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Ask to Join The Very Best - Pokemon Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. For this RP, it will be biased on an academy setting. Young trainers will gather in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh to visit The Pokemon Academy. You may only have one pokemon and please, not a super strong high level fully evolved pokemon. The point of this RP is have a weak trainer, grow and get stronger ovr time. There will be places along the Island to catch Pokémon, so have one, and you catch new members to your party. If you can message me, and volunteer to take a position as one of the professors, I will be very grateful, (you can still have a character as a student.) The link to the sign up page is https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-very-best-pokemon-academy-sign-ups.15190/ . So have fun and enjoy the story.

    Zak Williams stepped through the swirling snow. He was about halfway to the docks. Snowpoint wasn't the biggest city in the world, but it was hard to navigate, especially with all the snow. Pax, his best buddy and Pancham partner, climbed up Zak's arm and plopped down on his shoulder.
    "Pan," moaned Pax.
    "It's okay bud, we're almost there." said Zak, feeling Pax's impatience.
    Zak took a few more steps and froze in his tracks. There was a huge boat in the harbor. He looked and saw a short squat man in a light blue suit.
    "Headed to Pokemon Academy?" Inquired the man.
    "Um yes sir," said Ry awkwardly. He wasn't the best with other people.
    "Well, hurry up and get on the ship." Shouted the man impatiently. Zak shuffled forward and jogged up the entrance ramp. Behind him he heard the man say, "I'm freezing my fingers off out here."
    Zak stepped up to the deck and saw a table set up, with cocoa, and hundreds of new trainers, all around the front deck. Zak suddenly felt out of place.
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  2. Spencer looked at the other trainers crowded around the small table on the boat. He bent over and picked up Blinky, his mareep, a bit catiously and held her close. Poor Blinky still had a hard time keeping all the static contained in her fluffy wool. Not that Spencer minded too much. The few acidental shocks didnt hurt too bad and he knew that she couldnt help it. He cuddled her close as she let out a soft "Eeepp...". She wasnt the biggest fan of big crowds. "Man i hope for Blink's sake that this boat ride isnt as long as I fear it will be..." Spencer muttered under his breath.
  3. After about ten more minutes of akwardness, on Zak's part, The man in the light blue suit, rushed up the boarding ramp. He stepped up in front of the crowd of eager trainers.
    "Good day trainers. My name is Mr. Jenkins. I will be one of your instructors when you reach the island." He said with a microphone in hand. " This would be a good time to mingle with the other trainers, who will be with you for the duration of your time on the island."
    And with that, Mr. Jenkins, disappeared below the deck.
    Zak looked around the deck. There were tons of trainers. They were all talking, or otherwise distracted. Pax jumped off Zak's shoulder and ran through the crowd.
    "Where are you going?" Shouted Zak chasing after his friend.
  4. Spencer noticed the Pancham jump out of its trainers arms. "Heh, im glad that youre not like that,Blinky." Spencer said looking at the obviously cold mareep. He knew that she was cold, not because she was shivering, rather her wool was almost twice the size of normal. Spemcer took one of her front legs in his hand and started to rub the smooth, rubbery skin. "Eee..." she murmered softly.
  5. Pax ran towards the railing of the boat and jumped on top.
    "Cham, cham!" Shouted Pax excitedly. Then the ship lurched forward and Pax began to fall over the side of the ship.
    "I got you!" Said Zak grabbing the small fighting type last minute. Pax breathed a breath of relief as Zak carried him away from the railing.
    "Pancham!" Shouted Pax as he saw a crew member lay all kinds of Pokémon food on the table next to the cocoa. Pax jumped out of Ry's arms and landed onto the table. He stuffed his face with food and scurried back towards Zak. Then he bumped into a boy with a Mareep. "Pan, pan," apologized Pax with his mouth stuffed with food.
  6. "Ah, its ok little guy." Spemcer replied to the excitable pancham. He put Blinky down next to it. "Would you like some food too Blink? Go on." Spencer said to her. The small mareep,, tentative about the pancham, nevertheless began to eat.
  7. "There you are Pax," said Zak rushing over. He then stopped when he got close enough to see the boy. He snapped his goggles into place over his eyes, and said, "Come on Pax, leave em alone." Pax responded by jumping and landing on Zak's shoulder blades. Then he reached out and pulled the googles out of the way of Zak's eyes. "Pancham!" Shouted Pax angrily.
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  8. Mitch and axe got to school late as always he saw Zak and spencer he walked over to Zak "hi" he waved "I'm Mitch who are you?" He asked curiously
  9. "Umm," said Zak, with his brain freezing. He needed his goggles to talk to people he didn't know. He reached for his goggles, but Pax pulled away. After a small game of tug of war, Zak had his goggles on and said nervosly, "I'm, uh, Zak Williams." On his shoulder Pax shook his head angrily at his shy trainer.
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  10. "Uh" Mitch thoughts "nice pancham lemme guess you from kalso" he said trying to create a conversation "I'm from unava
  11. "Not really," Zak mumbled, "I'm from Kanto and on vacation one year to Kalos he followed me home." Zak kept his head down to avoid eye contact. Pax climbed on top of Zak's head and puffed his chest out, trying to look tough.
    "Pan, Pancham!" He boasted at the top of his lungs.
  12. "Oh" he smiled I've had this little guy since I was 5"Mitch said petting axe on the head "can I... pet him?" He asked Zak after gesturing towards pax
  13. Before Zak could respond, Pax leapt off Zak's head and landed next to Axe. Pax nodded at Mitch and offered Axe a fist bump. "Pancham," said Pax.
  14. "Think there friends" Mitch said as axe fist bumped pax he looked at Zak "uh do you wanna be uh um friends" he asked
  15. "I d-" but before Zak could finish, a old man in an orange jumpsuit and stained lab coat with a Wurmple on his shoulder and a Combee close behind,walked over and said, "Oh cool a Pancham." The man then bent over and lifted up the Pancham. "He has exquisite fur that has a marvelous shine. But he looks so tough and strong."
    "Pancham!" Said Pax smiling as his ego was boosted.
    "Who ar-" Zak tried to ask, but was immediately interrupted by the man again. "My name is Proffesor Cedar and I'm in charge of the school were sailing too. I'm sorry, but I can't help barging in when I see a cool Pokémon. What might you're names be?"
  16. "I'm Mitch" he said "and this axe my axew" he smiled "nice to meet you may I know what we do there"Mitch asked trying to find out his subjects "or is it a surprise
  17. "You learn to be better trainers for you and your Pokémon. You'll see what I mean when we get there." He said with a wink. "Now what's your name?"
    "I'm Zak Williams and this is Pax," said Zak shakily.
    "Well Mitch and Zak. I see since you already know each other, I'll be sure to put you on the same team." Said Professor Cedar.
    "What do you mean teams?" Asked Zak quietly, but it was too late because the professor was already gone, snaking through the crowd.
  18. Did Mitch just here correctly they where going to be put into teams "so friends" Mitch put his hand out to Zak
  19. "I guess," said Zak, still uncomfortable about the whole situation, however he did shake his new teammate's hand. Pax grinned one of his famous goofy grins and climbed up Zak until he got to his shoulders. "Pan," he said welcoming his new friends and teammates.
  20. Flame was sitting on one of the ship's benches with his Pikachu on his shoulder. The electric mouse then jumped on Flame's lap and curled up. Flame proceeded to pet his partner, "You're getting a bit cold, right buddy," he said. Pikachu looked up at its trainer, shivering a bit, and saying, "Chaaa." Flame looked around and saw two trainers with a Pancham and Axew chatting, as well a another trainer sitting with his Mareep.
  21. Airalyn sat at her own table away from other people, her Skiddo lay at her feet. She was reading a book about how Arceus was the first Pokemon and how all of the legendaries play a part in the world. Airalyn was shy, VERY VERY shy. She didn't like talking to strangers but was fine with good friends. She noticed a bunch of people with Pokemon she hadn't seen before, she really wanted to go and question them about their Pokemon but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

    (Airalyn is a bit like Lillie from sun and moon but is afraid of people)
  22. After a minute of sitting still, Pax decided he wanted to explore the ship. He hopped off Zak's head and scurried through the crowd. "Sorry," mumbled Zak, using this as an excuse to get away. Zak jogged after his runaway Pokémon. Pax climbed under a bench some boy and his Pikachu were sitting on and snicker queitly.
    "Pax," Zak called out. The Pancham started giggling. Then after a few more seconds, he started to laugh harder and louder. Loud enough that draw nearby people's attention.
  23. Pikachu perked up its ears after hearing someone nearby laughing. He jumped off Flame's lap and looked under the bench, only to find a Pancham under it and laughing. "Pika?" was the only response Pikachu had for the Pancham. Flame noticed his partner looking under the bench and asked, "Hey, what's down there Pikachu?"
  24. Airalyn shivered, it was not this cold in Coumarine City so she wasn't used to it. She decided she wanted to try and find one of the teachers to see if she could learn more about the school before she got there.
  25. Zak dashed over, with his googles still over his eyes. " Come here Pax," he said softly. Pax stuck his tongue out at Zak and immediately offered his fist out for a fist bump from the Pikachu. "Pan, pan." He said with a goofy grin on his face.

    Professor Cedar walked past a girl siting at a table reading a book with a Skiddo at her feet. He plopped down in a neighboring chair and asked politely, "Whatcha reading dude."
  26. "Oh... Umm... A book about legendaries..." Airalyn said shyly, "Are you a professor?"
  27. "Why of course I am. Proffesor Cedar, nice to met cha. And what might your name be?" Said the oddly dressed proffesor with his hand out offering a handshake.
  28. Cautiously, Pikachu gave a fist bump after seeing it stick its tounge out at it's trainer. Flame got off of his seat and looked what's under the bench. "A Pancham?" said Flame.
  29. "Sorry, he's mine," said Ry looking down at his feet. "He's kind of hard to train." In response to this Pax looked at Zak and crossed his arms. "Pancham," he said in an annoyed tone.
    "I'm sorry bud, but you kinda are a wildcard," Zak said. Pax rolled his eyes at this statement.
  30. "Heh the things got sass" jack though he walked over to with axe on his shoulder "hey you do not know how long it took to to get axe to stop cutting everything" he said with a smile
  31. "Yeah, but Pax doesn't take anything other than battles seriously." said Zak looking at his parter who was now trying to make some nearby Pokémon laugh with some funny faces.
  32. Flame puts his hand on his chin, thinking of what to do. "Hey Pikachu, could you convince Pancham to come out from under there?" he asked. "Pika!" Pikachu replied. Pikachu turned to Pancham and tried to convince it to come out. "Pika pi pika pikachuuu."
  33. "Heh he is a bit of a prankster but ya know"he shrugged "stick with him he'll come round" he smiled Petting axe lovingly
  34. Pax scurried out from underneath the bench. He jumped on Zak's shoulder and grabbed his goggles right off his face. "Pan-Cham," taunted the little fighting type as he started to run off with Zak's goggles.
    "Come on Pax, cut it out," shouted Zak. Zak quickly scooped up the little roque Pancham before he got to far. "My name's Zak, by the way." He said smiling. "You know, it isn't that bad to have friends," he thought to himself.
  35. "My name it Mitch" mitch said "nice to meet you Zak" he smile "Can I" he said gesturing to towards pax
  36. "I guess," said Zak looking down at the little fighting type in his arms.
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  37. Mitch gos to pick pax up and he smiles "hiya buddy" he said to the pancham "how are you doing your a fluffy guy aren't ya"
  38. "Pan," growled Pax angrily. He didn't like being being babied.
    "You might wanna put him down. He sometimes loses his temper and that's always bad," warned Zak trying not to let his new friend get hurt.
  39. "My name's Flame," he said and then gestured Pikachu, "and this is Pikachu." "Pika!" Pikachu said as it climbed Flame's shoulder. "You know Zak you kind of remind me of... well me back then," he said to Zak.
  40. "Ok got it" he puts pax down straight away he smiled at Zak "well your right don't baby a pancham" axe walk over to pax to try and make a conversation

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