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Private/Closed The Silvalya Region RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EnderTheFox, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. It was morning, the sun's light covered the camp as Robin walked out of the tent she slept in. You could hear a few Pigdey's chirp in the distance as the snow fell slowly towards the earths ground. The red-headed female grunted as she made her way to the largest tent set up in the middle of camp. when she entered she placed her hand on the map they where building "This is going to take forever" she groaned.
  2. Terra, who was sitting in the map tent with a bowl of oatmeal and a heavily steaming cup coffee, chuckled at the grogginess of her fellow explorer. Her hands cupped her scalding hot mug through her gloved hands. On the back of her chair was a thick black, hooded coat. It had silky, shiny black fur around the hood and cuffs. The back of the coat was long and nearly trailed the ground.

    Pawing at the end of the coat was a little white paw. Flurry Heart had finished her breakfast and was now using her trainer's coat as a toy. "Flurry, you have toys," she chuckled, pushing a lock of yellow blonde hair behind her ear. "That's my only winter coat; please don't tear it up," she sighed before sipping her coffee.
  3. Robin looked up as she started to slip her coat off "I'm not a morning person, Terra, you know this" she stated as she finally got the long black coat off, placing it on the back of the chair she was going to sit in. Aita escaped from the pokéball Robin had attached to her belt, the ghost type floated over to Flurry Heart as she picked up a small toy starring at it "Aita don't break anything, I'll be back after I get some coffee from the food tent" and with the she walked out of the large tent.

    After about ten minuets she walked back in, cup of coffee in hand "Alright, where do we wanna start today".
  4. Kaleb woke up in the guys tent. Nobody was awake yet, except his partner, Croco, who escaped from his Ball during the night.

    "Hey Croco," Kaleb said. This was the second new Region he had explored, after the island. He left all his Pokémon, including even Pangoro, at Sycamore's lab, as he was starting fresh in this region, like he did on the island. He missed his old Pokémon, but he was going to see them again once he had left this region.

    He walked out of the tent, and waited for the others to wake up, with Crocodile at his side.
  5. Terra couldn't help but continue to chuckle as her oatmeal and coffee helped warm her in her new icy home. "The whole place is made of ice and snow so we can start anywhere, really," Terra responded to Robin. She had been a transient for most of her life. She went wherever the wind took her and she didn't quite know where to go yet in Silvalya.

    Flurry yipped in glee at seeing another pokemon trying to play. "Vul!" she cried as she pounced at her fellow pokemon. She missed and landed in an snowy white heap. Ice crystals flew from her tails at the shock of landing on the floor. "Oh..." Terra muttered as she scooped up her whimpering pokemon. "You know to be careful," she told her pokemon firmly.
  6. Kaleb had walked off on his own, tired of waiting for the others to wake up. He and Croco had been walking for a while when they were ambushed by a swarm of Beedrill.

    "Croco, Sand Attack!" Kaleb called out as Croco the Sandile kicked up dust, shielding them from the Beedrill. He jumped and used Bite, and followed up with multiple Rage attacks, hitting them with more and more damage every time.

    Kaleb, deciding not to catch one, ran back to camp, with Croco close behind.

    "Great job, bud," he said to the Crocodile Pokémon, who smiled in return. They walked back into the tent, and Kaleb decided to take another nap, since the running tired him out.
  7. As her eyes fluttered open, Stella yawned. The muscles in her body got to work as her hands begun stretching heaven-ward, and her back arched. She rolled her head left and right, riding herself of the slight stiffness that had accumulated during the night. Although she didn't particularly enjoy mornings, she didn't particularly hate them either. However, this morning was especially disastrous, her joints seemed to seize up as the numbing cold sunk beneath her skin, slowly pervading her entire body. That was, of course, the least of her concerns. Her most concerning dilemma was now headed out the door, leaving an eye-catching trail of singed footsteps. Hestia, her one, and only Magby was the complete opposite of her trainer.

    The cold didn't even faze the fire type, who was brimming with excitement...too much excitement. She was, in fact, so excited that her internal flame kindled and her body temperature had begun to skyrocket. Stella could very clearly see the path Hestia had taken from the sleeping bag they shared to the tent's entrance. It wasn't hard to spot considering the collateral damage that had followed the heated fire type as she moved. Fortunately, the island's naturally cold climate prevented the tent from outright being set ablaze.

    The small fire type stopped right in front of the door, seemingly startled by the sudden awakening of its trainer. Hestia stared at her trainer simultaneously noticing the wisps of steam and smoke that arose from her footprints. She smiled sheepishly - or about as sheepish as a Magby gets - before she pivoted and bolted out the tent's flaps. Stella gaped in shock, only regaining her sense as the blur of red vanished from her sight. Her face flushing scarlet with anger, she immediately gave chase. The early morning game of cat and mouse ended when Amystella's fervent pursuit paid off. As Hestia dove into the Map tent, Stella followed merely microseconds after. She swept the fleeing Pokemon into her arms and pinched its cheek in mock anger.

    She was about to launch into a tirade of scoldings when she noticed Robin and Terra. Swallowing down her intended words, she flashed them both an embarrassed smile, fairly certain she looked like a mess. She shifted on the spot until Hestia was firmly nestled against her bosom, The mellow heat effusing from Hestia evicting the numbness from her body. Significantly more comfortable than she'd been a few moments ago, Stella took a seat greeting the duo of ladies.

    "Morning ~"
  8. Robin couldn't help but laugh "Man, now this is my type of morning, how was your rest Stella?" she said as she sat down in the chair her coat was hanging from.

    Aita tilted her head as she watched Flurry "Shu?" the ghost type was now next to the Vulpix as she floated around the trainer and pokémon. Robin looked over at her partner as she chuckled "Aita, play nice alright?" and with a nodded from her partner Robin started to look at the map "Hmm, how about we travel up the mountain or at least halfway".
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  9. "We could definitely manage it along the coast," Terra agreed as she stood to lean over the map. "The mountains make me nervous, though. They're rough enough in typical seasons during summer but it's constantly the dead of winter here! It'd be suicide to take the hike," she argued, not daring to look up at her companions. She instead focused on the baby ice type in her arms. Flurry was rather enjoying the attention but hopped down to inspect the new pokemon in the tent.
  10. Robin thought for a second before nodding slightly "Seems good, at least the waters warm there" she stated as Aita looked at her partner as she floated towards her "Oh hey Aita, but anyways, we need to wait for everyone else to wake up or we leave a note and leave on our own" Robin said.
  11. Kaleb watched Stella chase Hestia, and when she dove into the map room, he chuckled.

    He followed them into the map room and overheard the conversation.

    "I say leave a note," he said, as Croco jumped into the tent after him. "We could leave quicker if we did that."

    Croco, upon seeing Aita, Flurry, and Hestia, walked over to them as if he wanted to play. He smiled at them and started running in circles, making Kaleb chuckle.

    "He's a playful one," Kaleb said as he watched Croco.
  12. Leo opened his eyes slowly and was greeted by the inviting sun. His Shinx, Carnage, still lay asleep, his shiny blue fur glistening in the morning light that bled through the tent walls. "Wake up, sleepy-head," Leo said as he pet the young Electric type. Carnage's golden eyes fluttered open and smiled at the sight of his trainer. Leo put on his dark gray hoodie that was next to him, suddenly realizing the bitter cold had started stinging his skin. He stood up and picked up Carnage, as he opened up the flap door of the tent.
  13. Halt climbed out of his tent, and checked his solar pannel. He was prepared coming here, and made a tent heater with solar panels to charge through the day. His pokemon, Blade, walked out as well. Noticing people inside the main tent, the two walked inside. "Morn, what's for breakfast?" He asked those inside. He picked up a pitcher, and poured himself some hot tea, something he makes personally for himself. Blade climbed up as well, and took a smaller cup for himself.
  14. Robin turn her head to see Halt "We're heading down the coast, wanna come?" she asked. Aita smiled as she landed on Robing shoulder "We might even be able to catch some water types down there".
  15. Halt sighed at the request. "I might as well go. Let me finish my tea first." He said, taking a seat. "So, plan for today, check coast? That's all? I thought you guys would be more intrigued to bring in power? I have my solar panels set up already."
    Blade hopped from the stove down to the table. Sitting down next to Halt, he drank his tea in a similar fassion.
  16. Robin rolled her eyes "I know Halt, but we need to start on the map, you know the job we were sent here for?" she stated as Aita yawned. Getting up from the chair Robin wrote a small note saying they were going along the coast "Alright, I left the note we can leave when ready".
  17. Stella silently listened in on the conversation, she didn't really have much to add. Considering their current location -with a seemingly endless mountains chain to their front stretching as far as the eyes could see, and the even more encompassing ocean to their backs- there were only two reasonable locations to explore. They'd either follow the coast or try to cross the mountains. As Terra had mentioned, the mountains were far too treacherous for them to rush into them, so they could only really head to the coast. It was a perfectly logical decision and Stella had no complaints, but she did have a few questions.

    "So... who's going to be in charge of drawing the map? It's usually best to assign it to one person for consistency. Any volunteers?"

    She hated to admit it, but she was a horrible cartographer. If she were to draw the map, it would be equivalent to the scribbles of a 5-year old child.
  18. "I have been writing and drawing since I was seven," Kaleb said. "I guess I could make the map."

    Croco, meanwhile, jumped around in excitement. He was running in circles, utterly confused but at the same time excited.

    Kaleb sighed at his partner, returning him to his ball. "Try to calm down," he muttered to the pokeball before looking back up at the others.
  19. Robin smiled "Sure thing Kaleb!" she said, she grabbed her coat putting it back on "Alright, everyone be prepared for a blizzard at all times, we have no idea whats going to happen in this weather.". Aita awed as she watched the falling snow as she stuck her head out the fabric door "Aita come back here! Don't let the cold air in!".
  20. Leo listened in on the conversation from afar and walked inside the main tent with Carnage in his arms. "Morning guys! What'cha doing?"
  21. Robin turned her head as she heard Leo "Oh hey Leo, we are getting ready to go to the coast, wanna come?" she asked while Aita floated up to Carnage "Shu?".
  22. "Well there's plenty of coffee and oatmeal for everyone. Go ahead and grab some to keep yourselves warm on the walk. No one needs to hike out here on an empty stomach," Terra advised as she went to take her now empty bowl away. She had finished it off while the others were making plans. Realizing she needed more coffee as well, she scooped up her mug and went to get a refill.
  23. "Sure thing!" He said in his upbeat voice. "Shinx?" Carnage mewed to Aita, looking slightly confused as Leo grabbed a cup of coffee. "Can't wait!" He said, petting Carnage's head as the Electric type grew annoyed at the gesture.
  24. Robin chuckled as she finished her coffee "Alright, come on let's get moving" . Aita landed on Carnage's back as she giggled "Shup, Shuppet!".
  25. Stella opted for a cup of tea rather than coffee. She held a certain distaste for coffee's bitter aftertaste and its staunch scent. A cup of tea sweetened with honey, milk or sugar would be her pick any day. She kept the teacup resting atop Hestia's head using her partner as a natural cup warmer to great effect. Even in the almost arctic conditions of the island, her tea would remain warms and fragrant.

    Since they were headed towards the coast Stella pondered over what Pokemon would best compliment her team, and since the only team member she had was Hestia the Magby her options were plentiful. She periodically took small sips from her cup as her mind wondered, only paying minimal attention to the conversation at hand.
  26. Kaleb didn't care for coffee, much like Stella, and instead grabbed some tea. He also grabbed some oatmeal to eat on the way.

    "Should we head out now?" he asked Robin. "Or should we wait for Shawn?" He was the only person left who hadn't entered the tent.

    Croco had managed to wriggle out of his ball and start running around again, much to Kaleb's dismay. Croco ran up to Aita and Flurry and tilted his head.
  27. Halt grinned as he devoured his oatmeal. "I say we leave him. Someone needs to watch base." He said to the crew.
    Blade looked down at the playing pokemon below the table. He shook his head at them, not being the playful type.
  28. Aita looked up at the watching Blade, she giggled before floating up to him and smiling "Shu!". Robin chuckled at her partner's actions before nodding slightly "Alright then, its settled come on let's go!" she walked out the large tents 'door' having Aita leave Blade and follow her.
  29. Kaleb and Croco followed Robin and Aita, leaving the tent.

    "So, we're going to the coast, huh?" he said as he started to sketch their camp into the middle of the map, as they were in the middle of the region.
  30. Stella snapped back from her world of thoughts and hastily stood up, draining her teacup in one swift action. With a series of small but rapid steps, she followed Robin and Caleb out of the tent. She still hadn't quite decided on which Pokemon she'd catch but there was no point in worrying about it now. She'd resigned herself to catch the first thing that caught her attention, though the coast would leave her slightly disadvantaged. Hestia wasn't exactly the best Pokemon for a beach trip but they'd make do somehow.
  31. Putting her coat back on, Terra fixes another cup of strong, black coffee. Scooping up her Alolan Vulpix, Terra declared herself ready with a chuckle. What could she catch at the coast, though? A water type? She already had an ice type and what she really needed was a ground type. "I guess I could look for a Mudkip or a Shellos," she proposed out loud.
  32. Robin petted Aita as she sat on her shoulder "Well, there are more then just water types maybe there since its the warmest place on the island" she stated as she walked along.
  33. Halt walked to them. "Yea, I'm expecting fire types and water types there." He said to them.
    Blade walked along with Halt, and climbed up onto his arm. He hung on to his arm like a monkey.
  34. Robin giggled at Blades actions, her eyes focused as heard a small crunch in the snow around them "Looks like we aren't alone, or more Pokemon have decided to say hi" she mumbled. Five Zigzagoon's hissed as they circled the group "Great, angry raccoons". Aita hopped off Robin's shoulder as the group of Zigzagoon's hissed once more.

    (OOC: This is all random generated, I rolled a 5, so a hoard of five Pokemon, then I randomly got linoone, but choose to go for to pre-evolved form, then I rolled the number 14, meaning they are all level 14.)
  35. Halt groaned at the hoard of pokemon who appeared. "Blade, do your thing." He said in a relaxed voice. Blade slid down the shirt and landed on his feet holding out his arms like blades. "Fury Cutter." Halt said, and Blade lept to the Zigzagoons. He slashed at one, and then another. The thing about Fury Cutter, is that each attack grows stronger each time it's used.
  36. Stella remained impassive, Zigzagoon wasn't what she had in mind for her team. Seeing as Halt's Blade had already taken action Stella allowed Hestia to enter the fray as well.

    "Give is all you've got, let's start with Smog!"

    Knowing that it wouldn't affect the steel type Pokemon and it had a fairly wide range Smog was the best choice from among Hestia's moves. Leaping from Stella's arms Hestia landed in the snow, the area directly around her rapidly melting from her presence. She spewed a large cloud of noxious gas that floated towards the group of Zigzagoon. Meanwhile, Stella was having second thoughts, although not a Pokemon she'd use for battel Zigzagoons were rather skilled at finding miscellaneous items due to their ability. Maybe she'd catch one after all.
  37. Robin looked at Stella and Halt before looking at Aita "Ready, alright use shadow sneak!". Aita nodded slightly before turning into a shadow and hitting one of the Zigzagoon's, Robin looked as the Zigzagoon used headbutt on the ghost type, only to be confused when Aita giggled "Confuse Ray!" the red-headed trainer called out, as the small ball of purple whipped around the normal type Robin watched as it got absorbed into the Zigzagoons body.

    Now being actually confused Robin pulled out a pokéball before lightly throwing it at the Raccoon Pokemon, after a few seconds it clicked shut making her smiled "Welcome to the team".
  38. Croco leapt at the Zigzagoon closest to him, and hit him with Bite. He used Sand Attack on the hoard, blowing dust in their faces.

    "Anybody who wants to catch one, now is the time!" Kaleb called out to the others as he threw a pokeball.

    It absorbed the Zigzagoon in red light before encasing it inside the ball, which shook once, twice, and three times, before making a small click sound.
  39. "Ah, might as well..."

    Muttering to herself, Stella tossed a Pokeball that smacked a Zigzagoon square in the snout. The Zigzagoon didn't put up much resistance and was caught with a resounding click. The Pokeball, which had been retrieved by Hestia, now sit squarely in Stella palm. She stared at it for a few moments, as she pondered a name.

    "Let's call you... Lyla"
  40. Halt shook his head at the pokemon being caught. "Nah, I don't think Zigzagoons are my style." He walked ahead, as Blade finished off his pokemon. "How far is the coast?"

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