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Ask to Join The ultimate competition

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. All OOC and character bio's go here. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-ultimate-competition-discussion.16373/
    Chet looked at the camera. "Is it on?" He asked his camera guy. the man shook his head. Chet smiled. " Welcome to the Wellor estate." He said. When he said it Camera B showed the mansion. " this estate will be inhabited by twenty four people duking it out for one hundred thousand dollars." He said. He tapped his finger as camera C showed twenty four SUV's heading towards the mansion. " I'm You're host Chet McNiel and welcome to the Ultimate Competition." He said. he sighed when the red light turned off.
    Come on." He said to the camera man as he stepped out of the mansion to it's entrance as the SUV's showed up. He watched as the twenty four victims of reality TV stepped out.
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  2. Ebony yawned as she stretched. She looked out the window and stepped out when the vehicle came to a stop. She ran a hand through her hair with her usual lazy smile, "well hello"?
  3. Sly walked out the SUV with his earbuds in his ears without a care in the world. He took a quick moment to look around. To his left Sly saw another contestant. 'Probably some fan girl.' Sly thought to himself. Unlike people knew, it was hard being a profesional. Fans were even crazier. That's why most athletes didn't really like to interact a lot. The only reason Sly was here was because his sponsors required him to do this. The thing is, Sly didn't even need the money because once he was drafted, he would already be a millionaire. 'Why not.' Sly said to himself. He decided to test the waters and see if the people in this competition were as annoying. "Hello there." Sly said as he walked up to Ebony. "Are you a part of this competition?" Sly asked.
  4. "Yup. I'm Ebony," the girl offered her hand politely. Ebony blew a strand of hair from her face. She kept up her smile as she looked him over with a raised eyebrow, "so what is a rich boy like yourself doing here? Got bored of the court maybe"?
  5. "I'm Sly, nice to meet you." Shy said as he shook Ebony's hand. "I can never get bored of the court. It's what keeps me going. Anyways, I was kind forced to do this." Sly responded to her question. "But don't tell anyone I said that." He said. "So why are you here?" Sly asked Ebony, taking this moment to look her over.
  6. "I was bored," Ebony shrugged and leaned against the car behind her. She hummed as she looked at the cameras and the host, "it's kind of a break from training and all that and don't worry. I won't say a thing".
  7. "Break from training? I guess you're an athlete too." Sly guessed. "Anyways thanks for not saying anything. The media usually jumps on things like that." Sly said before turning to look at the host. "I guess we have to wait for the other contestants to arrive." Sly said aloud.

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