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Private/Closed The Vertia Region Federal Bureau of Investigation and Civilian Protection Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MelodyMay, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Flora sat in her office, reviewing the latest case she had chosen. It was her first day with a new team and she would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. It was a rough case; she always hated the ones that involved children... But the children needed them most; how could she turn the local law enforcement down?

    Dressed in a black dress suit with a dark green floral design along the hem. Her black high heels clicked the white tile floor as she crossed to her team's conference room. Every member of every team had their own office. Her team occupied the front left corner of the seventh floor of the FBICP building in Ayrith, Vertia; the Bureau's second largest base was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the capital city of Travercraig.

    The FBICP building was a large, alabaster building with large columns around the front door, as was often seen in ancient architecture. The interior was large in spacious, with white tile floors, pale grey walls, and oak wood furniture. The ground level was used to assess citizen needs while most of the floors between two and six were for lab work and interrogations.

    Stopping by the office of her new unit chief, Flora nervously knocked and waved the file. The unit chief, Corrina, showed no emotion as she walked onto the raised walkway leading to the conference room. "Agents Spencer, Gearson, Wolbrite, and Whitman! Conference room 4b, meet in three minutes," she called down in an even monotone. Her dark grey suit had not one wrinkle, not one hair out of place. She made sure everything was perfect since She was receiving multiple rookies today. She strode to the conference room finding Flora placing copies of the case at each seat surrounding the large quarter moon shaped table. The unit chief couldn't help the slight grimace at the younger girl's high heels and stylized skirt.
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  2. A man looking to be in his mid-twenties stood over a desk covered with scrawled notes, criminal profiles, and reports. He stood with a hand on his defined, yet unkempt jaw line - the beginnings of a full beard appearing on his face. If you followed his body down to the white-tiled floor of the FBICP building, you'd find a sleek, white button-up paired with a thin black tie that hung away from his chest due to his hunched position over the documents. From their, a black belt adorned with silver buckles curved around the waist of his black, freshly pressed slacks which hid the dark, dress socks that displayed small trees in regular intervals. The man didn't know why there was trees on his socks, but they were dress socks, and it seemed to be the most decent, yet primitive design at the local Men's Formal Store. The tree socks protected his feet from the shining, black dress shoes with neat laces that happened to be size eleven and a half upon his feet. A gray, jacket with two dark buttons lay hung over a rolling chair some short distance away from the hunched figure. If you looked closely at the jacket you'd find a sparkling, golden badge labeled "FBICP - Matthias Wolbrite" who happened to be the hunched figure in all of his glory.

    Matthias was awakened from his daze of studying the reports as he heard the pitter-pat of soft, women's shoes accompanied by the clack of high heels. He looked away from his work and stood to his full height of just about six foot - in the process of doing so he upset a now misplaced hair that had found a way to free itself from it's other neatly gelled friends. At the call from his Unit Chief, whom he had worked with for all of his five years of experience, Wolbrite grabbed his trusty ink pen from the document-littered table and his jacket; in which he put on as he walked up the stairs to the highrise in the FBICP building. The officer placed the ink pen in the pocket of his jacket and fished the first button through it's hole on the gray blazer as he walked to Conference Room 4B.

    He quickly caught up to the pair of women with his long strides and entered the glass door just as the new recruit was placing folders at each of the officer's places. Matthias showed a small, polite smile of gratitude towards the young woman and took his seat to the direct left of the Unit Chief's usual spot. His eyes immediately shifted to the folder of documents before him as he sat, and he began scanning through them calmly; trying to collect as much information about the case at hand in the quickest amount of time, but at the same time not.
  3. A small figure paused for a moment to look up at the large, imposing building before entering. This was where he intended to remain employed for the next several years. Taking a deep breath, he braced himself and stepped inside. The first thing which struck him was the silence. Of course, this contrast with the noise and chaos of the outside world shouldn't have surprised him so much, but it was still foreign to him; so very different from the atmosphere at the various schools he had attended, or his home with his parents and two younger siblings.
    He approached the secretary at the front to ask where his office was.

    "Mister James?" she inquired.

    "Yes. I was just wondering-"

    Before he could finish, she answered him, "seventh floor, take a left, third door on the right."

    "Thanks," he responded, a little sheepishly. Upon entering his office, he saw only a standard office chair, and a nearly barren desk, which housed only a Windows monitor, and a plaque which read "Spencer James," his own name. This place'll need some work, he thought to himself, moments before an announcement was made over the intercom.

    "Agents Spencer, Gearson, Wolbrite, and Whitman! Conference room 4b, meet in three minutes," was the message.

    "Wonderful. Another location to figure out. And in three minutes!" he said to himself in irritation, becoming quite self-conscious soon after. Without hesitation though, Spencer departed his new territory, to explore more unknown terrain.

    Three and a half minutes later, he burst into conference room 4B. "I'm not late!?" he half asked, and half shouted, seeing only two unfamiliar women and an unkempt-looking man. Without waiting for a response, he made a desperate attempt to change his approach, having seen his error. "So uh, is there any sort of seating arrangement, or can I just sit wherever? Because that chair over there looks really comfortable..."
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  4. Micheal Gearson was at his desk with his partner Gallade checking up on some of the specimens that they'd found during the last case. "Hey buddy go run me a test scan on this will you?" He asked his partner as he tossed over a specimen in a small bag. Micheal then suddenly heard,

    "Agents Spencer, Gearson Wolbrite and Whitman, meet in conference room 4B in three minutes."

    "Hey bud, watch the specimen while I go up to the conference room alright?" He said as he walked towards the conference room.

    As he walked in he asked, "Hey boss you called?" He aksed.
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  5. "Yes. It would seem our new media liaison," Corrina said, gesturing to Flora, "has found us a new case. We'll go over the details once everyone has arrived."

    At the sound of rushing footsteps in the hall, Flora jerked her head up from where she had just set down the last copy of the case file. A young man, clearly stressed rushed into the room. At his question as to whether or not he was late, Corrina merely raised an eyebrow and said, "The clock has not yet ticked over to the next minute so by the very definition, no, you are not late." Her monotone seemed more pronounced than ever. Not sparring the rookie another moment, Corrina took her seat beside Matthias Wolbrite. "Rookies," she muttered in a whisper to him.

    Flora went up to James a and gave him a shy smile. "Hi, there. You're Spencer James, I presume? I emailed you a copy of the case file last night. I know it's a bit short notice but it's the best I could do with both of us having our first days today. Did you have time to make a presentation?" she asked in a quiet voice, not wanting her unit chief to overhear.
  6. As Matthias finished reading through the case files, an abrupt noise came into being behind him and he spun in his chair to see what was the matter. He noticed a young man standing quite flustered in the doorway, yet stayed silent for Corrina had already gotten to chastising him first. When Corrina sat down next to him and whispered to him, he nodded and responded with the same tone,

    "I'm afraid that we've lost a lot of talent over the past months. Bigger and better things, I suppose - or possibly not. I guess if he's barging in like this, he'll have no presentation of the case after all, for that is Spencer James our new Technological Analyst, right?" Shortly after the arrival of James, another man flitted into the room, the Foreign Substances Specialist. Another, younger officer of their unit, yet not a low-down rookie in the slightest. Wolbrite had always admired the work of Substance Specialists because it seemed so unknown yet rather helpful to the case when it came down to it. The experienced officer turned around in his seat to close the folder of files before him, a flapping-paper sound accompanying his motion. He lifted the folder to hit the bottom against the desk for a clean line of papers once more, just as it was given to him and awaited the conference to begin.
  7. "He was assigned to us by Reprobi," Corrina said with her lips pressed into a thin line. Bridgette Reprobi was the Section Chief. While everyone was one Bureau, to respond to the need for an individual specialist without weakening any teams, a separate branch of the Bureau had been built. In this branch, individual specialists would conduct research until deployed for consultant work. Bridgette Reprosi was the teams section chief in Ayrith. And she usually changed around the team's without much warning...

    "She takes good care of the department as a whole but she could stand to learn to hear the arguments of others..." Corrina huffed out.
  8. At the revealing of the information, Matthias frowned slightly - though it wasn't a large difference from his usual features. Most of the FBICP at the Ayrith location knew of Reprobi's famous scrambling of the team members. He himself was given the short end of the staff by the Section Chief, for one of his good friends had been transferred across the department to "balance the scale" as she had said. He whispered once more,

    "Well, she'll probably decide to move him around once more before the month is over. That woman can be unpredictable at times."
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  9. At the media liaison's question, James went into a bit of a panic. He hadn't even considered checking his email the night before, much less made a presentation concerning any received messages! Already, his first day on the job was off to an awful start. To Flora's question, James responded, "Did you? I suppose I ought to check my email more often... Sorry about that!" quite nervously.
  10. "It's okay," she said with a small smile. "It was late; I figured you were in bed already but Reprobi told me to have a case picked out by today even though I barely finished my training yesterday," Flora told him as she went back to her seat.

    Corrina sighed and checked her phone. There was a message on it from Agent Whitman. "Whitman is running behind and got caught in the traffic; we need to proceed the meeting without him," she announced to the others. "First things first, the introductions. We have two new members to the Bureau with us today: James Spencer, our team's new Technical Analyst, and Flora Levitan, our new media liaison. You both already know me, your unit chief. These two gentlemen are Matthias Wolbrite and Michael Gearson, our Behavioural Analyst and Foreign Substances Specialist respectively. But we can all learn and grow as team and what not later. Miss Levitan, what do you have for us?" Corrina announced.

    "Well the case is in Eastcliff, a small town in the northen mountainous part of the region. Families are being killed in their beds! Three families so far: the Erikson's, the Reynolda's, and the Demarco's. Each family has a father, pregnant mother, and two young children, always a son and daughter. All six of the children are missing... None of the families had a pokemon to help guard their homes," Flora told them, her voice filled with worry.
  11. Matthias's mind dialed in on the meeting immediately after Corrina stood from her chair. Upon hearing that Whitman would not be joining them, another small frown creased his face. Wolbrite had begun to get used to the awkward Pokemon Biologist over the months that he had been at the FBICP, even to the point of stopping by his office to check up on the work that he was doing from time to time.

    The Behavioral Analyst directed his attention after the news from the Unit Chief to Levitan with his dark, unmoving eyes. He opened the folder to the report that she was reading and studied it closely, almost blocking out the feminine voice of the new recruit. After her rather unneeded lecture, as he thought, Matthias spoke to her from his seat,

    "Is there any known relatives that we can contact for these families?" he paused with a questioning gaze before continuing, "Any recurring signs or objects that appear in these houses after the killing, Miss Levitan?" His mind became a vortex of calculation as he thought of the case. Without a Pokemon in today's society, families were nearly defenseless due to the strict weapon policies of the modern world. The man's thick, dark eyebrows furled and creased as he continued to read through the notes in the folder once more.
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  12. "Well, local law enforcement has deduced that the parents never woke up to an intruder in their home; they died while sleeping from a slit throat. All the houses had their power cut off. Not from lack of payment but from something damaging the wires. And even thoughh the parents never woke up, the houses are completely ransaked; all except for the parents room's. The killer jammed the door to those shut before they left," Flora told him, a bit intimidated by his unmoving eyes.

    "Local law enforcement wants us out there immediately. The Demarco's were his third family in three days! As for known relatives, the Reynolda's were very close friends with their neighbors. The Demarco's visited regularly with Julia Demarco's parents, Lillian and Anthony Baskin. And the John Erikson's younger brother livced with them; he was out of town for a comic convention at the time of the murders," she revealed.
  13. Matthias nodded as things started to come together for the case in his mind, like pieces of a puzzle. As a Behavioral Analyst, his job was to identify who the criminal was, what his attentions were in the first place, and where he was at the moment. His mind began formulating an educated guess from her information, yet he could never be overly sure until he had a look at the scene and a talk with friends and families of the victims. He flipped through the folder before him quickly to a blank sheet and scribbled some notes in his messy writing with his ink pen. Wolbrite suddenly looked up and pointed the pen at Levitan with an inquiry on his mind,

    "Were the wires damaged by conventional means? If not, this could be a sign for an Electric-Pokemon's ability to absorb electricity around it like a magnet. Additionally, have we seen previous criminals with the jamming-door and slit-throat style?" he took a breath before pointing the pen towards the Unit Chief, his mind still moving at a blinding speed, "This information will get us somewhere, but we definitely need to follow Law Enforcement's order and get out to the scene of the crime. The quicker we can have a chat with the people that Miss Levitan has listed, the quicker we break this case and capture the criminals." These questioning, quick-thinking, and seemingly impulsive actions were what defined Matthias Wolbrite in his entirety. His voice and mind together were like a hammer against a nail, slowly pushing into the wall of truth to uncover its hidden mysteries. He was a man of quick action and hard study, and it seemed to work quite well for the situations that he was generally in.
  14. Agent Whitman burst through the door, gasping for air. "Sorry. Car. Traffic. People. Late."
    He looked around at the others, already hard at work.

    He looked at all their faces, had he inturrupted something important? He had, hadn't he? Why did he always burst into a room at the exact wrong moment? Now the team would be mad at him and he would make a terrible first impressions with the new members and-

    'Calm' he told himself, 'it's fine'
    Taking a few deep breaths, Will turned around and turned back, and spoke, slower and more clearly this time. "Hello, I am Agent Whitman, pleasure to meet you"
  15. Corrina stood to greet Agent Whitman as he entered. "Let's try to be punctual from now on; lives are on the line after all. As for what you missed, Eastcliff is having an issue with a serial killer. He's killing parents in their beds and kidnapping the children. Always the same kind of families, working father, pregnant mother, two children one of each gender. There have been three incidents in three days. Miss Levitan, finish your report so we can get airborne. The sooner we catch this bastard the better," Corrina said, actually looking upset for once.

    "Yes, of course, ma'am. And to answer Wolbrite's questions, no, the wires were not cut cleanly. They were very violently torn; the suspect a pokemon tore it to shreds. And they very rarely get homicides or home invasions; they've never seen anything like this and barely knew what they were doing when there was only one slain family," she said looking very concerned.

    "The first fourty-eight hours are the most important not only for solving murders but for finding kidnapping victims alive as well. It's likely the Erikson children are already dead. And based on the current pattern, another family will be attacked tonight and the Reynolda children will likely be dead tomorrow. We cannot waste anymore time and anyone who does, I will personally see out of the bureau," she said with a stern look of warning to Agents Spencer and Whitman. "Wheels up in ten," she said before going to her office to grab last minute essentials before heading to the tarmac.

    Each team was given their own jets so as to more efficiently get to where the killers are without having to hassle with airports and whatnot. Kept fully stocked woth pokemon food and bureau approved clothing in a variety that would fit any team member, they jets were ready whenever the team's were.
  16. Matthias spun about as Whitman barged into the conference, breathing heavily. The agent's eyes furrowed, yet he nodded in greeting to the younger officer with slight hesitation. After the late agent was welcomed, or rather 'unwelcomed', and briefed by the Unit Chief, he turned to listen intently to what Flora Levitan had to say and scribbled more notes onto the blank sheet furiously. A pondering look took over Wolbrite's facial features as Corrina gave the team their final orders and promptly walked out of the meeting.

    He stood with folder in hand and followed suit of the Unit Chief to head out of the glass Conference Room. The thinking agent sped down the stairs leading to the lower level under the high rise and spun on his heels to face towards his desk. Wolbrite turned off the desktop computer that stood stoically upon his desk, the FBICP screensaver disappearing into a nothingness black. He checked to see if he had missed anything on the desk and then began his trek towards the tarmac outside with folder still in hand. As he trotted, the agent fixed his disheveled jacket with a sweep of his hands and tightened the tie around his neck. Instead of taking the elevator down to the lower levels, Matthias sped down the stairs on the far side of the building with ease and continued his walk - now on the bottom floor. Yet, instead of going out the main glass doors of the building, he took a right around the front desk and towards a locked door. The agent quickly pulled the key card from his slacks pocket, swiped it across the scanner located to the side of the door, and continued inside the dark room. From there, he went to what looked to be a giant cylinder stretching down the long room. Once more, he swiped his card across a scanner that answered with a bright beep and a held out whirring sound. A small latch opened on the cylinder and dropped two capsules onto a slanted tray that rolled the spheres to him. The agent picked up both capsules in his hand and gave them a hearty nod towards their half white, half metallic black surface before bringing them to his left hip. The black Pokeballs magnetized to two, silver dots on his sleek belt, the third small dot left unnoticed.

    Agent Wolbrite exited the room with a push on the door and continued towards the main glass doors of the building with a solemn face and forward-set eyes. As he stepped outside the doors of the Ayrith, Vertia location, the brilliant Sun outside momentarily blinding him. Upon opening his eyelids once more, a trace of the sun still lingered and he blinked to rid his pupils of the overwhelming light. He turned around the building, following the concrete paths, and headed to the tarmac on the large lot outside. Standing proudly, in all of their immense glory, the jets shone in the sunlight like reflective mirrors upon the sizzling tarmac.

    It seemed that Corrina Rousseau, the Unit Chief, had already beat him to the planes and he hurried over to meet her; folder flapping in his grip because of the wind. The breeze blew through his gelled-back hair and clothing viciously as he arrived by her side, combing through his hair with long fingers.

    "Reporting for duty, Chief. Ready to lift off when you are." he said firmly before turning to face the front of the tarmac to await the rest of the team.
  17. Will jotted down a series of notes, before nodding.
    "Ok," he simply said, "got it, chief."

    As Will exited the conference room and made sure he had everything he needed, throughts and theories were already swirling around in his head. The Pokemon in question which destroyed the wires would most likely be a flying type, as otherwise it'd be hard to get up there in the first place and effectively use it's claws. Although a more powerful Pokemon, such as an ursarang, could have leapt up and with a single slash damaged the wires enough to be described as 'shredded' in a community less experienced with Pokemon. There was also the less likely option that said 'shredder' stood atop a Van or Car, or that the power lines in this area were somehow lower than usual. All worth noting, he jotted the theories down.

    As soon as he was sure that his Pokemon and a few other essentials were with him, he quickly ran to the jet, noting the two agents already there.
    "Chief, Agent Wolbrite, Agent Whitman reporting for duty."
  18. "Alright then I'm off to gather all of my supplies I'll meet the rest of you in the jet." He said as he walked out of the conference room and back to his desk. "Gallade leave the specimen in the drawer to the left third section near the bottom and let's go." He said as he grabbed three pokeballs from another drawer and after Gallade had done everything he went in his pokeball.

    He found himself carrying his satchel with his most important equipment and three pokeballs while running towards the jet. "Alright we ready to get off the ground yet or can I go back to researching my specimen?" He asked as he walked in.
  19. So much for working on that office, Spencer thought almost dejectedly as he left the conference to which the team had been summoned. On the bright side though, it seemed that there would be no shortage of things for him to do for a while. Upon reaching his office, the rookie analyst gave a hesitant and sorrowful look around the room before parting, bringing only his laptop bag along.

    When he got to the jet, Spencer hesitated for a moment, before silently taking a seat, noticing that he was, this time, the last member of the newly shuffled team to arrive. Before takeoff, he confirmed, as was habit, that all of his electronic devices had been turned off, then pulled all information on the case on paper from his bag and began thumbing through.

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