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Ask to Join The Sinnoh region adventure (Journey in Galar Sequel)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Makura was standing and watching the other trainers from a distance and thought to himself, "Hm....those new trainers seem a little bit rude not sure if I want to introduce myself to them, but then again...I want to get along with everybody....maybe I'll just keep my distance." Then he heard Dolan ask about having any reasons to come to Sinnoh. Makura raised his hand and said, "I came to Sinnoh to check out the new Pokemon here and become a stronger trainer. Also on my way here from Hoenn, I checked on my phone that there was a Battle Frontier here, so I wanted to check that out."
  2. "That's super cool! I heard Sinnoh has all sorts of cool pokémon. I heard theres a bird called staraptor. I hope to be able to see one! You came from Hoenn? Sounds cool! I hear there's a pokémon called castform ,and its native to Hoenn. Stories say it changes with the weather. Are they real or a myth? The battle frontier sounds cool too! I remember when the battle frontier came to Johto! It's not that far from my home in Olivine City! I wonder if the one here in Sinnoh is anything similar?" Dolan asked. "I don't really care about pokémon battles cause I'm not interested in seeing my precious little Aloi getting huuurt!" Dolan said cheerfully poking Aloi causing Aloi to chuckle.
  3. Victoria put away her Pokédex after hearing it state Raboot's entry. "I wouldn't be surprised if it might be a personality thing," she said to Jake with a smile, "I too have had my fair share of dealing with Pokémon who are quite stubborn."

    She heard Dolan ask about everyone's reasons for coming to Sinnoh and then listened to Makura go on about how he wanted be a strong trainer and check out the Battle Frontier. She's heard of the Battle Frontier couple of times before and how a couple of regions had it. It was basically equivalent to the Battle Chateau in the Kalos region.

    "They're real," she said to Dolan in response to his question about Castform, "I've seen one during my travels in Hoenn. It's quite an adorable little Pokémon, and it can transform into three different forms depending on the weather conditions."

    "My reasoning for being here is quite simple," Victoria then began to say, "To travel the entire Sinnoh region and collect eight gym badges, so I can compete in the Pokémon League. I just wrapped up my journey in Johto not too long ago and decided on coming here next."
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  4. Kia silently watched as everyone around her talked about why there were in Sinnoh. When she heard Victoria talk about competing in the Pokemon League, she looked up and smirked. Her rudeness seemed to transform into competitiveness. "So you are one of the people who came to defeat the gyms. Same here. I don't usually like talking to random people, but I can't really help it when you're talking about the Pokemon League. I'll consider you a rival, since we are trying to do the same thing. Is that all right, uh... fedora girl?"
  5. "Umm....sure," Victoria said to Kia, "Sounds....delightful. I look forward to our rivalry."

    Victoria was caught a bit off guard by Kia's sudden change in attitude and being called 'fedora girl'. Despite that, she smiled as she said her last sentence after adjusting to the change, happy to see that Kia broke out of her rude persona after discovering something they have in common. Although, if she is intending to use 'fedora girl' as a staple nickname, then it's going to take some time before Victoria gets use to it. She's had rivals before on her previous journeys, even one that would continuously flirt with her, but none have ever gave her a nickname like 'fedora girl' before.
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  6. “As stated, I’m here to continue my research. My Abra’s going to need more training so we can stand up to what lies ahead, so I may as well start here!”

    Grant laughed happily, momentarily striking his chest with his fist with glee — hitting himself a bit harder than expected, as it seemed, as he flinched when it made impact.

    Noting the tension in the room going down with the introduction of a rival to the lady with the fedora, it seemed he relaxed some. If she had some form of kindred spirit here, at least things would be a little less awkward.

    ...Fedora girl was a good nickname for Victoria, though, wasn’t it? That fedora was pretty stylin’.

    “Now that she mentions it, your hat is quite something to behold. —And, wait, you took out the Johto gyms?! Ohmigosh!”

    ...A delayed reaction, putting it lightly. It took him a solid few moments to actually understand what she said — and that Sinnoh was next?!

    “T-That’s incredible! No wonder your hat is so wonderful!”

    ...His conclusion, however, was almost comically off-base.
  7. Dolan looked at Victoria ,and Kia whom were now forming a rivalry, "Neat" Dolan said. Dolan didn't really have a strong opinion of fedoras. Hats weren't really his style ,but she made it work. Dolan enjoyed the wind blowing through his hair too much to wear a hat. Plus he would constantly take it off ,and put it on thus defeating the purpose of wearing a hat anyways.

    "Aloi could use some training too! Speaking of which... I bet Gitchi would as well!" Dolan said excitedly. He looked at his pokéball with his porygon-2 in it and smiled. Dolan turned to Grant with a slightly awkward grin at the sight of Grant's enthusiasm. Dolan held his thumb up, "Sounds good" Dolan said cheerfully.
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  8. Kia looked at Grant with an impassive look on her face. "You know that what you said makes no sense, right? Hats can only be wonderful if they can talk, they aren't influenced by their owner. Remember that, tall guy." It was hard to tell if she was being serious, due to her monotone voice. She stood up and stretched her arms. Her attention turned to Dolan. "So you want to get stronger, but you aren't going to battle? Weird... Also, what Pokemon is inside that, old man?" She pointed to Dolan's hair when she said 'old man', due to the colour of it. Once again, her voice was monotone, so it was hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or not.
  9. Professor Rowen came into the lab from the back room. He had with him a device that would update pokedexs. He also held out the updated pokedex that someone need. "Here you go. This should be up to date now. Now I see we have a few more people here. Who all is needing their pokedex updated, and who need a starter pokemon?"
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  10. "Inside the pokéball? Old man? This is my other pokémon Gitchi" Dolan said letting Gitchi out of its pokéball. Dolan's porygon 2 leaped out with excitement. Gitchi looked around the room with slight confusion as it looked at all the people, pokémon ,and lab equipment. "Porryyytwooo" Gitchi cheered with a robotic sounding voice. "I guess I would have to battle with them to get them strong. However I'm gonna try and not push them too hard. Aloi did seem to enjoy the last battle he was in, didn't you Aloi?" Dolan said. "Dit dittoooo!" Aloi cheered. As Dolan continued to talk, Gitchi was looking at Professor Rowan's computer intently.
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  11. “—Ah, thanks!”

    Grant immediately turned to collect his ‘dex, sighing with relief as he did note that the thing still retained its dual-boot. Swapping to the ‘proper’ dex, his Abra watched as he fiddled with it for a bit before placing it within his pocket.

    In terms of Starter Pokémon, Grant glanced to Abra for a moment...

    ‘...Right. He only knows how to teleport right now.’

    “...Looks like I’ll need to.”
  12. "Umm, thanks? But my hat most likely had nothing to do with me defeating the gyms in Johto. It was the hard work me my Pokémon put in," Victoria clarified towards Grant's compliment, before Kia said her remark.

    She then watched Dolan let out Gitchi. "Oh, it's a Porygon 2," she said before she pulled out her Pokédex and scanned it.

    "Porygon 2, the virtual Pokémon. Further research enhanced its abilities. Sometimes, it may exhibit motions that were not programmed."

    She put away her Pokédex when Professor Rowan finally returned and asked who wanted their Pokédex update and who wanted a starter. Obviously, the professor knows that she's here for a starter as he told her to wait for him before taking her outside to meet up with the starter Pokémon.
  13. “—Well, I’m aware of that!”

    Grant stumbled over his words as both people noted similar things at once — his face growing a bit paler as he realized he didn’t exactly detail his end conclusion.


    ‘...Then again, defending that statement would make me sound like an idiot. God forbid I raise the tension in here after it’s already went down.’

    ...He’d just apologize and move on, he reckoned. While he could make a case for this, it’d take a bit too much mental gymnastics — and frankly, with the amount of sleep he’d had prior, to say it was a bad idea to try would be putting it very lightly.

    “—My apologies, then.”

    ...He’d put an end to that before he did anything else. All things considered, given that slip, he was probably better keeping his mouth shut.

    ...That, and when he tried, his Abra gave him a light punch to the knee to prevent him from digging his grave any further.
  14. "Now that we have all the pokedexs updated, we can move onto the starters. If you will follow me then I will show you where they are kept." Professor Rowen took the group out to the field that backed up to the lab. He brought everyone to where the pokemon that were in a need of a new home. "Here are the pokemon that are up for new trainers. We have Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig. Each on has their own unique strengths and weaknesses to them. They are all great choices for a new trainer, or someone looking to start over in a new region."
  15. "Thanks, Professor. Well, I have no reason to wait around here, so I'm going to go now." She looked at her Rotom Phone, and saw that there were two versions of the Pokedex on it. One was the Sinnoh Pokedex and the other was a Galar one. She put her phone in her pocket and turned towards Jake. "Hey hey, Jake, are you coming with me?" Her voice sounded childish, though she had a serious expression on her face. Mudd was fiddling with a Pokeball clipped on Kia's bag, and accidentally went in it. The Marshtomp stayed in it's Pokeball for a moment, before coming back out looking quite confused.
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  16. Dolan looked at the others talk ,and wasn't sure what to say. Dolan stood there confused on what to say, when he looked at Gitchi. His eyes widened when he looked at his porygon-2. He knew that expression on Gitchi's face ,and was all too nervous about how to react. Gitchi enjoyed jumping into computers ,and it was looking at Professor Rowan's computer rather excitedly. Dolan still remembered to time Gitchi glitched his brother's computer ,and broke the television. Also he broke his dad's guitar amplifier, "hey Gitchi! Gitchi! Over here! over heeere" Dolan said. Gitchi turned away from Rowan's computer to Dolan's relief. "pheeew... No messing with other people's stufff remember?" Dolan said trying not to act nervous. He then noticed Kia leave.

    "I guess I should probably get ready to leave too. Those pictures aren't going to take themselves. Plus I got a ton of research to do if I'm going to make my trip to Sinnoh a worth while experience" Dolan said cheerfully. "Come on Gitchi, how about a quick rest, yeah?" Dolan said. Gitchi was a bit disappointed about not jumping into Rowan's computer ,but cheerfully approached Dolan. Dolan then pressed Gitchi's pokéball against the top of his head sending it back into its pokéball. Dolan smirked, "I guess its time to head back to Jubilife City soon! Anybody interested in coming along?" Dolan said excitedly. "Dittooooo!" Aloi cheered.
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  17. "Woah..." Jake said looking at the three starters in awe, as he pulled out his own Rotom Phone.

    He aimed it at them, and let the pokedex start scanning.

    "Turtwig. The Tiny Leaf Pokemon. Photosynthesis occurs across its body under the sun, making oxygen. The shell on its back is actually hardened soil. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty."

    He smiled and went to the next one.

    "Chimchar. The Chimp Pokemon. Its fiery rear end is fueled by gas made in its belly. Even rain cannot extinguish it. The fire burns weakly when it feels sick."

    Finally, the third.

    "Piplup. The Penguin Pokemon. It doesn't like to be taken care of. It is difficult to bond with, since it won't listen to its trainer. Because it is very proud, it won't accept food from people. Its thick down protects it from the cold."

    "Oh, I wonder why that last one sounds familiar?" Jake thought out loud with a hmm, as he stared right at Sonny.

    The Raboot rolled his eyes and turned to look at the Chimchar.


    He eyed his fire type starter "counterpart" with an unimpressed look, as he boredly scanned over the other two.

    His looks at them could only be described as "I feel ya" (to Piplup) and "...okay you're alright" (to Turtwig).

    Forte squawked as he flew overhead in a circle, and eyed the starters curiously.

    Jake put his phone away and blinked, hearing what Kia said.

    "...oh. Uh...yeah." he said and nodded, and stretched.

    He took a last look at the three starters with a smile, before he waved at the new trainers and started to follow his fellow galarian trainer.

    Forte tilted his wings and changed directions, now following the humans.

    Sonny gave Mudd a raised eyebrow look as he went into the pokeball and came back out.

    He then glanced at the group with a yawn, before he turned and started to walk after the two, his paws still in his pockets.
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  18. Finally, the time has come. Time for Victoria to pick out a starter Pokémon. "Yes, finally!" She cheerfully said as she followed Professor Rowan outside, not staying in time to hear some of the others getting ready to leave.

    Once they met up with the starter Pokémon, Victoria gasped a bit. "Wow! They're so precious!" She said to compliment them. After the professor introduce them, Victoria pulled out her Pokédex to scan each of them.

    "Chimchar, the chimp Pokémon. Its fiery rear end is fueled by gas made in its belly. Even rain can't extinguish the fire."

    "Piplup, the penguin Pokémon. It doesn't like to be taken care of. It's difficult to bond with since it won't listen to its Trainer."

    "Turtwig, the tiny leaf Pokémon. Photosynthesis occurs across its body under the sun. The shell on its back is actually hardened soil."

    After listening to her Pokédex, she puts it away and looks at the Pokémon for a bit with a smile. Being in this position made her think back to when she first started out as a Pokémon Trainer, no other Pokémon in hand and choosing between Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.

    After thinking to herself for a bit, she approaches the Pokémon and crouches down in front of one of them, Piplup. She pets the water-type's head, which made it look at her with a bit of a confused look.

    "Pip?" Piplup said.

    "You know, this reminds me of when I first started out as a trainer," she began to say with a smile as she petted Piplup, "I had no other Pokémon with me, and I chose a Froakie as my starter, a water-type like you. So, with that said...." She picked up the Piplup, stood back up, and had it in her arms. She turned to the professor. "I choose Piplup."
  19. Gratefully accepting the change in theme from his awful hat comment, Grant kneeled down to the two remaining starter ‘mons — smiling happily as he looked over each one.


    Hearing the other’s Pokédex entries, he played them over in his head for a few spare moments before reaching his hand over to the Turtwig.


    Grant smiled, and patted the Turtwig on the head.

    “I think... Somehow, I feel like I’ve got something in common with this little guy. Unless anyone has any objections, I think I’ll choose Turtwig.”

    He’d leave the door open in case anyone had any other ideas in mind, but he knew full well what his first choice would be.

    Picking up the Turtwig, and cradling it in his arms, he hummed happily.

    The feeling of truly starting an adventure...

    ‘So this is what it’s like!’
  20. "I think I'm talking to myself..." Dolan thought to himself. He was still pleasantly surprised to see the regional starter trio of Sinnoh. Dolan made sure to snap a picture of chimchar, piplup ,and turtwig before the trainers could pick them, "Cool! I gotta put this in the book" Dolan said. He watched Victoria and Grant pick a starter, "Pretty cool huh? Looks like you guys are ready to start your adventure..." Dolan said. Dolan was pleased with the two pokémon he had, thus didn't want a starter. Dolan smiled as they seemed to be happy with their new pokémon. He then began planning what he wanted to do on his adventure.
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  21. Kia looked at Jake with a serious expression. "Since you've been here for a while, you must know where the next town is. What was it called... Jubi-something. I can't be bothered to remember." She pointed and looked forwards. "Lead the way, Fishboy. Or whichever one of the nicknames I've given you in the past. I'm still a fan of Idiot Number 1, but that was too long to say. A nickname shouldn't be that way. Anyways, let's go."
  22. “But of course! My research has only just begun.”

    Grant laughed happily, giving Dolan a cheerful thumbs-up. He didn’t worry much for Dolan not picking a starter — after all, it seemed he had plenty to use already.

    Apart from that, his excitement faded a tad as he worked out exactly where he had to go from here.

    ...From what he read, Jubilife was a good first stop, but he didn’t quite know if that was the best stop for a Trainer. His memory of the Sinnoh region was vague, and his only sources of info came from a friend in Unova and a brochure — not exactly the greatest sources of information, he reckoned.

    ...So, he’d shrug it off for now.

    “Where’s everyone’s first stops?”

    He’d ask casually, just to see where they were going. Preferably, he’d like to follow them there, but he supposed he wasn’t entirely sure yet.
  23. "Weeeell... I did some research before coming to Sinnoh... If we head to route 201 which is west of here, we can go to Lake Varity or Twinleaf Town. If we head south theres to be a route called 219 which supposedly leads to a place called 'Pal Park'. North of here is route 202, which leads to Jubilife City. Jubilife City from my brief experience there, its fantastic city with bright lights ,and all sorts of sights and attractions. They even have a television broadcasting station there, how cool is that?!" Dolan said.

    Dolan enjoyed the idea of going to Twinleaf Town, no doubt it must have been just a quiet little humble town ,but Dolan enjoyed those types of towns. Everyone knows everyone's names, almost everyone in these towns are genuilly friendly ,and go about there day cheerfully and at their own pace. It was nice ,and nobody was rushed or anything. Lake Varity seemed like a neat place too. Legends say a special pokémon resides there. Dolan didn't have any knowledge on the Pal Park other than it was supposed to be similar to the Safari Zone in Kanto. EIther of these options seemed like dead ends ,but potentially worth visiting. Maybe later on Dolan would visit these places on his on own time. Dolan also enjoyed the idea of visiting Jubilife City. Dolan didn't particularly care which place he went.

    "I'm down for going to any of these places really" Dolan said holding his thumb up. "Dittooooo" Aloi cheered.
  24. "Jubilife." Jake said as he yawned, and walked along the path.

    "Shouldn't be too far of a walk...ten, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes out." He hummed as he looked around.

    Sonny glanced around as they walked, and Forte flew around the two overhead.

    "...I think Fishboy is a new one, actually." He said after he thought for a second.

    "At least...as far as I remember." He shrugged as he looked at the path.
  25. Victoria looks at her newly obtained Piplup in her arms with a smile. "Despite what the Pokédex said, I know you're just a sweetheart on the inside~," she said and booped the water-type's beak with her finger, "I know we're gonna have a great time together."

    "Pi Piplup~!" Piplup cried out happily while flapping it's wings a bit.

    She turned back to Grant and Dolan and heard Grant ask where there were going from here. "Well, Jubilife City is where I'm heading," she replied after Dolan gave his answer, "From what I've on the brochure, while on the cruise to here, Jubilife City is where I'm supposed to go in order to travel to Oreburgh City, where I will earn my first Sinnoh gym badge."
  26. ...

    ...Grant wondered, for a moment, about the various gym badges — but even he knew that Pokémon Gyms were the best route to growing stronger.

    After all, he reckoned that to find the Pokémon he wanted to, he had to be strong.

    “Would it be horrible for me to go alongside you for the time? I have the same course to take, so I may as well go alongside some others.”

    ...Well, it was better to ask. Maybe he could move past the hat comment..?
  27. Dolan never cared about gym badges. Gym badges don't write books so Dolan never developed much of an interest in collecting them. Perhaps however, he might be willing to challenge, one? or two Gym leaders? maybe... Either way Dolan was more excited in getting his next picture, enjoying his next meal ,and hearing some story interesting enough to put into his book. Dolan was hyped to head to Jubilife City ,and look around. Maybe head to Oreburgh afterwards next.

    "Maybe do some sight seeing in Jubilife City! I got no problem traveling alongside one another. We are heading to the same route 201 after all" Dolan said excitedly. Dittoooo?" Aloi commented. Dolan looked over at Aloi with a grin before turning back to the others. "I wonder what is in Oreburgh City" Dolan asked curiously.
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  28. Victoria looked at Grant with a smile after hearing his question. "Not at all," she replied, "I don't mind being accompanied by both of you. Traveling together sounds delightful!" She closed her eyes for a bit as she smiled again at the fact that she has just found herself some new traveling companions.

    She then turned to Dolan after hearing him ask about Oreburgh City. "From I've read, other than the gym, Oreburgh City is known for the mine it has," she said.
  29. “Perfect! Then I’ll be glad to move alongside you both. Research is horribly boring when you’re alone, after all.”

    Grant laughed happily, with him and his Abra clapping their hands together in unison. His newfound Turtwig watched him, though it wasn’t able to clap its hands.

    “Yes, my travel brochure did mention the mine! Something about it being ‘super beautiful’ and ‘filled with mystery.’ I’m not sure how accurate either of those are, though.”

    He glanced away for a moment, laughing nervously at that — he usually never took such things at face value, after all, and he was well aware that brochures were meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Still, his curiosity had certainly gotten the better of him.
  30. Kia looked at Jake. "Don't ask me about nicknames for humans, my memory is terrible. I can remember what Pokemon's nicknames are, though." She stared at the path ahead of her. She sighed, and continued to walk. "I can't walk for that long without a break midway. And without anyone even mildly interesting to talk to, it's going to be pretty boring." It did occur to her that ten to twenty minutes was pretty short, but she was tired from the trip from Galar. "Hey, Jake, is the first gym in Jubilife city? It'll be my first battle in Sinnoh, so I don't want to have to wait too long." She looked annoyed, but she also seemed to be much more optimistic than usual.
  31. "Sounds cool. A mining town? We don't have any of those in Johto. We got researchers who do excavation at the Alph ruins ,but not much mining to be had. Sounds like something worthwhile" Dolan said excitedly. "Dittooooo" Aloi cheered. Dolan took out his journal and within an instance his hand flew across the page with a flurry of words and terms. He them put his pen within the rings of the binder upon finishing his brief note writing. He places his journal in his pocket so that he could resume note writing at any moment. "Mystery? That definitely belongs in my book! Okay, its settled. I gotta see Oreburgh City!" Dolan commented. Dolan joined Grant in chuckle before heading to the door.
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  32. Victoria looked at both Grant and Dolan, still having her smile. "Then it's settled!" She happily said, "Off to Jubilife City, and then to Oreburgh City!"

    She was then given Piplup's Pokéball by the professor and bowed to him a bit. "Thank you very much for everything, professor," she said to him as she bowed in gratitude. She then look down at the water-type in her arms. "Let's go have an incredible adventure!" She said to it.

    "Piplup~!" Piplup cried out, feeling as eager as Victoria.

    Victoria then returned Piplup into it's Pokéball before proceeding to head for the door as well.
  33. Being gifted the Poke Ball of Turtwig by the professor, Grant bowed his thanks — before turning on his heel, and heading for the door alongside them — opening it for the other two with a wide grin, seemingly ecstatic.

    “Yes, this is the perfect place to do research! If I want to find this never-hatching egg, I’d best start here. To Oreburgh we go!”
  34. Liam was on Route 202, smiling at his two Pokemon who were hard at work. "Alright, once more, from the top! Rudy, use Bounce! Blake, Ominous Wind!" His Aipom grinned, bouncing back onto his tail, then bounding up into the air, with Blake summoning a dark wind that surrounded Rudy, pushing up up further. "Now, Swift!" The wind started spinning Rudy around as his tail began glowing, flinging out stars in every which way. "Now, Blake...Mimic, then use Swift!" Blake closed his eyes, shooting out stars from his little arms as they slammed into Rudy's, making them burst and glitter. He grinned, and made a little bow as Aipom finally landed, the other Pokemon bowing along with him. "Good job you two...now let's take a little break." He smiled, picking up his Aipom to put him on his shoulder as he began walking back to Sandgem town...however, he noticed that some folks were walking out of Professor Rowan's lab. He blinked curiously, he and his Pokemon watching them. Duskull seemed to be staring rather eerily.
  35. "Well...not exactly." Jake said sheepishly, and rubbed the back of his head as the two trainers and three pokemon exited the lab and started to walk along the path.

    "Jubilife is kinda like Wedgehurst...in a way. Like...there's no gym, but there's other stuff. Pokemon Center, TV station, etc...kind of a rest stop before the first gym...which is Oreburgh. Rock type...Mudd should do good there. Dunno if you've caught any other water types, grass types, fighting types, or have any pokemon that happens to know water, grass or fighting moves since we last saw each other, but they'll be useful as all get out. If not, i'm sure we could find one or two on the way there..." he said, and idly flipped through some pages of his phone's pokedex.

    "Oreburgh's gym leader Roark really likes his fossil pokemon from what i've heard...spends a lot of time at the local museum and mine...I planned to visit the museum honestly. Heard they have a lot of cool fossils there. The mine is where a lot of trainers find fossils they can take to the museum and revive, like Salasa's Dracozolt...but uh...heh...these ones are hopefully....um....put together...properly." he said awkwardly.

    "Anyway...yeah. So...Jubilife, then the first gym in Oreburgh. On the bright side...that means more time for you to train your team?" he said optimistically, and smiled slightly at Kia.

    "You never know how strong gym leaders can really be...especially because we're not home." he added, as he looked around.

    Sonny listened to Jake and rolled his eyes slightly, as he walked. He looked around, having felt someone or something's eyes on him.

    "....rab." he shrugged it off.

    Jake hummed as he reached and grabbed Forte's pokeball, and returned the Chatot to it before he attached it to his belt.
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  36. "To Jubilife City ,and Oreburgh City too! Oreburgh City was no doubt going to be a cool mining town ,but Dolan was far more interested in Jubilife City. In addition to the Television Station; there was the Pokétech Company, a trainer's school ,and the Global Trading Station(GTS). Those were only a few or the large skyscrappers within Jublilife City. Dolan could hardly wait to gain information for his book.

    Dolan walked outside ,and took a deep breath to enjoy the smell of the southern ocean one last time before turning his gaze north towards route 202, "Ready or not, here we cooome!" Dolan cheered. "Dittoooo" Aloi cheered.
  37. "Oreburgh City huh...that might be fun to travel to....but should I go alone or...go with somebody....hmm" Makura thought to himself. "You know what I think I'll just leave now...I think I've been here long enough." "Hey buddy come on...let's get out of here. Let's go to that city that everyone else is talking about." The Umbreon nodded and they both headed out of the lab and made their way to route 202. Makura took a deep breath of the fresh air while heading over to the route. "Ahhh....smell that buddy? It smells like a new adventure." Umbreon nodded and smiled.
  38. Victoria took in a breath of fresh air as well as soon as she stepped out of the lab. The smell of an entire new region waiting for her. "Then there's no time to waste!" She said. She took a few steps towards Route 202 and turned back to Grant and Dolan, "The sooner we can get to Jubilife, the sooner we can get to Oreburgh."

    She proceeded to enter and start walking through Route 202, and it wasn't long after she began to do so that something jumped out of the bushes. A Shinx. Victoria gasped. "A Shinx!" She exclaimed and quickly pulled out her Pokédex.

    "Shinx, the flash Pokémon. The extension and contraction of its muscles generates electricity. It glows when in trouble."

    The wild Shinx stood on the path and yawned a bit as it was being scan, not bothering to turn it's attention to the three trainer quite yet.
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  39. Liam thought for a second, then grinned. Some trainers were going out on journeys, and this was his chance. He pushed back his hair a bit, adjusted his jacket, and approached Kia and Jake, taking a brief look at their Pokemon. "Hey, Mar-stop right there." He paused for a moment, before snorting in a brief fit of laughter. Aipom laughed along with him, but Duskull was still quiet. "You two are Pokemon Trainers, right? Or...well, I can tell you're a trainer because of your apparent seriousness." He grinned, putting two hands behind his head. "Name's Liam. This is Rudy, and Blake." He motioned to his Aipom and Duskull. "You two look like fun. Mind if I hop on with the two of you? I've been lookin to travel inna group, but haven't found any 'till now."
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  40. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Meanwhile, while the others left the lab and ended up starting their journey in Sinnoh, a certain trainer was left behind, Adolphian trying to help the professor for a bit while the others got themselves settled on. Soon though, he ended up leaving the lab with Evilane attached to his back as always, and prepared to head out to do studies on the local wildlife. Adolphian walked into Route 202, his visor flashing, and looked around to see if he could find a fellow trainer to tag along with. He soon noticed Victoria and her companions in the distance, and smiling slyly, he slowly started to creep towards them, using the tall grass as cover, as well as having Evilane act as camouflaged to try and avoid being seen. As soon as he came within a good distance behind the three trainers, he grinned again and sent out Evilane before him, who leaped off his head and landed right behind Grant. She cried loudly and dug her vines into the ground, in an attempt to look intimidating, while Adolph still hid in the tall grass and bushes.
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