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The Voices in my Head

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mrs.Serene222, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. This is the discussion bored for my RP The Voices in my Head feel free to put in an application and wait for it to be accepted!
    ALSO there are no humans or any species of the sort in this roleplay, only Pokemon!
    This thread will be used for several purposes, it's where all of the OOC conversations go, all of the applications, and requests for megas and legendaries (asking permission from a administer/moderator)
    There is a link to the RP Here.
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  2. Rules:
    1. One post at a time please!
    2. Your posts MUST BE at least 5 lines long! Making a short line and pressing enter DOES NOT count!
    3. Keep any relationships at minimal, meaning no major sexual content!
    4. Don't spawn in legendaries or mega stones! Ask me, and if I approve I'll ask an administer!
    5. Making a reference to a legendary isn't spawning in a legendary, (eg. "Damn you to Arceus!" is acceptable because you only refer to the legendary, not "Oh wow an Arceus just flew up above!")
    6. Like most of my roleplays, I hate the concept of Pokemon spontaneously forgetting how to use a move, so once a move is learned, it's learned! No restrictions on how many moves you can learn!
    7. Powerful Pokemon are allowed to be used, as long as they don't automatically win every fight.
    8. I will be strict on these rules, you break them, and you're out!
  3. Name: Anton Serene
    Species: Floatzel
    Age: 27
    Level: 85
    Personality: Anton is a very sensitive Floatzel deep down where no one can see it. He only shows compassion towards his wife and child. He is fierce and never backs down. He never leaves a fight. He is courageous. He battles using the skills of both strength and mind. When no one is around, he plays his ocarina, to soothe the voices he hears. He doesn't want anyone knowing the calm and loving side of him, for he sees it as a weakness.
    Bio: Anton and his little brother Kamina lived a happy life with their mother. Their father, a Meganium, served as a medicinal healer in a war in a region far away. Anton never got to know him. Often times Anton and Kamina would play together, fight together, they did everything together. Their mother taught them battling skills that their father practiced. Anton rose above his brother in strength. And the strength doubled each day. Anton used this strength to protect his family that he always loved. He started hearing voices in his head, telling him to turn his back on his family, before they hurt them. Anton was fearful of this, but tried to ignore it. One day as him and his brother were searching for berries, the voices stuck again. Anton's mind went blank. He suddenly struck his brother, rendering him helpless. Anton, very scared of doing it again, fled in fear and confusion. Years after, he met up with a friend of Kamina's. She was a beautiful Cubone. He soon had a child with her, his name was Satoshi. Anton had forgotten about the voices, until now...
    Appearance: Anton has a patch of fur on his chest and head.
    Other: Nah
  4. Name:
    Mildew Lopurine
    22 - in human years
    Mildew is outgoing and excitable around people he trusts, however, he's also a very good judge of character and can act hostile towards anyone he deems mean or dangerous. Not to mention, a lot of Pokemon don't approach him too much because of what he looks like and how other Poochyena might act, so his friends usually end up being other Dark-Type Dog Pokemon.
    Mildew has a rather normal life, living in a pack with two older Mightyena, three Poochyena and a lost Zigzagoon that managed to wriggle it's way into the group. His mother died during a territorial dispute with a neighbouring pack of Houndooms, and Mildew, while not seriously affected by it, has grown to also become very territorial to other packs and groups of Pokemon. So now he lives with his brother, two cousins, two dads and of course, the misplaced Zigzagoon.

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