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Open The Trainers of Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by fieldrunneruwu, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Before you start roleplaying in the thread, you are required to fill out these questions for the character you are using.
    After you fill it out, you can start roleplaying whenever you’d like to!

    General Information


    Pokémon Information

    Pokémon Team (please include type(s) and level(s), moves are optional):
    Number of Badges:
    Desired Pokémon:

    Background Information

    Family's Names (Optional):

    Here’s my character:

    General Information

    Name: Eleanor Pearce
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 4’10”
    Weight: 122.4 lbs
    Appearance: Eleanor has long, thin blonde hair. She is quite short and hasn’t trouble reaching up to things she needs. Her eyes are hazel (green and brown), and she’s has long eyelashes. Eleanor has pale skin and cute freckles spotted along her face.
    Eleanor usually wears black jeggings, an olive-colored t-shirt and a denim jacket. Eleanor always carries around a pink backpack and wears pink converse. She’ll wear something fancy like a dress if the occasion calls for it, or if the weather is nice outside.
    Personality: Eleanor is a bit quiet, but it’s not like she’s super introverted. She enjoys battles and getting critique from her opponent to make her battling skill even better. Eleanor is talented in playing the guitar and piano, but she doesn’t admit that she’s great at the instruments. She despises blonde-girl stereotypes, getting quite provoked when people say stuff like that. Overall, Eleanor is a very kind girl who is pretty determined to do things that may seem unnatural or too big of a dream.

    Pokémon Information

    Pokémon Team (please include type(s) and level(s), moves are optional): Braixen (Fire type, level 21) Fletchling (Fire/flying type, level 15) Vaporeon (Water type, level 12) Ponyta (Level 7, Fire type)
    Starter: Braixen
    Number of Badges: 4 Badges
    Desired Pokémon: She’s always wanted a legendary Pokémon.

    Background Information

    Backstory: Eleanor was born to a wealthy couple in a large hospital. She was born early, and the doctors figured she wouldn’t make it. She did make it, but her lungs and a few other organs weren’t fully developed. She has asthma and needs to carry around an inhaler, but she’s still alright.
    Her parents showered her with love and attention, so she was always a happy child. Soon getting her starter Pokémon at the age of 15, she set off on her journey.
    Family's Names (Optional): James Pearce (father), and Stella Pearce (Mother).
    Hometown: Lumiose City

    Eleanor chewed her gum and blew a large bubble. She was currently in the waiting room of a Pokémon center, since she challenged the Lumiose City Gym Leader and failed to win.
    She picked up a book on the table in front of her, and began to read. The book she was scanning was about the history of Lumiose City, which she enjoyed because knowing the history of your hometown is actually interesting.

    Minutes later, her Pokémon were all healthy and happy as they were returned to Eleanor. “Thank you Nurse Joy. Have a nice day!” Eleanor smiled.
    “You do too!” Nurse Joy replied as Eleanor walked out of the center.

    Eleanor knocked twice on the door of her parent’s large house.
    “Eleanor! Look at how big you’ve gotten!” Her mother squealed as she embraced her.
    “Not really..” Eleanor chuckled and walked inside. “Where’s dad?”
    Stella sat down. “He’s at work.
    “Oh,” Eleanor sat down next to her mom. “Where’s your Pokémon? Persian?”
    Stella called for her Pokémon. “Ohh Persian! Kitty kitty kitty! We have a guest who wants to see you!”
    Persian walked into the living room and jumped onto Eleanor’s lap and purred thoughtfully.
    “I missed you, buddy!” Eleanor grinned and pet the creature. The Persian butted his head on Eleanor’s hand and purred some more.
    “How’s your Pokémon trainer career going?” Stella asked.
    Eleanor brushed her hair out of her face. “It’s going amazing so far! Even though today, I lost a battle to a Gym Leader.”
    Stella smiled. “Everyone does, everyone does.”

    Eleanor closed the door of her room. “I missed this place..” Eleanor whispered to herself and flopped on her bed. She quickly got changed into her nightgown and slipped under the covers, and quickly fell asleep.
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  2. (I swear I didn't mean to copy your character, I planned to make a character that is a violinist before I even saw this Rp.)

    General Information

    Name: Lindsey Amatey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Appearance: She is a young girl with blue eyes and has her blonde hair tied up at the left side of her head. White long-sleeved shirt, black short skirt and black stockings.
    Personality: Affable and confident in her ability as a trainer and a violinist. Before an important battle, she usually gets stressful. To release the stress and to lift up her pokemon morale, she plays violin.

    Pokémon Information

    Pokémon Team (please include type(s) and level(s), moves are optional):
    Litleo lvl 15 (male), Froakie lvl 12 (Male)

    Starter: Froakie
    Number of Badges: 2
    Desired Pokémon: Kricketune (Simply because the species is known for its musical talent.)

    Background Information
    Backstory: She was born in Sinnoh. Eversince she was young, she was known in her hometown as a violin prodigy. When she turned 13, she got a scholarship in a school in Kalos. After a year of study, she decided to explore Kalos as a trainer.
    Hometown: Sandgem Town, Sinnoh

    At a cafe not far from Coumarine City Gym, Lindsey Amatey was admiring her newly received Plant Badge. On the table were a plate of half-eaten pancakes and an almost empty cup of chocolate. Her two pokemon were eating their berries nearby. Her violin case was rested against a vacant chair.

    She wiped out a map from her bag and unfolded it. "Alright. I guess I should head for Lumiose City via Route 13." She murmured to herself. Her mind went to the last time she challenged the electric gym. It was the first time she ever lost to a gym leader. She slapped herself gently. 'No. You can do this, Lindsey. You have become stronger.'

    Her Litleo nudged her, signaling that her pokemon had finished their meals. Lindsey smiled and quickly finished off her plate, emptied the cup and asked for the bill. Soon, she and pokemon were on Route 13. Lindsey were humming and remained optimistic for the upcoming gym battle.
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  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Just a heads up: Make sure you read the RP forum rules - because while there's nothing wrong about dreaming about meeting a Legendary, remember that any involvement of an actual Legendary pokemon - backstory or actual-story - requires approval by staff before you do anything with it.
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  4. General Information

    Name: Samuel Fox
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 115 Lbs
    Appearance: Pale skin, short orange hair, blue eyes. Always wears a dark green hoodie, green ball cap, black track pants, grey shoes, and a green bag.
    Personality: Timid, Stubborn.

    Pokémon Information

    Pokémon Team: Riolu (fighting, Lv.25)
    Starter: Riolu
    Number of Badges: 0
    Desired Pokémon: Not sure

    Background Information

    Backstory: Sam has lived in Shalour city for his whole life. When Sam was ten years old, Gurkinn had bestowed upon him a Pokémon of his very own. A Riolu to be precise. But when given the option to be a Pokémon trainer, he instead opted to stay in Shalour.
    Family's Names (Optional): Jackson Fox (Younger brother)
    Hometown: Shalour city

    The sun beamed brightly over the forest trees, it's glaring light managed to awaken Sam. The teenage boy who laid in his sleeping bag, trying to wake up his brain form it's dormant state. A soft yawn escaped his Riolu, who also slept in his sleeping bag. "Ri, you have a good sleep or wah?" Sam asked, smiling as bright as the sun. "Ri." She responded, smiling and nodding her head. "Well we best be head'in back soon. I'll pack up the sleeping bag and then we can get back home." Sam said while slipping out of the sleeping bag. Ri soon followed suit.

    Soon the two joged for Shalour city. But eventually they had to walk, because Sam's asthma loved to show itself when he attempted any physical activity. Granted he could jog for a bit before having to stop. When he stops he talking a while before he's able too catch his breath. Nonetheless the duo managed to get to their home in Shalour a bit after sunset.

    As soon as Sam had shut the front door, he kicked off his shoes, slipped off his bag, and fell backwards on the couch. Ri climbed up on the couch too. She rested on top of Sam's chest. The two, now both exhausted, closed their eyes and fell asleep.
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  5. Name: Lance Gabrial
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 145lbs
    Appearance: Lance is taller with a rather thin build and tanned skin from working. He has a sharp but boyish face with a broad nose and clear ocean blue eyes, which is paired with chestnut coloured hair. Usually Lance wears straight black pants rolled up three times to showcase his funky socks for the day with an orange/red fleece/flannel (usually the teen has a random rock T-shirt under said flannel). On his feet are a pair of sleek black shoes, nothing too special that he wouldn't mind getting dirty. Lance carries all of his things in a black backpack but he also carries a messenger bag where he keeps all of his art supplies, you usually never see him without the grey bag.
    Personality: Lance is a funny guy and tries to be kind to everyone. He doesn't like to assume the worst of people (or pokemon) and loves to help everyone as best as he possibly can. Everyone assumes that he's this super sweet guy and that he's always happy, never a care in the world, but secretly he interacts with everyone to keep himself sane. Unfortunately, it's easy for Lance to spiral into darkness when left alone. He was orphaned at a young age and he'd lost his previous partner to a bad cave in, so he tries his best to befriend everyone. In reality, he just wants to make friends in the hope that no one leaves him again.

    Pokémon Information

    Pokémon Team (please include type(s) and level(s), moves are optional): Clover (F. Buneary, Normal, LV. 25) Aster (M. Eevee, Normal, LV. 17) Lemon (M. Noibat, Flying/Dragon, LV. 15)
    Starter: Bunneary
    Number of Badges: 4
    Desired Pokémon: Lance really wants a Bergmite and a Murkrow

    Background Information

    Backstory: When he was born, Lance was put up for adoption, his parents no longer wanting him due to being born with an underdeveloped right leg. When he was finally adopted, it was by an older man who owned a ranch out in the Sinnoh region. The guy later ended up making Lance his own shoddy prosthetic, which was later switched in for a new and sturdier one. When working on the ranch, Lance befriended a runt Mareep, who he later named Lily. He and Lily were best friends and when Lance left for ranger school at age 15, Lily would become his partner. Unfortunately, three months into his placement, Lance was sent on a mission with a moderate ranger that would later kill his partner. He'd been sent to rescue a Ponyta that had wondered off and was later spooked and hid within a cave, the horse had been stuck and frightened an Onix with it's flame. The cave was collapsing when Lily pushed Lance from the cave and saved him. After the loss of his partner, Lance was forced to take a break from being a ranger and returned to the Sinnoh region to be with his adopted father. From there he decided to squash this dream and move instead, now living in Kalos and trying to get gym badges. The man hasn't been the same since, however, his new partner, Clover, is helping him heal. Lance still caries around Lily's mega stone as a reminder of his late partner. (Lance was never able to Mega Evolve Lily seeing as how he didn't have a mega ring and only her little stone (The Ampharos was also only newly evolved)).
    Family's Names (Optional): Reginald Gabrial (Adopted Father)
    Hometown: Solaceon Town Outskirts, Sinnoh

    Lance roamed around Lumiose drumming his fingers against his messenger bag nervously. The brunette had a gym battle to do at some point during his stay in Lumiose City and the longer he was there the more he seemed to avoid it. While he knew Clover could hold herself in the gym, he was worried about Aster and Lemon- both were significantly younger than the Buneary and didn't know optimal moves for the electric types to come- And theres another reason for Lemon...Lance sweats the idea of the little half dragon half flying type being shot from the air by bolts of lightning, the poor little one wouldn't even be able to sound off a single Gust with how much stronger those electric types must be.

    A tug from Lance's pant leg reminds him that Aster is still trotting comfortably beside him, the little Eevee looks up at him with huge violet eyes, almost as if questioning his trainers worry. "You're right," a smile spreads across the 17 year old's face, "I need to stop worrying, the worst that happens is we lose and try again."

    "Vee!" the little pokemon gives his agreeance and soon the two are off towards the gym, which was easy to spot from anywhere in the large, circular city.
  6. While Lindsey was on Route 13, she felt like she qas being stalked. When she looked over her shoulder, she noticed a small, blue pokemon woth a fin. Unmistakably, it was a Gible.

    'A Gible is a ground type, isn't it? I can use him for the upcoming battle.' She thought but, as soon as she approached the pokemon, he ran away.

    "Aw. Come on!" She grumbled. She was about to order her pokemon to follow but she came up with a better idea. She knelt down, opened her violin case, placed the violin on her shoulder, stood up and began moving the bow across the strings.

    After she finished playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons' Winter, she noticed the Gible again. He was hiding behind a rock. Lindsey smiled. Her plan of attracting the Gible woth melody worked. She then played a little more until she was sure that the Gible was paying full attention to her. She then ordered her Froakie to used bubble.

    The bubbles floated above the Gible in circle, distracting the pokemon. She then used that opportunity to throw a pokeball. The pokeball shook thrice and made a click sound. "Yes!" She shouted and retrieved the pokeball. She then played another song to celebrate getting a new pokemon.
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  7. Before the crack of dawn, Sam had gotten up and went outdoors to experience an early morning feeling. As the sun crawled over the horizon, the fog rolled in. His could smell something, it shook off any drowsiness he had. 'There's that morning smell.' He thought as he let out a long sigh.

    Once he was ready to go about his day, Sam turned around to head inside. When he reached his front door, he noticed a pokeball on his doorstep. "When did this get here?" He asked himself as he reached down to pick it up. Sam was never a genus when it came to using a pokeball, nonetheless he was determined to see if the ball was empty. Without warning the ball popped open. But nothing came out. "Huh, well I guess it's mine now." And without further interruption, Sam went back inside to make breakfast.
  8. General Information

    Name: Alexander Forester
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Appearance: Being average height and fairly skinny, if you look closely, you can see Alex's clothes seem to hang off of him. His kind brown eyes match his relatively short hair. He typically wears a brightly colored t-shirt and dark blueish jeans, always with a jacket tied around his waist, just in case. Never know when it's going to get cold.

    Personality: Alex is, primarily, a kindhearted person. He is at his happiest when those around him are enjoying life as well. However, having encountered a number of people who were less genuine than he believed, Alex has developed an undercurrent of fear and a slowness to trust. (Note: this manifests in subtle ways, such as taking care to sit facing the door and always knowing a building's exits). Alex feels strongly about protecting those who can't protect themselves, a quality that often conflicts with his tendency towards fear. Alex hopes to be a pokemon researcher someday, particularly in the field of behavioral research.

    Pokémon Information

    Pokémon Team (please include type(s) and level(s), moves are optional):
    (Growlithe, F, lv 17) Quick to excitement and full of energy, though also easy to scare. Very perceptive and protective of Alex.

    (Espeon, M, lv 14) Genrally low-energy and spacey. Jumpy around other pokemon, tends to perfer people. More cunning than conventionally intelligent.

    Starter: Growlithe
    Number of Badges: 0
    Desired Pokémon: unsure

    Background Information

    Backstory: Alex has always loved pokemon. Raised by a domestic pokemon trainer, he gradually picked up on his mother's love for the creatures. After years of watching initially unremarkable pokemon trained into gentle, fierce, or intelligent partners, he grew particularly interested in behavioral research. At the age of fifteen, his mother had managed to save enough money to purchase a growlithe for him. With a professional trainer as his mentor, Alex was able to train his new partner and his curiosity grew. After his growlithe was sufficiently trained, he decided to start try catching pokemon. Eventually, during a regular training outing on Route 10, he made his first catch: an eevee. Raised by a fiercely protective single mother, Alex wasn't allowed to truly begin his journey until he had sufficiently trained his growlithe, and his eevee had already evolved into an espeon. As such, he began his journey relatively later than most other trainers.

    Family's Names (Optional):
    Hometown: Cyllage City

    Ten days ago:

    "Yes, Mom, I'm sure I can handle it," Alex was already halfway out the door, though he'd have to run to catch up with growlithe.

    "Alright, well, just be safe okay? I love you," Alex's mom reached her arms out for one more good-bye hug.

    "I'll be fine. I love you too." The hug ended, and Alex's gaze returned to his faithful partner, at distance ironically far considering she was supposed to always be by his side. Alex's thoughts drifted to his espeon, wondering how his two pokemon had ended up so differently. After one last breath of the salty sea air, he set off on his journey.

    Present day:

    Beyond the tall grass bending in the light spring breeze, tall buildings began to rise on the horizon. "See that, Espeon? That's Lumiose City! We're almost there!" As Espeon rolled his eyes, Alex laughed. Espeon never was one to get excited. Growlithe, on the other hand, would be positively ecstatic at Alex's excitement. That is, she would be if she hadn't tired herself out chasing some fletchling earlier that day. As of now, Growlithe was taking a decidedly long power nap in her pokeball. It was the tenth day of their journey, and they were already nearing the end of route 5. Alex noted that they were making really good time.

    "Alright team, let's make a good first impression. We don't want this to be like Camphrier town all over again." Espeon responded with a mischievous meow. Hopefully this would be a little less... interesting than last time they entered a new town.

    Edit: indicated that the first chunk of text took place ten days ago
  9. Lindsey arrived Lumiose City about half-past-seven. Her first goal was to find a place to eat. She opened a map of the city and skimmed through it. "Sunshine Cafe.... It said here that the place serves breakfast until 8.30. What do you think, Froakie?" She asked her first pokemon. The pokemon nodded in agreement.

    On the way, she walked past the Prism Tower, the gym. She couldn't help but to gulp. The bad memory of the last battle against the electric gym leader kicked in. She subconsciously clenched her fists.

    Froakie noticed this and quickly tried to cheet her up. "You are right, Froakie." She said, although she had no idea what her pokemon was saying. "We are much stronger now. Plus, we even have a ground type pokemon now. We will be fine!" She said and continued walking to Sunshine Cafe.
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  10. OOC: Are bagels a thing in Kalos? I'm not sure what other kinds of fresh bread they'd serve in a cafe, so I'm just gonna roll with it. Also, I roughly guessed the conversion from dollars to pokedollars to be $1 to [​IMG]140.

    The bell above the door chimed as Alex walked into Sunshine Cafe. The morning sun streamed in through the store's front windows. Outside, pedestrians were walking along the gorgeous brick-lined side street. In the cafe, smells of coffee and fresh bread filled the air. Alex's mouth watered - he hadn't had "real food" in days. Travelling through the wilderness required sustaining yourself on a small selection of non-perishables. In Alex's opinion, it got bland very fast.

    "Hello, welcome to Sunshine Cafe! How may I help you today?" Alex heard the barista's voice clearly, despite the background chatter.

    As he reached the counter, he responded with his order. "Hi! Can I get a bagel and a decaf with extra milk please?" Espeon lept onto the counter and gave Alex the stare. "You know, it's rude to sit on counters, Espeon," Alex teased. Espeon responded with a petulant meow. "Alright, alright." Alex returned his attention to the barista. "Can we also get two orders of fresh poke-bread?"

    The barista laughed and nodded her head. "That'll be [​IMG]1700 please. A name for the order?"

    Alex counted out the bills. "Worth it for some fresh food." He smiled and handed over the money. "I'm Alex."

    "Thanks Alex, we'll let you know when your food is ready."

    Alex held up his arms, and Espeon jumped into them. He wandered over to one of the crowded cafe's only empty tables, near the door. He sat down in a chair, putting Espeon in his lap. Looking out the window, he could see Prism Tower gleaming above the city's other buildings. Stroking Espeon's silky fur, he settled in to wait for his order.
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  11. Once Ri was up, Sam prepared two bowls of cereal, and handed one to Ri, and headed to the table. within five minutes, the two had finished eating and they both just sat there for a moment. Ri looked totally zoned out. Sam began to wonder what his pokémon is thinking about. 'She's probably thinking about the cookies from the store.' For no apparent reason Sam became motivated to buy some cookies. He pushed his self up from the table which snapped Ri from her trance. "Come on Ri, let's get ourselves some cookies." The moment she heard him say cookies, she had launched herself at Sam, who managed to catch her. "Alright, calm down you." Sam said jokingly. slipping in his boots, he headed for the store.
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  12. Name:Hayden
    Weight:120 lbs.
    Appearance: Trainer Red hat, Red, black and white shirt, brown hair, green eyes, and black and white shoes.
    Personality: Some what shy, short tempered, happy.
    Starter: Greninja
    2nd Pokemon: Charizard
    3rd Pokemon: Tyrantrum
    4th Pokemon: Lucario
    5th Pokemon: Gardivoir
    6th Pokemon: Garchomp
  13. Name:Hayden
    Weight:120 lbs.
    Appearance: Trainer Red hat, Red, black and white shirt, brown hair, green eyes, and black and white shoes.
    Personality: Some what shy, short tempered, happy.
    Starter: Greninja
    2nd: Charizard
    3rd: Zebstrika
    4th: Garchomp
    5th: Gardivoir
    6th: Venusaur

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