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The Treatment of n00bs

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Some people think they're just uneducated posters with the potential to be successful members of a forum community. Others see them as posters who are blatantly ignoring all common sense and deserve to be punished (severely). And others fall somewhere in between.

    Where do you stand on the treatment of posters gone wrong, and why?

    For the record, newb/newbie =/= n00b. Newbie simply means a new member. A n00b is someone who utterly ignores the rules and spams/posts pointless crap. While this tends to happen most of the time with new members an older member could potentially gain n00b status, in which case they'd seem like an even bigger moron because they should know better.

    Some people have the notion that 'quantity over quality' is most important on a forum with few members (you bend the rules a bit if it means keeping poster #s up). I have and always will disagree with that idea, because let's face it: a forum filled with idiots is a waste of time and effort. It can be fun for awhile, but sooner or later you'll realize it's pointless and you'll move on to a forum that actually has members with half a brain.

    With that in mind, I do not think it's right to allow spammy posters to get away with it (even if awhile back I let some people around here get away with more than they should have... I've since learned). Sometimes it can be a bit hard to draw the line between what is and isn't spam, but in the cases that it's clear something should be done. People should get a warning, and if they don't take heed of it and actually read the rules then they should be banned (admins/mods wouldn't waste time typing up rules if they didn't want 'em read). You know how it goes... First time they mess up, shame on them. Second time they mess up without getting dealt with accordingly, shame on you. You can only give so many "second chances" before it sinks in that this person isn't listening to a word you say, and, really, that's how it tends to go. You can usually tell just by the way someone posts if they're actually trying to improve or if they really couldn't care less.

    Still... since there are n00bs who do want to stay part of a community but need a good kick to get things right, a temporary ban is a good idea. If you simply ban someone and never let them back you'll never really know if they learned their lesson or not. By warning someone, then temp banning if they don't smarten up, you can get a better picture of how much they actually want to be around. If they spam again, a permenant ban is in order. And speaking of temp bans, the Doc had the idea of both temp banning and putting someone's post count to zero, which is a great idea IMO. Most people spam to get their post counts up, eh? Taking that away from them gives a clear message and is a good lesson.

    So... yeah. I've rambled enough. Thoughts anyone?

    Note: While they might deserve it, cursing n00bs out is pointless IMO. In the end it only reflects badly on the admins/mods/community.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I earnt my name at Pokeschool over my 'crusade' (something blown out of proportion really considering all I did was get rid of two morons - much to the pleasure of every RPer on the site) against N00bs.

    Some people mistakenly confused that word with newbies and for some reason assumed that just because someone had recently signed up I was going to leap down their throats and tear out their gullets.

    To be fair, in the 4 1/2 years I spent at Pokeschool I nurtured more new people than I 'scared off' 'cause there's really no point in taking someone who is new and telling them to piss off right from the get-go.

    However, I have NO tolerance for idiots. Even moreso for idiots that simply DO NOT LEARN. Or worse, have no care to learn. These people will never be tolerated here at Pokecharms - if you break the rules, you learn from it or you can get the damned hell out of my sight.

    However, ALL of us were n00bs once - not just new, but n00bs. I certainly was. I mean, you can't expect 10/11 year olds sitting around the computer and finding an Internet Message Board one day to suddenly be posting quality material or even understanding exactly what the hell's meant to be going on.

    Everyone gets better as they learn and grow - even idiots. However, if they do not actually put in the effort to learn they're a waste of bandwidth, time and effort.

    I'd like to hope that the new Realm of N00bs That Went Too Far would give rule-breakers the chance to learn and come back as more useful members. I certainly don't think it's necessarily the best idea to stick to the 1 strike system 'cause it's really not fair.

    I doubt i'd have survived the 1 strike system when I was 11 but I hope that had I had The Realm or other such ideas to take me aside, show me my mistakes and give me the chance to learn that i'd have taken it in.

    As it was, I simply just had others that had been where I was and were willing to take me under their wing and show me directly what I was doing right and wrong. Of course, back then ALL of us were a lot younger :p.
  3. Whered all the other posts go? They were her today, but now they're gone.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I deleted them, since they had no relation to the topic and you'd already deleted your original post. Beats simply locking the topic due to spam *shrugs*

    Anyways, what do you think about the treatment of 'n00bs', Seviper? Without the Lunareon reference, that is ;)
  5. Well I think the treatment of n00bs should be this. If the n00b is a new member they should get a second chance because they dont really know what they're doing, but if the n00b is a member that has alot of experience with the pokecharm forums they should get banned right away because they know not to spam
    and mess around with th forums. Thats what I think the treatment of n00bs should be.
  6. Ok, I Being A N00b, I Understand The Rules And Will Follow Them, Thats Me Though, If I For Example Did'nt Do Those Things But Was Willing To Try Then Yes, Warn Me. If It Went To The Point And Did Not Care One Bit Then Destroy Me. On My Side I See It As, Help Those If They Want To Change. Yet If They Could Careless, Thats Thier Fault And No One Should Feel Bad About It Or Think All N00bs Will Be Like This. (Like On Other Boards They Barely Care About N00bs) But This Board Is More Or Less Like A Family, Punish Them, Send Them To Timeout After The Lecture Then Welcome Them Back. The House Rules Are There Not Because The House Owner Wrote It Not Just To Make It Look Good, But To Enforce The ' Children Of The House' I Accept The Fact People Are'nt Perfect But To Much Of Thier Bs And They Will Be Rejected. IMO N00bs Are Everywhere Treat Them Fairly Like To Others That Are'nt Newbies. If They Are Thick Headed Then Oh Well, They Are Turkeys Sent For Slaughter. :->
  7. i think that all newbies have plenty of lienence, it's not too hard to understand the basic rules of the site...if they ignore warnings, then i see it as deliberate
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    The problem is that common sense is rarely common, a lot of n00bs do NOT read the rules or follow them, creating much backlog for creatures like me who have to clean up after their mess. X_X
  9. yer its hard to tell mistakes from actual spamming i meant to go on page 2 of a thread when i pressed next instead and a while after i noticed. trying to sort out the problem now tho.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't find it all that hard to separate decent posts from the most common forms spamming. If you double post or more, post completely off-topic, point pointless replies, etc. you're obviously spamming. And again, spam is broken down VERY clearly on the global rules form. The issue isn't that people don't know whether they're doing it or not, it's that they never bothered figuring out what it is.

    Honestly, if some of the members I've n00b'd lately posted like THAT on other Pokemon forums, I wonder what sort of standards those forums have =/
  11. N00bs are n00bs because they don't bother to read the rules! I read the rules and I'm a Newbie. I think you should give The Newbie's another chance though...They might not knwo what to do! But if it is a constant thing then you should ban them.
    As for old member's, they should know better! They have had quite the experience in PokéCharm's Forums. And therefore, she not be given anothe chance. They should just Punish the n00bs by Not being able to view any other Topics exept for the Realm of N00bs...Same fr posting.

    That's my opinion. ^.~
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  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Y'know... we do give newbies a second chance. n00b that went too far isn't an automatic ban, and some people just need a wake-up call to realize what they've been doing wrong. Full fledged n00bs, though, mask themselves as being newbies who really don't give a crap and didn't even bother reading the rules or following up on why they were warned to begin with.

    It's easy to tell when somebody cares or when they're just being a moron. Maybe they really do care but they're just too young to understand how a forum should be used... in which case they're probably better off leaving for awhile until they mature a bit.
  13. I'd like to point out I never read the rules (frankly, my attention span is FAR to short to be able to handle them, how I can write is beyond me) and I turned out just fine ;)

    Of course, I had a StellarWind hanging over me the entire time. . . :p

    It helps, I think, to not only read the rules, but also lurk a bit before posting to get an idea of what RPing is all about and the standards of the board, as far as newbies are concerned.

    But as for n00bs who know what they are doing, posting random junk like "just talk here, blahblah" and "Hey trade me plz" . . . Banish 'em all to the realm, says I. If they can't repent and renounce their old ways, well, it is perfectly acceptable for us to have standards. This isn't a random "spam the fact you want trades everywhere board", It's an RP board. We care about what we do, we spend time on these posts and ideas, we put hours of work into some of this stuff, and it's a damned shame to see "pikachuz r teh bezt, lolz0rz I roock trade me" in the middle of a serious story line.

    Geeze this post made so much more sense in my head. . . I'm so scrambled today, my thoughts won't stay straight.

    Flame on the boards that tolerate it ;) I know I do. (it's nice to be able to vent anger randomly to complete strangers on random topic boards. keeps me sane everywhere else)

    And i think, as far as typos go and what not, some people are clearly trying and some are just wrtng rndm cr@p no1 cn read newayz. . . I think it's fairly obvious which are the newbies and which are the n00bs ^^' And I wouldn't go so far as to say "throw rocks at the n00bs and insult them vehemently", because then you are no better then the n00bs themselves, But I think a proper level of disdain and distance is just fine. You may come off as arrogant, but you certainly won't come off as a n0000000b. :p
  14. Hmm...
    After reading over the posts here I think I'll add in my worthless two cents. xD

    I, like DragonLass, did not read the rules here (at first). I modded a few sites back in the day, and have always agreed with proper etiquette and an end to pointless spamming (Though one of the forums I modded, I was the head mod of the spamming area... >.> *cough*shame*cough* I just made sure that it didn't go insane and that no flaming/trolling/baiting occurred).

    I think if you join a forum and have never been a part of one before, you should read the rules, browse around and see how other members interact, and get a feel for the forum community before you join. If you find that you cannot abide by the forum etiquette, then you should not join.

    I understand we sometimes get bored, and cannot think of anything to do, so the urge to post something pointless arises. But that, in most cases leads to only further boredom because it leads to nothing interesting. Only a few trace pointless spam threads have ever became something interesting a worth the effort of participating (in my experience).

    Though, this brings up another point. I understand Oak's and others feeling of keeping Pokecharms as a higher intelligence forum, which I in fact highly enjoy, but even people of intelligence need a calmer "chat" setting.
    Example: A thread to chat with people in, instead of topics.
    True, there are PMs and such, but sometimes people want to interact in a more "group setting" those they spam the "Hi, how are you?"

    If a simple chat were created, I think less newbies would appear as n00bs.

    But this does not mean that the n00bs would go away.
    Noobs are n00bs because of the deliberate disregard of rules and respect for the forum. Or, because they lack the maturity to be part of a forum community. Those being so even after being warned, n00bed, and still continue, deserve the ban they receive.

    In all honestly, I have thought about the n00bs of this forum.
    Some are inexperienced, and are only trying to figure this place out. So what I propose is this; A stickied thread in "N00bs that Went to Far" about getting a mentor.
    Those who are "n00bed" may post to get a Pokecharms mentor to guild them through the ropes of being part of a forum community. Those mentors in turn are provided with a scale and checklist to look for in the n00b they mentor. They watched the n00b and see if they were just a clueless newbie, or a certified n00b. Then then report to a mod their results and final punishment can be delivered if findings are bad, or they can be released from their n00b bindings back into the forum.

    This is just one person's views and observations.
  15. Hmm, here's my "less than two cents".

    I think that a part of the problem is due to the presence and use of the "too far forum". Sure it has value in giving those who accidentally double post or hit next topic instead of next page a second chance to be told of their mistake, but it does seem to also encourage an intentional spammer to simply leave (good) or keep spamming (bad) when in all probability they could have become decent, comprehensible posters (yeah, I have faith in humanity... sort of...).

    The Mentor idea that RoseTea raises also seems more trouble than it's worth. I could forsee it being useful for a genuine mistake maker but the fact is most people relegated to the "too far forum" seem to me (though I have been a rather irregular occurrence here) to be more than a little miffed by the semi-banning, thus the presence of a "mentor forum" presided over by those who most probably banned them seems to entail more trouble than it's worth. In effect it would be possible to deal with a spammer and then deal with them again. I know we are all mostly reasonable here and could deal with such a thing but I'd question how the spammer would take it.

    In essence I think the only way to actually tackle the problem would be to have a graduated system where the new user could show a portion of their true colours (even if some might fake it just to go out in a blaze of spamglory) in a forum like chat situation like Rosetea suggests, although it would still be structured, without the "Hay! Come her 2 talk!!11eleven!" topics

    Please excuse me if this is completely disjointed but I'm in a 3am frame of mind, in other words my mind is severely lacking in frame.

    On a side note This spam issue really is just due to the pokemon affiliation though right? Check out the forums at a web-comic called "Dresden Codak", they seem sanely insane yet lack much mention of the "s" word. Good comic too by the way.
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Not necessarily. Boards like IGNs and Game FAQs scare me far worse than anything I've witnessed in the Pokemon fandom, but we are at higher risk for n00bs due to the younger age of some posters... Not that I'm stereo-typing anyone. We have many excellent younger posters, just as we have some older aged n00bs. This fandom just has a tendency to draw in people who've never used forums before or really don't understand how they're supposed to work.

    Random question, but you guys mean a chat 'board', not an actual discussion chat, eh? Because there already is one of those ^^;

    Anyways, I like what someone said the other day when I commented about Charms being considered "too strict"... Our rules really aren't that "strict" whatsoever. They're all based on common sense :p And really, that's why some people wouldn't even need to read 'em. The one's who need to be reminded over and over again what not to do have bigger issues than simply following the rules. They really shouldn't be posting. Reading through current topics and figuring out how things work is a perfect thing to do when joining any new forum, and its what I stress to people who are new to RPing... and yet, even with such great reference material already in existence, some people just don't get it =/
  17. Linkachu - as you yourself said "This fandom just has a tendency to draw in people who've never used forums before or really don't understand how they're supposed to work." And this brought something to my mind.

    If you never been to forum before, and even read the rules, you still may appear as n00b.
    As a reference to what I am speaking about, I have a Nintendo DS Lite (which I just received as a gift, along with a game)... I have read the rules, gone to the site, and browsed... Yet certain things about they thing leave me totally clueless....

    I still have trouble with the WiFi connection, how that whole things works, and so on... So, to learn more on how to operate the accursed thing, I just randomly press buttons and touch random things (hoping it doesn't blow up or something), until I figure the whole thing out.

    Maybe in some cases the supposed "n00b" is doing some of the same things, but has made a mistake in doing so?
    I am not saying this to excuse the acts of noobs... I still can't stand them and think if they can't get along with the rules, warnings, and such, they should go. But in the case of newbs appearing to be "n00bs," this may be the point, and all they need is someone to give them the copy of "Internet Forums for Dumbies"???
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Pretty much why Alex came up with the three strike system too. Some people really don't know what they're doing wrong, but they want to know, so they ask questions, try to fix their mistakes, and so forth...

    People earn the title of "n00b". When someone is asked to read the rules and correct their mistakes, yet continue making the same mistake, something has to be done. A lot of the time, advice is offered to these people in many ways - they just fail to take it or value it. It's a learning experience for some of them. Sometimes, being banned is the best thing that can happen to them because they realize down the road why it happened and don't do it again on other forums. Newbies are new posters, and they do make mistakes and ask questions that may seem obvious - main reason why I made the Newbie Help Topic ^^. I'm all for answering questions, so long as it's not something that's been answered in the same topic someone is asking it in (like the 50 posts to a custom avatar thing...). If it really is just an age thing and people just don't understand, though, they should take some time to figure things out before posting again.

    It makes me laugh, and rather bugged, how some people think we mod to be mean. We're not out to get anyone. I like this fandom, and I like chatting with other Pokemon fans. I'm willing to give anyone a second chance who shows me reason why they deserve it. In the end, though, most people blow that chance by spamming up the n00b Realm or calling the admins/mods names for doing their jobs... And this is why I say I love newbies, but I hate n00bs.
  19. I understand your sentiment.
    I love newbies and hate noobs. And I understand that as a mod you can't play favorites, you stick by the rules and enforce them. It's your job, and you must do it accordingly.

    But at the end of the day, even though we can only suggest so much, it in the end comes down to the accursed "noob" to change the tide. And if they are the noob they are claimed to be, then it's pretty much pointless, and they have earned their punishment.

    Oh, by the way...
    I wasn't speaking of a chat "board" but a chat thread.
    Stickied and people can go in it to chat normally, (like people do at group social events, except over the internet).


    Poster 1: Hello, everyone. What's up?
    Poster 2: Hey nothing much. Just got a new game for my DS. I totally love it! :D
    Poster 3: Really? What game is it?
    Poster 2: It "Super Fun Time Game 3" The game play rocks.
    Poster 4: Hey. I have played that game before but it just doesn't hold your attention. After the second lvl it just gets too repetitive.
    Poster 5: Meh.. I enjoyed the game, but to each their own right? So what about everyone else? What's up?
    Poster 1: Just browsing the forums and fighting boredom.
    Poster 3: I'll have to check the game out. And on that note... [/insert funny img here]
    Posters: now discuss the image, or laugh and joke about ect....

    I will have to pull up a link of where people chat like this (I have been in a few, and they are quite enjoyable, when you don't feel like talking about anything in general.)

    I think that it would cut back some of the newbies posting in the a thread, saying one thing about the topic then posting "Hi. So how is everyone?"
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    All I can really suggest to that is people join in the actual Charms chat, either through the java tab located at the top of the forums or directly through mIRC. If the java tab isn't working, their java probably needs to be updated, or their system security is blocking it. Either way, I'm not sure how much I like the idea of a thread like that... Seems like something spammers would latch onto and then bring to the rest of the boards that don't have those specialized rules =/

    Maybe I'm wrong, though. It's still not something I'd implement myself. I'd leave that up to Oak :)
  21. I agree with Linkachu on this one. . . that's why we've got the chat (no, it's never worked for me).

    I've considered going down in a blaze of spam glory ( ;) ) But I love RPing far too much, I love the people here, and I have sekrit aspirations to be a mod one day. I'd never really RPed before this and I love it. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but I made sure i understood the expectations and demands of the board before making my first post.

    personally, i think the system we have here works. :) and I find it supremely amusing to read locked topics. ^^

    okay, bad stomach ache turning this into some incoherent far to quickly. . . >< *reminds self to furthur flesh out her opinion later*
  22. Well, perhaps the first problem is that everyone here seems to enjoy saying the world "noob"/etc far too often. Perhaps new members are afraid of making a post that the more "vet" members will think is utter trash, and with that in the back of their mind they make a mistake (don't you love how worrying does that?). We're all human (Although I'm sure some people wish they were Pokemon), we all make mistakes... so the way I see it, people shouldn't be jumping at a person's neck if they're new and make a mistake. Now, if they continually make the same mistake(s) over, and over again, that's a problem. Perhaps instead of trying to make this site more "noob" friendly, you could try making it more "user" friendly.

    Then again, since I'm so new here, I'll have to build some rapport till people actually take me serious..... Even though I'm probably one of the worst Pokemon players in the world, on account of using the Pokemon I think are cool and not based on the "meta game".
  23. Which is why nobody gets a ban immediately, they get warned and then, uh... "quarantined" until they show they were just making mistakes. I may not be the biggest fan of this system but it does give people plenty of time and chances to figure out what the deal is around here. Personally I think it should involve gaining privilege before you can abuse it but meh, I am a cold, clinical bastard so I guess that's just me.

    [quote author=Gameshark link=topic=858.msg16800#msg16800 date=1178863690]
    Even though I'm probably one of the worst Pokemon players in the world, on account of using the Pokemon I think are cool and not based on the "meta game".

    Oh and metagame? psh... Being a pokemon fan is more than just battling. I tend to purposely stop evolution if I don't like the higher forms (Venusaur and Rhyperior, I'm looking at you...).
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The only reason the word 'n00b' is seen so much is because we've had a number of people who deserve the titles these days :p

    Like I said, you EARN the title of n00b, and not wanting to be called one is a deterrent in its own right (n00bs are not the same as newbies, nor does anyone here treat it as such). It's not like "OMG FIRST MISTAKE n00000000b DIE!"... No. It's a three strike system to give people the chance to prove that they're NOT just disregarding the rules and genuinely want to fix their mistakes.

    Charms is user friendly. It's user friendly to people who can use their heads, and most people can. The select few who can't and only disrupt our way of living get dealt with according for it, and no, I'm not letting them repeatedly screw around before finally labeling them as a menace to forum society. Three strikes. If people can't figure things out by then, they deserve a time-out :p

    The only real alternative possible is to completely take out the n00b realm and stop giving people a second chance. Everything would be done behind the scenes. Is that really what people want? Here, we've made it known WHAT will lead to you getting banned... and that's really the only difference between Charms and some other forums I visit. Our spam rules are exactly the same definitions of spam you'd find elsewhere, we just broke it down so people would actually know what they're doing wrong. Makes me wonder now if that was a good thing... Maybe people like just blindly being accused for spamming and not having it layed out beforehand what spamming is?

    Alright, that sounds extreme, but that's the vibe I keep getting off some people >>

    For the record, I apologize if I'm starting to sound like a bitch here, but we DO know the difference between a new member and a spammer. But this is getting off topic. Far, FAR off-topic... I'm making it about Charms specifically when it's just a random 'what be your opinion on how to deal with spammers on the web?' topic... Although, other people have been doing that, too, so let's all stop that and just keep things generalized, eh? >>
  25. I don't really think too much about the treatment of noobs. On my forum, I don't have a problem with them. If I did, IP ban is a simple and effective tool.

    Now on a Pokemon forum I'm sure you get a lot of those. I have this odd thing that I do when I see a noobly post, I ignore it. That way my IQ isn't lowered and I don't get infected with stupid.
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Multiply it by 50, and then would you still ignore it?
  27. I don't think anyone would ignore 50 nooby posts.
  28. That is why God invented the Ban Hammer. Its name is Mjolnir.

  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I like the ban hammer. I think it should be used more often ;D

    Wait. I didn't say that >>;
  30. ..........Well I think the newb,noob,n00b w/e term shouldn't exist at all its stupid and immature even I as a friggin 12 year old view it in that way... You should just state New member or New not newbie not that its thnat offensive but its just so annoying when people say or something " that noob is so dumb *snort* I have level 49 magoic what a newb"

    Come ON


  31. I think that Newbie users, deserve those chances because they ARE new and they DONT know what the hell is going on. They arent used to some of the rules (No caps!?) That kinda freaked me out at first..I thought we werent allowed to capitalize or words or something XD.
    Though, older user's who have been on for awhile should really know better..While this site is strict..thats only because they enforce the rules they set out with an iron fist...Being strict doesnt equal being unfair..its just they dont let people get by with breaking the rules...
    I think that personally, there isnt anything wrong with being a Newbie because everyone is a newbie at some point o.o. So I dont find it offensive is someone calls me a Newbie, they are just stating the truth. Im new to the forum, nothing wrong with that, you dont want more people to converse with??
    Being a N00b isnt so good. I think the three warnings is a very nice things that the mods have done for us..Without them alot less people might be here..It gives people time to learn and time for people to change because they do mess up..
    Yet some people are just born N00bs and wont stop no matter what. Those are the ones who's age I question..Quite often..I know the spam thing is alittle hard..thats why I try to make my responses realitivly long XD and sort of..on topic..at least alittle so they know I TRIED..tried reeeal hard..Lol and maybe forgive me?
    I dont know..
    So..I think the N00bs should get treated with some harsher punishment especially if they've been here breaking rules for so long..Because that just gives the forum a bad look and a bad name...Letting immature people run around will scare people off >_
  32. Its not really a bad term,its how you see it.Noob in all forms is a bad term,but its literally meant for a person who IS stupid and immature

    Newbie however just means new,and really many things online have nicknames.This is just one more of those things.People who use Newb offensivly as you did simply cant tell real life from game,and are in a much worse state.So dont worry about it.
  33. We were all newbies at some point. I had no trouble with the rules and I'm having a hard time believing that the rules are strict. Seriously, it is not that hard. Newbies are just people new to the game. N00bs are people who repeated display their lack of good common sense. The rules aren't there to be strict or mean. They're there so the rest of us can have an intelligent conversation with like-minded individuals. If you won't read the rules, read the locked topics to see why they got locked. Besides maybe entertaining yourself with others' stupidity, you may learn something.

    Newbie is not offensive! Like I said EVERYONE has been there and done that. It won't be long 'till you're no longer a newbie. Trust me. In no time it seemed I was able to have my custom avatar.
  34. I Agree With Linkachu! noobs Should Be Thankful That They Get A Second Chance.(For The noobs that got Banned Twice)
  35. You people who hate the word noob are probably all the same people who go batshit insane when someone says "nigger".
  36. And what's so wrong with people who don't like that kind of language used around them?
  37. personally i don't care who says that word...

    1.It doesnt affect me
    2.Even the people it is a racial slur for,dont care about it

    i hear the word every day,it now is positive to say!

    However being called a n00b is offensive online,and many more people care nowadays....i still dont care,then again i also try to avoid any reason to be called such a thing
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Considering that that's a racial slang and the history connected to it, I'm batshit over it, too. People joke, and that's just for fun, but if some bastard is being racist purposely they might as well be the scum of the human race and get a shovel to the face.

    Now, n00b is nothing like that. It's no different than calling someone a moron, it's just one of the many fancy internet word that's come into being over the years. If you don't like it, don't be an idiot :p
  39. Doctor Oak

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    If you don't like being called a n00b. Stop being a fucking moron.

    Simple as that.
  40. Some good advice from our communist leader ^^
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