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The Vanished

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dark Soul, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    For a child, no moment is worse then the moment you realize you are different from others. For you, this wisdom turned out to be more true than you could ever have imagined.

    You did things. Things that no one else could, not your friends, not your parents. Things that were dangerous. Things that hurt those around you, burnt their skin, broke their bones, made them scared or insane.

    And then they found you.

    The men in trenchcoats. Wiping out every memory you were ever in, removing any evidence of your existence on this earth. No one recognized you. You had nothing. There was nothing that you could do but run. Run, and hide.

    If you were caught, no one would ever see you again. And even if you escaped their guns, their nets, their long tendrils of bureaucracy, there was only one way for you to go.


    As a stranger to everyone but yourself, laying in the dust or huddled in a dark corner, starved, worn, tired, you heard the calls from beneath, felt the power of the luminous crystals seep into from the ground. So you went, and became part of it all.

    From the diary of a lost traveler, the book that comforts those who cry in the dark;

    The earth is not the dead rock we think it is.

    Living beings are not the only things alive, and in some ways, they are less alive than the minerals beneath them.

    They are dead to the energy, the streams of the positive and the negative infused in the fabric of this universe. Their very nature rebels against it, interacts with true matter on the most superficial of bases- the physical one.

    But we are not.

    We differ from everyone and everything else.

    We are the bridge between the true nature of existence and the organisms that like to think they properly reside within it. It gives us powers. Makes us dangerous. A danger to the ones we used to love, or still do, and to anyone we meet.

    That's why the people attack us. They want to preserve themselves, defend themselves by attacking us. But they also want to study us, drain us, take us apart physically and mentally, so that one day, or so they hope, they can use our power for themselves.

    But there is nothing more dangerous than power, wielded by those who have none of their own.

    So we rebel against the the rebels.

    We survive against all odds, in the tunnels of the Earth's crust that only we can detect because of our affinity to the elements. We live in the dark, the half-dark and the light, for the leylines allow us to move freely to wherever we want, where our powers allow us to accomplish what we want and what we must.

    We learn from each other, take care for each other, love each other and fight each other, because in the end, we are still humans. We are humans who have vanished by the hand of the ones we used to call similar to us. Therefore, we call ourselves the Vanished.

    Our goal is to maintain balance, but also to maintain ourselves. Don't let the power get to your head, whatever you do. You will kill, and kill more, more than you thought possible. Our brain cannot truly fathom the power of the cosmic spirits it holds. But it can control it. And control it you must. Or you will have to be killed.


    Since the Diary has been published, two centuries ago, and spread among the masses of the children, teenager and even adults that make up the Vanished, society has changed. And so have we.

    Due to new technology, better education, and better understanding of our own abilities and the importance of fighting back, the Vanished are no longer the group of weary and lost we used to be, living on the scraps humanity unknowingly left for us to dine on.

    We are a community.

    An organization that has taken upon the job of spreading nurture and wisdom to all Vanished, an army with scouts that run like the wind in whatever form they wish to become, soldiers that spread chaos, fire and disease- But only among enemies, never the innocent- a home for all those who lost their own, so that even though you thought you would never live harmoniously again, you can still laugh, love, eat, read, play.

    The caves are still our home, and we still travel to wherever we want, but there are now central locations. Entire cities the Earth carved into its own skin when we asked it to, so that we could accommodate many and much.

    The Lost Traveler, the nameless, faceless and immensely powerful Vanished that built the foundation of what we have now has become a patron saint. Houses of prayer have been raised in his name by those of us who still hold true to religious ideals, and are given all freedom to do so. We hold him close to our hearts, study his writings and traces of him throughout history, and never lose hope that he, or his spirit, is still with us, somewhere we cannot see him.

    But we must never forget that, through all of this, the surface is a warzone. The conflict of the powerful and the physical lingers in even the most peaceful of areas on Earth, as do mystic powers that neither side has been able to decipher. Our advantage against the combined forces of many governments and secret organizations grows by the day, as do our numbers, but a new enemy stirs more and more.

    As technology and machines waste the resources that were not even theirs to begin with, the environment becomes polluted, and with it the energy we garner our strength from. The Earth combats and punishes humans by unleashing storms, floods, earthquakes and other disasters, but it's never enough. We are this planet's final line of defense.

    And defend it we will.

    This is our story as much as it is yours.

    Odorom Esse; Savour existence.


    The things the brain does at night.

    Yep, this entire thing is based on an idea that spawned while I was listening to various pieces of music. I'm posting this here because it has been some time since I have RP'd, and I would like to see how many of you are interested.

    I'm not entirely sure if this will be the replacement for Project Alpha or not, but fact is I haven't been able to write anything for Project Alpha since the on-hold message was posted by me. I simply lacked the inspiration for it. This, however, I can promise you will be different, because I've never felt more inspired to write something than for this.

    I'm stating right now that this RP will not be like previous ones I've set up. It won't be wacky, it won't be lighthearted. This is a story I'd like to build with you, my dear reader, about the struggles of someone young who has lost everything he or she had in his/her childhood, and must cope with life in the dark, taking care of themselves and others, life in the literal warzone and the battlefield of hope and confusion.

    That does not mean, however, that no one is allowed to have fun with it- Because that would defeat the whole purpose of RPing! The fun in this RP comes from the ability to devise new characters or reuse old ones, write in a different setting and from a different point of view than you have previously worked with.

    It also doesn't mean that every Vanished is some clinically depressed Mary Sue with supernatural abilities trying desperately to not destroy everything. In the end, our characters are still every bit as human as we are, with all the emotions to go along with it- And because our characters will be teenage or young adult, humour and lightheartedness, feigned or not, are also a part of this.

    A couple of things I'd like to explain;

    1. The organization, or pact of multiple of those, that is in charge of discovering those with special abilities, extracting them and then remove all evidence of his/her existence, do not operate under a name. To the Vanished, they are simply know as 'Them'. They have technology that utilizes energy taken from the same crystals that are found in the caves below the surface. These crystals work as 'focus points' for cosmic energy, allowing someone who can properly focus the energy to do whatever he or she wishes.

    However, trying to do this using scientific measures (The only measures available to them) will result in the desired effect, that of memory wiping, false memory implantation, perception filters and theoretically even weaponry. Fortunately for the Vanished, the unnatural usage of the crystals will make them incredibly unstable and likely to break at any given point. This makes Them incredibly careful when it comes to using the crystals.

    2. Cosmic energy, when used properly, can be a very powerful weapon or an incredibly practical ability to have. The Vanished can perform anything from healing to transformation, from controlling the elements to telekinesis. The only boundaries are a person's creativity, their focus and to what degree they are in touch with the universe. A religious person may focus on their spirituality, but the key is always to believe in yourself and your own abilities.

    However, Vanished are born with a certain affinity to a certain form of cosmic energy. Some are more skilled at healing than any other form of magic, others are better with fire or water or other ways of using energy in combat. This is entirely up to you.

    I will post more information later, but for now I'll be more then happy to answer any and all questions you might have ^^
  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I know this type of response is way overdone, but, there's no other way I can think of to say that this premise of yours looks absolutely amazing, DS! Especially if you whipped this whole thing up on your own from nothing but musical inspiration. That just makes me friggin' envious. @.@

    So, yeah, you easily got my interest with this. As for questions, I do have one or two, though they're mostly just to confirm something you probably already mentioned in the premise.

    First off, on that subject of memory loss, you're saying this unnamed organization wipes out any memories the surface has of any particular one of the Vanished, but upon escaping their clutches (They're the bad guys, right?) the Vanished keep their memories themselves, correct?

    Secondly, is there an average age range for Vanished to discover their powers? And on that topic, do They (The organization) usually track them down soon after this discovery, or do the Vanished have to actually do some kind of truly disastrous stunt with their abilities first? Also, is there any possible way for a person with these powers to discover the community of the Vanished without the knowledge of this organization?

    Those are the only questions I can think of right now. Hopefully they're decent enough, but in any case, to reiterate what I said earlier, I'd most definitely like to join.
  3. This looks really interesting and I'm also envious of being able to write this on musical inspiration.

    I would love to join but I'm running low on inspiration and creativity in my writing plus I believe this RP is deserving of a much high caliber of RPing ability than I can write at.

    If I manage to develop my RPing ability before this starts I would love to be considered I will have to get back to you, when or if my inspiration and creativity returns and my RPing ability improves but either way I will look forward to reading or possibly being a part of this surely great RP :)
  4. [​IMG]

    Thanks for your interest and questions, RMA ^^

    First of all, yes, the Vanished do retain their own memories when They fail to gain hold of said person, seeing as They don't get the chance to wipe his/her memory. The fact that he/she and They are the only ones who actually know of his/her existence makes a life rather troubling, of course.

    As for your second question; The age at which the Vanished discover their abilities differ from person to person. Some might accidentally perform magic as a mere toddler or child- They almost always get caught, unless there is another Vanished nearby who feels the vibe of magic and manages to rescue him or her in time.

    Most Vanished, however, first perform an act of magic somewhere between their twelfth and their twenty-fifth. It is often triggered by a situation that a normal person would not be able to deal with, such as an accident, a fight or something similar; The sense of self-preservation or danger kicks in and activates the magic in a usually successful manner to solve the issue.

    It's not often that a person's first act of magic goes by unnoticed, because the crystal devices that They have incorporated to sense these disturbances in energy are very sensitive. On the odd chance that this does happen, it only buys time- Because once the awareness of magic is there, the power grows and develops and it slowly becomes impossible to lead a normal life. You'd be surprised if you saw someone with glowing hands or things floating around them.

    I hope that answers your questions so far?

    On a different note, me and Toru- Whom, as I can gladly announce, has also decided to join this RP- Have been discussing some stuff over query and we've worked out a new idea.

    Part of becoming a full-fledged part of the Vanished community is finding is a trial. A trial to scour the Earth's crust using the leylines- More about them shortly- to find a crystal that is most attuned to your own energy's wavelength. A small chunk of it can be removed and brought back to one of the central citadels, where it can be formed into jewelry or some accessory.

    Crystals are always clear and luminous, unless you will them not to be so. They can be of any colour, although it is said that certain colours are more attuned to people with certain personalities. The crystal you keep with you functions as your physical connection to cosmic energy, allowing you to focus energy through it for use in combat or practicalities, or for better regulation of energy within your body, as well as being more in touch with your surroundings.

    I have yet to draw out a plot, so although I already have some idea, I'd love to hear some suggestions and see if possibly anyone else would be interested in joining? I'm more than happy to seal this with me, Toru and RMA (And maybe Jen), but as of now we're still open for business.


    Forgot something; the leyline caves.

    Leylines are larger streams of energy that run below the Earth's surface, unobstructed by matter. They run between larger points of activity, such as cities, as well as certain monuments and landscapes, forming an intense network of lines that surrounds the inside of the planet.

    We already knew that the Vanished move across the globe through caves that cannot be discovered through conventional means. These caves are man-sized, and where they collide with leylines- Which is often, because both the leyline network and the cave network span the entire Earth- It creates a border, infused with energy and visible to the mind of a Vanished.

    By concentrating their own essence into energy and directing that into a border, that person can travel along that leyline until it reaches the designated new border, at which point the person reforms inside that cave and can head up to the surface. This entire process takes mere minutes, which is why the Vanished manage to be so widespread and mobile.
  5. jesper ihu, you're too talented ;;

    The opening post for this was beautiful. I'm really weird when I read things and I read them super slowly so I can imagine the voice in my head speaking with full expression and stuff and it really brought the situation alive.

    You have a wonderful idea here and there are lots of ideas streaming through my head. I'm so tempted to shove myself in here but I fear I'd let people down and kill it or something :B This is certainly one of the RPs that I have found myself drawn into in just a few paragraphs so I'd certainly be able to keep my posts up if you would want me in |D

    Either way, the idea for this RP is marvelous and I hope everyone who contributes to it makes it even more amazing and wonderful and such ♥

    (ps where are your pictures from and what music inspired you to write this? o: your inspiration and stuff just amazes me and I'd love to know more ♥)
  6. Thank you all ♥

    The fact that you read the story introduction in a voice, with expressions, isn't really all that weird- That's how I wrote, with a dramatic male voice. Almost like a movie trailer, or something similar.

    You would absolutely not let anyone down if you joined this and I will do whatever it takes to make sure this won't die down, so I'd be very, very happy to have you in- You know that I think you are much more talented in writing than I am!

    The pictures belong to the amazing light art performance photographer Twin Cities Brightest and the music that inspired me to write it was a 46-minute piano medley, to be found here. I HIGHLY suggest you listen to the whole thing, even though it is long- It's probably the best piano medley you'll ever hear.
  7. Ahahahah~

    Why hello.

    Since that other RP I was interested in seems to be not working out, this is of similar prospect and less restriction and I must say I'm rather...interested. ♥

    I won't mind talking about it over chat if I can catch you, DS, but other than that you can count me as generally available in a way and whatnot.
  8. I was just about to close the RP up, because I didn't think anyone else was interested- But I'm more than glad to have you aboard, Tan, because I'm familiar with the quality of your work ^^

    So that's it for the entries, folks! We've now got a marvelous team of Toru, Tun, RMA, Dinova and Tan, and as some of you might've read on FaceBook, the first post is already under construction. I can't give a solid release date, but I'll work on it as much as I can~

    Now here's a question to you guys; Do you want to stick to the old method of fleshing out our characters in advance and posting their biographies here, or would it be a better idea to develop them as you write? I'm currently doing the latter, but if any of you have already got a pretty good idea of what your character(s) will be like, you're welcome to post the bio here if you want.
  9. I always feel like biographies are something of a formality, and somewhat of a way to check to make sure everyone's character'saren't completely outlandish.

    I have no qualms about making one with a proper template, and I always find them to be a treat to read when I have the time.

    Not posing them, however, allows one to flesh out their character's true past throughout the story, and not just in a couple of paragraphs, which makes for a more entertaining read.

    Whatever you want, really. The latter requires a drop of trust ♥ Maybe I'll post one if I wish.
  10. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I actually started working on a bio once you answered those two questions of mine (Thanks for that by the way ^^), but I don't mind keeping it to myself as just a reference if we opt to just develop our characters as the RP goes along. I planned to keep most of my character's backstory under wraps anyways, aside from a few details, revealing it gradually as the story progresses, so that in particular shouldn't be a problem either way.

    However, what Tan mentioned about avoiding the creation of outlandish or overpowered characters is definitely something to think about. If we do resort to not posting biographies, perhaps we should PM outlines of our characters to you, DS, to look over and approve before getting started?
  11. That might actually be a pretty good idea, RMA! Although I trust you guys' ability to create characters within this context that aren't ridiculously overpowered- I've written down the limits to help you with this, as well- it might turn out to be practical to PM me the basic outlines of your character so that we can keep things a little bit more organized.

    Think you could do that for me?
  12. Have room for one more?
  13. As much as it pains me to say this, Rey, I currently don't. I closed this RP up a while back, and Tailon has shown interest as well after that- If I let you in, I'd feel the need to let both of you in, and I don't want this roleplay to overflow.

    I'm sure there'll be an another RP we can both join in the future!
  14. S'all good man
  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alright, if that sounds like a good enough idea, I'm all for it!
    (Sorry about replying somewhat late like this by the way. This last week or so has been...interesting, to say the least) So, you want us to just go ahead and send whatever we've got to you now, or later, once you're certain you know how this is all going to be planned out? (If you're aren't already, of course)
  16. Sorry for the delay, everyone! As you've probably seen by now, the first post of this RP is now up and were are officialy a-go. Your goal is to introduce your own characters, whom I just know I'm going to love, and write them into the universe we set.

    Now when it comes to the actual lore, only a small part is set- Everything mentioned in this thread that I've posted, basically. If you have things to add to the lore and/or universe which you think will be fitting or nice, do go ahead. On the odd chance that I don't like it, I'll be sure to alert you of it, but I trust your creativity.
  17. First of all, I'd like to show you all my appreciation! All your posts were brilliant quality, I loved the designs and personalities of your characters, and I simply could not be more happy with whom I've got on board to make this RP into something splendid ~

    Now that we're all caught up, a second post is already in the works and will hopefully be out shortly, although I can't give out a date yet. Thank you all for your participation and creativity! ♥
  18. Important message to those of you whom I haven't got added on FaceBook; Remember that our characters are all in the streetwalker role, to ensure that we form a real group!

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