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The Summoners

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Starfall, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. (Hello! In this rp, you can be a spirit or a summoner. Spirits control one thing: for example, water, fire, luck, etc. they are extremely powerful beings. Summoners are humans who collect runes used to summon the spirits. Once a spirit is summoned, it is under complete control of the summoner. The more powerful the spirit is, the harder it is to summon it. Now, let's begin!)
    1. Lilyheart0930, spirit of the night

    Midnight woke up to Solar, the spirit of the day's call. "Midnight, it's time for you to start the night!" Solar scolded. "Jeez, sorry." Midnight yawned and floated up to the sky. She raised her hands, and raised the milky white, full moon.
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  2. Reindeer Form Dere Stood below and watched as Midnight Rose to the sky.
    "Ahhh....I love the Moon-Rise"
    She Sat down and watched in till the moon was fully risen.
    She walked back to her den and Lied down to sleep
  3. Tsunami poked his large grey face out of the water, observing the moon. He turned his head over to the shore, spotting a summoner and a spirit. ''Filthy humans.'' Tsunami muttered. Suddenly, Tsunami grinned a toothy smile, showing all of his sharp teeth. How 'bout I mess with them for a while Tsunami plunged back into the water, swishing violently. The waves moved back suddenly as he created a large wave, ready to attack the summoner and spirit. Tsunami launched the large wave, coming closer to shore every minute.
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  4. Dere heard tsunami and she rushed other to the shore line.
    She transformed into Bear form and Growled.she jumped into the water and Sawm over to Tsunami
    "What are you doing?!"
  5. ''Because I'm bored. Honestly I wouldn't care if I sunk the whole world, but then I would have nothing to do.''
  6. "Man!You are kinda selfish,don't ya think?!"
    She Made a wall of thick vines just before it would hit the summoner
    "Do something else!You'll hurt somebody!"
    She snarled
    "Or even worse,kill someone!!"
  7. Tsunami snorted very angrily. ''How can you accept that our kind is being slaved by these pathethic humans!!'' He roared. The water around Tsunami and Dere started to turn to turmoil.
  8. Name: Rowan
    Spirit or summoner: Summoner
    Looks:short chin length brown hair, tan skin, blue eyes, wears grey shorts and a form fitting red long sleeve shirt when out of water along with red running shoes and white knee high socks. In water she wears a red one piece swim suit that wraps around her neck and has grey sash tied around her waist for gathering under water ruins and carry her rebreather. She also has a grey messengers bag.
    Rowan leapt off the cliff that disappeared into the sea. Flipping around a few times in the air before landing an almost perfect swan dive. She put on her rebreather and started swimming into the deeper water. She had heard reports of ruins sitting at the bottom of the cliff from a summoner that had dumped them so his rival could not get them. People were to scarred to try and go after them because of the water spirit that lived close by but she didn't care. Her life growing up in a marine village had ingrained the embrace of water. She didn't fear it or its spirit, trusting it fully with her life. She reached the bottom and found the runes, pushing some crabs out of the way so she could reach them. She placed all of them into her Saha and tightened it so they would not fall out and started towards the surface again.
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  9. Tsunami went back down in the depths of the sea, in a bad mood. He swam to his underwater craven, mumbling angrily to himself
  10. she transformed in to her normal form and took a walk along the shore. She secretly Liked tricking summoned by transforming into her normal form and telling other summonses she is also a summoner
    Oh....A summoner!!
    She dashed over to Rowan
    She smiled
  11. Rowan had been drying off when she dashed over. She waved and brushed her hands through her short hair. The runes she had collected tucked safely in her bag,
    She didn't know what the water spirit would think of he found out she had used his distracted state to grab runes from his domain but she shrugged it off, "hello? What can I do for you"?
  12. "I haven't seen a fellow summoner in so long!I just wanted to say hi!"
    She shrugged
    She smiled and waved
    "I'm so happy to meet an other summoner!"
  13. Rowan folded her arms over her chest and looked the other summoner over. She broke out laughing, grabbing her bag and patting Dere on the shoulder as she passed by. She grinned and spun around so she was walking backwards, "my dearest spirit! I'm afraid your skill of interacting with humans is lacking. No one actually calls eachother summoners unless it's a formal situation"!
  14. Dere looked at Rowan and mumbled
    She transformed into Her Reindeer form and dashed off into the forest
    No one has ever seen through my act She thought as she ran back to her nest
  15. Stex
    Type of spirt: Fire spirit
    Powers: Can make fire and lava from air
    Personality: a bit of a prankster but kind if you get to know him
    Stex is just burning some trees and blasting some rocks and seeing rowan and walk up to him "boo" he shouted in rowans ear
  16. Rowan spun around throwing a punch at the spirit. Eyes wide with surprise and fury at being snuck up on. Her brown hair swung around head as she turned, "ahhh"!

    She dropped her bag onto the ground and its contents spilled out. She kneeled down to gather it up again and growled at the spirit, "what was that for you jerk"!
  17. "Ow ow ow ow ow ooooowwwwwwwww I just I dunno " stex shouted back at rowan " why ya instantly turn and punch me"
  18. Dere heard A scream and she turned her head
    "Who is that?!"
    She stopped and turned around
    "Oh...It was that Summoner..I recognize that voice.."
  19. "Well then don't sneak up on people! It's rude and you might get punched, idiot! And I thought spirits were supposed to be smart," Rowan yelled at him, shouldering her bag. She glared at him before running a hand through her hair. She started to march away angrily, grumbling under her breathe.
  20. Dere decided to go to see what had happened anyway she galloped to the edge of the forest and saw Stex there. She turned into Her normal form
    She waved at Stex and smiled
  21. "Hey just give me a sec" stex called to dere "you suck" he shouted at rowan and walked over to dere "hi I'm stex
  22. Dere face palmed
    "Well......Hello, I'm Dere.Nice to meet you Stex"
    She looked at Rowan in the distance
    "Sooo...Stex,What happened with you and her?!"
  23. "Just shouted in her ear and she turned around and punched me in the face" stex said to dere " have you talked to her before "
  24. Name: Oddessy
    Type: Spirit of Illusion
    personality: She is quiet and collected and enjoys learning about what is around her, She happily follows along and stalks summoners, wanting to see what they're all about and why they're here and where they came from.
    Abilities: She is able to transform herself into almost anything, and create objects that seem to be there, but arent. She can easily turn others against them selves and control emotions and the like.
  25. Rowan decided to stop for a quick lunch. She pulled out a somewhat squished sandwich and a bottle of water. Biting into the sandwich, she looked around her watching the waves from her position near the beach. She sat on a large rock and pulled out one of the runes she had gotten. Examining it and wondering what spirit she could summon with it, she didn't notice the seagull that tried to grab her sandwich. When the bird took off, she noticed and grabbed a rock. Lining her shot up she, nicked the bird's wing making him drop the bag that held her lunch. She barreled forward and caught it, skidding to a stop just before the water, "woo! Not today seagull"!
  26. Tsunami went to look at all of his valuable treasure, from gold, expensive jewellery, weapons that glittered with rubies and gems. When he searched trough his hoard, he noticed something was missing. No, it can't be... His ruin was gone. Tsunami kept looking trough his treasure over and over again, but there was no sign of the ruin. No one would dare take his hills of glory, for he was the king of the sea, and was highly respected and feared. No, unless it was a summoner! He roared with rage. His reputation would go downhill, for he was known to loathed summoners. He swam up heading for the surface quickly, keeping telling himself that the summoner would be weak.
  27. I'm gonna go back to my house Steven thought then saw tsunami rise from the ocean Steven ran back to his place a vocano
  28. Rowan laughed proudly and pulled out her sandwich. She took a bite and stood, making her way back to her bag and other supplies. She didn't notice the beast rising though the waters and was very content with just eating her food. She swiped her bag and started back to another cliff where she might be able to spot other runes from its height over the ocean.
  29. Odd flew over the world below, just below the clouds, she could see almost everything from here. She looked over to the coast, "Tsun doesn't look too happy, I wonder why..." Odd laughed at the thought. She spotted an odd figure down below, she quickly descened unseen. She quietly cloaked and saw that it was one of those summoners, trapping spirits and the like. Maybe it would be a fun encounter. She sat next to them, invisible.
  30. Rowan made it to the cliff and started setting up her tent. She was going to stay out here for a few days to get some photography done for her towns news paper and hunt for some runes. She pulled out the tune she had dived for, examining it in her hands. She sighed then looked up to the see and saw tsunami. Rushing back into her bag she pulled out her camera and turned to take pictures.
  31. Dere watched as Stex ran back to his place
    "Ummmm...okay...see ya round,I guess?"
    But by the time she finished, he was gone
  32. Rowan readied up her shot. Making sure she was in the right position to take a picture of the water spirit. She wiped loss strands of hair out of her face and grinned. These pictures, if taken correct, could get her published in a large newspaper and even win her awards. She notice that Tsunami looked displeased but only grinned wilder. It seemed that the spirit had finally noticed that his runes were gone, right under his nose to.
  33. Dere turned to her Bear form and climbed up a tall tree to look around
    She squinted her eyes and noticed a Shimmer next to Rowan
    "Who's there?!"
    She jumped down and stared at the space next to rowan
    "Who?Someone..or something,is here!"
    She sniffed
    "Yes...something is definitely here!"
    She sniffed around and bumped into odd
  34. Rowan almost fell of the side of the cliff when the beat barreled over. She let out a small scream and her eyes widened at it. She clutched her camera to her chest, blinking quickly and trying to calm herself down. She let out a breathe she was holding and also noticed the slight shimmer, "what is with you spirits! Why must you only stalk me! There has to be others outside right"!

    She narrowed her eyes at them before crawling into her tent and pulling out some chocolate bars and getting ready so tsunami to breach the top of the water so she could take pictures.
  35. "I just helped you!be thankful!"
    Dere transformed into her normal form and turned to walk away
    "She was the one who was playing around!"
    She pointed at where odd once was
  36. "Thanks," Rowan murmed and offered the spirit one of her chocolate bars with a shake of her hand. She wasn't looking directly at the nature spirit and was more focused on the water spirit. Her eyes flickered over to look at the now humanoid form and pulled her bag closer to herself as a precaution.
  37. "....chocolate?"
    She look at Rowan's hand, holding the chocolate bar
    She smiled
    "You're not so bad,summoner!"
  38. "It's Rowan," She brushed some brown hair out of her face and watched the sea before deciding that the shots wouldn't be worth it. She looked back at the spirit and smirked, pulling out the water run, "hey? Do you know which spirit's runs this was. I got it after hearing about a legend of another summoner and grabbed it up before others could".

    She then munched on her chocolate bar and looked at the glittery spirit that she had now noticed, "you want some"?

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