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The Tales of Rippose

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Weeds, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Okay, so this is basically a mystery dungeon rp, you know what I'm talking about. Anyone may join. NOTE: I might not be able to post that many times a week, so don't carry it too far off without me ;)

    The trees that surround Rippose tend to be extraordinarily large, which Swift silently considered to himself as he was rushing along the roots of the wooden giants. Swift was a Sneasel from Rippose, a town long known for its famous rescue teams. Swift's dream was that of any young boy's; to be in a rescue team himself. Swift smiled at the thought of this. It had been his dream so long. And yesterday it had come true.

    Swift's best friend was a Scyther named Slash. Swift and Slash had finally created a rescue team together; Team Scarz. Even though Slash didn't know that was their team's name yet. That was the reason Swift was speeding off towards Slash's house. He had invented the name during the night, he hadn't gotten any sleep in his excitement. Swift wondered is Slash had gotten any sleep either.

    Swift slowed down as he arrived at Slash's house. It was simply an opening in a root of one of the gigantic trees. Swift both liked and disliked the place. It was a very cozy house, being so warm and green inside. At the same time it annoyed him that Slash would live so far in the forest, it did take quite a while to come here from Rippose. Swift knocked on the wood beside the opening, then stepped inside.
    "Slash? Are you there?" he asked as he stepped inside. The house seemed empty.

    Suddenly he heard a scream behind him, and found Slash being very close to him, in a great speed. The two crashed and tumbled into the house, messing up the stacks of stuff on the floor. The two hit the back wall quite hard, and Swift found himself in a very uncomfortable position, with Slash on top of him.
    "What was that for?" Swift asked, very annoyed at his friend.
    "Well, wasn't it fun?" Slash answered as he tried to get squirm away from his also very uncomfortable position.
    "Shortly put: no, it wasn't." Swift said as he stood up. "We can't continue like this. We're a rescue team now."
    Slash stood still as if trying to recall something. Then he exclaimed "Oh yeah! I completely forgot it, it must have been the excitement!"

    Slash started dancing around in place, while Swift wondered about his friend's sanity for himself.
    Slash turned to Swift. "We've got to come up with a good name. What about Team Swift Slashes? Or Team Slashing Swift?"
    Swift shook his head. "Don't you seriously realize how stupid that sounds?"
    Slash laughed. "Of course I do! Did you really think I would seriously suggest something like that while sane?"
    Swift was going to make a remark about his sanity, but let it go. "Actually, I came up with a name myself."
    Slash looked interested at Swift. "What is it?"
    "Team Scarz. With a "Z" at the end." Swift answered confidently.
    "Team Scarz?" Slash said with a skeptical look at his friend.
    "Well, do you have a better idea?" Swift countered.
    "Well no, but..." Slash began.
    "No buts." Swift said. "Team Scarz it is."
    Slash didn't look convinced. "And why is Team Scarz such a good name?"
    "Because that's what we'll be leaving on our opponents." Swift said while showing his left claws. "Scars."
    Slash considered it for a moment. "All right, you got me. Team Scarz it is." he said after a while.

    Swift looked happily at his friend. "We won't be getting any missions if we only sit around here. Shall we go?"
    Slash nodded. "Let's go."
    The two race out of Slash's house in a friendly competition. Swift grinned. Team Scarz was on the move.
  2. Kara stood, head held high, up on the edge of a sheer cliftface. Not that she cared. She and her kind were hated, even amonst Pokemon, and death wouldn't be that bad. Some noise caught her attention. A Sneasel was bounding amounst the trees with a Scyther following along closely. Two friends having a race to town.

    "Come on!" The Sneasel had shouted to the following Scyther.

    "I'm coming!" The Scyther yelled in reply.

    Kara rolled her eyes. Any more of this and she'd puke. Or maybe not. Maybe she'd make a storm, and scare the two home. Kara's eyes flashed wickedly.

    "Might as well have some fun..." She said to herself, while grinning mischieviously.

    With effortless movements, the Absol lept off the cliftface and landed gracefully on the ground. Her victims were racing away swiftly. Kara lept up onto a tree branch, and made her way forwards, following the two. She grinned again. These two were going to get the fright of their lives.

    "For god's sake!" The Scyther called to his friend up ahead, "Swift, slow down already!"

    The Sneasel paused for a moment, before bounding back to his friend.

    "Ok... If you really want, we can have a rest..."

    Kara took the moment to make it storm. A storm would add to their fear. And she loved fear. Lightning lit up the sky as it started to bucket down. The two looked puzzled.

    "That's strange..." The Sneasel said curiously, "It was sunny a minute ago..."

    "Very." His friend commented, "I wonder why..."

    Lightning flashed again overhead, with Thunder to accompany it. Kara took her chance. She hissed, loud and menasing. Both Pokemon froze. Kara snarled and lept out of the tree. The Sneasel and Scyther got ready to flee, but at the last moment, Kara crashed into a log.

    "Owwww..." She moaned.

    Laughter rippled from somewhere ahead.

    "That was funny!" The Scyther laughed.

    The Sneasel was having a laughing fit on the ground. Kara felt herself blush with embrassesment. Then, she laughed too.

    "I'm Swift." The Sneasel said, between fits of laughter.

    "And I'm Slash." The Scyther said.

    "We're Team Scarz!" Swift declaired with pride.

    Slash looked at Swift with a 'thats soooo lame' look on his face.

    "I like it." Kara commented, "Anyway, I better get the sun back..."

    She tried to get the sun to return. Nothing happened.

    "Opps... I can't return the sunlight..." She muttered sheepishly.

    Both Pokemon burst out laughing again, and the trio then walked to Rippose Town.
  3. Welcome Aura!


    The trio entered Rippose through the northern gate. Kara and Slash were engulfed in a low conversation, but Swift was mentally elswhere. Before they were a rescue team officially there was some paperwork to go through. The older generations always spoke of how easy it was on their time, you spoke to a friend and that was it. No paperwork. It was much harder these days.

    Another fact was Kara. She seemed nice enough, and Absol was one of the slashing pokemon species. Swift was only not sure about the Absol. They'd only just met, but signing her up as an original member would save much paperwork, compared to the tons of paper he would be buried under if they signed her up later. But if they decided to wait with the application until they knew more about Kara, they would be another step away from their dream. What a dilemma.

    The three came to the application office.
    "All right, I'll head in here to do some paperwork regarding our rescue team." Swift said. "You two walk around the town while I get this job done."

    Kara and Slash nodded then strolled off. Swift sighed as they walked off. How he wished to be with them instead of having to go through this.

    Swift turned around and went up to the reception counter. A Baltoy floated behind it.
    "How can I help you?" he asked politely.
    "I'd like to register a rescue team." Swift answered.
    "This way please." the Baltoy said and led Swift into a waiting room.

    In the waiting room were many mixed pokemon. But Swift left the room as soon as he entered it. He heard a Loudred scream something. The Baltoy didn't even seem to notice.

    Swift dashed out to the square. A crowd had already gathered. Swift looked for Kara and Slash. He didn't find them. The Sneasel asked a Marshtomp beside him what it was all about. The pokemon said mayor Empor, the Empoleon, would be holding a speech. Swift seriously hoped the two others hadn't gotten into any trouble.
  4. (time to get back into the game with this old pal of mine)

    "And that would be how to penetrate a Drapion's hide. Class dismissed, Machamp should be waiting for you on the other side of the forest, don't be late," A Sceptile concluded, a room with seven other pokémon was rather quickly emptied and left the Sceptile on his own in the large room. He cleaned up what needed cleaning in the room, then left himself.

    The elderly Sceptile, whose name was Treex, was one of three teachers of rescue team building in the town of Rippose. He, a Machamp, and a Snorlax had divided the teaching system into something unique compared to most of the other educational teams on the continent. Machamp would work on physical combat, Snorlax taught survival in the wilderness, and Treex demonstrated tactics and special attacks. As the ex-technician of Team Aura, he was unfailing in his field.

    Treex left his teaching room to go through the rest of the rescue academy and out through the exit. He looked back at the huge tree the base was carved into, it was a miracle that it or any of the trees have grown so huge in such little time, and it seemed like only yesterday since the area was being torn apart. He shuddered to remember the experience of the continent shift; it was something he wished would be forgotten for good. He put the thought out of his mind and walked towards the town.
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  5. Hey Brendan! Nice to rp with you again!


    Swift was still looking around for Kara and Slash as Empor stepped out on a balcony to have a good view over the gathered pokemon. The old Empoleon looks really impressive, thought Swift. He always had. And even though Empor wasn't much of a fighter, he was a rather big coward actually, he was definitely a good mayor. Empor was an incredible tactician. Thanks to his planning they had beaten down Phanton and his minions.

    Swift did not remember this himself, he had been very young during the uproar, but everyone knew who Phanton was. Phanton was a Gengar who had been living in a cave east of Rippose, together with a massive amount of ghost pokemon. Phanton had been the mayor of Rippose long ago, and he hadn't been a nice one. Phanton had ruled with fear, tormenting the minds of those who would not obey him. In the end the pokemon of Rippose sealed him inside the eastern cave, where he would do no harm.

    But not very long ago Phanton had escaped his cave, and surprised the pokemon of Rippose with an army of ghost-, dark- and poison-type pokemon. Phanton would have loved to destroy Rippose, but thanks to Empor's tactics he had been forced back into his cave. Now a Medicham lived beside the cave, guarding the entrance and shooing away pokemon who came too close.

    All of this went through Swift's mind as Empor was waiting for the crowd to settle down. Swift hoped dearly that it wouldn't have anything to do with Phanton.

    Fortunately it didn't. But it was other bad news.
    "I have bad news to you all. Team Ancients have come to Rippose." he said.

    The crowd was terrified and started talking loudly. Swift knew who Team Ancients were. Team Ancients were composed of de-fossilized pokemon; Kalben, a Kabutops, the leader. Alwan, an Omastar, tactician. Ironwing, an Aerodactyl, scout. Arnad, an Armaldo, offensive expert. Lilnep, a Cradily, specialised on biological offense. Cranium, a Cranidos, just as offensive as Armaldo. And Fort, a Bastiodon, defensive expert. And a few mixed first forms. This team usually plundered small towns just for the fun of it, but in a very organized way.

    "SILENCE!" the Loudred shouted. His order was obeyed.
    "Team Ancients have also kidnapped my daughter, Lupina." Empor continued. "I will pay a high price to the rescue team that can bring her back. Hereby I call for a temporary team order. Which means teams under construction will temporarily be counted as full rescue teams."

    Swift was amazed, in a positive way, even though it was bad news. They were a rescue team! Without all the paperwork! Swift made a little leap of joy, then ran off to find Slash and Kara. Overhead Ironwing circled and turned back to Team Ancients' campsite. He'd heard enough.
  6. Treex arrived in town in time to hear the town meeting. He also knew of Phantom's original claim to Empor's position. He was actually trained in tactics by the old Empoleon a long time ago, and Treex was one of the tacticians that aided in the re-capture of Phantom. Therefore, he and the mayor had rather close ties despite Treex being the braver and him being the more skilled. Now that left the question on whether the Team Ancient crisis was relevant to him. As the temporary team order allowed the students to form temporary teams, they probably would want to work on the case, but it would be risky due to how little time they currently know about these sort of missions. The likeliest scenario would be that the teachers would be dragged into it as well, but that did not matter too much to the tree-lizard. He made a note to himself to tell the rest of the academy later that night.

    Treex was about to leave again when he ran into Swift, Swift was actually one of Treex's old students. Knowing that Swift would want to help with this crisis, he decided to give the Sneasel some advice.

    "I bet you would be planning on doing something about this problem, won't you? I'd be very surprised if you and Slash passed." Treex questioned the claw-cat pokémon

    (Hope you don't mind me making this part of Swift's past, it would give a better reason to start a conversation)
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  7. (Not at all, not at all! I was hoping myself that you would do just that! :p)

    Swift nearly bumped into his old master Treex as he left the square to find Kara and Slash. Swift had been in a rescue team construction school led by Treex and two others. Swift had really loved Treex lessons, tactics were important in any battle. To have information being pumped into your brain by a teacher you like; now that was what Swift called fun. Unfortunately Slash had different opinions.

    "I bet you would be planning on doing something about this problem, won't you? I'd be very surprised if you and Slash passed." the Sceptile said.

    Swift smiled. "Hello master Treex! Of course we'll be on it! It's going to be our first rescue mission! I just can't wait!"

    Swift was so excited he started bouncing up and down. Some of Slash's insanity must have spread to him. Oh well, at least Swift had a reason for jumping up and down like a maniac.

    Suddenly Swift stopped jumping and started to look around. "Slash and I met this Absol named Kara on the way here. The two went off to look around in the city. You haven't seen them have you?" Swift was starting to get worried. Nobody knew what Slash could do when not controlled somehow. And he had this magnificent gift of getting other pokemon involved in his pranks.
  8. (that works well!)

    "Unfortunately, no. I don't think Slash was at the town meeting, so I'd say he would be somewhere near the market or beach." Treex answered, "And I'm glad you feel pumped up about it. Adrenaline is a powerful weapon in any rescue, as long as you know how to control it. Just remember, Team Ancients are not like those petty thieves that the Magnet-police pays teams to capture. They are experts, Alwan has nearly as many tricks up his shell as I do, and they know how to counter any defense in the towns they plunder. Your best advantage is that they aren't used to being attacked themselves. Even then, don't do anything stupid." He advised, he had grown quite worried as well, but more on whether Swift's first mission might be his last.
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  9. "So... Why on earth are we doing this?" Kara asked Slash as they crept towards a large rock by the sea.

    "Because!" Slash cried, "It will be fun! Pretending to drown in a storm! What a wonderful trick!"

    Kara was not so sure. A storm could go wrong. And storms were not to be messed with. But she didn't want to disapoint her new friend... The two climbed onto the giant rock. The ocean was calm. But not for long.

    "Whip up a storm Kara!" Slash cried dramaticly

    Kara hesitated for a moment, before summonding up a storm. She opened her eyes. A giant wave was approching at a high speed.

    "Uhh... Kara... What did you do..." Slash asked

    "I tried to make a storm..."

    "But you made a Tital wave instead..."



    "You're the one who wanted to..."

    "JUST DO IT!!!"

    Kara shut her eyes, focusing. The tital wave refused to disppear. So Kara made a gale, blowing the wave out to sea. Slash let out a breath.

    "I better not mess with the weather anymore..." Kara said sheepishly

    "Yeah... Lets go scare Emplor!" Slash cried excitedly, dispite the still blowing gale.

    He lept down the rock face, "Lets go!"

    Kara remained rooted to the spot.

    Slash stopped.

    "Aren't you coming?" He asked

    "Are you sure it's a good idea?" Kara asked, unsure.

    "Of course it is!" A voice from behind Kara cried.

    Kara spun around. An Aerodactyl was behind them. He looked wickly cruel. Kara took a step backwards.

    "Emplor is a coward! It will be great fun for the two of you!" the Ancient Dragon declaired.

    "Slash! Kara!" A voice called from down on the beach.

    It was Swift, and a Scpetile. Quick as the wind, Aerodactyl soared away easily, dispite the wind. Kara quickly lept down the rock, followed by Slash, to Swift and the Scpetile.
  10. "Well let's go and find your friends before they cause a storm." Treex said as he and Swift headed towards the beach. Just before it appeared into view, a large gust of wind nearly blew the two of them over.

    "That's what I was afraid of..." Swift whispered as he tried to reinforce his footing with his claws.

    "It's blowing the right way; remember what I taught you about your worst enemy could possibly be your greatest friend?" Treex asked, he then showed what he meant by leaping forward. The wind was able to carry him further than he used to so he was now able to jump almost twice as far. Taking his example, Swift leapt and due to his lighter weight and higher agility, he was able to jump three times as far, almost taking him a mile past Treex. The two quickly arrived at the cliffs overlooking the beach. On a large outcrop separated from the cliff, Slash, an Absol, and an Aerodactyl stood.

    "Is that who I think it is?" Treex asked, sure enough, it was Ironwing, one of Lupina's captors.

    "Slash! Kara!" Swift yelled as he leapt after his friends. Treex followed, but focused more on the pterodactyl.

    "Leaf Blade!" he called as the hard leaves on his arms glowed white. He then tried to slash at Ironwing, but missed. The flying fossil turned tails and flew out to sea, using the wind to speed him up. "Razor leaf!" Treex called, he swung his tail and leaves came flying in the general direction of Ironwing. Most have clearly missed, but Treex was sure some had hit their target. However, it didn't hinder the pterodactyl as he flew off into the horizon; beyond following.

    Treex landed on the outcropping with both feet. "He won't be coming back today, that's guaranteed" Treex commented. He then hopped back down to the beach where Swift, Slash, and Kara had moved to. "I think that would be the last kidnapping any of those dinosaurs will be doing for a while." He commented,

    "If Ironwing was trying to kidnap anyone, he wouldn't have come alone." Swift pointed out. Even though Swift was acting wiser than his teacher was, Treex was proud of it. It meant that Swift would soon enough be a great rescuer, no matter what field he was expert in.

    "But now he got away, he left no trace, now his appearance might not have even happened!" Slash complained.

    "Not quite, it looks like his destination is out at sea. And there is only one place within flying range that his cronies is likely to be lurking;" Treex pointed out, pausing before he finished, "Deathbone Archipelago"
  11. Kara shivered. Deathbone Archipelago did not sound like a very inviting place. And riding on the back of a Lapras in the middle of a gale wasn't a good idea. Even if you were tethered on with leaves/vines. Kara looked to the left. Three other Lapras were gliding though the water, carrying Slash, Swift, and Treex, rising and falling with the waves, straining against the current. A rather large wave rose above Kara and the Lapras she was riding.

    "OH SHI-" Kara exclaimed

    The wave crashed down on both of them. Kara couldn't breathe. She felt like she'd just hit a steel wall after falling for 1km. Air. Kara gasped, sucking it into her lungs. The Lapras had gotten to the surface. But it wasn't swimming anymore. It no longer had the energy to. Kara shut her eyes. The wind had to become stronger. NOW. It took a bit of effort, but it gave way. They were speeding forwards now, towards the Deathbone Archipelago. Kara held on tight, trying to ignore the feeling of dread washing over her, like the waves.


    Kara opened her eyes. The Lapras was gone. So was the waves. But she could still hear them. And voices too... Swift, Slash and Treex were over near the waters edge, watching some Pokemon disappear into the waters. Kara looked at the ground. There was no grass, only dust. Ahead, was a loming, deathly looking, barren landscape. Deathbone Archipelago.
  12. "Thanks for the ride, we shouldn't take too long." Treex told the Lapras, they turned around to wait some distance away. Treex looked ahead at the chain of islands that were currently visible. The island they landed on was rather small, but it was connected to much larger ones by towering skeletons. One was unmistakably a Wailord, but the rest were unrecognizable. These skeletons were what gave this spooky place its name.

    "Remember, we aren't going to engage them just yet. All we are going to do is to scout around. What we need to know is whether Team Ancients really is hiding out here, although this is already very likely. If they are, then we need to know what island they are on, some background information on the islands, such as size and whether they are connected, and where they are keeping Lupina. After that, we're heading home to strike later with a larger force." Treex explained,

    "Sounds like a plan. Any special scout strategy here?" Swift asked. Treex looked at the sun; it was starting to sink fast, probably to stick around for twenty minutes or so. He then responded to Swift's question.

    "Sort of. One thing we will be doing is splitting up to decrease chances of being spotted. I'll go along this skeleton and continue from there." He explained, pointing at the Wailord skeleton dead ahead. He then gave some suggestions on where everyone else should go, based on how nimble they were. "Remember, if we are spotted, they won't be sticking around. They'll move camp and possibly throw us off their trail for good, something we cannot afford. One more thing; as soon as dusk falls, we are heading back, no questions. By then, we should have the important information. Everybody got that?" Treex explained, knowing that Swift would have listened, word-to-word, and that Slash would have ignored him, and Kara could have done either.
  13. Giant clifts of doom. Great. But if Treex thought... well, it seemed that he at least knew what he was doing. Kara gracefully lept from the top of the ledge onto a ledge futher down. The ocean roared below her. Kara shuddered. One wrong step and she was toast. She looked around for another ledge. There didn't appear to be one. If there wasn't a way in from the ground, then it didn't seem likely that they would be lower down, unless Ironwing had taken Lupina to an underwater cave. And there was no way Kara was going to try and find out. One jump, and Kara was up at the top of the clift again.

    "Now what?" Kara asked herself.

    There was a flash of green, and Slash landed next to Kara. Here comes trouble.

    "Hey Kara! Guess what!?!" He sounded really excited.

    "What..." Kara wasn't sure if she wanted to know or not.

    "I found a dark cave! Maybe Team Ancient is in there!"

    "Maybe... But what if they are?"

    "Then we go in there, defeat Team Ancient, and resuce Lupina!"

    "But Treex said..."

    "Who cares? Lets go!"

    Kara sighed. "What the hell am I doing...?" she muttered to herself before following the Scyther.

    Slash really needed to learn to pay attention...

    "I hope they're not in there... then we won't get in much trouble... and dusk will have most likely come, so we'll have to go back." Kara lept after Slash, only to try and keep him out of trouble.
  14. Swift was enjoying himself as he sped across the barren landscape of Deathbone Archipelago. The weather was miserable, but he was in his right element; he was in a hunt. And hunting was one thing that he could enjoy.

    Swift burst forward a few meters, jumped, did a volt in the air and landed smoothly in the grass. In an instant he was running again. He decided that it was best to train his techniques as he ran, so he started firing off Icy Winds at patches of grass, and Slashing invisible enemies. He stopped only once to consider if he could jump far enough to get over to another island, and, after realizing the wind was in his back, took the jump. It was more than enough.

    As he landed, he looked around the island he was currently on. It was much rockier and smaller than the previous one had been, and it was elevated; the storming sea seemed very far below. Swift started jumping from rock to rock, checking behind each stone for Team Ancient's camp, or maybe a guard. But he found nothing, and went on to jump to the next island.

    The gap between these islands was a little bigger than the one he had crossed before, but it wasn't too big. If he jumped as far now as he did at the last gap, he would make it with a few meters of land between him and the cliff. Swift sped up and jumped.

    It seemed to go all fine, but in mid-air he realized something was rocketing towards him right ahead. Just as he was about to land an Aerodactyl smashed into him with the words "Wing Attack!". Swift and the Aerodactyl flew across the gap, but the flying fossil stopped halfway, resulting in Swift crashing into the opposite cliff. The Aerodactyl laughed delightedly and did a loop of joy. As it was in the highest part of his loop, an Icy Wind caught him off guard, sending him plummeting towards the waves.

    Swift was aware of the fact that his attack wasn't enough to defeat his foe, who would probably regain maneuverability just in time to swoop up and come at the Sneasel with another attack. So just before the Aerodactyl passed him he jumped out into the gap between the islands. The flying pokemon's larger weight carried him to Swift just after the latter had made his jump.

    Swift hung on to the other pokemon, furiously attacking it with Slashes. The Aerodactyl tried to fight back, but it was no use. Swift had the upper hand, and it was unchangeable. Their combined weight was too much for the Aerodactyl, but this was part of Swift's plan. Just before they hit the water Swift jumped off the Aerodactyl and grabbed hold of the rocky wall of one of the islands. The flying fossil wasn't prepared for this, and had no time to react. He hit the sea with a great splash and sunk steadily; Rock-type pokemon don't float.

    Swift looked down at the sinking Aerodactyl and felt a great sorrow. "May you rest in peace." he said to the other pokemon, who was now out of sight in the murky water. The Sneasel now looked around and realised his own chances weren't that big either. If he stayed here, he would die alone on this little rock, sticking out of the cliff just enough to sit on. Or he could climb up, to where he was very defenseless, and risk being attacked by another Aerodactyl. to shout for help wasn't an alternative, the wind would carry his voice far away. And if someone heard him, it wasn't guaranteed that it was somebody who wished him well that received his message.

    He finally decided to stay where he was, exploring some other rocks that erupted from the cliff, but still staying close enough to this rock to quickly return to it if danger showed up. Swift grabbed hold of a branch that stuck out from the wall above and swung to another rock. He felt that the next hour, maybe hours, would become very boring.
  15. (I was waiting for you Chainsawking, just so you could catch up on the story so far)

    Treex continued through the small islands, not too much of a struggle for him. Soon enough he spotted a Cranidos or two hammering a wall. Nearby, there were almost all of the Ancient captors; the only highlights that were missing were Arnad and Fort. The waters near this island were filled with algae and scum, Treex used it to his advantage to get even closer. It would be impossible to see him under this light now.

    "So, now we have the prisoner secured, we should move on to phase two and deliver the ransom demands." Alwan explained,

    "Well we're not just gonna come to his door to drop of some mail now are we?" a Lileep asked,

    "It would be nice to get rid of one of your mates and get them to do it, but what we are gonna do is have Ironwing drop the message attached to a stone over the town." Alwan continued,

    "Speaking of Ironwing, how did your patrol this morning go?" Kalben asked,

    "The mayor is allowing non-official teams to form official teams especially for the mission, he must be really desperate to think amateurs could do the job." Ironwing explained,

    "You can only give the good news, but I know that it sours up a little. Your wounds clearly say that you were intercepted by someone, explain that." Kalben pointed out.

    "Well, I was on my way back, when I spotted an Absol and a Scyther toying about with the weather, I came near and heard the Scyther talking about scaring Emplor. It seemed like an excellent opportunity to use the citizens to our advantage. Therefore, I came close and tried to encourage them. Moreover, almost right on queue, one of the teachers from the academy outside of town came by and struck me. That was when I took off." Ironwing explained,

    "Which of them was it? You have to be more detailed on that last part," Kalben asked.

    "It was the Sceptile," Ironwing finished, there was a pause. Some of those gathered knew what Ironwing meant, others stared blankly, and Kalben broke the silence

    "Treex, eh?" he spoke; some other of the youngsters in the meeting suddenly knew who Treex was. "One of the four remaining members of Team Aura; the tactician… that guy is good, it would almost be unsurprising if that gecko was… right behind one of us." He said, this scared some of the younger members

    "That's the irony of it," Treex whispered to himself.

    "If Treex knows we're here, he would probably survey the situation himself before sending in the storm. I want this island secured tonight, nobody comes or leaves. I will help and tighten security personally around the cave where Lupina is kept with Arnad and Fort. Moreover, in case he breaches security somehow, I don't want you to say anything I told you just now. If you even say the word 'cave' away from this fire and we hear of it, and we will, the most likely scenario would be for Lilnep to wash you down on the spot." Kalban instructed. Lilnep used her Acid to melt a rocky outcropping to prove that he meant it. Treex has heard enough. The sun was down and it was time to get back to the mainland and report to Emplor to bring in the cavalry. He could only hope Swift, Slash, or Kara found the cave Lupina was in and continued to follow orders. He went underwater to move away without being spotted. He got out at a low island and began to hop back towards the starting point. He stopped and realized what problem there was, the others didn't know that Lupina was in the cave and that Arnad and Fort was waiting for intruders there. If they go into the cave, the mission could be in jeopardy.
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  16. (Perfect! Just perfect! ;D ;D ;D ;D etc...)

    It was impossible to see. This caven seemed to go on forever. Kara had to lead Slash though the darkness, her eyes were more accustomed to darkness. But whenever Kara had tried to turn back, Slash had been rather ruthless in contiuing forwards.

    "Slash, I really think..." Kara began

    "Shut up!" Slash hissed.

    "This stuff is really going to your head..."

    "SHUT UP!!!" Slash roared, then in a more quiet voice said, "I think I can hear voices..."

    Kara tilted her head. She could hear them too. There was a very deep voice, and a slightly higher pitched one. Slash motioned to Kara, saying 'lets move'. Kara obeyed, being as quiet as she possibly could.

    "I think we had better move to another spot... One of the Aerodactyls have disappeared recently, and that may be a rescue team." The deeper voice said.

    "Fort please. We are perfectly fine here. While we have Lupina, that stupid great idiot Empor..." The lighter voice replyed before being cut off by a very high pitched, female voice.

    "Don't you dare insult my Pa!"

    "Didn't I tell you to keep her shut up?" The deep one, Fort, roared.

    "I will not...!" Lupina's (or at least Kara assumed it was her's) voice was cut off.

    "That's better." Fort said, satifaied.

    "And as I was saying, Empor won't risk Lupina's safety. He won't dare attack."

    "Arnad, an Absol, Sneasel and Scyther were spotted on the island too. And apparently Treex, you remember him, was with them when Ironwing saw them!"

    "Ok... ok..." Arnad muttered

    Kara and Slash had come to the end of the tunnel, and were currently hiding behind a large boulder.

    "Ok, it looks like we have been discovered." Slash breathed to Kara, "We need to get Lupina out of here..."

    "Then one of us should be a disraction, while the other gets Lupina..."

    "I'll get Lupina. I'm faster."

    Kara nodded, noting something like 1000 zombie butterflies had made their homes in her stomach.

    "Here goes nothing..." Kara lept on top of the boulder and aimed an air slash at both Pokemon, Fort and Anard. Both hissed angryly.

    "So..." Anard said, "You're one of the intruders..."

    "Inturders breech the defences..." Fort whispered, "And that can't be allowed..."

    They both attacked, Slash and Iron Tail. Kara dodged the Iron Tail, the more dangerous attack, but wasn't as lucky with the Slash. It ripped open the skin on her back. Kara howled in pain, but didn't let down the attack. One is better than two. Where the hell is help when you need it... More pain. Another attack. Better get moving.

    "Aha!" A cry came from somewhere to the left.

    The sound of Scythes moving though the air could be heard, and then a scream of pain, from Anard. Both Pokemon, Fort and Anard, slunk towards the tunnel they had entered in.

    "Enjoy an long and painful death!" Anard cried, and aimed an attack at the roof above them. It exploded as Anard and Fort fled. Kara and Slash, who was holding a small Piplup, could only hide as the rocks tumbled down.
  17. OOC: Thanx Brendan!

    Swift sighed. He'd explored as much of the area around his little rock as possible without giving away his position to the enemy. Now he was just sitting on the rock, hoping that one of his friends would find him. Swift was very worried about them. Team Ancients would not be nice against any intruders. Swift sighed again. The combination of boredom and worry was eating him from the inside. Swift desperately needed something to do to set his mind on other things. So Swift decided to take the risk and explore the surrounding even more. What else could he do?

    So he grabbed a branch and swung himself to a nearby rock. While he jumped along he looked upwards as much as possible, both for enemies and to check if it might be possible to get to the top of the cliff. It appeared not to be. A few meters above him the wall of stone was as flat as... well something that's really flat. And the flat part looked very treacherous. Swift saw some of the wall break loose and fall into the sea. The Sneasel went upwards to confirm his thoughts. He scratched at the flat wall with his claw, and it smoothly peeled off. Wet clay. The blank wall would crumble if he tried to climb it.

    So Swift returned downwards to search for anything that might help him. At one point another Aerodactyl swooped down near him, but Swift hid under a rock. He decided against firing down the Aerodactyl with an Icy Wind. It would have been an easy job. The Aerodactyl would have ended on the seafloor with its friend. But Swift was sure that the first Aerodactyl's absence would have warned the rest of the team. And surely Kalben and Alwan wouldn't be so stupid as to send out scouts alone anymore.

    Just as Swift had predicted, another Aerodactyl followed not long after. It made a short patrol round, then went to circle with the first Aerodactyl. Apparently they were talking something. Swift would have given his mother's tail to hear them. It was very likely that whatever passed between those two could be of some use to him. But if Swift moved closer to hear them, he would give his position away. And that was something he wasn't going to do. The two circling beasts nodded, then rose up and flew over to the island he had made his fatal jump from.

    Swift continued onwards. He had soon gone halfway around the island. He had hoped that the next island would have been close enough to jump to, alternatively with a low beach so that he could swim over. He was utterly disappointed on both points. The next island had much larger cliffs than this one, and it was so far away that he couldn't have made the jump even if he'd been up on the island, whose cliffs he was scaling at the moment.

    Swift continued to go around the island. He was very sad and angry as he continued his climb. That island had been his only way away. But maybe he could find something that could be of use on the side that he hadn't explored yet. At one spot Swift realised the outsticking rocks went farther up over the clay than on any other place. Swift decided to check it out; what else did he have to do?

    The Sneasel was very pleasantly surprised as he came to the top. There was a cave, well hidden in the soft clay, that seemed to go quite far into the island. Swift decided to explore it. He climbed into the cave. The soft clay was only about a meter of the outer layer of the island. Swift continued inwards in the cave, which was made of solid rock farther in. The cave twisted and turned, branched and went up and down so much that Swift started hoping it would be a tunnel with an exit on top of the island.

    Swift emerged in a large chamber that was of a more bluish kind of stone. It was quite large, and Swift saw a little Kabuto in one corner of the chamber. Swift went into a battle stance. It was only a Kabuto, but that didn't mean it couldn't damage him. Swift dropped his arms to his sides when he realised the kabuto was crying. Disarmed by the emotional state of the little pokemon, Swift took a few steps closer.

    "What's wrong?" Swift asked in a soft voice.

    The Kabuto was startled, and prepared itself to jump on Swift if he did any sudden movements.

    "Nothing." said the Kabuto, trying to sound tough. It failed miserably.

    Swift scanned the Kabuto. He had a pattern of small scars across his back. Scars. Team Scarz. What had been the idea behind that name? "We'll leave scars on our enemies." Seeing the little Kabuto in that state made him uncertain about that. Was this really what he wished to do with his foes?`

    "So, you're one of the intruders everyone's talking about?" the Kabuto continued in his, for it was obviously a male Kabuto, fake tough voice. "I should turn you in right away. Kalben would be very happy with me."

    "You know, if you tried, do you really think I would just come along without making any fuss?" Swift asked of the little pokemon in front of him.

    The Kabuto sunk down miserably. "Probably not..."

    The Kabuto started weeping again. Swift went over to him, sat down and placed a claw over his back.

    "Besides," the Kabuto continued, "I don't hink I'd do that. It wouldn't be worth it. Those stupid ancients don't deserve it."

    "How come?" Swift asked, and suddenly he felt the scars on the little Kabuto's back extra well.

    "They all tease me because I'm weak." the Kabuto told Swift. "All the Lileeps spray acid over me, and the Anoriths scratch me with their claws. And the Cranidos butt me all the time. And my dad doesn't do anything! So I come here to cry. I hate them all, but I have nowhere to go. I come here to cry."

    Swift felt pity with the little pokemon. To be repeadatly sprayed by acid couldn't be nice.

    A sudden thought struck Swift. "How do you get into this island? It's surrounded by steep cliffs."

    "There's an entrance below the sea level." the Kabuto said. "Most of us fossils live below sea level naturally."

    Swift concidered it once. Then he told the Kabuto his name, his mission and who were with him. He trusted this little pokemon, and they might need the inside information he had to give. After a short chat they had become friends, Swift hyad learned that the Kabuto's name was Kabu, and that he wanted to join a good rescue team. Note made Swift thought. Kabutops is a good slasher.

    Kabuto promised to show Swift the way to the tunnel exit that was on the top of the island. In return Swift was to take Kabu away from Team Ancients. Kabu lead swift through a winding system of tunnels, until they finally came to the top of the island. Swift was relieved to feel the few patches of grass under his feet. He wasn't so relieved to see Ironwing and a squad of Aerodactyls waiting for him.

    Swift gave Kabu an I'll-kill-you-you-traitor-look as the Aerodactyls lifted him. Kabu, who was on Ironwing's back, screamed "I didn't know!" back.

    Swift was taken to the main camp island, right in front of Kalben.

    "How did you know where I was?" Swift asked.

    Kalben laughed. "You really thought those two Aerodactyls didn't see you? And when we didn't find you on the cliffs, we knew you were in Kabu's tunnel system." Kabu stepped up beside Kalben with a guilty look on his face. "Well done, son!" Kalben said.

    Swift was shocked as a Cradily closed up from behind. Kalben's son? he thought as the Cardily struck him senseless.
  18. (the plot thickens! :o)

    Treex headed along the path until he returned to the drop area. The Lapras that waited further away were now approaching so they were ready to pick up the rest of the group. Treex waited for a small bit, and then realized that the others might not be coming back. He then started up a different path to search for Slash, Swift, and Kara. Soon enough, he found a cave, but a large pile of rocks blocked it. Remembering that this was a possible place for Lupina to be kept. He put his ear on the rubble to listen for clues. Sure enough, he heard faint cries for help. It had to be Lupina; he then heard other voices; Slash and Kara! Looking around him to check that the coast was clear, he positioned his arms behind him and began to absorb energy, forming a green ball between his hands. "Energy Ball!" he called, he then hurled the ball into the rubble. Plowing through it and forming a tunnel though it. There was no sign of life inside for a second. Then the wall of the tunnel fell down and a Scyther holding a Piplup stepped out, followed by an Absol.

    "Man, that couldn't be good for my wings. Those are my best prank props!" Slash moaned as he put the fear-stricken penguin, who almost immediately fainted from fright.

    "Kara, take Lupina and escort her back to the Lapras. I then want you and Slash to try and make sure our escape route is clear for departure." Treex instructed, picking Lupina up and placing her on Kara's back. Just then, Treex noticed some shadows in the gloom. Pushing everybody back into the cave, he watched carefully as a group of Aerodactyl flew off. Two of them were helping to carry some sort of luggage. Something told Treex that this luggage was not what it seemed. When the Aerodactyl disappeared from sight, Treex turned back to the others, "Change of plan. Slash, come with me. If that's who I think it is up there, then we need to rescue him before anything happens to him." He explained, he and Slash then began to hop across the islands until they reached an elevated area some distance above the 'headquarters'. Swift was clearly visible down below, Kalben was observing his new prisoner, as if deciding what worth he was. Soon enough, Lilnep came up behind Swift and knocked him out cold. Treex tried to listen, but could only heard,

    "Bait… Treex… defenseless." Treex suspected that Kalben was intending to use Swift to try to lure him out into the open where he was open for attack.

    "Let's go get a crack at the lot of them!" Slash exclaimed as he tried to dive at them. Treex held him by the foot and pulled him back.

    "You'll get to have some fun, just wait for me to strike first and draw their attention." Treex convinced Slash. He then held his arms high, leaves from his tail and the little grass there was began to spiral between his hands. He then leapt high into the air directly above the camp and commenced the attack, "Leaf Storm!" He called, he then sent the leaves hurling down in a tornado on top of the camp, battering all that stood below.
    * * * * *​
    "Well, that takes care of that" Kalben said as he sharpened one of his scythes with the other. "This intruder might be useful bait for another one. We'll use him to try and lure Treex out into the open where he will be defenseless against the brute force of all of our attacks at once." Kalben instructed,

    "Let's not forget to pick up his friends and Lupina from the cave we sealed up." Fort commented,

    "I actually am not too pleased with your actions. That could have killed Lupina; Emplor isn't going to pay a ransom for a mangled corpse." Kalben objected. "Well, then we just have to check and find out if she somehow managed to survive-"

    "Look out!" A shieldon shouted as a tornado of leaves came hurling down over them becoming a tornado of leaves that battered them and caused immense gusts of wind.

    "Looks like Treex came a little sooner than we expected!" Alwan shouted, he then retracted into his shell for cover.

    "That old dog never ceases to amaze me." Kalben whispered as he attempted to run into the waters to counterattack. Treex landed on a large island opposite of Slash. He then nodded to the bug, indicating that it was his turn to strike.
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  19. Kara watched Treex and Slash race away angryly. Why couldn't Slash have taken Lupina to the Lapras? He was a lot faster, and then we could all have fought. They didn't want her to help. They thought she was useless. Maybe she should just dump Lupina here, get on the Lapras and go back to the pack. But no, that wasn't a good idea. The pack wouldn't welcome her. Kara reached the Lapras.

    "Here." Kara said roughly, "Hold onto her. If we don't come back by sunrise, go back to Rippose without us."

    Kara dumped Lupina on one of the Lapras's backs, and quickly raced off. What should she do? Attack? Flee? Help Team Ancient? No, very bad idea. Kara was overlooking the camp. Treex and Slash were fighting, but they were greatly outnumbered. Swift was being guarded by Fort. What the hell could she do against Fort? Defence was better than attack in some situations... And then it hit her. Kara raised her head to the sky, and sung. It wasn't excactly pleasent, seeing as it brought fainting within 3 attacks. Perish Song could be useful... Down below, the fighters heard the song. The younger ones had no idea what it was, but the older, more experienced knew. They all stood, silent, and Kara's horrible song rang though the air. Kara stopped, but Perish Song was still ringing in her ears. She lept down the camp.

    "That's going to cause some trouble, isn't it?" Kara said mildly.

    "It doesn't matter!" Ironwing roared, "We can still use non-attack moves -leer, howl etc- and then blow you to smiterines in one attack when your stats are too low!"

    "Ah!" Kara smiled, "But you are forgeting one thing... Taunt!"

    A flash of white light, and it was done.

    "Only attacking moves from now on!" Kara grinned, "Gee, that sure does suck doesn't it?"

    The others could only stare in awe. Then, the only Pokemon who hadn't heard the song, Kalben and Alwan lept out from their hiding places, snarling, ready to kill.
  20. Swift fought hard to regain consciousness. In the end he succeeded. Lilnep had apparently not hit him as hard as it was meant to be. Swift opened his eyes barely to see the scene in front of him. It was very chaotic. Treex, Slash and Kara were fighting the army of resurrected fossils. For some reason only Kalben and Alwan were fighting back. Swift had no idea why. Lilnep towered beside him, but his attention was on the battle in front.

    Swift decided it was time for some action. He quickly dashed away from Lilnep, even though his head felt like exploding.

    "Icy Wind!" he cried, sending a... well, icy wind towards Lilnep with the purpose to slow him down if he tried to catch Swift.


    Lilnep ignored the Perish Song and fired back. "Sludge Bomb!" he roared, sending a beam of filth towards Swift. It barely missed.

    The ground below Swift collapsed and he found himself in a cave full of differently colored discs. One that was on the ground beside him said "TM 13". As Swift wondered what that could mean, the disc started to glow, then disappeared. A voice rang in his head. Ice Beam... Somehow Swift knew he had learned that technique.

    "He's in the TM library!" Lilnep shouted above. Swift grinned. Time to test this new technique.

    Swift burst out of the hole. "Ice Beam!" he roared. A massive beam of ice flew towards Lilnep. The attack hit straight on, and it was super effective, so Lilnep was badly damaged.


    Lilnep was furious. "SLUDGE BOMB!" he bellowed, and this time his attack hit Swift straight on. Swift was very weakened form the beginning, so it turned out to have more effect than waited.

    Suddenly Lilnep froze. "My Taunt has ended!" he said. He looked evilly at Swift. "Toxic!" he roared.

    "Ice Beam!" Swift cried exactly on the same time. The two attacks hit at the same time. The Ice Beam was too much for Lilnep, who fainted.


    While Swift's body was being damaged by the poison, darkness suddenly surrounded him. Why am I fainting? he thought as he slipped into a feverish unconsciousness, the sickness thanks to Lilnep's Toxic. Swift was in a critical condition.
  21. (Merry Christmas everyone! ;D. And Aura, I only made Kara drop Lupina off because Slash's claws aren't exactly the kind of things you need to keep a tiny penguin calm)

    Treex saw Kara start singing her song in time as he jumped underwater to block out the death hymn. Although it was yet to be known whether what he did hear in the song was enough to put in the counter. He stayed underwater for maybe thirty seconds, then surfaced. He then heard Kara use Taunt to seal what moves the foes could use. Treex admired the combo, if he was able to use those moves, it would take a while before he would be able to figure out the combo. Treex suddenly saw a problem; Kalben and Alwan had successfully adapted his strategy and used the surrounding waters to their advantage. They burst from the waters and tried to attack Slash and Kara. As Kara and Kalben were closer, Treex decided to take care of the clawed fossil first.

    "Leaf Blade!" Treex called, the leaves on his arms began to glow white, and he then ran up and blocked an attack on Kara. Kara leapt back to a safe distance, but wasn't going to let the fossil off easily.

    "Night Slash!" Kara called as she swung the scythe on her head and let loose a dark wave that crashed into Kalben. One move down, two to go. Kalben then switched his attention to Treex.

    "You really are some tactician old timer" Kalben commented between strikes.

    "Don't compliment me; the kids came up with a great amount of this stunt. I only supported it." Treex explained, pausing every three words to parry one of Kalben's attacks.

    "Then maybe they could teach Kabu a thing or two." Kalben responded, Treex wasn't sure on what Kalben meant, but it was probably one of the amateur members of the team. Silence befell the fighters as they exchanged blows that were continually deflected. Treex at some point managed to manoeuvre himself to see what the others were doing. Kara and Slash were continually dodging attacks from Alwan, waiting for an opportunity when the hermit crab would let down his guard. Treex also saw Swift clashing with Lilnep, but he quickly saw that Perish Song had also taken affect on the Sneasel as he collapsed from the effects. Treex knew that Perish Song did a little more than faint; it would keep him in a coma for who knows how long. To re-awaken Swift, he would need either the nectar of the Oran tree, or a Gabite Scale, both which will only be found on mainland.

    (it looks a little cut short here in my opinion, but time is cut short these days)
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  22. (Slash doesn't have claws. He has giant swords for arms :p Merry Christmas BTW!!!)

    Kara saw Swift faint.

    "Slash!" Kara hissed at the bug. "Swift has fainted! He's gonna be in a lot of trouble if we don't get him out of there!"

    "Leave it to me." Was Slash's answer, as he used X-scissor on Alwan then soared upwards.

    Ironwing saw this, and flew forwards to meet Slash with a group of Aerodacyl as backup, leaving Kara to take care of Alwan. The two circled each other for a moment, trying to think up a wining stratagy with 3 moves. Kara, however, had the upper hand slightly, as Taunt will not effect its user like Perish Song did.

    "Me First!" Kara cried as Alwan shouted,

    "Hydro Pump!"

    Kara's attack, due the nature of the attack, hit first, using Alwan's own power against him. Two moves left... A blast of super cold, super strong water pushed Kara right to the edge of the island. Kara stood shivering on the edge. Oh God that was cold. Alwan roared in triumph and lept up...

    "Ice Beam!"

    Alwan was frozen in mid jump. Kara turned to look at the sea, to see who had just froze Alwan. 5 Lapras and a small Piplup, Lupina were bobbing on the water, fireing attacks everywhere.

    "Keep it up guys!" Kara yelled to the group, "I'll take care of Alwan..."

    Kara lept forwards and used Night Slash on the ice block that contained Alwan. It was a bit to strong, Kara had been hoping to push it into the water. Instead, the Ice shattered, and Alwan screamed his fury.

    "Rock Smash!"

    Kara froze. Incoming double damage alert! The attack hit before Kara could use a move to stop the attack. Kara gasped for air. Stupid Hms...

    "Rock Smash!"

    Alwan seemed to have forgotton about the Perish Song, because that was his 3rd move. It also hit Kara, pushing her into the water, barely alive. Alwan then stumbled, and fell. He'd fainted. Kara swam to shore as quickly as she could, and lay on the edge, with no energy to move. She would be in a lot of trouble if a Team Ancient member spotted her...
  23. (it took a stinkin three days to finish this! >:( I just hope it's worth it)

    Treex and Kalben fought quite bitterly, slowly moving towards a sort of elevated area that dropped a couple of meters into a collection of rocks and bones floating beneath. Kalben suddenly made a blocking sweep with one scythe and knocked Treex off his feet with the other. Kalben stood on top of the giant gecko with one of his scythes positioned inches from Treex's face.

    "Those old bones were going to fail you eventually, old man" Kalben mocked, "And now, from this day, there shall only be two members left of the famed Team Aura!" Kalben raised his scythe and brought it down into Treex's face and-

    "Ice Beam!" A voice roared, Kalben looked up in time to see a bluish-white beam cut through the air and slam into Kalben's face, sending him tumbling. Treex stood up and turned around to see the Lapras sending Ice Beams into the fray, picking out members of Team Ancients one by one. Treex didn't know which one nailed Kalben, but he defiantly owed one to the Lapras.

    Looking back at the fray, Treex estimated that the battle was going in their favor. Six minor members and Fort were guarding the fainted Sneasel, ready to sacrifice themselves to make sure that Swift stays with them. Treex knew their strategy; they knew that nobody would be going anywhere until Treex, Slash, Swift, Kara, and Lupina were on the Lapras. Keeping Swift within their grasp meant that the group would have to beat them all to get the clawed pokémon out. Treex knew that even with Perish Song in affect, the force of all of their attacks would eventually take Treex out if he just jumped into it. In something like this, Treex knew the best strategy was to make them scatter then get Swift out quickly. He waved to Slash to indicate for him to be prepared. Treex then focused the light around him, in the fire, the moon, and what little sun there was left. All that energy slowly came together in a greenish-yellow orb at Treex's mouth.

    "Solar Beam!" Treex called, turning the orb into a beam that cut through the air towards Fort and his minions. Most of the smaller members ran to avoid the beam, but Fort and a few others held ground and felt the full force of the impact, being knocked over and rolled some distance from their captive Sneasel. Treex looked up to Slash to make sure he did his part in the retrieval.
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  24. Slash dashed forwards and grabbed Swift. Then he put some distance between him and the battle, and set down Swift to inspect his condition.

    The results were not positive. Swift was trembling heavily and muttering meaningless syllables. The Sneasel's heart was beating faintly. slash hoped that his friend had enough power left to fight the fever that was rising inside. Tears gathered around the Scyther's eyes.

    "Don't die Swift," he whispered. "Please don't die."

    "It would be only fair if he would," a voice said behind the two. Slash turned around to see Ironwing perched on a rock. "Killed one of my boys, he did."

    Slash couldn't believe his ears. "What? No. Swift would never kill anybody. You're lying!"

    "Ah, but I'm not," the Aerodactyl said calmly. "We even have a witness. That Sneasel attacked one of my most promising young scouts. Drowned him in the sea, he did."

    Slash was blinded by tears. "NO! You're lying! Swift could never kill anyone! He's not that kind of guy! You're lying to turn me against my best friend!"

    Ironwing smirked. "I won't deny that it was my intention to turn you against him. But I assure you it's true. Take me seriously or not. But that boy is a murderer, and it will gnaw on him for the rest of his life. Have one of your Lapras dive and take a look."

    Ironwing spread his wings. "Unfortunately I can't attack you, thanks to your friend, the Absol."

    The Aerodactyl flew up from the rock and flew back to the battle. "Remember my words, Slash..."

    Slash was crying as he looked at the shaking Swift before him. He can't be a murderer, Slash thought. I won't believe it.
  25. (*sob* It's so sad! :'( Well, I'd love to share your misery, but I need to finish cutting these onions.)

    Treex watched as Slash rescued Swift from the fray; just as planned. Maybe Slash wasn't as arrogant as he acted in the school. Now that Swift was safe and the majority of Team Ancients has disappeared from the battlefield, it was more or less time to return to Rippose. Despite the reasoning to the results of this rescue, there was still something nagging Treex about it. How could it be this easy? Is Team Ancients really as fearsome as others say? Does Alwan and Kalben have one more trick up their shells? Speaking of Kalben, Treex had no idea where he was now. There was a ditch in the ground some distance ahead of him, possibly where Kalben's tough head fell after being hit by the Lapras. Where'd he go now? That hopefully won't matter now. Kara was dodging what few attacks her opponents dared to throw at her, Slash was with Swift on a plateau some distance away, and all but one of the Lapras had come to shallow water ready for a collection. Treex moved over to the Lapras and signaled for Kara and Slash to come to him.

    (P.S. Welcome to the year of 2009!)
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  26. (WOOHOO!!! 2009!!! To bad it didn't start out that well... :p My dog was terrorised by fireworks, and I was the one who cared enough to comfort her... *sigh*)

    Kara had put herself to sleep, risky as it was. There was no way she could even move in this contition. Rest was a very useful move. Luckly, no one seemed to notice the Absol sleeping calming on the side of the beach. When Kara woke, she began dancing though the battlefield, dodging the few attacks thrown at her. Treex, over by a group the Lapras, beconded to her, and Kara raced forwards, letting her sythe hit anyone nearby. Slash, who was holding Swift, darted forwards as well. Soon, we were all on Lapras, braving the gale back home, to Rippose. Lupina was terrorfied, she was with Treex, wimpering. Suddenly, a whirlpool opened up in front of the group, Kalben was laughing from the back of Ironwing above the whirlpool.

    "Enjoy Scum!!!" He roared over the waves, "Lupina can breathe underwater, so we'll collect her once you intruders are dead!"

    Kara was shocked. Someone had used Whirlpool, and Kara couldn't control Pokemon's moves. There was no way she could stop it. There had to be another way...

    Ironwing was laughing at the struggling Lapras from above, "You will never get out of it! NEVER YOU HEAR ME!!! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!"

    Years. Time. Whirlpool. A passage from a book came back to Kara...

    No move can last forever. Some moves, like Fire Spin and Whirlpool, may last longer than others, five rounds to be exact, but they will end eventually...

    Looks like Time could be the key here...
  27. (Happy new year 2009! Too bad 'bout your dog Aura...)

    Slash was terrified when a whirlpool suddenly appeared infornt of the party. He was out of tricks and his spirits were seriously down after Ironwing's confession. He was in a state of mental turmoil, feelings boiling inside like a cauldron. Slash just stared down into the Whirlpool, hoping that Treex or Kara would have some plan.

    Suddenly an Aerodactyl appeared in the whirling water, then was sucked down almost immedeatly afterwards. Slash only had a short glimpse, but it had been enough; the pokemon had become a pale-blue-gray tone, which meant it had been down there for a while. Slash had also seen scars on the flying fossil's back, meaning someone had used a scratching attack. It had to be Swift's handiwork, why would Team Ancients attack their own?

    Slash glanced up at Ironwing, who nodded at him, with a malicious grin. Slash felt overwhelmed. No. It was true. No. NO! Slash was filled with rage, and he let it all go in a roaring frenzy. His eyes were filled with tears, what wasn't wet was filled with pure red hate towards Ironwing. He braced himself, then leapt up towards Ironwing, his right scythe readdy for a Night Slash aimed directly at Ironwing's head.
  28. (I had a Swiss new year; with lots of fondue and skiing! Happy New Year Everybody!)

    As soon as Kara, Slash, and Swift were with him and the Lapras, they set off at high speed.
    "Farewell fossils! Sorry you didn't win anything this time!" Treex called. Some of the Ancient pokemon attempted to pursue them, but were stopped in their tracks by well-aimed moves. Soon, Deathbone Archipelago was quickly fading into the horizon. The waves were the only thing still battering the crew, Treex would have had to hold Lupina if she wasn't clamped to his leg like some sort of parasite. Looking over at Slash, Treex could instantly see something was wrong. Possibly because Swift's signs weren't very good, which meant that Swift would need some sort of medical attention pretty soon. Suddenly, the waves stopped, the waters were calm once again. Treex was about to relax when he noticed something odd; the waters about forty meters behind them still appeared to be rough. Treex then remembered a proverb one of the now deceased members of his old team used to say;

    The calm before the storm...

    Treex then saw that this proverb was true. The waters ten meters ahead began to swirl, slowly, but rapidly until its speeds were enough to make even an eyelash cut you. And as Kalben and Ironwing made their monologue, his mind was ticking away. This was a challenge that was new to Treex, but what he did know was that the one who caused the move must be somewhere underwater, so stopping him or her wouldn't work. The best way to avoid going under would be to find solid ground. It would be possible to stop the whirlpool with an ice beam, but the whirlpool was embedded in the surrounding waters; the move would have to be used from in the air. The Lapras won't be able to do that, but Swift could if he was awake. There was a small chance that there was some small rock nearby for some of them to hold on to, but it was no hope for the Lapras. They may be able to breathe underwater, but the sheer force of the epicenter of the whirlpool had a good chance of breaking the shell on one of them and leaving that unfortunate one immobilized. He thought he saw a rock somewhere within the whirlpool, but it moved and showed itself to be an Aerodactyl, dead for some unknown period of time. He watched as the corpse swirled into the whirlpool and disappeared. That was when he saw Slash scream.

    Treex looked up and saw Slash in a fit of rage and attempt to strike down Ironwing and Kalben, that was when he managed to find a strategy. If they knock out Ironwing and take both him and Kalben down into the waters, they would be sucked into the whirlpool as well. Then, if the one who caused the move were watching, then they would be forced to call off the whirlpool or face treason for killing Kalben and Ironwing. Sure Kalben could breath underwater, but they would be taken out and the Lapras shells would possibly seriously injure Kalben. It was all risky, but it was the only way to prevent anyone being injured or killed. Treex attempted to aim an energy ball, but it was impossible to aim with Ironwing moving so fast and the whirlpool weakening his aim. Although Treex could try, this was more or less down to Slash to take out, unless Kara had a trick of her own ready.

    (edit: it took three days to finish this! But now I'm starting to get more time to do this at least)
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  29. (I know exactly what to do. I wouldn't have made the story turn this way unless I knew how to get out of the problem...)

    "Treex!" Kara screamed at the Grass Lizard, "It's a move! It will end if the required turns have passed! We have to fight, and make them fight back!"

    Without waiting for Treex's reply, Kara focused, and 12 copies of herself appeared. They all danced around, leaping from one Lapras to the other, screaming insults at Team Ancient.

    "No wonder you're called Team 'Ancient'! You couldn't move even if your life depended on it!!!" One screamed.

    "You call yourself a dinosaur? You're a chicken! Which makes sense, 'cause YOU birdy, you can't fly! A Magikarp could do better than that!"

    With a roar, Ironwing aimed a Wing Attack at one of Kara's copies. One turn done...
  30. Slash's attack hit Kalben straight on. There was so much adrenaline behind that blow that Kalben nearly fell off Ironwing. Slash's original target had been Ironwing, but he had missed and hit Kalben instead. But it didn't matter very much, Slash was fighting in blind rage, and he might just as well take it out on Kalben.

    Kalben quickly regained his position and attacked Slash, who was able to parry the blow and counterattack. So an epic battle raged on Ironwing's back, while the fossil himself started attacking the copies of Kara. Slash fought hard, but he was losing his balance, and the power he had had in the beginning was gone. He didn't have much hope.

    Swift was breathing unsteadily on the back of the Lapras. Suddenly he opened his eyes. He had been dimly aware of what was going on. He used his last strength to stand up and walk over to the Lapras's head.

    "Kabu," he whispered. "The little Kabuto. Take care of him. He might be solution."

    The Lapras nodded. Swift's message had been understood.

    The Sneasel smiled. Suddenly his eyes rolled as he fainted again, losing his balance and falling into the swirling water beneath.
  31. Kara saw Swift fall into the raging waters.

    "Swift!" she cried as she lept into the water's after him.

    Kara began to swim towards were Swift was, floating. Just. But the waters were stronger that Kara had expected. She was pulled away from Swift, and towards the raging eye of the waters.

    "Hail!" Kara cried, hoping that the ice would encorage Swift to wake up.

    But was that really a good idea? If they were both doomed to die, it would be better to die without feeling it... But the ice had already started falling. To late now.

    "Kara! Swift!" Treex shouted, "Watch out!"

    Ironwing had seen Kara leap into the water, and had guessed that she was the real Absol.

    "Time to fry!" He screamed, "Giga Impact!"

    Kara froze. Oh dear... Superpowerful move Alert! Was it possible to stop? But what if the attack went haywire? Loss of Acurcury? And then Ironwing wouldn't be able to use another move. But what move... oh... Flash... Ironwing had a swirling mass of energy rotating around him, which had knocked Slash and Kalben off his back, and onto a Lapras. Just as he seemed to be about to release the attack, Kara cried,


    A blast of pure white light enemated from Kara. It was inpossible to see. Seconds later, it was gone, but it had worked. Ironwing lauched his attack at the vortex of the whirlpool instead. It made the water surronding it create large waves, which caught Swift and brought him onto Kara's back. Kara turned to try and swim back, but the whirlpool's power was to great. She couldn't get out of the current.

    "Finish the battle or get though 3 more turns!" Kara cried desprately.
  32. As Slash saw Swift fall into the water all his willt o fight disappeared. he stopped in his tracks, staring at Swift and Kara, who had jumped in the water herself to go after him. Kalben used this opportunity to smash the Scyther into the water below. Fortunately for Slash he landed right beside a Lapras, who picked him up from the water. The Lapras turned its head to Slash, who was gasping for breath on it's back.

    "Swift told me to take care of Kabu, a Kabuto he met, before he fell into the water," the Lapras said. "He said he might be the key to ending this battle. I have him here under my shell. Help me dig him out."

    Slash was surpised to find himself digging after a Kabuto under a Lapras's shell while there was a Whirlpool swirling nearby. Short comments from the Lapras, like "a little to the left" and "ow ow ow not there!" were the only things that could be heard over the roaring of water. Except for the clashes of battle. Finally Slash found a Kabuto, dripping of sweat.

    "Sheesh it's hot in there!" Kabu exclaimed as he finally came out. "Are we there yet?"

    "No," the Lapras replied. "We got stuck in a battle with your father and Ironwing. Swift said you might be the key to ending this fight."

    "Hold on a second!" Slash said. "Is that Kalben's child?" He pointed accusingly at Kabu.

    "He's on our side," the Lapras explained. Then he turned its head towards Kabu. "You must try to get your father to end this battle. It'll turn catastrophic if it continues."

    "But he won't listen to me!" Kabu cried. "He never has. He doesn't care!"

    "You'll just have to try!" the Lapras yelled back. "You're our only hope!"

    Kabu sighed, then turned towards Kalben standing on Ironwing. "Daddy! Hey, daddy!" he screamed. "Daddy, stop fighting these guys! Please daddy!"

    Kalben looked shocked as he heard Kabu's voice. "No. Kabu? Are you with this scum?" he said. "You... You... TRAITOR! i've tried to be a loving parent, I've tried to care about you and give you only the best! And you thank me with this? Joining our enemies?!? You deserve to die with them!"

    Kabu nearly burst into tears, and was about to tell his father that "loving parent" wasn't the right description of him, when Slash talked. "All right. That didn't work out. Kabutos are good swimmers, right?"

    Kabu nodded.

    "Could you jump into the water and try to save Kara and Swift?" he asked. "They're over there." Slash pointed towards Swift and Kara, on the other side of the Whirlpool.

    "Swift is in the water?" Kabu asked. "Isn't that bad for his condition?"

    Slash nodded. "And he's unconcious. It's a miracle he hasn't drowned already."

    Kabu said not a word as he jumped into the water. Swift had taken him away from Team Ancients, goddammit. This Kabuto was not going to let him die!
  33. Seeing Kabu leap into the water, Kara instantly guessed that he was their rescuer here. Kara swam with all her might towards the little Pokemon. Kara, when in reach, grabbed onto Kabu as well as she could, seeing she only had paws. But Kabu's claws hooked onto Kara's, and he dragged both Kara and Swift to the Lapras.

    "Thanks." Kara whispered, trying to catch her breath.

    Kabu didn't answer, just stood there, watching his father and Ironwing, screaming their rage.

    "Kabu..." Kara asked, "could you use one move? Just to pass a turn? Please?"

    Kabu paused, wasting time, before shouting,


    He didn't aim for Ironwing or Kalben, just under them, but that was enough.

    "You dirty B******!!!" Kalben roared, and shot an attack at Kabu. It missed, but caused a few more waves. Before anyone else could do anything, Kara whispered,

    "Future sight."

    It would make her faint yes, unless the battle ended, but Kara didn't care. The whirlpool would stop. And Treex, Slash, Kabu, the Lapras and Lupina were able to flee.

    "Hope it hurts..." Kara whispered
  34. It's been a while since someone other than me replied! :)

    Slash was incredibly relieved, of course, to see that Kabu had completed his mission and brought Kara and Swift back to one of the Lapras. Too relieved maybe, since as he lowered his guard the Lapras he was on himself cringed, and he nearly fell into the water, but Slash managed to regain his balance.

    Looking over to the other Lapras, Slash saw his friends fighting the peril from above (lol). He felt so very useless here, on the other Lapras, seeing the others fight, and fall. Especially Kara looked very weak. Slash was very worried. She was going to be all right, wasn't she?

    Suddenly that should have been impossible happened. Swift stood up. He was shaking heavily, but he stood. He's alive! Another wave of relief.

    Swift faced Ironwing and Kalben, who'd seen the Sneasel stand up.

    "It seems the brat is still alive!" Ironwing exclaimed with a sadistic joy.

    Swift seemed to gather his power for something, probably to say something. In his state, it would be at the edges of his capability.

    But now another miracle happened. Swift's eyes went completely blank, you could see that from anywhere, and he roared. "ICE BEAM!"

    It was the most massive Ice Beam Slash had ever seen. It was probably eight meters in diameter, and it sent the Lapras ten meters backwards, out of the Whirlpool completely. Ironwing's agility was down with Kalben on his back, so the attack hit them right on. The impact sent Ironwing flying towards Slash. Swift appeared to faint again.

    You seem to keep waking up just to worsen your state even more, old friend,Slash thought as he leaped at Ironwing. "SLASH!" he roared. His signature move. It wasn't going to fail him.

    The blow hit Ironwing from above, sending him plummeting down into the Whirlpool. The pokemon couldn't even move, since Swift's attack had frozen Kalben's mount. The two went down hard, but Kalben managed to stay conscious through breaking the surface, since his mouth was moving as he sunk, probably cursing the ones above water. In that instance, the Whirlpool ceased.

    Slash landed neatly on the Lapras's back. "Go to the other Lapras, where the others are."

    The floating pokemon nodded and head off in that direction as quickly as it could.
  35. (sorry I didn't reply at all in the last week, I finally got the chance to mess about with SSBB and do whatever, but it also came with the unfortunate side effect of writers block. Nevertheless, I'm back into the swing of things! And just in time for the eventual makeover of the website! :))

    Treex felt rather useless throughout the entire thing. He wanted to take a massive leap and knock Ironwing and Kalben clean out of the sky, but there was no way he could leave Lupina alone on the Lapras. He was the unfortunate one being closest to the epicenter of the whirlpool, the speeds of the waters accelerated to incredible speeds, and all Treex could do was hold on and wait. On the other hand, this was a good oppurtunity to see what Team Scarz could really do when under intense pressure.

    Soon enough Kalben and Ironwing were plummeting into the oceans below, as they disappeared under the spiraling waves of the whirlpool, the rapid waters slowed and eventually straightened out to flatness and came to a stop. There was now a peaceful silence over the seas, the only movement was the regrouping of the Lapras. The one with Slash, Swift, Kara, and Kabu on it arrived last being the one that was knocked out of the whirlpool as a result of Swift's Ice Beam. After finally getting Lupina to believe that it was safe for her to let go, Treex hopped over to their Lapras

    "I must say, you have barely even started and you are already on your way to the top teams. This isn't going to be good for the reputation of Team Ancients" Treex commented, wondering what the results might have been if Team Aura was attempting the rescue; something told him that Team Scarz might have done a better job.
  36. (Oh good, you caught up. I was concidering to pause the rp to let you catch up in the story, but apparently that was not necessary.)

    Slash hovered the last few meters between the Lapras he was on and the one the others were on. He heard Treex say something, but the meaning of his words was lost. A horrible thought had appeared in his mind, a memory from a lesson during his time in the academy. When a pokemon is near death it suddenly achieves a great strength to do abnormally powerful attacks. The move is partially pure adrenaline, but the whole process is still shrouded in mystery... Swift couldn't be that near to death, not yet at least?

    Slash landed on the Lapras, beside his friend. Swift's pulse was so weak that Slash had a hard time finding it at all. The Sneasel's breathing was even worse than his heartbeats. Even an idiot would've known that Swift's time in this world wouldn't last long. Slash started crying hysterically. He couldn't say a word.

    After a while Slash stood up, his friend in his arms.

    "I'm staying with Swift on the Lapras I was on before. Please don't come over."

    Kabu nodded silently. A word from him would have been drowned with tears.

    Slash took Swift over to the other Lapras and stayed immovable by his friends side as the silent party headed towards the shore. Three minutes before they hit the shore, Swift passed away.

    :'( :'( :'( :'( *sob* omg i just killed my own char... :'(
  37. (Wow, didn't expect that one coming. I must say, this is a new turn in the forum RPs. Usually, the character beats the odds and survives for a big tasty dinner. You have dawned a new era... So, what comes next?)

    Treex's feelings of victory dissappeared into the abyss as the truth dawned on him about Swift's fate. It didn't take any real look to see that it was too late for Swift. Even if they were able to get back to shore and get a Gabite Scale or Reviver Seed quickly enough, Slash would never fully recover. Sometimes, there is the occasion when you just have to let them go. Treex knew that, and so did the Lapras who moved slowly towards the shore. Lupina stood behind Treex and peaked out at the soquility scene with pity. The fear she once experianced seemed to have dispersed like dandelion seeds. Kara also stood silently, head bowed in honour of the fierce sacrifices Swift made for Slash, Treex, the Lapras, Lupina, Kabu, and herself. Team Scarz has brought itself to the top of the ranks in one fell swoop, and now it was already breaking up the same day it was formed. The shores where the mission to Deathbone Archipelego had begun appeared on the horizon, that was when Swift's soul and body seperated.

    The Lapras soon enough were beached on the shores and depositing their passengers. Treex stared at Slash still silently watching over Swift as if he was going to come alive again any second. "Let's leave them to it." Treex whispered to Kara as he and Lupina began to head for Emplor's home to return his daughter.
  38. (Thanx Brendan. I like to be out of the original. Even though killing Swift was hard for me as well...)

    Slash stayed by Swift as the others went to take Lupina to her father. The Scyther had cried away all his tears already. He looked sick with grief. His best friend had just passed away, and he was torn. He had no idea what to do. swift had always been the one who planned everything, the games when they were small, going to the academy, becoming a rescue team... Of course Slash could just go back to living in his house and live a completely normal and uninteresting life.

    But what was the meaning of that? What was the meaning of life in general? What do we live for, anyway? Slash thought. In desperation of not finding an answer, the thought of suicide appeared in his head. It would be easy. He was armed with razor-sharp scythes. A swing and he could cut his throat off.

    NO!! a voice shouted in his head. The scream was so loud Slash fell backwards, as if hit by a powerful blow.

    The voice continued. How can you even think like that? Your friend is dead. It's very sad, I know, but that doesn't mean your life is at an end. swift's time was to end here, but his mission in life was to entrust you with those missions he couldn't complete. Think about it. What would Swift want you to do?

    Slash thought about it as he lay there in the sand. Kabu. He cared about Kabu. He would want me to take care of him, maybe train him. That was the mission Swift entrusted me with.

    Not yet. the voice said. First you must train yourself. Your mind is not ready yet. You will recover from the loss of Swift. But you must train. Wil you promise me that?

    Yes. Slash thought. I promise.
  39. (Ouch... Swift is dead... ... ...)

    Slash was tramatized. The way he went around, you would have thought that he was a Zombie. Treex was equally shocked, but seemed to understand that it had been Swifts time. At least he seemed able to function.

    Kara herself was overall rather cold about the matter, to both herself and the situation. It was her fault, after all. She had used Perish Song, which killed Swift. Kara was the one out of the Team that could think properly, because she didn't know Swift as well as the others, and because it was in her blood to be heartless.

    The only thing that troubled her was 'Why did it kill him?' Perish Song was only ment to make Pokemon faint, not kill them. It was as if some other thing had attack Swift, causing his death.

    Slash's movements woke Kara from her thoughts. He was moving with a determinded air, something he hadn't had for days.

    "Slash," Kara said as she raced along beside the Syther, "Why the sudden energy?"

    "I've got to become stronger," He growled.

    "Well then I'm coming too." Kara delcared.

    Slash shrugged, not caring, and walked towards the Post Office Notice Board, searching for a mission.

    (My thoughts are that Swift died because something meldled with his mind. *thinks of Phantom* He's my suspect.)
  40. (Actually it was because a) He had a little of a cold anyways b) Lilnep's Toxic worsened the rising sickness in Swift (main reason) and c) Swift fell into the water making it so many times worse. And Kara's Perish Song didn't really help, either.)

    Slash was in a hurry to end the rescue mission he and Kara went on, causing it to be too quickly done, which made the customers complain. The reason for this was Swift's burial. It was going to be that day. Slash was not going to miss it, he couldn't bare the thought. nearly everyone in Rippose would be there. Even Swift's family, who had kicked Swift out of the family long ago, and who lived far away from Rippose, were coming. It would be horrible if the victim's best friend wasn't there.

    The atmosphere was tense as the ceremony started. The crowd was split in two halves, creating a pathway for the burial train in the middle. Emplor was at the head of this train, Lupina by his side. The little Piplup wasn't crying, but she was obviously very sad. She knew Swift's life had been lost while trying to rescue her.

    Next was Swift himself. He was lying in a transparent coffin of glass, to honor his bravery. The coffin was carried by four Loudred with their heads bent down.

    After the coffin was Swift's family. There were two Weaviles, Swift's mother and father, and three Sneasels, two about the same size; Swift's brother and sisters. The father head his head up, but it was closed by sadness. Swift's mother had her head down, she had always loved her oldest son, but she had cried away her tears. Swift's siblings didn't seem very sad at all, they were too young to understand the importance of the occasion.

    After Swift's family, at the end of the train, was Slash, Kara, Treex and Kabu, the ones who had been with Swift during his last moments. The Lapras they had ridden weren't there, of course, but they had sent their blessings to give Swift a safe journey to the other side.

    As the train approached the altar in front of the crowd, Emplor turned around, nodding at the carriers. The four Loudred set down the coffin. The rest of the train had split up to both sides, slash had ended up on the left side, with Swift's family.

    Emplor spoke a few words, but they went right past Slash. he was full to the brim with grief, but he had no more tears to cry. swift's mother burst out into tears beside him, Swift's father trying to comfort her. Slash looked over to the other side, where Treex, Kara and Kabu were standing. Treex looked firm, but Slash spotted a tear slide down the green lizard's cheek. Kara looked completely neutral, but it was natural. She hadn't known Swift nearly at all, and Absols were heartless by nature. Slash couldn't blame her.

    Kabu was crying hysterically. Swift was the one who had saved him from the torment of Team Ancients, and now he was dead. Before the little Kabuto had time to repay him. That must be tough, Slash thought. He felt pity to the little pokemon.

    Afterward, when the burial was over, Swift's mother came up to him.

    "I know you were Swift's best friend." she said. "And I know you were by his side until the very end. Our family would like to thank you with this gift."

    Swift's mother handed Slash a little wooden shrine decorated in many colors. There was carvings on the lid, a beautiful mix of flowers and vines.

    "Don't open it before you feel ready." Swift's mother warned him. "If you do, you'll be too surprised to understand the gift."

    Slash started wondering what could be in the shrine. But when he turned back to the Weavile to ask for a clue, she had already left. Slash took the shrine to his house. He was going to treasure it and respect Swift's mother's words. He would open it when he had recovered from the loss of his best friend. When he was mentally ready.

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