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The Thread...of Evil *thundercrack*

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Satoren, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha...haha!

    No good guys allowed.

    Welcome to the Thread...of Evil! *thundercrack*

    Where we pay homage to villains and dastardly deeds of all sorts! Here we shall discuss topics that are a horrible spot on the otherwise filthy, beautiful world of humanity. Let it be known that you, too are a villain by letting out a resounding evil laugh!

    Blarharharharharharharharharharhar *insidious dramatic organ background music*​

    And now, our first evil discussion...of evil! *thundercrack*

    What makes a Villain? Of course, every villain has to have evil in their veins; it is an important factor that has replaced most of our white blood cells (with evil blood cells...of evil! *thundercrack*) But no, to be a true villain, you need...an Evil Plot!

    And so I ask all you scoundrels, Which Villain, in your opinion, had the best evil plot? It can be any villain, from any continuity, from any genre. Video games, TV Shows, Books and such. Who had the most diabolical plan ever?

    For example, consider the exploits of one Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz. With his fiendish machine, the Ballgowninator, he plotted to become the most manliest man...by comparison, because everyone else will be forced to wear ball gowns.

    But that is just one such diabolical plan, there are plenty more. Which one do you think deserves the gut-wrenching title of 'Most Evil?'
  2. I hope this doesn't sound lame or anything, but there's a certain one in Death Note that was really evil, so much so that it took around half of the first season. Light needs L's name, but he also has to protect Misa, otherwise her Shinigami Rem will kill him. Misa lends him her notebook, and gets captured shortly thereafter. Light does a weird mass-switch thing with both notebooks, and has Rem give one to Higuchi. Light relinquishes ownership of the other, which makes him lose all memories. He then(much later, actually) captures Higuchi and regains his memories, and had set it up so Rem would kill L to save Misa, which also kills Rem, eliminating yet another problem.

    He did something no one had done, and killed a God of Death without being the object of their love. And the look he gives L as he dies, the "oh, yeah, it was me all along, but I'll see you in hell...or not >:3" look, is just so evil and rude it's kinda saddening.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    In my personal opinion, the most evil plot would have to belong to Resident Evil 0's Queen Leach. Building up the T-Virus in the body of Dr. James Marcus, it eventually came to believe that it was Marcus, resurrected, and planned revenge against Spencer and Umbrella. To accomplish this, it unleashed the T-Virus in the Management Training Facility and the Spencer Estate. While, eventually, it was killed by the combined efforts of Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers. However, the Training Facility and the Spencer Estate were both lost because of his handiwork.

    Eventually, the T-Virus was unleashed on Raccoon City, and the president was forced to destroy it. This also destroyed Umbrella's public face. Its stocks crashed, and Umbrella fell. Spencer went into hiding, his fortunes ruined by the fall of his company. However, he couldn't stay there forever. With his health failing, he was finally found by Albert Wesker, and put out of his misery. It took nearly a decade, but Marcus' revenge on Umbrella was finally complete, and it wouldn't have been possible if he hadn't started those first outbreaks.
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  4. Hmhmhm, where to start...

    If I had to choose one villain, I'd have to go with the Capitol and President Snow of The Hunger Games. They had a perfectly ingenious plot, if I do say so.
    It started with a rebellion, and that led to another rebellion. The Capitol was struggling to keep on top. Finally, they'd had enough, and they dropped the bomb. Literally, the dropped a nuclear bomb on their thirteenth district, and destroyed. Their other twelve districts didn't want that to happen to them, and followed the Capitol's rules... and participating in their games.
    The Hunger Games is basically a cruel fight to the death between twenty-four children between the ages of twelve and eighteen, from the twelve districts of Panem, to keep the districts in line. Cruel and unusual punishments? Not even close.
    They are able to keep this going for three quarters of a century. Until they are foiled by an eighteen year old girl. Besides that, it was so very carefully thought out, each game and each arena having special specifications. Oh, it was so evil.
    Aside from the games, the president of all of Panem, President Coriolanus Snow, is one of the most ruthless, underhanded people in all of Panem. He was born for power, born to rule. he ruled over Panem for over twenty-five years, before dying. And not all of his elections have been honest, oh no. He often used poisons to incapacitate his opponents, and even drank from the poisoned cup to elude detection. Seems the perfect weapon for a snake, as the main character, Katniss, often describes him.
    He has no limits. He wouldn't hesitate to kill a person, and he kidnapped Katniss's "boyfriend" in order to lure her out; yet another plan! Plus, Snow had a huge part in the Capitol's plan; though it wasn't as much the Capitol as it was the Game makers... But it's still all the same thing.

    Respect to the Capitol and Snow. They were true evils. Evils that still live on, somewhere... Ehehehe...
  5. Heheh X)...Definately wouldn't call it the best but it deserves an honorable mention in my opinion. Naoya, from Devil Survivor, particularly when you decide on siding with him the final day. He talks his little cousin into becoming the king of demons all to achieve his main objective...Killing God. How can it get more evil than that? Even when Lucifer comes to Tokyo, its out of curiosity rather than destroying God. Naoya and his demon king cousin take the cake on this one for me.
  6. Even though he/it may not constitute a villain, Big Brother and the Party from 1984 were quite scary and effective. They could change one's mind with torturing brainwashing, eliminate parts of the past to make Big Brother right, and generally manage to keep tabs on everyone all the time. No one can die a martyr with the Party around.
  7. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    I don't really have much to add except you damned villains have gotten Mermaid Man's screeches into my head. Damn you all.
  8. Wesker
    We still don't know the full idea of his and he just keeps fucking humanity over every fucking game! He is almost impossible to kill (to believe he's finally gone in RE5? Nope)

    To shapen the world by taking the deities power by force! Sure he becomes a huge beastly boar, but that doesn't matter when the world is yours.

    King Bowser Koopa
    To snatch the princess to make her his queen and dominate all that is peaceful in the Mushroom Kingdom, a classic tale and yet it still works, there are many different ways he goes about it and sometimes he really fucks the place up just to get what he wants.

    Team Magma/Team Aqua
    To dry the oceans or drown the world for their idea of a utopia, to disregard lives of every possible thing on Earth just for their own personal beliefs is quite the plan to go by.
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The greatest mastermind of all villains is none other than Xehanort of Kingdom Hearts. SKIP THE NEXT THREE PARAGRAPHS IF YOU DON'T WANT BIRTH BY SLEEP SPOILERS!

    In KH:BbS, Master Xehanort tried bringing out Ventus's darkness so that he could fight against the light hearts of Master Eraqus's students Aqua and Terra to create the X-blade. When that didn't work, Xehanort ripped out Ven's darkness by force creating Vanitas. He then sent Ven to Master Eraqus so that Ven's light could get stronger. That way, Ven and Vanitas could fight to create the X-blade.

    While Xehanort was at Eraqus's castle, he noticed that his student Terra had a bit of darkness in him. Realizing he was getting old, Xehanort decided to use Terra's darkness as an arc to steal the boy's body. A few years later when it was time for the Mark of Mastery Exam, Xehanort sabotaged Terra from becoming a Master by telling Eraqus that he was uncomfortable with someone possessing darkness obtaining such a prestigious rank. As a result, Aqua passed but Terra failed.

    At the same time, Xehanort had Vanitas unleash a horde of Unversed across the worlds forcing the students to leave home to fight them. Over the course of their separate journeys, Xehanort fed Terra's darkness and Ven's light in preparation for his Keyblade War. By the time anyone figured out Xehanort was up to, it was too late to stop him. The X-blade was forged and Terra's body was stolen successfully. If it weren't for Aqua destroying the X-blade and defeating Xehanort, he would have been victorious.

    Fast forward ten years to KH1, his Heartless Ansem is trying to create Kingdom Hearts, the Heart of all Worlds. Part 1, use the Disney Villains to find the seven Princesses of Heart to open the Door to Darkness. Part 2, find another boy with a strong affiliation for darkness so he can steal this boy's body to gain a physical presence. Part 3, obtain supreme darkness. Again, Ansem was almost successful having opened the DtD and stolen Riku's body. His only miscalculation was that Kingdom Hearts is light, not darkness.

    In 358/2Days and KH2, his Nobody Xemnas is attempting to make Kingdom Hearts out of the hearts of men. When Sora's Nobody Roxas is born, Xemnas brings him into the Organization as its thirteenth member. Problem is, Roxas is a bit catatonic the first week so Xemnas goes to Hollow Bastion to battle Sora as a test, but also collects data on the Keyblade wielder so that Vexen can make a replica. Thus brings about Xion, the fourteenth member though she is slightly imperfect.

    When Sora gets put to sleep, it doesn't matter because Xemnas has two Keyblade wielders at his beck and call. Thing is though, Xion is a bit rebellious and after awhile she starts unconsciously feeding off of Roxas's power weakening him. No matter, Xemnas has them fight each other and plans to keep which ever one lives. Xion is destroyed and Roxas is kidnapped and merges with Sora. That doesn't faze Xemnas at all, he just uses Sora. Sora wises up that he's being used by the Organization, but Xemnas has an Ace up his sleeve. Sora's girlfriend Kairi was recently kidnapped so he uses her as bait to lure Sora in.

    Of course as soon as Kingdom Hearts is ready, DiZ blows it up with a machine that he was originally going to use to turn it into data. Even then, Xemnas is still an evil genius so he uses the remnants of Kingdom Hearts to become the most powerful being in the universe. He was even strong enough to almost beat both Sora and Riku working together. Too bad for Xemnas though, he ended up losing.

    All of this just goes to show why Xehanort makes the greatest evil plans ever. Every time they nearly come to completion, and he can make multiple contingency plans on the spot for any failures. It almost makes you wonder what he has in store for KH3.
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