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Ask to Join The Survival Game Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. You somehow end up in an abandoned building with no memory of how you got there as you only remember your name and the mental hospital you were supposed to get help in for your mental illness. As you investigate the mysterious building, you find out that your a sinner and have no idea what it really means until you are offered as a "sacrifice" to the serial killers on the first floor appearing in front of you to try and kill you. The only way to get out is to reach the top floor of the elevator to freedom but reaching it won't be easy since there is a "game master" tormenting you on each of the floor you go through inside the elevator and believe it or not, she will really torment you. Only the certain wild animal you find stores your memories of the ones you lost and is mostly your guide through the building. Will you be able to escape the building alive to freedom or will you end up being killed by a serial killer?

    Rules as follows:
    ~Violence is allowed but if its very gore like use a spoiler please~
    ~Crushes allowed(but keep it pg)
    ~No autoing/bunnying please!~
    ~Can have up to 4 chars~
    ~No double posting~
    ~Don't force any ones char to do what you want to do just let them play their char the way they want to~
    ~Must be a paragraph long
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator without issue and have her/him lock this down. Other than that enjoy this rp ^-^.

    B1: Cain WhiteCastle@DevVoid
    B2: Shadow @LunarSilvally
    B3: JC @LunarSilvally
    B4: The 25th Bam @Shadow_Pup
    B5: Kiki Evans @EeviumZ
    B6: Jack @CrazyWolf
    (Floor numbers are full)

    Wolf: Dove(F), Crow(M) @LunarSilvally (Full)
    Fox: Vixare(Vix)(F)@EeviumZ
    Lynx: Crazy(M)
    Falcon: Lucifer(M) @DevVoid
    Snow Leopard: Endorse(F) @Shadow_Pup

    Cross: Dove~Collared Cross, Crow~Chained Cross~ @LunarSilvally (Full)
    Feather: ~Everest~White and gold feather~
    Bandana: ~Endorsi~Green Bandana~ @Shadow_Pup
    Silk scarf: ~Crazy~
    Ankle Bracelet: Lucifer~Steel Ankle Bracelet~ @DevVoid

    (All of the memory gems will need to be in the middle of each item you select and yes you guys can select the same item for them)

    Crime Accused of Committing:
    Guide Animal: (will list the ones available)
    Floor Number: (will list ones available)
    Weapon of choice:
    Classification( Serial killer or Sacrifice):

    Age(in animal years):
    Coat color:
    Eye color:
    Memory Link:
    Gem color:

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age(15+): 19
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady that stands as 5"3 in height. She has a well feminine build but light. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes as her right eye is almost blind which her bang covers. She wears a black shirt that only covers her left shoulder as only her tank strap is shown on her right shoulder with black shorts at the bottom. On the front of her shirt it says "No Judgemental Comments" in light blue, light green, and light red coloring. She wears bandages around her wrists and ankles to hide her scars that came from her traumatic past. She wears black flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears a black and silver cross necklace around her neck with glasses upon her face.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Quite distant, Brave(only acts the part), Gentle, Strong, Strategic, Slightly stubborn
    Height: 5"3
    Crime Accused of Committing: Murdering her father
    Guide Animal: Wolf(Arctic), Owl(Snowy)
    Floor Number: B3
    Weapon of choice: Katana
    Classification( Serial killer or Sacrifice): Sacrifice
    Parents: Kaun(M)(Father)(Deceased), Sherri(F)(Mother)(Deceased)(killed by her medical illness)
    Siblings: Shadow(M)(Older brother)
    Other: Due to a "treatment" in the mental institute, her eyes are temporarily blind as she wears bandages around her eyes to prevent any further damage towards them. She wears a white wolf blue streaked mask on her face with a hooded black cape. The mask is apparently her "eyes" to guide her through but you can say its a "special" mask to help her see. She has a Snowy owl companion named Everest that finds her way inside the worn out building looking for her inside as she has a light blue gem shaped like a cross around her neck that is well fitted in a silver frame.
    (Everest is a companion not a guide animal)

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age(15+): 20
    Appearance: He is a light-skinned young male that stands at 5'8 in height. He has a well masculine build. He has jet black hair that is slightly longer in the back with light blue-gold eyes as his bang covers his gold one. He wears a plain black buttoned-down shirt with a tank underneath and black pants at the bottom with comfortable shoes on his feet. He wears a bandage on his right wrist only with a watch on top of it. He wears a black cross necklace around his neck.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Brave, Gentle, Strong, Overprotective(of JC), Calm
    Height: 5"8
    Crime Accused of Committing: Sexual Harassment
    Guide Animal: Wolf(Black pelt)
    Floor Number: B2
    Weapon of choice: Scythe
    Classification( Serial killer or Sacrifice): Serial Killer
    Parents: Kaun(M)(Father)(Deceased), Sherri(F)(Mother)(Deceased)(killed by her medical illness)
    Siblings: JC(F)(Young sister)
    Other: He wears a black wolf gold-streaked mask on his face and a black hooded cape and also wears bandages around his eyes due the "treatment" his sister received being temporary blind as his mask are his "eyes".

    Name: Dove
    Gender: Female
    Age(in animal years): 3 years
    Species: Arctic Wolf
    Coat color: Pure white
    Eye color: Light blue
    Memory Link: Collared Cross
    Gem color: Light blue
    Sibling: Crow(M)
    Other: Dove is the memory guide of JC as she holds her precious memories inside the gem she holds in the middle of the cross. Dove is JC's "eyes" through the mask she wears. She is the first half of JC's memories because of traumatic events she experienced.

    Name: Crow
    Gender: Male
    Age(in animal years): 4
    Species: Black Wolf
    Coat color: Black
    Eye color: Gold
    Memory Link: Chained Cross
    Gem color: Gold
    Sibling: Dove(F)
    Other: Crow is the memory guide of Shadow as he holds his precious memories inside the gem he holds in the middle of the chained cross. Crow is Shadow's "eyes" through the mask he wears.

    Roleplay Thread

    That's all I have here I'll tag others to start ^-^

    @DevVoid @Willow Tree @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ @Shadow_Pup
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  2. Mkay, let's see if I understood the premise...

    Name: Kiki Evans
    Gender: Female
    Age(15+): 17
    Appearance: She has long brown hair done up in two buns on either side of her head, along with green eyes and stands at a height of 5'2. She wears a white t-shirt underneath long denim overalls with black boots.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Kiki is quirky and a bit of a dork. She tries to make light of everything and dedicates herself to ensuring everyone else is happy - often neglecting her own needs in the process. She's very kind and caring, and fears making social mistakes. You'd expect her to be easily scared, but she's quite the opposite - little can go farther than simply making her apprehensive.
    Height: See appearance
    Crime Accused of Committing: Manslaughter
    Guide Animal: Fox
    Floor Number: B5
    Weapon of choice: Though Kiki is a pacifist through and through (which is why her accusation is one of the more disputed ones), when forced into combat, her weapon of choice is her dual katanas - a gift from her late friend.
    Classification: Sacrifice
    Parents: Tarisa Evans (F) (Alive), Milo Evans (M) (Alive)
    Siblings: Tara Evans (F)
    Other: n/a
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  3. I listed the Guide animals you can choose from my first post @EeviumZ just to help you as its in a spoiler
  4. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    I'll pass on this one. It looks interesting, I'll give you that but at the moment I'm too caught up with the other rps and there's only so much I can handle. But this rp looks just so tempting so I'll consider it nonetheless. Not to mention, I got a new oc so I might try him out for this. Thanks for tagging me though. ;w;
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  6. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hm, looks interesting. I am in a lot of rp's now, but two-three of them aren't very active, and aren't improving either. I'll join anyway, just for fun. I'll edit this comment once I made my character. Btw can I reserve the Falcon guide animal spot, and the B1 floor? Thanks.

    EDIT: And here we are!

    Name: Cain Whitecastle



    Bleached-white messy spiky hair, symbolizing his breach to the land of the insane. Crimson coloured eyes with bags under them, symbolizing his disbelief in morality and innocence. A straight face with a bored look, symbolizing his acceptance of how cruel life is. The essential crazy smile, symbolizing that he not only accepted the cruelty of life, but has become just as brutal as it has, probably even more so. Pale white skin, to symbolize he always stays within the dark, putting up a facade, lying often and being hidden from the truth to get his ways. A muscular body, not particularly big, but enough to be able to overpower most people easily. First, he will wear a metal mouth cover and a straight jacket, being bound to a trolly by chains. However, when he escapes his bound prison, he will wear: A pitch-black coat, reaching down to his ankles. Same-coloured tall combat boots and fingerless gloves. A blood-red long-sleeve shirt to cover the many scars of cuts, stabs, burn marks and bullet marks all over his body, mainly his chest. As for pants, he will wear pitch-black jeans, to be able to properly hide within the dark.


    Cain is.. something. But one thing is to say.. he certainly isn't human. Not anymore. He has gotten a few handy skills that he either developed or gotten from birth. From birth on, he had gotten the ability to adapt to his surroundings and learn quickly, even if by just watching someone fight he can learn how to counter them or how to use their techniques rather quickly. This allows him to survive and strategize pretty well, also allowing him to keep a calm and reversed look, which makes his facade all the more believable. An ability he had developed overtime was his enormous strength (a factor which will be used to make an escape from being bound). He can lift up heavy things and punch holes into walls. He can also rip things and break them easily, all this factors from his previous prison and gym visits that he made where he constantly worked out while planning what to do with who next. Cain has mood swings like crazy, being able to go from angry to happy in a few seconds. This stems from his insanity. Another thing is that he sometimes talks to himself, yells for 'the voices' to stop, stops talking and holds his hands to his ear as if listening to someone or suddendly bursts into an outrage at any moment. Sometimes even, his eyes get open up wide and he either starts smiling from ear to ear or starts frowning. With the former, his madness gets the better of him again and enrages him, with the latter he has a flashback and temporarily stops all movement to fall on his knees and just cry ugly, laughing while doing so. The laughing gets him back to 'normal' again, so don't expect he will be like this for a long time.


    Crimes 'accused' of Committing:
    Arson, Theft, Assault, Hate Crimes, First-Degree Murder, Cannibalism, Kidnapping, Vandalism, Torture.

    Guide Animal:
    Lucifer (See below)

    Floor Number:

    Weapon of choice:
    Sturdy steel gauntlets painted black with thousands of tiny blood-stained spikes on the inner surface. (think of the inside of an iron maiden. This weapon allows him to grab weapons by the blades, protects his hands and half of his arms from hits and lets him get a better grasp on things. This is especially useful in torture, as grabbing bare skin would cause all the spikes to puncture one's skin, not lethally, but enough to cause serious pain and bleeding.) + (if this is allowed) The chains that once bound him to an utility trolly. (So that he could be moved around without himself being able to move at all.)

    Serial Killer


    Jill Whitecastle (Mother, death by drunken father via shotgun in one of their many domestic disputes),

    Rodriguez Whitecastle (Father, died to Cain when he finally snapped after getting beat by his deadbeat drunk father and beat him to death in cold blood with his bare hands),


    Jack Whitecastle (Twin brother, fled town after witnessing his twin snap, he did keep up with him by letters and phone calls. Jack is also a criminal, but less of a psychopath than Cain)

    James Whitecastle (Youngest brother of the three, orphaned after both parents died and his siblings were taken away. Unknown Fate.)

    If you catch him staring at you unblinking, he is sizing you up, debating where to strike, how to kill, who will defend you, what your weaknesses are, and anything else that could give him an advantage. The voices in his head can sometimes cause bad things like making him enraged or instilling a bloodlust into him, but they can also sometimes tell who is where and from where an attack is coming from.

    Name: Lucifer

    Gender: Male

    Age: 8 (13 in human years (I dont know the actual falcon-to-human age difference.) )

    Species: Peregrine Falcon

    Coat color: Dark oak brown

    Eye color: Crimson

    Memory Link: Ankle Bracelet (Made of steel, coloured dark-grey, broken chain on it to make it look like a foot shackle (The ones with the ball and chain attached) )

    Gem color: Blood Red

    Also I noticed Shadow's guide animal is a fox despite it saying that he has a wolf. I dont know which one the error is, I just feel like this should be pointed out.
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  7. Also @EeviumZ I listed the guide animals you can choose from to help you
  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    ..so wait, am I accepted? And are the chains fine, do I need to change something from the bio, etc.? @LunarSilvally
  9. Oh sorry @DevVoid didn't see your character so yes your accepted and @EeviumZ just put the char sheet for your guide animal and your all set ^-^
  10. I’m in music class right now so I’ll do it later.
  11. I am going to post up the roleplay soon so I'll tag you guys once it's done and just a reminder, the Serial Killers try and kill off the Sacrifices since that is their "job" in the building as it starts on B1 aka Cain's floor.
  12. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Would it be alright if Cain were to just.. pretend as if he was a sacrifice, or atleast an ally to the sacrifices? Just to sort of toy around with them first. Find out who they are as a person, as that is what he usually does.
  13. sure @DevVoid you can do that it's your character ^-^
  14. How should I start?
  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: The 25th Bam
    Gender: Male
    Age(15+): 19
    Appearance: Bam is pretty muscular but in more of an actor way than a body builder way, he is Caucasian with short brown hair and golden, yellow eyes. He wears a black t-shirt under a black and red overcoat, that reaches his feet, black jeans and dark grey boots.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Bam is mostly gentle, kind and understanding, he is very empathetic and hates seeing people upset or in pain (unless it's one of the serial killers or the game master). He is also pretty persuasive and has convinced several serial killers to follow under him as there kind of leader, (they help him deal with the other serial killers and he doesn't kill them, for now). He is afraid of heights and being hated.
    Height: 6'8"
    Crime Accused of Committing: Killing his brother.
    Guide Animal: Snow Leopard
    Floor Number: B4
    Weapon of choice: Sledgehammer
    Classification: Sacrifice
    Parents: Unknown
    Siblings: Bellamy Blake (Half Brother)
    Other: N/A

    Name: Endorsi
    Gender: Female
    Age(in animal years): 5
    Species: Snow Leopard
    Coat color: Ice white
    Eye color: Golden Yellow
    Memory Link: Green Bandana
    Gem color: Black
  16. @Shadow_Pup accepted and @EeviumZ just read my first post to help you start it after you put the Guide Animal char sheet so I can place the name of the Fox in the spoiler along with the memory link
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  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Is everyone going to B1.
  18. Only if your a "Sacrifice" and B1 is Cain's floor just so you know @Shadow_Pup
  19. This looks really interesting, I think this would be really fun.

    Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Jack has black hair that hangs down to his shoulders, blue and grey eyes and alot of scars. He has light brown skin and usually wears black or grey clothes. His nose is shaped kinda weirdly after his friend broke it. On his back he wears a quiver that is made out of black leather, and he usually has a hood on so people won't see his face.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Personality: Jack has a hard time making friends, but he is usually fine on his own. His brain got damaged in a car accident, making it harder for him to feel emotions. He is not nice, and won't spare you unless you're his friend.
    Height: 6'0
    Crime accused of commiting: Murder, assault, theft, threatening people, attempted murder.
    Guide animal: Lynx (Crazy, M)
    Floor number: B6
    Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow
    Classification: Serial killer
    Parents: Harry Ookami (Deceased) Mary Ookami (Deceased)
    Siblings: None
    Other: Really good at using a bow and arrow and also good in hand to hand combat. Not good with guns or swords.

    Name: Crazy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 6 (in animal years)
    Species: Lynx
    Coat colour: White
    Eye colour: Grey
    Memory link: Silk scarf
    Gem colour: Black
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  20. Here's Vix's bio. Decided to change her to an arctic fox.
    Name: Vix (Short for Vixare)
    Gender: Female
    Age(in animal years): Unknown, approximately five years old
    Species: Arctic Fox
    Coat color: White
    Eye color: Greenish-blue
    Memory Link: A lavender-colored flower, worn on the right side of her head.
    Gem color: Violet
  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @CrazyWolf Who does Jack refer to when he says 'Big Guy'?
  22. Cain, I forgot to add "with the gloves".
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @LunarSilvally So does JC have two guide animals now, or will Dove be taken out of the story?
  24. she does I did mention in the discussion that she would so I could be able to change from Private/Closed but the Rabbit spot is still available so I can't really do that right now
  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Ain't that a bit.. ridiculous? To have two guide animals for one character? Just saying.
  26. well...because I made her have a bad trauma experience I placed her to have two to help with her memories since it will take longer for her to regain them do to it...I'll fix it later I can't right now
  27. Okay so I want Jack being hurt to be a secret for everyone, so please continue the RP with your characters not noticing him being hurt. (If it's okay with you guys.) I have an idea.
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  28. Don't worry, Jack isn't finished. He will return...
  29. Great now JC has to go and help him xD adding more to her irritation xD
  30. No I felt more like he disappears and then comes back with lost memory, if that's ok?
  31. Oh yes that's fine then I'll have to edit my post since I already posted xD

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