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The Suicide Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Blazi, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Yay Revival!

    1)first post drops something(only post that doesn't die in the whole topic)
    2)second post kill yourself with whatever was dropped (Or get killed involuntarily)
    3)STILL SECOND POST drop something
    4) no double posting wait until someone else does
    5)be as creative as you want
    6) you may want to include description of what you drop if you think nobody will know what it is

    Me: I Drop a hammer.

    You: The hammer hits me in the head, causing me to fall off the beloved Cliff of 'Charms. I Drop MC Hammer.


    I drop a Brick.
  2. I love this game!

    Blarg repeatedly hits himself in the head with the brick until he has the intellegence of a garden slug, and wanders into the interstate.

    *dropps a lightbulb*
  3. Lightbulb electrocutes me and I faint.

    Drops DS.
  4. I hit myself, but the touch between mirror-dimensional persons creates a space-time rift that kills me with extreme gravity.

    I drop a towel.
  5. I'm walking along until said towel falls over my eyes making me fall off the cliff o' 'Charms.

    I drop, MAKAR! (Wind Waker)
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    He hits me with his violin making me stumble off the cliff.

    I drop the Master Sword ,Inuyasha's sword ,Ichigo's sword ,and Leonardo's two swords.
  7. Blarg gets distracted by their awesomeness, and he trips and falls into a bottomless pit.

    *Drops tin foil.*
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The tin foil reflects the sun's light into my eyes causing me temporary blindness. Like an idiot I walk and stumble around instead of staying still. As I clumsily move about, I trip over the curb and fall into the street. Being the 4th of July, I get stampeded by the parade and run over by the floats.

    I drop a live firework
  9. Scince the firecracker is live, I snuff it out, but just to spite me, it blows up anyways.

    *Drops a Pop-Tart.*
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I catch the Pop-Tart and eat it (mmmm... tasty) and I fall alseep on the edge.

    I fall off the cliff.
  11. I see Salamence falling, dodge him, then find myself surrounded by ninjas with swords, kill them all, get 3 tons of water dumped on me, still survive, and then get hit by a lazer. SHOOP DA WHOOP, imma firin mah lazer, etc.

    [me=TurboCheckm8]drops Chuck Norris[/me]
  12. Would luck have it?!

    I was playing brawl with Captain Falcon when your delivery arrived and joined the brawl. The powers of the destructive Falcon Punch and the ruinous RoundHouse Kick collided and blew up the entire planet. Seriously, that's why they didn't put Chuck in Brawl.

    I drop a RoundHouse Kick
  13. Blarg actually stops it, and Chuck gets mad at him, and flies up to the stratosphere, and drops Blarg.

    When Blarg falls, he drops a bag of popcorn.
    #13 Blarg, Jul 6, 2010
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  14. I was driving a car when I slip on the buttery popcorn and fell of the Grand Canyon.

    Drops my clothes.
  15. Blarg eats them, chokes, and dies.

    *Drops a soy sauce packet*
  16. lands on head and suffocates :o

    *drops a tv*
    #16 CameronD34, Jul 6, 2010
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  17. ... I don't think I want to know

    TV lands and begins to play a grand marathon of all my favorite shows, I watch the TV until I die of dehydration, or hunger, or my bladder explodes, or I actually live a couple of years before my eyes fall out. Depends on whether I have food, water and a toilet around me when the TV lands

    I drop a mattress (thumbs up to whoever gets the right reference)
    #17 Brendan Savem, Jul 6, 2010
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  18. i lay on it and it turns out its not a "quality" mattress and i have a seicure.

    i drop nothing. (hahaha :p)
  19. Dies of waiting for something to fall.

    Drops Fusion Spawn (See attachments for what it is if you don't know)

    Attached Files:

  20. I stare at it. And then i die cuz its soooooooooooooooo ugly.

    I drop Weegee. lol if you got no clue who he is look in attachments (no he's not the normal mario bro. either :p)

    Attached Files:

  21. Die of laughter remembering the meme.

    Drops Lots of Spaghetti and Mama Luigi.
  22. Gets stabbed by the arrow descending from it.

    I drop Gibbs.
  23. Comatose gets into an epic gun fight with gibbs, ending with me shooting and killing gibbs. Realizing That NCIS will be canceled now, I shoot myself.

    Drops an Iphone
  24. I get addicted to Guitar Hero and don't watch where I'm going while walking, so I fall into an open sinkhole and drown in the sewage.

    I drop a guitar
  25. Oh, yay! I was beginning to wonder when this would be revived ^^

    The guitar ends up smashing my face and I die due to the fact that I have no means of breathing.

    I drop a book.
  26. I read the book, and die of School Boredom with my last words: "It's SUMMER! Not School!"

    Drops Adrenaline shot.
  27. I get over-hyper, harvest the souls of too many mareeps, upset the celestial order thus God smites me.

    I drop the mibbit frog
  28. I accidentaly swallow it and it contains so many chat bullshit that my stomach explodes.

    I drop actual bullshit.
  29. Gags and dies

    Drops a dust particle
  30. Chokes on dust particle ... and dies

    Drops a pot noodle (D: nooo)
  31. Nodles come loose and strangle me around the neck.

    I drop a giraffe hat
  32. I put it on, loose balance, and snap my neck.

    I drop a penny from space.
  33. Penny takes forever to drop, and when I go into space to get it, I'm not careful and a fall into a Black Hole

    *drops an anvil* (big metal thing)
  34. I'm crushed. Nothing else to it. Well, that and Wile E. Coyote points and laughs.

    I drop a penny from a tall building, and its gaining speed, spinning in one single direction.
  35. Dies of penny drop. (Yes it's possible)

    Drops $1,000 in cash
  36. Gets Rich :D and then killed from getting mugged D:

    Drops hair Straightners :(
  37. Hair straighteners fall on my face and knock me out.
    *drops jalapeno pepper*
  38. The pepper gathers so much velocity falling, combined with spicyness, burns through me.

    I drop loose thought
  39. Loose thought hits and kills me.

    I drop a cheeto.
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