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Ask to Join The Survival Game Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Discussion Thread

    (Guide Animals will be already in the room the patient is in just to clarify)

    JC and her brother Shadow were sent to a mental hospital accused of committing crimes that they did not do. JC was accused falsely of murdering her father while her brother Shadow was accused falsely of sexual harassment. The siblings were separated into different rooms on different floors as JC didn't seem to like this at all since she was very close to her brother after their parent's death. The siblings both had therapy since they both seemed traumatized by the events of their parents. They were recorded on video by a stand-up camera as they both said that they were falsely of a crime they didn't commit. She had fallen into depression and fear as she was unable to express those feelings she was experiencing. She didn't want to see anything that involved murder and blood or she would go insane and actually kill someone. The doctor offered her a test that could help her with her depression as she agreed. That's all she could remember before the "treatment" that happened with her eyes causing her to become temporarily blind. Everything was quiet as she reached up to touch herself to make sure everything was intact. However, once she reached her eyes she felt the bandages on them covering the light in her eyes. She only remembered what the doctor had said to not remove them at all as this "helped" her prevent from seeing things she did not want to see.

    She felt her mask on her face to help cover her bandaged eyes a bit before she reached out to feel in front of her to make sure she was the only one in the room. When she went a bit lower she felt something...warm with fur just sitting in front of her as it felt large. She looked down slowly as she could suddenly see under the mask she was wearing but under different "eyes". "....Your...a wolf...an arctic wolf...I'm I..using....your eyes to see...are you...lending me your eyes..." she asked the wolf. She could see the wolf nod to her as the cross on her collar glowed brightly mostly towards the middle. She noticed the collar say "Guide Animal" at the side of it as she gently petted the wolf as she noticed the size of it. "You are a lady....aren't you...how about...Dove as a name...sweetie..." she told her. Dove gently nudged her as her tail wagged gently. She gave a gentle smile to her before she stood up slowly and realized she wasn't in the mental hospital she was supposed to be in. She noticed a sword leaned against the wall as she reached out to grab it as she revealed the blade to be a katana.

    She tied it to the side of her hip before walking out of the empty room as Dove's collar lit the way. "Wait, this isn't the hospital so where am I?" she asked herself looking around carefully. Upon investigating, she saw words on the wall that seemed to catch her "eyes" in the mask as she slowly read it.

    Who are you?
    That's the question you should be asking yourself?
    Is there a reason why you are here?
    Why are you here?
    Can't seem to remember?
    Your Guide Animal standing before you will lead the way to your lost memories?

    "Who am I?" she asked herself. "I'm...JC...but...I can't seem to remember...why I am here..." she added looking down to Dove seeing the light blue gem on the cross blink just once. She decided to further investigate the mysterious building she was in until she found the same exact words but from a typewriter that typed on its own.

    It asked:

    Who are you?
    "I'm JC...JC...Wolfa.."
    Is there a reason why you are here?
    Yes, is there a reason why you are here?
    Dove's gem blinked twice without her noticing.
    "Yes...there is..."
    Tell me your reason?
    "I was...falsely...accused...of...of..."
    Of what?
    Dove's gem blinked twice again.
    "Of... murdering my father..."
    "Because...I was...at the scene...to where...his death occurred...blood was...all over me..."

    Once she said that the wall with the striped caution tape opened behind her revealing an elevator. She didn't hesitate but cautiously entered inside as Dove followed in with her. The doors shut as she felt the elevator go down as Dove sat down next to her. Suddenly a voice spoke in the elevator sounding feminine. "Young girl, 19. Identification, Sacrifice" she said. "Sacrifice? What's that supposed to mean?" she asked herself as she looked down to her as her light blue eyes made contact with her but couldn't really explain to her what that meant since she was a wild animal. She felt the elevator stop at B1 as the doors open. She cautiously walked out as she felt very uneased but what she didn't know was that the word "Sacrifice" meant that she was a "killing" target for the Serial killers the elevator stopped on. The floor looked like a ghost town to her as she didn't know who or what would be on this floor to jump at her unexpectedly. Dove was on high alert in the meantime as she knew what the word "Sacrifice" meant to a human being like JC as the Serial killers were already alerted of a target they must take out. Dove had to protect JC from badly getting hurt due to her eyes being temporary blind from the "treatment". She remained close to her as possible, ears on high alert.

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  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain slowly awoke from the last narcotics treatment that the doctors had shot into him to make him fall asleep. He nearly broke out then, having another outrage back then. He could still feel the needle stick out of his left shoulder. He tried to move himself, only to find out he was still bound, both from the straight jacket and by the chains. He looked around the room, moving only his eyes as his head was also bound to the trolly. He could tell he was not in the mental asylum anymore. This was a different place. A place.. far more to his liking. So dark and damp.. so dusty and worn-down.. Yet, when Cain moved his eyes up the room, he could spot a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, flickering in and out of light, providing barely any light, not even enough to look through the room. Yet, cain suddendly stopped thinking, and listened.. he listened to something.. inside his head, talking to him..

    ' HAHAHAHAHA! The big fearful Cain got locked up inside another prison?! What, are you that pathetic that you can't even keep yourself out of trouble for three months? '

    ' Hey! Cain! Look around! You're not in the asylum, nor are you in prison! Looks like the government stepped up their game, just for you, HAH! '

    The voices inside his head kept laughing, riling him up. He began breathing heavily, rage building up inside of him. Then, he started to growl, first quietly, then louder and louder like a wild animal. Finally, he's had enough, and a vein popped on his neck. " GRRRGH! SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU! I AM NOT TRAPPED! NEVER!!! ' He roared out in sheer anger. He flexed his arms, breaking out of the straight jacket and the chains out of pure anger. This put some bruises on his arms from the amount of force it took, but Cain couldn't feel that currently. He was pumped full with Adrenaline, but then he got quiet again, holding his left hand to his ear..

    ' Well, would you look at that! We got you free now, you're welcome! News flash big guy, you're inside an abandoned building! Probably here to act in some sort of game between killers and victims. Hey, here's a tip; take three steps, then look to your left. There's a table with your gauntlets on there. '

    ' Hey, hey! So we finally got you free from those shackles! I think a thank-you is in order! Heheheh, but seriously, now here's the help you'll need to entertain us. There's another living creature in this room. A falcon, to be exact. I'm not sure what it is with it, but don't kill it! Keep it with you! Finally, there's a hidden compartment in this room. After you took your gauntlets, walk ahead five steps to the wall opposite of your back and pull back the second panel of concrete in the third row to your left. '

    Cain grinned. These voices, while he did not know how, were always correct about the tips and hints they were giving out, when they weren't mocking and insulting him of course. He took the advice of the first voice and walked ahead, then turned to the table left of him. He looked at his gauntlets, and left them there, since he couldn't equip them now. He walked ahead to the loose tile the second voice was describing, and a Falcon had landed on his shoulder. Cain briefly glanced to it, the Falcon glanced to him, both locked eyecontact, and then nodded. Cain unlodged the loose tile and reached into the hole in the wall, pulling out some neat clothes. He put on the clothes, removing the straight jacket and any other clothing put onto him by the asylum. Most of his body was now covered by the long pitch-black coat, the combat boots and the fingerless gloves. Cain then went back to his gauntlets to finally equip them. Had he equipped them before, they would have left bruises on his bare skin from the metal scraping against it. But now, he had protection against this. Cain went to his trolly and picked up the longest chain that didn't break apart too much and swung it over his shoulder, to have an extra whip-like weapon should he lose his gauntlets. Cain then straight-up kicked open the door leading out of his room and exited, walking around with a grin. He enjoyed this whole game now. He had many advantages, and they would surely come in handy with this whole thing that he was brought into, whatever it was or what the point of it was.
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam slowly woke from his drug caused sleep, he glanced around, he had been in a mental hospital, where was he now. He spotted what seemed like a leopard skin rug ornsomething, wait it was breathing, it's alive. He slowly walked over to it, it rose up an looked at him before walking forward and nuzzling his leg, "oh, your friendly, that's cool" he stated before looking around the room, he spotted a sledgehammer leaning against the wall and picked it up with ease, he then turned and saw words on the wall.

    Who are you?
    That's the question you should be asking yourself?
    Is there a reason why you are here?
    Why are you here?
    Can't seem to remember?
    Your Guide Animal standing before you will lead the way to your lost memories?

    "Who am I?" he said. "Well I'm Bam, as to why I'm here, in guess your gonna help me, uhh..Endorsi, that's what I'll call you" he looked down and found the same exact words but from a typewriter that typed on its own.

    It asked:

    Who are you?
    "I'm Bam...The 25th Bam"
    Is there a reason why you are here?
    Endorsi's gem blinked twice.
    "Yes...yes there is..."
    Tell me your reason?
    "I was...falsely...accused...of...um..."
    Of what?
    Endorsi's gem blinked twice again.
    "Of... killing my half brother..."
    "Because...we ran away...and I was the only person...who had seen him...the most recent..."

    Once he said that the wall with the striped caution tape opened behind him revealing an elevator. He entered inside as Endorsi followed in with him. The doors shut as he felt the elevator go down as Endorsi sat down next to him. Suddenly a voice spoke in the elevator sounding feminine. "Young boy, 19. Identification, Sacrifice" she said. Bam didn't like the sound of that last bit, but he suddenly felt the elevator stop, B2 that is what the floor number said, the door opened and Bam and Endorsi exited into a corridor, he potted a group of men up ahead and snuck up on one of them snapping his neck and watching him crumple, the rest of the group about ten in all turned to look at him, "your gonna regret that, you mongrel" on of them said, Bam moved forward quickly, slamming one of the guys skulls into a wall while kicking another in the face, Endorsi was fighting them as well, slicing at any vital veins or limbs, when they were done only 5 remained, these 5 had given in, so Bam made a deal with them, they served him and protected him, and he would keep them alive. They agreed and Bam and his new envoy made there way around floor B2.
  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain was walking through the halls of the B1 Floor, when he spotted a group of four people, assumingly all males from their body structures, standing together and discussing something. One of them had also noticed him and turned around to him. That person begun raising their weapon and pointed at Cain. " Hehehe... you're gonna be my first victim! Shouldn't have run into the killers, Mr. Sacrifice! " The man spoke, then charged at Cain, a dagger in his hands. Cain just simply smirked and kept going forward, walking calmly. When the man was just about to stab him in the throat, Cain raised his right hand and grabbed the man's head, making sure his thumb was on the man's left eye. Blood immediately began flowing out of the spots where Cain grabbed him, and the man's left eye was completely punctured and ruined. Cain squeezed, tightening his grip, pressing blood out of the man's head as if it was an orange. Then he smashed the man's head into the concrete wall next to him, smashing open his skull. Then finally he let go and let the man sink to the ground, dead. Cain then laughed eerily and turned to the other four men. " So.. who's next..? "

    To this, two men then rose up and charged at him. One of them was holding a longsword and the other was holding a rapier. The two of them swung at him, and... their swords were stopped. Cain grabbed right onto their blades, disregarding safety due to his gauntlets protecting him from cuts. Then, he merely violently pulled the swords out of their grasp and tossed them behind himself. The two men attempted to skid back, but were stopped suddendly when a chain swung around their legs and threw them to the ground. Cain swung his chain back, unwinding it back to him. He pulled one of the two up while holding down the other with his left foot. He wrapped his chain around the first one, pulling tighter and tighter until his neck snapped. Cain removed the chain from the first man's throat and the man sunk to the ground, head hanging loose. Then Cain got an intense grin on his face and put his other foot on the man, using his right to stand on him and the left to repeadetly stomp the man's head into the ground. Over. And over. And over. Until he couldn't be recognized anymore. Until everything inside that head came seeping out as a mushy clump.

    Then, Cain moved towards the last man of the group, a big smile on his face. The man couldn't do anything but walk back, legs shaking, knife pointed at Cain. " G-Get back! Y-y-you monster! You're WORSE than us!! N-No stay a-aw - AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! " Were that man's final words when Cain dashed at him and slapped him into the wall, tearing open the skin on the man's face with the multiple rows of spikes on his gauntlets. Cain then quickly dragged his hand across the man's throat, cutting it open, and left him bleeding out with gurgling noises as soon as he did. He begun wandering around the floor again, with a big grin on his face.
  5. She continued to walk cautiously and with the help of the "eyes" from Dove she was able to see where she was going at least for a while. She suddenly heard loud screams as this caused her to grab the handle of her blade in a swift movement. Dove went on the defensive as she stood next to her closely. Due to her eye sight being temporarily blind she could hear 4 times better like Dove's ear. She heard footsteps but didn't know where it was coming from. "Who's there?" She asked. "I can heard you quite clearly" she added as Dove growled lowly.

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  6. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain remained walking through the dark halls, Lucifer sat on his right shoulder. He swiped his gauntlets through the air, swinging the fresh blood off of them. As he walked, he shortly came to a stop when he saw a girl and her arctic wolf attempt to muster up a defense against him and his Falcon. Cain cracked his knuckles, then his neck, mustering the girl, examining her from top to bottom. She seemed to rely her vision on the wolf, as evident by the lack of eyes behind the eyesockets of the mask. Her wolf didn't seem like much. The girl was a whole foot smaller than him, and the wolf's height seemed to reach to the girl's thighs. They wouldn't be much of a threat to him if Cain just simply looked out to where he moved. He could imagine that a small frame equals higher mobility and agility, but such a small frame would also pose quite the fragility. Cain grinned, just slowly approaching the girl, coming to a halt just before them. He had shown no signs of fear, infact he had shown quite the opposite, he himself had shown signs of intimidation as he seemed to not deem them as any threat to him at all. " I know you can hear me. Only you cannot see me. Your pet there can.. So, you're already at an disadvantage.. You should know that your sword there is of no use. You should put your weapon down and cease your threats, else I may just have to attack you.. If you are willing to, we could forge a.. temporary alliance.. just as protection against the creeps in here that will try to kill us on sight.. " He spoke, slowly and calmly, with a little hint of deceitful joy in his voice.

    ' Hey, look at that! We got ourselves a girl in here! And I thought this entire building was gonna be brim-full with pure testosterone! Well, I think you should just kill her here and now. She can't even see you! She can only ever hear and feel you. The biggest threat here is that wolf of her's. But, your falcon should be enough to distract the mutt before it could damage you. Well, do what you want, you dumpster fire, it's not like anything you ever do really matters anyway! '

    ' Hmm? Someone seems to try to test their strength against us in an attempt of threatening us. Foolish girl. She's in way over her head if she thinks that her, that sad excuse of a katana she has and that albino mutt can take us on. Us! We killed four people who had swords equal the size of her's just a few seconds ago! ..of course, she doesn't know that. What she also doesn't know is that you have us. Now, I know that you want to toy with her, Frankenstein. Get to know her, atleast gain the knowledge of any family members, strengths and weaknesses of hers, so that you can kill her easier. We don't get to pick what you do, but we will help you with this one. ...probably. Maybe not. Who knows, you certainly don't deserve our help you idiot! HAHAHAHA! '
    The voices spoke in his head, ending in laughter. Cain's grin changed into an angry frown, but this didn't tick him off too bad so he just ignored it.
  7. (Btw @Shadow_Pup all sacrifices go to floor B1 just to remind you)

    She could feel the unknown male just in front of her as she wasn't the type to lend her trust to just anybody. "An Alliance?" She questioned until she suddenly heard the same female voice from the elevator. "Sacrifice identified all Serial killers find her and eliminate her" she finished and the moment she said that three of them had appeared just behind her eyes blood thirsty. "Hehehehehe! Finally found you rabbit! Ready to die!" One said with an evil grin. "You there with the Falcon, I don't lend out my trust to just about anyone, it has to be earned however, if what you say about protecting us both from these psychotic killers is true, I might rethink about the offer you said to me about a....temporary alliance..." She finished as she felt one of them come at her in an instant and in just one swift movement a shining gleam of a silver blade was removed as she leaped up in the air before landing just behind him slicing him in the back as he let out a scream. Dove finished him off by leaping at him using her used to crush his windpipe as blood leaked out of him quickly before ripping him apart leaving her maw and paws stained with blood as she growled loudly in warning.

    She stood where she was a bit sideways holding her her katana firmly as the other one came at her. "Die you sacrifice!" He laughed as she remained where she was not moving an inch as she saw his weapon come down towards her.

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  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    ' Alright, you heard the lady, you lap dog! Kill them all! KILL! BRUTALIZE THEIR BODIES! CRUSH THEIR BONES INTO POWDER! ' The voices said in unison, as the word 'KILL!' was repeadetly chanted inside Cain's head. He huffed like a feral animal and roared at the group of killers, stopping the one who was about to slash the girl by grabbing the weapon by the blade. He delivered a quick blow to the stranger's chin, unlodging it. He grabbed the stranger's face and slammed his head against his wall, shattering his skull open. As the man died, Cain pulled his weapon out of his hand and threw it at another, the blade lodging in his skull between the eyes, killing the third and final man instantly. Cain proceeded to run over to the body, pull out the knife out of the corpse's head and stabbed the body multiple times with an unyielding rage, cutting it up until the voices stopped inciting him, in which he calmed down, huffed one last time and stood up, tossing the knife away. Then, he looked back at the Girl, awaiting a response to his offer.
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  9. She saw how brutal this was through the "eyes" of Dove as she saw the three men dying in an instant ending up dead in a vicious murder scene. She raised her blade up shaking the blood of it before placing it away back into her stealth at her hip. She folded her arms against her chest remaining silent for the moment before she spoke. "Very brutal...and merciless..Hm" she said stern. "Fine I'll accept your offer since you proved it enough by killing these psychotic killers" she answered before walking in a bit of a distance away from him. Dove didn't seem to hesitate to follow but stopped walking remaining in standstill once she saw her stop. "However, let me remind you, don't think I lended you my trust that easily. My trust has been played with way too many times then I can count. I'm not a simple girl so get that thought out of your head." She said stern looking back at him before she continued to walk again as Dove followed close next to her. "I have a question you? Care to listen?" She asked stopping in her tracks again looking behind.

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  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam and his crew, finished off a few more crazies before heading back to the elevator, the group entered and the elevator went down to the lowest floor, the doors creaked open and they saw signs of fight and murders, they moved around some bodies before they heard noises nearby, Bam held up his left hand, keeping his right hand clasped on the handle of his hammer that was resting on his shoulder, signaling for them to be prepared to fight. They turned a corner and spotted a small girl and a guy, Bam attempted to analyse the threat, so he said, "hey you two, killers or sacrifices, which are you?".
  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain was about to ask what the female wanted to ask of him, then he noticed someone approaching them. He turned to the newcomer, analyzing the person, examining them from top to bottom. He came in with a couple friends. They didn't look like much. Maybe the stranger could use them as a distraction to get a dirty hit on him. Wouldn't matter. Cain's boost of adrenaline, stemming from his anger will numb the pain that would normally stagger him. The man had a snow leopard with him, probably a guide animal or something. Snow leopard's arent as threatening as real leopards as they are very easily intimidated and scared away. The man looked to be muscular, but nothing to the level of what Cain had. He more looked like an actor of a movie who just merely trained to get into the shape of their role. Cain did actual training and heavylifting, pumping himself up for the sake of power and self-defense. He could see that the people behind him looked deranged, similiar to the people he had killed just now and a few seconds ago. From that he could guess that the man convinced his crew to join him by intimidation, most likely by killing one of them. This means that without fear, there was an advantage to be had. The man also seemed to carry a sledgehammer. A heavy weapon, slow to swing but can do alot of damage if the hit connects. Cain could overpower him, or grab his wrists before he could be hit, disabling that hand via the spikes. He finished his examination and ignored the comments of the voices in his head, as they were mostly mocking the newcomer and his entroupe, neither angering him or giving him useful hints. " That depends... who'se asking? " Cain answered, deciding on a simple and quick answer. He did not want to give out information to a potential enemy, so he stuck to the most vague answers.
  12. She stopped in her tracks as she heard an unfamiliar voice ask of a question whether she was a sacrifice or serial killer. "I have to agree, who are you asking that question to?" She asked turning around to face him but her head was a bit down due to her eyes being temporary blind. Dove followed in a circular motion around her before seeing the male with a Snow Leopard. She had her hand on the handle of her blade just in case for defensive purposes.

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  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam looked at the two, he had to say he was intrigued "well, I am a friend I hope, I'm not overly fond of enemies I tend not to make them, my is The 25th Bam, these guys are..um..well I don't know there names but they have there uses", one of the serial killers from his group had taken a step forward, he had a lustful look on his face, clearly aimed at the girl, with great speed for his size Bam swung his sledgehammer, hitting the guy in the knees before slamming it down onto his head "and that is what happens when they step out of line" he added glaring at the remaining 4 killers. He then turned back to the two, as Endorsi nudged him in the shin "oh yeah and this is Endorsi my guide animal".
  14. (Kiki, wherever the Sacrifices start)
    ...where am I?
    Kiki felt two hard objects pressing into her head, as she laid on the cold hard floor. She reached up in confusion, realizing that they were her two buns in her hair.
    She sat up, looking around in confusion. At first, she had no idea what was going on.
    Then she saw something strange.
    Who are you?
    That's the question you should be asking yourself?
    Is there a reason why you are here?
    Why are you here?
    Can't seem to remember?
    Your Guide Animal standing before you will lead the way to your lost memories?

    "I - I'm Kiki Evans... I don't remember why I'm here..."
    When she read the words "guide animal", she glanced around, in evident confusion. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a small fox - which she identified as a red fox.
    The fox made a beeline towards her, looking up at her, its emerald-like eyes reflecting hers. It had a small flower in its fur - with a beautiful gemstone in the center.
    The gem seemed to flicker, and suddenly words appeared like a typewriter that did not exist. She stepped back, startled.
    Who are you?
    "I'm... Kiki Fiere Evans..."
    Is there a reason why you are here?
    Um - I -"
    What did you do?
    The question made Kiki think for a moment, as memories suddenly rushed into her head like a powerful wave. She remembered a strange thug. Sirens. Police lights.
    "I - assaulted a man in self-defence... and the police thought it was unprovoked..."
    When she spoke, she suddenly saw an elevator. She didn't know how it got there, but she decided that was the only way to go.
    The small fox trotted behind her, following her. She kneeled to the ground, wondering why the fox was there.
    "Guide animal, huh.. You need a name, don't you... How about Vix?" she offered.
    Vix didn't object, her ears twitching affirmatively. It appeared that she liked the name.
    Kiki didn't understand why she was so.. calm, considering the situation. She figured it was adrenaline.
    Tentatively, she stepped into the elevator. As the doors shut her and Vix in, a cool feminine voice spoke as she felt the elevator move.
    "Young girl, 17. Identification: Sacrifice."
    Kiki didn't like the sound of that.
    The elevator stopped at B1 and the doors opened. Instantly, she saw chaos. Nervous, she backed into the back of the elevator, the doors not closing. She pressed against the wall, hyperventilating loudly.
  15. She watched the male named the 25th Bam and his Snow Leopard Endorsi. "You didn't answer the question? To which are you referring that question to, him or me or the both of us" she said stern as she was not going to introduce her to him until she got an answer from him at to that one.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup
  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain looked to the male, confused on why he didn't answer their question and only gave his name out. Doing that at a time like this would be very... actually, why would it be bad? Sure, they'd know his identity, but you can't do much in this building that could endanger others based on their names. Cain turned when he heard an elevator open, and saw a girl, chilled to the bone, cowering in the back of the elevator room. Cain walked towards the elevator, looking at the girl. " You a sacrifice, too? You can join us. The more protection we have, the better the chances we get outta here alive. Or, atleast, somewhat alive. "
  17. The girl stammered in incoherent sentences, completely indecipherable and stumbling over her words. Finally, she managed to gain some sort of composure and speak semi-coherently.
    "Uh - yeah, the elevator voice thingy said "classification: sacrifice" or something like that.. I-I'm not sure what it means though... I just remember why I'm here, and that's it..."
    Her words were more to herself than anyone else. She didn't trust anyone - years of high school had solidified that in her head - but somewhere, something told her that she couldn't do this alone.
    "So - uh - yeah - maybe - I could, uh, join you, because I don't really wanna die?" she stumbled lamely, still with her hands clasped in front of her nervously. She shifted on her feet a bit, her face creased with worry.
  18. Jack woke up in the weird room. Last thing he remembered was being knocked out and sent to that stupid mental hospital, before being knocked out again. It was dark in the room but he could make out a lamp in the room. He tried to reach for the button that would turn it on, but his hands were tied together. After a bit of close looking he could make out that it was a quiver, and not a normal rope. He could see a bunch of arrows on a table, next to a bow.
    "A bow." Jack said quietly to himself. He was always great with a bow and arrow, he had trained with it since he was a little boy. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a voice in his head. It was instructions.
    "Use your brain." It said. Jack was confused about what it meant, but then he realised how he could untie his hands. He got up, luckily they hadn't tied his legs, and used the door handle as support to untie it. He succeeded, and put the quiver on his back. He filled it up with arrows and picked up the bow when he heard the voice in his head again.
    "Why are you here?" It asked.
    "I was accused of murdering my best friend, but I was also accused of theft, assault and attempted murder.
    "And is any of it true?" It asked.
    "I did do those things, yes." Jack answered.
    "Okay. Go into the room on your left side, and there you will find an animal. A lynx, to be exact. That lynx will guide you through this building, so you have to keep it with you." The voice said, and Jack did as it had said. He walked into the room on his left, and just as the voice had said, he saw a lynx. It had white fur and grey eyes, shining in the dark. It had a crazy look in it's eyes, and Jack decided to call it Crazy. Crazy walked out of the room, and Jack followed. They arrived in a different room, where he heard voices. He saw four people, all armed, talking to each other. The leader of the group stood up, and raised his knife. Jack could see in his eyes that he was about to do this whole supervillain talk that you would see in movies, and Jack couldn't bother to listen to it. He raised his bow with an arrow loaded and let go. The arrow flew towards the leader, hitting him in the chest. One of the three remaining stood up and ran towards Jack, only to get an arrow through the eye. jack walked up to the leaders body and grabbed the knife, then threw it into a third guys chest. Then he shot the last guy through the neck, and went to collect the arrows. He also took the knife as an extra weapon. He had blood on his shoes, but continued walking, Crazy leading the way.
  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam frustrated turned to the girl "I was talking to both of you" he turned slightly to Cain "and I'm not an enemy as I stated earlier, I don't wish to harm you as long as your a sacrifice, like myself" he said. He stood watching as Cain spoke to the girl in the elevator, before turning to his crew and checking them, he hadn't properly examined them until now, there were two with machetes and Halloween masks (Werewolf and Frankenstein's monster), on with a peg leg and a hook and the final one wore only torn trousers and had brass knuckles, they were all extremely muscular, "well you four, I have decided to give you names, Wolf and Frank are you two in the Halloween masks, you with hook are Peg Leg and finally you are Bruiser" he said pointing at each guy in turn before turning back to the girl in the elevator Cain was talking to.
  20. She sighed heavily. "I'm a Sacrifice but I don't know what classification he falls in" she said stern as she was referring to the male with the Falcon. "Hey you with the Falcon, what classification do you fall in? Also, about my question, do you care to listen?" She asked again as she was interrupted by The 25th Bam before he even got the chance to answer her. Dove looked at Bam closely but didn't feel any tension towards the guy and he didn't look like a threat so she remained calm next to JC.

    (I am going to take the Owl spot of the guide animal since she is more traumatized then the rest but has a hard time remembering it so her memories are will be more difficult to get back also @EeviumZ I didn't get your char sheet for your guide animal dear so I can make sure how many spots I have left)

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, I would say that I'm a Sacrifice. I haven't committed any crimes that I know of. " Cain replied, scratching his head. Lucifer just simply looked at Cain, then back at the group. " I don't really know much about this whole thing. All I know is that there's sacrifices, and that those people are hunted by which I assume to be the serial killers. Hm, how did you come to know what role to play? Because frankly, noone told me anything about my role.. " Then, Cain turned to the girl. " Do I care to listen? Depends. Was that your actual question or are you just making sure I'd care for what you'll ask me next? "
  22. She looked to him. "It's just a normal question so I just want to make sure you were listening before I said anything" she said stern crossing her arms against her. "How did you even know I wasn't able to see but hear, the mask I wear hides them very well for others to no see?" She added feeling suspicious of him for the moment but who could blame her since her trust has been played with way too many times.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Isn't it obvious? Your mask hides everything but your eyes. Every mask has eyesockets. And behind those eyesockets, there are no eyes that I can see. Only cloth. Similiar to a bandage wrap. Plus, you more seem to rely on your animal rather than your own senses. Anyone with common sense can put those things together. " Cain explained, shrugging. Then he looked back to the girl in the elevator. " Oh, you can come out now, by the way. We're all sacrifices here, fighting for our lives. After all, we can't all camp out in this elevator now ecan we? " He joked, as an attempt to lighten the situation.
  24. She had to admit that he was right at one point as she looked down to Dove before back at the Falcon man. "Well your not suppose to see my eyes in the eye sockets I made the mask that way...but your not wrong I have no choice but to rely on Dove's eyes to move forward and mostly by ears" she answered. "You have a name doesn't you? It's rude of me to be calling you the Falcon guy without knowing your name at least" she added as light blue glow of light appeared in the eye sockets of her mask as she looked back at him.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, first of my name's Cain, but what's the point of having a mask when you can't even use your eyes with it? When the eye sockets are covered, you can't see anything. The whole point of a mask is to hide your identity while still being able to see. Even so, if you did cover the eyesockets, that just proves my point even further of your blindness. After all, why would a blind person require vision on a mask when their own vision is unavailable? ..Also, what is that glow in your eye sockets there? Are you some kind of magician or something? " Cain asked, visibly confused.
  26. She shook her head. "Dove is doing that to my mask and besides I'm more comfortable wearing it because with out it how would I be able to see through Dove's "eyes" with it. I have personal reasons in wearing the mask I wear now but that is none of your concern...there was someone else who has the same mask as me but....of a different color...but I can't seem to remember..." She said. Dove whined unable to give her that memory since she had to be on a specific floor to give the memory out to her. "Since you introduced yourself....Cain..just call me by JC. Besides no one is going to guide me through here with there eyes except for Dove...not like any person would anyway...I gave that type of help out easily and I was vulnerable never going to led that type of help out easily again" she said clenching her fists. "All people do is try to take advantage of me and think they can get away with it by hurting me and judging me Tsk...they should just freaking die!" She added taking far distance from Cain and the others as she leaned against the wall arms cross.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  27. Kiki slowly spoke again, quivering a bit. "Actually, I can correct you there. There really isn't anything that's preventing me from.... you know... staying in this elevator... it might be safer in here... especially if "sacrifice" means what I think it means... so, uh.... yeah....."
    She remained awkwardly silent for a few moments, realizing what she was saying was stupid. She tentatively stepped out of the elevator, coming into full view. Vix did not hesitate to follow.
  28. Jack continued walking through the building, with no encounters, until he heard a few voices. Jack raised his bow and was ready to shoot, but he walked a little closer to get a look at the people. There was 4 people, one was inside the elevator. Jack continued watching them from the shadows, and there was no way thet they had seen him. There was 2 males and 2 females, but the only person that looked like a real threat was the guy with the gauntlets, and a falcon as his guide animal. Jack decided to try and team up with them, to see if they knew anything about this place. But just for now. Jack stepped out of the shadows, his bow and arrow still ready, but pointing down now instead of against them. He didn't say anything, he wanted to see how long it would take before they noticed him.
  29. Dove's wolf ears moved to the side a bit as her nose caught an unfamiliar scent before her light blue eyes caught sight of a male and a Lynx beside him. She didn't smell him as a threat as he was probably curious on what was going on. She approached slowly but kept her guard up just in case. JC saw the male under the mask through the "eyes" of Dove. "You can approach closer if you choose to be not that I will force you.." She said a bit sternly but calmly as she remained leaning against the wall.

    @DevVoid @CrazyWolf @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  30. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cain, noticing someone just stepped out of the shadows towards their group, looked at the newcomer. They appeared to be a male, nearly being the same size as him. He saw that they were holding a bow and carrying a quiver. Judging by the way they held the bow and arrow locked into the bow, they were experienced at using their weapon, meaning that a direct charge wasn't possible. Chances of those arrows hitting an artery or an organ were increased, so Cain had to think of another strategy. Lucifer could distract the guy while Cain snuck up to him. Falcons are the fastest bird for a reason, after all. Yet, another possible problem was that lynx. While Lucifer could just fly over it, the lynx could also pose a problem for Falcon when it finds a way to climb to his location. This shouldn't be much of a problem however; Cain could just knock it down by slapping it. Cain could analyze that this man, should he be who Cain thinks he is, could become a real threat to the group. He would keep a close eye on this man, to make sure he could seek out any weaknesses before taking him on. Cain then ceased to examine the man and spoke up. " Another sacrifice? Or are you here to kill us? "
  31. Jack listened to the people, but he had no idea what they were talking about.
    "Depends." Jack said to the male that was just a little taller than him, maybe four inches taller. "If you decide to attack me, I will shoot you without even blinking. And you seem to have figured out that I am pretty skilled with my weapon, judging by your face. Also I don't know what the hell a sacrifice here is, but I want to survive and if you know anything about this place I'd like to team up with you." Jack put the arrow back in his quiver, but was ready to take it out again if anyone attacked him. "I might come in handy for you." Jack added, giving Crazy a calming face to make Crazy calm down.
  32. She watched the male before speaking. "Standing here won't get us anywhere so we have no choice but to go up...we don't even know what is in this building so we all must remain cautious but I just have this feeling that we will probably be going down back and forth in the elevators we won't know what a Sacrifce is until we investigate so for now we should go up and once we are in safe range we can follow up with introductions" she finished as she walked into the open elevator. Dove followed her as she sat next to her. "Our best bet is to go up one room at a time so we won't miss any clues if you guys agree with this" she said keeping her finger pressed on the open button.

    @DevVoid @CrazyWolf @Shadow_Pup @EeviumZ
  33. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, I wouldnt really know either. I only know of these sacrifice things because of the people you see here. And, uh- " He looked to the girl who walked to the elevator. " Why would you want to go up? We're on the ground floor. I can see the concrete beneath the cracked floor tiles here. The exit can only be on this floor. I mean, if you want to go up there, fine by me. But I'm staying here and looking for the exit. " Cain said, shrugging. Now it was his turn to lean against the wall, his arms crossed. His hands were placed in a way so that their inner surface didn't touch his arms, to make sure he didn't accidentally stab himself with the spikes.
  34. She looked to Cain as she crossed her arms against her chest but something in her gut was bothering her. Her gut feeling was correct as she seemed to stay close to the group. Dove felt this as well as she began to growl lowly. "Hhehe did you really think it will be that easy to escape here well allow me to change that!" An unknown voice said as a button was pushed causing the floor to open as she and her group fell through somehow being sustained from grabbing onto anything. She could feel herself falling down fast as the wind blew her hair in front. She tried to reach out a hand to grasp something but something was preventing her to. She looked go see Dove was falling with her as she grabbed the wild dog's collar and pulled her close to hold her.

    She finally hit the ground hard knocking the wind out of her as she gasped for air following with coughing up a bit of blood after the impact as Dove yelped coughing out a but of blood as well. She looked up as the ceiling finally closed shut unable to be open again. "Is....everyone...alright...?" She said grasping for air but had a chance to look at the room through Dove's "eyes". They were in as it was a sealed room with two doors sealed shut that can only be opened by something but the doors looked strong to not even let a weapon damage it. She pushed herself up a bit until her arms were straight as she sat on the side of her hip unable to stand for the moment. Dove was able to stand however before sniffing her to make sure she was alright.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @CrazyWolf @EeviumZ
  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam tensed as the ground opened up, he let out a loud grunt as hit the ground, he looked around him, Endorsi was stretching out some sore limbs and Wolf was brushing himself off next to him, but they was the only one, nearby Frank and Peg-Leg were laying dead, Frank had landed Peg-Leg's hook, it had gone straight through his skull, Peg-Leg had snapped his neck violently. Bruiser however was nowhere to be seen (he is still alive, he didn't fall and will probably return as an enemy on a later floor), Wolf helped Bam up, "thanks" Bam said, he turned to JC "yeah I am fine, some of my crew didn't do so well but me and Wolf are fine." He said this despite the fact that he didn't feel great and was clearly leaning on his hammer for support.
  36. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    ' Watch out, idiotstick! The summer is about to end beneath you, grab onto something! ' One of Cain's imaginary voices spoke, just as the voice of someone else started echoing throughout the building. Cain looked for something and jumped away as the ground opened up beneath him. Lucifer flew up into the air, confused on why Cain just suddendly jumped. Cain tried to hold on to a ledge in an attempt to pull himself up, but his spikes just slid right off the smooth granite tiles and Cain fell down below, after the others.

    ' I TOLD YOU TO WATCHOUT, DUMBASS! Are you that braindead that you can't even watch out for a simple fall like that?! Urgh, look- try to fall southward. There's a pipe sticking out of the wall that you can swing from to atleast somewhat break your fall. ' The imaginary voice said. Cain did as told and tilted his body to move southward. He pulled up his legs and held his hands out forward, suddendly feeling them hit something round and solid. Cain, out of reflex, grabbed onto the object and suddendly swung forward, instantly losing grip of the object again. He was slammed face-first into the wall and slid downward slowly, towards the ground. As he did, he fell back from the pain and landed on the ground below, on his back. Due to hitting the wall first, he hadn't taken as much damage from hitting the ground as he did from being flung right against the wall. Cain grunted, struggling to get up, from the amount of pain emanating from his head, face and back. He took one of his gauntlets off and quickly swished his free hand over his face, to check if something was broken or bleeding. He could feel his lip swollen and some blood flow down from his forehead. He put on the gauntlet again and got up, legs shaking, as he was still in pain from landing on the ground nonetheless, especially in his back area. Lucifer just simply landed on his shoulder again, unharmed as he just flew down instead of falling. " ..think... I'll be alright.. not sure if I broke a rib there or not.. urgh.. " He coughed, wiping the blood from his forehead. On his forehead there was a small dent, bleeding a minor, small stream of blood. " If anyone broke their legs, raise your hand... urgh, I swear to god... to whoever that guy was to make us fall there.. " He coughed, and clenched his fists, trembling. " I will make them beg for death when I get my hands on that filth.. " He muttered with clenched teeth.
  37. She was still a bit winded as she shook her head before standing up slowly with Dove's support. She checked to made sure no bones were harmed before reaching a hand out to feel where Dove was until the soft white fur touched her hands. "There you are Dove...good" she said coughing out blood again as her chest was in serious pain. "Tsk...I hit my chest pretty hard...from that fall...now it seriously hurts..." She added. Suddenly a huge cage trapped them all securely inside which had come from the ground locking shut with a lock. "Hehehhahaa! You fell for another trap again! Well before I explain anything welcome to the Survival Game fellow sinners!" A voice said as a tv turned on showing a person under a human mask and cloth. "You think it was that easy to get out of here well nice try! Your back in B6, Serial killer Jack's now before I explain the rules first your punishments!" She said pressing a button in her room. She sensed something painful was going to happen as she looked to the others. "Below us!" She said as the cage became a shocking cage as she let out a scream as the guide animals received the same pain as them hearing the cries of each animal.

    @DevVoid @Shadow_Pup @ @EeviumZ @CrazyWolf
  38. When the floor collapsed, the elevator - and by extension, Kiki - had not fallen, due to the elevator not being on the floor. However, Kiki being Kiki, she was so startled that she fell out anyway.
    "Okayokay, let's keep calm - ah!" She let out a surprised yip when the cage fell down on them.
    She felt something hot running down her face: blood, she noted. She was obviously not in the best physical condition. She was battered and bruised, covered in bloody scratches. Miraculously, Vix seemed to be relatively unharmed - for reasons that Kiki could not find.
    "P-punishment?" she croaked, not wanting to know what that was. However, she thought that it wouldn't be too bad, considering she'd just fallen several feet.
    She was wrong. This was worse.
    She released an anguished cry, as the electricity ran though her body. She collapsed, shaking, trapped within her own fear.
  39. Jack watched the others fall but didn't see that the ground opened up under him aswell. Taken by surprise, he couldn't stick the landing as good as he ususally does, and fell on his back. Luckily enough the cage didn't fall over him, and he got up really quickly. But then he realised that if he wanted to escape from here he would have to gain the other's trust, so he took a look at the cage. Then he said:
    "Hey Big Guy, don't bother try and break the cage, it won't work." Jack thought that big guy would definetely try and break it, but jack knew how to pick the lock, that was, if he could find a lock. Luckily enough he did, and used his knife to pick the lock. The lock was quite big, so the knife fit in it. He got the lock up and opened the "door".
    "Come on, let's get out of here."
  40. After the shock she coughed up blood again as her body was still shaking due to the shock. She didn't like this, she didn't like this at all as her anger was boiling but knew how to remain calm. She stood up slowly maintaining her balance as she looked to Dove seeing she was alright as she shook her pelt. She walked out of the cage as Dove followed before she turned around. "Is everyone alright?" She asked before hearing that annoying laughter again. "Hehheheh wow impressive Jack your the lucky one that didn't get caged well now its time for me to explain the rules your going to need them once I explain them" she said laughing again.

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