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The Smug World Order Badfic Contest!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, May 26, 2011.

  1. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT how I write. This IS made purely for entertainment only as you laugh at how atrocious it is. This is for all the n00by writers out there: DON'T WRITE LIKE THIS. YOU KILL A KITTEN EACH TIME YOU DO. THINK OF KITTEN(s).

    [glow=red,2,300]EvRy FlWr HaZ iTz ThOrNz!!11!11


    clover Woke Up to teh sounzof waht sounend liek a FIght going on outside and went outside two check it out but wehen She got their theyre was nothing but her pOKAEmon mewthree who, looked liek mewtwo only moar badass and cooler and stuff;'mewthree what r u doing' she askd im gonna be the be!st mewthree repiled while beating up other pokemons with his pycshic powahs, clover lived in pallet Town and had many poweful pokeymans liek arceeuss who was all black with glowin red eyes and facee. AAnd anothe rarceus that was the same only gold and silver colreod and she aslo had a groundon that was very hard to catch but she caught him because he was injured and she helped him so he decided to join her? while she had jsut met a DIALG!!11!11 that followed her everywhere but was afraided of getting old[liek it conrtols tiem so thats all funy and lolzY, ikr] MeWtHrEe was the stroinget pokeymon to exist EVE> ;D ;D ;D ;D he defited alll the championz from all the regions like jHoto and the rest and was the experimint of all of the team guys from the regoins and. stuff. CLovER was a gim leeder and had her very own gim in palleT twon and nobody culd beat her bc she was so strong and beleived in her pokeymons alot: bc clover was so strong she could have any + all pkmn wiht her at all tiems and she did so she culd make freinds with dem and all of a sudden her brother 3.14159 came up to her and said THERES TRUBLE TEAM ROCKAT! JIST BLEWED UP pALLET tOWN AND KILLED HOUR PARENTS NOW WERE ALL ALOWN? :o :o "oh noes" clover said and she began to cry bc she loved her mom and dad very much and dinnit no waht to do nemore then she stood up and sid "i vow to avng my parents team rockit just u wait ill be coming to KILL YOU ALL1 >:( >:("'

    [move][glow=red,2,300]WELL THATS part ! tell me what u think gaiz i relly want to no so i can makes it bettar for u anndadd ull ♥ it evn moar than u do now :D so just pm me waht u think dont post hear bc if u say sumthing mean i dont want other ppl to see it :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( so just pm me and if u say sumthin mean there ill just tell a mod that ur being a jerk HAHA! >:( >:( >:( >:( [/glow][/move]

    I think I cut my wrists a few times there...
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  2. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    What's the deal with that was very hard to catch but she caught him because he was injured and she helped him so he decided to join her? I'll have you know that's over 20 words in a row spelled correctly!
  3. It was my first time, I was nervous! D':
  4. Re: The Smug World Order Badfic Contest! - TEH AVDENTARES AOF CHCOLATE-MILMKAN

    As you already know, this thread is a contest for who can write the worse fic ever, you're already doing well if you got through Sho's, though I wish you luck pushing through mine. So yeah, apart from within the boundaries of this game, don't submit writings like this, it won't make you cool, and it will kill more kittens than we need to. Even professional kitten breeders can't keep up with the amount of bad writing out there on the internet, don't make their problems worse. THINK OF THE KITTENS

    Anyway, the n00b data disk will be inserted into the mainframe in 3... 2... 1...

    Entry 1​

    Hi, I be Alex. I ez a high-school student, with everythang in the world. I have the bestest grades I have a very hottest girlfriend I fight bad bullies at school all the time and I like to drink chocolate milk athle tlime. But I hav ea secrat identitty (LOLOLOL I SAID TITTY!!) I be also chocolate-milkman: the bestest sueparhero in the hole wide universe. I fly around the galaxy using my awesome suepar strength, my milk powers, and my chocolate powers to fight all that is bad, evil, and mean. The galaxy is the safest place with me in charge, believe me. There are still evil atroticititties (LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOOOOOLL I SAID TITTIES AGAIN!!1 LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!11111) in this dangerou sgalax,y it be needs a herolimke eto save hetm. These are the many many many stories of my many avdentares and baltitties, with evil sueparvillains like the Green Vegetable (he’s totally healthy anddisgusting and eugh!), the Teabag (In mor wsay thasn one ;)), and, worse of all, Suepar Cyborg Osama BinLadel, who was brought back from death by evil cybernetic space mermaids, and now wages an interglagactic war to take ovr teh entrei univsere. They can nver be a mach for me and my greaterest powers though, I will detstray tem all for shure, and save all teh men, wmen, childen, babise, pets, gays, and asiens out tere. U CAN CONT ON ME!!!11


  5. KoL

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    By popular demand in the PokeCharms chat channel, the Smug World Order has taken command of this board temporarily to host the "Worst Fanfiction Ever" contest of ultimate fail.

    The rules are simple: make the absolute worst fanfic you can manage. Spelling and grammar errors everywhere, stupid Mary Sue characters...hell, if you know anything about writing fiction then you should already know how NOT to do it.

    All fics shall be "critiqued" by the Smug World Order. Note that if your fic is described as being about as painful as pounding a fistful of glass shards into your eyes, you've done very well for the purposes of this contest.

    All fics should be posted here, in this topic, to spare the rest of the board from the overwhelming shittery about to be unleashed.

    Since Sho and Brendan have already gotten us started, feel free to follow their abysmal example.

    Note that you can only submit one badfic for the purposes of the contest, but you can edit new chapters into your original post to further the fail story.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    “OMG jAsOn U hAf GoTtA c WuT i CoT tEh OtHaH dAyE!” a TrAnEr YeLlEd ShE wAs WaRiNg A bRitE wEd LeThEr JaCkEt WiTh MaNnY fRiLlZ aNd A pWeTtY (dis taek too loooooooooooooooong imma stop taiping laik dis nao) pink shert andr neeth it and sexy skeeny jeens and her FAVRIT laket she got from her dead daddy hoo she had NEVER met b4 and she was caring her luffly baybee arceus on her back she running at bf hoo wore semiler cloeths but much manlyer and ttly hot cuz he was ripped and had a NAICE 8 pack “oh cool lemme see i haf too POKAYMON like urs wantto c them pretty lacy” “oh yes, handsum” said the traner she jump up down kuicklee ekcitedlee then bright light “OMG YOU HAF RESHEERAM :o” “yes yes i do :)” then her werst enamy daisy caem with her pet Zecrom “HAI GAIZ GESS WUT I CAN HAZ ZECROM” “SHUDUP I DOENT CAER ABUOT U OK” daisy pats zecrom and zecrom startz FAIRANG LAZARS OMGWUT “than i chalanj u to batal” lacy smirk say “ok if u want go 4 it” MANY HOURZ LATERZ “OMG YOU KEELD ZECROM U NO WUT THAT MEENZ” “no i don’t” “IT MEENZ WERLD IN DEESORDAH NO BALANS WERE ALL GANNA DAI” “o no I didnt no wut shuld i do jason” “heer taek zis celebee (looks like not raip ternip LOL) and go cache knew zecrom in othah tiem” he gave lacy a POKAYBAL “awsum u da best handsum” lacy go back in tiem and c baybee zecrom sleeping she cache and with celebee go home “JASON I GOT ZECROM” “yay now werld not gonna end” they look at daisy but she not thair no moer “hey ware is” sudenly shout from tree “HEY SUCKAHS IM GONNA GO DASTROI WERLD SAY GOODBAI TOO UR FRENDS AHAHAHAHAHA”

    SO HOW DAT U TINK MAH FIC GAWDLY GOOOOOOD 4 YA HMMMM!!!!!??? ??? ??? :) :) :) :) :) :( :( ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? :o :o :o :o ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D 8) 8) 8) >:( >:( REEPLIE PLZ KTHXBAI

    Oh my gosh... I'm sure at least 99% of my brain just died trying to type this... Dx
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  7. OOC: I wrote a different kind of badfic in that it doesn't have a lot of grammatical errors (except run-ons), but that's because I wanted you to be coherent for the pain...Trust me, this fic is just as inane as the rest here.

    Nightstar Rose

    Nightstar Rose awoke from her slumber underneath the singulary giant oak tree in the forest. The wind gently caressed her soft, pale skin and played with her raven hair which was as dark as the night sky. Her deep violet eyes looked into evening sky and she could see the Venus in the night sky and she liked it. “Meeeeeew…” Nightstar looked around and saw her best friend, a Mew she befriended and named Rosie after herself. Unlike other Mew, she was a bright red color instead of the usual pink. Nightstar smiled her smile at Rosie—she was often complimented on her smile by people as well as her beauty. Nightstar was very modest but she was very beautiful. Her raven hair hung down to her waist and it was very glossy and shiny. No one had ever seen violet eyes like hers before. She was tall and willowy and was often told she could be a model but she was strong despite being skinny so no one should ever underestimate her. She was wearing a beautiful white sundress with a lavender trim and delicate ballet flats on her feet because she was very stylish. She was also very kind and befriended Pokémon wherever she went because she was very kind. Nightstar decided to go into town to get something to eat. “Mew will you teleport us there?” Mew said yes and she glowed in a pretty pink color and caused Nightstar to glow pink to. Nightstar was one of the few people who could teleport with Mew because she was psychic and her psychic powers were really powerful. And then they suddenly disappeared and they appeared in front of a restaurant. She looked around and saw a Diglett stuck in a tree. “Oh no we have to help!” Nightstar said. Everyone looked at the Diglett in concern and worry because they didn’t know how to get the Diglett out of the tree. Nightstar used her psychic powers to bend the tree without hurting it and got the Diglett out and put it on the ground. The Townspeople said that it was a good idea that Nightstar was there because the Dliglett would have died if someone had not got it out of the tree. Nightstar blushed a delicate pink color which only made her more beautiful against her pale skin which was as white as snow and she told them not to thank her because she was modest. The restaurant owner was in that crowd and he allowed her to eat for free in his restaurant and Nightstar blushed again and said he didn’t have to but he insisted and she said no again, but he insisted again so she had to say yes. She ate a salad because it didn’t take much to make her full. Then Nightstar and Mew decided to take a walk. “Oh Rosie, thank you for being my best friend who will be friends with me no matter what happens.” “Mewwww…” it said. Rosie knew that Nightstar had secrets but she never pressed the girl, but she was always there fore her. Rosie wondered what their next adventure would be.

    OOC: My brain hurts now.
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  8. "Hey Ash!" Pikachu called to his best friend. Ash woke up to find he was on the ground and Pikachu was lying next to him. 'Oh thank goodness Ash you're awake now. I was so aworried. and the little Pokemon then gave his master a hug. Wait Pikachu why are you talking? Ash said. You're talking and I can understand you. he also said. The boy then got up but he did not realize yet that he was no longer a boy. Ash looked down on his hands but they were not there anymore. In there place was two yellow paws that looked a loit like the ones Pikachu usually has. Could Pikachu be on his lap? Nah that wasn't it. Pikachu was standing right next toh im. He was looking at Ash with a funny look. Waitr...could it be? said Ash. Ash then moved over to a nearby pond near by and looked into the water billowing on the shore. He could not see his face in the water. not his human face anyway. what he sae instead was the face of a pikachu. suddenl everything became clear. Holy shit I'ma Pikachu, Ash cried. How can this be? how did this happen again? Ash asked himself. He thought to himself about the last time something like this happened. back in johto when he was entering the johto league and traveling with brock and misty whoe mere much better people to travel with then the new ones (I totally think so and if you think im wrong well stop reading this fic pls. >:(((((()
    Anyway, Ash thought he was under a nother spell. Oh great he thought to himself. Now I'm a pikachu again. How am I supposed to compete in the pokemon league now. (see this is what cool about my fic. it can be set anytime after johto so it can be taking place anywhere :D:D:D:D) Ash looked over at Pikachu who was now smiling back at him. probably he wanted to reassure ash that everything will be okay. "Well, since I'm a Pikachu now, why dont w e go and do Pikachu things pikachu. what do you suggest?" Pikachu ears perked up and he ran over to Ash. Now that you're like me Ash I was wondering if you could help me with something. Pikachu looked at Ash with his usual smile and took his hand. then he led him over to a bush and both jumped in and were out of sight. Pikachu wait what are you doing???? cried Ash. Pikachu continued running into the forest with ashs following him hurriedly. then the two arrived at a small cave at the edge of the woods, surrounded by tall trees. it was very small, small enough so that only pokemon of pikachu's size could fit in it. Pikachu then let go of Ash and turned over to him. "Ash said Pikachu. I lost something very important to me. something that you gave me a long time afo."
    What??? Ash said. Ash didnt really understand., he doesn't remember giving pikachu anything ever. he didn't like to use held items because he wasn't cool like that and besides i dont tinhk those existed in the anime.) Pikachu what are you talking about? and how did you lose this item. wait, are you even sure this belongs to you? Pikachu nodded. Of course I do Ash, now come on. now that you're a Pokemon you can help me find it. when we were playing in the forest here the other day, I lost my important thing and it fell in here."
    Ash then realized that this was all too convenient ti be appening. Wait Pikachu" he said "could it be...that you turned me into a Pokemon?" Pikachu shook his head. No, of course not. Don't be sillty Ash. I don;t have any special abilities like that." Pikachu then giggled. Without warning he then dove into the small cave, fitting easily inside. "Come on Ash, hurry!" he cried out to his friend. Ash didn't understand waht was going on, but he decided to follow anyway. Maybe if he ehlped pikachu get his precious thing back, he would be able to turn into a human back again. And so he followed Pikachu into the cave, finding the cave hole to be slightly snug when he slid inside. And so their epic qest began. Will they find Pikachus thing in time? Will Ash ever become human? Who was it that made him this way in the first place? Found out in the next exciting chapter coming soon.......................

    In my head it doesn't get any worse than a Yaoi bordering on bestiality fanfic. Please excuse me as I go hang myself.

    WAT????? Cory sotted lodly at ish frenxds stundi,mng dere wit suaph eckpreshuns. 'We rn't relly ur frends cory we r prjekshuns of ur brains" dey sayed n oonisun liek zombeis!!1!!!11111!11 onlhy hey wern't zombeis becuz dey din't eat brainzz an dey nvr eated nuthing becaz deye ererwn't real. I DUN'T GET IT?!? Cory yelleld agan becuz he is serprize. Wee ahve ben cent do saiyz dis 2 u u r liek supah strong an sutfffff da wirld needz som1 leik u beczu c up dere!!!!1!!11!1!11 dy all puntied at da skai and ere wuz a a badgui huldding teh moone. Cory new tahat he wuz eval sinc beucz he wasas wer.ign a blac hacket adn singlases even tho it was dark! I have to stpo him cory detrmined look n his eys. stfu' his frends woh wrn't relay sih frends sayd kickickn g him up hi but i t OK snce aheeroe liak cory can fly! amzed excelelencce Corry gapsed win he dint fal donw. Cory felcksd his mussles anadn wasv buffed "I am hawet nao" Cory ssimiled a smile and flew tuwsarded teh eval vilin sto"p cOry saided wit his arms at his weighst. tHe badguiy srtared at Corry and tooked off sunglssas and wasint gai was gurl hoo was supah hawt and she laffed 'I new u wud cum f i pertendd 2 b bad' she let go of da moon nd it flew bck to space. DEN she kiss him (and it was jis lik when i kis my gf I met wen i lft waits bcuz I am 19) "nao we can b tgethr' seh sais and Cory luked up 'dere si stilleval ot,tu 2 bet lets go fihgt 2gether! and they filed away to kill mroe badguis.

    WHATCHOO THINK????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

    OoC: I... I'm sorry. If it's any consolation, part of my soul died while writing it.
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  10. Stardust Moonwolf was An amazingly beaytiful pokemon trainer. Notconly was she a fantastic trainee bug she also great at ckntests. She is 16 ysars old but she doesb't go to school instead she just does Pokemon. She used to date Ash Ketchum because he is actually 17 but she dumped him because she secretly fell in love with Gary. She is Sinnoh champ Cynthia's little sister but unlike Cynthia sh has pink hair but she dyed it blond to seem normal even tbough its obvius she doesn't.
    Stardust's jouney starts off just as she dumps Ash. This is what happened.
    'I'm sorry Ash but I don't love you abnymore,' Stardust said truthfully but she was tryibg to sound soft so she woild not hurt Ash too much.
    'Yes but I love you so much!!' [ /color]Ash called back but Stardust was already on her eay to find Gary. She looked vack to Ash. His shiny jet black hair ckvered the scars on his face from fighting. He was quite muscley. Stardust still thought he was hot but when she thought about Gary In comparison Ash looked like Oprah or sometjing.
    Stardust was flying away on her Charizard, Sprinklewing. She was bigger than most Charyzards and she wasnt shiny but she looked shiny though she wasn't. The flame on her tail was a magical pink color unlike any other Charizards and even in the rain it never wenf out because Stardust had cast a spell on it because she had magical powers that she got when a Latios nearly killed her but Mew saved her by giving her powers. I'll tell you about it next time though!
    You go girl for dumping that Ash guy! Sprinklewings shouted to Stardust as she flew through the night sky. 'I dont know he is pretty cute Stardust said with a frown. woah Youre not having second thoughts are you? Sprinklewings said in horror. She could talk to Stardust only through the magicpowers that she said she had earlier because shr can do akll sorts of magic thinhs. No I'm not having second thoughts about it! I know i love Gary and I'll make him love me!"
    'Shaymin?' Shaymin said. It was true that Stardust had a baby Shaymin in her backpack and I mean baby! She found the mystical Shaymin egg just a few days ago and it hatched soon after. The weird thing was that its Gracydee flower (that's wot they're called, right?) was gold instead of pink and the white bits on the baby Shaymin were silver. Stardust loved her baby Shaymin.
    Anyway the trio arrived at the mansion just a few mins later and the sun was shining brightly. It was Gary Oak's castle, he had sold his scandellous story of abuse from his grandad the Proffesir qnd got loads of moneys. He had hired a knight to guard the door from entrudders and he stood infront of Stardust. He looked her in her beutyful crimson eyes and he looked amazed when he saw her eyes. Stardust had never met this boy before but she thought he was quite cute.
    'You are beautiful m'lady!' he exclamed two Stardust.
    'Thank you James.' Stardust said. 'It is nice to see you again'
    She walked right threw the gates and into the castle too see Gary, he was sitting on his chair with his fancy jackit on and his hair done all fancy too. 'What do you come here for, girl?' Stardust was almost melting at how hot he was and she could smell wealth in his eyes. She flicked her hair as she told him who she was, Stardust Moonwolf, Cynthia's lil sis, Ash Ketchum's ex and the gyum leader of 1 island (I might have forgot to say that, whoops sorry)
    'Hah! If you want to impress me shiw me your Pokamon!' With a determinated smile Stardust sent out Sprinkkewings and told her to do hur best. Sprinklewing smiled and kirtsied for Gary. Now beat my Blastoise!" Gary called out and suddenly a huge Blastoise appeared in front of Sprinklewing! "Oh noes!!" Stardust screamed. She put one hand On the pendant she wore around her neck which shined with thr light of a thousand lighthouses. She got it from her mother when she died, she somwhat blamed herself for her mothers tragic deathh.
    BLASTOOIIISSSEEE!!!! the Blastoise muttered as it fired a huuuge Hydro Pimp at Sprinklewing! Sprinklewing just roared and used Poison Jab which made a really big cut on Blastoise's stomach. "Return!!" Stardust shouted as she returned hed Charyzard. She knew that Charyzard could easily beat Blastoisebut she didnt want her baby to get hurt two much! "Shaymin!' baby Shaymen called as it bounced out of Stardusts bag. Baby Shay suddenly squeaked and shined a bright green before exploding with Seeds! [colo=pink]'Seed Bomb!?!'
    Stardust shouted.
    Why are you here? Gary asked with a pout as he asked. "I love you!" Stardust shouted. What!?!?!?!? Gary shouted, But I am in a relationship with Stephen Stone!"[/color]
    "Stephen Stone? Ew! He wheres that colone I dont like!"]
    Stardust flew away with baby Shaymin and Sprinklewing to Ash who happened to be standing in the exact same spot as last time. "Ash, baby! I still love you!"
    They hugged and they lived together forever after.

    Sirry I had to rush thd end!! If you dont like it don't flame me! I hate trolls! If you dont like Gary bein gay then dont moan, this is called imaginative writing for a reason, don't moan okay? Thanks bye : - )))))

    OOC: okayso this isn't as great/horrible as the others but ... It was fun? I think? o 3 o
    EDIT:: Oh god what have I donnneeee. I didn't realize the colours got so mixed up o - o can I just call it a noob error? D:
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  11. Linkachu

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    Bonds of Friendship

    By Linkachu​

    One day Tommy received his first Pokemon: a Magikarp. They bonded instantly. Tommy loved Magikarp so much.

    Then there was a landslide and Tommy and Magikarp fell off a cliff and died.

    The End
  12. baratron

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    I'm wondering if we should ban the use of horrible formatting from the contest, since it makes looking n00bish far too easy. Not least of all that it makes some of the fics literally unreadable ;).

    Carmen - that's brilliantly awful. And Linkachu!!

    All of these "stories" are terrible, but I'm definitely more impressed with the people who've managed to achieve n00bish writing despite mostly-correct grammar and spelling :D.

    P.S. If anyone wants to do a Dramatic Reading of their story, pronouncing the bad spelling exactly as written, go for it - and give us the link ;D.
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Since I'm bored, I shall begin critique on your work:

    Shocari: You know, it's appropriate that your font looks like it's bleeding because it'd probably make the average man's brain bleed from reading it. Clover needs to have a pickaxe put through her head and it's a shame Team Rocket didn't blow her up as well. Oh noes indeed. Pardon me while I go and lobotomize myself to remove the memory of this inhumane monstrosity.

    Fail Points: 79/100

    Brendan: There's a difference between a trollfic and a badfic. It's subtle, but the trained eye can see the difference. This errs more on the side of trollfic (what with the mention of titties over and over) and the fact that your "hero" is the Chocolate Milk Man of Doom or whatever, but hey, it got many lulz. Unfortunately, it failed to kill off any brain cells with its extreme fail.

    Fail Points: 43/100

    Shiny: Even if I read that rotten pile of fuckfail 100 times over and over I probably still wouldn't be able to grasp what was going on...something about some stupid Sue romance, a baby Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom dies and the whole world plunges into turmoil. Your font is a disgrace to mankind, your story is even worse, hell the whole thing is so full of pure fail I can feel my brain starting to melt just thinking about it. Calling this fic an atrocious abomination of absolute disgrace would be a compliment.

    Fail Points: 89/100

    Carmen: Now that I've officially sent "Nightstar Rose" to the Void to be devoured by the great PINGAS god within, I have to say your spelling and grammar is good, a rather interesting contrast to your vile bitch-Sue of a character...and we haven't even gotten onto her red Mew that can somehow speak and stuff...also, how the fuck did the Diglett get in the tree? How did she put it down onto the ground? Why the fuck did no-one react to the fact that this would reveal Diglett's lower half, which no-one has ever seen before? Why? What? How? The white text making it hard to read is actually a GOOD thing, no sane human being would want to read that shit.

    Fail Points: 67/100

    RX: I half-expected Misty to appear during that to have a bestiality threesome with Ashachu and Pikachu...which just goes to show the depths of the fail employed. The yellow text is appropriate given that the fic is about Pikachu, but that's about the only good thing about this. Bad grammar, bad font, bad colour, and I'm quite disturbed by the content. Not so much by what's in it, but by the knowledge that somewhere, in some dark corner of the internets, a fic just like this one exists...and it wasn't made to take the piss. Speaking of piss, drinking it would probably be more fun than putting myself through that god-awful fic again.

    Fail Points: 83/100

    Part of me wants to know exactly what was supposed to be going on there (the spelling is so awful I can barely understand a word of it) but I think I'm better off not knowing...some superhero called Cory or something and some bad guy was holding the Moon apparently...yeeeeeeah, OK. You couldn't even spare us the pain by using some font that makes the fic unreadable? That's just cruel. What do I think? I think your fic is a disgrace to humanity. Cory has been sent to the Void, where the bad PINGAS man shall devour him and shit him into purgatory.

    Fail Points: 87/100

    Tun: Good holy lord of ass, what kind of fail deities were you channeling when you wrote this thing? This is the most god-awful abomination I've ever read in my entire life, My Immortal is liquid gold compared to this shit. Never mind that your Sue character with her dead mother, magical Charizard (THAT TALKS TO BOOT) that can make Blastoise look like a bitch and magical pendant of doom deserves a circle of hell all to herself, but the filthy whore even managed to infect Ash and Gary with her Sue-ness as well. No wonder Cynthia never mentions "her sister" in the games, if I had a sister called Stardust Moonwolf I'd pretend she didn't exist too. The only good things about this fic are "Hydro Pimp" and the fact that I never have to read it again in my life.

    Fail Points: 94/100

    Katie: Your fic isn't fail. It is in fact pure awesome and win. This unfortunately means you get negative Fail Points and thus lose the contest by an extremely wide margin, but this should not be considered a bad thing.

    Fail Points: -9001/100

    So far, Tun's fic is winning the contest of fail...while Katie's fic is simply winning.

    ...and please, keep the horrible formatting. Who the hell wants these things to be readable?
  14. Teapot

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    [move]hi im new look at my sprites evry1[/move]
  15. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator



    Fail Points: Banned/100
  16. Shalondera Crescnt h0wl3r sl1ced thru teh ayr nd A sparklyng portl shwwoshed nto LIFE!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)
    " H3R3 I C0M3 POKEYMAN WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she groled, hr sh1ny s1lver eers fl1cking nd blAzng wit hr
    [move]RAINBOW SHADOW AURA[/move] 1n teh POKEYMAN world, Ash fl3w dwn 0ff teh bed wit hs drk raven wings GAry w0ke up too he wlkd 0ver nd KISSED!!! Ash pssiontly sudnely vryone screeemed 0utsid it was[move]A evil dArk LORD CRYSTAL HOKAGE[/move] Shalondera r0ard at ASH u will fite me now!!!!!!! 8)!!!!!11!!1!
  17. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Komachi: Same as Brendan - this isn't a badfic, it's a trollfic that mocks badfics. Only difference between this and Brendan's is that this is a bad trollfic, whereas Brendan's is a funny trollfic. Of course, in this case, bad is good, so your fic earns more fail points...but not that many more.

    Fail Points: 55/100
  18. sOOoo00oo0 lyk hi evry1 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D im Eve k@ana (lololol gettit? K@ana = katana) n im a dog demonz aka dog yoki an i iz ttly UBER pr0z at fitin' cuz i ben train sinse i wuz lyk; FIF yrz IM A KID GeNI0US! aN mi famri r dog yokos 2!!!!!1!! bUT MI OUTO_SAN (japanise 4 father), who mane iz sigure katana, iz CURSED 'n' lookz lyk a lil kid but outo-san stil iz supa POWAH-FUL! XD even tho he lookz lyk hes 9 n lyk Naruto but TTLY HAWTR n not stupid n retard3d (but hes mi outo-sama so lyk naw in THAT way cuz incentse is werd an wrong D:<<<) im teh youngest dather n mi oldest oneE-san loks JUST LYK ME OMFG but she's evil!!! i hate her sooooo MUCH! >_< Her name's DK-san, n' it's shot 4 Demi kaede mi 2nnnd sis, Yumi iz lyk, supa oLD cuz she'sm 2000 yrs old 9outo-sama iz 6000) n thats y shis so smrat n wizee alsoshe hs a danna-sama (husba_) n rvrythin also the 3rd old2esrt is ayano-nee-sam! shes supr cool an has cut trnd blone haeir n unkyle oru name, she lyks usin dula gunz! n also i have 2 oldr nii-sanz whr twinsz c@Led Pockii n ichigo (eheheheh strawbery pocky is SO GUD >3<) n thry so kwel! mi caa-san n littsest sis r dedd cuz of mi outo-sana's curs.

    1 d@y i wok eup n wor mi red kimomo (l lyk red cuz its lyk blood >:D) n got 2 my sensai-s hose. mi sensa, Sasha-sensi, iz best fridns wit mi kaa-sama b4 she dyd n shesais thta i Look jus lyk my kaa-sa n im prtty.

    eVE: but DK looks lyk mi ; snesai)
    sahsa: pft DK iz a hug BI-ATCH i dun kno how iz she relat to u n ur mum. >:V
    eve; lOL!1!!1 xDDDD

    ten w3 drov to mi cuzin KuroSAki Ichii (yea he from bLeach got prob wit tha?!!?!) s' hsoue 4 fun in cadiacll_


    shas: WHA TEH F*#$()Q)(@##$@U* #*($)@*#()! #&$!&>~>!> O_O
    eVE: clam dwn snesai! its probz jus a holpot1

    i gos otside n chk n see 2 littl kds wti sum yellwe ra- OMFG!!@!2 its A pikeacho! tehn i took mi yello ligtbulb keychane a yelld ot "KYUSHU GOTSAI TSUKI MIRROR!" n it tursn in2 a grl lyk me bt human n she piked up teh pikachou n 1 teh oboy thn i pcked the other up un. te car n sah hin in mi lap.

    1 Hr lATER....

    I pte te boy'z blnde har whne he slwly wkoe up! i dndt caer but he aws snuggling my braets (im 60 DD) n he woke up n blushed. i smiled n laffed.

    Boy: Who r u!?!? O////O
    eVe: I shodl ask you teh sane kestion! ;)
    boy: i'm Edward Elrik! ;)
    bOY: how u kno?
    Evre: ur in a anime!
    Edward: Whuts tha? O.o
    Eve: baka, anime is japanese cartoon!
    Edwar: Whas japan?
    Eve: *sigh* you aho, japn isss where u r rit now!

    Ten tho other b0i woke up n groned. "wherE Am i/?"

    Ed: Jappan =.=
    Boi: Whre u? O_o
    evE; Hes Ed, Im Eve, whre u?
    bOi: im Ashy Catchup!
    evE: no wondr wy u hav a pikachu! o:
    Ed: Whats a pikachu?
    Eve: *point 2 pikachu* that
    eD; oh i throug it waz a chimera lyk nina
    rVe; OMFG NINA! oh mi god i cryed when she dyd
    Ed: How yu kno- oh im anime,
    Ash: Amine? waS tat?

    1 Hr LAter (again lol)...

    Ash: OH! so... im nt real? o_o
    Ed: n Me? O_o;
    evE: I dunn0 cuz ur bth anme charas bt y r u hare?! :x

    ten the car stop at mi hous Eve: oh were hme said. then we go into mi house an yumi walks in wit her husband
    "ohio gozaimasysu yumi-nee"
    "konnichiwa eve-chan who is ur friends">

    Ed: Im Edward Elric the fullmeat allchemsti
    Ash: Im asky kectshum

    YUMI TEN SIGED AN HER LONG GREEN HARRI BLEWED IN TEH wINd she Shook her head ad assed 'Y; u bring a cospaleyrs in our homes". i telled her Theyre real note kosplayrs (NO OFFENCSE 2 COSpKERs COSPReAYeRs r KOOLio) ten She gapsed n said 'Omg no wai i dun bulieve dis' an i said 'yeah' n ten she sai 'did u hear teh news tat te animu oppreceatin mosseom (LYKE EVRY CITY SHULD HAVE A AMINe APReciaton museom) haad brakein/" Ten we ran to teh mussome n anime karakors were evrywear/!?!1o1!!! lyke kagome in inu yasha an orange hoss kub n mysti n bobobobobobobo (eWWWWWWW that Anime iz lame LOL) ten ask sayd: Musty1 u came hear

    Misti: i wan 2 sai that aishiteru ashi >///<
    Ash: wat dat
    mISty: i love u baka =_=;;
    aSH- oh
    mSty: ????
    aSh; teh truff iz... i lov eve-san1!!1

    i blushed but den ed tansmoot'd hs arn n' said 'I LOVe eVE 1ST!" and eEvryone gapsed

    dUN dUN DUN!!!1!! tOBE cuntinud1 STADy 2NED (lolOLOL Geddit 2ned= tUned??1/? toLD u i Wuz an genyous i Can made kewl Codez1!)
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  19. KoL

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    Jenova: It's awfully fitting that your text is the colour red, since this is likely to inflict severe brain hemorrhaging upon most readers. You know, this fic could almost be the shredded brain-meat of a mentally retarded Mary Sue badfic writer fangirl splattered across a webpage where the sheer fail and stupidity has taken the form of bloody text and smilies made from chunks of brain meat. Thankfully I have the necessary mental willpower to defend myself from any harm by the immense failure present here, but I certainly pity anyone reading this who doesn't, because this fic is absolutely fucking terrible. Eve K@ana has been banished to the Void, where she shall be devoured by the Eldritch Abomination within.

    Fail Points: 94/100

    ...and since I planned to end the contest about a week ago, Jenova is officially our last entrant.

    So, the medal positions are as follows:

    3rd place goes to Chadwyck with 87 Fail Points
    2nd place goes to Shiny with 89 Fail Points
    1st place is a tie between Jenova and Tun with 94 Fail Points each.

    Honorary mention goes to:

    Katie, for having a fic made of win and guaranteeing herself last place by the widest of margins.
    Data, for failing so hard he didn't even get a score and instead got the "banned face."
    Carmen, for refusing to lower her standards throughout all of this.
    Brendan and Komachi, who should both consider writing more trollfics on dA and other n00b-infested communities.

    Feel free to deposit any other fail fics here as you please. After all, it's best that the fail is confined to this thread that has been prepared specifically to contain it as opposed to being allowed to infect and destroy other areas.
  20. Pfft, that cracked me up XD

    Seriously, this contest was hilarious and all of the fics posted here were awful. Congrats to Tun and Jen for being the most brain bleedingly awful. I wish I could do a reading of mine...although it would be less dramatic and a whole lot more sappy for teh lulz
  21. Oh dear god Sho, what you did with mine and Katie´s fics is epicly failsome, winsome in Katie´s case. I can´t stop laughing when you change the voice, and I giggle everytime you put in a laughing sequence. I hope you try doing more, I seriously am tempted into delving deeper into the world of Chocolate Milk Man to see what comes out when it gets through you. Great job!
  22. Yoshimitsu

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  23. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    [glow=red,2,300]auradragonmaster drake stood on teh edge of evergrand city looking at da ocen. he was called auradragonmaster because he was now the champien of the hoen league and they gave him that name. drake defeated steven with his dragons his latios, latias, rayqaza, hydregon, garchomp, lucario. lucarios not realy a dragon but drake got it when he was very little and lucario was his best friend. lucario could also use aura and taught drake how to do it to. drake could use the aura and read peoples thoughts. its what made him such a good trainer and how he caught the legendary dragon pokemon. hes also a good trainer becuz his dad, also drake, was a member of the elite four. his dad left the elite four when he met clair from johto who is also a dragon master. they got married and had a son named after his father. his parents taught him all they know and when he was ten yrs old he left and went on his pokemon jorney.

    drake never lost a battle and had a lot of money because he was the champion and he was only ten years old stil. all the sudden drake got a call on his pokegear! he wondered who could be caling him and thought it was urgant. "hello?! what is it?!" he answerd. "drake! bad news! team magma and team aqua have joined forces!!!!! theyre teaming up to go to kanto, where theres a meeting of all the other bad teams from around the wrold! team rocket wants to unite all the team and take over the world!" "this is bad!" drake said. he was worried and couldn't let the world be taken over. "call the other champions and elite four and gym leaders from all the regons and tell them to meet me in kanto!" he said. "ok!" said the caller and then they hung up.

    drake took out a master ball and let out vincent his lucario. "vincent theres trouble!" but vincent already knew what was happening since he could feel it with his aura. "o yeah!" drake said and closed his eyes. drakes aura was black and he used it to sense what was happening. "all the other bad teams are in kanto and giovannis going to make an ultimate team called team ultimate! lets go, vincent!" drake took out anoter masterball and let out his rayqaza named thunder because he was really good at using thunder. "thunder! we gotta go to kanto!" drake and vincent jumped onto thunder and then they flew off really fast to the kanto region. they got there in two minutes because rayquaza flies really fast. when they got ther they were attacked by grunts form team rocket, team magma, team aqua, team galactic, and team plasma! "we got you now, auradragonmaster drake! and your parents are locked up already to!" laughed the rocket grunt. "oh no!" drake said

    end of chapter 1, plz rate and coment =)
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  24. KoL

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    El, Sem, you both fail, and fail hard. Good show guys.

    Now, the next stage of our contest of fail begins. A lot of you have managed to create some of the most repulsively disgraceful characters ever, and now it's time to put that to the test.

    Competitors must now make their own RP characters, using the following layout:

    Character Name:





    So, are you ready to create some failtastic characters? Just to keep things fresh, you can't use the characters you created in the badfics - these characters must be brand new ones (I certainly hope digging through your stock of current characters doesn't yield a character bad enough to score well in this...) so...yeah, the most disgraceful Sue character wins the contest! Have at it.
  25. Are we allowed to post a PRP character?
  26. Another contest to expose the n00b that once was, or will this just go to show that I´m a terrible n00b? Either way, this character will be Sue to the end of the world, and he´s a pony. So just FYI, this takes place in the MLP universe.

    the n00b data disk will be inserted into the mainframe in 3... 2... 1...
    Now loading data file... Pony Power BIO... ...
    Warning! Data from the previous file has leaked into the current, please ignore any data that may have come from the previous file... ...
    Loading complete... Opening data file... ...

    Okay, so guys! I came up with a new character for this MLP fic I´m working on, I thought I should post him here and hear some of your thoughts.

    Character Name: Noble Stallion Skygalloper

    Appearance: A Huge Golden Stallion with large feathery wings, a foot-long horn, and a cutie mark in the shape of a compass with the NESW replaced by symbols of the Magical elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Also wears Silver Knight armor, complete with a full-helmet when he goes into battle.

    Backstory: A relative by blood to Princess Celestia, thus explaining his status as a Unicorn Pegasus. Noble Stallion´s entire family was killed when he was a young colt, by the Elder Demons; a group of powerful monsters that live on a faraway island in the ocean where they plot to take over the rest of the world. After the loss of Noble Stallion´s entire family, he vowed to protect Equestria and everything he had left from all that seek to destroy it, it was then that he discovered his cutie mark, and gained his unparallel control of magic. Now, Noble Stallion serves as one of the High Templar Guardians of Equestria, a Knight Order that fights against the most dangerous creatures that threaten the safety of the Ponyworld. Rampaging Dragons, Ursa Majors, and the Elder Demons are just a few of the evil entitties that keep them on their toes. Noble Stallion´s twin brother, Shadowstrike, was thought to have been killed as well, until he re-emerged as a transformed being, a savage demon that seeks to bring ruin to all of Equestria. And will stop at nothing to achieve it. Noble Stallion, with his friends Wildbolt Waverider and Flarebrand Groundshaker, will continually foil his plots and save Equestria time and time again, waiting for the final battle to finish their ultimate quest.

    Personality: Noble Stallion is loyal, humorous, charming, friendly, and will never back down from a battle

    Abilities: As well as having amazing aerial agility, Noble Stallion has masterful control over magic, using the four elements of Magic to conjure amazing feats in his battles. When he combines his magic with the powers of his allies, he can conjure much more powerful magic, including summons of powerful ancient spirits to aid in their battles, including Thor the Thundergiant, Leviathan the Ocean Serpent, and Bahumat, the First King of the Dragons.

    Okay so there´s my character, I´ll have the fic itself up in a week or something, please check in later to read the first chapter, you´ll love it![/glow]

    Ejecting the n00b data disk... ...
    Ejection complete

    So there´s my entry for this time round. Had to write it twice since I got logged out when I tried to submit it the first time, so far too much time was spent on this. And unfortunately for those few that enjoyed my first entry, no excessive trolling in this one, though if you guys prefer it, perhaps I´ll do such a thing with the next one, if there is anybody left alive for a next one. In the meantime, try your hardest to at least appreciate this and some of the other ones that others are surely coming up with right now.
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  28. Linkachu

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    Character Name: God (also known as "Steve")

    Appearance: Can become anything, anyone, etc. Has no definite form or appearance.

    Backstory: Has always existed. 'Nuff said.

    Personality: God isn't bound by your puny human personalities.

    Abilities: Everything, including grabbing the planet and flying away with it.
  29. KoL

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    Katie, you're supposed to fail, not win. :p
  30. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    thar ons wuz a gurl nmd Sprkl Sunshin Butturcupp (the thurd lol) that had the bstest pokeymon evar. She had evry legndry pokeymon w/3 arcus 1 nrmal 1 shinny n 1 shado She wuz also vry butiful n all the boyz luvd her Thar wuznt a sngl boy that ddnt luv her n her pokeymonz. she wuz bst in leeg n nobuddy culd evr beet her She wun evry fght n wuz rich n al teh boyz wntd 2 b w/her in bedd n she had so mny luvrz that 2 mny 2 cunt.

    TEH End lolz o ya n she has babbies whch has lgendry pokeymonz n wre bst but nvr betr thn her
  31. [shadow=blue,left][glow=red,9,000]Name: Sir Darkwolf the Lord of All!!1!11!
    {b]Apeerenz:[/b] Sir Darkwolf teh Lord of all is the perfct being in teh uneivirs! Evry1 wishes they lookd liiek him, even girlz!(lolololololololol)! He has a BUNHC of scars that he got from beatnig up ohter ppl and monstars, but ppl think hes sexy neway! Sir Darkwolf teh lor dof all has [glow=pink,9,000]neon pink[/glow] hair, bc pink is ttly badass and manly11 hes ayes r bright GOLD and change color w/ his mood, and he has a 12pack even tho he nvr works out> he can aslo read auras LIEK LUCARIO BUT BETTAR xddddddd
    HIstry:dARKWOLF IS TEH CHAMPOIN OF ALL TRHE REGOINS, LIEK KANTO JHOTO HOENN SHINNO ORRE NOVA ADN A BUNHC OF OHTERS WEVE NEVER SEEN11! hes also evry gim leder & lets ppl beat him that many tiems so that he can crush they're dreams at the last minite!11 Ash ketchim thnks hes darkwolf's rival, even tho he cant beat him EVER" and aftre beting mew2 mew2 teched him 2 speak 2 other pokeymans so know he can undrstnd wat pokeymns says. He can aslo speak too them telephaticlally, so other trainerzz dont no wat he tells his pokeymans to do< LOr dofall has a dark past that he culdn rmber do tooamnezia but he rmbrd and he apprntly killed his famly and destryd teh WORLD and then wiped his brain so he wooldnt new he did that.
    POKEYMON: SiR dArKwOlF tEh LoRd Of AlL has all teh pokeymen, evn some that ard fiferent colors(NOT SHINEY) and can do whatvr they can think of bc he trand them so well; and they can evn do stff like charziard useing surf and meganim wit sacrid fyre(NOT SACRID FIRE% THIS IS TTLY MOAR POWERFUL AND HAS INFINITEY PP) well he has t2 many pokeymen to list so im not gunna

    thanx for reeding JHION MY RP :DDDDDDDDD[/glow]
  32. OOC: I hope this fails worse than my fic did


    Character Name: Myoko Minamoto

    Myo-chan has long auburn hair that is highly glossy and unusually strong. She is tall and often asked by people if she models. She has eyes that are an unusual purple color that change colors based on her emotions though she can control it and make it hard for others to read her. Her eyes turn a firey red color when she is about to use her pyrokinesis. Myo-chan's face is often described as inviting and indeed her beauty attracts her unwanted attention and so she feels cursed by her beauty. She has a scar on the back of her left hand that she refuses to talk about because it would bring up bad memories from her tragic childhood.

    Myoko was born into priveledged family, but she longed to be a normal girl. Though her parents tried to give her everything and even show her the world, she never felt satisfied. Myo-chan was took many different lessons when she was a child such as piano, violin, Latin and many other languages, flower arrangement, cooking, science, literature, and philosophy. She is very intelligent and never had trouble with any of her lessons. Myo-chan just excelled. When she was eight years old, she developed pyrokinesis. Her parents were accepting enough, but Myoko still grew up to resent them because they didn't understand her feelings. She burned the back of her hand and instead of her parents leaving her alone, they swarmed her and nosing into her business. When she was 16 years old, she burned down her family's mansion and ran away because she couldn't stand being misunderstood. While on the road, she met a boy named Aeolen who was a lord from another priveldged family. Aeolen was tall and very handsome with black hair and expressive, large brown eyes that also changed color based on his moods. He understood what she was going through and they fell deeply in love quickly. He had the power of cryokinesis so they complimented each other. While they were traveling, they came across a small religious community called Rhapsody. The people of that village admired their abilities and quickly asked them to be the priest and priestess of Rhapsody because they believed Aeolen and Myoko were sent by the gods. At first Myoko was resistent because she wanted to be normal, but Aeolen convinced her to accept the offer so she did. She soon discovered that he was right about staying because she was very fulfilled with her life as a priestess. She was able to develop her powers as well as be an effective religious leader for her people.

    Myoko is can be very cold, but she can be friendly to those who gain her trust. She is scarred because her parents never understood her and therefore she tries to make sure people around her understand her so she doesn't feel misunderstood. She is also fiercely loyal to Aeolen and her people and will fight for them with her pyrokinesis.

    Abilities: Mikoto is pyrokinetic and is very, very powerful. She is able to incinerate even the hardest rock just with a glance. She is also very intelligent which is only augmented by the lessons she took as a child. Despite the fact that she is very thin, she is much stronger than she looks and she can quickly take down men three times her size with minimal effort if she doesn't feel like incinerating them.
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  33. Linkachu

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    I keep failing at failing. D:
  34. [move][glow=red,2,300]Character Name: Yukari Misery Cynthiana Eclipse-Ruin

    Appearance: Yukari is liek hrdc0r goth she haz teh pwrs f teh drkn3ss g0ds sh3 haz llooong blk hare wit r3d hilites 1 mdnite blu I 1 mAssakr bl00d r3d lol talll thn + smexi n genrl rofl

    Backstory: Yukaris prents wer klled bye teh drkn3ss g0ds dey gaiv h3r p0wers off drkn3ss shee n4trlly t4lnt'd wit dem naow shees a assassan +gos 2 Ravenclaw

    Personality: Yukari iz c0ld intelignt epic fiteing skilz

    Abilities: Yukari haz epic drkn3s skillz nd fiteing skillz 2

  35. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    All your characters (except Katie's) are [glow=red,2,300]MADE. OF. FAIL.[/glow]

    Keep them coming.
  36. ... For the love of god, someone put me out of my misery.
    Character Name: subjekt 010' EMPRAS" Leiko mIYUKIi-tani yAmamotto!!1!

    Appearance: even tho she dosn't tHINK shes prety< evry1 sayz 'OMFGGGBBQ!!!!1!! U R TTYL @ GODESS1!!" n ten woship hr lol somtimez it gets on hr nervs but shes tooooo shy to say anyting plus shes vry nice hartd. she haz long flowin white hair which gose down all teh way 2 teh floor!1! shes lyk, 5'7" an has a hug brastes n larg hipz (ewwww u pervs r probly thinkin boat it rite now1! >_<) n a sknny waste, her bobos ar liek, 256cm n hr waise iz 75 cm!!1! she has golden eyez that lyke 2 spackle n shine whenevr shes thinkin aboot somthin smrat!!1 she wares an puple-black dress tha shows off hr boobs but ew not lyke that cuz shes not a slut shes a virginia!1! it haz swirs on it n also she haz rosy cheeks wit a wit hart birthmake on each of them and naturally red, shiny lips1!! also she haz white kitty ears!111! she also haz a tatoo of hr codmane 010

    Backstory: Subjeck 010. AKA lEiko waz a seriez of beutyfull nekoona (kitteh_women 4 teh inorantt rasit @mercanz ?:p creted byyyy.... DUN DUN DUN!!! the japnEese n amrikan govrnmnt1! @ fst teh japnese king wuz lyke : "tese womans sall be 4 gud' but tehn teh amerkan presdent DIK CHENEY!!! O: (btw tsi is set in 2042 in teh futre!) wuz men and evil an a hug pervrt so he smaked teh japnes king n tok ovr1!! ten teh neok onnas fled but were cawt cept 4 Leiko. howevr dik cheeney didnt cera cuz he wantd leiko 2 be his brid3!!!!1 ewwww >_< ten she met grimmjow jaggerjaqxes from blech n fell in luv with him but ten dik chenie came and shot him so she tok revege and called on hr army of ultimate solders that r all hansom and in lowve wit hr and tey all killd chick deney and ten she wuz happy an wen on to look 4 a new lovr and beecame teh godess of eart even tho shes not relly ppl jus asume so

    Personality: leiko is rrly smrat n intellegant an super kind heated1!1 she is vry frendly n so a lot of tiems ppl fall in luv with hr even grils but shes too shy to tell em off cuz shes pure

    Abilities: has teh ability to make ppl fall in luv with her cuz shes super nice an inocent
    has a pesonall armeh of hansome men tat has SUPAH AWSONE DEAdIE SKILLZ! XD

    Attached Files:

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  37. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Character Name: Darke Myste (Kexrad is his noobody naem)

    Appearance: Darke looks just like Sonic the hegehoge, expect that he is a little bit shorter then Sonic an dhas green fer instead of blue. His shoes are hsi dads shoes (Sonic). He also has a braclet on that is from his mom, Amy (the ons on glovs).

    Backstory: Darke was born just before Snonic had hs final epic batle with Robtnick and as Sonic and Robotnick batled eahc other there world was suddenely overun with Heart less. Everybody was taken swollowde up in the darkness and only Darke survived thancs to a specialmist that his mom's love providd to him that saved him from the hartlass. That is where DArke got his name, only he speled it different because it is cooler that way. Darke wondered form world to worl for a whileand then won dayhe met Mikey Moose, who cents a great power in Darke and gave him is D Kingdum Key to use to battle the Hartless. Mikey then told Darke about his past, as Daerke didn't know it yet. Darke then agred to hepl beat the harltless and free his parets from the darknes.

    Personality: Darke is realy caring, but also realy strong and silent. He keeps tohimself, but when he talks everybody listens. Poeple now not too mess with Darke just by looking at him. He realy cares for his friends a lot and they lovehim a lot. He has a stong cents of justise.

    Abilities: Darke is as fast as Sonic and cna ball up like his dady. Mikey tougt him how to fit with the keyblade and use tons of super powrfull magic ans Soras best powers too. Also, Darke used his speed to trasnport from word to world and capturd a Lucario that is his best frend and partner who tougt him too use aura.
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