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Ask to Join The Uraniumian Archipelago (Discussion Board)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. @Glaceon trainer, @kyuukestu, @EnderTheFox, @9012_dirt, @Melody-Jez

    Welcome to the Uraniumian Archipelago! You are setting sale on a cruise ship, floating towards the mass of islands. The professors have sent you to explore the currently uninhabited islands, giving them each a Portable Pokemon Healer, PPH for short, and a starter Pokémon.

    This RP takes place a year after Froena.

    Starter Pokémon:

    Poliwag (Swift Swim) TAKEN
    Gastly (Levitate) TAKEN
    Machop (No Guard)

    Mareep (Static)
    Togepi (Serene Grace) TAKEN
    Gligar (Hyper Cutter) TAKEN

    Ralts (Trace) TAKEN
    Duskull (Levitate) TAKEN
    Budew (Poison Point)

    Shinx (Intimidate) TAKEN
    Riolu (Steadfast) TAKEN
    Gible (Sand Veil) TAKEN

    Litwick (Flash Fire) TAKEN
    Tympole (Hydration)
    Zorua (Illusion) TAKEN

    Fletchling (Gale Wings) CLAIMED
    Honedge (No Guard) TAKEN
    Noibat (Frisk) TAKEN

    Rockruff (Steadfast) TAKEN
    Grubbin (Swarm) TAKEN
    Bounsweet (Oblivious)

    Character Form:


    My Character:
    Name: Kaleb Storm
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, red contact lenses, 6”7, wears a red shirt and blue pants, and black shoes.
    Hometown: Royal Avenue, Akala Island, Alola
    Personality; Friendly, but very rash
    Starter: Gible
    Goals: To become an even better trainer than before
    Other: Has two brothers named Luke and Killian who are also on the cruise ship. He is the oldest of the three, Luke in the middle, and Killian being the youngest.
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  2. Will make form later, but I claim duskull.
  3. Alright. I will make the RP as soon as we have a certain amount of people.
  4. Name: Tes Willow
    Age (18-24) 18
    Gender: Female
    Starter: Duskull
    Goals: To top her older brother, Halt.
    Other: Halt is her older brother who now works for the professors as supply delivery.
  5. Something I forgot to mention: we can have as many characters as we want, as long as our posts dont focus on one or two characters out of five every time. As long as each character’s status is updated frequently, we can have multiple characters, until we run low on starters. Each RPer will most likely have 1-3 characters tops to make sure we dont run out of room.
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  7. Sweet, I'm in
    Name : Ron
    Age : 17
    Gender : Male
    Appearance : Tall and thin, Dark blue hair, brown eyes, wears a chain necklace, black jeans, White T-shirt and a red jacket
    Personality : Humorous, friendly but really tough, anyone that messes with his friends or him would be in trouble
    Starter : Ralts (Male !!!!)
    Goal : To raise a good Pokemon team, and one day enter the league
    Other : He has a sad history leaving him alone with no relatives, he was adopted by a couple at an orphanage. People who ask him about family would most likely get an awkward silence for an answer
  8. Both of you are accepted. I am going to start working on a team.
  9. (Alright since I was tagged if I may join)

    Name: JC
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long dark brown hair passed the shoulder with blue eyes along with a bang that covers the right of her eye and wears black glasses with blue printed rings just on the right side, wears a black fedora hat tilted slightly down a bit along with a black tank top that is covered with a Black and Blue Flannel shirt (look it up if you don't know what that is please), Black half leg pants with black flats with the laces that wrap around her ankle. Also with a rubic gold cube with only the middle of each side black around her neck that was given to her by a friend back in Unova before she left with a black bracelet around her wrist with an Umbreon and Silvally charm attached to it
    Hometown: Unova
    Personality: Quite distant to others, Often not talkative but talks when she wants to, Takes her battling very seriously, Sweet, Looks out for her friends more then herself, keeps Blue mostly out of her Pokeball
    Starter: Rockruff(Wolfa)(Shiny)(Female)
    Goals: To become a Pokemon Strategist
    Other: She doesn't have any siblings but she does have a mother back in Unova, Has the ability to understand Pokemon
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  10. Eevee was not listed on the starter page. Sorry if this caused any inconvenience.
  11. alright I will go with Rockruff
  12. Ok. Also, i am close to finishing up my final team. So far, I have Garchomp, Volcarona, Passimian, and Metagross.
  13. No. Final team. In some rps, me and cobra randomize out teams.
  14. Yes. I have finished. The Trainer Card for it is on my account page. It is the last one. Most of it was randomized, with the exception of Nidoking.
  15. Mine Includes a Lapras, Salemence, Pyroar, Aegislash, and a Heliolisk
  16. Is it for this rp or different ones you rp with?
  17. oh well you did say we can have up to three chars
  18. I said that we would likely have up to three. But we can have as many as we want, as long as we dont neglect certain characters.
  19. oh I see and I haven't thought out JC's final team just yet
  20. Luke has been introduced, so here is his character form.

    Name: Luke Storm
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dirty blonde, 6”3, wears a green shirt and blue pants, and red shoes.
    Hometown: Royal Avenue, Akala Island, Alola
    Personality: Funny, likes to play pranks, very friendly.
    Starter: Grubbin
    Goals: To become better than Kaleb, although he never does
    Other: Middle brother, Kaleb is older, Killian is younger.
  21. I might introduce Halt back into this later on.
  22. Alright. Killian will be introduced some time at the Archipelago.
  23. I'm giving the Duskull egg move Feint Attack so it hits normal types. Alright?
  24. Ok, that works, although it wont be of much use against Luke’s Grubbin. Grubbin has Spark as an egg move, and it knows String Shot and Bite as well.
  25. Another question, 4 or more moves?
  26. Yes, we are allowed more than four moves.
  27. And did you say the begining levels?
  28. Also, Tes gave Luke first move.
  29. What is this Gabite you speak of, Lunar? And the beginning levels are 15.
  30. (Oh right Ralts was changed to a Psychic-Fairy in the Sun and Moon games I believe)
  31. (opps I meant Gible sorry XD)
  32. I think I will let Rockruff have the egg move Thunder fang if thats alright)
  33. (since rockruff is weak against water)
  34. Yeah, thats Fine, but it wont get you anywhere in this battle xD
  35. (I know but I think its a well good move in the long run when Rockruff encounters a water type lol)

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