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Ask to Join The Uraniumian Archipelago

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-uraniumian-archipelago-discussion-board.18442/#post-558086

    Kaleb walked onto the deck of the ship. He dashed to the side, looking over the edge. He saw Gyarados and Sharpedo swimming through the water.

    Kaleb remembered his old journeys. This reminded him a lot of his second journey in Froena. After that, he went to Sinnoh, Silvalya, and back to Kalos for a while. He wondered if he would meet up with any old friends on this new journey.
  2. Tes walked to the bow of the boat as well. Looking out across the Water, she thought over the islands they were going to be visiting. To her side, Tes reconized the person, but doubted he would know her. "Kaleb, right? Kaleb Storm?" Her big brother Halt talked a little about his weaker friend Kaleb, always one step behind him.
  3. She was on the ship as well on the other side of the dock with her partner Wolfa her rockruff as she barked seeing the Wingull flying in the sky. She smiled walking her as Wolfa was the only one she had for the moment and would search for other team members to add to her party. "You like the breeze Wolfa" "Ruff! Rockruff!" she smiled leaping into her arms as she rubbed her neck against her as it got harder. "haha ow ok Wolfa" she chuckled as she held her.

    The caws of the Wingull were heard as she smiled enjoying the breeze as the ship moved. She kept thinking what to add to her team as she smiled as Wolfa kept rubbing her neck against her.
  4. Kaleb turned around and saw Tes. “You really remind me of somebody,” he said.

    He remembered Asriel, Qinlan, Jason, Quilla, Spade, Ace, Isaac, Zachariah, JC, Voler, Joe, Alex, Jeremy, William, Angel, Robin, Drusilla, Stella, Terra, but none of them were it. But then, he remembered.

    “Do you know Halt, by any chance?” he asked. How could he forget Halt, one of the two people he had gone on more than one adventure with?
  5. Tes grinned slightly at the name. "Know him better than you do." She stuck out her hand in greeting. "I'm Tes, his younger sister. Halt's working with the professors as support and product delivery. Whatever that means."
  6. She chuckled stopping Wolfa from rubbing her as she walked back inside the ship as she noticed on the other side of the deck a familiar face. "Kaleb is that you friend? I didn't except you to be on this cruise ship" she smiled slightly as Wolfa was on the ground beside her "Ruff! Ruff! Rockruff!" she smiled as she leaped on Kaleb rubbing her neck against him hardly as it hurt a bit. She chuckled "Wolfa come on be gentle" she sighed as she gently grabbed her from him. "Oh Greetings what's your name dear I'm JC and this is Wolfa my shiny Rockruff" she smiled as she slightly moved her hat down placing her hand on it.
  7. “Wow. Never expected that of Halt,” he said. “Always thought he would go on to become a champion. Well, you already know me, but anyways, Kaleb Storm.” He shook her hand. “My brothers are here, too.”

    “Well, it’s a little late for that introduction,” Luke said as he walked up to them. “Luke Storm, Kaleb’s younger brother.” He held out his hand.

    As Wolfa jumped onto Kaleb, he noticed JC. “Hey, it’s been a while, JC!” he said. “Man, I remember the good old days of Sinnoh.”
  8. Tes ignored Luke anyway. "What dk you mean become a champion? He did, but resigned after the first month. Said it was boring, had to do something life-threatening." Tes shook her head slightly. "That's why I'm here, to see what he liked so much about this. But Halt said he might head his way over here one day." She said, her eyes perking up.
  9. “Wow,” Kaleb said, scratching Wolfa’s back. “I never thought Halt would give up that title. Well, my partner is Gible, and Luke’s is Grubbin. JC’s partner appears to be Rockruff. So what’s your partner, Tes?”

    Luke sent out Grubbin just as Kaleb mentioned him. “Hey Kaleb, wanna battle them?” he asked. “Luke, just stop. Gible is a Ground type,” was Kaleb’s reply.
  10. (ignore my last post xD)
  11. She sighed " This cruise though where is it taking us?" she asked as she seems to know the answer to her own question but was curious anyway as Wolfa leaped back into her arms. "and hello Luke, and also quit messing with my friend here" she warned as she was overly protective of her friends.
  12. (Delete them then)
    Tes detached a dusk ball from her side. "I have a Duskull. It's name's Skully, but doesn't like the direct sunlight." Turning to Luke, "Oh, you want to battle? I'll take you. Hope you don't mind loosing to a girl."
  13. “JC, he’s my brother,” Kaleb said. “Brothers act that way towards each other.”

    Luke smiled. “Alright, you wanna battle Tes?” Grubbin clicked his pincers in excitement. Kaleb chuckled as he watched his brother. “He has no idea what he’s getting into,” he whispered to JC. “He just tries to do what I do.”

    Kaleb walked below deck to make a call to Sycamore. “We aren’t that far from the Archipelago,” he said. “I heard that an old friend will be helping with delivery. I will call you back when the ship arrives to update you on the place.” He walked back out onto the deck.
  14. She chuckled as there was no way Luke could be like his brother even if he tried too "pfft I love to see how that works out" she whispered back to him once he came back on the desk. "Ruff! Ruff!" Wolfa agreed as she rested on her shoulder as she watched the battle.
  15. Ron was on the other side while the three trainers were chattering, he was enjoying the ocean view with is Ralts "Look ! Over there, it's a Mantine" he pointed out to the Mantine surfing through the ocean surface. His ralts, Alkaia jumped up excitingly looking at the majestic creature, he turned back to Ron looking at him smiling. Even though the two just met not so long ago they became close friends fast.
  16. Tes releaced her pokemon which started to float around her. "Duskull, meet your challenged, Luke and Grubbin. Let's crush that bug." Duskull floated forward through Tes's body over between the two trainers. "You take first move, kid."
  17. Kaleb sent out Gible, who started to watch. Kaleb laughed at Luke’s eagerness to battle; he had once been the same way, and it cost him a lot.

    He thought of what Killian was currently doing. He hadn’t seen him since before they boarded the ship. Grubbin jumped up and down in excitement, waiting to participate in his first battle. “Grubbin, Spark!” Luke called out. Grubbin sent the weak electric attack towards Duskull. Luke smiled, it was his first battle as an official trainer!
  18. Ron and Alkaia heared battling so they went up to check, he saw two trainers, a Duskull and a Grubbin. "Already ? I thought the fun was going to begin when we get to the island" He mumbled, Alkaia and Ron stood in the corner and watch as their battle begins
  19. She watched the battle and as a strategist, she watches closely as Wolfa jumped as well of excitement for her first battle "Rockruff! Ruff!" she chuckled. "Calm down Wolfa you will have your chance?" "So Kaleb how you been lately it has been a while since I have seen you" she asked glancing to him from the side arms crossed against her.
  20. Duskull tanked the hit well. "Let me guess, first battle? Ask your brother to help you out some. Night Shade!" Tes said with a half twirl. Duskull made a flip and a cut of shadows shot to the bug pokemon. "Keep low to the floor." Duskull held it's location partially in the floor.
  21. “Well, I went to an uninhabited region called Silvalya in my spare time,” he said. “I met up with Halt for the third time there. I had met him once before Sinnoh, at yet another uninhabited region called Froena. The new additions to my PC were Krookodile, Linoone, Seismotoad, Snorlax, Jolteon, Steelix, and Kangaskhan.”

    Gible hopped onto Kaleb’s shoulder as they watched the battle commence. “Since the battle needs a referee, let me step in to do the job!” Kaleb said.
  22. She nodded "Oh I see I just have been sinking a lot about who to add to my team lately but I'll have to figure that out once we board off but also visiting a friend back in my hometown Unova" she said as she watched Kaleb walk over to the battle as the referee as Wolfa stood on her shoulder watching the battle. "-Although what am I going to experience once we reach archipelago-" she asked herself in thought.
  23. Grubbin was hit by Night Shade, but took the hit. “Bite!” Luke called out. Kaleb smiled. ‘At least he knows type matchups,’ Kaleb thought to himself.

    Gible jumped off his shoulder and hopped into a battle stance, but Kaleb picked him back up. “Looks like Gible wants a Battle Royal,” he said, chuckling. Gible squirmed a bit, but stopped as he realized Kaleb was still holding him.
  24. As the pokemon ran up, Duskull dipped down below the boards to dodge the attacks. "Duskull can move through objects. Disable!" Duskull turned around to the grubbin, which grazed it's head with the bite, launched a ball of white smoke at the pokemon.
  25. Ron noticed a trainer with a swirming Gible, he walked to him and introduced himself "Hey ! The name's Ron you must be sent to these "islands" too huh ? Well I saw some trainers battling over there and I wanna join the fun, your Gible looks pretty energetic, what do you say buddy ?" Ron said
  26. She chuckled as she watched the battle further more as she stood on the other side of there battle "Wolfa seems to want the same thing" she looked down to her and chuckled as she was wild up as she picked her up again holding her. "Wolfa calm down it will come just be patient" she said as she held her close before she rested on her shoulder again. "Ruff!" she smiled wagging her tail.
  27. “Alright, a three-way battle then?” Kaleb asked JC and Ron. “Let’s do this!”

    Gible hopped out of Kaleb’s arms and regained his battle stance. He noticed Wolfa and Alkaia, and nodded at Kaleb. Kaleb smiled, and said, “Let the battle commence!”

    Gible used Bite, aiming for Ralts. He had super effective moves on both Pokémon. Kaleb smiled at Gible’s energetic personality.

    Grubbin squirmed as his Bite was disabled, but he still had a plan. “String Shot!” Luke called out. Grubbin launched the attack at Duskull, creating a huge web around it. “Now, Spark!” It launched the attack while Duskull was still encased in the strings.
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  28. She chuckled but smirked "Oh is that how you want to battle hm well Wolfa now its your time to shine" "Ruff! Ruff!" she stood in front of her ready. " Rock throw full speed!" "Ruff!" she commanded as Wolfa's small brown rocks on her neck glowed forming rock throw hitting Gabite and Ralts at the same time then landed back in front of her. "Ruff!" Wolfa said with determined eyes. "hehe don't underestimate a strategist" she warning placing her hand slight on her hat as it covered just her one eye.
    "Bite ?! HA" Ron laughed, Kaleb made a mistake he shouldn't have, as his Gible approaches Alkaia, Ron instantly ordered Alkaia "Use Disarming Voice !!!", Alkaia open his mouth and gave out a charming cry that was super effective againts Kaleb's Gible
  30. Kaleb had a plan. “Dig, now!” he called out. Gible dug below the ground and avoided both Rock Throw and Disarming Voice. He came back out of the ground, right below Wolfa’s feet.

    “Bite on Wolfa!” Kaleb called out. Gible fell to the ground and bit down hard on her back.

    Grubbin created a shield of strings and electricity around himself to keep Duskull from hitting him. Although it could fly through the strings, it would still be shocked by the electricity flowing through them.
  31. "Alkaia here's our chance CALM MIND !!!" Ron ordered Alkaia, He then closed his eyes and sat down still undisturb, his Special Defense and Special Attack rose sharply and ready to defend from Gible's next attack and Disarming Voice's power will be stronger. He planed to use Calm Mind twice if Gible is still distracted by Wolfa
  32. Wolfa yelped out " Wolfa shake him off now!" she commanded. "Ruff!" Wolfa grabbed Gible's fin and threw him off into the air " Rock throw again!" "Ruff!" Wolfa jumped up and unleashed rock throw again hitting his Gible then used her tail to hit him right down to the ground as she also used her tail to hit the other rock throw to the ralts hitting him as well. "Hm nice follow up plan but I have a strategy I have not used just yet!" she chuckled as Wolfa landed right in front of her.
  33. Gible hopped up and dug below the ground again, before coming back up beneath Alkaia, sending both Pokémon into the air. Gible used Sand Tomb, trapping Alkaia in the orb of sand. He repeatedly used Dragon Rage on Wolfa before jumping back up at Alkaia and using Slash three times. He used Sandstorm, causing the arena to become enveloped in dust, and raising his own defense stat, while also increasing the intensity of Sand Tomb.
  34. She knew he was trying to blind up Wolfa "Wolfa use your tail and blow it away with your tail!" "Ruff!" she used her tail as a fan and started to blow away the sandstorm as it seems to form on her tail then swiftly leaped after his Gible hit him with her sand covered tail then at the ralts as she used tackled on them both to knock them down swiftly. "Ruff!"
  35. (What's Gible's gender)
    Ron laughed and looked at the Sand Tombs that Kaleb's Gible has been causing, beneath the Tombs Alkaia is still closing his eyes. "NOW !!, DRAINING KISS" Ron ordered, then the arena began to shake as Alkaia's Psychic powers helped him to escape, He came up to Gible and smiled giving him a little kiss, The attack was super effective and Alkaia gained back some health healing off the wound of the Sand Tombs
  36. Gible hopped back up, his defenses ready. He used Dragon Rage on Wolfa three times before jumping and using Sand Tomb. He fell back to the ground and used Dig to avoid the battle.
  37. Wolfa closed her eyes listening to the sound of Gible under ground and once her ear flicked she leaped up avoiding the attack then used bite on his fin as she took him out of the ground hitting him on the battle ground as she made him slid a bit. She couldn't use Rockruff's secret move because of Gible being part ground type so she focused on the ralts. "Wolfa! Rock throw on Ralts full speed!" "Ruff! RockRuff!" she unleashed her rock throw using her tail for a full power with a direct hit. She also knew Ralts had an ability called Synchonize which passes on a burn, paralysis, and poison to the foe so she had to be careful to not paralysis the Ralts as she smirked as Wolfa took the attacks like it was nothing "Come on guys is that all you got" she chuckled as Wolfa wasn't even tired.
  38. Alkaia was getting angry and wanted to win, "Alkaia Disarming Voice !!" Ron ordered, this time thanks to the Calm Mind, Disarming Voice's power is stronger, Alkaia sang a very beautiful and charming song that even a few remoraids jumped up the water to hear it. It affected the entire arena Wolfa and Gible can hear it's wonderful tone
  39. Gible dug below the ground and used Dragon Rage from under the ground, aiming for Wolfa. Grubbin kept shooting strings at Duskull. Both Storm brothers were battling hard.

    “Let’s finish this!” they called out in synchronization. Gible used Dragon Rage. Grubbin used Spark. Both aimed for their opponents.
  40. She smirked "ah ah Wolfa put him down and use Thunder Fang!" she commanded as Rockruff's mouth had electricity as she took down the ralts then bit down on him then jolted back for him to feel the effect. "Rock throw again!" she commanded as it went after the Ralts with a direct hit once again by the hit with her tail as she could see the ralts was weakening.

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