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Ask to Join The Sinnoh Travels

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StandardRunner, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. To avoid Confusion We are in: Twinleaf Town.


    -Please don't be a Mary sue/Gary stu

    -You can't start with a legend. Legendaries may not be involved at all without staff approval as our RP forum rules demand.
    -At least 4 line posts.
    -Were following anime rules
    -No Z moves and Mega Evolution.

    (There is a discussion theard https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-sinnoh-travels.18242/#post-548633)

    A Young boy just opened the door to the local Pokemon lab in Twinleaf town, He was tried from running from many wild pokemon. He looked around for a bit he really hoped he wasn't to early and was gonna be bored for hours. ''Guess I go look around'' he said already walking around. All he did was look around in thought.
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  2. A girl bounded up to the Pokemon lab, excited to get her own Pokemon for the first time. She had exited the ship about an hour ago, and ran all the way here. She was a bit tired, panting a bit and leaning over, hands placed on her knees. There didn't seem to be anyone there, which meant she was either late or early. She had a bit of a panic attack about that thought, worrying she might've gotten here late and would have to wait longer to get her first Pokemon. "Oh geez.."
  3. Shade slowly walked towards the lab, where he was supposed to be getting a new Pokemon to start his journey, he walked in, only to see a girl. "Huh, guess we're both early then." Shade smiled " I'm Shade, nice to me you." He said, hoping she wouldn't be shy.
  4. Beau looked at the boy that said hi and smiled . "Hi, I'm Beau." She finally stood up straight. She realized she must've been early instead of late. She was glad, because if she was late, she would have to wait at least a year for another chance.
  5. "So, you're one of the other trainers supposed to get a starter today?" Shade looked at Beau, waiting for a response, as he had already planned on getting Turtwig.
  6. "Yeah. I was afraid I had gotten here late.." Beau gave him a response. She had saw the three starters and had set her eyes on Chimchar. She had wanted a starter for a while, since she had missed the chance the last 2 years.
  7. "I planned ahead, spoke with the professor before I moved here, I'm from Littleroot in the Hoenn Region." Shade said with a smile, before hearing more footsteps...
  8. 'That's cool..I'm all the way from Fuchsia in Kanto. It took awhile to get here." Beau heard the footsteps, and turned....
  9. Darrian walked into the room, seeing the two people standing there, and smiled. "Huh, I didn't know the professor was two teens." He said, rolling his eyes. "Either of you two know where he might be? I'm itching to get this started." Looking around, he walked over to a bookshelf and pulled out a book. He began reading, looking over a few different subjects.
  10. "Wonderful, another one of the trainers is here. Professor isn't here yet, and he doesn't, I think he doesn't have any children at least." Shade looked at the guy in the room, while leaning against a wall.
  11. "Children? Why are children being mentioned? Did I miss something?" He asked, putting down the book. "I was referring to you two, and you don't look like children. Who are you two, anyways?" Darrian asked, finding the two somewhat intriguing. They didn't seem like Sinnoians(maybe that is what they're called?), so Darrian had to ask.
  12. "I'm Shade, recently moved here from Hoenn." Shade said, thinking about his home in Hoenn.
  13. "Hoenn, huh? A travel agency I was reading on said that they rate it 8.7/10, for too much water. Lots of water there, I guess? What do you think?" Darrian picked up a newspaper and began reading. "Huh, this says that the professor has expanded the amount of Pokémon he gives out. He doesn't just give out the normal fire, grass, and water types."
  14. "I would agree, there is way too much water there, but it is where they launch rockets into space. And about the thing where the professor is giving out more Pokemon this time around, I already knew, I called ahead to make sure when the date was and the starters I could choose from." Shade looked around, hoping the professor would be there soon.
  15. Beau had listened, staying kind of quiet for the time being. She just wanted her starter, not to ramble on about home regions. Her own home was a common place, not too common as a place to live. "I'm from Kanto." Those were the only words she was willing to speak, for the moment.
  16. Darrian really noticed the girl for the first time now that she was talking, and he was somewhat surprised. Her eyes, especially. And she was from Kanto?

    She's cute. Wonder how old she is. And she's from Kanto. Never been there before.

    "So the pretty one talks. No offense, though, Shade. So who might you be?" He asked the girl.

    ((Yeah, ik, typical male, but it's something.))


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