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The Silver and Red (an RP idea)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EspeonTheBest, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. So yeah everyone! Welcome to my idea. It's called the Silver and Red, and let me explain. Here's the intro.

    Exactly 74 years in the past a historic trial was held. A man in long red robes strutted down the courtroom and sat at the front of the large room in a luxurious throne. He put his hand to his face and faked a smile. The accused was a middle aged woman. She was strikingly beautiful and he contemplated making her punishment to be a forced marriage; to him. "Silence please." He whispered. As soon as he uttered those words the room grew silent, for you could hear the slightest scratch of a mouse's paw on the stone floor. "Ms. Simi, you have been charged with Witchcraft. Many witnessed items moving around you on its own accord and others saw a fire spurting from nowhere." He sat up straight and tapped his fingers on the armrest of the chair. The lady glared slightly at him, her beautiful grey eyes were dull with sleep loss and stress. He reminded himself that she had not had the right to this trial for around 4 years now. "I deny that statement, for it was not I who created these unnatural forces of nature." The lady responded roughly. On her chest was a small silver orb connected to her neck by a thin string. "If you wish to convict someone, convict them." She smiled. Gracefully the pale white hand touched the small orb and a brilliant light flashed within the room. Suddenly a large green snake-like dragon entered from the orb and roared, causing many to scream and run. Her words were inaudible, but judging by her expression, she was commanding the beast. The large dragon was bout to strike him when a large orange creature blocked the mass of purple energy. This one changed shape and was human-like, with blue and orange tentacle-like arms snaking around one another to form hands. The two beasts flew up into the air and broke the roof of his courtroom. The lady smiled as the large green dragon slashed and bit at the Orange creature and eventually defeated the Orange one. The Pokemon fell much like a meteor would. The lady walked up to him and grinned happily. "The Reds rule no more. A new blood will course through this land; the Silvers."

    So in a nutshell the Reds are humans with blood, like we are IRL. However, some were born with silver blood. They became known as the Silvers and the red bloods the Reds. In this RP you are either a Red or a Silver who is born with the power to summon a Pokemon with an orb. There is a mysterious force that threatens both the Silvers and the Reds, and the two sides must find common ground to stop it. The Anseparist or the ASE is a huge and evil organization with mysterious motives. Silvers can summon Pokemon, it's not rare, normally and they are the higher class. Reds usually cant summon Pokemon (except for you) and are treated like slaves but aren't forced to is work. So yeah, I wanted to see how this one flys. What do you think? Here is a Character template. This is placed in the medival times and you are allowed one Pokemon.

    Age- (15-17)
    Race- (Red or Silver)
    Partner Pokmemon- (Must be level 30 and has to be able to evolve/ has evolved. Mega evolution counts as and evolution but you won't be able to mega evolve within the RP.)
    Past- (good/bad childhood? Parents forgiving and kind or strict and mean?)

    Name- Ashen Clearwater
    Gender- Female
    Age- 16
    Race- Red
    Partner Pokmemon- Espeon (Nickamed Solstice. Comes from a White Orb)
    Picture- image.jpg
    (Not my image.)
    Personality- Raised (and forced) to be obedient. She's never been overly defiant of her lowly jobs, but she hasn't enjoyed them. Ashen is pretty quiet but once you get to know her she's very sarcastic and fun.
    Past- Ashen lived in a poorer sector of the Red Blood community. Her family resorted to working for Silvers to earn money. She was always in the kitchen due to a strength disability she has. Ashen is a master in the kitchen, but barely gets enough to eat, do she's unhealthily skinny.
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  2. Name- jake
    Gender- Male
    Age- 17
    Race- silver
    Partner Pokemon- Lucario {black and white with a scar over its right eye} (nicknamed scar comes from a steel coloured orb)
    Personality- raised to be a leader and to be decisive. He earns an ok living as a rogue hunter in the wild. He has a very fierce persona but after a while he becomes more warm and gentle
    Past- jake was born in to a wealthy family of land owners. So he never really needed to seek work however he had nothing else to do so why not
  3. That works! Thank you. Tell your friends and stuff.
  4. Name: Ella Faiwind
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: Red
    Partner Pokemon: Sylveon (has a magenta star on tip of left ribbon)
    Not My Image
    Personality: Feirce, loyal, kind, gentle. Has wild mood swings and a little bit strange. Is secretive and very intelligent
    Past: Born in a middle class family, everything was fine until the one day she summoned her partner. Ever since she was an outcast. Parents are kind but aren't often good at showing their proudness towards her. She ran away a month before and now saying she is a silver from another nation.
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  5. Tell other people, we need at minimum 4 people.
  6. Invited one person
  7. Name: Luca
    Race: Silver
    Pokemon: Charizard (Has a Quick temper, so does Luca, comes from the Crimson Orb)
    Picture:[​IMG] NOT MY IMAGE!

    Personality: Never really made the Reds do any of his work, He was kind to them, He always wanted a Charmander, He is quick Temper never really had Bad servants. all were good to him and he was good to them,

    Past: He had a fare Childhood, His parents showed him No love or affection, So the "Government" took him to a Whole new Family but, he was happy in the end...,
  8. Okie dokie, I'll make the thread.
  9. Did you make the thread?
  10. Yes. -.- it's been up for over a week already.
  11. Hey, could I maybe join? I already have an idea for a character.
  12. Thanks! In that case...

    Name: Typho
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Race: Silver
    Partner: Pidgeotto
    Picture: N/A
    Personality: Funny guy, likes to crack jokes and keep things light-hearted. Aerial ace (not the move).
    Past: A boy who grew up on the outskirts of the city, he was raised into a higher class that he could never grow into. His life is full with expectations that he can't easily fulfill, and he envies the Reds.
  13. Okie dokie! I'll give you an overview for the current time.

    Ashen introduces the concepts of this world and then got a Gate despite being a Red.

    Jake is out with his Lucario

    Ella is trying to find her way back to her village

    Rye is talking to Ashen as she goes to work the next morning.

    Once you join, I'll introduce the main antagonist.
  14. Already in and flying above you.
  15. Ella ran away and is hiding, not trying to find her village.
    Note: I'm sorry if this post sounded bossy, I promise I'm not trying to be
  16. Espeon you should write these role plays into books and I could illustrate! Imagine a Project p graphic novel.
  17. I could totally do that! It would give me such a more relaxed way to write!

    ...are you serious because I really will do that if you're willing.
  18. Yus I'd love too! Although I'm trying more colorful and less harsh In my art.
  19. \(ΩθΩ)/ αnticipates response
  20. Of course then! I'll do it. Project P?
  21. If you want. Some of the other ones could be neat, like the war of Alteria or the Silver and the Reds but yeah.

    Actually project p would be good because it ends fairly quickly. Essentially you can kill off nocturne or x7 how you like.
  22. Well, Solstice dies in the same way, so that works. How should we do chapters?

    Maybe we should do conversation. I'll make it.

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