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The Things They Don't Teach You in School (Private RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kalseng, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. In case this wasn't clear, this is a PRIVATE PRP between Gentleman Virgil and myself. Read if you want, but this is mostly for us. Thank you for your understanding.

    Three rocks, same weight, same size. They carelessly flew through the air, gently landing in Glen’s skill as he juggled, he became more distant. The more complex his movements got, the farther away his ice-blue eyes seemed to get. The landing of the rocks inched out from the center of his palms, before he was juggling small rocks with his fingers. They arced gracefully from finger to finger, landing and leaving without noise. I they did make some form of noise, the teacher would’ve stopped him. The rocks flew higher, distracting him further. He tried to pull himself away from the harsh truth of his arrangement, as if delaying the recognition would make it easier. He was at least ten feet behind his partner, the unfortunate Hudson Claret. They both mindlessly plodded behind the teacher, lugging a bag of predetermined supplies and their one pokeball as if they were 40-pound weights.

    The project they’d been assigned to was survival with limited supplies and one pokemon. Simple enough, but with partners it became tougher. Decisions made between two was hard enough, but under survival conditions it became a tense matter of life and death. The teachers tried to pair them up with people they normally didn’t talk to, to help the class better understand each other or something. It was annoying, and more importantly, pointless. There were two weeks left of school, and getting along for six days wasn’t going to do much for them. But hey, the teachers were trying, at least.

    “Here,” The teacher instructed, pointing at the shoreline. Glen moved closer to shore, letting the blue and white bag drop from his shoulders as his black shoes scuffed up some loose dirt. “You’re to spend four days here. We’ll come to get you then, and grade you based on survival. If you need to return for any reason, the path should be easy enough for you determine.” He spun around on his heels, trying to clear himself in case a fist fight broke out between the two students.

    Glen brushed the dust and leaves off of his bright blue sleeves, pushing the debris onto the ground. He kneeled into the dirt,undoubtedly soiling his dark jeans. The white undershirt seemed to connect the pieces, though it was all carelessly arranged. Glen tried to give the others as little to tease him about as possible, even if it meant looking worse to avoid looking gay. He straightened out his dirty blond hair with one hand as he stretched the bag open with his other. He touched the smooth surface of his red and white pokeball, tossing it carelessly over his head. It opened up quickly, spewing an array of red light onto the ground behind him. It took the shape of a fat top with two flat extensions, before solidifying into a full Claydol.

    “Topp,” Glenn called, retrieving the obligatory food containers and blankets. He threw them out onto the ground, before finally getting a full look at his materials. A couple of blankets,a camera (why?), a flashlight, and enough food to last them the full four days. Glenn cracked open the can of breakfast drink, downing the first amount with a loud glug. As his Claydol finally drifted over, emitting a small, questioning hum, Glenn handed him one of the blankets, the thin one. “We need twigs to hold this up. Some wood to build a resting place,” Glen instructed. He turned to Hudson, trying to avoid any eye contact. “Get off of your ass and help me build camp. We can’t do this alone, y’know.” Glenn stood back up, ready to defend his position.
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  2. It was the one assignment Hudson Claret had been looking forward to all year. They'd certainly talked about it enough in class to make him excited. Every few weeks throughout the year, the teacher would say something like "Remember this! It'll be useful when we do our survival activity at the end of the year." And every time he heard something like that, Hudson couldn't help but become even more excited at the idea of finally spending a few days out in nature, left to defend for himself. Just like a real trainer would have to do. That was, after all, the point of the excercise.

    But of course, all of Hudson's good feelings about the assignment vanished when he realized who he was partnering up with. Glenn Viewsdale. He knew from the minute the teacher said he'd be assigning them their partners, rather than letting them choose their own, that he'd be paired up with Glenn. It was one of those things that would be so terrible it would just have to happen. And it did.

    For a while it wasn't so bad. Their teacher had led them to the spot they'd be spending the next four days at, and it did seem to be a pretty nice spot. Neither Hudson nor Glenn had said anything to each other the whole way there, and Hudson was hoping the rest of the trip wouldn't be too different. Hudson threw down his bags at the first chance he got, after they were informed that they had reached their destination. He planned on taking a quick rest before exploring their area a little more. Apparently Glenn had another idea.

    Hudson had just settled against a large tree, and was about to close his eyes when Glenn's voice practically pierced through his skull. "We need twigs to hold this up. Some wood to build a resting place." Hudson opened one eye and saw that Glenn had taken some blankets out and was starting to set up some kind of shelter. "Get off your ass and help me build camp." he gestured to his Claydol, "We can't do this alone, y'know."

    Hudson scoffed and sank even lower against the tree. "I'm tired, we can set up camp later. You haven't even looked around at all, there's probably a better spot than this to set up our tents."
  3. Well, shit. He hadn't thought of that.

    "I don't need to," Glenn answered. "This is the best place. If we go farther into the forest, we're more likely to have our things stolen by pokemon, and we'll be farther away from the water. Easy access is more important." With no movement coming from Hudson, Glenn turned away, whispering to his Claydol. "Throw a pebble or something at him. Get him up." The pokemon replied with a higher hum, which had come to mean "yes" or "okay". It hovered over to a sizable rock, floating around the edges of it a few times before finally landing on top of it. A soft purple glow grabbed hold of the rock, and the two objects floated upwards. Claydol stopped a few feet in the air, and tilted backwards, until it was horizontally parallel to the ground. Glenn looked up, and saw the football-sized rock at the base of the Claydol. It spun quickly, and the rock began to fly forwards.

    "Hudson!" Glenn shouted, jumping to his feet. "To the right! Dodge! It's a boulder!"
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  4. Hudson heard some kind of noise in front of him. Something heavy being lifted from the sand. He opened his eyes a little and saw that Glenn's Claydol was digging a rock out of the ground. It took him a second to realize that it was going to throw it at him. His eyes shot fully open, and he managed to jump out of the way of the boulder just as Glenn told him to dodge it. The rock smacked hard into the tree Hudson had been resting against, leaving a nasty crack, as well as splitting the boulder in two. His eyebrows arched downward as Hudson realized just how stupid his partner for this project was. Had he seriously just told his Claydol to throw that at him? Without hesitation, Hudson grabbed a minimized Pokeball from his pocket and expanded it with a press of the center button.

    He aimed the ball in front of him and in a flash of light released a somewhat dopey looking Camerupt. It snorted ash out of its nostrils upon being released. Hudson pointed towards the Claydol that had throw the rock. "Kick its ass, Nigel!"

    The Camerupt seemed to know what that meant. The dopey expression on its face quickly turned to one of pure anger as it picked up on the vibes from its trainer. The two volcanoes on Nigel's back started to spew ash before first one, then the other, began to dribble magma. With a loud rumble, burning lava spewed from the tops, spouting up at least twenty feet in the air before curving downwards, aimed perfectly at the Claydol. In his condition, Nigel's Eruption attack was its most powerful and the attack, if not avoided, would surely do enough damage to get Hudson's point across.
  5. "Hudson it was an accident," Glenn struggled to explain, but his partner would have none of it. The pokemon's lava flew towards him, burning red hot. "Redirect it!" Glenn commanded. He ducked down, assuming a smaller shape. Claydol moved in front of him, and a field of purple and green energy opened up in front of it. The waves slammed hard into the flowing purple and green auras, pulling the mass towards the beach. It safely splattered itself across the shore, parts of it crawling into the water and solidifying into igneous rock. "You want a fight?" Glenna asked, standing back up. He placed his hand on the head of his Claydol and smiled. "Consider this your warning shot. Earth Power!"

    Claydol shot down and dug its two legs into the soft earth, bringing Glen's hand down with its head. He lifted his fingers off of the thick frame, and Claydol began to glow a bright brown. Its figure spun quickly, rotating at an insane speed. A crack shot out from the base of the spinning figure, and fired towards the Camerupt across from it. It exploded first about twenty feet away from the Camerupt, sending a small collumn of fire and earth upwards, and then again erupted another ten feet closer. At five feet the eruption grew bigger, and finally it ended beneath the pokemon, and a bright patch of light formed beneath it. It exploded again, this one aiming to be at least fifteen feet high, with an area large enough to encompass the opponent.
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  6. Hudson was thankful, but also somewhat angry that Glenn had given him those 'warning shots.' What, did he think he couldn't defend himself without the warnings? "Out of the way, Nigel!" Hudson ordered as the ground beneath the Camerupt started to crack open and glow. Nigel jumped a safe distance out of the way. "Seal it up with Lava Plume." Nigel settled into a sturdier stance. There was a slight gurgling noise coming from his back, and the magma that had dribbled down his twin volcanoes made its way back into the craters. Leaning back on his hind legs, Nigel released an intensely hot jet of lava out of his mouth at the cracked ground he had previously been situated on. It seemed to work well enough, the Earth Power attack never came, though Hudson figured that could have been because Topp stopped the attack after Nigel obeyed its warnings.

    Nigel had plenty of lava left, and could probably draw his Lava Plume attack out a bit longer. Long enough to get Claydol with it too. "Now hit him with it!" the Camerupt's shifted his gaze and started to spout the magma in his opponent's direction.
  7. "More lava?" Glenn scoffed, scratching his head and starting a yawn. "Gravity." Topp flew up into the air, and then slammed back down, a purple aura flying out towards the Camerupt. It stopped just short, and the field seemed to vibrate with power. The lava suddenly crashed down onto the ground, seeping into the cracks made by the previous Earth Power attack. As the Gravity field forced the lava down, it began to cool, forming a very weak section of hot igneous.

    "While you're there," Glenn continued, strolling along the soft ground. "Earthquake. We're done with this." Topp flew up again, and crashed down harder. Cracks forced their way out of Claydol, surging across the ground towards Nigel. The earth roared with seismic activity, speeding towards the opponent. The threat of an Earquake hitting made the battleground hectic, forcing quick moves. And Camerupt was not a quick pokemon. "After this, we work on setting up camp."
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  8. 'Well there goes that idea,' Hudson thought as his lava was once again dismissed. Camerupt didn't have much variation in his moves, and if Claydol kept pushing aside his attacks like that they wouldn't have a chance of winning this battle. But if things were going bad before, they took a turn for the worse as the Claydol used the one attack Hudson was really hoping he wouldn't have to deal with; Earthquake. There was no way Nigel could dodge it, so the only logical thing would be to try to counter it with an equally powerful and opposite Earthquake.

    "Counter it, use Earthquake too!" Hudson ordered. Nigel seemed to be expecting this, as its foot was already in the air, ready to make the move. At Hudson's command, Nigel brought his foot down hard and caused a large crack in the earth, which spread out into more cracks and headed towards the original Earthquake from Topp. The two attacks collided and seemed to cancel each other out. The ground gave a frightening rumble as the attacks met and Hudson nearly toppled over, but he managed to steady himself and was happy to see that his plan had worked and his Camerupt was unharmed.
  9. "Again," Glenn shouted, leaning forward. His posture seemed slightly more rigid. He didn't like the idea of his attack being cancelled, much less in such an unsophisticated manner. Topp floated upwards, and began spinning in midair. It crashed down into its same spot, sending a loose web of dark brown cracks outwards. They spread into a broad fan with interwoven fissures meshing overtop of each other. It passed over the previous Earthquake, loosening more ground and making it dangerous and shakey to stand on. The recently cooled Lava shattered under the increased strength, rolling over the grounds. "Good luck with this one, Claret." Glennn purposefully mispronounced the last name, making it a harsh sounding klahr-ett as opposed to the proper klare-ay.

    It was a good day for ruffling feathers.
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  10. Hudson was happy he didn't have to think much for this attack. Hey, if his strategy worked before, why not do it again? No, better yet, he'd show Glenn that he was better than him. He'd one up him, just for that crack at his name. "Fissure," he said almost under his breath. He was hoping to be just loud enough for his Pokemon to hear, but quiet enough to take Glenn by surprise when the attack was stronger than his previous one. Nigel reared up on his hind legs, then with ferocious power and speed brought his front feet down on the ground and created a massive crack, widened from the earlier use of Earthquake. The attack moved quickly, ripping up the earth as it sped wildly towards the Claydol's Earthquake.

    Once again, the two Pokemon's attacks met, and there was a resounding boom as they did. But the collision was different this time, it didn't seem to end. The cracks in the earth spread farther and farther, reaching out into the forest at an amazing speed. What was happening? Hudson was knocked to the ground by a shudder as the cracks sped by him, and as the ground continued to rumble he wasn’t able to stand back up. He heard crashing sounds in the forest behind him as trees fell down. With great effort, Hudson managed to raise his head enough to get a look at Nigel, Topp and Glenn. Nigel had been knocked unconscious, and Glenn seemed to be leaning on Topp for support.

    Hudson tried to shove a shaky hand into his pocket, hoping to return Nigel before he suffered further harm from the quake that didn’t seem like it was going to stop any time soon. As he aimed Nigel’s PokéBall towards the Pokémon, another shudder caused him to drop the ball. It rolled away and fell into a nearby crack in the earth, disappearing from view. Hudson tried to call out, but his screams were drowned by the noise of the quake. With nothing left to do, he inched his way over towards his Pokémon, not wanting to risk getting separated. Crawling over took a couple minutes, and in those minutes the earthquake didn’t stop, it didn’t even seem to lessen in intensity. It seemed like it would never stop.

    But then it did seem to stop. No, not stop completely, because they were still moving. What was happening? Hudson asked himself. With a shock, he realized that the ground wasn’t moving anymore, it was the entire earth beneath them, and the forest behind them. It was all shifting off from the mainland and drifting out to sea. Hudson knew he had to do something before he, Nigel and Glenn and Topp were stranded at sea. “Glenn!” He shouted, noticing that he was already back on his feet and wondering what to do.

    Glenn didn’t seem to have any ideas either. They both just stood there, dumbfounded by what was happening and that they couldn’t do anything to stop the horrible event they had caused. Sharing looks of sheer idiocy with one another, the two 14 year olds were clueless about doing anything to prevent the inevitable.
  11. Glenn was still leaning heavily on Topp when the island drifted out. His Claydol didn't know Teleport, and Levitate didn't really work over water. Well, his Claydol knew Teleport, but last time they used it...

    That poor kitten. It'll never walk again.

    Glenn began to panic as soon as the island broke off, and he was in full-swing insane panic by the time the island had fully drifted out. They moved miles out from shore, and Glenn clutched his head. This can't be happening this can't be happening this can't be fucking happening. Glenn walked off from the shore and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he'd be sitting in bed thinking Wow what a fucking weird dream! No such luck. He gave himself a few minutes to calm down, spending it in an icy silence.

    "I'm sorry," Glenn admitted, standing back up. "I'm sorry for being a dick, I'm sorry for throwing a rock at you, I'm sorry for using Earthquake... I..." Glenn choked on his words. "I'm just sorry. Except for one thing and you know damn well what thing that is." Glenn spat out the last sentence. "So. We really need to get back fast, because otherwise this island will drift out to sea too far to get back from. Any ideas?"
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  12. "Ideas?" Hudson repeated. He would have added some kind of sarcastic remark, but it seemed like the wrong time to do so. And he was feeling a bit awkward after Glenn's apology, which he hadn't seen coming. "No, I don't have any ideas." He admitted. Hudson glanced around but saw nothing except miles and miles of ocean. Had they really just created an island? Hudson gave a glance to Nigel, who seemed to be recovering well, but wasn't ready to move around. Hudson hated himself for losing Nigel's Pokeball. What if they had to swim to shore? There was no way a Ground/Fire type could swim, Nigel even went out of his way to avoid walking on grass when it was covered in dew. Hudson sighed and stroked his Pokemon's head. "I'm gonna look around a bit, you stay here and rest." Nigel gave a weak grunt in reply and blew a bit of smoke out of his nostrils. Hudson smiled and got up to walk around.

    There wasn't much to look at. There was absolutely no food growing on the island, which meant they had to rely on the food they'd brought with them, which would last them about four days. The only Pokemon Hudson noticed were a few Silcoons and Cascoons, who had remained attached to their trees all throughout the earthquakes, much to Hudson' surprise. A few Cascoons fired some String Shot attacks at Hudson as he walked by, almost as if they blamed him for all of this. By the time he made it back to Nigel, he was almost completely covered in string and was having a tough time getting it off. "This place sucks." Hudson sighed, sitting down, the sand sticking to the web on his clothes.

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