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Ask to Join The Spinda Army!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Possibilit, May 16, 2019.

  1. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Aiiiii! So, this is a joking Pokemon Thread. It has SOME parts that are serious, but over all, just for fun!
    Here are some people who are in it:
    (Others can join later. Just..I guess message me OR go to a certain thread and..well, do stuff.)

    I, am a important roll, too. I am the SPINDA KING! And if you don't bow down to me, meet your DOOM! MAUHAHAHA! (My names Possibilit)

    The Spinda King sat in his Pink-spotted throne, and he sat and waited. 2 people had entered and one had a Quagsire and the other had a Gible. "If you are here, you must bow down to me." Said Possibilit, the Spinda King. "If you don't, you'll be thrown in the dungeon! the SPINDA dungeon!"
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  2. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (I'm going to be known as Kathren since being called PlayfulShinx is just weird. Also, Lucario is replaced with Aggron)
    Kathern decided not to bow to the Spinda King. She didn't want to worship a drunken panda. No. Instead, she would spend all of that time she would of spent worshipping Spindas to honoring her Quagsire, Derp Lord. Besides, she didn't need a fake panda like Spinda since she has her Pangoro, Butch. "I sware, I better not get attacked by a bunch of drunken pandas due to my decision." She mumbled. She bolted for the door and let out Butch. "Stop any Spindas, got it, Butch!"
  3. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    "Eh. You asked for it." Said Possibilit "Spinda's, SEND THE TYPHLOSIONS!" Suddenly, a bunch of blurs came out and attacked Pangoro. After Butch was covered in Typhlosions, the Spinda's came and used Hypnosis on the Pangoro. The Pangoro fell asleep and was taken to the Spinda Dungeon. Some Spinda's jump off of a small height to block the door, aswell. "Spinda's," Said Possibilit "Take the girl to the dungeon, as well." The Spinda's then used Hypnosis onto the other Trainer and she, too, was taken to the Spinda Dungeon. "Now,....person." Said Possibilt "Would you bow down to me, or would you be taken just like that.....person?"
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  4. Renz knew he could not resist very well, but instead of bowing he started punching the Spindas that where attacking his friend Kathren. He began kicking and punching, and Gible scratched any that got near him.
  5. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    "TYPHLOSIONS!" Again, many blurs came and covered them. The Spinda's then used Hypnosis, again, and made the Typhlosions, Gible, and the Trainer to fall asleep. They took the Trainer and the Gible to the dungeon where they meet his friend, Kathren.
  6. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Hey! Wake up!" Kathren yelled to Renz. She just woke up herself, so it was understandable for him to still be asleep. But she needed him awake for breaking out of the dungeon. She glanced over her shoulder to Butch, who was still asleep. He had burn marks all over him due to the Typhlosions. She let out a sigh. She just wanted to go home.
  7. Renz groaned as he was awakened from sleep. At first he felt fuzzy, then the pain started. Scratches. Burns. Bruises. He struggled to his feet. He looked around, and then he realized they were in a cell. Katherine was standing in the middle of the room, and both of their Pokémon were unconscious.

    ‘What happened? Where are we?’

    He walked over to the bars of the cell and shook them. They were very solid. The room was a pretty standard cell, bunks on one wall, a table and two chairs on the opposite side. There was a lit candle and a deck of playing cards on the table.

    ‘Katherine, what happened?!?’
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  8. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    As Renz and Katherine were talking, the Candle began to glow a fiery purple. The Candle let out a small "Litwick!" as it jumped off the table to greet the 2. "Lit, Litwick" Said the Little Litwick "Lit!". It was trying to tell them something, but of course since it's a Pokemon language, they couldn't understand what it was saying.
  9. ‘Um, hey little guy! Or gal. Do you happen to know a way to escape from this room?’

    Renz asked the Litwick. He knew he wouldn’t be able to understand what it said, but hopefully it would be able to SHOW them a way. He also recalled Gible to its Pokéball so it could get some undisturbed rest.

    ‘Katherine, what happened? All I remember is walking into a castle on a hill to look around and then I’m suddenly here!’
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  10. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    The Litwick then began to walk through the Bars and walked away. After a few minutes, the Litwick came back with a Nice, tasty meal. "Litwick!" Said the Litwick "Wick!" He then pushed the food (which was on a tray) between the bars. It had some Bread, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Milk.

    Little did they know that one piece of food had Rat Poison in it. Course, the Litwick didn't know it was poisoned because he was just ordered to take the food to them.
  11. As the Litwick left, Renz slouched in disappointment. When it came back with food he cheered up a bit though. He grabbed some Scrambled eggs, and tasted them.

    ‘Mmm! Pretty good! I think these are real eggs, not the fake packet kind!’

    He took half of the eggs and began gobbling them down. He didn’t touch the bread since he was allergic to Wheat.
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  12. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "No, I don't know how we got here. I think it had something about not bowing to the Spinda King or whatever. I already have a pokemon to worship, and that's Quagsire!" She looked at the food that Spinda brought in and her mouth watered at the sight of the bacon. "No!" She shouted, "I must not eat food made by drunken pandas!"
  13. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Litwick looked at Katherine and looked sad. Litwick then got up onto his shelf and turned back into a Normal candle...Before Litwick turned into a Candle, he/she said "Litwick..." . A Green Spinda came by and checked the 2 people. They seemed OK, but one wouldn't eat their food.
  14. ‘I can tell you that the scrambled eggs are great! And they’re made with real eggs. REAL EGGS. This is quality fare! And we don’t know who cooked it. Wait. We don’t know who cooked it! It could be poisoned!’

    Renz backed away quickly, and scrambled into the top bunk. He watched as a green Spinda came along and watched them for a few minutes. He covered himself with a blanket and sighed.
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  15. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    After Renz went into his Blanket, his stomach was feeling upset...THE EGGS WERE POISONED!! The green Spinda realized it and gave him some Medicine. "Spinda." Said the Green Spinda "Spiin". It seem that these Pokemon were smart. The green Spinda went into the Kitchen to figure out who the Poisoner was.
  16. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "And that's why I didn't eat any." She muttered. She looked at the candle on the table and walked over to it. "Hey, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. It's just I don't trust someone with a castle full of Spindas. Especially when I don't want to bow to them." She felt stupid for talking to a candle, but she had to apologize. She sat next to Butch and started to care for him.
  17. Renz was beginning to retch when the Spinda put its hand through the bar with some medicine, he was too ill to notice, however, he was coughing and almost threw up but it wouldn’t quite come out. He began to feel a bit dizzy. He was also getting delirious and thought to himself,

    ‘Onooooh im turning into a Spiiiiiindaaaaa...’
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  18. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Time for bed......

    It's day. Renz has not turned into Spinda, and Kathren was getting Hungry. Another Spinda was thrown into the dungeon with them. The Spinda had purple spots rather than Pink or Green. He was the poisoner. Litwick got up from his "Candle" and went to serve food. THIS TIME, the food was made by Litwick. Litwick also found Rat Poison so he gave it to the Green Spinda. And No, the food isn't poisoned. It tasted bad, but hey, at least its food!
  19. Renz stretched as he got up. He was still in this prison, and still no way out. He checked each of the bars in turn, making sure. All solid. Door locked. And... a Spinda? There was a strange looking Spinda huddled in the corner of the room. Renz ignored it, he thought it probably didn’t bow low enough to the ‘Spinda King’ and that was why it was here. He waited for Kathrine to wake up, and played a game of Solitare with the cards.

    ‘Hey Kathrine! You awake?’
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  20. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Litwick shouted out "LITWICK!!" out loud. That got Renz and Kathrens attention. Litwick pushed the food (on tray) forward. "Litwick!" Litwick then scurried into the room, to be it's candle. The "Spinda King" came by and said "Hello, people. If your wondering why that Spinda is in here, he's the one that poisoned your food. He'll be taken to the shredder, soon for betraying us." He then left and he left a note at the front bar. The card said "You have been waiting patiently, so we'll give you special treatment."
  21. Renz stared at the Spinda King, and once he had left went over and read the note. He was uncomfortable. Between the note and the ‘Shredder’ The King has mentioned, he was getting really worried. He went over to Katherine and shook her awake.

    ‘Katherine! Wake up! The King just came by and gave us a note! Look!’

    He held out the note for her to read.
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  22. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (Sorry, real life happened. Had martial arts)
    Kathren read the card and got a worried expression on her face. "What is the 'special treatment' and why did the 'King' want to see us?" She asked aloud. She looked at the tray of food in front of her and her mouth watered. She then looked away. Her stomach growled. "I can go without food for a week," She thought. "But not water!" She jumped down and drank the lemonade without thinking.
  23. Seeing her glance glabnce askance at the food he said,

    ‘Oh yeah, and the king said that Spinda over there is the poisoner, so the food may be safe to eat. Up to you though. My stomach is still a little disturbed from last night...’

    He went back to the table and played another game of solitare.
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  24. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Upon hearing this she started to eat the food on the plate. It wasn't the best, but she ate it all anyway, due to how hungry she was. Once she was done she walked over to Renz. "Um, hey. I was thinking, maybe we should talk somewhere more away from the candle. It could hear us." She said. Kathern wanted to make an escape plan, but she didn't want to alert the Litwik that lived in the same cell as them.
  25. ‘It probably just heard you say that.’

    Litwick woke up and turned around. It looked both happy and sad. Happy because it thought Katherine was enjoying the food, but sad because she didn’t trust it.

    Evan got up and walked over to Katherine and leaned in so she could whisper her plan in his ear.
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  26. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Kathern flet a bit bad. She always seemed to upset the small candle pokemon without meaning to. She pushed the tought out of her head, escaping was more important. "We need a small pokemon that can move around for us, gather information, tell us when it is safe to move or not. Do you have a pokemon about the size of a Ratata?" Her plan might be a bust if he didn't have a pokemon the size she needed. Kathern didn't want to know what the "special treatment" was, she was still suspious of the King of Spindas.
  27. ‘No, none of my Pokémon are that small... but Gilgar might be able to slip sideways through the bars! Should we try it?’

    Renz released Gligar from its Pokéball. She immediately hid behind Renz, this Gligar was very shy around anyone but Renz.

    ‘Gligar, I really need your help. Can you slip through those bars?’

    Gligar climbed up his back, up to his head, and then leapt off and glided to the bars. She grabbed on with her claws and slipped through sideways.

    ‘Good job! Now we need you to search around, and see if you can find a way to get us out of here, Okay? Make sure nobody sees you!’

    Gligar nodded. She was very good at hiding. She used her claws to climb to the ceiling, then glided to the other side of the prison hallway.

    ‘I hope she’ll be okay...’
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  28. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    She watched the Gligar scurry away. "Should I apologize to Candle?" She asked Renz, "That's what I'm calling the Litwik, Candle. Since it is the candle on the table." She also looked at Pangoro, who was still out of his pokeball. She sighed and returned him to his pokeball. She instead let out her Quagsire, Derp Lord. "Bow to the magnificent Derp Lord." she teased. She then laughed at her own joke and started to hug her derpy pokemon.
  29. ‘I mean, it couldn’t hurt to apologize to Candle. Might even improve the quality of the food.’

    Renz shrugged and went pack to the table.

    ‘Wanna play a game of Go Magikarp?’

    He started dealing out cards, one hand for each of the trainers and one for Candle.
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  30. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Sure, I mean we don't have anything better to do in here, and it's not like I can bust out some badass pokemon to bust us out of here. We'll just get caught." She said and she took her hand. "Who's first?"
  31. ‘I guess Candle can go first.’

    Candle looked at the cards in its hands. They set the cards down and began pantomiming. When Renz didn’t understand what they were trying to say, they picked up a fork and scrawled a jumping jack in their wax, and then pointed to the black charred bits of steak left on the plate.

    Renz jumped in surprise.

    ‘Y-yeah, I have a black jack. Here.’

    He tossed the card over to Candle, who put the card down with their own black jack.

    ‘Your turn, Katherine!’
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  32. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Um does anyone here has an 8 of hearts?" She asked. Derp Lord was taking a nap in the corner of the room. She sometimes looked behind her to see if anyone was there to rescue her and Renz. She then glanced a Candle who seemed to be good at this game about guessing.
  33. ‘Ugh. I have that one too. Here.’

    He tossed over the 8 of hearts, then looked at his cards.

    ‘Anybody got a black Ace?’

    Candle shook its head.


    Gligar was sneakily slipping through the castle. She had already found the Spinda Dormitories, the Pool, and the Kitchen. She had been able to snag a piece of meat without being seen and munch on that for a moment before continuing.

    She entered the throne room cautiously. She glided quickly to the chandelier, and hid there, listening....
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  34. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    (Oh god. I have A LOT to catch up on. I was gone for a day and THIS HAPPENS? Anyway, I went on a sleepover (dont ask why), and their computer didn't work. Sorry (@U@)! Also, so now theirs Candle (Litwick who is I guess on your side?, Kathrine, and Renz!)
    "Sooo when will we take him to the shredder again?" Said ??? (This is from Gligars listening soo it is ME talking, K?)
    "TODAY!? Huh. I guess my calculator was wrong."
    Then the Spinda "King" went to the Spinda Dungeon. Gilgar quickly went to hide.
    "Hello people!" Said the King "Candle, Open the gates please." The litwick jumped off the table onto the ground and his/her flame burnt the steel bar a bit. It wasn't broken, but this might have given the 2 a idea to escape.
    "Thank you, Candle." Said the King "Now, Spinda's, get the Betrayer" 2 Spinda's then began to grab the Purple spotted Spinda and they took him to the shredder. The Shredder has not started yet, but when it did, the 2 heard the sound of steel clawing away at someone. Kinda like the sound of a chainsaw. The King then went back to his throne and didn't even bother to look at the 2 or even Candle.
    Gligar made a little sound and the "King" heard it. He sent the Gengar's to go capture it...but the Gligar made a return to the gate before the Gengars did. Gligar then hid behind Renz and the Gengars went back to his "King".
    "Huh. Must have been my Mind playing tricks on me" Said the Spinda King "Now go do your thing. Also, you might have to eat the soul of the Purple Spotted _ _ _ _ _ ."
  35. Renz listened to the sound of the shredder in horror, the game forgotten. He turned to Candle and asked,

    ‘Is THAT the Shredder?’

    Candle nodded.

    ‘Oh no. If we were to try and escape and then get caught, we would probably end up in the shredder too!’

    Candle nodded again.

    Renz groaned.


    Meanwhile Gligar went back to listening and peering over the edge of the chandelier.
    Hopefully she could pick up some more useful information...
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  36. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    The Spinda King heard the commotion and went to the cell.
    "So I know your'e scared of the shredder, but he was only but in their because he not only poisoned YOU, he also poisoned US. Literally all the Spinda had to be taken to the Audinurse's office to get HEALED. He was only put in their because he BETRAYED us." Said the king "Now, please calm down."
    The king then left the room with all the feedback at the 3.
  37. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Kathern was about to give her card over, but then the Spinda King used the Shredder. "Oh, my! Is he really going to do that to us if we don't convert to worshiping him as well? This is horrible! No pokemon deserves this!" She gasped before he came back. She heard what he said but still wasn't convinced. When the Spinda King left once more she spoke to the Litwik. "Candle, would you help us escape if we asked?"
  38. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Candle thought for a moment...and then she jumped of the table and on PURPOSE burnt the iron bars 1 by 1. "Litwick!" Shouted Candle "Wick!" The Spinda's heard the noise and went to capture the 3. Candle then began glowing a blue-ish color and evolved into Lampent! Candle held off the 2 while they ran? Every Spinda was knocked out and Candle went to go accompany them.
    "Lammp" Said Candle "Pent!"
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  39. Renz wasn’t sure if he should run or not... he didn’t want to risk getting shredded. But seeing the evolution of Candle from Litwick to Lampent, he was encouraged, and darted of quickly, hoping the Spinda King wouldn’t figure out the prisoners were escaping....


    Gligar continued to watch the king, and if he noticed the commotion then would shoot som Poison Stings as a distraction, then flee.
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  40. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Kathern recalled Derp Lord quickly and ran out the prison. She didn't wait to see if Renz followed her, but she hoped he did. When Candle caught up to her. "Candle you evolved!" she exclaimed. "How about I catch you once I get to a Pokemon Center?" she asked the newly evolved Lampent.

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