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Private/Closed The Starshine Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starfall, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. (Howdy! In this rp, you are a trainer who gets lost in the Starshine Forest. You have run out of pokeball's, potions, repels, and have lost your town map. You begin to build makeshift homes in the forest, until you meet the Protector of the Woods (me) Lets have some rules, shall we?)
    1. No Mary sues (please)
    2. No shinies
    3. 3 line posts minimum (one word sentences like ("there.") do not count)
    4. No shinies
    5. Please be 16+
    6. Cussing is allowed, please don't overuse it though
    7. You can talk to pokemon, it's optional :3
    (Please fill out the form I fill out below)
    Name: Serene
    Age: 16
    Personality: Serene is extremley nimble and polite. She is strong willed and brave, but extremley headstrong. She feels the need to protect all pokemon from trainers, but is not as extreme as Team Plasma.
    Looks: Serene has long, flowing blue hair with a red ribbon tied in it. She has pale, creamy white skin and leaf green eyes. She wears a flowing white kimono with cherry blossoms as the design. She is around 5'3", and 90 pounds. Serene is always barefoot.
    (Gardevoir, female, wears a light pink scarf)
    (Swobat, female, wears a white flower in her fur)
    (Sylveon, female, wears a heart locket)
    (Samurott, male, has no beard part and has a scar over his eye)
    (Lilligant, female, wears a miricale seed necklace)
    (Leafeon, female, ears change colours with the seasons)
    Now, let's begin!

    Serene leapt from tree to tree, making no sound. The only trace of someone was a few shaken leaves and a flock of pidygs flying away. She glanced over to Mimi, who was flapping above her. "Serene! There's one over here!" She cried. Serene rushed over to where Mimi was. A young skiddo's hoove was caught in a trap. "Kai! Lilac! Lallia!" Serene called. Three pokemon rushed by her side. "Lilac, please clam this poor Skiddo's down. Lallia, please look on guard. Kai! Slash the bars!" She exclaimed. Lilac placed one hand on the Skiddo's flank, using her psychic energy to calm its temper. Lallia rushed to the edge of the clearing, glancing around. Kai drew one of his scallchops, slashing it down quickly on the trap. The metal made a loud crack as it snapped in half. "Lallia, heal bell."

    Serene walked through the woods, letting her guard down. Suddenly, she heard the snapping of a twig. She whipped around, glancing at the noise.
  2. Name: Phog Lilac
    Age: 24
    Personality: Phog is kind of a trouble maker. Has been all of his life, but drew the line when he stole an Aggron from his father a while back. Hasn't seen his dad since. He's always thought of himself as a researcher, or rather a self-proclaimed one. Judges on look, which makes him underestimate some of his opponents.
    Looks: Bleached blond hair, Black sleeve-less shirt. Has a duffel, which's strap stretches across his chest, displaying his six pokeballs. One of which is scraped up, the Aggron's one. He is a little above average on the muscular scale, but not to the point he could beat a Lucario with his bear
    -Ninjask, Twitchy
    -Flareon, Burns
    -Aggron, un-named (Disobedient)
    -Linoone, Straights
    -Drifblim, Kamikaze
    -Talonflame, Afterburn
    How did this happen? He had run out of his supplies: nothing to help him out her. His old map was torn to shreds over a disagreement with Twitchy. Great, he was lost, only had his Pokemon he couldn't understand...what next? Losing Twitchy, that's what. That bug didn't like Phog's slow trot. Twitchy had been ahead of him for a while, but now Phog could barely see him. Perfect, just great!

    He finally caught up to Twitchy, who was observing a girl. Some civilization, finally. While walking towards the girl, and Twitchy, he stepped on a twig. The girl snapped around, Phog jumped a bit. "Uh, uh, Hi. Sorry to interrupt. It's just my Ninjask, he seems to have taken an interest in you." He whistled for the Cicada Pokemon, who came pretty quick to sit on Phog's shoulder. "I'm sorry to be a bother, but do you know a way out of this forest? I'm out of supplies, and my flying Pokemon are down."
  3. Name: Matthew "Rogue" Drevur
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: New Bark Town
    Age: 16
    Height: 5 Feet, 9 Inches
    Weight: 145 Pounds
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Dirty faded jeans, a old green t-shirt, a red jacket with a small Fire logo on it, old running shoes, a old backpack, a belt, and last but not least, a Pokegear.
    Identifying Marks: has what looks like a 'candy cane' as a birth mark on his left cheek, not easily seen.
    Personality: likes adventure, comedy, and battling. Is known to be semi-annoying, and is also paranoid most of the time. And is a notified fedora enthusiast.
    Skills: having traveled most of the world in 6 years, he knows most things about Pokemon, battling, and weapons due to the fact that he has a sword on him at all times, talk about paranoid. He also knows rock climbing, fishing, hang gliding, driving, swimming, and sword-fighting.
    1. Typhlosion, Coal, Male, Blaze, Flash Fire, I gave him a red scarf, Was given to Matthew by Professor Elm when he started his Pokemon adventure, Acts a lot like me in the fact that he is a goofball and can be serious when needed
    2. Arcanine, King, Male, Intimidate, Justified, None, Caught by Matthew when he took a trip to Kanto, Fun-loving friend who likes to eat sandwiches.
    3. Talonflame, Barbra, Female, Flame Body, Gale Wings, None, Was caught by Matthew on his trip to Kalos, Dead serious and doesn't get jokes.
    4. Lucario, Q-Ra, Male, Inner Focus, Justified, None, was caught by Matthew when he was in Sinnoh, Likes adventure and danger and also loves to battle.
    5. Marcargo, Dave, Male, Magma Armor, Weak Armor, None, was given to Matthew as an Slugma Egg when he was in Johto, likes to go at his own pace.
    6. Rapidash, Draise, Female, Flash Fire, Flame Body, None, Was caught by Matthew when he was in Kanto, Likes to race and battle.

    Swish! Snap! Matthew cuts his way through the thick underbrush while Coal searches for food, "Told you it's normal to have a sword Coal."
    "Typhlosion. Ty ty."
    "Im not parinoid! If anything I'm... Not parinoid."
    I finally cut far enough to spot a clearing, which has several Pokemon and two people standing in it, "Um, hello, my name is Matthew. Sorry to interrupt but does anyone have a clear way out of this Forrest? I sorta kinda need to do this thing called live with civilization. Oh and this is Coals."
    Coals walks out of the brush, "Typhlosion! Ty ty typhlosion!"
  4. Serene scooted back a tiny bit, her breathing a bit hard. "N-no, I don't." She exclaimed, mustering up all of her courage. Her light green eyes flashed in the morning sun, peircing Phog's.
  5. Name: Alba
    Age: 17
    Personality: Kind and sociable, even though can get really nervous and awkward in front of guys (because she crushes on them very easily) and embarrasing situations. Really bad at getting mad (she's just ridiculous when she is). Really jelous, and not just in love, with her friends and pokemon too.

    Dia (Kirlia), Night (Mawile), Swablu (Ciel), Kira (Flaffy), Mar (Vaporeon), Ginny (Spinda)

    The blue sky leaned above the forest revealing a beautiful sunny day, the wind was nothing but a refreshing breeze and the little number of clouds that floated in the sky looked like the rage of the rain was completely gone, at least for that day.

    Between the blueish sky and it's clouds, a little one of this could be seen, one that made it's way too fastly and at such a low height that anyone could doubt if it was or not. This little cloud reached it's highest point around five metters above the forest, to fly back to the forest that rested back in land, being received right between the hands of it's trainer.

    "And?" she asked to Ciel, her little Swablu that had just came back to her "Did you find any way out?"

    The blue bird denied with his head. Alba, her trainer, growled in frustration. She had soended about a week inside that forest and none of her attempts to get out had worked until the moment. She had thought that Ciel would be able to fly high enough to find and end to the great mass of trees she got into,but she was wrong: the forest was too big and Ciel was still just a Swablu, he couldn't reach the high heights an Altaria could.

    She was worried, it was hard to difference poisoning fruits from safe ones and getting sick in the middle of a forest wouldn't be a nice experience. The water wasn't hard to get, there were some shivers running around the forest where her pokemon could drink from, she drank from her Vaporeon's water gun, an option she wouldn't take if she was in the city, of course. The problem was that Mar, the Vaporeon, was sick. He was in need of a big water source to hydratate his body with and the little shivers weren't enough.

    All of a sudden, Ciel winced. His eyes began looking around for something somewhere around them that Alba couldn't see. "Did something happen?" she asked, before the pokemon flied above the trees once again.

    Ciel had heard something Alba obviously hadn't, and it didn't sound like anything from the forest: there were humans around them. He tried to spot from the height some of them, until suddenly something moving between the branches caught his attention. He landed there, discovering two guys and a girl surrounded by their pokemon. They had found humans!

    Swablu got to where the humans were and tried to ask for help with his whistling, hoping at least one of them would be able to understand he needed help.
  6. Suddenly Matthew spots a Swablu trying to communicate to party, "I don't understand what Swablu is saying, I can only speak Typhlosion. Coal, interprate for me please."
    "Typhlosion, typhlosion ty ty typhlosion?" He asks to Ciel.
  7. Serene glanced up at the swablu. Without another word, she sprinted in its direction. It was telling her that it needed her help. Her pokemon rushed after her, keeping up her pace.

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