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The Story of Mistery and Misery

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunoTheUltimate, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Luno yawned, soft orange sunrays coming trough the window on his face. he removed his blanket, stepped out of bed and stretched. he felt the tension on his muscles. he quickly folded up his blanket, dressed himself and was just at the door when his mother called him. ''sweethart, breakfast is ready! and o, there arrived a package for you!'' suddenly, Luno was clearly awake. a package? for him? while walking downstairs, he tought:why would someone give him a package? when he was almost downstairs, an idea buzzed into his mind. was it the quiz? a few weeks ago, he had done a on-line quiz. it was called: ''quest quiz'' on-line children had to battle with virtual pokemon, and answer difficult pokemon-themed quiz questions. the winner would be announced. he had won most battles, and answered most question correct. but he surely couldn't have actually won? when he had arrived downstairs, his mother's Mightyena came running to him, jumped up and licked his face. he laughed. Mightyena had an jolly nature and was very active. he kissed his mother, sat down at the table, where his package lay. he shoved his cereal to the side, grabbed the package and quickly started opening it. when the paper was removed, he opened the paperboar package. in it was a small gold-colored cup and a letter. he yelled in happiness, knowing that he actually had won the competition. he showed the cup to his mother (''astounding, darling!! unbelievable!'') and opened the letter. there was: ''congratulations, Luno (codenumber: 357666)!!! you are the official winner of the ''Quest Quiz'' you gain this wonderfull cup and you are invited to the lab of Prof. Birch for a special pokemon event. after the special happening at the lab, you will gain a VIP pass for cruises and other accomodations. 22 November at 15:00. ''i'm going to Prof. Birch for a special event and i gain a special vip pass!'' he said to his mother. ''really? how lovely! when?'' ''22 November...hang on... that's today!'' he quickly swallowed his cereal, did his hair, kissed his mother and flew out the door. the pokeball on his side, containing his Mudkip, dangled up and down at Luno's quick movements. Luno lived in Petalburg City, so it wasn't a long journey. then, when he was almost at the lab, a figure came running at him. he wore red, spiky clothes. Luno stopped, a little afraid of the figure, which ran near him, and then snatched the pokeball from his belt. but Luno didn't notice it. he looked at the figure until it dissapeared in the woods. weird clothes, Luno silently thought. but then he arrived at the lab. there was none outside. he opened the door and stepped into the room. immidiate, people came running to him,congratulating him, taking pictures, leading him to the professor, which stood at the end of the lab, near a table with hundreds of pokeballs on it. Luno, suprised and overwhelmed, but happy, called out his Mudkip. or at least, he tried to. there was no pokeball on his belt. panicking, he started looking all over his suit, the floor, everything. but he pokeball was gone. he fought back tears, despite that he had only had Mudkip for a few weeks. where could he be? then again, something buzzed into his mind. the man! the man must have stolen him! the audience seemed confused because of Luno's sadness, and they asked what was going on. he told them, and they where slightly more careful with him after that. he dried his eyes and walked towards professor Birch. he said: ''welcome Luno! you are the winnerof the on-lin quiz called Quest Quiz. for that, you may choose six pokemon from the table. we have almost all species here.''happiness and surprise bloomed in Luno. choose six pokemon? that was amazingly cool, and not very difficult. just a few days ago, he had made a listof most wanted pokemon. it wore: Blaziken, Gardevoirm Flygon, Absol, Jolteon, Tiranytar. he told prof. Birch, which quickly grabbed a few balls from the table and gave them to Luno, who called them out. this could be the beggining of a great adventure.
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