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Open The Sinnoh Region, Goodbye..Forever

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by RareShinyLuxray, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. [This is a Pokemon Only RP, rules for what pokemon and moves are below]

    Plot: Many years after the events of the Pokemon D/P/Plat games, the Sinnoh region has become much more technologically advanced, using new Nuclear Reactors and train lines to travel from city to city. Though with these advancements come dangerous chances, and after many years these chances catch up to the region. One day a Mysterious figure broke into the plant and set off the reactor, blowing away part of the region [exact towns and routs to be announced soon] and radiating the rest of the region. This RP takes place about a year afterwards, the radiation in most parts are low enough that travel and exploration through the area is safe, but keeping to interiors is best.

    The RP will be more about survival, classic survival, with scavenging and what not. We will start as separate Pokemon and through the RP we will meet up and form a tribe like group to survive. Along the way we will meet bandit groups and have difficulties, but this is, for the most part, a more causal RP.

    ~All basic RP rules apply: Grammar, no 'Sues' character, be polite, etc....
    ~No Legendary pokemon, BUT you may ask about Mythical pokemon [Shaymin, Celebi] as long as you have fair moveset to them This should go without saying given what the rules say about legendaries.
    ~Pokemon will have 6 moves for the RP, to give a bit more freedom since we will not have trainers or items to change moves out, on that note...
    ~We will not be 'leveling' during the RP, therefore whichever pokemon, pokemon evolution stage, and/or forme you choose you will have to stick with [unless it is changed by a move like cherrim]
    ~Keep an eye on the rules, as if something comes up in the RP that causes issues or misunderstanding I may have to add rules
    ~The Password to let me know you read the rules is one of the three pokemon I stated in the Rules, any one works.

    ~Level: [mostly so i know your moves are legal, stay between 30-50]
    ~Pokemon Species: [the exact stage of evolution, also what forme you are if needed]
    ~Moveset: [6 moves that work with the level you are, Also Eggmoves, TM/HM, and tutor moves are all fine]
    ~Personality: [no, not the generic one pokemon gives, give a bit of detail]
    ~History: [doesn't have to be an essay, honestly I jsut wanna know what you were doing before the destruction and what you were doing during the first year of the 'Fallout']
    ~Anything I missed?:
  2. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Yay post-apocalyptic stuff. Do want.

    ~Name: Martin
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Level: 40
    ~Shiny?: No
    ~Pokemon Species: Greninja
    -Quick Attack
    -Water Shuriken
    -Night Slash
    -Shadow Sneak
    ~Personality: Shy and reclusive, overprotective of friends
    ~History: Martin's original Trainer was from Kalos. They were on vacation in Sinnoh when the thing happened. During the aftermath, Martin was separated from his Trainer and got lost in a forest near Snowpoint. He's currently searching for his Trainer, last seen near Lake Acuity.
    ~Password: Cherrim
    ~Anything I missed?: IDK, looks good to me.

    I can has?
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  3. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Sweet. Can I see yours?
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  4. ~Name: Asriellia

    ~Gender: Female

    ~Level: 36

    ~Shiny?: yes

    ~Pokemon Species: Delphox

    ~Moveset: Mystical Fire, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Sunny Day, Solar Beam.

    ~Personality: A shy and quiet girl Asriellia is a sweet one once you get her to open up. Lovable and protective she will defend you, heart and soul, if she feels close to you.

    ~History: A wild Pokemon in both spirit and reality, Asriellia was raised into a small colony deep within the wilds of the region. Untouched and unexplored by trainers these Pokemon could become quiet powerful wild Pokemon, able to defend there territory from invaders. Sadly this power wasn't enough when the world was ripped apart, she was thrown into a rock cave that her parents defended, even with how leveled she is, she is still a younger Pokemon mentally.

    ~Password: nope ;)

    ~Anything I missed?: cookie if you get who I was trying to make.
  5. Name: Yuki
    Gender: Male
    Level: 47
    Shiny?: No
    Pokemon Species: Gardevoir
    -magical leaf
    -shadow ball
    -dazzling gleam
    Personality: Caring, patent, protective, and curious.
    History: Hatched into human socity, Yuki grew up like a human being, was trapped inside of a pokeball when everything went south, Escaped the pokeball after a couple weeks of struggling. Got out, and everyone was dead, so he began to wander.
    Password: not a chance
    Anything I missed?: when I can start?
  6. ~Name: Danny
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Level: 48
    ~Shiny?: No
    ~Pokemon Species: Banette

    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Sucker Punch
    -Phantom Force (Egg Move)
    -Icy Wind (Tutor)
    Personality: Flirty around females, Gullible when it comes to getting ladies, Easily infuriated. Lazy

    History:Despite not caring about the 'Fallout' he hated what it had done to Sinnoh he got there on a trip from Hoenn his home with a Florges friend however on the cruise to Sinnoh, she got taken by a Pelliper well in his younger days he was a hopeless romantic.
    Password: Garychomp
  7. (the face was supposed to be a d sorry.)
  8. lol i figured your good.
  9. Thanks but is it fine if I add any more to my OC like anything he owns but anyway here it is.
    ~Possessions: Some random voodoo case that he never uses.
    ~ Pointless information: Has a obsession with skeletons, Great at somersaulting.
    ~Striking Appearance Features: Tear on his forehead, Hands are more claw like similar to a mega Banette's.
    ~Weapon of Choice: The voodoo doll case or his moveset.
  10. Accepted, but how about a not so bold password please :3
  11. Kay, new password is 'Moonblast'.
  12. Ok so positive if your still in and ill start soon.
  13. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

  14. ~Name: Hana
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Level: 51
    ~Shiny?: Yes
    ~Pokemon Species: Froslass
    ~Moveset: Hana knows Disable, Confuse Ray, Hail, Protect, Shadow Ball, and Blizzard
    ~Personality: Hana is one cold ice type Pokemon. She hates violence, and refuses to listen to anyone who chooses to pick violence first. Being the only one of her family to still be alive she isn't the easiest person to get close to, but once you do she will protect you with her life. She will hold a few close friends in her heart, but she is easily swayed if she finds out they lie to her.
    ~History: Hana originates from Snowpoint City. She was a happy little Snorunt who loved to train and become stronger. This led little Hana to become the strongest among her known kind, and eventually evolving into a Frosslass. Hana protected her family and friends from any Pokemon that would try to harm them, and this is where her hate for violence began. Many wild Pokemon were hostile to her family, and having to protect them from being attacked she swore one day to make the Pokemon world peaceful where no one would have to fear being attacked. This was cut short when the half of the region was destroyed... along with her family. From that point on she swore she would never hurt another Pokemon if she didn't have to, and most importantly... to avenge her family and bring peace to the new Fallout world.
    ~Password: Cherrim
    ~Anything I missed?: Nope! This RP seems very interesting! Hope I can be involved ^-^. (Her ability is Snow Cloak, so she is more evasive in the snow to avoid fights (if abilities come into play)).

  15. i am, so please just start it
  16. Ok will be up soon, like a day or two, just been super busy with life.
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  17. No problem! We all get busy =p I'll definitely still be in whenever it's up ^^
  18. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

  19. That's okay even if it's late i'll still be supportive
  20. And 1 more character then start.

    ~Name: Faria
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Level: 50
    ~Shiny?: yes
    ~Pokemon Species: Lopunny [can Mega]
    ~Moveset: Bounce, High-Jump Kick, Power-Up Punch, Return, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
    ~Personality: A bit shy and quiet, but can be very protective.
    ~History: Due to injuries sustained during the destruction she has lost her memory. A collar she had on was the only was she knew her name.
  21. Guys you can keep going in main thread, I'm waiting for a moment to reply.
  22. Any Way I Can Join
    ~Name: Wave
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Level: [38]
    ~Shiny?: No
    ~Pokemon Species: [Piplup]
    ~Moveset: [Dig,Toxic.Bubble,Aqua Ring,Scald and Ice Beam]
    ~Personality: [Out going hypractive pokemon who makes rushed dissions and dosent thinck of the consequences of his actions ]
    ~History: [just had his son Taken from him by Professor Rowan due to one of his rushed dessions he made one day. during the time of the fallout he was on a mission to learn drill peck so he could get revenge on the professor and find his lv 5 son. after the fallout he has been on a mission to find his son. if he is still alive. ']
    • Dialga

    ~Anything I missed?:
  23. Form: Summer
    ~Name: Joli
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Level: 31
    ~Shiny?: no
    ~Pokemon Species: Deerling
    ~Moveset: (you pick)
    ~Personality: Spiky and Loyal
    ~History: She was born a month before the "Fallout" and loved the grass. She was born under a cherry blossom tree to Jess (female, spring) and Jones (male, winter). When it came, and killed her parents, she was heatbroken... and ANGRY! She is NOT a young, baby deerling, more of an adolescense.
    ~Password: No way.
    ~Anything I missed?: She is 15 years old.

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