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Ask to Join The Star Based Islands

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Suga_Crystals, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Here's the thread to discuss things ooc and sign up for this RP https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-star-based-islands-discussions-sign-ups.20534/

    Scarlet was on the boat to the the Constellia Islands, her parents thought that if she had some freedom out of their home she'd learn to control the violent tendencies she had. They also thought this place would help her stay out of trouble. Although just incase they let her take Florent, their Snivy, on this trip as well. Scarlet didn't have a problem with this since most of the time they seem to get along well enough.
    The ship blared its horn announcing that they were arriving to the island, and if that wasn't enough the Captain of the ship made the announcement himself.
    "Attention all passengers! We're arriving to the Constellia Islands, the town is called Lyre town, there you can get your trainer ID, get put into your groups and meet the Professor of this island Professor Cedar." He explained as Scarlet got her things and Florent climbed up on to her shoulders as the pair got themselves ready for whatever was going to happen on this island. Although she wasn’t so into the whole fact that they were going to be put into groups.
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  2. Jericho was on the starboard of the ship, sitting down near the boat's edge as it was harboring into Constellia. He was nose deep in his specially lined notebook, where he composed songs, it was his favorite past time. He was about two pages in before the horn began to blare which caught his attention. He usually would've gotten much more progress if he focused on the notes or pitches alone, but he found that the best songs he's mad were those that took the long process of having both done at once. This boat was supposed to put practically all of the passengers into groups as they arrived to shore.

    Jericho noticed how one of the trainers he was assigned to be with stood out so much. She had a dyed streak of red in her hair and a Snivy on her shoulder. Jericho saw this trip as a way too become a more social person, and made sure that being able to hold conversations was a skill he would master once he was done. He's the type of person that needs to plan out what they say beforehand or else they'd stumble on their own words. He was planning to ask something along the lines "Your Snivy is pretty cute, what's the name?" but he tapped on her shoulder before rehearsing the whole sentence in his head so he ended up saying, "What's the name? You're pretty cute." instead. He instantly caught mistake and tried to apologize, "Ah! Sorry, I didn't mean that! Ahhh! Shoot, I didn't mean to say you're not cute as if you're ugly or anything its just. Like I don't know you and you don't know me and that would make that awkward, and it is and.... This is pretty awkward. Sorry."

    All Jericho wanted to do at this point was run as far away as possible, but as he was forced to be in the same group with her, all he could manage to do was too just stand there awkwardly. His face clearly flustered after tripping over his own words.
  3. Scarlet looked at this boy that just spoke to her, a bit shocked someone was willing to talk to her already in such a short period of time. It was already awkward enough that they were grouped into groups, and this guy was in hers. "It's fine," she replied flatly although it did feel nice being called cute instead of a brat or something equally or more negative than that. "Name's Scarlet," She said introducing herself with a nod to the kid. "What's your name?" She asked seeing as if they were going to be put into groups she may as well learn this person's name. Her Snivy looking at this kid most like he was judging him although Florent didn't seem to hate him at this moment.

    Looking at the dock the town seemed to be fairly small where beaches seem to be the main form of entertainment with the lab up front and centre along with a line of groups of people who seem to be wanting to register for this island's league and a pokemon centre with a pokemart. Although there were a few houses there as well that seemed like that's all that was there in Lyre town. Which didn't impress Scarlet at all which made her wanted to get this whole process over with, so she could explore more of this island at least.
  4. Perhaps the people coming from the boat onto the dock would notice a girl- a girl with long, poofy white hair, lying against a wall on the beach, with her eyes closed, tanned skin pallid and sickly-looking. Her mouth was tight shut, her jaw clenched, a frown creased across her brow.

    And then, her body twitched. Deep purple eyes fluttered open, stunning the girl as the light flooded into her eyes. She visibly winced, her eyes blinking quickly from the shock of the brightness of the day. Tightening her fists, the girl opened her mouth, trying so very hard to say something, anything- but the words hitched in her throat, feeling as if forks were scraping across her oesophagus. Deciding that she should abandon the idea of speaking for the moment, the girl opened the bag that had been resting on her hip.

    Peering inside, the girl was pleased to find a deck of tarot cards- she felt a strong positive energy from them, and a pained smile curved her lips. A bag of herbs and a vial of strange, fluorescent purple liquid rested alongside the cards too. A Litwick- her Litwick, Chimes (the first name to come to her since she'd awoken) looked up at her, smiling with his flame glowing bright purple as he noticed she was awake.

    Another name then came to her... and now, she could say it.

  5. "The Constellia Islands, huh? I wonder what kind of pokemon we will find there?"

    Autumn said, cheerfully. The girl was on the deck of the ship, unafraid of the sunlight that could ruin her beautifully white skin. She could feel the ship slowing down.

    She half-turned to her Pinpulp, who wore a blue scarf and had been standing beside her. "Hey, Aqua. Do you think we will encounter any pokemon that also can be found in Sinnoh?"

    Aqua chirped. Autumn didn't know, of course, that her pokemon just said something along the line of "Doesn't matter. I will beat whoever gets in our way!"

    She turned her back to the islands and saw a girl with a red streak of her hair talking with a boy, who wore a slightly oversized t-shirt. The boy seemed to be blushing. 'I wonder what they are talking about?'

    She then looked at her partner and remembered they just announced that trainers have to be in groups. "I guess we have to find a group." She shrugged and signaled her pokemon to follow her.

    She walked straight to the girl and the boy she saw and introduced herself. "Hi. My name Autumn." She then two-handedly picked up her pokemon. "This is my partner, Aqua."
  6. Scarlet looked to this blonde girl who called herself Autumn, "Name's Scarlet," she introduced as her Snivy looked at her and the Piplup judging them as well but seeming to accept that the two were okay so far. "The Snivy's name is Florent," Scarlet continued as the passengers started to get off on to the docks of Lyre town. "I mean if we're one group we may as well get off." Scarlet said honestly pretty happy that things were seemingly going well so far. Seeing as no one has yet to anger her.

    Once the passengers were off the boat most of the trainers from other places went to the registration centre to get their cards for this region and once in a while they could see groups of people walk away happily out of the lab with their new pokemon, it seems like they were imported from other regions but even so the new trainers of the Constellia region were happy with them. Scarlet soon saw this girl with white hair who seemed to be struggling, as much as she wanted to get her trainer card and get out of this small town she wasn't heartless. She walked towards the beach to the girl. "Hey," She greeted the girl now seeing how ill she looked. "Look, the lab's near by want me to help you get there?" She asked offering this girl a hand to help her up
  7. "J-Julian..." murmured the girl, her eyes flickering from being closed to being open. Her mouth opened to speak, but her dry throat clung to her words for dear life, holding them back no matter how hard she tried to force them out. The white-haired girl weakly raised her hand to take the hand of the other, her legs trembling upon holding her weight. She stumbled, and was grateful for the girl supporting her. Scarlet asked her if she wanted to get to the lab- a question that the girl did not know. Chimes chirped at her feet, tapping her feet and nodding his head, his flam burning back to a more neutral purple. In response to the other, the cloaked girl nodded her head, a weak smile adorning her lips; however, there was pain in her violet eyes.
  8. "Autum and Scarlet, huh. Those are nice names. Mine's Jericho." Jericho spoke back shyly with a soft and high pitched voice. He then saw how Scarlet was particularly interested in heading to the pokemon lab. How unfortunate, as Jericho didn't really see any value in heading there. He realized that the others introduced their pokemon in addition to themselves, now that there was room since they're off the boat he took the opportunity to introduce his. He took out a heal ball with a treble clef etched into the center to release his rather large Audino. "This is Melody! I've known her for quite a while, I'm sure that she's happy to meet new people!" Jericho said pleasantly while Melody stared at the array of trainers and nodded its head happily.

    Jericho was interested in the unique pokemon and their trainers. He figured that he could know more about them to practice his small talk. "So. What brings you guys here? Any ambitions or personal reasons or are you guys just trying to have some fun?" He said quietly while Melody began to use its feelers to touch the other pokemon, as she was curious about them. "Also, I don't think I'll be headed to the lab, I'm more interested in just travelling for mus.. um inspiration I meant." Jericho began to speak more confidently, but he quickly stopped himself from continuing to elaborate on his musical motivations. He didn't want to ramble on about himself.
  9. "Wow. I have never seen this pokemon before." Autumn petted the Audino, without asking permission first. "I came from Sinnoh. My goal is to, one day, beat Cynthia." She then realised that most trainers probably didn't know Cynthia.

    "Cynthia is the strongest trainer in Sinnoh. Some say she has never been beaten in her life." She explained. Even though she knew that was just a lie people made up, no one had ever witnessed Cynthia's loss before.

    "Hey, Jericho. Since Scarlet is help the girl out. How about we stroll around the city together?"
  10. Scarlet helped the white haired girl to the lab which wasn't too far from the beach, as she entered she saw a red haired woman standing by a machine with her lab coat on. "Hey, can I get some help here?" She asked as the woman in the lab coat took notice of her and the white haired girl.
    "Oh! Yes, please set her on that bed over there," The lady in the lab coat said as her assistants helped Scarlet get her to the bed and cared for her. "Well, my name is Professor Cedar." The red head introduced. Now that Scarlet wasn't in such a panic she could notice that she had purple glasses on and wore her hair in a messy bun. "I personally study how the bond between pokemon and trainers can strengthen our pokemon, since from what I studied so far the pokemon in the wild are seemingly weaker than pokemon that are cared for by trainers," Professor Cedar explained as she patted an Audino that rushed over to the White haired girl with a cup of water.
    "Scarlet, Scarlet Everdeen," Scarlet introduced to the professor. "The bond that trainer and pokemon share huh?" She said quite interested in the fact that this is a discovery that's been made.
    "Yes, and is this your entire group?" Professor Cedar asked looking around for anyone else that could be following her.
    "No, I think they're outside exploring this small town," Scarlet said seeing that they seemed to have let her take this girl that called herself Julian here alone.
    "Oh, that's fine since, on these islands we prefer you guys travel in groups, after all we have so many trainers, coordinators and such coming here and getting new pokemon," Professor Cedar explained. "In fact in Arius City over to the west there should be a festival for beginners starting soon!" Professor Cedar said with a smile as Scarlet took the information in and nodded pretty interested in this festival. "Here, you can have this map of the islands." The Professor said as an Audino walked over with a map of the islands with a pamphlet of all the activities that take place.
    "Thanks, I'll make sure to let the rest of them know." Scarlet said before looking at Julian again to see if she was looking any better before she left the lab.

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