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Open The Tale of the Ferenas

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Princess Lilia (Lilly), Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Glacier Looked at his pack proudly, he knew his clan was going to survive the harsh weathers. Moon snuggled in her nest and then talked to To the other Elders about the old days when Icicle was the leader and about the other old leaders who once led. Moon was happy about her life it was peaceful but sometimes trouble would happen but then peacefulness would come back.
  2. She came back to her pack with a fresh snowhare in her maw although she didn't like to hunt them she knew she had to for the sake of her pack. She placed the fresh kill in the pile as small fox-kits tackled her as she chuckled as she was under a pile of kits.-
  3. Fiona, along with her pack, was resting near a coral reef, she sighed, and decided, that it was best for her tribe's safety, that the Hunters went out, looked for food, and reported any nearby dangers.
  4. Wave went out with his mentor River to learn some hunting and fighting moves, "Okay, now time for the tail smack" River said. Wave went over to a piece of coral and smacked with all his force with his tail "Good job, Wave. Now let's do some hunting, Wave saw a Clownfish and quickly went after it. Wave sank his teeth into the Clownfish until it layed dead, They then went back to the Pack and lay down their prey in the prey pile.
  5. She was able to get out from under the kits as she smiled "Did not expect them to tackle me down like that" she chuckled as she went out of her pack site to look for more food to hunt for this harsh weather.-
  6. Glacier went out to hunt prey for his camp, He saw a Hare and went into a hunting crouch, he caught the hare and went back to camp to put it down, He then went out again to catch more prey until he saw a little splash of the ocean water and went to investigate. Angel looked at the Icepack territory, a handsome male caught her eye so she tried to get on land for a closer look, the snow was cold when she got on it so she quickly went back into the water. The handsome male went closer to her, Angel knew she had to say something "Hello" she quickly said, "Hello, I'm Glacier" the handsome male said to her "I'm Angel" she said, Glacier looked into Angel's beautiful eyes "I...have to go back to camp" Glacier said. Angel then went back to her camp and thought about Glacier.
  7. Fiona went and looked around the camp, and saw angel, who seemed quite deep in thought, so she went up to her most trusted (Female) Hunter, and asked
    "Are you alright Angel? you seem awfully deep in thought..." She said this as she was truly concerned about her.
  8. "Oh, I'm okay, River and Wave told me they saw a shark close to our territory! I was worried if f the shark got one of the Pups or one of our Ferenas." Angel swam off to catch some fish. Angel then realized she didn't know where she was she also felt like she was being followed. She swam some more she looked behind and realized a shark was following her, she quickly swam as fast as she could back to camp as she did the shark lost her. Angel then reported back to Fiona "Fiona! When I was swimming around a shark was following me! I didn't get hurt by make sure to send out more Guards to watch out for Sharks.
  9. Fiona Nodded, and said
    "Of course." She headed to the guard station, and told about half of them to start patrolling The Reaches of the camps, especially where their pack went, especially where Cubs went and played or whatever.
  10. Angel went up to the surface to see if she could find Glacier but she failed so she ducked her head under the water and began to swim, she caught a few fish and brought them back and then caught more fish. "We have a lot of food, Fiona, just enough to eat for the winter!' Angel went over to a spot near the other Hunters and rested.
  11. "Ah, very good." Fiona Said, Although she saw Angel go up to the surface, she didn't care and decided not to bring it up, as it would probably be considered awkward. She then thought
    Wonder why she went up, oh well.
    She Decided to see what her mate was doing, only to find him playing with some of the cubs, she smiled at this, then Foet saw her, blushed, and said
    "Uh, Hi, Fiona?"
    "Hi Foet. Just wanted to tell you we have enough food for winter."
  12. Angel swam to the surface and saw Glacier walking "Glacier!" She called to him "Hello Angel" Glacier said, they had a tiny chat and then Angel went to catch some fish, she caught sight of a clownfish and quickly swam over to it, she quickly bit into it and went back to camp. She placed the fish in the prey pile and rested again.
  13. Phoenix went out to hunt as his pack needed food. He found a chicken nearby as he lowered his body down and leaped at it however it gave him a chase towards the Icepack territory but leaped at it again and killed it as he grabbed it in his maw however as he looked up he saw a beautiful pure white pelt Ferenas with a crystal clear icey horn just on the middle of her forehead as she was holding a dead kill she had killed. "Wow she's...beautiful" he said as he shook his head as he had to meet her once he had his free time. He walked back to his pack and dropped the kill in the kill pile then laid down as he thought about that icepack female.

    She had returned to her pack with a fresh kill in her mouth as she felt that someone was watching her way back at the hunting ground but shook it off thinking it was a bird. She got tackled by the kits once again as she chuckled "Alright hehe you kits your suffocating me" she chuckled as she rolled over.
  14. Fiona Looked at the food pile, smiled, then looked up at the stars, it was nighttime, which meant... So she shouted with a Voice like silk(And calmly, not angry) to her camp, this
    "Everyone! Feeding time!"
  15. Angel,River and Wave got a fish from the prey pile. Angel went over to Fiona "Fiona, I think I'm expecting Pups! The healing Ferena said I might be having Pups but she's not sure." Angel started to eat the fish as she looked at Fiona.
  16. Phoenix knew he had to see that Ice pack female again as he went out hunting. He look around but didn't see any sign of her just yet as he focused on hunting for now.

    She walked out of her pack camp again to do more of the hunting as she sniffed around searching for food to hunt then noticed a snow hare as she went into crouching position as she crepped up slowly then leaped forward grabbing its neck as it went limb. She picked it up in her maw as she made her way back to her pack camp but then stopped seeing a Phoenix orange with red streaks with Olive green-Gold eyes as she dropped her prey as she sat down watching him.

    He held a dead chicken in his mouth as he looked up and saw her watching him. "-There she is and she is looking at me!-" He gave a smile to her in the distance.

    She lowered her ears shyly as she smiled as she raised her paw up to say hello as she picked up her prey after before walking off with her kill as she placed it in the kill pile then suddenly thought of the sunpack male as she blushed shyly.

    He saw her wave at him and waved back in return as he picked up his prey and walked back to his own camp placing the kill on the kill pile then laid down as he couldn't stop think about the ice pack female.
  17. Sunny was talking to Solar about Blaze, he had just turned 6 and it was time for him to come a Training pup. Sunny jumped on a big rock and called out to her pack "All of my pack please come forward for a meeting!" Her pack came as always "Blaze has turned 6 and its time he trains to be a Hunter-Fighter, his mentor will be Phoenix. Pack meeting dismiss." Blaze hurried over to Phoenix "Mother told me that when I become a Training pup I get a review of our territory!" Blaze was very excited to be a Training pup.
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  18. Phoenix smiled "Yes she is correct the view is wonderful now come on lets start your training stay close by" Phoenix walked put of the pack site with Blaze to the hunting ground. "Alright Blaze first lets start on your hunting position now watch me first" he lowered down in the correct lunging position then leaped forward catching the chicken in his maw. "See now you try" he said as he looked to Blaze then back up in the area as he saw the ice pack female again doing her hunting. "-There she is again...I must meet her when I'm done with Blaze here-" he said in thought as he looked to her.

    She noticed the sun pack male again and smiled as she saw he was mentoring a sun pack kit as she held a fresh kill in her mouth as she dropped it before sitting down and watching him mentor as she waved to him with her paw.

    He smiled and returned the wave as he looked back to Blaze doing the stance as he fix his position. "Good now see the chicken in the distance now quietly creep up on it and kill it Blaze" he said as he watched him.
  19. Blaze sneaked on the chicken and got into a hunting crouch, he then pounced on the chicken and killed it, Blaze brought the chicken back to Phoenix "Look I caught it!" Blaze put the chicken down and saw a rabbit. He got into a hunting crouch and then he caught the rabbit and brought it back to Phoenix.
  20. He smiled "well done Blaze two prey in one and on your day just like your mother" he chuckled as he licked his head. "Alright lets see if you can catch a bird but remember they are harder to catch because they have wings so I'm going to show you how to properly catch them so watch me" he quietly climbed on the tree where the birds perched as he kept himself low and patient then lunged at the bird in mid air catching it in his mouth then landed on the ground. "Just like that but not on the tree since your still young but look there is a bird on the ground try and catch it without being noticed but remember keep low and be patient then ludge quickly" he instructed as he looked to the ice pack female as she was still watching but saw her leaping on the rocks with the killed prey in her mouth. "-She is coming this way!? What do I do!? No ok Phoenix calm down!-"

    She leaped over to the other side where the sun pack male was with the hare in her mouth as she walked over to the sun pack male as she dropped her kill. "Greetings" she smiled as she sat down. "Hello" Phoenix said as he watched her then Blaze.-
  21. Blaze sneaked up on the bird then he pounced, unfortunately the bird flew off "Stupid bird" Blaze saw another bird and successfully caught it "I'm starting to be a good hunter" Blaze but down his prey with his 2 other prey "Mother is going to be proud of me" Blaze looked at his catches proudly.
  22. He smiled "Well done Blaze now lets go back its starting to get dark" he said as he looked to the ice pack female 'Would you mind staying here ill be right back" he smiled as he walked Blaze back to the sun pack camp.

    She nodded "Sure I'll be here" she smiled as she sat down waiting for him to return. She gazed out at the sun that was setting down as she had to get back to her pack soon.

    He walked Blaze back home with three fresh kill in his mouth "Well done today Blaze now return to your mother see you in the morning as tomorrow I will teach you how to fight" he smiled as he then walked back out of the pack site back to the ice pack female. He found her still there waiting "Sorry to keep you waiting I'm back"

    She smiled seeing him walk up to her "Its alright I was just enjoying the sunset here and its warm here"she said as she saw him sit in front of her.

    "Oh yes sun pack is always warm and the sun is always beautiful here but I like to ask if we can walk together sometime and talk maybe" he smiled as he waited for her response.
  23. "Mother guess what!" Blaze hurried to the Nursery where Solar was "So, what did you do today?" Solar looked at her son "Well I learned how to hunt, I caught a chicken,rabbit and bird!" Blaze went to the Training Ferena den, Cuddled up in a nest and fell asleep.
  24. She lowered her ears down shyly as she smiled "Sure we can walk together and talk" she smiled as she had to get back to her pack. "I need to go I can't be out too long" she turned as she began to leap on the rocks to get back to the other side.

    "Wait please tell me your name?" He asked her as she turned her head back to him.

    "Its Lara and yours Sun male?"she asked looking to him.

    "Phoenix is what I'm called then I'll see you again when in free" he said as he smiled to her.

    "Yes we will meet again"she smiled as she leaped on the rest of the rocks back to her ice pack territory as the sun set down as the day turned to night as she went into her den and laid down as she smiled then fell asleep.

    He smiled as he really liked Lara as he walked back tail moving back and forth happily as he went into his den as he laid down and fell asleep.
  25. Glacier cuddled up in his nest as he looked at the misty sky, he saw Lara enter the camp so he climbed out of his den and went to talk to her "Hello Lara, Where have you've been?" Glacier looked at her "Its okay if you don't want to tell me."
  26. She looked at Glacier "oh I was doing some hunting just didn't realize it was getting so late and was just watching a Sunpack Fernea training his apprentice just thought it looked cool to watch" she smiled as she placed her hare down she killed as the sky had hit night.

    He was so happy he said yes as he really did like Lara as he couldn't wait until tomorrow "-omg she said yes man ok calm down Phoenix before Sunny notices-" he chuckled as he placed his kill in the kill pile before going into the den and falling asleep.
  27. Glacier looked at Lara "I think your hiding something from me, I'll tell you a secret, I'm mates with Angel a Ocean Ferena, Don't tell anyone okay?" Glacier went back to his den and fell asleep in his nest.
  28. She was surprised by what he said and just smiled sweetly "-Never expected that from him but yes I have a secret as well I am meeting a Sun pack Ferena at dusk-" she sighed as she dropped her prey in the kill pile then walked into her den and fell asleep.
  29. Fiona was surprised at the news, but happy! She said
    "That's Great!" She decided not to ask who she had might have had pups with, Too personal, she thought, she was Naïve that way.
  30. She walked out of her pack site to meet with Phoenix the Sunclan Ferena as she looked around at the hunting ground then saw him at the edge of the river on the other side as she walked over. "Pheonix" she smiled as she sat down on the edge of the river as well.

    He saw Lara walk up to the river bank as he smiled "Lara hello I was finally able to have the time to meet you just cross on the rocks and we can walk together" he smiled as he really want to tell her that he really liked her once her got to know her a lot better as he walked beside her.

    Lara and Phoenix had a long talk and stroll together as the sun was starting to go down as Lara looked to Phoenix as she was starting to have strong feelings for this Sunpack Fernea. "Phoenix I believe I should head back for today but I did enjoy the stroll and I also have to hunt a hare for the kill pile back at my pack" she smiled as she started to walk off back to her hunting ground however Phoenix stopped her before she left. "Wait Lara there is something I want to ask you and tell you?" Phoenix said stopping her.

    She turned around facing Phoenix "Yes what is it Pheonix?" she asked as she sat down watching him curiously wondering what he wanted to tell her.

    "Listen Lara, ever since I first saw you it was like that most wonderful thing I saw and from that moment I had to meet you and get you know you better and ask you this?" Phoenix leaped at her causing her to be on her back. "Lara will you be my mate please?" he asked as his ears pointed straight are her waiting for an answer.

    Lara blushed from the sudden tackle as she lowered her ears shyly as she smiled "Phoenix....yes I will" she smiled as she felt his nose touch hers as she smiled as he licked her cheek before letting her up. She said goodbye to Phoenix as she walked back to her pack holding a prey in her mouth as she walked over to the kill pile and drop it before grabbing one and eating it as she made her way to her den "-Oh my I can't believe Phoenix asked me to be his mate a Sunpack Fernea-" she thought as she walked into her den as she laid down looking out at the entrance for a moment before laying her head down and falling asleep.

    Phoenix came back to the camp with a fresh chicken and bird kill as he dropped it in the kill pile before grabbing one for himself and ate it "-Wow I can't believe she said yes this is so cool-" he thought smiling happily as he walked into his den as well and laid down before closing his eyes as well.
  31. Glacier woke up and went to check on Angel, He arrived at the spot they always met "Glacier I have something important to tell you!" Glacier looked into Angels eyes "What is it?" Angel went more onto the land "I'm going to have your Pups soon" Glacier had a surprised look on his face "Really! That's wonderful!" Angel went back in the water "Goodbye Glacier" before Glacier knew it she was gone. Glacier trotted back to his clan camp with a happy look on his face.
  32. She saw Glacier coming back to the clan camp and smiled "Glacier so how did the "hunt" go?" she asked as she was referring about Angel. "Also may I speak to you about something Glacier?" she asked waiting for his response.
  33. "Of course, Lara" Glacier was still thinking about his unborn Pups and what they would look like, He wondered what it would be like to be a Ocean Ferena, just swimming in the ocean catching fish. Angel swam down to her territory and went near the other Nursing Vixens so she could talk to them.
  34. She followed Glacier into his den then sat down "Glacier I few weeks ago I met with a Sunpack Fernea named Phoenix and we become mates but after those weeks I felt a bit well sick like I just kept thinking to what was causing it but I'm not really sure right now so I'm asking for your help on this I feel confused" she said as she lowered her ears slightly down below.
  35. "Well, I'm not really sure. Being in a relationship with a different pack Ferena is frustrated, and also my mate Angel is expecting my pups." Glacier looked at the sky "I hope Angel is okay" Glacier looked at Lara "You can go now." Glacier curled up in his nest to rest.
  36. She smiled as she left Glaciers den as she was thinking of seeing Phoenix and telling him about it to see if he could figure or help her out with this as she sighed after before going back into her den not feeling well at the moment.
  37. Blaze went over Phoenix, "Phoenix! Let's train!" Blaze jumped up and down waiting for a response. Wave went out with River to train some more "Okay Wave, We're going to the surface" River swam to the surface with Wave. Wave looked at the trees on the Sunpack island and the snow on the Icepack island.
  38. He chuckled to Blaze "Alright lets go I'll teach you some fighting techniques come" he said as he went out of the Sun camp with Blaze to teach him some fighting techniques "Alright Blaze in battle you must always be aware of your surroundings because you can be jumped from any side but most importantly your ears and nose are the most important thing in battle say that the enemy is pinning you down like this" he show him the position as he was below Blaze. "You can use your hind legs to kick him off" he said showing him "After that you have the opportunity to fight him back without notice now you try Blaze" he said as he watched him.

    She went out of her campsite to go hunting as she was feeling kicks inside of her figuring out that she was expecting Phoenix's pups as she had to tell him the news once they were alone again. She saw a hare in the distance as she leaped after it killing it instantly as she grabbed it by the neck as it hung from her mouth then saw Phoenix in the distance training his apprentice as she sat down watching him feeling the unborn pups kicking inside of her.
  39. Blaze did the move as seen but he saw a Icepack and got distracted. "I saw a Icepack Vixen!" Blaze exclaimed. Blaze back upped and fell in the water "Help!" Wave saw a Ferena drowning and quickly came over to help it, He pushed the Ferena out of the water onto the land.
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  40. He turned his head to the Icepack Vixen seeing it was just Lara as he smiled seeing her "That's Lara an Icepack Fernea Blaze I believe she was doing some hunting just now and was me training you so she decided to watch" he smiled to Blaze not mentioning that she was his mate as he walked over to Blaze who had fallen into the water "You alright Blaze?" he asked in concern seeing he was wet as he gently licked his pelt to dry him up.

    She saw that the Sunpup saw her as she smiled then looked to Phoenix smiling at him as well as she needed to tell the news to him about her holding his pups as she had to wait when he had that free time to tell him so.
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