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The Triumph of Entropy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shocari, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. This is a Warriors Orochi RP. It is a crossover of Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends(Three Kingdoms Era of China) and Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends(Sengoku Era of Japan). Please, search any and all info on all three before you post. Thank you. P.S.: A fan-made character is required btw.

    ~Oda Army Main Camp, Nagashino~

    It was very early in the morning, definately before daybreak. The moon was near the end of its descent, with the rising of the sun mere minutes away. A fine mist hung in the air, visible as far as the eye could see, coalescing into the trees beyond the camp. To the camp's east ran a shallow river, and beyond that was what the Japanese called Nagashino. Nagashino seemed a fine place to begin to build a city, now that the battle with the Serpent King Orochi was over.

    Orochi was a mystical being who was imprisoned long ago but had escaped and created his own world, taking the current Japan and the Three Kingdoms of China and fusing them into a place where he could find humanity's best warriors. The Japanese had heard of the Chinese's great heroes of that time, yet felt reluctant to fight with them against the Serpent King. Nevertheless, the two joined together and ended his rule, spreading peace after the long and bloody campaign.

    The wind began to blow softly as the moon and the sun met, each taking the other's place in the sky. The breeze blew the spiky, dark-brown hair of a young man in his mid-twenties. He was well-muscled and clad in a green headband, brown leather arm-guards, a green sleeveless vest that revealed his well-developed chest muscles and abdominals, a green waist-cape that ran down the back and sides of the legs, green combat pants, gold shinguards and brown combat boots. Every green part of clothing had a very intricate golden design of a wolf. He was tan and had dark brown eyes that looked like a wolf's.

    The wind blew a bit harder as the sun peeked over the trees, casting rays of light into the mist. The man held a guan dao with a dark blue staff and a silver wolf's head before the blade, giving the appearance of the blade emerging from the wolf's mouth. He stared into the fields beyond the river, focusing on something...

    "Sakaki." a man's voice said. Sakaki turned around to see his lord, Nobunaga Oda, walking towards him. "Sakaki. You seemed to have acquired a different taste while you were with Master Zhang Liao of Wei. You appear to have given up Bane." NObunaga had his dark brown hair pulled back, a sign that he was ready to do something. He had a small goatee and had piercing brown eyes. Nobunaga was already wearing his armor over his combat suit, and was holding his fear-inducing sword by his side.

    Bane was the name of Sakaki's old sword, a sword made in similar fashion to Lord Nobunaga's. "I felt more...connected to a guan dao than to a sword. The guan dao was something that felt...like a part of me." he answered.

    "Is that so? In that case, it is good to do as, how do they say, 'out with the old, in with the new?' You seem to be tense, Sakaki. The war is over, yet my instinct tells me that you yourself have come to suspect as I have: trouble is indeed stirring."

    "Yes. I fear that not all of Orochi's army was destroyed, and for that, we must live with the knowledge that they are out there, causing chaos where they can."

    Nobunaga stared deep into Sakaki's eyes before he finally said "You fear for Kasumi's safety, don't you?" Sakaki nodded. "I can tell that you are truly worried about her, and for good cause. I believe that witch Da Ji is still at large, is she not? You think that she is plotting something." Sakaki nodded again.

    Nobunaga whistled, and two horses came: a light gray one and a jet-black one. The gray one was Nobunaga's, the black one was Sakaki's.

    "Come...Sakaki. We shall go and retrieve Kasumi."

    "Really? But how? Surely it won't be just us?"

    "You are right. That's why I shall gather what men I can so we can have an able-bodied search party." he said, allowing a thin smile.

    "It seems too simple." Sakaki frowned, clearly not enjoying the fact that it could be a ruse of Da Ji, who did this kind of thing.

    "Sakaki, it's just that simple."
    Okay, if you are interested in joining, you must follow this criteria:
    1. Three Kingdoms(Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends)
    a. Wei
    b. Wu
    c. Shu
    d. Other
    2. Sengoku Era (Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends)
    [You must choose one of these eras to be a part of. If needed, search info on them, particulary the games, and get a feel for what weapons are used in each. Try to keep clothing appropriate for the time as well]

    Once more, keep the weapon appropriate for the time as well. You can have a SW char use a DW weapon, as I have, if you have a reason for it

    Keep in mind the RP rules. These are important.

    AND FINALLY: This RP will require application. You must submit to me via PM(private message) your character, info pertaining to the above, and a short summary about the character. If I approve join, if not, well, I leave that to your imagination.
    EDIT: I will provide basic info and links to char info for those that wish to join
  2. ~Oda Army Main Camp, Nagashino~

    A tall man slowly roamed around the encampment, cleaning and generally checking up on the soldiers. The soft wind that blew across the man's strong neck soothed his sore muscles. Constant fighting had hardened this man, it showed in every line of his being. The man always had an are of readiness about him, even when he was standing completely relaxed. He always appeared ready to attack and fight. Though his stance and his height were not what set this particular man apart from the entire army of soldiers in Nobunaga's army. The man wore European full plate armor and carried a European hand and a half sword strapped to his side. The sword had a shining, clear emerald in the pommel and the grip was comfortable and well worn leather. More things set this man apart from the rest of the army. He was not Asian. His soft brown hair hung messily past his chin and his clear, emerald green eyes were not shaped in the traditional Asian fashion. He paused to rub his eyes with an armored hand when a soldier ran up behind him and clapped him on the soldier.

    "Shiren! What's with the look? The war is over, you should be drinking and celebrating with us!" The man laughed lightly as he kept his hand on Shiren's shoulder. Shiren turned and smiled kindly and his green eyes always had a hint of kindness and care behind them.

    "Thank you but no thanks." Shiren said as he rested his hand on the hilt of his sword, "I don't think this is over quite yet. You go enjoy yourself. I have something to see to. Good day." He bowed and dismissed himself from the soldier and continued his rounds around camp.

    How could a European knight such as Shiren be in this mixed up realm? He was visiting Japan when Orochi decided to create his own world, and accidentally dragged Shiren into the mess. He wandered around, avoiding armies and fighting until the Battle of Saika Village. There he was picked up by Nobunaga's army and given a purpose. His skills with a sword and tactical intelligence proved helpful over and over.

    Shiren sighed and pushed the memory aside as he walked up to his tent. He looked around the camp one last time and noticed a soldier taking Nobunaga's horse and one other horse off into the distance. Intrigued, Shiren turned and followed the horses. He stopped at the edge of the tents to watch Nobunaga and another soldier...Sakaki was his name? Shiren couldn't remember very well...talking about finding soldiers for a search party. Shiren strode up to Nobunaga's horse and bowed low, "Lord Nobunaga, Sir Sakaki, if I may ask, I would like to join your search party. All this waiting around has me restless, sir." Shiren kept his head bowed as he waited for Nobunaga's reply.

    (OOC: Hope this works ^ ^;)
  3. A tall man approached after the horses. Sakaki had only seen him maybe only once or twice. He was dressed in-what was it called? Euronean? Euroneean? European? Yes, that was it. European-armor. He wasn't Japanese or Chinese, and came from a very distant land. He had a well-crafted hand and a half sword and strange emerald eyes. He was extremely kind from what Sakaki remembered.

    "Lord Nobunaga, Lord Sakaki, if I may ask, I would like to join your search party. All this waiting around has me restless, sir." he said, bowing.

    "Lord Shiren, we would be glad to have you along. I couldn't have picked a better man." Nobunaga answered. "We leave in a half-hour. Be ready." He mounted a horse and rode back to the central part of the camp. Sakaki took his horses reins and nodded towards Shiren, then walked back too.

    Sakaki was frantically searching for his things in his tent. So far, he had his food supplies, some water, some rope, and Wild Spirit-his guan dao. With only a few minutes to go, Sakaki quickly took what he had and attached it to his horse's saddle, except for the guan dao, which he always held.

    As Sakaki mounted his horse and rode towards the camp's boundaries, he could only think of Kasumi.
  4. Shiren nodded his thanks as both Nobunaga and Sakaki left to gather their things. Shiren turned on his heel and strode back to his tent. His tent was immaculately clean and orderly. Everything had it's place and Shiren made sure it was kept there. His gear was already packed up and the bags were sitting in the corner. He double checked them quickly before hefting the bags over his shoulder easily and walked to where the horses were stabled. A stableman was brushing Shiren's horse down and getting the saddle ready for travel. His horse was a lovely almond brown with a auburn mane. Shiren gave the horse a pat and attached his bags to the saddle before mounting.

    Shiren rode slowly out to the camp's boundaries and waited patiently. A little while later, he noticed Sakaki riding out to the meeting point. Shiren pulled his horse alongside Sakaki's. Together, they rode out to the meeting point. Shiren sat quietly as he examined Sakaki. He seemed extremely worried about something. His eyes had that lost in thought look to them. Shiren moved a bit closer and cleared his throat, "Sakaki, Sir, is something bothering you? You seem extremely worried about something." Shiren quickly looked around camp and beyond the boundaries before returning his attention to Sakaki.
  5. "Sakaki, Sir, is something bothering you? You seem extremely worried about something." Shiren said, bringing Sakaki back to reality.

    "Yes, Shiren, there is. Its what we're going to search for. You seem like a trustworthy person, so I'll tell you: we are searching for a person, a very close friend of mine called Kasumi. She has been missing since the war against Orochi. The last I saw of her, she was fighting with the heroes of Shu.

    "Do you remember the sorceress, Da Ji? I believe that she has done something to Kasumi, though I have no proof. Kasumi may simple be wandering towards us, and we just don't know it. But I wouldn't put is past Da Ji to have some trick up her sleeve..." he trailed off. Sakaki caught Shiren's eye, but quickly looked behind him. Lord Nobunaga was coming.

    "Masters Sakaki and Shiren, we will be leaving shortly. I have gathered what men and women I can. In five minutes time, our search begins."
    wow. Lot of dialogue. Well, let me make this clear for anyone who wishes to join: you can join at any point in time, so long as its not the very end of the rp(I will make a notice of this at that time, so there will be no excuse). AS an added note, superpowerful characters made by a poster must follow this limit: Tadakatsu Honda, Lu bu, Da Ji, Orochi/Orochi X, and Kiyomori Taira will always be stronger, there can be no winning against them in a one-on-one fight. It will take several people to bring them down, and by several, I mean at least 6. They are that strong. That is all.
  6. Shiren nodded quietly and listened to Sakaki's tale. He remembered the sorceress well and the havoc she caused during the war. Shiren smiled and gently patted Sakaki on the shoulder, "In either event I am sure that we will find her, have faith." He said softly before he noticed Sakaki's eyes move beyond him to his back. Shiren turned and steadied his horse as Nobunaga approached. He told Shiren and Sakaki that they would be leaving soon, and that he had gathered soldiers to help. Shiren nodded, "As you wish, Lord Nobunaga. If I may ask, Who else do we have to aid our search?"

    The party appeared to consist of Shiren and the two other men. This gave him some worry. Shiren had no doubt that the two men had plenty of fighting experience and could handle themselves supremely. However, even with all three of their fighting prowess, It was doubtful they could hold their own against an entire army if they were caught. Shiren sighed softly and waited for the rest of the group to gather so they could begin their search.

    (Sorry for the short post. Not much Shiren can do right now hah)
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