcoming the new people there were 2 a man and a woman "I'll take you to Gareth the owner of this settlement."
  14. Rosa waited for the men to move away before climbing down and making it to her bell. She pulled out the supplies needed from her backpack and fixed it. Taking out any walkers on her way back to her place. She smiled at her small hidden bunker, thankful that her dad had been paranoid. She took out the walkers around the place and moved the bodies away. She moved between the rocks that hid the entrance and walked in, locking the door and setting the traps. Harris sat on her shoulder, ripping his mouse to peices and eating it. She flipped the lights on and got to work cleaning the place up. She prepped her jail room incase the people came back and checked on her water mill. She sighed and let her bird rest on his perch, "well today has been interesting hasn't it Harris".
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  15. Kenny was walking along the tracks until he saw a sign. "seem like a nice place, might go there." He then suddenly drew his sword on his left side and swiped it to the right then a walker head fell off. he then walked into the forest and found a big rock," That seem like a good place to rest." He grabbed his sheathed katana in his arms, sat down against the rock, looked around to see if there's any walkers around and closed his eyes.
  16. Rosa scratched under Harris's chin and the bird cooed softy. Tucking her sniper away carefully, she sharpened her knives and walked out side to set some of the traps that the walkers might have set off. She fixed some and built new ones. She heard breathing, spinning on her heel, she threw in of her knives. The weapong sliding into a walkers skull.
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  17. Douglas walked along side the man and woman they were given the 'special' treatment instead of living here they were deemed in secret that they were just to weak to eat the human meet. They were lead into a small room where Douglas chloroformed them tying them up and putting them in front of a pig trough then another man entered slitting their throats letting the blood flow out of their necks into the pig trough. He felt bad but in order for them to survive sacrifices had to be made.
  18. Se retreated her knife and cleaned it off. Looking down at the dead walker. She went back inside and closed the door not locking it. She let her hair fall from it pony tail and trimmed it to the best of her abilities, making it just long enough to be kept out of her face. She checked around her bunker and stopped at one of the rooms. Nodding her head three times before looked into the room. It was well craftedx dark wood floors, warms wall colours, a nice couch, bookshelf, chairs, games, even a radio and CDs. All covered in a layer of dust. There was a picture on one of the shelves and she picked it up, rubbing the dust off of the glass to see the five happy people in it. She kissed the frame before putting it back in its place and walking out of the room, closing the door.
  19. Kenny woke up to the sound of walkers, he took his sword and sliced their head off and started walking, sheathing his sword. His stomach growled. "I'm getting a little hungry, better find some food." He walked around more in the forest until he found a bunch of rack in a suspicious pattern as if its hiding something. "Weird, these rock looks like they are put here to hide something." He moved closer to get a better look.
  20. Rosa sung along to a song she had put in. Dancing around her kitchen as she prepared a rabbit that Harris had caught her. She had a salad in the side and her hawk was sleeping on his perch. She had changed into pj shorts and tanktop, readying to lock up for the night.
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  21. Kenny heard music coming from in below the rocks, so he decided to move the rock a little and found a trap door. "A trap door, I hope whoever is inside will be kind enough to give me something to eat, and let me crash in for the night." He put his sword over his shoulder and knocked on the trap door and waited for someone to answer.
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  22. (The shelter is a nuclear fall out shelter so you probably wouldnt be able to hear the music but for plot sake)
    Rosa froze and turned off her music. Grabbing one of her knives she made it to the door and peaked out. She saw a man outside and looked him over for weapons, "what do you want"?
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  23. "Hey there lady, so I'm wondering if you would be kind enough to lend a wondering stranger something to eat? Maybe a pace to sleep too." Kenny looked at the lady who peaked out of the bunker. He then took his sword and slashed another walker that was sneaking up on him. "These guys just never stop, well they are dead." He said while sheathing his katana and putting it over his shoulder again.
  24. Rosa sighed and knew it was against her better judgement. She still held her blade and opened the door, "put the rock back and get in. I'm closing up for the night, your lucky you got here on time".
    She stood behind the door, Harris peaking his head from around the corner. She saw his sword and rolled her eyes at it, "a katana? You do realize that if it was to be hit the wrong way that it would shatter faster then you could say cheese"?
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  25. Douglas sat on the roof of the main building in Terminus and watched as the sun set and the moon rose up, to him it was a beautiful sight. Eventually he went inside and went to his room he sat back in his bed whispering to himself "Hashi ga moeru yō ni, watashitachi wa dono yō ni matsu koto ga dekimasu ka? Dono yō ni watashitachiha subete no otokonokotoon'nanoko" he learned Japanese from his grandfather who fought in W.W.II. he laid back his arms at his side and shut his eyes falling asleep.
  26. Rosa pulled Kenny into the bunker before locking the door. She sighed and looked at him. She pointed to a locker beside the door that looked like it was for a toddler, "weapons there. I don't know you so I really shouldn't have let you in but you looked hungry".
    Rosa walked back down the hall and into the kitchen, she got back the making dinner and started to cook the rabbit. She looked back at him and shook her head, "also don't touch Harris. He doesn't like people he doesn't know".
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  27. Kenny responded to the woman's remark. "Well maybe you're right, but this katana is forged by some very talented blacksmiths and passed down in my family line ever since my great grand-father got it." He then replaced the rock and followed his host down to the bunker. When he got down into the bunker, he followed orders and put his sword into the locker. Then he sat down against a wall. "Don't worry, I won't touch your hawk." He said.
  28. "You hungry? The rabbit is gonna be done soon," Rosa called to him and poked the cooking meat to make sure it was ok. She walked into the hall after she had turned it down and waited for his reply, hips cocked and arms crossed like there wasn't an apocalypse outside, "come on. Let's get something to eat".
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  29. Scarlet sighed then she looked around from where she was and she started to walk around then she saw a bunker and she saw a few zombies outside and she gulped but it seemed then the zombies were focus on what was inside the bunker "hmm " she said drawing her bow and she firing Three arrows into the group of zombies killing a few , she then she took out her shot gun and she smirked then she sighed and she took out her bow again and she shot down the other three zombie then she ran to the bunker and she went to the door and she opened it and she sat down in the dark hiding room everyone in their.
  30. holding a katana then throws it at a zombie bye bye smiling and snickering Luna laughs then walks into a tree house looking out the window
  31. Rosa walked back into the kitchen and pulled out cups and utensils. She was having difficulties reaching the higher up plates. She sighed and pulled a chair over, grabbing them. She placed them on the table and turned the staff off.
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  32. Kenny walked into the kitchen area, he took a seat. " Thank you very much for the meal." He then took his hat off, put it to the side and started eating.
  33. Rosa sat down as well and bit into her rabbit. She pushed the salad over to Kenny and smiled, "it's not good just to eat meat. I have more then enough food here and can always grow more".
    She poked her salad and took a bite of it, "I wouldn't send you back out there tonight so you can stay in one of my extra rooms if you want. I'm going to fixing some things up so pardon the noise".
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  34. The night got darker, and darker, and yet darker. Doug woke up the darkness was still present the building had a solar panel hidden on the roof a higher location that were Doug was thanks to this the building had power. He walked down the corridor as he walked down his vision kept on changing the walls to him flashed between clean and bloody after a minute he completely snapped into reality as he made it to the bottom floor he went to a sink where he splashed some water on his face and left the room returning to his room with the same experience occurred.
  35. After finishing her food, she placed her dishes in the sink and asked Kenny if he had enough to eat. She then looked at him serious, "there is a room down the hall that has a dark wood door please don't enter it. It's private and I'd rather not track mud into it".
  36. "Yes this is enough" Kenny said. He then heard Rosa's warning and got curious, but decided not to go take even a peek because he did not want to get kicked out (or killed) by his host. He put his dishes into the sink, found the guest room and went to bed.
  37. Rosa checked to make sure everything was ok before getting to work fixing on of her generators. She sighed and gave up, shutting off lights that didn't need to be turned on and walked into her room. Harris slept on his nest beside her bed and she slowly went to sleep.
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  38. (Gonna skip to morning now)
    Doug walked down to the main gate where his team of Henry Philips, Jack Morrison, and Jax Drie were already waiting all set and ready to go. They exited the gate and made their way down the same track as yesterday they passed by the spot he ran into the girl. To mess around with whoever was in the area he pulled out his Python and pulled the trigger then walked away before walkers or survivors could show up all four laughing as they walked farther down away from Terminus .
  39. Rosa woke up Kenny and told him he was welcome to stay as long as he didn't steal or kill her before telling him that she was going hunting and to not worry of she was gone for a few days as she sometimes held up in a place when hunting. She dressed in her hunting gear and made sure she had enough rifle rounds, hidden knives, her gun and bow. She let Harris out into the world, clearing any walkers and hiding the entrance better. She strode off and to check on her bells. Making it to her furthest she noticed a small child running from a walkers with what seemed to be his older brother. She killed the walkers and confronted the kids who told her about terminus. She nodded and started to lead the two toward the stronghold like community.
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  40. Douglas and his team strayed off the trail they weren't doing what they were doing yesterday, no today they had two escaped kids most likely the children of Jordan. According to Gareth Jordan had escaped with food and water along with medicine, they probably went to find their dad. Doug motioned for the team to spilt up "Michael" he shouted wanting to bring the boys home "Its me Doug, I want to bring you home" he continued to shout into the forest. He made his way back to the rail track he worried about the boys during the periods in which Jordan was in a 'prison' cell he took care of the boys they were like sons to him. He cared for them "If you can hear me please make your way to the railroad" he shouted the worrying obvious in his voice.

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