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The Stupid Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Louie Forest, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. This is a game I got from The Olde Archive. This has the Linkachu-Approved stamp on it. :3

    The Stupid game!
    The point of the game is to ask and answer stupid questions! It should go like this:

    Poster 1: How is ham bagel?
    Poster 2: Because it smells of chlorine. What is a GABBA MOO WUT PINGAS?
    Poster 3: Me! Why are cereal licks?
    Poster 4: 'Cause I said so! Why do Kangaroos jump off magic?

    Stupid stuff like that. So, let's begin!

    Why is a Gimp a magical Gordon?
    #1 Louie Forest, Jan 15, 2011
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  2. because i said so!

  3. Because a red Macca.

    Why are forests bubblegum?
  4. Because I smell cheese .

    Why is chicken blanket ?
  5. Because I lick pillows.

    Why are pigs wigs?
  6. because their hairless!

    why is cady sweet?

    ~flutter shy~
    #6 flutter shy, Jan 15, 2011
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  7. Ked


    Because it is artificially flavored with chemicals~!

    Why is cow so chickeny?!
  8. because its a chickencow! ;D

    why is face lick charge?
  9. Cause GABBA

    Is Muse Pad Skype Llama Green Mabel?
  10. It depends on if Kaboodling Prahana's Twitter Red Syrup :p

    Why do snakes have armpits made of candy?
  11. Cause Patrick pinky.

    Why are so many cabbages trading on GIMP?
  12. Because Photoshop doesn't have an Automatic Magic Purple.

    Why are storylines so stupid?
  13. Because mom said no .

    Why do carpets melt ?
  14. Because clouds moo opera.

    Why do Natu's moo paint opera?
  15. To get to the other side!

    Why did the purple rhino-hippo jump on saturn's rings?
  16. It's purple, of course.

    Is awesome purple or lemon?
  17. Neither, awsome is lime red!

    How did my Diglett turn into the Sun?
  18. To feed on toe grapes.

    Why do Miltanks dog dog hEY?
  19. To eat molten canydcane flavored llamas

    Why is the chicken spring shooter singing ?
  20. Because I said "Boxes are science!"

    Why are exploud's fur jam llama?
  21. because SCIENCE!

    why are raikou jam magic breadsticks?
  22. Because Metagross DS, out now!

    What is the gooooooooobbbbb of cake mix?
  23. because nidoking jam!

    why magikarp albino jam cardboard ice cream?
  24. Because at 2:11, we all throw books of PINGAS.

    Why are blue purples orange?
  25. because shiny!

    why are 6 bannanas 4?
  26. Because simpson+Llama creates bOBPbhgr.

    Why does spam show gamma?
  27. because radiation+yufyuv=57475y7r7tgj

    why are clock nine kily?
  28. Because sad asdfghjkl.

    Is Snover Glove spamming?
  29. He ate an envelope .

    I saw a sock flower fluffing shoes . Why ?
  30. Because Ninetale's Gabba shoes DRUg mite.

    Why is this n00b fumbelina?
  31. Because n00bs gotta dance on clovers!

    Is Mr. Hammenhop a blue tiger lover?
  32. Nope, but he is a red pony hater.

    Why do puddenpops always make cars go plort?
  33. Because chicken said carpet

    Why is the square hugging peace cardboard ?
  34. Because what box pretzel.

    What is a pretzel llama OVER THE HILL.
  35. because dugtrio lies on 666!

    why are mismagius high on dream smoke?
  36. Because BRAWL no gamma.

    What is Gab don't fufufu llama.
  37. science miggo night kkkkillkor!

    why are night kig mork nine?
  38. Because kid cheese porcupines .

    What art steals sofas ?
  39. Because it tastes of burning.

    Why is spam ham altaria funneh?
  40. Because pikachu pillow soft

    Why is stroller lunchtime ?
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