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The Tales of Linkachu: A Beginning

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Linkachu, Oct 23, 2004.

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    Author Notes: I'm feeling inspired to write something, and since I wasn't sure where to put it I decided on here. Chances are nothing will come about from this, but whatever. Linkachu must live for the good of us all ;)


    Tales of Linkachu: The Sword in the Stone

    By Me (Katie)

    In the beginning Raiden was a normal, everyday Raichu. When he wasn't battling rival Pokemon with his trainer, Katie, he was relaxing by the riverside at her mountain side cottage. The Raichu couldn't have asked for more.

    It was on one of these relaxing evening that everything changed. Raiden was laying over the river bank, one paw on the shore while the other dangled into the water. He was humming a soft tune to himself when the voice of his trainer rang out,
    "Raiden, supper's ready! Hurry up before Kaji eats it all!"

    Raiden's ears perked in response, "Kaji?! That blasted Charizard better stay away from my food if he knows what's good for him!" the Pokemon grumbled to himself. Giving the water a violent splash, he pushed himself off the ground and whirled around, calling out to Katie, "Raiai, chu-chu RAAAAI!"

    As he fell forward to stand on all fours, he was preparing to sprint up to the cottage when, suddenly, something caught the corner of his eye.
    "Raaai?" Raiden murmured curiously, standing back on his hind legs once more and turning to find bright glowing object hovering a short distance away. It's shinning was magnified by the shutting sun, simply managing to further Raiden's intrigued. He'd never seen anything like this before.

    Taking a few steps towards the enigmatic object, the Raichu halted and tilted his head to the side. Its details were clearer now and from what he could tell the wonder was nothing more than a floating, glowing triangle. The gleam it gave off somewhat reminded him of a piece of gold, but was making it float?

    "What is that thing?" he whispered, inching closer a bit more. It was only then did he realize the object was slowly moving away, ever so slightly making its way towards the surrounding trees. Was it hinting at him to follow?
    Raiden took another few steps forward, again the object moving away. He quickened his pace, the glowing triangle increasing its own. This only lasted until he'd pushed it all the way back to the tree-line, though, when the object gave a violent shake and zipped away into the forest. The Raichu barely had the chance to blink.

    "Hey, hold on a second!" he cried, reverting to all fours and taking off with a burst of energy. Racing into the trees, his eyes quickly locked onto the object, refusing to let it out of sight even though countless obstacles stood in his path.
    Over a fallen tree trunk, through a patch of bushes, zig-zaging around a group of trees - he ran on and on, gaining speed with every second. To his luck he was slowly but surely catching up.

    Raiden didn't even notice when the trees separated, revealing a clearing with a tiny, crystal clear lake. As the shinning triangle piece glided out over the pond all he could think about was catching it, thus skidding to a stop an inch from the lake he crouched low and sprang with all his might. The world blurred as the Raichu soared through the air, slamming hard into the triangle and clutching it tightly. It's blinding light was the last thing he remembered before blacking out...


    Raiden awoke with a start, jumping to his feet with amazing grace. His eyes shot frantically side to side, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. He was still surrounded by trees yet they were all different - leafed instead of the pines he was accustomed to - and the lake was nowhere in sight. This was clearly not the Blackthorn area anymore.

    "Where am I...?" Raiden whispered to himself, scratching his cheek in confusion. None of this made sense!

    "You... Creature from the other realm... I have waited for you..." a strange voice suddenly floated through the air towards him. Raiden jumped in surprise.

    "Who said that!?" he squeaked loudly, searching for the speaker but finding nothing.

    "Come forward..." the voice simply replied

    Raiden's eyes grew wide. It could understand his language? Did that mean it was another Pokemon? Wait… That wasn't it at all.
    "I'm the one speaking human!" he yelped shrilly. "What the heck's going on here?!" When no reply came he shook his head, muttering quietly, "If this is a dream it's sure realistic…"
    Unsure of what to do now, Raiden slowly stepped forward as the voice had commanded. He pushed his way through a clump of tall bushes, immediately stopping dead in his tracks. All he could do was gasp in awe.

    Hovering overhead was none other than the glowing triangle, but below stood another magnificent sight. A shimmering blade with a beautiful blue hilt, driven deep into a stone slab on the ground. The hilt curved around the blade like an 'm', with a golden pyramid-shaped gem in the center that reminded Raiden much of the triangle piece in the sky. That wasn't the only resemblance between the two, though. Both the sword blade itself and the stone it rested in had triangle engraving, only instead of one solid triangle they were cut into four equal pieces. It was perplexing to the Raichu but even more so intriguing.

    "The sword which lies before you is the legendary Master Sword… Take it…" Raiden heard the mystery voice say again.
    He looked up to the floating triangle, twitching his nose and replying with bewilderment, "Was it you that just spoke to me?"

    "Yes… I am the Triforce of Courage…" it answered in an inhuman voice, "… You, creature from the other realm… Follow your destiny… Pull the sword from the stone…"

    "Triforce? My destiny..?" Raiden repeated staring wide-eyed from the triangle to the sword. None of this seemed possible, yet it was all unfolding right before his eyes.

    "Darkness is spreading over the land… Take the sword before its too late…"

    At last the Raichu nodded, stepping up to the stone slab and staring hard at the weapon. Taking a deep breath, he lunged forward and wrapped his paws around the hilt, pulling back with all his might. The blade grinded against stone as he tugged, inching its way out… more… a little more… until the sword ripped out of the stone altogether and sent Raiden tumbling backwards. He rolled on his back, clutching the weapon tightly in his paws and staring up at the so-called ‘Triforce'.

    "There! I've done it! Now what?" he called up to it.

    "Your destiny will lead the way…" were the last words it uttered, starting to sparkle and glow as it had before Raiden'd blacked out.

    "Oh no… Not this again!" he cried, but it was too late. The world went dark.


    "Oooh… my head…" the Pokemon whimpered as he came too, feeling like he'd been through a washers spin-cycle. Immediately he felt something clutched tightly in his paws, not bothering to look as he mumbled, "Wait… don't tell me that wasn't a dream…"
    As Raiden blinked and focused his eyes he realized that it was indeed the Master Sword, but that wasn‘t all. Something was laying on the ground beside him.

    "What's this?" he wondered, turning over to find a wrinkled, dirty green hat. He reached down and scooped it up, wiping the dirt off and examining it carefully to find nothing but a single name on the inside. "Huh… ‘Link‘, eh? I wonder who that could be… Looks like the cap's been here for days." Throwing it on and pulling it snug, he grinned and chuckled to himself, "Hey, pretty good fit! I'd say its found a new owner."

    As Raiden pushed himself off the ground with the aid of his new sword he gazed at the scenery to again find unfamiliar trees. It made him frown slightly, "Guess I'll try walking and see what I find… Don't got much other choice." With a shrug he started forward, not a clue to where he was headed. At least one thing was for sure, though: he'd find out when he got there.

    The End... For now

    Note: I'm aware that the Master Sword looks different in the newer games than it did in the older ones, but since Stel first drew Linkachu with the OoT version I felt it only right for him to get it. Also, I'm not huge on the LoZ history, so excuse any inconsistencies. This is just a fun character story anyways ;p
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