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Ask to Join The Tempa XX Experiments Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread:

    JC's POV

    Every child is born into a loving family with a mother and father to protect them along with a sibling to protect them in the parents place, others end up orphaned and placed into an orphanage by the lost of their family or placed there by a mother who is unable to provide for them. Well me? I was one of those children born into a loving family with a mother and father along with an order brother to protect me and a white female Siberian husky who I loved so dear. My life was perfect as I received anything I wanted with the love of my parents and older brother Shadow along with Dove. Everything was perfect until those men in "white" appeared which changed my life forever. My mother didn't want them to take Shadow and I away from them but those men thought we needed "guidance" to help guide us through the life of our childhood. Only if our parents knew the dark secret behind the facility we were placed into then she would have moved and taken us to a safe place were we wouldn't be harmed in anyway. The severe punishments, torcher when we disobey to make us break and the experiment injections to render our human appearance to animal.

    That was sixteen years ago, I was only six while my brother was seven when they took us away and to make matters worse, the men in white told all the parents of each child they took in presuming them dead so they wouldn't have to worry or become suspicious on why their own child has not returned home. I am 20 years of age as my brother Shadow is 21 years of age, I am not that six year old child being held by her older brother anymore and no matter how hard they punish and torcher me and administer the injections, I will not break and neither will Shadow because I will fight to survive until I escape and free the others trapped with me.

    She laid on the ground as her ear flickered to the sound of movement from the other creatures inside. She wasn't human at least in other people's eyes as she took on an animal appearance instead of human. She had the body of a deer with the counterparts of the Arctic wolf and the male deer's antlers and believe her it is not something that should be messed with as it can deal massive damage. She felt a black pelt rest against her deer skin as the white fur on her back touched the black fur slightly covering him. This black wolf was her brother Shadow resting close to her for protection of her. She raised her head looking around in the enclosure they were in, the element of ice which she possessed and the element of Electric which Shadow pissed flowed in the enclosure perfectly. The element of ice gave an Arctic scene with snow on the ground and in the sky like the Arctic winter as the element of Electric sparked out from the ground floor generating it's power. Vegetation and a meat source was provided for both of their species as new ones are replaced every few months. One of her eyes was clouded indicating that it was completely blind but the white fur grew long enough to where it covered the eye to not let others see it clearly. A wall spilt between each enclosure to have better control of the elements and the creatures inside them with iron bars keeping the wall stable able to see through the other enclosure next to her and Shadow. She shifted her light blue eye to the iron bars looking into the other enclosure. It was completely dark so she assumed it was the element of darkness with dark purple trees without leaves presented inside like a dark forest without life to live in it. The restraint collar she and Shadow wear prevent the element from unleashing it's true power to escape along with the other creatures that have them

    She shifted her eyes away from the enclosure as she looked up at the ceiling where a see through glass but sturdy window showed the night sky letting the beam of moonlight shined through giving the enclosure she was in a shining glow as her ears remained straight forward as she couldn't rest due to her thoughts clouding her mind as her front legs were tucked under her body to keep them warm while her hind legs sprawled out a bit in a folded position. "-It's quiet....well I like it that way....easier for me to think and clear my thoughts...I will not break...I will find away to escape and free the ones like me trapped inside to freedom-" she thought.
  2. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Alf sat with his back against a dried tree. In between his knees, he was practicing magic tricks with a singular playing card and a pebble. He'd heard about some tricks, since he couldn't remember anything from the outside world, and "invented" others, although they've all been done. But he didn't know that. Alf was beginning to question if there was a world outside his own, although that could be the insomnia talking. He had been "practicing" the same trick for hours now without realizing it, only stopping to scavenge for pebbles when he dropped the pebble outside his cell. Eventually, the card ended up outside the bars, ending his practice. He realized he hadn't eaten anything in his half asleep trance, and morphed into his horrific form to hunt. He released a breath in this form, mentally spreading it through his desertlike enclosure. Alf heard the squeals of a rabbit from a patch of sage, and sprung into attack. The moon shined through, and to appropriately represent the desert biome, it was very cold. The gila monster part wanted to find a burrow to sleep in, but the tarantula part could feel it's prey's movement through the ground, and he could practically taste it. (Fainthearted beware, maybe?) The abomination rushed the poor creature, easily catching up to it. Alf sunk his venomous teeth into the already suffering jackrabbit, ripping off large chunks at a time.

    After his meal, Alf decided to try his hand at juggling.
  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Jack was standing on a thick branch from a large tree in his environment, which resembled mostly a jungle crowded with vines and tall trees, with several cave entrances to an underground system. He had been hungering himself, waiting for something to run under the tree so that he could get a good shot at them. He wasn't exactly a fast runner, but he could leap good distances and was excellent at getting around by climbing, hovering or diving with his wings. He was also good at rolling into a ball and go faster downhill, though he rarely had to rely on rolling. He was acting like the people who turned him into an animal expected him to act, solely to not cause suspicion. In secret, he was glad this happened to him. At first, it was painful. But now, he realized that as soon as there is an opening to remove the collar from his neck, these people will have hellfire brought down upon them; not just from him, but from every other subject here.

    Jack spotted a tiger walk underneath the tree he was hiding in, the tiger laying down after a bit to get some cool shade. With a quiet leap, Jack jumped down from the branch and struck the Tiger as if it were a Wrestling Match; An elbow to the head, which knocked the big cat out directly. Having gotten the prey he wanted, he grabbed the body of the tiger and made his way back up into the tree, to eat his meal in peace..
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  4. Black forest of dead trees,Heaps of bones on a floor, steel bars of his enclosure.. And in this darkness that, a two dazzling lights could be seen, one orange and one yellow. A creature was growling in its forest, hungry. It didn't cared if it's meal is a rabbit or bear... Or human. The person it was once is now either dead or asleep. Another meal entered his kingdom. Razor claws and sharp fangs were ready to sink into his prey and kill it in one fast blow. The creature spread its wings and fell down at the bear.
    Hunt was a success and after a good lunch creature walked up to the iron bars and looked forward, what was beyond them. He saw an Arctic enviroment surrounded by electricity...
    "Beautiful..." it said out loud as it looked at the fields of white.. Comparing to his black home, it really was beautiful. The creature roared loudly in it's sadness and quietly sung a song.

    Creature's name was... Mikumi Ikaruga.
  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    In a dark forest setting, in the branches of a tree, perched a sleek cat looking creature with beautiful wings, she watched the ground below her waiting to see what would pass by, not that she cared, this cycle had become tedious for her, after 20 years she had slowly stopped caring, if it wasn't for her sister she probably would have stopped eating all together, but she had to keep living, Kiara needed her. So she watched as a small weasel scurried along the ground, in a swift motion she spread her wings, swooped down and snatched the creature up, once she had eaten the small weasel she decided that was it for the day, she stretched out and yawned before closing her eyes for a nap.

    In a setting almost the opposite of her sisters, a beautiful ginger fox scurried among the trees of her luscious forest home, she wasn't even hunting anything, she was currently chasing a little mouse around the forest one of the many small rodents she had befriended instead of eaten, she currently had 12 mice, 6 ferrets, 7 squirrels, 5 field mice (really small mice) and 3 hedgehogs. She lived with them in a small den she had made near a tree, she opted to eat berries and plants over eating the animals because she preferred the company over the meat, she had originally eaten the animals but eventually her loneliness got the better of her. She eventually caught the mouse and then made her way with him back to the den.
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  6. Her eyes shifted to the iron bars once her head was down from looking up at see through glass roof which showed the stars in the night sky. Her ears remained forward as she looked on the other side of the iron bars of the element of dark. She hear a loud roar but in it she heard sadness. She looked to her black wolf brother Shadow who was still sound asleep due to the experiment injections which exhausted the animal for a while. She stood up slowly until she used her front legs to stand herself completely up which were hidden under her legs. She stepped away from her brother quietly to not wake him before stepping into the moon's gleaming light causing herself to glow in it like the moon itself. Her ears moved to the side at the sound of a singing voice saying "Tri, Tri, Triangle". She thought for a moment about what that meant until it came to her. "-That....might be it-" she thought before walking around for a moment spotting some ice. She closed her eyes for the moment until the gem on her restraint collar glowed brightly a bit before opening her eyes slowly seeing the ice move on its own shattering into Shards until it began to form into three ice triangles as they connected together into one as a small chain formed with a ring to finish it off. It fell in the soft snow before she lowered her head to pick it up before making her way back over to the iron bars as she formed a small shield around it before it slipped through into the dark elements enclosure. It moves until it reached the creature in the enclosure giving a sort of bright light floating in front of him. She peaked her nose slightly between the bars as her nose breath was clearly visible due to her enclosure being very cold as she exhaled it out. She pulled her nose back in before walking away from the bars as she made her way to the meat pile, lowering her head to take a piece of the meat eating it until switching to the herbs just next to the meat starting to fill her stomach a bit.

    She raised her head once again before making her way back to the black wolf Shadow laying down next to him as she folded her hind legs under her to keep them warm. "-I wonder when those parasitic men will open that door again to give us some air and room to roam around....!-" she thought before shaking her head laying her head down as she slowly went to sleep resting her ears to the side. @Clite of Dragonbow
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  7. It was quite a dark enclosure in which Isabelle lived in. There were large mushrooms and berries growing in bushes around the grass, and even some flies and moths flying around. It was clearly supposed to be a field no matter how Isabelle looked at it. She was an oversized firefly crawling through the grass in the darkness, though no one could probably tell, due to the similarly oversized shell on her back. If she didn't have it she wouldn't be able to catch flies and moths so easily, so she was happy with it. Plus, she didn't want to light up the place for them and make them want to be around her. Being alone was the best thing that could ever happen to her. 'If I want to get out of here I guess I need to be alive...' Thinking this, she decided it was time to feast, so she made her way to one of the nearby bushes. She caught a couple of moths, and plucked some small berries. She stuffed it all in her mouth but didn't eat it, then flew to the large mushroom in the enclosure. She lay down on it and started to feast, but made sure to fully cover herself with her shell so that nothing would disturb her.
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  8. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Hazel blinked sand out of her eyes. Some of it was naturally occurring from sleep, but the rest was simulated sand from her desert environment. Ten years now, she thought idly. Ten years exactly— no, wait. Nine years and three hundred sixty-four days. Tomorrow will be ten. Counting the days gave her some semblance of control; the numbers kept her sane, or as sane as you could be when you’re a fourteen-year-old lab rat.

    It was a small sand cave that she slept in, a raised niche from the flowing sandy dunes and occasional breezes, a sand cave she’d formed when she had realized her ability. Now the sand was her friend, more her friend than anything else in her enclosure. The sand didn’t judge her for what had happened to her. The sand didn’t mind when she suddenly shifted into a giant monstrous scorpion when she couldn’t hold the beast back any longer. The sand offered her up insects and small rodents when she was hungry, and cacti sprang up with their water-filled bowels when she was thirsty. She could have almost believed it was a real desert, aside from the fact that it was only the size of the average zoo enclosure. The beautiful sweeping dunes of the sand, no matter how simulated, cut off abruptly at iron bars on three sides. The other side was a blank wall.

    The girl’s stomach rumbled, and a sharp pain shot through it, reminding her that she hadn’t yet eaten. Hazel sifted through the sand, not exactly sure what she was looking for, other than something edible. An oversized termite presented itself to her, oversized meaning the size of her arm. The size it would take to feed her elephantine scorpion form. But she didn’t want to shift; that would more than likely mean going on a killing spree and her conscious mind waking up to the bodies of giant insects strewn everywhere.

    It wasn’t exactly a problem; Hazel faced the issue every day, and had learned to strike the huge insects in the right places to kill them instantly. Over time, she’d learned to enjoy the delicate nutty flavor of the termites, the bittersweet, sesame-like taste of the ant, the rare treat of catching a grasshopper for the rich umami flavor that came with a beautiful crunch of the exoskeleton... She quit her fantasizing and struck the termite, then ate it ravenously. A cactus outside the sand cave yielded one of its hollow, water-filled segments to her sand, and she drank deeply before retreating back into her cave.

    No matter how harmless she was as a human, there was no telling what the beast might do next.
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  9. Misumi saw the light and looked at it source, three triangle shaped things were giving a bright light and the creature walked up closer to them and simply watched them, seconds... Minutes... Hours? They melted eventually and Misumi was alone once again. Young black beast stretched and walked up deeper in his enclosure, laying down and slowly falling asleep. It was hard to tell how he felt, but a small smile never left his face as he was able to see ice triangles..
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  10. Although the creature in the dark elements cage did not know, she could sense the feeling of happiness when she showed him the three ice triangles in it's bright light as she gave a smile herself while asleep once she felt it. Her sleep lasted for a while until the sound of the door to her and Shadow's enclosure opened as she immediately stood up being on her guard as Shadow woke up to this as well standing in front of her growling loudly to protect her. She gave a deer call to the other creatures to warn them about the people here that they will open their enclosure as they did with hers. "Protective always huh, restraint them!" One said as Shadow reacted quickly using the electric ground to use his element and attacked them to protect her but had restrainted him quickly with a rope mechanism. "-Shadow!-"she said seeing them pull him away from her. "-Stay strong JC, I will be alright-!" He said to her being pulled out from the enclosure. The door shut after Shadow was taken out as she stood there for the moment raged in anger in her eyes. She started to ram against the hard walls repeatively under she stopped breathing heavily, ears back as she was holding in her tears as she had to be strong for her brother.
  11. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Hazel heard the call, and seized up in sudden panic, then went limp in resignation. They’d come for her soon enough, and when they did, there’d be no way for her to resist. Other than just endure the pain, that is. If she could just do that, she could prove that she wasn’t broken. As long as she could endure without crying out, there was always a way to resist.

    The girl slumped in her cave, waiting for the inevitable, wiping all thought from her mind in preparation. When the scientists got to her enclosure, they opened the door. The creaking of the hinges sparked thought in Hazel’s mind, and she dropped the sand cave before they could tear apart her enclosure looking for her. The simulated sand rejoined the desert, some getting caught in her sandy-blonde hair and loose clothing.

    “There you are,” the guy said gruffly. “Still refusing to give over to your animal form, hmm? Well, that’ll change soon enough. You’re weak as a human, eventually you’ll crave the scorpion’s strength, and that’s when we’ll get the best data.”

    When Hazel didn’t respond, instead remaining on her knees with her back to the door, the man shrugged, and extended the pole he held. A clasp on the end fastened itself to her collar like a stiff leash, and he yanked her roughly out of the enclosure. The girl didn’t resist, but didn’t help him along, either. She just kind of stood, walking when nudged by the pole, stopping when she wasn’t. She blinked owlishly as she was guided through the complex to the area where she’d be tested on her physical ability. (OOC: Not sure exactly how these are supposed to work, I’m gonna make some stuff up, tell me if I need to change anything, please and thank you) BIC:

    The man who’d escorted her was joined by a few other scientists, who poked and prodded Hazel, but didn’t elicit a response. “Is she mute or something?” one of them asked in confusion. “Or did something dull her sense of touch? She’s not responding to anything except the reflex test.”

    “She does everything we tell her to without question,” the first one replied. “But she won’t talk to us. The cameras in her enclosure repeatedly show her talking to the sand, but she won’t talk in any other circumstance. Doesn’t even scream when we’re doing the... forceful experimentation.”

    The scientist who hadn’t spoken yet shrugged. “Nothing we can do about it right now. Let’s just get on with the exam.”
  12. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Alf heard a deer's wail. Nothing he could do for the distressed, and they'd do similar things to him. He'd gotten used to the experiments over his time, to a point where he just didn't care anymore. The only thing that drove him is the curiosity of how long it would take for him to see the outside world, and curiosity for the world itself. In his time at the place, he learned to not run. It tires the runner out and they always catch up anyway, plus they could be extra rough with the specimen depending on how impatient the handler got. Alf did wonder what the handlers were thinking. They must have mental illnesses that erase sympathy from their vocabulary, or just in denial that these are thinking creatures of equal or higher intelligence. Or maybe it was just money. Alf was curious about much, but gave up on looking for answers years ago. He erased the thoughts in his head and got back to juggling, adding another pebble in to make four.
  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy heard the cry, it sounded one of the sibling captives had been separated for the fun of the day. She knew that some siblings stayed in the same cage but her and her sister had warranted very different environments. She knew the men would be coming soon, in fact she could here them now, she didn't make a fuss she just waited to be taken, but then they passed, they were taking her sister first this time, "no, no, no, no, I go first, I always have" she thought to herself as she threw herself up against the cage this warranted in her being shocked into a curled up position as she watched as Kiara was dragged from her cage.
    Kiara had been with her friends when she heard the cry, she told them to hide quick, that was the rules she had been given, if they were out of sight when the men came then she was allowed to keep them. The men came in and she heard Daisy causing a fuss, she sighed and allowed the men to take her, attempting to keep herself calm as she was taken away.
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  14. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Grejo woken the floor of his enclosure. The towering bamboo trees filled the main area but the was a small part where cherry blossom trees bloomed in spring. Right now though they hardly had any leaves on them. Grejo stayed lying there for a bit. There wasn't really any point in getting up. He lay there until hunger came over him and he slowly lifted his head. Transforming into his hybrid he snapped a smaller tree in half and chowed down as he made his way around his enclosure.

    Although he could eat bamboo his diet was mostly carnivorous and bamboo had very little nutrition. He located the lake in his enclosed and waited for the fish to surface for the day. No matter how many fish he ate they kept coming. He realised that the scientists probably refilled it every night. After his breakfast he made his way to a small den he made from bamboo trees and rocks. Shifting into his human form he cited in his den playing with a few sticks and pebbles he found.

    Eventually the scientists came. They came very day to test him. He hated it but there was no way to hide. The dragged him out of his enclosure by his collar and brought him to his testing chambers. As thy led him through the hallways he saw other people also being dragged to their torture. Eventually they stopped and shoved him into a room where more people in cloaks and glasses performed their tests. There was no getting out of it and this made Grejo angry. As Anger took over he transformed and lashed at the scientists but they had already strapped him down and he couldn't do anything but scream and yell and cry and eventually he felt a small jab in his upper arm. As the scientist pulled the syringe out from his body he felt himself slowly fall to sleep.
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  15. She heard hear the growling and howling from her brother Shadow as she laid down in her enclosure, eyes shut unable to do anything to help him. All she could do was wait until he returned from the injections, pain, and torcher he was taking for her. She had not been touched not even once because of Shadow as she was only getting the injections instead of the torcher and pain. She could feel the tension of the other creatures as she looked at the enclosure holding the dark element before glancing away as she felt all of her emotions spiral like crazy. She was very concerned for her brother taking all that pain for her. She rested her ears back as her eyes filled with worried before looking up again ears moving forward eyes on the door, waiting for her brother to return back into her enclosure.
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  16. Misumi woke up and felt the tension in the air.. White clothes again were taking others to torture them or something.
    He was left alone by white clothes.. After the 'accident' they were visiting him really rarely.
    He felt sadness and worry on the enclosure of ice and thunder. He knew by now that triangles were made by the being from there, so he decided to at least help them a bit. He formed something like a flower, rose made from shadows and sended it to the ice enclosure, untill it landed in front of the creature that lived there.
  17. She felt something land just next to her as her eyes shifted down to the snowy ground seeing a black rose emulating what had seemed to have come from the element of dark enclosure. She gently touched it with her nose as she suddenly felt the calmness coming from the rose. She had understood that the creature from the enclosure next to her probably sent this to calm her down due to her worry of her brother. She gently picked it up and the moment she did, small icicles appeared on the petals once it attached to her antler but remained the color black instead of white or ice blue like the other flowers resting on her antlers. The gem on her chest began to glow as she closed her eyes using her element to create an ice rose that will never melt before surrounding it in a glowing light. She passed it over inside the dark enclosure giving light within it to the creature inside. She shifted her eyes back on the door waiting patiently for her brother to return but still had a look of concern on her deer face @Clite of Dragonbow
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