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Ask to Join The Sinnoh region adventure (Journey in Galar Sequel)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Here is the link to the RP discussion thread.

    Sinnoh was a vast region that explored the beauty of contests, gyms, and the expression of ones true self. Given that the capital of the region is home to biggest stage for pokemon performing, it lends itself to trainers who love to showcase their pokemon.

    Storm was a bit saddened to leave his home in Unova, but he needed a change from his life. For once he was putting himself first, and was glad to have gotten out of there. He was also glad to have gotten a pass to ride on one of the most luxury cruselines that travelled to Sinnoh.

    The boat landed in Sandgem town. Which was ideal as he was able to meet the professor to update his pokedex. At the start of first route of town, Storm looked towards his best friend, Jewel, his espeon. "Well I guess it is the start of a new life for us Jewel. Come on lets see what this place has in store for us."
  2. When the boat anchored, a Chatot curiously flew over towards the dock.

    It landed on a signpost, as it flapped its wings a few times to steady itself.

    It then bent down, and looked upside down at the arrival schedule.


    It chirped quietly to itself as it tilted its head to the side and looked at the boat.

    It ruffled its feathers as it started to preen itself, while it kept its eyes and ears on the boat.
  3. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Eve stood at the bow of the ship as it slowed down, entering Sandgem Town’s port. Her Dedenne was sitting in the railing next her looking at the new town.

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” a voice said over the PA system. “Welcome to Sandgem Town, Sinnoh! We will be docking shortly. Once docked please exit safely and enjoy your stay in Sinnoh. We hope to see you again!”

    “Let’s get going,” Eve said to her Pokémon. Dedenne hopped off the railing and onto Eve’s shoulder. Once the boat docked, Eve departed the ship and stepped onto the pier. She looked around and and spotted a familiar red roof. “Our first journey awaits,” Eve told Dedenne and made her way towards the Pokémon center.
  4. "If you look out your windows you will see we are fastly approaching our destination, Flight attendants, prepare for landing please. Cabin crew, please take your seats for landing. We are now approaching Jubilife City please fasten your seat belts as we slowly descend to the ground. Please remember your luggage as you leave the plane. Please also remain patient as the passengers in front of you exit the plane. Thankyou for flying with Johto Airlines. We wish you a good day and hope to see you again with us real soon" THe pilot announced.

    As Dolan looked out the window he could see the beautiful sights . He obviously had to take a picture or two from a birds eye view. "Perfect! Simply perfect!" Dolan said. "Dit dit ditto!" Aloi cheered, "You said it bu- *yaaaaaaaaaaawwnn* You said it buddy... This jetlag is gettin' me... I can't wait to get off this plane... My legs are killin' me" Dolan said. Despite the jetlag feeling Dolan was facing he was too excited to sleep now. His journey was just beginning ,and there was no time to slow down now. He was in the fast lane ,and had a need for speed. As he finally managed to leave the plane the stewardess thanked him as well as everyone else for flying Johto Airlines. His luggage was all in his backpack ,and he was ready to head to see some sight seeing. No doubt Dolan would eventually have to get some lunch planned. "Ya boy is heeeere!!" Dolan yelled. "dittooooo" Aloi roared. Several people watched him step out of the airport station with bewildered looks.

    Dolan began making his way further into town when he saw an amazing sight. Some starly were flying over the city ,and Dolan just had to take a picture. There was also a aipom swinging around from a fire escape. He quickly snapped another photo before making his way in town.
  5. Just as the ship from Unova docked, another luxurious ship was heading to dock in Sinnoh's Sandgem Town as well. This ship, however, is from the Kalos region, and it contained a young girl who is from that very region, as she held onto the railings of the ship to watch Sinnoh draw closer. Her name is Victoria Melis. She is the daughter to one of the most richest, if not, the richest family in the entire Kalos, and she is excited for the adventure that awaits her.

    "There it is! Finally! The Sinnoh region!" She said with a happy tone.

    This would the sixth region she would travel in. However, what's different about this one, is that she's completely on her own. No Pokémon from her home or from past journeys to accompany her. Just her and her experience in being a Pokémon Trainer. She decided on traveling alone this time as a way to test herself, to see how much she has grown. Thinking about this very decision made her reminisce a bit of how she went from a girl running away from home to go on a journey to now traveling to her sixth region. To this day, it still amazes her of how far she's come and how much has changed in her life.

    Once the ship docked, Victoria got off from it and closed her eyes to breathe in Sinnoh's fresh air.

    "It's time.....for a new journey to start," she said before opening her eyes.

    She thought about going to the Pokémon Center to call home but ended up deciding going the Research Lab instead to see if she could pick up a Pokémon.
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  6. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Naturally, while the rest ended up arriving via the cruise-liner to Sandgem Town, a certain Scientist ended up arriving in the most ridiculous way possible, via long distance helicopter, a specialty from NanoCorp, all the way from Stahlblatt. And as such, being from a highly advanced, forgotten region, it seemed to have a design not seen anywhere else, and was likely to draw some attention. A strange man disembarked from said helicopter, and waving it off, started to head for the local research lab. After all, it was the best place for someone sent on a research mission to go, and as such, the young man seemed to be lost in his own thoughts as he walked, his Leafeon by his side. She looked at him with sparkles in her eyes, and seemed to blossom with energy.

    "Can you believe it, master? We're finally in Sinnoh! Oh Arceus, it's going to be nice finally getting out of the lab and into some fresh air~!" Evilane exclaimed, her slightly robotic voice clearly filled with excitement and wonder, unlike her somewhat focused partner.

    "Now, Evilane, you need to remember why we're here. It's not a vacation, but a research mission from NanoCorp. Although, nothing is stopping us from enjoying ourselves." He replied, his own eyes seemingly dimmed, as the neon bands on his jumpsuit started to glow a dark shade of yellowish orange.
  7. The parrot pokemon studied all the people entering the region for the first time blankly, as he occasionally flapped his wings.


    It started to preen itself, while it kept an eye on the ship, and hummed a bit to itself, and threw in the occasional whistle.

    "Go watch the ship," it spoke, sounding like it was repeating something it had heard earlier.
  8. Victoria jogged to the lab, feeling excited about hopefully picking up a starter Pokémon. Her jog slowly turned into a walk as she approached the lab. Once she went up to it, the doors automatically slid open, and she stepped inside the lab.

    "Hello?" She said after entering the lab and started to look around, "Anyone here? Pardon me for the intrusion."

    "No not all," said the voice of what sounded like an older male. Soon after that, a man with white hair, a white beard, and in a white lab coat came to the front to greet her. "Hello there, is something I could help you with?" He asked.

    "Oh, hello! My name is Victoria Melis," she said for her introduction.

    The man then almost instantly knew who she was after hearing her name. "Ah, yes. I know who you are," he said to her, "Professor Sycamore informed me that you would be arriving here."

    "He did?" Victoria said, a bit surprised to hear that.

    He nods. "He did. I'm Professor Rowan, and I've been expecting your arrival," the man said after revealing himself to be Sinnoh's Professor Rowan.

    "O-Oh, I see. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, professor," she said, again with a bit of a surprised tone, "Then you know why I'm here, right?"

    "From what the professor told me, you're here to pick out a Pokémon, correct?" He asked, to which Victoria nods in response, "Well, it's a bit surprising to hear that trainer such as yourself would start back with nothing, even though you have plenty of Pokémon to bring with you. But to each their own when starting a new journey. Anyways, my assistants have taken the starting Pokémon outside to give them a bit of exercise. So, if you would, just follow me. I'll take you to them so you could choose one." The professor then started walking to the back door.

    "Splendid! Thank you very much!" Victoria said and proceeded to follow him.
  9. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Naturally, Adolph and his Leafeon headed for the Pokémon lab as well, and soon arrived in front of the sliding doors. Adolphian pulled out what seemed to be a strange combination of tablet and miniature data-collection apparatus, and started walking into the lab, with Evilane hot on his heels. He looked around, and noticed Victoria with the professor. He gave a slight smirk and waved, clearly not the only one who wanted to speak with the professor.

    "Hello, am I interrupting anything? I am terribly sorry if I am." Adolphian spoke, his voice having a heavily educated tone, as well as a strange accent from a region long forgotten.

    Meanwhile, his Leafeon giggled loudly and nuzzled his leg, purring as she herself began to speak. "Don't mind my human here, he's a bit silly, and he worries too much! He's Adolphian, and I'm Evilane! We've been sent by NanoCorp on a research mission!"

    Adolph seemed to be quite shocked by his partner's sudden outburst of information, and blushed madly as he seemed rather embarrassed. "Please excuse my Evilane, she's too energetic for her own good. And as I hope you can understand, with too much energy comes brash and hasty decisions."
  10. As Dolan continued heading down into the city of Jubilife he began walking down the streets taking pictures of the occasional pokémon. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of Sinnoh just yet however. It was nice, the city was bright and colorful ,and Aloi seemed to be enjoying himself. As Dolan continued he eventually found himself nearing route 202. Dolan had already made preparations to go down to the pokémon lab before heading to Sinnoh. Jubilife City was so much different from his hometown in Vermilion City.

    As he headed to route 202 he saw the most adorable sight he had ever seen. a blue cat pokémon. It was eating a berry when all of a sudden Aloi cheerfully hopped down, "Dit dit ditto!" Aloi cheered before turning into a yellow cat. Dolan. The shinx looked at Aloi confused as to what it was looking at. Reluctantly it stayed calm as Aloi approached it. The two even began playing for a moment which Dolan happily took a picture of, "This is going into the book for sure!" Dolan said excitedly. After a while Aloi switched back ,and Dolan and Aloi continued down their path. Route 202 was beautiful. It had so many trees. They were different from the ones in Johto. Dolan even took a picture of a group of kricketot and kricketune playing music. It was quite beautiful. Dolan left carefully so not to disturb them any further. He happily began making his way towards Sangem Town.
  11. Victoria and the professor stopped just as the back door opened and turned after hearing the newcomer.

    "Not quite," Professor Rowan said to answer his question of whether he was interrupting anything, "Actually, we were just about to head outside to check on some starting Pokémon."

    Before the professor could ask for the newcomer's name, the talking Leafeon had already provided it for him as well as some other extra information. Hearing the grass-type talk shocked both Victoria and the professor, though more so Victoria.

    She let out a gasp. "It talked!!" She exclaimed and crouched to get a better look at the Leafeon, "I've never met a Pokémon that could talk like a person before."

    Even though Professor Rowan was also surprised by the Leafeon's ability to talk like a human, he maintained his composure and turned his attention back to Adolphian. "NanoCorp, you say? I believe I have heard of it before," he said, "And what sort of research mission have you been assigned to?"
  12. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Evilane smiled as they turned around and replied to them, while her partner simply stayed Stoic, as to hide his embarrassment.

    "Ahh, that's excellent, I've always been interested in the various starter Pokémon of different regions, as no matter which Pokémon are chosen, it's a system that's mostly universal!" Adolphian chuckled softly, trying to be polite.

    However, as Evilane is given attention by Victoria, her tail starts swishing back and forth as she nuzzled the stranger. "Hello there! Yeah, I get that reaction a lot, it's common when you're one of very small, special group of enhanced Pokémon. I think I like you, Human!" She giggled, her eyes starting to glow a slight purple, and the lights imbedded in the metal plate over part of her face start flashing a gentle shade of lilac.

    Adolph simply chuckled as he glanced over to his partner who may have been getting a new friend, and bowed as the professor mentioned his company, and that he heard of it in the past. "Well, I hope you'll be happy to hear that I am the head admin of two divisions, at your service." He gives a slight smile, his eyes sparkling. "As for my research... It basically involves me accompanying a trainer on their journey to learn what the whole experience is like!"
  13. A ship from the Galar region approached Sandgem Town slowly. A voice came from a PA speaker. "We are now preparing to dock in Sandgem Town. Please remember to take any luggage with you as you leave the ship. Thank you for travelling with us and we hope to see you again."

    Kia left the ship, and looked around. She promptly started to head towards the Pokemon Centre. She was followed by a Larvitar that was being carried on the shoulder of a Marshtomp. It didn't look too happy about it, and was trying to kick the Marshtomp. Kia noticed this and picked up the Larvitar. "Giji, I don't know why you can never get along with anyone. I'm starting to regret bringing you along for this. Don't look at me like that." Giji stuck his tongue out at Kia, who looked like she couldn't care less. She saw a lot of other people getting off ships as well. Some even went to the Professor's Lab, but she didn't need to go there. She wondered if any of her friends from Galar would be in Sinnoh as she entered the Pokemon Centre.
  14. Chatot tilted his head to the side as he watched the Galar ship dock.


    He seems to recognize Kia, and squawked.

    He flew off the sign and flew to the Pokemon Center.

    He landed after he carefully flew through the door, and looked around.

    He clicked his beak as he looked over at Kia, and ruffled his feathers.

    He seemed to focus for a few seconds, as if remembering something.

    ".....Raboot! Fire type! Angsty!" It squawked. When it spoke the first two parts, it seemed to be trying to impersonate a Galarian pokedex.

    When it said the last part, it switched to a galarian accent, with the hint of a stutter

    "Find the Raboot! Raawwk!" It said in its regular voice, before it preened its own wing.
  15. Victoria giggled with delight as the Leafeon nuzzles her. "Why thank you!" She said with a smile after hearing Evilane say she liked her already, "You look different than other Leafeon I've seen. Does it have something to do with why you can talk?" She then pulled out her Kalos Pokédex and scan the grass-type.

    "Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon. When you see Leafeon asleep in a patch of sunshine, you'll know it is using photosynthesis to produce clean air."

    No doubt about. Evilane looked different to what the Pokédex was showing.

    Professor Rowan an eyebrow a bit, impressed that Adolph is an admin of two division in NanoCorp. "I see. Well, this young lady right here happens to be a trainer herself," he said, referencing Victoria, "This is Victoria Melis. She's come from the Kalos region."

    Victoria put her Pokédex away and stood back up as the professor introduced her. "Pleased to make your acquaintance," she said as she tipped her fedora.
  16. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Eve entered the Pokémon Center and headed to the video phones. She picked up the receiver and dialed her home number. A few second later, a man with a trimmed beard and short black hair answered the video call.

    “Hello?” the man answered before he smiled. “Eve!”

    Eve smiled back. “Hey Dad. I made it to Sinnoh.”

    “That’s great to hear,” he replied. “No problems on the ship?”

    “Nope. Everything went smoothly. Dedenne got a little restless but nothing bad.”

    “The ride from Kalos is a bit long. Where is the little guy?”

    “He’s right, here?” Eve said as she looked around for her Pokémon.

    While Eve was chatting with her father, Dedenne had hopped off his trainer’s shoulder and wandered around the Pokémon Center. He spotted a Chatot preening its wing and wandered over to it. “Ne ne?” Dedenne said tilting his head as it looked at the bird Pokémon.
  17. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Evilane smiled and nodded, her eyes continuing to sparkle. "Well, yes, I've been cybernetically altered following a near-death experience, to save my life. And, of course, they added a few extras~ Also, you're very welcome!" She replied in a sing-song voice, her slightly robotic tone actually helping to convey her happiness.

    Of course, Evilane was definitely different than most Leafeon, both appearance and personality-wise. She was more energetic and joyful than most Leafeon, who were typically calm and collected.

    However, as Victoria is introduced to Adolphian, he bowed and gave a shy smile, the implant in his forehead gleaming like an Espeon's gem. "Oh, the pleasure is all mine, it's lovely to meet you, Victoria." He held out his hand for a handshake, as Evilane rejoined him by his side, eventually using a few vines to climb and stay attached to him by wrapping her vines around his chest, having her head next to his like a sort of cute Zweilous.
  18. Chatot blinked and looked over at the electric mouse in mid-preen.

    "....Chat." It answered back, and motioned over to Kia.

    It then hummed a bit, and itched its chin.

    It looked back at the other pokemon curiously, and clicked its beak, not having recognized the strange new pokemon as local to this region.

    "Tot...?" it asked again, and looked around for the other pokemon's trainer.
  19. Kia stared blankly at the Chatot, her expression not changing. "Raboot, angsty, the accent too... Must be Sonny. Assuming Sonny can't actually speak now, Jake must be with him. And using the same logic, you must be one of Jake's Pokemon. That means Jake is currently in Sinnoh, too." She crossed her arms, and spotted the Dedenne. She raised an eyebrow. "I don't think Jake would send two Pokemon here, so this must be someone else's Pokemon." She knelt on one knee and moved her hands towards the Dedenne, and lifted it up. Though she was expressionless, she was quite confused. She stood up and looked at the Dedenne. "Uh, do you have a trainer or something? I don't feel like searching for them if you aren't lost or anything."
  20. When she said the trainer's name, the Chatot squawked excitedly and nodded, as he flapped his wings a few times.

    "Follow!" he said as he motioned to the exit of the Pokemon Center.

    "Follow the Raboot!" he added, as he hopped around a bit, before he stopped and flapped his wings once or twice more, before he clicked his beak once again and watched her pick up the Dedenne curiously, and tilted his head to the side slightly, as his tail feathers lowered to the ground a bit.
  21. Dolan continued making his way towards Sangem town. As he walked he eventually came across a ledge to which he promptly hopped down from. Looking back Dolan probably could have just walked around it, as jumping down he could have twisted his ankle had he landed on uneven grounding. However he didn't want to get his shoes dirty walking in the tall grass. He continued walking down his merry way ,and even hopping down another ledge. As he walked further there it was. Sangem town off in the distance. Sangem town was so beautiful. It was just like Olivine City. Dolan began running when he saw the buildings in sight.

    "Sangem Town Looks Just like Olivine City! Boats, the ocean, buildings, the smell of the ocean breeze blowing through a small little humble town. What's not to love?" Dolan said. "Dittooooo" Aloi cheered. "Sounds good to me!" Dolan said. He continued walking ,and eventually had to ask for directions to where the pokémon lab was. On his way there he snapped several photos. A wailmer leaping from the ocean, and a couple bidoof and bibarel near a large dam. He then continued towards the lab where he walked inside, "Scuse me.... Is this where we can get our pokédexs updated?" Dolan asked.
  22. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Eve looked around and spotted Dedenne looking at a Chatot when another person walked over. She assumed the person was the Chatot’s trainer. “I found him,” she told her father. “I’ll call you again later.”

    “Okay,” he replied. “Stay safe. Love you.”

    “Love you, too, Dad,” Eve replied before hanging up and running over to her Pokémon.

    Dedenne looked at the person and climbed into their hands. As the person stood up, Dedenne ran up their arm and perched itself on top of their head.

    “Dahde!” Eve called out as she neared the person and Chatot. Dedenne turned and squeaked happily before jumping to the ground and running to his trainer.

    “I’m so sorry for his behavior,” Eve apologized to the person. “He’s a little restless from our trip out here.” She turned to her Pokémon. “What have ti told you about running off like that?” she scolded Dahde. The electric mouse just squeaked happily, not ashamed at all, and climbed onto Eve’s head.
  23. With a smile, Victoria accepted the handshake and noticed the implant on Adolphian's forehead. "I'm assuming you've had a similar treatment as Evilane?" She asked.

    "Now that we've gotten introductions out of the way, I believe it's time to check on the starter Pokémon," Professor Rowan suggested.

    "Oh, of course!" Victoria said happily to the professor.

    He then directed his attention to Adolphian, "You're welcome to join us if you like." The professor was about to exit through the back door, but he didn't as he saw another person enter the lab, asking about upgrading their Pokédex. "On second thought, there's one more thing that needs attending," he said, "Why don't you two wait here while I handle this matter."

    "Of course," Victoria said and watched the professor go to the newcomer.
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  24. Another ship docked in Sandgem town as well. The ship came from the Hoenn region. Makura, along with his Umbreon, watched as the ship docked so they get off and start their journey through the Sinnoh region. "Finally we made it to the Sinnoh region." he said to himself. Makura and Umbreon got off the boat and thought about what to do first now that they arrived. "Alright buddy. We made it to the Sinnoh region. What should we do first?" he asked Umbreon. He pointed to the Pokemon Center. "Hm...maybe we should head to the Pokemon Center. Just so we can relax from that boat ride. I still feel a little seasick from it." They both headed over to the center so they can relax. "Alright, we made it. Let's sit down and chill out for a little bit." he told his Umbreon. Makura sat down somewhere and Umbreon jumped up on his lap and rested there.
  25. king of poke

    king of poke Previously arian chatterjee

    alex strolls in to the lab this is is chance to win the gym challenge he won't lose,right,surely not,he's been training,or are the leaders to powerful he was already having second thoughts and he hasn't even started. He looks for the proffeser still looking as reserved as possible to make himself look cool.He didn't see them so he calls out"hey prof"I'm here to start the gym challenge
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  26. "Hello Professor! My grandpa told me this was the place I wanted to be before starting my journey. My name is Dolan Larch by the way" Dolan said. "Dit dit!" Dolan's blue little ditto partner, Aloi cheered. "This is Aloi" Dolan said. Dolan wasn't sure if his grandfather Derrick/Professor Larch knew Professor Rowan. Dolan's grandfather spent a majority of his time the region of Orre as well as the Sevii Islands and the Orange Islands. Dolan's grandfather didn't talk about Sinnoh much so he didn't know whether or not his grandfather ever traveled to Sinnoh ,but the fact that he recommended visiting Professor Rowan made him wonder.

    There were already some people who had arrived before him ,and a few that had arrived after him. The building had all sorts of travelers coming from far and wide. Dolan speculated that most of them were likely natives of Sinnoh ,but didn't want to assume nor ask so he didn't think much of it.
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  27. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    He gave a sheepish smirk and nodded, his grip being firm, but not too tight. "Indeed, I've upgraded myself, as part of testing our first line of cybernetics before they became global!"

    "Yeah, Adolphian may not look like it, but he's an absolute genius! He turned two divisions he was the admin of from mediocre, underfunded and rather forgotten, into something that would make his father proud!" Evilane giggled, purring happily as she began to nuzzle close to her trainer, clearly in a good mood.

    However, as Victoria began to walk out to check the starters, Adolph definitely chose to join, and was hot on her heels to follow her outside. He seemed to notice the newcomer, and looked at them, giving them a soft frown before turning back to where he was going.
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  28. Kia looked at the trainer. "No, it's ok. A lot of Pokemon are like that so I've gotten used to things like this." She looked at Giji, who was on her shoulder. He stuck his tongue out again. "If you don't mind, I'll just be on my way..." She pointed towards the exit, and started to walk away. It was pretty apparent that she didn't want to have to talk to anyone from her expression, but she had looked like that for a while. She stopped walking, remembering the Chatot and motioned for it to also come. "Follow the Raboot... I don't see a Raboot anywhere here." Kia realised it was a bit rude to just ignore the other trainer, so she summoned up the little friendliness she had in her and looked at the trainer. Her face stayed the same, but her voice sounded a lot kinder. "Have you seen a Raboot anywhere? This Chatot wants me to find it or something. Uh, it looks something like this." She pulled out a book from her bag, and flicked through it. She found a picture of a Raboot and showed it to the trainer.
  29. Chatot seemed to huff indignantly and squawked, and flapped its wings a few times.

    "Follow! Follow!"

    It repeated, and flew over to the exit. He stopped at it, and motioned to the outside, trying to say it wanted the galarian trainer to follow it to wherever, where a Raboot apparently was.

    "Follow! Find!" He spoke again, as he used the stuttery voice again.
  30. "Dolan Larch you say? Interesting. I had a long conversation with your Professor Larch. Your grandfather had a few interesting choice of words to say about you... Your here to upgrade your pokédex Derrick said. You have his goofy grin too. A long time ago I traveled to the region of Orre and studied with your grandfather for a year. I still remember meeting him in Phenac City, but enough of that. You came to have your pokédex to upgrade ,and there are all these trainers I need to attend to" Professor Rowan said. He then took Dolan's pokédex ,and linked it up to his computer before updating it with the Sinnoh regional pokémon information. "Thanks!" Dolan said. "No problem. If you see your grandfather tell him I said hello" Rowan said. "I get gramps would love it!" Dolan said.

    Dolan's eyes lit up with excitement when he heard the leafeon spoke. Dolan had only seen a leafeon once in his whole life which was in Alola on vacation. He didn't remember what it looked like all that well ,but he did remember it didn't have any metal on it. Was this a variant to Sinnoh or somewhere? Did this man put that stuff on her? Is that why leafeon could talk? Dolan had so many questions ,but the only real questions that mattered to him were if he could take pictures of it. As Dolan followed he looked over, "Hey can I take a picture of your talking pokémon?" Dolan asked excitedly looking at the leafeon trainer.
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  31. Sandgem Town... What a beautiful place.

    His boat had docked some time ago, but the casually-dressed researcher had other things on his mind apart from meeting the Professor.

    Namely — the Pokémon Center. He always liked teaching his Abra places to return to, and now was no different — with Abra trailing behind him, glancing around idly and taking in the sights, Grant stopped just short of the center with a sigh — kicking the sand out from the bottom of his shoes as he spoke and glanced around himself.

    “...I wonder what I’ll find here?”

    ‘Sinnoh has so few rumours of the things I seek to find,’ Grant repeated in his mind, ‘but this place may hold some things I’ll need back in Kanto.’

    ...He pinched his cheek — he could ask the Professor of these things once he got there. For now..?

    “Abra. If we need to get out of a tight spot, let’s return here, alright?”


    ...Judging by the solemn nod of the Abra, it looked like all was set in stone.

    His next stop, he reckoned as he turned on his heel, was the lab of the Professor.
  32. After a little bit of time, Makura and Umbreon relaxed from the boat ride. "(sighs) Alright...Umbreon I think we're ready now. So I think our first objective is to head over to the professor's lab. Umbreon nodded and jumped off Makura's lap. "Alright bud...let's go to the professor's lab." Makura and Umbreon left the lab and headed over to the lab. "I checked my phone and the professor of this region is Professor Rowan." They arrived and headed into the lab. "Uh hello? Is anyone there?" Makura asked.
  33. NDB

    NDB Previously BartenderReaper

    Eve shook her head. “I can’t say I have seen a Raboot,” she answered. “I don’t actually know what Pokémon that is, to be honest.”

    Dahde watched the Chatot fly over to the Pokémon Center doors. The electric rodent squeaked at the bird Pokémon, drawing Eve’s attention to it. “It looks like that Chatot knows where the Raboot is or where it went. I can help look if you want some assistance.”
  34. Kia shrugged. "I guess if you want to help you can." She looked at the Chatot, and sighed as it repeatedly said follow. "I get it, you want us to follow you. I'm coming, ok?" She walked to the exit of the Pokemon Center and open the doors. "Lead the way, I guess." She pulled a pokeball out of her pocket and returned her Larvitar. "Mudd, we're leaving." The Marshtomp ran to Kia's side when she heard her name, and Kia patted Mudd's head when it got there.
  35. The opening of the Pokemon Center doors had Grant turn around quite quickly — nearly making himself a tad nauseous as he turned to face the person who just exited. It seemed a Chatot was attempting to guide her — and a Marshtomp appeared to be at her side.

    ...Looked like someone else was there, too, but he didn’t get much of a look before he forced himself to the side.

    “—Ah, my apologies!”


    The two stepped aside in unison, with Grant nearly tripping over himself in his efforts to move out of the way — the Abra, after moving back, curiously watched the Chatot in particular, for some reason.
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  36. Chatot chirped and hopped out of the building.

    It flapped its wings a few times before it took off into the sky.

    It flew away from the Pokemon Center and the dock, and towards the forest surrounding the area.

    It lead the way through the forest, flying overhead and occasionally perched on a branch when it got too far away.

    It lead them to a clearing and flew away, over towards a log.

    Laying against the log with his paws behind his head and his eyes shut, was a Raboot.

    Its trainer, Jake Fisher, was sat on a tree stump nearby to the log, notebook open and in hand.

    A flock of Starly was sat nearby, who idly pecked and hopped around.

    Jake smiled as he added the finishing touches on a drawing of one, as well as a few small but noticeable details a Pokedex wouldn't pick up, as well as comparing it to a Rookidee.

    He hummed as he looked at his phone for the time, before he set it on the grass next to the stump.

    "Alright...we should get going. Once Forte comes back from checking out the dock..." he stretched, as he put his notebook away into his backpack.

    The Raboot, Sonny, opened one eye.

    "Raab..." he said, shutting it again and rolling onto his side, not wanting to get up.

    "....oh, look, its Astral." Jake said calmly.

    Sonny blinked and quickly stood up, as he dusted himself off.

    He looked around...before he glared at the human, who chuckled.

    "Good, now you're awake..."

    He hummed.

    He heard the squawking of his Chatot, just as the bird flew around them and landed on the log.

    "Perfect timing..." Jake smiled, as Sonny glanced at the Chatot boredly.

    "What took ya?" He asked.

    "Ship!" Chatot replied, flapping his wings a bit.

    "Raboot...?" Sonny asked as he raised an eyebrow.

    "...multiple!" Chatot took a second to answer, after he seemed to struggle a bit.

    "Ah...well...alright. That reminds me...how's your speech going? Been a while since I taught you anything new." Jake thought out loud.

    "Chat!" Chatot answered.

    "I'll take your word for it..." he yawned.

    "Well...let's get a move on. Not like we got much to hang around here for."
  37. Kia tilted her head as the Abra and trainer moved out of the way. "Oh, you don't need to be sorry. You weren't in the way in the first pl- Hey, wait up!" She gave a quick nod to the two before jogging in the direction the Chatot went. She entered the forest after the bird, Mudd by her side. She followed the Chatot for a while before she heard a familiar voice. She looked out from behind a tree to see Jake. "... Hey, Jake. I see you're in Sinnoh. Did you plan on telling me where you were going? I don't remember ever being told." Her voice was quiet but clear.
  38. Jake froze.

    "...u-um...I u-uh..."

    He shook a bit as he swallowed.

    ".....um.....heyyy, K-Kia....I...can explain..."

    He said, slowly walking forward and turned around to face his fellow galarian trainer, as he turned ghost white.

    "....um...f-fancy seeing you here....did...Alex or S-Salasa come with you...maybe Seth...?" he laughed nervously as he took another step back.

    Sonny blinked and shifted nervously, and awkwardly cleared his throat as he took a step to stand behind the log.

    Forte squawked as he hopped onto the log.

    "...please don't hurt me." Jake said swallowing as he looked at her, and prepared to run for his life.
  39. The Heart of Frostfire.

    The Heart of Frostfire. Previously The failure

    Adolphian turned around as the stranger approached him, and gave a nervous look to Evilane, who seemed to be generally offput by the question, her eyes flashing as she tightened her vines to get a better grip on her trainer. Adolphian's cybernetic forehead implant began to whir and spin, looking somewhat like a camera lens. It then started to glow a gentle shade of blueish purple, along with the bands on his Nanosuit. "Hmm? Why do you want to take her picture? She's nothing special, she's just recovering from a terrible accident." Adolphian replied, seemingly a bit confused. "Yeah, that's why I can speak! The cybernetics that saved my life gave me the ability to speak to Humans." Evilane commented, seemingly a bit more cheerful than when the original question was asked.
  40. “...I can’t dawdle.”

    After spending a moment longer calming himself, he whistled to his Abra to head to the lab.

    As it was, he had no business following the lady on her sudden journey — and he reckoned he didn’t want to linger there and come off as some sort of creep.

    So, as hasty as he could, he made way to Rowan’s lab...

    ...Naturally, it didn’t take all that long — and he’d make his entrance by swinging the door open, clearly having used it to prevent himself from falling as he put some weight on the doorknob to steady himself.

    “—Ah, there’s... already people.”


    ‘Ah... I kind of look like an idiot now, don’t I?’

    After making the delayed realization that other people had an interest in the lab, he quickly righted himself as if nothing happened at all.

    “—Ah, you must be...”

    ...Judging by Rowan’s reaction — one of acknowledgement, and perhaps of mild amusement given the slight smile on his face — it seemed that this medic wasn’t unknown to the man.

    Of course, rarely did rumours of people like Grant reach the ears of true professors — but with this guy doing such strange work, it was harder not to notice him.

    “...I take it you’re here to get your Pokédex upgraded too, Grant?”

    ‘...He knows me?’ Grant took a few moments to blink in surprise, before pinching his cheek and continuing.

    “—Yes. That’s one of the reasons I came this way. Thank you.”
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