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Open The Transformers ( The Last Stand)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by PopplioPerson, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Optimus Prime: I have a story to tell you about a war that happened many years ago about robot life forms called Transformers. We are robots that turn into cars and their are two sides Autobots are good, and the Decepticons are bad so here is our story.(Has to be your own creation because I know every transformer in the book so you can't get past me)

    Human or Transformer?:
    Minicons or Cassettes: (Yes or No answer)
    Rank: (Scout, Soldier, Field Medic, Arms Specialist, Combiner, Leader)
    V mode:(Earth or Cybertron)

    There it is so here is my form(limited to 1 person)
    Name: Risk
    Gender: Male
    Human or Transformer?: Transformer
    Affiliation: Autobot
    Personality:Great, ready for battle, protective, leader of team
    Minicons or Cassettes: (Yes or No answer)NO
    Rank: (Scout, Soldier, Field Medic, Arms Specialist, Combiner, ) Leader
    Weapons: Blades, Rust gun, rifle
    V mode: Mercedes-Benz E 43 AMG

    Now you make your form and once as their is four to five decepticons and autobots I will start the rp
  2. shh we can't speak loudly we open chat for this stuff duh:D:D:D
  3. also, go join my rp discussin
  4. i am waiting for a couple of each side ok
  5. or we can pull a star wars and start with space politics
  6. just wait wait "immitating road stop light speakers" wait...wait...wait
  7. HA. my discussions called black ops 2 zombies roleplay
  8. yeah cool but start a chat place to talk this is a forum remember or a general role play i can't remember.
  9. this is a general roleplay discussion
  10. wait...............wait...............wait...............wait
  11. do do do do do...duma dum....do do do do...duma dum...da dodo dodo do do do da do
  12. Can someone else sign up please

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