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Ask to Join The Unwanted

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-unwanted-discussion-redo.17345/
    John opened his eyes. He looked and saw many people around him were asleep. " Where am I." He thought. He saw strange green lights all around. He tried to move his hand quickly but couldn't. There must be something restraining his powers. he looked around He was in some sort of closed moving area. It was wide enough to hold everyone that was there. 'A plane maybe?" he thought as he looked around. "Anyone up?" He asked.
  2. "Sh... yes, but those that aren't, let them sleep." A deep voice replied quietly.
    Nathan had awakened nearly half an hour ago, but couldn't fall into a slumber again. So he lied there, awaiting anything to happen. Then this man spoke. Nathan shifted his massive form to try and get a look at him, but remained quiet for the sake of those around him. He didn't want to wake up anyone, especially if that would upset them.
  3. Kye had been awake for some time now, but for some strange reason had been unable to use his powers. He had been trying to think his way out of the situation, but no one had said anything for the longest while. He had observed the cuffs of someone next to him, which he assumed were the same as his. But in order to stay secret, he kept his hood down and acted like he was sleeping.
  4. Soren woke to a voice calling out, asking if anyone was awake. "Here," He grunted. He looked around, studying the area. A moving space, holding many other people as well. "No use telling him to hush; we might as well all be awake," Soren pointed out to the guy with the deep voice.
  5. John nodded. " I'm John what are your guys's names?" He asked as he looked at the guys who were awake. He looked around the moving area. " So where do you guys think they're drop us off at?" He asked.
  6. "Sorry. I'm just thinking about those who might be dreaming..." Nathan replied quietly, his voice betraying his timidness. He felt odd. The cuffs were to small, and his arms weren't used to being so close together at that angle. It felt sore. "I guess if we're gonna talk more... where are we?"
  7. Geo awoke with a fright looking around noticing all the people who were asleep around him and the few who laid down awake being loud he decided that there was no point laying down and got to his feet yet he was forced to slouch down as when he stood upright his head made a loud thud when it hit the ceiling.Then he yelled "Damn it that hurt! my head is gonna be throbbing for a while thanks to the height of the ceiling in here now anyone care to tell me where we are because I want out of here as soon as possible."
  8. " I have no idea." John said as he looked at the wall. " I woke up and talked to the friendly giant over here and that guy." He said pointing to the only other person awake. " I belive we are in a plane of some sort.

    James's eyes fluttered open as he smiled. " Why howdy yall where on this Fiiine day are we?" He asked with one of the thickest southern accents ever known. " The name is James but my friends all call me Jimmy." He said as he gave them an old southern boy smile.
  9. Kye flinched at the sudden heavy accent, but barely moved. He looked at the window. It seemed they were in a plane, and were heading down. If only he could use his hands...
  10. The pilot was cleared for landing. He pressed a button to fill the cabin area with knock out gas to take out any of the metas that were awake.

    John started to fall asleep. Next thing he knew he was on hard pavement. He saw everyone that was on the plan were now on the ground. He stood up and saw that he was in some kind of city. " Hello." He shouted before he started to headed inwards
  11. Rude. They left me up here on the roof and took the others down there. Kye thought. But hey, at least his cuffs were off. Opening the palm of his hand, he created a snowball and threw it away. He then created a blade out of ice, then a giant ice couch. He then tried to create a small fire, but lit a single ember. He tried to increase it, and let out a huge blast of flame. Still got to work on that. he thought, closing the fire. But first, I have to get down from here. Kye created four ice spikes that jabbed through the roof, and scratched their way around in a square shape. He jumped down into the skyscraper. If he could find some stairs or an elevator shaft, he could get down at record speed.
  12. Soren didn't see the gas coming and drifted into unconsciousness. Soon, he was on the ground along with everyone else. The cuffs were off too. His eyes glowed with a blue fire as he sighed deeply. "Finally. Feels nice to have these back."
  13. From the distance, a shadowy figure of a late teen silhouette watched the cargo drop of the new meta humans while laying on the side of a building. "They drop us like objects. They can't even treat us like people." He grumbled quietly. "I should go welcome them to this place." He said before suddenly disappearing.
  14. Geo once again awoke with a fright and this time found himself laid on cold and old pavement looking around he guessed he'd been dragged from wherever they had been and placed in a city and then a thought came into his mind it would be better to search if I summoned for protection at least. So yelled "Come forth Decode talker and aid me now." Then a purple light appeared on the ground in front of him and a knight with a broadsword took shape from It.
  15. John let out a breath as he started to run. He ran threw the city until he found an opening. " Nice." He said as he ran towards the edge of the city. as soon as he stepped on the city's perimeter he was immediately electrocuted by an invisible wall. He flew backwards knocking into the closest building.
  16. Kalrey moved through some abandoned builds. She ran her finger tips across the cement wall to her left before stepping out into the street. Her eyes trailed up to the sky, her brain clicking into to what the time was. Her feet started to move again. Her head carrying her to the highest vantage point she could see.
  17. John stood up as he walked close to where he was attacked he moved his hand and saw a blue light appear. " It's a force field." He said in disbelief. He let out a breath as he ran towards where the others were at. He had to do what he could to adjust these people to their new lives.
  18. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Zefir was asleep while everyone was talking in the plane. He opened his eyes slightly, and the knock out gas immediately made him fall asleep again. He began falling and started murmuring in his sleep,"No... I wanna be with Mr.Cloudy. Lemme go!" He moved his arms in an irregular circular motion, and a solid-like cloud appeared below him. It carried Zefir safely to the ground and to the group of people. The cloud disappeared and Zefir fell on the ground and woke up. He rubbed his head."Ow. What happened?" he asked then he looked at the people in front of him,"Hello? Who are you guys? I remember walking down a park and then I fell asleep. Next thing I know I woke up here."
  19. Nathan rubbed the back of his head as he slowly sat up. Even on his rear, he nearly reached the height of most of those around him, who were mostly splitting up without a word. He looked about at the city they had arrived in. It looked about as normal as one would be, but... it felt vague, and lifeless.
    Like those around him, Nathan got to his feet and began to walk without uttering a word. His feet shuffled, carrying his large form as he began his exploration. Was this the 'Meta haven' he'd heard rumored so often? He hoped so, but then again, he wanted to go back. His mother needed him. She was sick and dying. But he also needed her. The only person in the world to have shown him what compassion is.
    He'd allowed them to take him. He remembered that. He was always a lover, not a fighter.
    Coming to a stop in front of a rather small building compared to the rest, Nathan didn't enter. Instead, he sat down on the sidewalk against the wall, letting out a sigh as he glanced about, seeing very few people in the distance. Surely this wouldn't be his life now, but Nathan was unsure of anything at the moment.
  20. Geo lit a cigarette once decode talker stood in front of him it was a good thing that he had a packets in his pocket they were his one way to relieve pain and stay. Then he had an idea that could attract some people over towards him and he knew it was his best chance to see if he was alone or not.
    " Now Decode talker destroy some these buildings, Decode Slash." Yelled Geo as Decode Talker destroyed a building creating a loud earthquake like sound "The fun's just beginning my friend."
  21. John appeared behind Geo. " Really." He said as he looked at the man. " Please stop that thing before I make you stop it." He said as he looked the man dead in the eyes.
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  22. "Decode talker Begone you have done your part, I will summon you if the need a rises my friend." Yelled Geo as Decode Talker vanished in a purple light and Geo blow out a puff of smoke from his cigarette " There he's gone my good sir but man you are certainly no fun at all so we gonna chill out and be friends now or are you going to punch me in the face now. Either way I doubt there was anyone in that building in the first place so there is no need to be mad."
  23. "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!" Shouts could be heard from the collapsing rubble of the building as a person was sent flying away from the rubble. Kye used his ice generation to catch himself, then melted the ice with a more powerful flare then he meant to, accidentally singing his cloak. He quickly froze it over, hopping down to the ground.
  24. Kalrey walked around a corner after seeing the building fall. She looked to the cause of the collapse and blinked when she saw the other people, "excuse me? Do you know where we are? How we got here? Who are you"?
  25. John looked at the man. His eyes narrowed. He then turned to the young girl and smiled at her. "I'm sorry mam but I have no idea." He said " Can you help and gather people into one of the buldings." He said. " We should all try and talk and get to know each other and I'll tell you wall what I've discovered."
  26. "Fine then I'll try to gather some people in this area, For you but just saying you need to look away," Spoke Geo as he blow another puff of spoke from the cigarette in his hand "Now come forth with those wings of codes my partner in crime firewall dragon and fly circles around this area."
    Then a Bright blue light appeared in the sky and from a large robot dragon took shape it's wings and head showing all the codes used in a firewall to prevent hacks.
  27. Kalrey sighed before she went off to go find anyone. She pulled water from the air and used it to build and take down pillars that would uncover the rubble. She hummed and called every so often to see if she could locate anyone.
  28. Nathan turned the corner to arrive at his destination. A large pile of rubble, probably the end result of what he'd heard, and only a few people around.
    He noticed a young woman searching through the ruins, and approached her, cautiously. "Excuse me..." The giant asked. "Do you mind if I help?"
  29. Kalrey yelped as she almost stumbled over in suprise. She then turned to Nathan and nodded her head, "that would be greatly appreciated! I don't know if there is anyone trapped in her and the person that most likely caused the demolition doesn't seem interested in helping".
  30. John nodded before speeding away as he searched for everyone. He did his best to tell everyone to go into the nearest building so that they could talk and figure out what to do.
  31. Kalrey started to lift things out of the way. She smiled at the fact that that she hadn't found any dead bodies but kept searching. She pushed a fallen chunk of debris with her abilities before wiping sweat from her forehead.
  32. Ashei didn't understand what had happened. He was in plane, and the all the sudden he was in a rundown abandoned city. He did hear a stranger tell him to enter a nearby building. Ashei wasn't exactly in the position to question the order, so he obliged. Once inside the building, Ashei leaned up against the wall and played with electricity in his hands.
  33. Nathan grabbed a massive hunk of rubble, tossing it aside as he continued this, searching for any poor souls that could have become trapped in the ruins. Luckily, be had some medical training.
    Upon not discovering anybody, Nathan turned to the girl after a moment. "I'm Nathan, by the way." He said, peeking under another massive piece of building.
  34. "Kalrey," the water bender introduced as she pushed away another peice of rubble. She hummed in thought Before stopping her search, "I'm an idoit. I don't know why I just didn't think of this sooner"!
  35. Nathan stops, looking back. "What is it?" He asks, slowly lowering the boulder he'd just lifted. He was intrigued about her. He'd never actually met another of 'his kind' before, and what he always heard about them, he'd expected to be surrounded by deadly killers all out to get him. So far he'd been lucky. Hopefully, he'd made a friend.
  36. "I am able to manipulate water. So I could in sense find it. And the human body is what? About seventy percent water? There also would be blood from the rubble hitting them," she snapped her fingers before closing her eyes to try and see if she could actually pull it off.
  37. "Oh..." Nathan nodded his head in understanding. Perhaps it wasn't water manipulation that she had, but instead, liquid manipulation. He doesn't say this however, as she's shut her eyes to concentrate. Nathan is too polite to interrupt, so remains still to prevent any distractions.
  38. Kalrey made a face as she tried harder and harder to see if she find something before sighed when in the end she couldn't, "so a, there is now one here and we are good or b, I have greatly overestimated my abilities".
  39. Ashei got bored in the building fast. Like, really fast. "I'll come back later..." Ashei muttered. The man stepped back outside and saw two strangers conversing. One of the strangers was a big guy, like real big. The other was girl. "Excuse me, do ypu know what on earth we're doing here?" Ashei asked the two strangers.
  40. Nathan shrugs. "I say we go with a." With that reply, Nathan looked around. "So uh... how did this all happen?" He asked, gesturing to the surrounding rubble.
    Nathan was quite eccentric. He'd successfully talked to someone without being called a 'freak' or 'hideous'. She acted as though there was nothing off putting about Nathan, and this immediately made him forge a respect towards Kalrey.

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