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The Unholy Resurrection

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sem, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Time for another RP conceived in the sinister depths of my mind, with help of my equally sinister friend of course.

    Including us two we want a maximum of four (4) people.

    So how do you get in you ask? Simple. PM your post to either me or Chadwyck and if we like it then we'll PM you back with an OK to post. If anyone posts without an OK from either of us then I will hand out a warning for failure to read directions. >>

    AND... for those who care: !!!Fida Spoilerz!!!

    "Protect!" came the cry of a young female voice. The Shadow Ball attack was moving in fast, but the girl's pokémon was so experienced with Protect that it surrounded her instantly, shielding her from a crushing attack.

    The ball exploded on contact, sending dark matter and dust everywhere. The young girl shielded her eyes with her arm, her long blond pigtails were whipped around her head and her clothes rippled with the force of the impact.

    "You alright, Elvia?!" The girl asked as she unshielded her eyes. Elvia turned her head slightly and eyed her trainer with a look that blatantly said, ‘Of course.'

    "Let's see if you feel alright after this!" boomed the voice of a teenage male, only a few years older than the girl. "Dark Pulse, spiritomb!"

    The possessed rock released a wave of dark energy that came at Elvia fast, ripping across the dirt arena.

    "Counter it with your own Dark Pulse!" came the girl's immediate response. The purple witch-like ghost released a wave of dark energy of her own and sent it against the oncoming attack. The attacks met mid-field and pushed against each other for a few seconds until erupting; shards of darkness were blown out all over the arena.

    The girl smiled. "Good job!" She focused her gaze on the spiritomb. She knew that due to its type combination it had no real weaknesses, and its defenses helped to allow it to take many hits. Though part Dark it was not resistant to Ghost-type attacks, thus, Fida thought it best to attack it so with all they had.

    "Time for an Ominous Wind, Elvia!"

    The mismagius looked up into the clouds, yellow eyes appearing from under the rim of her hat-like crest.

    The sky darkened noticeable, dark clouds raced to cover the immediate area. Then the wind began to pick up, and with it the most awful howl, as if the earth itself was moaning for the attack to cease as rocks rumbled and trees creaked. Goosebumps covered the trainer's arm and he struggled to stay still due to the force of the wind, but Fida stood firm, she was used to witnessing and enduring this attack.

    Ripples of purple energy could be seen with the wind and they were sent against the stationary spiritomb. The wind assaulted it as the energy and random debris bit into its stone hide and ghostly face.

    As soon as the attack had begun it ceased almost instantly and the clouds fled, allowing the sun to resume its reign.

    Fida grinned slightly as she noticed the training regaining his composure. "He was lucky we used that during the day, huh Elvia?" she giggled. There was a glint in Elvia's eyes that Fida noticed; which was good for them because it meant Elvia was able to tap into the boost in power that Ominous Wind could provide the user. Fida also noticed that Elvia was becoming exceedingly worn at the battle wore on. Pressure wasn't the best ability to fight against. Despite being around Elvia for many years; spiritomb gave Fida the creeps.

    "Let's get into a Calm Mind now, Elvia." Fida said. Elvia nodded and closed her eyes, concentrated to find that all important source.

    "Grr." The boy gritted his teeth. "We'll show you! Shadow Ball!" he roared, though his voice cracked while doing so.

    "Elvia!" Fida shouted. The ghost-type returned from Calm Mind a second too late and was hit dead on with the Shadow Ball. More dust and sparks of ghostly power.

    The dust was parted and Elvia glided through, wounded but still able to fight. Fida smiled. "Your turn then."

    Any shadows in the immediate area were called to Elvia's location and formed a ball of black energy. It grew larger and larger, like it was a black hole inhaling any light along with the shadow. And then it was unleashed.

    The ball ripped through the air, leaving a giant gash in the battlefield and sending dust high into the air. The sphere of pulsing ghost-energy met its target and exploded in an enormous dark cloud.

    As the shadow's dispersed back to wherever they came it could be seen that the spiritomb was knocked several feet back and was now on its side. The face looked like static due to interference with the ground, but the unholy creature was not moving.

    The trainer returned his pokémon with a growl and kicked the ground.

    "Yes!" Fida cheered and Elvia floated back towards her. "Great job." Elvia nodded in response, Fida smiled big.

    "How'd you get so good anyway?" the boy asked as he handed her some money.

    Fida's smile vanished and she looked down. "I had a good teacher…" She whispered.

    "Whatever." He huffed and walked away.

    Fida stood silent for a while and then went and sat down on the grass by the makeshift battlefield. She was actually on Route 222 in Sinnoh, she had met the boy while she was walking.

    She sighed deeply and twiddled her thumbs.

    "Must've been some teacher." Came the deep voice of another male person.

    "Huh?" Fida looked up. She wasn't aware he was even there, though Elvia had known of the man's presence for quite some time now and hovered between the man and Fida.

    "No need to be defensive." He raised his hands. "I'm not here for a battle or any kind of trouble."

    Fida jutted her head out a bit so she could actually see the man. He was tall and wore a black tux with a white shirt and black tie. He wore a fedora and shades over his eyes. "What do you want then?" she asked.

    "I am a representative of a recently opened battle island." He flashed a card. "I'm currently traveling around Sinnoh looking for trainers to enter the tournament. We have reps looking in many other regions too, so the competition will be big."


    "And I think you got the stuff." He nodded. "I bet you could easily pass the screening on the island… you interested?"

    "Hmm…" Fida considered the idea. A tournament did sound fun and she had never been in one as of yet. "What do you think, Elvia?" she asked her friend. Elvia looked into Elvia's eyes and nodded.

    "Well sure then, I guess."

    The man chuckled. "Heh, excellent." He stuck his hand into his coat and pulled out an envelope of sorts. He cautiously reached around Elvia and handed the envelope to Fida with a nervous gland towards the ghost.

    "Ahem." He cleared his throat. "Inside there is a ticket to a ship that will set sail from Sunyshore in two days, plenty of time for you to arrive there."

    Fida opened the envelope and looked inside it.

    "You'll also find a slip of paper signed by me; you'll need that to get in. There's a letter of welcome and also a bit of spending money, courtesy of us at the island." He bowed his head. "And your score card as well, to keep track of wins and other important info." He bowed his head again. "We're very happy to have talent such as your's participating in the tournament, see you soon."

    And with that the man walked off.

    Fida sat and looked at the contents of the letter. It all looked very official and it excited her.

    "Well, let's go!" she smiled and the duo began to walk towards Sunyshore.


    Okies, that's about it. Basically your post should be similar, or really, just about your character doing something that would get them recognized by an agent. I just chose a battle because it's the most logical, but be creative if you want. XD Contest Battles would work just as well.

    As implied above it doesn't matter what region you're in, and the method of travel doesn't have to be by ship, plane/blimp/rofflecopter/drifloon works just as well.

    Your character will need to have at least four pokémon, doesn't matter what kind or what stage, just as long as it's abiding the rules.

    "In other news, the winner of the tournament was crowned today, he/she slaughtered their opponent with their mighty team of Giratina, Lugia, Mew, and Regice!"

    Yeah… no… Be smrat, folks :p Or I'll be smrat for you, and you don't want that. :3

    Let us begin.
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  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "I don't support a football team, and I can't hold my beer. I subscribe to heat magazine, and I quite like Ikea. I'm good at ironing, I like films with Meg Ryan in, 'cause I'm like a bird in every single way," Yoshimitsu sang quietly, stirring his coffee absent mindly, apparently oblivious to the odd looks he was getting. For once in his life, he was feeling normal. Well, as normal as he could, all things considered. For some reason, he had become somewhat of a celebrity recently. Now, the Sinnoh region was new to him, and he didn't know anyone, but apparently everyone knew him from the championship he had been in a while ago. He hadn't won, he had come in third place, having lost to Gary Oak. Apparently, that championship had been popular in Sinnoh, and since arriving he had been asked a number of times for his autograph.

    Yoshimitsu sighed and ran his fingers through his ocean-blue hair, which he had restyled recently. It was still spiky, but he had allowed it to grow slightly in some places, now having a fringe that was swept over one eye, and was held in place with copious amounts of hairspray. The back and top of his hair still defied all gravity, not to mention attempts to be held in place by either water or gel. He had changed his appearence slightly as well, taking a slightly more... black approach. Around his neck was a black studded collar, held in place by its silver clasp. Rather than his usual blue t-shirt, he was wearing an impossibly tight black one, a v-neck t-shirt with no sleeves. Around his waist were three belts, weaving around each other, in varying shades of black, being black magic, jet black and blacker-than-black. On his legs, he wore very baggy black jeans, with a chain coiled loosely around one leg, and the other one with silver buckles running down the outside. On his feet, he wore heavy black boots that added an inch or so to his height.

    Yes. Yoshimitsu had turned into a bondage goth.

    Some things never changed though, and he still had his sword hanging loosely at his side, though now it was covered tightly in bandages, so passers-by would think it was a toy and not something that could lop a hand off easily.

    And, naturally, this new appearence still didn't manage to scare people off. This time, however, it was a man, maybe twenty five years old, with neatly styled dirty blonde hair that was held off his face. He wore a simple black and white suit, and shades for added effect.
    "So, what, are you a reject from the Matrix?" Yoshimitsu asked, sipping his coffee.
    "Coming from the bondage slave," the man replied.
    "It's not my fault that the whole of Sinnoh knows about me for some reason," Yoshimitsu said airily. "I'm trying to scare them off and it still doesn't work."
    "That's neither here nor there, though," the man said.
    "Says who? What if I want it to be both here and there?" Yoshimitsu asked.
    "Then you want an oxymoron," the man retorted. "Can we please get down to business now?" He simply wasn't being paid enough for this.
    "I dunno, I'm having fun breaking your sanity," Yoshimitsu said, grinning.

    "MOVING ON," the man said very forcefully. "I've been told to give you this." The man pulled a neat envelope from his inside jacket pocket and handed it to Yoshimitsu.
    "An envelope? Aww, I feel so special," Yoshimitsu said.
    "It is an invitation-"
    "To a birthday party?"
    "-to a recently-opened battle island, dedicated to strong trainers. A tournament is being held there and you're invited to compete," the man said, ignoring Yoshimitsu's interruption.
    "More publicity?" Yoshimitsu said, sighing.
    "Inside the envelope is a ticket to the ferry departing from Sunnyshore in two days," the man said. "You can choose to be there or not."
    "Mm'kay," Yoshimitsu said, pocketing the envelope and merely staring at the man, who promptly turned and walked away.

    "'Cause I'm like a bird in every single way. I don't know where my car is, I don't know where my phone is," Yoshimitsu sang quietly, stirring his coffee absent mindly, apparently oblivious to the odd looks he was getting.
  3. "Oh man, probably should've stayed at the Mauville center tonight," The sun was rapidly sinking behind the horizon and storm clouds thundered above in the sky. Rein pushed back his shoulder-length black hair, that had streaks of icy-green spreading throughout it that matched the color of his eyes, and looked up at the clouds. He was wearing his sleeveless, gray vest with white stitching, it was zipped up to the top, which was just below the base of his neck where his collar bone began. He also had on black slacks and his red and black, hi-top shoes, and had his bag slung over his left shoulder, "It'll be pouring soon."

    His Umbreon, Lunara, was walking beside him looked up at him with a look that said "Suits me just fine."

    "I know you're okay with it, but I'd rather not arrive at Slateport thoroughly soaked. Oh well, at least this route isn't too long." He looked straight ahead as far as he could in the growing darkness, he couldn't see the end of the cycling road that passed over-head, "Well, at least it didn't seem too long on the map, anyway." He scratched his head and looked at the stretching path ahead and sighed.

    "Hey you there! Wait up!" Rein turned and saw a young boy of about twelve or thirteen running up to him.

    "Something tells me this trips about to get longer," he looked at his Umbreon companion and stuck his right hand in the pocket of his black slacks. "Shouldn't you be in bed, kid?"

    "You just passed through Mauville, right?" The boy asked, stopping a few feet away from Rein.

    "Yea, what about it?" Thunder roared and the rain began to fall, Rein dropped his shoulders and blew a few strands of hair out of his eyes, irritated.

    "I wanna battle, obviously," The boy stated matter-of-factly.

    "You chased me down, in the rain, at night, to battle?"

    "Yea, how about it?"

    "… That's dedication," Rein looked at his Umbreon and shrugged his shoulders, "I'll have to accept. One-on-One?"

    "Yes! All right, One-on-One, ready to lose?" The boy grabbed a pokeball off his belt and tossed it up in the air, "Go, Heracross!" The large, blue bug-type pokemon appeared out of the red light of its pokeball.

    "Hm, feeling up for it, Lunara?" Rein took a knee on the ground next to Lunara, "And let's try and make it quick so we can get outta this rain, huh?"

    "Umbreon." Lunara nodded and jumped out in front of the Heracross.

    "Alright, you start, kid." Rein took a relaxed stance, sure of his Umbreon's abilities, he still had his right hand in his pocket.

    The boy took a deep breath and then, "Horn Attack, Heracross!" The Heracross rushed forward with it's horn aimed directly at Lunara.

    "Lunara, avoid it and counter with a Faint Attack." Just as Heracross was a few inches away from making contact, Lunara jumped to the right, barely dodging the attack and then faded into the darkness. The effectiveness of the move was increased due to the storm clouds blocking out most of the moonlight. Heracross was looking around frantically for any sign of the Umbreon, but almost as soon as it had disappeared it reappeared behind it's enemy and lunged forward.

    "Look out, Heracross, behind you!" Heracross made an attempt to dodge and, thanks to it's effort, avoided to take the full force of the attack, and landed on it's feet a few yards away from Lunara. "Get in there with Close Combat." Heracross began running toward it's foe, ready to attack, lightning was flashing in the sky and the thunder roared, the rain was coming down hard.

    "Lunara, use a Confuse Ray," An orange-yellow ball formed from the yellow circle on Lunara's head and was launched toward the Heracross and vanished as it made contact. The Heracross seemed to lose it's sense of balance, looking very dizzy and tripped a few feet away from Lunara, and landed right in a puddle of water causing a rather large splash. "All right, now hit it with a Dark Pulse," Lunara's released a wave of dark energy that cut through the falling rain and made contact with the confused foe on the ground and the impact sent it rolling into tree on the edge of the path, it stood slowly, still ready to fight. "Finish it with another Faint Attack!" Lunara disappeared into the shadows again.

    "Heracross!" The Heracross was still a little dizzy and dazed from the impact of that last attack, "Use Pursuit!" Lunara appeared on the left side of the Heracross this time, but Heracross evaded by jumping back, and as the Umbreon flew past it, it rushed forward and made solid contact with Lunara. The Umbreon landed hard on the ground, "Now hit it with a Brick Break."

    "Lunara, Shadow Ball!" Lunara was back on it's feet and the Heracross was in the air on it's way to deliver it's attack, Lunara drew together the shadows in the area and flung the ball of dark energy at the Heracross as it was seconds away from landing it's attack, the force of the attack sent Heracross flying a few feet higher in the air before it came crashing back to the ground, defeated.

    The boy hung his head, "Heracross return," the bug pokemon was surrounded by a red glow and was returned to it's pokeball, as the boy reached into his pockets for the money to hand over to Rein.

    "Great job, Lunara," he bent over and pet the Umbreon, and looked up at the boy as he came over to give Rein his winnings, "Nah, keep your money. That was a great battle, just remember not to always rush in without a plan." The boy returned the money to his pocket, thanked Rein and was on his way back home. Rein turned to continue off to Slateport when he noticed a man standing in the middle of the path under an umbrella, dressed in a full black suit.

    "Congratulations, that was truly an impressive battle," The man said as he approached, "I represent a newly opened battle island, invitation only." The man said as he reached into his pocket and glanced down at Lunara, who was growling at him.

    "Sorry about that," Rein apologized as he bent over and patted Lunara on the head, "She's a little overly protective, sometimes, you were saying?"

    "Ahem, yes, as I was saying, you are officially invited to attend the tournament taking place there," he pulled an envelope out of his jacket's pocket and handed it to Rein, "The ship leaves Slateport tomorrow, hope to see you there." The man turned and walked away without another word.

    "A tournament?" Rein and Lunara looked at each other, then he looked up at where the man had disappeared to seconds ago, lost in though for a moment, "Why not?"

    Lightning struck with a loud crack that awoke Rein from his day-dream, "Let's get out of this rain." And he and Lunara set off running toward Slateport.
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  4. OOC: My first RP post ever! ;D

    It was a clear day as Reina Lopez and her Lucario Meilene stood on a large cliff on a mountain that rose out of a lush rain forest. Despite the fact that they were near the tropics, it was chilly at those high altitudes but Reina could bear it being from Sinnoh. They were on a small island about thirty miles south of Pacifidlog Town. She loved everything about training in the mountains and rough terrain in general because it helped gain strength in more ways than one. At the moment, she was practicing with Meilene to make her attacks stronger.

    "Meilene! Use Aura Sphere on those rocks!" Reina shouted.

    The Lucario launched a ball of aura skyward at an overhanging flat rock. The attack completely pierced the rock straight through.

    "Nice one, Meil— Reina stopped short. The ground was beginning to shake. Reina looked up just in time to see huge rocks falling from higher up the mountain. One of them came dangerously close to Meilene who managed to dodge it with Extreme Speed. The rock missed her by a few inches.

    "Meilene use Psychic to stop the rocks!"

    The Pokemon used her attack to create a blue barrier for herself and her trainer. The rocks rolled off the shield and onto the ground around them and off the cliff.

    "Now, don't use Psychic as a shield and instead just suspend the remaining rocks in midair."

    Meilene closed her eyes for a moment. With intense concentration she broke her barrier and stopped the rocks as Reina asked. They were no where near as large as the rocks that fell in the beginning but it still took power to hold those rocks in place.

    "Now, come on out Paris!"

    An Empoleon appeared out of the Pokéball. He was distinctly battle scarred and his metallic wings bore scratches and dents.

    "Blast those rocks out of the sky with Water Pulse!" Reina knew Meilene could've taken care of the rocks but she felt that Paris needed the practice too.

    Paris took careful aim and launched precise aim at the rocks. He knocked each rock out of the sky and over the cliff with impressive strength.

    "Nice one, both of you!" Reina said. Just when she was about to feel proud of herself, she heard a voice behind her.

    "You and Meilene still need to work on your reaction time."

    Reina jumped a mile in the air as she turned around to face the old woman and her Alakazam named Keitaro behind her. "Kana-sama, why do you keep doing that? Where did you materialize from anyway?" It reminded her of her brother Ramón who would also materialize from no where.

    Reina had been in Hoenn for close to a year now. The region had a powerful effect on Reina's physique. She had gained more muscle thanks to the rougher terrain and was darker than before due to the Hoenn sun. About a month previously, Reina had managed to convince the unyielding old woman to help train her. Just as Reina had expected, she was a tough woman who had endured years of battles. She was much more powerful than her wrinkles and gray hair let on. She wore a simple kimono yet Reina knew her to climb mountains and other astounding athletic feats.

    "I got up here the same you did." Kana-sama said stubbornly. "Now, back to what I was saying. You did a great job using Psychic and Water Pulse to block those rocks, but your reaction time needs to quicken."

    "You're right, Kana-sama," Reina knew that however powerful she became, her mentor knew she could be better and Reina liked her for it. "I'll keep practicing."

    "Not so fast child. Someone wants to meet you."

    Reina and the old woman turned to the ledge to see a black haired man climbing over it. He straightened up as he dusted the dirt off his expensive suit.

    "It's really good to see you again, Kana-sama," he said in a deep voice.

    "Who are you?" Reina asked.

    "Let's just say that I'm an agent always on the lookout for powerful trainers," he said with a slight bow.

    "I met this man a while back and was impressed by his ability to find strong trainers," Kana-sama said.

    "Anyway," the man continued. "I was impressed by the way you handled your Pokémon up there. Would you be interested in participating in a tournament on a newly opened battle island?"

    Reina was always up for a tournament and was quite stoked to be invited. "Sure, if that's okay with Kana-sama." She was about to ask how he saw how she handled her Pokemon, but then she remembered that Keitaro could telepathically link with Meilene.

    "I don't see why not. Just make sure you come back—at the very least to tell me how it went," she said.

    "All righty, then!" Reina said. She was eager to battle some strong to gauge her own strength.

    "Great," said the man looking pleased. He handed her an envelope. "This contains among other things a ticket for a ship that leaves Slateport City tomorrow and a document signed by me to get into the tournament. I hope to see you soon." Without further ado, the man released a Gardevoir and they both teleported away.

    Reina walked over to the edge of the cliff and looked out over the forest. She wondered what this tournament would hold for her. A fire had been lit in her and she couldn't wait to jump into the tournament. She wanted to show the world just what Reina Lopez had in store for them.

    OOC: Btw, this takes place after Giselle has made her decision.
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  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: We now have our four! Thanks to all who PM'd, but better luck next tiem. =o Now onward into the abyss!


    Fida inhaled deeply through her nose, smelling the familiar earthly tones after being out at sea for three days.

    The whole trip was smooth and rather uneventful. She had seen some interesting characters on the boat though, including a person she heard people refer to as a 'bondage slave', whatever that was.

    Elvia had stayed relatively hidden practically the whole time, so she was not singled out as strange little girl with the ghost. Though for sure there were probably some pokémon that could've sensed her presence.

    "We have now arrived at the island." sounded an intercom in a robotic female voice. "Please exit off the ship and make your way to the screening area."

    The people did as instructed and slowly got off the boat. Fida looked around as she stepped off the ship and onto the pier. There were many other ships from regions around the world, and she saw a couple of planes overhead as well.

    "Wow..." she muttered as she followed the line of people.

    It was evening and bright lights were everywhere, making the island seem a lot like Veilstone. The whole atmosphere was invigorating and sent jolts of excitement into any who saw.

    The island itself was not very large, Fida noticed as she looked at a map that had been handed to her on her way into the screening facility. It was round and had 12 arenas situated around a building at the center. Surrounding the arenas were buildings and areas for the trainers. Lodging, restaurants, recreational areas, and of course a few practice arenas.

    Fida was not entirely sure of the island's location, there was a bad fog present for most of the journey. Thankfully there was technology that could tell you exactly where you were in the world.

    Fida pulled out her PokéGear and selected the function she wanted. The device showed that her location was somewhere out in the middle of the ocean, not especially close to any region.

    "Next!" came a shout. Fida looked up, noticing she was near the front. The screening facility was very white and clean. Before the line was a counter at which sat two people. They seemed to be the ones registering trainers for the tournament. After they were in the system they walked off to one of the many rooms on either side.

    Fida waited until she was called, then she walked up and politely bowed her head in greeting to the brown-haired woman.

    "Invitation?" she asked, eyes peering at Fida through a thin pair of glasses. Her hair was cropped into a bun and she looked very professional. Fida personally thought that the woman belonged in a library.

    Fida pulled the envelope out of her pocket and grabbed the signed piece of paper from within. She slid the papar across the pristine counter with her index finger.

    The woman took it and scanned over it, holding it close to her face and lowering her lenses. She tossed the paper off to the side. "Alright then. Name?" she placed her thin hands on the keyboard, ready to input information as if she were some robot.

    "Fida, F-i-d-a."

    "Fida...?" she looked at her out of the corner of her eye.

    "Just Fida please." she answered.

    The woman shrugged. "Age and number of pokémon."

    "10 and 4."

    "You are the youngest I've checked in today." she commented as she typed in the information.

    Fida gave a tiny smile.

    "Any type of trainer gear?"

    "A generation three PokéGear."

    "Now stay still for the camera." she instructed as she pointed a camera that was mounted on the computer down at Fida. She rubbed her eyes after the flash.

    "Alright." she said as she reached under the counter, she placed some items before Fida. "This is your ID for the island, it bears your all your information, it is also the key to your lodging room, the building number and room number are printed on the back." she gave Fida a chip "This is a schedule that you can install onto your PokéGear, it'll tell you who you're battling and when, and it'll also display the battle's going on at that very moment." she grabbed a laminated card from a pile on the desk. "And this is your screening room number, it'll be that way." she pointed to Fida's left. "Good luck." she forced a smile. "Next!"

    Fida walked off in the direction of the room. "Well we're in, Elvia." she said as she looked at the card which read #22.

    Once she reached the door she knocked politely and then opened it. She walked inside and as soon as the door closed behind any of the chatter and noise out side ceased to be heard. Which made sense, as the room was a tiny arena.

    "Welcome!" said a man joyously. He were a black suit like the man who had given her the invitation, though he was minus the shades and hat.

    "Hello..." Fida greeted.

    "Let's get down business." he clasped his hands together. "I have the utmost faith in our agents' ability to scout out talent, but this screening test is just to make sure you're actually ready." he pulled out a pokéball from his coat pocket.

    Fida reached for a ball from her belt and took her place at the other side of the arena.

    "This will simply be a one on one battle with no time limit or special conditions. Ready?"

    "Mm-hm" Fida nodded.

    The man tossed the ball into the air where it cracked open, releasing a gush of white energy onto the field, leaving a large purple creature in its wake. The armored creature had a horn atop its head and many spines covering its body. The nidoking swung its massive tail and roared, showing of its dangerous set of teeth.

    Fida bit her lip and tossed the dusk ball, releasing Kieran, her murkrow, in the air. He landed sofly on the floor and cawed, the light from the lamps overhead made the hair-tie around his neck glimmer.

    "Your move." the man bowed.

    "Let's start this with Haze, Kieran." Fida ordered.

    The air in the room cooled instantly, a fog began to form on the arena, obscuring murkrow completely, and most of the nidoking.

    "Smart move, creating a fog that completely hides you but not your opponent." the man commented. "But let's see what you'll do if hiding on the ground isn't an option; Toxic Spikes."

    Thousands of tiny pin-like hairs flew off of nidoking like pappus from a dandelion.

    "Fly up!" Fida yelled.

    Kieran flew up just in time to avoid the shower of pins, which stuck themselves into the ground.

    "Poison Sting!" the man said.

    More pins fired from the nido's body, aimed at the airborne crow.

    "Faint Attack!" Fida retorted. The murkrow flew forward and disappeared just as the attack would've hit. Kieran reappeared behind the ground-type and attacked. The nidoking growled in pain and attempted to swipe at Kieran, but he was already a safe distance above the monster. Kieran cackled and flew back to Fida.

    "Clever." the man said. "Using Faint Attack to dodge as well... Rock Slide."

    The poison-type stomped its foot hard on the ground, causing the floor to crack. It stomped again, caused large pieces of rubble to fly up out of the ground, then using its mighty tail, sent a volley of boulders at the tiny black bird.

    "Use Steel Wing to break through them!" Fida shouted.

    The murkrows wings began to glisten like metal and it flew towards the oncoming rocks, breaking them into small pieces with Steel Wing. One final stone hit the bird head-on however, causing Kieran to fall, though he caught himself and resumed flight before he could land on the pin-ridden ground.

    "Night Shade!" Fida exclaimed. She new that Night Shade always dealt a solid hit, despite the situation.

    The murkrow's eyes glowed blue-violet and sent a ray of energy at the nidoking, though it used its arm to negate some of the damage.

    "Follow up with Assurance!"

    Kieran rush forward, beak ablaze with dark energy. The nidoking howled in pain and took another swipe at the bird, who again flew out of the way, but was hit by an Iron Tail.

    Kieran flew back into a wall and slid down it, landing on the ground, though thankfully avoiding landing on a pin.

    "I have to say you're good, girl." the man clapped. "Especially for your age, but better luck next time. Finish it with Ice Beam."

    Fida's eyes widened. She had forgotten nidoking was so versatile, but she could use it to her advantage. "Mirror Move!"

    She felt the coldness of the attack as it passed by her and towards Kieran. As the Ice Beam was about to hit it dissapeared mere inches before the murkrow, faint ripples could be seen in the air. The attack appeared again, though this time was redirected at the nidoking. The attack hit dead-on, freezing most of the nido's body instantly.

    "Perhaps I spoke too soon." the man blinked and then began to clap. He recalled his fallen monster to its ball and bowed his head to Fida as she put Kieran's ball away. "You pass." he said. He stepped aside and motioned towards the door behind him.

    Fida smiled and walked the perimeter of the field, she didn't want to take a chance with those pins, even with shoes.

    The man shook her hand and then opened the door. "Welcome to the tournament. I'll be rooting for you."

    "Thanks." Fida said as she walked through the door.
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  6. If Reina had known exactly were the island was, she would have gladly have flown on her Skarmory. The ship was nice and all, but she much preferred using her Pokémon or her own two feet to travel. Sometimes that wasn't possible. She was very glad to reach land at the end of that long ship ride. When Reina stepped onto the island, she could feel the anticipation in the air and she was already eager to battle. She was even wearing one of her battle outfits: the red minidress, her black leggings, and red ballet outfits. This time she carried a black backpack with all the supplies she needed.

    She was about to challenge the next person she saw when she remembered that this was a tournament and therefore had to register—at least according to the rules she received in her envelope from the agent. Reina quickly found the registration area but she had to stand in line. She released Paris to keep her company while she waited. Reina and Paris shared a deep bond because he was her first Pokémon. She knew she wanted a Piplup years before she became a trainer because its final form was a steel type. The scars on Paris's wings only served to make him more regal. Some of other trainers that saw him were impressed. Others were taken aback by Reina's outfit.

    When she finally got to the front of the line, Reina saw that her registrar was a blonde woman.

    "Name?" she asked.

    "Reina Lopez," she answered. Reina saw her type it into the computer. The registrar had misspelled her first name as Rayna. "Wait, you spelled that wrong. It's R-E-I-N-A; REH-ee-Nah."

    The woman shot Reina an irritated look before correcting the spelling. She continued on. "Age and number of Pokémon?" she asked in a bored voice.

    "I'm sixteen years old and I have six Pokémon," Reina said quickly. She could feel her impatience growing. She was eager to battle.

    "Trainer Gear?"

    It took a moment for Reina to realize what she was talking about. "Oh, I have a Pokétch and a Pokénav." She picked up a Pokénav shortly after she arrived in Hoenn. She wanted the full Hoenn experience which included having the region's gadget. Now she just used her Pokétch as a secondary device.

    "Which one do you mainly use?" asked the woman.

    "The Pokénav," Reina replied.

    "All right," said the woman. "Here's a chip to install in your Pokénav. It has a schedule and it tells you who you're battling and when. Your screening room is number thirty-eight."

    "Is that it?" Reina asked.

    "Yes," sighed the woman who was glad to be shot of Reina.

    Reina practically skipped toward her room thirty-eight. She had nearly forgotten about the screening but all it meant was that she would get to battle sooner. She was by no means cocky or arrogant; she just liked the rush of battle. That was something she and Carmen had in common. It didn't take her long to find the screening room. She opened the door and found herself in a small arena. The only person in the room was a brown haired woman in a sleek business suit.

    She cut right to the chase. "It's time for me to test your skills," she said. "Make your move."

    Reina smiled her battle smile. "If that's they way you want it. Go, Paris!" In a flash of light, the Empoleon appeared. He was as eager to battle as his trainer.

    The woman smiled. "Well, well. We're going to see how you fight with a disadvantage. Go, Raichu!"

    If this woman thinks a simple type disadvantage will stop me, she's got another thing coming, Reina thought. "Paris use Water Pulse!

    Empoleon shot a jet of water at Raichu who dodged it.

    "Raichu use Thunderbolt on that jet of water. It'll lead straight to the Empoleon," said the woman.

    The Thunderbolt corkscrewed its way up the Water Pulse. It came dangerously close to Paris.

    "Paris, cease attack!" Empoleon stopped his attack. Both the Water Pulse and the Thunderbolt dissipated in midair.

    "Quick Attack, Raichu!" the woman called out.

    "Not so fast. Paris, use Agility."

    Both Pokémon were moving at blinding speed. Paris was a bluish blur and Raichu was a brownish one. The woman was impressed: she had never seen an Empoleon move so fast.

    "Time for Flash Cannon," Reina said. It was one of her favorite attacks. Paris surrounded itself in blinding white light and seemingly exploded. A pulse of light ricocheted across the small arena. Raichu was blinded and it was hit with a pulse of light that it could not see.

    "I know it hurts Raichu but use Thunderbolt again."

    With amazing stamina, Raichu got up. The Thunderbolt was more powerful than before and this time Paris was hit.

    Now it was time for Reina to do some quick thinking. "Paris if you can, use Earthquake! We need to pay them back for the Thunderbolt."

    Despite the fact that it had taken a lot of damage from the electric attack, Paris still had some fight left in him. He hardened his wings and slammed the tips into the ground. Numerous shock waves ripped across the floor and Raichu could not avoid them. The Earthquake was doing devastating damage to Raichu. Reina saw that a bluish glow was starting to surround it.

    "Heh, heh. This is where it ends," Reina said deviously. "Water Pulse!"

    The jet of water was stronger than before and it hit Raichu. It collapsed and moved no more. Reina knew it couldn't survive a Water Pulse with a Torrent boost.

    "Nice job," said the woman. "You're great at thinking under pressure. Very impressive indeed. You've definitely passed the screening."

    "Thank you," said Reina. "Your Raichu was great too.

    The woman nodded. "I wish you well in the tournament."

    "Thanks again." Before recalling Paris, she said "You know, we need to practice helping you better handle electric moves."

    "Empoleon," Paris said.

    "Now, you can take a good long rest." With one last wave at her screener, Reina rushed out of the room.

    She wondered if there were any areas to practice on the island. There had to be, and she would find them later. After she got Paris healed at a Pokémon Center, she would find some place to blow the spending money they gave her.
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  7. OoC: Sorry it took so long to reply, I've had limited computer access for the last couple weeks. Anyway here we go.


    After four long days at sea, the trainers would finally be disembarking to begin the tournament. Rein packed up all his belongings and headed over to where everyone would be allowed off, he had to push his way past many other trainers, the ship seemed full to capacity and there were still other ships from all over the world bringing even more trainers to the island. Rein reached into the inside pocket of his black coat and pulled out the rules that'd come in the envelope he'd received. He dressed in his traditional outfit: Black slacks, worn in black and red hi-tops, a blue dress shirt, tucked in everywhere but the back, and his black suit jacket with red stitching.

    As the trainers were all herded off of the ship and toward the entrance to the island, Rein saw that lines were beginning to form, he put the rules back into his pocket after he realized that this must be where everyone had to register. He fell in behind a few other trainers and waited to reach the front of the line.

    When he made it to the front a women who seemed to hold an infinite scowl on her face was already barking orders at him. "Invitation?" She held out her hand and impatiently gestured for him to "hand it over." Rein reached into his pocket and pulled out the envelope and pulled out the paper that the man that had invited him had signed and placed it in the womans thin, bony hand. The woman looked at it closely, and when she'd decided it was genuine she placed it off to the side, "All right then, name?" She looked at her computer monitor and placed her hands on the keyboard in front of her.

    "Rein," she glared at him, "You know, like the water that falls from the sky? Only spelled with an 'e' instead of an 'a'."

    "Don't get smart with me, boy," she snapped and then typed in his name, "What's your last name?"

    "Just Rein, if that's ok."

    "Fine. Age and number of Pokémon?"

    "17 and I brought 4 Pokémon."

    The woman typed in his information, "And do you carry any form of trainer gear?"

    "Yes, I have a Pokénav."

    "Alright, here," she handed Rein a chip and then explained, "This chip will install your schedule onto your Pokénav, it will tell you when, where and who you are battling." She pointed up at a camera on the computer, "Look here," she commanded. After the picture was taken she handed Rein an ID card, "This is the key to your room and your official ID for the duration of the tournament. Now go to screening room thirty-two." She said handing Rein a laminated card with the number 32 printed on it.

    Rein left the check-in counter and headed down toward his screening room. When he entered there was only a dark haired man in the same familiar black suit, similar to the one that the man who'd given him his invitation had worn. "Welcome, I'm here to test your skills to ensure that you are, indeed, worthy to be part of this tournament. Not that we doubt our scouts abilities, but as a sort of insurance." He reached down and grabbed a Pokéball off of his belt.

    "Alright, this should prove interesting," Rein said grabbing a Pokéball of his own off of his belt, "Go, Hunapo!" The red light from the Pokéball took the form of a Sableye.

    "Interesting choice." The man said throwing up his Pokéball, "Go, Drapion! Now let's see how you handle yourself, boy. Start off with a Poison Sting!" The Drapion launched it's attack, poisonous barbs flew through the air at Sableye.

    "Hunapo, dodge it and use Double Team." The Sableye quickly jumped up into the air to evade the attack, and when it came back down it seemed to split in two. "Good, now rush in with a Brick Break," both the real Sableye and it's illusory double rushed at the Drapion ready to attack.

    "Quick, counter with Toxic Spikes," Drapion littered the ground around it with poisonous spikes making a straight forward assault impossible, "No matter which of your Pokémon is the real one, neither of them can step foot on those spikes."

    "Sableye, pull yourself together and use Will-o-Wisp." Hunapo became one again and focused it's energy into making a ball of fire fly toward the enemy Drapion. The Drapion dodged it by jumping left, out of it's area protected by the poisonous spikes, "Gotcha, now use Shadow Claw!" Just as Drapion landed back on the ground, Hunapo was already inches away and made solid contact with it's dark energy infused claws. The Drapion flew back and hit the wall.

    "Drapion, get up! Use Pin Missile!" The man barked the order at Drapion, who fired multiple spike like objects at Sableye.

    "Counter it with Faint Attack," Sableye disappeared in an instant and seconds later he appeared above Drapion coming down with his attack.

    "Oh no you don't, Dark Pulse, now!" Drapion sent out a wave of dark energy that caught Hunapo in mid-air and sent him flying back across the arena.

    "Payback!" Rein shouted as Hunapo was flying toward the wall, the energy from the Drapion's Dark Pulse being pulled into Sableye's right arm. As Hunapo was about to hit the wall, it landed with it's feet on the wall and pushed off flying right at the enemy Drapion, striking with it's super-charged arm.

    Drapion lay on the ground, unable to continue the fight. "Alright, Hunapo!" Rein kneeled down next to the Sableye, "You did great."

    "And so did you, you passed your screening. Congratulations, you may continue through." Rein returned Hunapo as the man finished speaking.

    As he passed through the door with a goodbye to his screener, he looked out at the islands many arena's and sub-arenas for practice, so many people were already here and that wasn't even counting the trainers still waiting to be screened. He decided to head for the room they'd assigned him to put down his belongings, and then he'd go out and treat himself to a good meal.
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  8. Yoshimitsu

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    Yoshimitsu was humming under his breath as he stepped from the ferry, feigning deafness as another person asked for his autograph. It was getting tiresome, really. As nice as it was at first, he was getting sick of being stopped every five meters to sign someone's hat in lipstick because they had no pen or paper. Writing in lipstick was not easy! Why couldn't people just be normal and carry pens and paper with them? Pencils would be adequate too. Unfortunately, he had also forgotten his iPod, so he couldn't use that excuse for not hearing people. Hell, he'd even changed his outfit again, just to try to get some peace and quiet. Kind of.

    Today, he was wearing on his head some novelty silver-grey wolf ears on a headband, the headband part completely covered by his hair so his ears looked almost organic. He had also put in some contact lenses to make his pupils more dog-like, and a vibrant colour. To follow suit, he had put some novelty fangs on his canine teeth, making him look very wolfish. On his torso, he was wearing a simple white t-shirt underneath a silver-grey jacket. The cuffs and collar of the jacket were covered with white fur. On his legs, he was wearing slightly darker grey jeans, again the bottom of them white and furry. Thankfully, he was wearing normal trainers. To complete the image, he had attached a fake wolf tail to the back of his jeans.

    Yoshimitsu was now a furry. What next, an emo?

    He moved through the island absent-mindly towards the entrance, nimbly ducking and dodging around people as though they were an obstacle course, and dodging the people waving lipstick and hats at him. On one occassion, he had quickly snatched his sword and cut the lipstick in two, much faster than the eye could follow, and carried on walking, leaving a bemused female staring at a broken tube of vermillion red or something. Yoshimitsu was almost relieved when he got to the entrance, but quickly lost that feeling when he saw some old hag waiting for him.

    "Invite?" She asked.
    "What, does everyone get registered with you or something? You need a new frickin' job," Yoshimitsu said, flashing his invite. The woman shot him a filthy look.
    "Name?" She demanded. Her voice was much more like a bark now.
    "Yoshimitsu. And please don't raise your voice, it offends my ears," Yoshimitsu said.
    "Last name?"
    "None of your business," Yoshimitsu said.
    "Trainer gear?"
    "A sword, an ancient pokegear that I modded into a pokenav," Yoshimitsu said.
    "A... sword?" The woman asked, her eyes narrowing.
    "Yep, a sword. This is my baby, never once left my side," he said, fondly holding the hilt of his weapon.
    "Age and number of pokemon?" The woman asked, her voice wavering slightly now.
    "Sixteen, and assuming we're allowed to swap our teams about, I have twelve," Yoshimitsu said.
    "Very good, sir," the woman replied, suddenly very polite. "Your screening room is room twenty seven. And here's a chip to install a map on your trainer gear." The woman handed him a pokenav chip.
    "Thanks. I hope to god I never see you again, you offend me aesthetically too," Yoshimitsu said, promptly leaving and heading to his screening room.

    Inside the room, he found himself face to face with that same guy who had invited him to the island in the first place.
    "You still look like you were spewed on my Keanu Reeves," Yoshimitsu said.
    "And your fashion sense is as strange as ever," the man said.
    "Do I get to know your name yet, or should I just call you Agent Smith?" Yoshimitsu asked, running a finger over one of his pokeballs.
    "You're as witty as ever. My name is Andrew Jones," the man said.
    "That's a pretty boring name. So, what do we do here? Rock paper scissors, or maybe mud wrestling?" Yoshimitsu asked, looking around.
    "...No. This is a room for battling."
    "It's a bit small, isn't it?"
    "I really need to find a new job..." Andrew said, opening a door behind him and leading Yoshimitsu into the next room, which turned out to be a spacious arena.

    "Aah, that's much better. So what're the rules, Agent Smith?" Yoshimitsu asked.
    "One on one, no time limit," Andrew replied, pulling a pokeball from his belt. He threw it, releasing a Hitmonlee.
    "Hitmonlee? No problem. This match'll be over in less than five minutes. Let's go, Sneasel," Yoshimitsu said, throwing his own pokeball. With a flash, his feline pokemon was out, claws raised, ready for combat.

    Now, common courtesy said that the first person to release a pokeballs gets the first move, and Yoshimitsu was a master of courtesy most of the time, so he followed the rule. Unfortunately for Andrew, Yoshimitsu's pokemon didn't always use set moves. So while the Hitmonlee was running at Sneasel, its somewhat weaker-looking fist taking on the qualities of steel in a Bullet Punch, Sneasel already knew what to do. The first went straight over Sneasel's head as the cat dodged, then countered with an upper-cut to the fighting type's stomach, knocking it back. Sneasel followed up with a drop-kick, then jumped back to his original position.

    "What an interesting fighting style," Andrew commented.
    "I train my pokemon like I train me - you can't just always rely on set moves. Gotta spruce it up a little here and there," Yoshimitsu replied.
    "Hitmonlee, Mind Reader and Close Combat," Andrew said.
    "Sneasel, don't let it hit you. Use Beat Up," Yoshimitsu said.

    Hitmonlee looked at Sneasel, his eyes glowing vivid blue as he locked on to the cat's position. However, before it could get its second move out, Sneasel had launched his. The first was a scratch from Sneasel's killer claws. The second, a ghostly head of a Charizard appeared on Sneasel's hand, and fired a fireball at the Hitmonlee, but that attack was dodged as Hitmonlee dived to the side. The third hit, Sneasel got a ghostly Staryu which he threw at the fighting type, catching its legs and knocking them from underneath. The fourth hit, Sneasel got a pair of rapidly extending elbow-blades, that he tried to slash at the Hitmonlee with, but the Hitmonlee chose to release his Close Combat at this point, and punched Sneasel right in the gut.

    "Sneasel, finish the attack!" Yoshimitsu shouted. Sneasel staggered to his feet, and raised both palms, a Flygon head appearing between them. Sneasel fired a beam from the Flygon head that hit Hitmonlee dead-on. As the sixth and final attack, Sneasel got a ghostly Raichu tail, which crackled with electricity. Sneasel released it, and it, too, hit the Hitmonlee dead on.

    "Andrew, my team's too strong for your Hitmonlee," Yoshimitsu said. "I'm not prepared to make it carry on, because I only need one more hit to beat that thing."
    "...Tch. Fine, you pass," Andrew said. "You may continue. Your designated room is on your map, and the eating facilities are also shown."
    "Thank you kindly."
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    OOC: Righto, back to RPing. I apologize for the absent but you three know its due to general busyness the past couple of weeks. ^^:

    The island was not quite as full at the moment, with the majority of trainers still being screened. So it was easy for Fida to walk around and get to know where everything was and familiarize herself with the island.

    She wanted dearly to stop and eat, her stomach rumbled fiercely. First things first though, she needed to let Kieran have a rest at the Pokémon Center.

    It was much darker now than before; the last vestiges of sunset had faded away, handing complete rule over to the night. The stars were faintly visible through the bright and flashing neon lights of the island.

    She approached the Pokémon Center, which appeared to be little more than a hurriedly set-up building with a big glowing pokéball on top, like those cardboard boxes you have to put together. Fida stepped inside and smelled the familiar clean that hung in practically every doctor's office in the world. There were some seats and sofa's placed about and one TV set up that displayed world events, mostly battle related. She was the only trainer there for the moment.

    There seemed to be nothing to the center other than this room, the only medical instruments seemed to be a few of the machines in which pokéballs were placed. If any serious injuries were to occur, Fida gathered that they'd must be sent to the nearest center in the nearest region, whatever that may be.

    There was a nurse standing at the counter looking at Fida with a plastered smile. She was not the usual Nurse Joy you'd find in the usual Pokémon Center. She was tall with jet black hair that was tied in a pony tail, and, Fida noted to herself and Elvia, appeared to be a person that you wouldn't want to cross. Her eyes looked empty and apathetic.

    "Hello..." Fida greeted as she approached the counter. She spotted a nametag on the nurse that simply read 'Judy'. Nurse Judy; didn't sound quite right Fida thought to herself.

    "Good evening." replied the nurse as nicely as she could.

    "I have a pokémon that needs healing." Fida said as she pulled out Kieran's dusk ball and handed it to the nurse.

    Judy took the ball and placed it in one of the specialized trays and put the tray into the machine. A soft humming filled the room. "It'll be done in just a little while." she said and bowed her head.

    Fida nodded a thanks and walked away, taking a seat in the center to wait for Kieran to be finished, much to the protest of her stomach. She fiddled around with the new function on her PokéGear. Battles wouldn't start until tomorrow, and she imagined there'd be many held in order to quickly weed out the majority of the trainers; She would have to make sure she won, lest she leave the tourny a whole lot sooner than planned.

    The device had not yet been updated with any battles, which would probably also be done tomorrow, so until then Fida would just have to wait to see who her opponent was.

    "Well, Elvia." she started. "Things seem to be going alright for us so far. Let's see how we do tomorrow." She felt a relaxing sensation in Elvia's presence, her way of letting Fida know that they'd do fine. Fida was sure they would too.

    OOC: Okies, short and simple. Mainly the next few posts are for us to at least encounter each other, meeting would be nice too. Then we'll have the battles start up.
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  10. Reina soon realized that she had forgotten to get her picture ID made when she heard an official asking a girl for hers. She had to double back to get hers from that rude receptionist. The blonde registrar wasn't at all happy to see Reina again and didn't hide it. Quite frankly, the feeling was mutual but she didn't say anything this time around. Reina made sure to take a good picture the first time so that she could leave that woman's sight as quickly as possible. She didn't want anything to spoil her good mood. Finally it was time to find the Pokémon Center. It was now dark as the sounds of more screening battles reached her ears. She wondered just how many of those trainers were good enough to make it through to the next stage. Reina took out her Pokénav which she couldn't live without, though at the moment, the phone feature was disabled because she had no service. Instead, she viewed the features that the computer chip had given it.

    There was her information such as her name and native region, and where she would be staying for the night. Where ever it was, Reina hoped she'd have a good view of the bright lights and any action that would be going on which slightly reminded her of Veilstone City, or even the ocean. She couldn't wait to be in it again and she had all that time in Hoenn to thank for that. She thought about Kana-sama and what she was doing right about now, because Reina missed their rigorous training sessions already. She resolved to find those practice areas right after she got Paris healed. She looked at another function of her Pokénav and saw where who she would be battling would be displayed. Currently that feature was blank because the screening battles were still going on.

    She began to notice that many of the officials like the registrar Reina had encountered were incredibly rude. They took it several steps farther than Sinnoh natives. It was almost shocking. She guessed Hoenn had made her go soft, but she was going to have to get back into Sinnoh mode once more. After she encountered an official reduce a young trainer to tears because he had some how gotten confused about how he was going to get home after losing his screening battle, Reina thought that he wouldn't have survived long in this competition anyway. She found that some of the trainers were a piece of work just like some of the officials were and if that boy couldn't stand firm in the face of the officials, he was doomed. Reina smiled to herself when she thought of those cocky, arrogant trainers. They were the ones she liked to deal with most….

    Reina finally found the Pokémon Center (right after she'd discovered the map function) which looked like one of those temporary event buildings. She guessed she should've been grateful it was building at all, unlike those makeshift medical tents she'd seen in the past. As Reina entered she saw it was the simplest center she'd ever seen. It was just one big room with counters all around it. There were currently two nurses behind the counter one of the two was busy with a machine leaving Reina to deal with a rather brutal faced nurse.

    "Do your Pokémon need help?" she asked harshly before Reina could say anything.

    "Erm, yeah," said Reina as she pulled out Paris's Pokéball and held, "see, my Empoleon needs healing after the screening batt—"

    The nurse snatched the Pokéball from Reina's hand. Before that nurse could turn around, Reina had snatched it back. She didn't take rudeness from anyone and it took a huge effort not to let this woman really have it.

    "Okay, no, just no," said Reina furiously. She took a peek at the nurse's name tag. "Nurse Christy, that was just down right rude. Who on earth gave you a nursing license? Now let's try that again, shall we," added Reina with a rather intimidating smile. She held out the Pokéball once more.

    The nurse just looked at her with a look that made it clear that she wished Reina a painful death, but Reina didn't care one bit. However, the nurse took the Pokéball from Reina a little more gently this time around. Reina looked around the center for somewhere to sit while Paris was being healed. She saw that there was someone else there—a young girl who didn't look much older than ten.

    Reina groaned. Most of the trainers that Reina had met who were this young were pretentious little brats, whiny little brats, snobby little brats, or worse, all of the above. If this little girl fell into any of those categories she was going to get drop kicked if she messed with Reina whose mood had been spoiled by the nurse. Reina knew she had to remember to keep an open mind though. Maybe this little girl was different. There was always a first time for everything. And not to mention she could be really wrong about her age which wouldn't be a first.
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    Fida sat patiently as she waited for Kieran to be finished healing. The center was very much deserted for a while, obviously there were still quite a few trainers that still needed to go through screening.

    After a while a girl, older than Fida, walked into the tent. Another nurse "offered" to help her since the other one was busy. The girl ended up yelling at the nurse for her rudeness; Fida giggled to herself.

    After the nurse had taken the ball the girl turned away. Fida was not looking directly at her but she heard a groan escape the older trainer's mouth. Fida frowned, wondering what the groan was for. She pushed it from her mind and sat silently for a few moments before finally turning to the trainer as if she just noticed her and waved at her.
  12. Reina looked at the young girl in surprise. Well, I guess something had to give, thought Reina. She hated sitting in silence like that and now that they'd acknowledged each other, Reina couldn't just ignore her. At any rate she needed something to do; Paris had taken moderately serious damage in the last battle so it would take a few minutes.

    She walked over to the seats next to the girl and sat down next to her. As she did so, she noticed the Mismagius levitating silently beside her like her ghostly protector. It was very rare to see such a young trainer with a strong Pokemon like that...but then again Reina should've known that this girl was the real deal. After all, she did pass the screening test. As Reina sat there, she could feel the power emanating from the Mismagius as though it were trying to figure out if Reina was a threat to its trainer.

    Reina couldn't help but smile at it because it reminded her of Meilene whenever they used to encounter new people on their journey. Finally she spoke to the young girl.

    "That's a really nice Mismagius you have."
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    "Thanks!" Fida chirped in response. "Her name's Elvia." she introduced her companion. "And I'm Fida." she nodded. "Nice to meet you."

    An awkward silence ensued for while.

    "So are you excited for this tournament?" she decided to ask. "I am, I'm kinda nervous actually." she wiggled her feet. "Though I'm not sure if I can stand coming here very often." she moved her eyes towards the nurses.
  14. Reina rolled her eyes at the thought of those nurses. "They're not so pleasant, are they?" Reina said nodding her head toward them. She hoped they would be done with Paris soon. In the mean time, she turned her chocolate brown eyes back to Fida.

    "And to answer your question, I'm not sure if nervous is the right word...I really like battling actually so yes, I'm really excited. By the way my name is Reina Lopez."

    Fida was still looking awkward, so Reina decided the break the ice a bit more. "I specialize in steel typed Pokemon. Why don't I introduce you to one of mine." She pulled a Pokeball from her waist and pressed the button to release the Pokemon within. "Meet Meilene."

    In dazzling white light, the Lucario gracefully exited her Pokeball.
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    Fida's face lit up when she saw the lucario. "Oh, wow..." she expressed. "I've never seen a lucario before, not this close."

    Fida stood up and bowed her head. "Nice to meet you, Meilene." she said with a petite smile as she sat back down.

    "Steel-types huh?" she inquired. "That's neat, they must all be pretty strong." she guessed. "I don't train any specific types of pokémon. I only have four anyway." she blushed.
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  16. OOC: Sorry if this has mistakes/typos. My four hours with this laptop were running out.

    Reina sighed softly, but she was pleased none the less. "Having four Pokemon is fine. If the other three are anything like Elvia, you've already accomplished a lot." Reina looked thoughtful for a second. "After all I was twelve when I started training Pokemon, but I realized I wanted to train steel types early on. But training one type of Pokemon isn't for everyone."

    Inside, she was smiling at herself at Fida's reaction to Meilene. She remembered that she had the same reaction as Fida when she saw Lucario...okay so it wasn't quite the same. Reina's first encounter involved a bit of squealing, fangirl freak-outs, and several disapproving looks from said Lucario, but hey. Fida seemed a lot more intuitive and quieter than Reina was at her age and a lot less explosive. For some odd reason Reina was oddly calmed by here, rather the same way that Meilene calmed her. Interesting...

    For a while they once again sat in a (far less awkward) silence than before as the two Pokemon seemed to communicate wordlessly with one another. A few more trainers were starting to enter the Pokemon Center to have their Pokemon healed and Reina guessed that many of the screening battles had ended. With only two nurses there, things were going to get hectic and fast. So it was a relief when the nurses returned with Paris and Fida's Pokemon.

    Meilene stayed put and used her aura ability on the other trainers as Reina went to get Paris. Nurse Christy shot her another nasty look to which Reina merely responded with a smirk as she took her Pokeball back. When Reina turned to head back to her seat, she saw the aura around Meilene's paws dissipate completely as she took on a defensive stance.

    "What is it, Meilene?" asked Reina as she walked closer. She knew immediately something was up and then she heard it. Loud voices were growing closer and closer to the center. Everyone in the in the shabby building had taken notice now. Some of them had frozen just like Meilene had to try and better hear what was going on. Then suddenly the voices stopped and an eerie silence followed like the calm before a storm. A few moments later, the storm came in the form of an explosion outside of the Pokemon Center.
  17. Yoshimitsu

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    "Alright, let's see," Yoshimitsu said, tapping a few keys experimentally. He was stood in front of the PC at the pokemon centre, glancing through his boxes. He had registered himself with twelve pokemon, so he would stick to that, but his actual number of pokemon was a fair bit larger. That said, a lot of them he had caught and just not trained. He kept on meaning to ask Professor Birch to release them, but he just never had the time to. He opened his box of other trained pokemon, and looked through them.

    "I'll mix it up a bit, I think," Yoshimitsu said, selecting three pokemon and confirming the transportation. Glancing around, he put three of the pokeballs from his belt on to the transporter and watched them vanish, only to be replaced with three of his other pokeballs. As he attached them to his belt, he heard an explosion from somewhere behind him. Simultaneously, he drew his sword and dropped a pokeball, releasing a Medicham at his side.

    "Okay, who's making a racket?" He muttered to himself, approaching the front doors.
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    Fida thanked the nurse when she returned Kieran to her, to which she simply got an 'Mmhm' in return. Fida frowned but pushed it from her mind and started looking around the center and noticed that there were now plenty of trainers in the small center.

    Now that she had Kieran back with her there was little reason for her to stay, but as she was about to say something to Reina there was a loud rumble and flash of light. The makeshift clinic began to shake from the blast and everyone began yelling.

    Fida stood up and made her way to the entrance, Elvia phased out of sight and followed the girl silently, a faint ripple in the air was the only indication that she was still there. There was a flash of metal out of the corner of Fida's eye and she stopped, letting a trainer with a sword stride by. She peeked outside curiously to see what had happened.
  19. "Now that was tasty." Rein smiled at Lunara, who was walking along side him through the streets littered with trainers from around the world. After his screening battle, he had gone to his room and changed into a black t-shirt and black jeans with red stitching. He had also put on a leather jacket that also had red stitching. He then went and treated himself and his pokemon to a meal, "Now then, should we be off to the pokemon center? I think we should get the team checked out before we start practice tomorrow."

    Without acknowledging Rein, Lunara took off running ahead through the crowd. "Would that be a yes?" Rein began to run after Lunara, but she came running back and jumped up into his arms, "What's wrong?" Lunara was growling at something, "What's gotten into you?"

    Just as Rein finished his sentence, a few streets over there came a flash of light and the sound of an explosion roared through the streets. "What the?" Rein looked down at his Umbreon who jumped out of his arms and seemed to beckon him to follow, "You're right, let's go check it out." And Rein took off running down the street as it filled with trainers with various expressions of surprise and terror, toward the source of the disturbance.
  20. Reina groaned as people began to panic and get overly excited as that was the worst thing they could do. It was a good thing there weren't many people in the Pokemon Center because there was practically a stampede to get out the door. The people who weren't panicking merely wanted to be in the thick of the action. It only took a minute for the center to near completely empty.

    "Well, Meilene we might as well see what happened," said Reina.

    She dashed out of the Pokemon Center with the Lucario close behind. She didn't have to look far to find the source of the commotion: up ahead was a gang with about fifteen people in it. All of them were wearing black, including a black shirt with the gang's logo--a demonic looking Crobat. The thing that had exploded was a larger than normal Lickilicky who was now lying fainted on the ground. What looked like the leader of the gang was arguing with one of the agents. The crowd was held at a distance by the other members of the gang.

    "So," said the gang's leader. He had one of the oddest voice Reina had ever heard: it was the highest pitch a man could hit before sounding like a woman but it was very rough at the same time. "You're saying I'm not good enough to be in this tournament?" He gripped an Ultra Ball in his right hand rather menacingly.

    "As someone who cheated and still lost? I'd say no, you're not" said the agent and Reina had to admire his bravery.

    Too bad the gang leader didn't. "No one disrespects me like that!" he shouted. "Everybody! Let's get started."

    The rest of the gang each seemed to have six Pokemon a piece and they released them all--the vast majority either being massive or fiercely intimidating. Chaos reigned as the gang and their Pokemon began indiscriminately attacking people in the crowd. Reina fleetingly wondered if Fida was all right before Meilene sprung into action. She defended her trainer from being hit from behind by an iron pipe wielded by a blonde woman with a Scizor.

    "Ooh, nice," said the woman in a dangerously sweet voice as Reina whipped around. "This Lucario would make a fine addition to our little team here."

    Reina made a noise of disgust. "Yeah, no. In your dreams."

    "That's what you think," said the woman smiling. In all the chaos, neither Reina nor Meilene seemed to notice the man behind them...
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    Fida yelled as she felt the surge of people push her completely out of the center. It was only a few moments before Elvia came into physical contact with Fida, allowing everyone to simply phase through her and her trainer.

    "Thanks, Elvia." Fida gasped, regaining her balance as she felt the strange sensation of people passing through her, it was a good thing none of them noticed.

    Fida heard arguments as she walked easily through the crowd when suddenly there was screaming. She looked about her startled and screamed herself when the mass of people around her was broken up by dozens of large pokémon rushed through, lashing at anyone they could.

    She held a hand to her face as a rhydon charged at her, though it was quickly dispatched by Elvia's Magical Leaf and a Shadow Ball. A Protect went up around them both as two gang members charged at them.

    Fida looked around her from the safety of shield and stared wide eyed at the discord around her. Pokémon were everywhere, pokémon that belonged to both the gang members and the crowd. The agents had theirs out as well but were completely unsure who to attack in all the confusion. Fida was horrified to see how many injured there were already.

    Fida thought quickly and pulled out a lure ball and pressed the button, causing it to expand. She tossed it through the Protect and high into the air where it burst open expelling a huge amount of energy and lighting up the area with a terrific flash.

    The leviathan left behind let loose a momentous roar to the heavens and leered down at all the tiny organisms before him.

    "Calhoun!" Fida shouted. "Surround as many as the trainers as you can! Attack the ones in uniform!"

    The gyarados coiled his body around Fida and any trainers around her, creating a safe perimeter, which was rather large due to Calhoun's immense size, even for a gyarados.

    Calhoun breathed in quickly before opening his massive jaws and letting out a stream of red hot flames aimed at any and all enemies.

    "Calhoun's vulnerable from other pokémon, Elvia, protect him; I'll be fine in here."

    The mismagius looked at her trainer for a moment before silently gliding high above Fida so that she could see everything around Calhoun and attacked any hostile that came near.

    Fida climbed to the top of Calhoun's head, using one of his white fins for support, and looked out hoping to spot Reina. In the flash of one of Calhoun's destructive Hyper Beam attacks she saw Reina with Meilene fending themselves against a woman. She saw a man sneaking up behind them.

    "Calhoun, Dragon Rage over there!" she pointed. "REINA! WATCH OUT!" she shouted as loud as she could so that her message would be heard.

    As soon as the last syllable was out of her mouth the ground began to quake violently as shockwaves rocked the area with a mighty roar from Calhoun, which would hopefully put a temporary stop to the fighting, if only for a moment.
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    "Medicham, let's go," Yoshimitsu said as he ran into the action. "The trainers inside the Gyarados are fine. It should be easy enough to tell which people and pokemon are our enemies." Medicham nodded, following Yoshimitsu closely. Without warning, the psychic-fighting type shot to the side with what looked like translucent blades extending on his hands, and slashed at a Charizard. Yoshimitsu appeared nearby, his sword gripped tightly. He heard a movement behind him and spin, bringing his sword meeting the blade of a Scyther.

    "Lookie here," one of the gang members said. Behind Yoshimitsu, the owner of the Charizard laughed.
    "Looks like Yoshimitsu," the second gang member said.
    "Reckon if we take down this one, the rest'll back off?"
    "Sounds like a plan."

    Suddenly, a Blaziken flew from nowhere and Blaze Kicked the Scyther away from Yoshimitsu. It landed, defending the blue-haired trainer from any other pokemon.
    "Two on one is a bit unfair, isn't it?" The Blaziken's trainer said, stepping to Yoshimitsu's side. Yoshimitsu glanced at his companion. It was a male, probably about the same age as him, with firey red hair that fell into a neat side-fringe, stretching down his cheek. He was dressed in a simple outfit - a white, short-sleeved t-shirt and dark, casual-fit jeans that stretched to his worn skateshoes.

    "Name's Kyle, it's an honor to battle alongside you," the trainer said.
    "It'll be an honor if we live though this," Yoshimitsu said back. "Medicham, we've got a small suprise advantage, don't waste it. Rock Slide!"

    Medicham nodded and focused briefly, raising a glowing fist and slamming it into the ground. Chunks of earth rose in the air in front of him, and he immediately jumped and kicked the nearest, sending the rest flying at Charizard. Charizard, however, was no run-of-the-mill pokemon, it seemed, and brought a glowing tail swinging round, smashing through the incoming earth, reducing it to dust. Medicham was a better pokemon than that, though - he had shot along behind the attack, and jumped.
    "Hi Jump Kick!" Yoshimitsu yelled. Medicham spun in the air and brought his foot swinging round, smacking the Charizard in the head. The psychic pokemon landed and jumped back to Yoshimitsu, leaving the dragonic pokemon staggering to regain balance.

    "Blaziken, you've got the advantage!" Kyle shouted. "Hit it with a Stone Edge, then follow up with Fire Punch!" Blaziken smashed his foot into the ground, and suddenly spires of rock shot up underneath the bug pokemon, who used its remarkable speed to weave around the first few, before taking flight, out of reach. Blaziken bent his knees briefly, then launched himself, his powerful legs allowing him to easily reach the flying pokemon. However, as he drew back his burning fist, Scyther slash the air in front of it and releasing two blades of wind. Blaziken grunted, but did not give in, and threw his punch, catching the mantis' jaw.

    "Medicham!" Yoshimitsu yelled, as his pokemon was sent skidding backwards, having been hit by a powerful Wing Attack. Medicham flipped to his feet, his eyes burning as he found resolve to fight. He was a powerful pokemon, he would not be beat by some punk's Charizard. "Medicham, Mind Read and Force Palm!" Medicham's eyes started glowing as he felt Charizard's thoughts enter his head. He knew exactly how the fire type would dodge, and immediately shot at the dragon, both fists glowing. As he knew it would, the Charizard dodged sideways, and Medicham followed, his palms connecting with the dragon's back. With a bright flash, the energy exploded from Medicham's palms, sending the Charizard sprawling across the floor, limbs spasming.

    "Blaziken, we need to end this! Flare Blitz!" Kyle shouted as Blaziken landed. The fire type now had several gashes on his body, but the Scyther wasn't doing much better. Blaziken glapped his hands together and began to concentrate, releasing his element of fire. It started with a glow - he started omitting a faint, firey light, but it developped rather rapidly. Flames started erupting all over his body, until he was covered in a cloak of fire, turning into a living fireball. With alarming speed, Blaziken shot at the Scyther, moving too fast for the exhausted bug to dodge. When the flames died, Blaziken stood, panting slightly, while Sycther was lying on the floor, unconscious.

    "I think we're outta our class," the defeated gang member said. The other gang member nodded in agreement as Medicham, using a well-aimed Psycho Cut, took down the Charizard.
    "Yeah... we'll let you guys off easy today!" The other gang member said, recalling his pokemon.

    "Thanks for the help, Kyle," Yoshimitsu said. "Find me when this disaster is over." Kyle nodded, and the pair of them ran back into the crowd, looking for the next people stupid enough to challenge them.
  23. The scene was utter chaos as Rein approached the pokemon center that appeared to be the source of the explosion. As Rein ran up to the entrance he saw battles unfolding all around the center. But the thing that really caught his eye was the leviathan of a Gyarados surrounding many of the trainers.

    It wasn't particularly difficult to tell which side was which in the conflict, "Alright, Lunara, time to get to work," Rein said as he scanned the area before him and then rushed into the thick of the battle. Before long he and his Umbreon came face to face with a Tyranitar and its trainer.

    The Tyranitar rushed forward without warning, Rein and Lunara barely managed to avoid it. "Tyranitar use Fire Fang!" The trainer yelled as Rein and Lunara regained balance. The Tyranitar turned toward the pair again and opened its jaws, heat could be felt escaping the pokemons mouth.

    "Lunara quick, use a Shadow Ball!" The circle on Lunara's head began to glow as darkness from the surrounding area was pulled together into a ball of dark energy; which the Umbreon hurled at the Tyranitar. The Tyranitar stumbled back, but regained balance quickly and rushed toward Lunara. Before the Umbreon had time to dodge the Tyranitar's Fire Fang hit, Lunara let out a cry of pain.

    "Lunara, Dark Pulse!" The Umbreon glowed with dark energy while still within the jaws of the Tyranitar and released a pulse of energy that threw the Tyranitar back. Lunara landed on all four legs but winced in pain and fell onto it's side, it was badly burned. "It's okay Lunara, you did great." Rein said as he recalled his pokemon.

    The Tyranitar's trainer came at Rein with a pipe, "I'll teach you to mess with my pokemon!" He yelled as he took a swing at Rein, who side-stepped the attack, grabbed the pipe to prevent another attack, and threw a hard left cross the knocked the attacker back.

    Rein threw the pipe aside, "That wasn't very nice. I suggest quitting before you get hurt." Rein said with an intimidating look at the gangster, who recalled his pokemon and ran off into the crowd. Rein threw up a pokeball and an Alakazam appeared next to him. Rein saw a gangster pointing at the girl on top of the Gyarados and yelling an order to a Typhlosion. "Alakazam, Psychic on that Typhlosion and it's trainer."

    The pokemon and it's trainer were surrounded by a faint flow and were lifted from the ground and hurled out of the crowd. "Hey, Kid! You need to pay attention!" As he yelled his warning at the girl an Ariados came up behind him about to attack. Suddenly it was stopped in it's tracks and thrown off to the side.

    "You should listen to your own advice," A girl with light blue hair in a black and blue dress said, her eyes were green and she was standing with an Espeon.

    "Julia?" Rein stopped dead where he was, in shock. It was his sister who had run away from home many years ago.

    "Nice to see you again, Rein." Without another word she took off into the fighting. Regaining his composure, Rein also turned and ran into a different part of the crowd; half searching for more gangsters, and half hoping he might find Julia again.
  24. At the sound of her name, Reina quickly turned around while Meilene was watching her back. As soon as she did, she found herself facing a man who was going to attack her from behind. He had greasy black hair and blue eyes and was, of course, wearing the gang's uniform. A brief expression of annoyance flickered across his face before it was replaced with a scowl.

    "Discovered me, huh. Not that it matters! You're a bit out numbered don't you think?" he said in a harsh voice. He pulled out a Pokeball and released a Rhyperior.

    The woman did the "menacing laugh" behind her and Reina couldn't believe the idiots she was running into. Reina didn't say anything, but pulled another Pokeball from her waist.

    "Then let me even things out! Come on, Acero!"

    The huge Steelix materialized out of the Pokeball and faced the man, his long silver body surrounding them all. Acero loved to throw his weight around and looked thrilled at the prospect of doing so now. Reina had to smirk at the look on the two gang members' faces.

    "Not surprised are you? You didn't think you were the only ones who had big Pokemon, did you?" she said

    "Shut up talking!" shouted the woman and the greasy haired man at the same time.

    At that moment the smirk slid from Reina's face. She felt the anger boil up inside of her and it was now probably showing on her face. They did not just say that. She hated being told to shut up, but she wasn't going to let it take control of her this time--not like that last incident...

    "I think I'm going to go with the grand exit," Reina said, keeping her voice under control. "Acero, use Magnet Rise!" (OOC: Flying Steelix w00t!)

    The great steel snake rose vertically into the air. Now there were plenty of Pokemon who could use Magnet Rise, but very few inspired as much awe or fear like a floating, over thirty feet long and hundreds of pounds of Steelix could. Many people involved in the melee had stopped to watch with mouths open.

    "All righty, Acero, now use Dragonbreath on Rhyperior from above!"

    Acero took a deep breath and exhaled a noxious beam of green blast of hot air at the drill Pokemon. It became apparent immediately that this Pokemon hadn't been trained well. Even though Rhyperior were large Pokemon, they could still be trained to defend against and dodge attacks--this one couldn't. The Dragonbreath hit the Rhyperior directly and Reina knew immediately it had been paralyzed as it could barely move.

    "Well, look like this is a wrap. Come down and use Iron Tail!"

    Acero's tail begin to glint in the moon light. He swung it towards the Rhyperior with fearsome power, but the man recalled his Rhyperior. The Iron Tail merely hit the red energy.

    "Hmph," grunted the man, and he ran off.

    "Seriously?" said Reina. She turned around and saw that the woman had run off as well. "Cowards," she said darkly. After she recalled Acero, Reina and Meilene went to find the gang leader. If he was stopped, then all of this ridiculousness would too.
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    "Hey, Kid! You need to pay attention!" Fida heard someone yelling as a trainer and pokémon were sent careening through the air.

    She turned and saw a male trainer with an alakazam. "Thank you!" she shouted and waved before ducking from another attack. She saw that Reina was safe when she released her steelix. Two giant pokémon on their side; had to be good for them.

    After a few more attacks from Elvia and Calhoun the area around them was clear.

    "C'mon, Elvia." Fide looked up to her ghost pokémon who was hovering above Calhoun. The mismagius floated down to Fida as she jumped off of Calhoun's back and made her way through the thinning crowd of people in search of either Reina or the man that had saved her.
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  26. Rein had lost track of Julia in the chaos and he was beginning to wonder if he had ever really seen her at all. A shadow ball passing over head reminded him of where he was, the middle of a battle. "Right, no time for that now." He muttered as he shook his head.

    He saw a Steelix rise from the crowd ahead of them and could only hope it was on their side, though the trainer riding on top of the Steelix didn't appear to be in league with the gangsters. That was good at least, the massive Pokemon fighting against the gangsters had caused many of them to flee.

    "Alakazam, we need to find whoever started all this. Once he's out of the picture the rest should just be clean up," He spoke to his Pokemon as he stopped and scanned the area. A large portion of the fighting was migrating toward the center of the crowd, "That's our best bet."

    He and his Alakazam moved toward where the mob was still thickest, on the way Rein saw the kid he had saved moments before moving through the crowd. "Hey kid, wait up!" He called as he caught up to her, "I'd tell you this place is too dangerous, but speeches never really suited me." He glanced back at her monstrous Gyarados, "And I figure we can help each other out, we need to find who started this." He started running toward the fighting, "Name's Rein, by the way!" He called back as he stopped at the edge of the fighting.

    OoC: W00tage! First post of the second page ^^
  27. Reina looked around for the leader and quickly spotted him amongst the fray. She noticed that the Crobat on his shirt was gold to signify that he was the leader. At the moment the leader was harassing more officials with his Machamp. As Reina was about to run over to him, she ended up being stopped by two more male thugs and their Pokemon, a Rhydon and a Blastoise.

    "Not again," she said angrily as Acero growled beside her. "I've had about enough of this!"

    "Where do you get off talking to us like that--" one of the a gang members began.

    Reina rolled her eyes. "Use Psychic, Meilene!"

    Both gang members and their Pokemon found themselves glowing blue as Meilene raised her arms and hoisted them into the air. The men levitated harmlessly while Rhydon and Blastoise writhed and twisted in pain from the attack. Once again, the Pokemon hadn't been trained very well. The Pokemon were wearing down fast.

    "If you give up, you won't suffer the consequences," said Reina tauntingly. Hey, she could have her fun with them. After all, she knew what was coming next.

    "Give up?" said one of men. "Let's us down and I'll show you!"

    "How lame," said Reina. "Well, Meilene, you heard them. Put them down!"

    The Lucario lowered her arms and everyone hit the ground with a sickening crunch.

    "Well, can't say I didn't tell you so," said Reina. "Now back to your leader." She peered around and quickly found him again. He had some how managed to give the officials the slip and was now farther away from Reina. He had taken himself out of the action was just sitting on the sidelines watching the pandemonium he had created. Reina shook her head.

    "All right, Acero, let's do this!" she said. She climbed aboard the Steelix's back near his head and got herself a good hold. "We're going to go around the crowd to reach the other side. Are you up to it, Acero?"

    Acero grunted in a way that clearly meant, "naturally." He began to move at a rate much faster than anyone would have suspected from a Steelix while Meilene ran beside them. Since they took a path where there were fewer people, they didn't have to worry too much about hitting people, and even then when someone crossed their path, they moved out of the way when they saw Reina and her Steelix approaching. Reina could see the gang leader grow closer to them. Not only that, she saw a few more people headed toward his direction as well, probably for the same reason as her.

    Now this could get interesting, Reina though.
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    Reina wasn't exactly invisible in all the madness. Fida saw her up ahead atop her massive pokémon that was her steelix.

    Fida was able to make quick progress through the crowd thanks to Elvia; the two were unhindered by anything as they simply passed through any person, pokémon, or object.

    "Hey kid, wait up!" She heard a familiar voice from behind her.

    "Mm?" she turned to see the man who had saved her earlier, the alakazam still at his side, who Elvia stared at with curiosity. "Oh, hey." she smiled.

    "I'd tell you this place is too dangerous, but speeches never really suited me," he began as he glanced back. "And I figure we can help each other out, we need to find who started this," he started to run in the direction Fida was going. "Name's Rein, by the way!" he called back.

    Fida ran after him with Elvia in tow. "My name's Fida!" she responded. "Nice to meet you!" she said as they rushed into another wave of fighting.

    The girl kept moving, trying to stay close to Rein while still trying to deviate towards Reina, though it became apparent that they would all meet up, as Reina had stopped and they were heading straight towards her.

    Suddenly they were free of the throng of people, and now only a few scattered individuals were what separated them from what Fida assumed to be the gang leader. Fida called out to Reina as Elvia moved into a defensive position in front of the young girl. Fida eyed the gang leader, noting that there were now three of them and only one of him. Perhaps fighting would be avoided and he would surrender.
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