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The Voice of the Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Lazuli, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Verity smiled dreamily as a breeze brushed against her face. The setting sun cast a dull golden light through the overgrown trees that Ilex Forest was famous for. In normal daylight the forest looked dark, but on evenings like this it seemed to glow.
    "Tret, tret!" Sentret chirped urgently from its post in the tree above her. Verity sighed and looked towards the Pokemon. Sentret gave its death stare to a lone leaf as it drifted to the ground. "Thank you for warning me of the impending attack," Verity sighed sarcasticly. Sentret nodded dutifully. It took its title as the Scout Pokemon very seriously.
    As much as Verity wanted to be annoyed by Sentret's constant updates on leaves, sticks, and other potentially deadly inanimate objects, she was in way too good a mood. Her brother had just set out to battle the Elite Four, her dad was finally getting somewhere with his research on Legendary Pokemon, and she was spending her favorite time of day in her favorite place. That's when the explosions started.

    Sentret went ballistic. "Tretretretret!" It squeaked at an extremely high pitch. "Calm down!" Verity pleaded. She covered her ears and retrieved the panicked Pokemon from its tree. It scurried to keep up with her as she ran towards the source of the noise.
    BOOM! BOOM! The noises came again. As Verity came around a clump of trees, she saw that they weren't explosions at all. Three enormous Ursaring slammed themselves against trees. An angry looking man in a black uniform snarled at the Pokemon impatiently.
    He turned to a figure who was cowering on the ground. "What the hell is wrong with your stupid TM? You told me this thing would find rare Pokemon for me!" The cowering man pushed his glasses up his nose. "I-it only works if there's a P-Pokemon in the tree," he stuttered. The man in the black uniform emitted what could only be described as a growl.
    "Keep Headbutting those trees!" He snapped at the Ursaring. Verity clenched her hands into fists. That angry dude was messing with the forest. Her forest. "Hey!" She yelled, storming towards the scene. The Ursaring continued to pummel trees, but the two men looked up.
    "Get out," she hissed at the man in the uniform. She was aware of how stupid she sounded, but she was too angry to care. The man raised his eyes, looked really confused for a bit, then laughed. "Your eyes are pointing different directions!" Verity felt the blood rush to her face.
    Because of her stupid eye disorder, no one could take her seriously when she was angry, or tired, or stressed. Her eyes would turn away from each other untill she looked like a stupid Magikarp.
    "What are ya gonna do, derpy?" the man taunted. "Attack me with that wimp?" he pointed at Sentret, smiling smugly. Verity punched him in the nose. "I HAVE FREAKING EXOTROPIA," she screamed. She wasn't strong, but she was angry, and even though he covered his nose with his hand, Verity could tell that it was not supposed to bend that way.
    The man wasn't smiling anymore. "Ursaring," he snapped. The hulking bear Pokemon turned away from their demolished trees and lumbered towards Verity. She cursed under her breath. Somehow she had forgotten about the giant beats that were noisily mutilating trees. Sentret leaped onto her should and began clicking nervously.
  2. "Alibaster use Flamethrower!" A column of scorching fire came bellowing from beside one of the Ursaring striking it. The Pokemon turned to be met with a Arcanine snarling a short man at it's side. "Well hello there I don't suppose you mind me butting in?" The man was at about 5' 7" with a red opened jacket, along with a matching fedora. Below his waist were bone white pants and black boots, finally he had on a black undershirt with blacks gloves on both hands. He took his hat off as he gave a bow.
    "Drake Tyban, might I ask who um...everyone is?" He chuckled as he rose back the opposing Pokemon not seeming to be in a equally good mood. "Oh right Ali maybe we should take care of those two hmm?" The Arcanine nodded as it crouched ready to bounce small flames trickling from it's mouth.
  3. "I-I'm Verity," Verity stuttered. She was a bit stunned by the man's sudden appearance. She gestured to Sentret, "this is Sentret," and then the extremely angry looking man that still had one Ursaring. "And that's a psychopath with bears." Now that the psychopath with bears was facing her, Verity noticed the 'R' on his shirt and took in a sharp breath. "Team Rocket," she muttered under her breath. "Sentret, Quick Attack!" She yelled.

    The Rocket grunt whipped his head around, searching for the Pokemon he hadn't noticed disappeared, but it was too late. Sentret was behind Ursaring, scratching it furiously. The bear lunged in retaliation, but Sentret was too quick. "Please Attack now," Verity asked nervously, "I'm mostly just annoying it. She didn't usually welcome the presence of strangers, but for once she was glad to have company.
  4. "Hphm Team Rocket, never a pleasure." He pointed towards the next of the bears. "Alright Alibaster lets finish it with a dragon pulse!" The Arcanine opened it's mouth to fire a powerful purple energy beam hitting the opposing Pokemon in the back before toppling it over. He smiled as he walked up to the Arcanine as he rubbed at it's snout. "Good job old friend. You never let me down." He placed his hands on his hips before sending out a Houndoom. "So are you going to give up and come with me to the nearest officer or do we need to do this the hard way sir?"

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