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The Start of a New Adventure.. Open

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Fiona, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Near the Shore of Lake Verity a strange Portal Opens. At first nothing happens for a few seconds but then Out pops a girl. The portal closes behind her and and The girl hits the water with a great splash. Thrashing about in the water to reach the shore she passes out as soon as she gets out of the water obviosly wiped from what ever happend on the other side of the Portal that dissapeared earlier.
  2. Daniel was going to Lake Veriy to catch some more pokemon for his team, with the help of his Cyndaquil and Bulbasaur. He finally arrived at the lake and saw the cave in the center of the lake, wondering why it was there and how it got there. Then he turned his attention to the grass and walk around in it to find wild pokemon, after a while he tipped on something. "Ouch, what the heck was that, a pokemon with a long tai, huh, a girl, how'd she end up like this", said Daniel. Daniel looked down at here wondering why she was banged up and passed out in the grass with no wild pokemon in site.
  3. Feeling the foot Fiona's eyes opened "Ow" She said silently as she started to get up. "Where...Where am I?" She asked as she looked up to see Daniel. Her dirtied face a bit lost and confused. "Who.. Who are you?" She then asked.
  4. "The name's Daniel, and i'm a pokemon trainer, i was looking for wild pokemon, but instead i tripped over you" said Daniel. He looked at her confused at the fact as if she looked lost and confused about where she was and how. "How did you end up here, and why are beat up, it doesn't even look like wild pokemon did this to you", said Daniel
  5. Reynald walked around the lake front aimlessly. He had heard from the people in Twinleaf Town of a weird looking pokemon. Having nothing better to do, since he could not find a fire stone anywhere in this region, he decided to come. Fenrir, Reynald's Growlithe, circled around him happily, occasionally running and barking to scare off a few flying pokemon. Suddenly, Fenrir took off running towards two kids, one starting to get up.

    "Fenrir get back here....crap..." Reynald muttered as he chased after her. Fenrir pranced up and yipped happily at the girl, wagging her tail waiting to be pet.

    Reynald caught up and sighed. "Sorry about her she likes to play."
  6. "It's ok, my Bulbasaur and Cyndaquil are the same way all the time, nice Growlithe by the way, the name's Daniel by the way", said Daniel. Daniel reached downed and petted Fenrir on the head for a while looking at the girl in curiosity and wonderment.
  7. "Huh" Fiona looked at the creature and could only smile "It's ok" She instantly pets the Pokemon. She noticed that this one acts just like dogs do in her dimension. So she went on instinct. "What's her name?" Fiona asked with a slight shiver. She was still in her wet cloths from falling into the Lake.
  8. Fenrir barked happily and jumped around, enjoying the attention. She stared at them all with big, happy, crimson eyes. Reynald sighed and smiled. He was 18 years old and his Pokemon still acted like it did back when he was younger. He wore a red hoodie and brown shorts. A small pack hung from his belt in the back and only five poke balls were at his waist. He pulled his hands out of his red hoodie and walked into the lake slightly and offered one to the girl in the water.

    "Cmon, I'll take ya into town, I don't think sitting in the water is the best for your health." he smiled and watched her through his silver hair with eyes that matched Fenrir's "Her name is Fenrir by the way. Mine's Reynald."
  9. Fiona took Reynald's hand. " Yeah I guess your right. My name is Fiona nice to meet both of you" Directing her words to both Reynald and Daniel. Her shoes made a squishing sound as she steped onto the dry land. Fiona bagan to shiver more with the light breez that picked up.
  10. "Fenrir, I need ya to quickly dry her clothes please" Reynald said to his Growlith. Fenrir walked over to him and listened intently. Reynald sat down and whispered softly into her ear then stood. " Fiona right? i need you to hold perfectly still. And no matter what you can freak got it?."

    Reynald made sure Fiona was out of the water then looked at Fenrir. "All right girl give it a try. Fire Spin."

    Fenrir yipped and then a yet of flame flew from her mouth and swirled around Fiona far enough away so not to burn her. the swirling flame then rose into a column with Fiona inside it. "It's alright she won't burn you." Reynald called. The flames swirled around Fiona instantly drying her clothes before dissipating leaving no harm done to her or the plants around her.

    "See? told ya" Reynald said confidently
  11. "Hello, is someone there" come a voice from further into the forest then tom strolls out from the trees and sees the group. "Hi there" He says as he walks over.
  12. Daniel ran after Reynald and Fiona, as to not be left out of the conversation they were having between each other.
  13. "What's goin on." say Tom as he reaches them, I was training with my Torterra ,Zen, when I heard voices and then saw some fire, so I came over.
  14. "Wow" Fiona said as her closths felt much dryer than they were when she got here. "Thanks Fenrir you did a great job." Fiona said twirling seeing that no harm came to her after all. "And thank you for drying me off Reynald" She said with a smile. Then she heard another voice. She turned to see another person.
  15. "Yeah, leave me behind, what am I chopped liver, anyways, Fiona, where do you come from, because to me, it doesn't look like you live around here", said Daniel.
  16. "Oh,Hi Daniel." "What are you doing here?"
  17. "Trying to figure out who this Fiona girl is, and what happened to her, but what are you doing here Tom", said Daniel.
  18. Reynald smiled and Fenrir gave a heartfelt bark at the appraise "No problem, shes glad to help." Reynald turned and watched as the kid from earlier ran up along with a new fellow explaining about training and seeing fire "that was nothing just doing laundry." Reynald laughed slightly. How old are these kids? he thought to himself. The girl looked to be a few years younger than him, the other two he was not so sure about. Most trainers he met were alot younger. Hew as not a trainer, though he did have some Pokemon on him. Reynald watched the other three carefully, he didn't know how they were going to act. somethings off about the girl he mused
  19. "Me and Zen were just doing a little training." replied Tom
  20. "Oh yeah that's right. I come from a different Dimension. One without well creatures like Fenrir. I was taken hostage and forced through a Dimensional Portal my Parents invented. Then I ended up here." Fiona said.
  21. Reynald laughed. "I have heard some crazy things but that just about beats most of them. Either way you seem to be taking it quite well that a dog just breathed fire all around you Fiona" Fenrir took the opportunity to greet the new comer before walking over to Fiona and sniffed around her. Fenrir looked over at Reynald questionably. "Well Fenrir's nose is never wrong so I'll accept it for now. Oh.." Reynald said. "and Zen? Never heard of a Pokemon by that name."
  22. "What another detention!?!?"Says Tom surprised. "Oh,and Zen is what i call my Torterra."
  23. A different dimension, what is like over there are creatures that deify logic and theory, and hidden treasures buried underground", said Daniel. "Also, Reynald, you do realize it's impolite to stare at people, evn if you don't know them at all", said Daniel
  24. "So, Fiona does that mean you've never seen pok
  25. "Huh? Sorry zoned for a minute there." Reynald said coldly. "Look we can discuss dimensions and whatnot later when we are sitting in a nice cafe or something yknow?" He stretched and cracked his neck. "Cause if shes is from a place where there isn't Pokemon I'd rather her not get attacked by one."
  26. "I'm pretty sure we could fend of any hostile pok
  27. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sweet Poseidon! o-o This RP is... is.... erm... not good... >> In fact... its crap. Sorry, but this is not how we RP around here. Extremely short posts and one-liners? No, just no. Here at Charms we appreciate nice post with grammar and something longer than a paragraph, and plots, RP's taste good with plots... this is just talking and it would take forever to get anywhere.

    I suggest looking around at the better RP topics to see what I mean and to get a better idea of how to RP. Locking this.
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