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The Silvers and the Reds*

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. ((Post your character in the sign up page to join.*

    Exactly 74 years in the past a historic trial was held. A man in long red robes strutted down the courtroom and sat at the front of the large room in a luxurious throne. He put his hand to his face and faked a smile. The accused was a middle aged woman. She was strikingly beautiful and he contemplated making her punishment to be a forced marriage; to him. "Silence please." He whispered. As soon as he uttered those words the room grew silent, for you could hear the slightest scratch of a mouse's paw on the stone floor. "Ms. Simi, you have been charged with Witchcraft. Many witnessed items moving around you on its own accord and others saw a fire spurting from nowhere." He sat up straight and tapped his fingers on the armrest of the chair. The lady glared slightly at him, her beautiful grey eyes were dull with sleep loss and stress. He reminded himself that she had not had the right to this trial for around 4 years now. "I deny that statement, for it was not I who created these unnatural forces of nature." The lady responded roughly. On her chest was a small silver orb connected to her neck by a thin string. "If you wish to convict someone, convict them." She smiled. Gracefully the pale white hand touched the small orb and a brilliant light flashed within the room. Suddenly a large green snake-like dragon entered from the orb and roared, causing many to scream and run. Her words were inaudible, but judging by her expression, she was commanding the beast. The large dragon was bout to strike him when a large orange creature blocked the mass of purple energy. This one changed shape and was human-like, with blue and orange tentacle-like arms snaking around one another to form hands. The two beasts flew up into the air and broke the roof of his courtroom. The lady smiled as the large green dragon slashed and bit at the Orange creature and eventually defeated the Orange one. The Pokemon fell much like a meteor would. The lady walked up to him and grinned happily. "The Reds rule no more. A new blood will course through this land; the Silvers."
    Name- Ashen
    Gender- Female
    Age- 16
    Race- Red
    Partner Pokmemon- Espeon (Nickamed Solstice. Comes from a White Orb)
    Picture- View attachment 249525
    (Not my image.)
    Personality- Raised (and forced) to be obedient. She's never been overly defiant of her lowly jobs, but she hasn't enjoyed them. Ashen is pretty quiet but once you get to know her she's very sarcastic and fun.
    Past- Ashen lived in a poorer sector of the Red Blood community. Her family resorted to working for Silvers to earn money. She was always in the kitchen due to a strength disability she has. Ashen is a master in the kitchen, but barely feeds herself because she feels like her brother needs it more than she does.
    Gate- a small orb that Silvers use to summon Pokemon
    Etsu- Pokemon; the humans aren't smart enough yet
    Summoner- anyone who can summon an Etsu; only silvers with the exception of Red blooded RPers.
    Governor- the King if both Reds and Silvers
    Serephi- the Silver's grand city

    So yeah, I want to make it clear that Silver RPers will already have their gate when they start. Also, please write more than a paragraph! Thanks))

    Ashen washed her hands and smiled at the Royi family. The Silver Family hired Ashen's family to work for them. If she had any say in the decision to work for them or not, she would have refused. The Royi family is nice to them and pays well, but Ashen can't help but think she's inferior to the Etsu-Summoning silvers. "Ah! Ashen, that looks like a wonderful treat for the kids when they get home, thank you!" Mrs.Royi exclaimed as she examined the cake Ashen had finished baking. "Yes Mrs. Royi, it's vanilla and red velvet. Please take care that you don't eat it all tonight!" Ashen replied happily with respect laced finely into her tone. "Again, thank you so much dear. You're such a great joy to have around." The woman cooed as she handed Ashen a small sum of extra cash. She smiled and waved the girl out of the house, ushering her to go home and enjoy time with her family.

    Ashen walked briskly down the cobblestone streets with her head low and her hair hanging over her neck. She glanced around at the small orbs the Silvers wore around their necks that could summon a mythical beast called a Etsu (Pokemon). Ashen watched as kids as young as 3 created a snake out of thin air, or hugged a fire horse without being burnt. The young teenager desperately wished she could have a partner like that, but being born a red-blood means that Ashen did not possess the powers to summon a beast. She kept her head down and smoothed out her nice dress the Royi family bought for her as a gift before slipping into a small alleyway off the side of the street. Ashen's family lived in a small cottage in the nearby hills, but the only way to get there was to pass through the city. The mile Ashen already walks brushing up against silvers is already dangerous as is, and the alleyways are the easiest way to not be spotted as a red among silvers.

    After a small trek through the slimy tunnels that were fit for the murkiest of Etsus would live, Ashen cleared the City of Serephi and made it out to the poor sector of the Red community. All Reds had a home, under silver law, but having a home paid for doesn't mean the Silvers would deliver bread to your doorstep. Even though the rolling hills are dotted with quaint cottages, most of the inhabitants don't have the materials to cook. Thankfully for them, Ashen knows how to cook; quiet well at that. Every few days the villagers agreed to pile baking materials in the square. Ashen would then take them and bake wonderful good out of them to last maybe a week for a person. Then she would place them back in the square with papers signifying who's goods they were.

    Ashen stopped at her doorway to gather the note from the Silvers on their doorstep, but when she was reading it a thump sounded fromm the woods behind her house. Carefully Ashen set down the note and dropped the goods she was carrying. She picked up the skirt of her dress momentarily before gently jogging into the woods. She traveled for a while before coming across her favorite place; a small waterfall with a large ledge looking over the lake it formed. On days when Ashen was feeling adventurous, she would climb the sheer cliff and sit on that ledge and pretend she was the Govenor, or the King, of the Silvers. Something glinted in the water that caught the young girl's eye. Ashen slowly moved to the shallow water's end and crouched down to examine the sparkle in the water.

    It was an orb, or more commonly known as a Gate, just sitting there in the water. It must have been a silver's but once a Etsu is summoned, the Summoner can no longer part with the Gate or else they will suffer from fatal withdrawal of sorts. The Gate was beautiful and perfectly shaped as its sphere. It was a nice milky white and it dazzled in the water beautifully. Ashen picked the orb out of the water. To her surprise it was a lot bigger than the ones she saw in town. The white Gate was about the size of her palm and emitted a soft pink glow as she held it. Out of curiosity she placed the Gate to her bare neck to see what would happen. She didn't feel anything, so Ashen tried to take the Gate away from her neck. But the Gate wouldn't move. It was simply staying there; fastly secured to an invisible force by her neck. "But...I'm red-blooded. I can't use Gates..." Ashen mumbled quietly. She thought back to her parents, and their concern if she came home with a Silver Necessity. Ashen thought quickly and used the white cape to cover the orb. The cape that she uses for carrying goods. Then she heard her mother and father come home form their work and enter the house from a distance. To be honest, the young teenager was surprised that the Silver Govener couldn't hear her brother squeal in delight as her father chased him around the house. Ashen stood quickly and rushed home, holding one hand to her neck as she ran.
  2. Jake stood alone outside a bandit infested dungeon, he had been sent to clear out the cave and retrieve some property the bandits had stolen earlier that week
    "This should be easy scar, you ready?" Said jake as he touched the steel coloured gate built into the hilt of his sword with a flash of light a black and white coloured lucario appear beside him
    'Yeah, seems to be fairly unoccupied and ill defended, I say we just walk in and take them out instead of trying any kind of stealth technique' replied the etsu telepathically
    "I like the sound of that" said jake as he drew his sword and slowly entered the cave with scar in toe

    ---30 minutes later---

    "Is that the last of them" asked jake as he put the last of the stolen goods into a sack which he proceeded to sling over his shoulder
    'Yes, that's all of them I'll seal up the exit to the cells when we leave so no one gets in or out until we have time to move them back to the prison near Serephi' answered the almost bored etsu
    "We'll in that case we're done here now lets head back to Serephi and collect our reward" said jake sheathing his sword and exiting the dungeon
  3. Ella ran through the darkness. Only a month ago, she had run away and couldn't find another village. Ella started to dream about etsus. Just imagine, your best friend whenever you need her, already there. But she was a red. And no red had ever had an etsu, at least to her knowledge. Ella ran through the woods till she came up on a small village not far from her own.

    Ella could here the silent whisper. Water. A lake was about a mile from the village, but she ran anyway. The water tasted sweet and pure. Then she saw a pearl like stone in the water, not far from her. A gate.

    The gate was probably about 4 inches in diameter. Ella felt she had to touch it and put it on, have that moment a feeling like a silver. So she did it. But then she thought of the village, and she decided to take it off. But it wouldn't come off.

    An invisible force help the stone there, and it wouldn't even move an inch. But I'm a red, she thought. Being careful of her simple teal dress, she wrapped her purple cloak around the orb, and knocked on a nearby door. Ella heard the door slowly opened.
  4. Rye, a Silver, one of the Governers sons, heard Ashen walking by. Rye was also, blind, so he had no idea about the necklace. "Hello there miss Ashen?" He asked respectfully. He wasn't rude to her like the other boys were. In fact He often Snuck her money. But Rye wasn't one to brag. His Etsu was An Umbreon with white rings and eyes. His name was Dusk. He sat near Rye quietly, looking out for the blind child.
  5. Ashen was briskly walking to the Royi family the next morning, full of relief. That morning the Gate was able to be separated from her neck. She placed the milky white Gate into the red hair bow she wears to keep her ponytail in place. It was the perfect size to be a mere pretty gem on the ribbon. Ashen was keeping her head down as always, but she glanced up in surprise as she head someone call her.

    "Hello there Miss Ashen?"

    Ashen instantly recognized Rye, or one of the kind Govoner's sons. She smiled gently before reminding herself of her place. "Hello Mister Rye. On behalf of my family, we thank you for your kindness. How are you doing today?" Ashen said formally. She glanced at Dusk, his Etsu, and brought her hand up to her Gate, which glowed pink in response.
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  6. A boy was flying over the city. His jean jacket flapped as he rode on his Pidgeotto. He was having fun, but he didn't really want to run into any Silvers. That's why he was headed to the Red's area. "C'mon, Pidgeo! We gotta break our record!" The Etsu flapped its wings and increased speed. Typho laughed as the wind flapped through his hair. Down below, he spotted something going on. He signaled to Pidgeotto to stop, and the two slowly glided towards the area.
  7. "Good. I can show you how to hide that." He said staring blindly at the Gate around Ashens Neck. "Here." He said warmly handing her the scarf he had been wearing...
  8. Ashen's face grew somewhat red as she took the scarf. "U-uh, but Mister Rye... I-" Ashen knew that it would be against her family rules if she accepted the caring offer, but she desperately needed a way to hide her Gate. "Thank you! This will save me from certain trouble." Ashen smiled. She quickly wound the accessory around her neck; and the Gate.

    A loud series of trumpets caught her attention. A few people had gathered around a single knight riding on a Rapidash. He had a long roll of parchment in his hand as he loudly announced what was written. Ashen listened closely to the announcement. "The ASE has been spotted on the hills near the Red Sectors. They brutally attacked our forces not too long ago. We promise your protection as long as you stay within the city walls. They are after the Etsus to our knowledge, so be wary of your Gates." The knight called. Ashen's eyes grew slightly wide at the mention of the Red Sectors, but she remained silent. "Oh." Ashen said simply in a loss of words. "Well, have a wonderful day Rye, I need to get to... The Royi family." She said in goodbye. Ashen planned to go home to see if her family was ok, and her lies were awful, but she hoped she wouldn't have to bring Rye into her problems.

    ((So yeah, the protagonists can summon stronger Pokemon and their Gates cannot be destroyed. That's why they need to fight ASE, Anti Separation.))
  9. But Rye had already turned and started towards the red sectors. Being around 13-14 he was self sufficient, and hated being treated different because he was blind. Which is why he was freindly with Ashen. With others he got a sharp tongue and often came across as a sarcastic jerk. He pulled the white cloak over his head as he walked swiftly down the empty cobble road.
  10. Ashen watched with a sigh as Rye turned and headed towards the Red Sectors. "Hold on Rye..." She mumbled as she pushed through the dispersing crowd to catch up to the Govenor's son. "Here, I'll go with you. The Royi family has cake for days anyways..." Ashen slapped her hand to her mouth as she said it and then dropped her head. "I am so sorry..." She mumbled to herself.

    Ashen pulled her own cape tighter around her shoulders. As she gazed around Serephi. She kept pace with Rye but didn't dare say another word until she was out of the city. Well, that was until she noticed that her way home was coming up, and so she talked lowly. "Up here is the way I get home, but it's a little rough. I mean, we can use the main gates too if that's what you think would be better."
  11. He stopped and turned. "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I'm helpless!" he snapped. He took a deep breath and exhaled. "It just means I'm more aware to other things." He said as he caught a lotus petal floating on the spring breeze.

    He then turned and tensed suddenly.

    Without a word he grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind a hedge nearby. A Zebrastrika, not harnessed by a gate was being ridden by a man, with a few hundred soldiers behind him.
  12. "Yes of course, but I was just..." Ashen dropped her head. She knew Rye resented being treated differently, but she wasn't sure what was too much. She raised her head again as the blind teenager caught a lotus petal. She cocked her head slightly and looked around. Normally you wouldn't find Lotus in the city...

    Ashen was too busy trying to figure out where the petal may have come from to notice Rye tense. She squeaked quietly in surprise as she was pulled into a nearby hedge. Ashen bit her tounge to hold back a surprise remark as she glanced at the Zebstrika and all the people after it. "What is that?..." Ashen breathed in confusion.
  13. "That was a ASE commander." He said as he released Dusk. "Go check it out!" He whispered and the creature dissapeared into shadows. It reapered a few minutes later and barked at Rye. "Ok let's go." He said helping her up nimbly.
  14. Ashen watched as the Etsu leaped off into the shadows after coming out of its gate. "How do you do that?" She asked. Now that she had a Gate... Maybe she could summon her own Etsu. Ashen appreciated the help getting up and she brushed off the work dress she had on. "Ahh, this is no time to wonder about that." Ashen told herself. Under the scarf, she thought she felt the Gate vibrate, but she dismissed the thought as soon as it came. "Where specifically are you going? I just kinda assumed you were going to my Village, but i never asked." Ashen commented.
  15. "Oh Just trying to figure out the Ases strategy." He said as Dusk nudged Ashens leg. " He wants to know what your Etsu is, don't worry, we can keep secrets." He said as he brushed the hair out of his eyes, not that it mattered.
  16. "It's not like I wouldn't trust you, of all people, Rye." Ashen joked lightly. "Ah, but I'm not sure how to summon an Etsu..." She added. The Gate glowed underneath the scarf, so Ashen removed the accessory and studied the glowing object at her neck. Ashen took a slow breath and then placed two fingers on the Gate.

    In a small flash of white light, Ashen's Etsu appeared. It was a slender pink cat-like Etsu with a forked tail. It had large purple eyes and a small red gem on its forehead. The Etsu shook out it's fur and gazed up at Ashen happily. "Oh! So you're... Your my Etsu?" She gasped as she crouched down to study the Etsu better. "You remind me of the sun, I'll call you Solstice." Ashen proclaimed. "Unfortunately, I can't waltz around with you... I'm a Red. So...please... Return?" She commanded with doubt laced in her tone. The Espeon looked up at Ashen with defiant eyes before turning her head. "Oh... Well, Rye... For the next few moments you have two Etsus." She said in frustration.
  17. The Umbreon looked puzzedly at the pink furred pokemon. He tapped at the crystal awkwardly and whined. Eeveelution Etsus were quite rare and very few had acquired them.

    "Try being more... Firm?" He suggested.
  18. "Firm?" Ashen repeated. She glanced at her Etsu, who was currently sitting down and smoothing out her fur. Solstice glanced at Dusk before becoming very interested in a small rock at her paws. "Ok, Solstice, you need to Return." Ashen commanded; this time with much more of a commanding tone. The Espeon rolled her eyes before flashing white and moving into the Gate. "Ah, that's more like it." Ashen beamed. "So that was my Etsu... Wow...." She breathed. "Should we move out?" Ashen suggested.
  19. "Yeah we should." He murmured and started listening to the empty streets. "Let's go." He muttered to Dusk. His White Cloak flapped in the wind. "Storm is coming. I can taste it." He said to Ashen before setting off the way the had come.
  20. Ashen followed despite her house was in the other direction. She was too involved in a state of minor shock at the thought of having a Etsu to care much. Ashen did pull her cape closer to her once more and she wrapped the scarf back over her Gate. She could feel the slight sense of rain in the air, but she wouldn't have deducted that it would be a storm. Ashen walked next to Rye, glancing at Dusk. "Can you talk to Dusk?" She asked, trying to figure out what she could do with an Etsu.
  21. "Yes I can. Dusk can convey basic thoughts telepathically. One of these being sight. He can also speak verbally, but is rather quiet."
    He said blinking.

    Once he got to her house he sorta waved goodbye. By then the rain had started to fall and he hurried for the castle walls.
  22. Ashen waved from her house as she watched as the rain started to blur her vision of Rye as he made his way to the castle walls. After she was unable to see the Govenor's son anymore, Ashen slowly opend the door to her house and creeped inside, making sure the scarf was still around her neck. Her parents should be in the living room by now and Harry should have been wrapping it up for the rest of the evening. Ashen's predictions were somewhat right at least, her mother was in the living room. "How was the Royi family Ashen?" Her mother cooed as she walked in. "Oh, just perfect. Mrs. Royi and the kids are surely enjoying their red velvet cake I made." Ashen lied. It was partially true, she did make a cake for them, but that was yesterday.

    "I need to take a break." Ashen sighed as she trudged to her room and instantly fell asleep.

    In the morning Ashen was outside, using an outdoor oven to bake bread.
  23. Typho had been flying close until the ASE troop came along. Then he had bailed. However, on the path he had ailed he had somehow once again found the two individuals he had seen earlier. However, he was now able to see one of them was... "JUNIOR GOVERNOR RYE?! Come on, Pidgeo, let's investigate." The pair had begun to fly lower, keeping close to Jr. Gov. Rye.
  24. The White Robed teenager whipped around. " What do you want?" He snapped at the figure on the pigeotto.
    Dusk gnashed his teeth at the figure.
  25. "Gah!" Typho reeled in shock as Pidgeo flapped back. "Forgive me. I was just wondering what you were doing out here. Trying to escape from all the stupid formalities, I guess." Typho said.
  26. "That's none of your business, sir." He said curtly before making a rude gesture and walking towards the castle.
  27. Ashen finished up her baking and washed her hands in the sink. Well, she was planning to do that, but the faucet didn't produce any water for her. Ashen smiled slightly telling herself to get over it and just go outside and wash. The red blooded teen briskly walked to her small lake where she had first found the Gate. Ashen sat down by the lake and gazed up at the quiet waterfall before taking the water in her hands and using soap from home to wash. Out of habit, she brought her hand to her neck, which summoned Solstice now. As the Etsu appeared, Ashen braced herself for the pink cat's attitude. However, it never came. Solstice instantly rubbed her head on Ashen's leg; as she was standing now, and cooed happily. 'What is with this change?' She wondered wildly as stared at Solstice. The Espeon's ears perked and suddenly she started to growl lowly.

    Ashen quickly tied Rye's scarf over the gate to make sure that no other red would come along, but Solstice refused to return. A small rustle behind her was the only warning Ashen got. The cold metal of a sword was at her neck and she could feel the presence of a human behind her. Her eyes widened as whomever was behind her spoke. "You! You are a Silver among Reds! Do not lie, we know that this is your Etsu." A free hand pointed at Solstice. "No! You don't understand! I am a red!" Ashen protested with a shudder as the cold of the steel got to her. "Red or Silver, we don't care. We just need to eliminate all of you anyways... Leave a few for servants and we're good. Ha! But for the Govenor's family..." The man laughed at unknown knowledge to Ashen. Solstice took this as a threat and launched a big beam of multicolored matter at the human behind her. It was enough to make him lose grip on his sword, which made a dull thump on the ground as it landed. Ashen lurched forwards to grab a stick to defend herself with, but her wrist was caught by the mysterious man. "Hey! Let go of me!" Ashen demanded, feeling bad for the solider if he didn't let go. When he didn't, Ashen and Solstice attacked, using various kicks and Psychic powers respectively. The man had on a white uniform made of leather with the letters ASE on it. "Solstice... I think we need to make a decision here. Should we take our day off to go and see the Govenor, who may or may not decline my presence, or hope Rye already knows about ASE's plans and can defend himself?" Ashen signed. "Let me think on it." She answered herself as she silently returned Solstice and started to walk back home thinking of ways to get the mud off her dress.
  28. Typho flinched as he felt something nearby. "JUNIOR MINISTER, DOWN!" he said. commanding Pidgeo to deflect the storm of incoming arrows with a wind-based attack. "It's the ASE. They're trying to ambush and kill you!"
  29. "No you idiot I'm ambushing them!" He yelled at Typho.

    He unsheathed his knife, a present from his father, listening as the ASE surrounded him and Typho.
  30. "A knife, huh? Certainly quite out of the ordinary. I prefer a more classy weapon, myself." Typho said, drawing his sword from its scabbard. Pidgeo took flight once more, Typho on its back. "Let's go!" he said, beginning to press the attack.
  31. Rye sensed a soldier before him. He snapped his neck cleanly, before letting him fall to the ground. Another soldier stepped up to fight him, his sword drawn. They clashed for a few moments till Rye punched him in the face, and broke his collar bone by smashing him off of the pavers. But eventually he got overrun by a paladin. He narrowly escaped getting bludgeoned by the paladins hammer.

    After a little while the fighting had died down, and all that was let was a few dying soldiers on the cobblestone square.

    Rye was clutching his side, where he had a nasty stab wound, along with a few other nicks and scrapes.
  32. Almost three quarters of those men had been wounded or killed by Typho. "I don't understand. Why would people do this?" he asked. Pidgeo whirred a bit before twitching. "Huh? Do you feel something, Pidgeo?" Typho asked.
  33. Ashen walked briskly into Serephi with her head low as usual. Her mother had asked her to use a small sum of her earnings to buy a gift for her bother's upcoming birthday. There were many shops that sold fun little items and as long as she didn't buy something extravagant, no one would question Ashen. She paused for a moment by the castle to look up at it... And to gasp in horror. A young male and his flying Etsu had a sword drawn alongside Rye. Both were surrounded by bloodied soldiers on the ground. Ashen brought her hands to her mouth. With quick thinking, she pretended as if she was heading to the castle and request something and then strayed from her path. "What in the world were you two thinking? Are you ok?" Ashen asked as she studied the two wounded people in front of her.
  34. "Fine. Thank you for asking, miss." Typho said. There were tears in his cloth over garments, revealing layers of lightweight chainmail underneath.
  35. Rye hadn't fared as well. He had several lacerations across his stomach and chest and he was hold his side from a stab wound. Pulling on a tired grin he said, "You should have seen the other guy."

    Dusk was helping support him, though he needed serious medical attention.
  36. "My name is Sir Typho." he said. "A pleasure to meet you."
  37. "Uh, I'm Ashen Sir." Ashen responded, carefully tightening the scarf around her neck. "I still need to know what happened. "Sir Typho, do you know where medics are? I'm... Not from around here." She dodged. Ashen was not prepared to say that she was a Red who was friends with a Silver. "Ok Rye... I get attacked in the woods and then have to make the decision to warn you or not.... Ugh. Sorry for not telling you sooner." Ashen apologized.
  38. "Unfortunately, no. I live on the other side of town." Typho said, sadly. "I'll try and see who or what I can find." With that, Typho hopped onto Pidgeo and flew off.
  39. Rye was stumbling off and smashed his head into the wall rendering him unconscious. His fall was slowed as he fell upon his Etsu.

    His Etsu, Dusk was trapped beneath him, since Dusk wasn't super strong he couldn't move.
  40. "Oh! Oh no... Hold on." Ashen muttered as she summoned Solstice. "Ok, help me out here please?" She asked the Etsu. The Red gently lifted up Rye so Dusk could get out. Solstice bounded over to the Umbreon to make sure he was ok. A person falling on him may not have been very serious injury wise, but considering what she saw with the soldiers she was more worried about reopened wounds.

    Ashen then proper Rye up against a wall and sent Solstice out to find someone willing to help.

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