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Open The Virus Roleplay Signup and Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Awesomecake13, Feb 11, 2017.


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  1. A mysterious Virus has appeared across the Pokemon world; at first it had just seemed to make Pokemon highly aggressive, and enter them into an almost rabid state. Scientists thought little of it at first, until those Pokemon started infecting humans.

    A human infected by the mysterious Virus would undergo a mutation of sorts, becoming similar to the Pokemon that infected them, and by losing their minds. The changes vary by how severely the human's infection is, it could be something as small as hair color or skin color change, or as extreme as growing extra limbs. The severity of the infection also determines how quickly a person goes mad; for example, a person bitten by a meowth that has simply grown a small tail and who's hair has turned white would stay sane for much longer than a person that had the coin on their forehead and was completely covered in the fur.

    The mutated humans were deemed dangerous and are treated essentially as criminals. Towns have gone into high security, and the roads are only accessible to powerful trainers. The infected must survive by keeping their sanity and avoiding hunters, while trainers will be offered valuable and rare rewards for capturing any diseased Pokemon or people.


    This Roleplay is not just a traditional storytelling, your character will have stats that determine how well they can perform certain actions. The stats will be on a scale from 1-10, and their values will be added to "Dice rolls" (there's an online program I'll use) when performing large actions. Small actions (such as traveling somewhere) or something that your character could logically perform with no conflict would not require any dice rolls.

    The stats are as follows:
    Strength: determines how powerful your character is (in relativity to others in their same position)
    Intelligence: determines how well your character can think and execute such thoughts
    Agility: determines how well your character can move around, dodge, react quickly, etc.
    Charisma: determines how naturally likable and convincing your character is
    Skill: Determines how well your character performs skill based actions
    Luck: Determines how lucky your character is

    You can choose to either distribute 30 Skill points however you'd like or have me generate 2 random stat tables for you and have you pick which one you would rather have; this could result in you having over 30 Skill points, but they might not be distributed how you'd like them. Your character can also have a single trait such as powerful, smart, quick, attractive, skilled, or lucky, which would give +2 to the given stat, but must be balanced out by a negative trait such as weak, dull, sluggish, offsetting, clumsy, or unlucky, which would give -2 to the given stat (minimum of 0)


    You can either be a trainer in the midst of this apocalypse or an infected human, infected humans will not have Pokemon of their own and must fight either with allies or by themselves, while trainers still use Pokemon to battle. I will ask to refrain from using Fakemon of any kind. Please follow the normal pokecharms rules such as no godmoding, no one-line posts, and try not to make your character a Mary-Sue. I will not be controlling a character myself, I will function as the RP master essentially and control, at most, the non-RPer characters.

    Trainer Template:

    (should be none)
    (if any)
    Others: (any extra info you have about your trainer)
    Stats: (just put random if you want me to generate them for you)

    Infected Template:

    (state how severe the infection is)
    Pokemon: (state what pokemon infected your character)
    (if any)
    Others: (any extra info you have about your character)
    Moves: (realized that I forgot to add this earlier, keep it logical ex. no Fly if you have no wings)
    Stats: (just put random if you want me to generate them for you)

    All dice rolls will be mentioned in this post, and you are free to have more that one character as long as the characters are clearly different and they all stay active.

    Rules I forgot to mention: when a die is rolled, it gets rolled twice and you are given the higher number, and your penalty for not following certain rules will vary but will never completely ruin your character.
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  2. The RP will go up once we have enough people willing to join
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  3. This sounds awesome; maybe a little out of my league, but I'd love to try it if you'll have me!
    Couple questions: do they contact the disease through a bite, scratch, etc.?

    Name: Dante Ashton
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Infection: He still acts normal and currently sane, though he has a heightened sense of fear and a shorter temper, especially as time passes.
    Pokemon: Houndoom
    Appearance: He has naturally dark skin and dark brown hair that has grown a little long since the outbreak, so it reaches just past his ears and falls into his eyes a little. His eyes are naturally a gray or silvery color. He is about average height with a lean frame, with his weight a little on the low end of the scale. Since being infected, he has grown a long, black, pointed tail that he tucks into his jeans to hide. He also has sharp claws that he hides under black leather gloves. I was thinking of having him aquire extra traits as the infection progresses (such as red eyes and sharp canines, maybe), though only if you approve. He wears a black jacket over a red t-shirt and dark blue jeans that are just loose enough to hide his tail. His clothes are well-worn and even a little ragged, and he carries a black backpack that he stores useful items in (currently empty). He also has a scar on his right shoulder where his partner, a Houndoom named Maia, bit and infected him.
    Personality: He is friendly and likes to joke around with those he is close to, though he can be a little too trusting of those he cares for, which can get him hurt and be his downfall at times. Since being infected, he has become a little isolated and afraid of people, as most that have found out about his virus have either chased him away, or tried to kill or capture him. He has since become ashamed of himself and tells himself not to become close to others, but his personality still draws him to people. He likes to help those in trouble as well as he can, but as time passes and the infection affects him more, his temper becomes shorter and he becomes irrationally fearful.
    Traits: Attractive/Clumsy
    Others: He is a little in denial of his infection, so tries to hide his Pokémon traits, even going so far as to lie about being infected.
    Moves: Bite, Howl, Feint Attack, Ember
    Power: 6
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 4
    Charisma: 10 + 2
    Skill: 5 - 2
    Luck: 10

    (Wow, that character really got away from me)
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  4. Wow, someone's willing to do it, @DragonFlye here are your rolled stats:

    Power: 6
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 4
    Charisma: 10 + 2
    Skill: 5 - 2
    Luck: 10​

    Power: 6
    Intelligence: 3
    Agility: 5
    Charisma: 10 + 2
    Skill: 2 - 2
    Luck: 4​

    Not kidding, this generator really likes Charisma, and I'm pretty sure I know which one you'll pick. As for your question (I can't believe I forgot to put this in the intro) Humans get the disease through some sort of harmful contact from said pokemon, such as bites, scratches, stings, etc. Feel free to just edit your character post with the stats list you choose. As for this being extreme, it's a basic format for a simple Roleplaying-game; not quite D&D level, but still enough to be a game.

    Also, I'm not placing a whole lot of Limits on what moves you can know, so long as they're in your pokemon's moveset and they can be logically performed by your character. Also, you're accepted.
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  5. Wow, that is a lot of Charisma XD. I think I'll pick #1. I don't think it's all that extreme; I actually really like the structured RPs like this (as opposed to getting a sign-up sheet and being told to go nuts) and I think it'll make for an awesome story! Not to mention the stats and dice-rolling program. I'm looking forward to trying that out.

    I'll edit my character post and maybe clean it up a little. Thanks so much!
  6. This looks pretty interesting. I'd like to join, if possible. Honestly, this seems a bit like D&D to me, what with the stat/dice rolls. Might be why it's so interesting! Tell me if I need to change anything, please.

    Name: Evon
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Infection: n/a
    Appearance: Wears a blue scarf, jean jacket, black track pants and a black shirt. He also wears black fingerless gloves and black shoes. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He currently wears a device called the Pokeviz, invented by the many professors for tracking down and identifying the Infected. (The Pokeviz's accuracy depends on the level of infection.)
    Personality: Joking and funny most of the time, but deadly serious when danger arises.
    Pokemon: Jolteon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Eevee (In PC: Flareon, Leafeon, Sylveon)
    Traits: Smart, Unlucky
    Others: Gym Leader in the faraway Garet region.
    Stats: (Max: 30)
    Power: 4
    Intelligence: 5 (7)
    Agility: 7
    Charisma: 4
    Skill: 6
    Luck: 4 (2)
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  7. @Eeveechu151 accepted, and yeah, a D&D vibe was kind of what I was going for ^-^
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  8. 2 people should be enough to start it off, I'll wait until I'm done with my classes for the day before posting the RP, though.
  9. I am kinda new to this D&D, but I'd like to give it a try.

    Name: Blum
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Infection: Nope.
    Appearance: Tall and slim, slightly pale. His eye bags are most than obvious. He has a gray hair, almost anticipating his prematurely white hair. He has some dark glasses too. He wears a blue shirt with green vertical lines, black jeans, and black shoes. Most of the time these clothes are wrinkled.He also wears a white scientist coat.
    Personality: He gets stressed quite easily, he likes to relax a lot, but he is very conscientious about his work. He tries to be kind, but when he is stressed he acts quite angrily with the rest.
    Pokemon: Axew, Salazzle, Furfrou, Porygon Z, Decidueye.
    Traits: Smart, unlucky.
    Others: He spends most of the time in his house. He had a friend that was infected, and since he was gone, he decided to try to find a cure for the virus (if you agree, of course)
    Stats: (just put random if you want me to generate them for you)
    • Power: 6
    • Intelligence: 8+2
    • Agility: 4
    • Charisma: 4
    • Skill: 5
    • Luck: 3-2
    I have another question. Can a character get infected during the RP?
  10. @Justalonelyaxew accepted, and yes it is fine for your character to be researching the virus. A character could get infected, but it probably won't happen unless someone tries to make it happen.
  11. Ok, thanks for the information :up:
  12. Hmm, well... this seems very interesting. This is gonna be exciting since there's gonna be quite a bit of paranoia here.

    Name: Ashley Garna
    Age: She is young, as she is only 6 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Infection: She is normal and sane still, though the infection is slight, since she has some slurred tones when speaking.
    Pokémon: Flygon
    Appearance: She has a skinny build, pale white hair, brown eyes, and some freckles on her cheeks. She wears a white turtleneck shirt, and dark blue overalls. She has on black lace-on boots, while she wears yellow steampunk goggles. Ever since her infection, she has grown two light green, rhombus-shaped wings that she hides by tucking them behind her shirt and overalls. She also has a scar on her back, as the Flygon's sharp scratch had infected her.
    Personality: She is timid around others, as she dislikes hanging around others. She tends to stay silent when it comes to communicating with others. She tends to be secluded from the general population ever since her recent infection now, as she tends to lie to others now after realizing that the infected would be harshly treated like felons.
    Traits: She is intelligent, though she is weak when it comes to her strength however.
    Others: When she is in her secluded area, she tends to spend most of her time in her dugout in a dessert. She also has grown a liking to being in deserts now because of her infection changing her habits slowly.
    Moves: She knows Fly, Dragon Breath and Supersonic.
    Power: 3 − 2
    Intelligence: 8 + 2
    Agility: 6
    Charisma: 5
    Skill: 5
    Luck: 3
  13. So a few questions. Does this take place in a set region? Can I make up a scenario that Evon is currently in? And are we allowed to have multiple characters?
  14. There's no specific region, feel free to choose what scenario you start in, and yes, you can have multiple characters, just make sure people can tell who you talk about if you do.
  15. K. I'm also assuming if you take an action (say, make an attack) then the stat rolls would apply.
  16. Oh I'd love to join if you still have space~ have an idea for an infected too if you are still looking for those~
    I'll be typing up the sheet later though as it's curretly midnight here. So, this is just to check if you still have room~ ^^"
  17. It seems that everyone is infected except for me and @Justalonelyaxew. I'm currently the only hunter here.

    Also another question. Are original Pokemon allowed? Asking for one of the future characters I might bring in.
  18. @SAChewed Feel free to make a character, there's space

    @Eeveechu151 I'd prefer that you don't use Fakemon, it can cause some confusions at times.
  19. K. It's understandable, just asking.
    So is the DM going to respond to my action?
  20. Now, as for the Dice roll. Being as your pokemon is attacking I'm going to do a skill role for hitting. Being as Psychic is a high accuracy attack already, and your Espeon has no accuracy drops, we can keep the role low at around 5. With your skill stat, we this role simply becomes a role for a critical hit (if it's a perfect 20). 6, no Crit. Oh yes, and let me handle the next post.
  21. K. You're going to roll for me, correct?
  22. Yes, I said I rolled a 6, sorry, should have been more specific
  23. K. So that means I hit, then? I'd assume you would describe the attack and tell us the effects in the RP.
  24. Yes, I'm describing the effects now, give me some time
  25. So it seems I've given us two stat rolls. One for the last Psychic attack, and another for the Pokeviz's scanning capabilities. I'm pretty sure they'll both be successful, but it's best not to get too confident. Or do we even have to roll for the Pokeviz, with how I described its functions in my character sheet?
  26. Most actions won't really require rolls, unless it's something like a major fight or some event (or if someone attempts to do something that they could potentially screw up) For example, if your character ends up hunting some weaker infected, one could assume that he would easily win, but if your character were to fight someone infected by a more powerful pokemon (like say a dragon type of some sort) or another player, some rolls would be required. Remember, this is not 100% an RPG, there are a lot of actions you can do with minimum interference.

    Note: some smaller things that would require a roll would be Running from a fight (Agility), Attempting to hit something far away with an attack (Skill), Sneaking into dangerous territory (Luck, Agility, or Skill (situational)), Convincing an NPC to do an action (Charisma), and a few other things. Power and Intelligence mostly affect certain events, but do have their uses in common areas.

    Also, I'm going to give it some time to let more people post, we don't want the RP to be filled with just 2 people's posts, that makes it look uninviting.
  27. Alright. So the attack would be another roll, but the scanning of the area wouldn't. Okay. Or is the attack another roll? I'm just used to doing it D&D style. Also I'd like the DM to inform me of how many Infected are in the area and what level they are, possibly in the format of the Pokeviz that I showed off.
  28. Ah, I'll assume that neither of them need rolls. I'll just continue with the RP so we can keep things moving.
  29. Ahh, the rolls bring me back to the good old dungeons and dragons game. Well... the sad thing is that I'm sick in real life too, so yeah... I was knocked out so I'll try to post right now since I might be a bit late.
  30. There we go, hope she is alright. If she isn't just let me know and I'll fix the problem~!

    General Information
    Maxine Bretle
    Age: Eleven (11) years old
    Gender: Female
    Infection: Severely scared and confused about her situation, but currently sane. Her vision is blurring and she tends to speak as little as possible to reduce the pain in her vocal chords. Walking around with reduced sight and refusing to speak makes her condition seem far more severe than it actually is.
    Pokemon: Exploud

    Maxine is a little over 5’1” (155,5 cm) in height, has a rather skinny build and a good posture. Her hair is wavy, long and blonde, reaching just below the middle of her back and tends to wear it in a ponytail. She used to have bright, amber-colored eyes, but since she became infected her eyes slowly started to turn red in color. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t reduce her vision to only blurry, red shades. She doesn’t actually know her eyes have turned red. Mainly because she sees only red and so makes no effort trying to cover it up.

    Another side effect of the infection seems to be that holes are starting to open up on her back. These forming holes give her discomfort when they grow out further, but other than that cause no real harm to her body. They are also easily covered up by her clothes.

    Wardrobe: Maxine wears a faded, lavender-colored t-shirt with the ends of the short sleeves tipped in yellow. She matches this with light-blue shorts that reach a few inches above her knees. To finish off her usual look she wears a pair of sneakers that are black in color with the soles, noses and shoelaces being a faded white.

    She used to be a very chatty and outgoing girl, always looking for new friends to play around with, but since the infection things have changed quite a bit. Her inner personality hasn’t changed, she still wants to be fun-loving and outgoing, but can’t anymore. Her infection made her grow silent and wary of people and Pokémon alike.

    Maxine has learned her voice has far too much power behind it now and tends to attract threats. Being smart enough to understand what was happening she chose to shut up completely, protecting herself and possibly others that might be close-by.

    Traits: Her reduced vision has made her more Skilled in relying on other senses, but the lack of sight makes her slow and Sluggish when it comes to moving around as well.

    Others: Maxine knows she is some sort of ‘monster’ even though she doesn’t quite understand what happened yet. Making her unsure if she should even try to find people who can help her. She might just get them in trouble with her condition.

    Echoed Voice
    Boomburst (Rarely used as it causes the most strain on her vocal chords.)

    Stats (total of 30)
    Power: 5
    Intelligence: 7
    Agility: 4 (-2)
    Charisma: 2
    Skill: 6 (+2)
    Luck: 6
  31. @Eeveechu151 I just wanted to mention she's infected by Exploud and not Loudred. It's really not much of a problem, but I felt like it needed to be said ^^
  32. Ah, sorry! My mistake. I'll fix that now.
  33. Oh goodie, so the Espeon and Vaporeon are both going into the building now... (Is the building the one where Ashley is in?)

    I'm just asking here before I have Ashley make her move.
  34. Yeah, it is. Same building Dante's in. The Pokemon are mostly scouting it out, as Dante's the one who's gonna do the talking.
    Before I make my next post, though, I'm gonna wait for you and @SAChewed to respond.

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