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Private/Closed The Shining Forest RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Midnight yawned, waking up next to a Pile of Cheri and Figi berries. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes, while grabbing a Cheri berry and gulping it down, his face turning a light red before he flinched, jolting up, and grabbing all the berries with Psychic, dumping them into a safe, under a tree, covering it up with a few leaves before walking off. He sat down near the river, lying down, drinking some water, occasionally looking around, in case he was to be attacked while off guard.
  2. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Sparkle carefully came out of his little burrow despite being a Vaporeon he preferred it though it was still by a little stream deep enough to swim in and shallow enough to stand in he carefully went in the stream trying to be as small as possible
  3. Alder climbed out of his home in the branches of his large oak tree. Stretching the grass type sunk his claws into the tough bark before he climbed down. He sniffed a oran berry bush to check for any ripe ones before grabbing one.
  4. Rin just sat under a tree, just watching some videos of AlbertsStuff in her phone. This usually cheers her up, however, instead of laughing, she just sighed and said,"It's better when brother was here..." Rin said, looking all depressed,"I mean, things aren't just the same since he's with that shiny-kind of a jackass-Glaceon, Kaito...".
  5. Midnight stared at the river suspiciously, before taking a step in. The water wasn't too cold, it wasn't hot at all. He smiled, before getting to the point where he couldn't stand, and started swimming. He smiled, swimming down the River where he jumped up onto a rock resting there, staring at the area around him.
  6. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Sparkle smiled as a shiny Diggersby came out of a nearby burrow and sat by the stream "More Rain last night might have to block up our burrows if another bad one comes" she said Sparkle nodded specifically putting his cheeks under the water so his blush couldn't show
  7. Rin then walked to the river that Midnight was in,"Hey Mid..." she said, still depressed from her lonely feeling without her brother.
  8. Midnight turned to Rin then frowned, swimming over. "Hey Rin, something wrong?" Midnight asked, shaking the water out of his fur, before sitting next to Rin. "Sorry if I got you a bit wet there..." He frowned,
  9. Rin sighed, looking more sadder than before,"I... I'm... Im not sure..." the shiny Flareon said as her ears dropped,"I mean, it... It has been months since I've seen... M-My brother...".
  10. Midnight frowned, putting his head on her back. "Hey, I know Kaito has kind of been stealing Len from you, but I don't think I get to hang out with Red or Take as often as you get to hang out with Len! W-Whatever you do, don't cry..." Midnight frowned.
  11. Electra stretched and yawned, before crawling out of a small burrow she had made. She looked around, before walking over to a bush, poking around in it to see if she could find any berries to eat. "I'm starving! There's gotta be a berry in this bush somewhere!" Electra said to herself.
  12. The Flareon smiled a bit,"T-Thanks..." she said as her ears perked back up,"I... Don't know how to say this...".
  13. Midnight let out a sigh of relief. "You're welcome." He smiled, letting goof Rin. "You do't know how to say what? Uhh, you don't know how to say, a word that makes you sad, question mark?" Midnight frowned.
  14. "Meh, more less~" she giggled, then turned to Electra,"Talk to you later, Mid!" she said as he walked towards the shiny Jolteon,"Oh, hey there!" Rin said, waving softly at her.
  15. Midnight laughed a bit. "OK then, see you later then." H smiled, standing up and walking back over to the river, watching Rin walk over to Electra. He jumped onto the rock he was on before with a smile. "I am, the King~" He laughed, lying down.
  16. Electra's ears perked up at the sound of Rin's voice, and she turned towards her, then grinned and waved back. "Hiya!" Electra said happily.
  17. Alder made his way to the water and started to get a drink. He then stretched and flicked his ears as he checked for sounds. His eyes flicked about before he dove into the water to create a splash.
  18. Midnight was startled when Alder jumped into the River, he slipped off the rock, hitting his back against the water, quickly swimming up. "Huh, What?! He growled looking around just to see alder swimming, a chill going down his spine. "Oh thank Arceus...." Midnight sighed, climbing up his rock again.
  19. "You okey," alder asked as he swam closer to the dark type. He was slightly chucking from when he saw the move, "I didn't mean to scare anyone that much! Look like it hurt though so you good"?
  20. Midnight turned to Alder. "N-No I'm OK, I was just spacing out for awhile, I just wasn't expecting anyone to jump into the river and make that big of a splash." Midnight laughed a bit, rubbing the back of his head a bit awkwardly.
  21. From the trunk of a tree, which was seemingly blocked off by a thick blanket of leaves, slowly poked the snout of an Eeveelution with white fur, sniffing the fresh air outside. The snout stretched outward until a face appeared, eyes closed as she focused on the scents of the outdoors. Cautiously, the face also moved out of the tree, pushing the leaves aside to reveal an elegant blue-and-white Sylveon, her ice-blue eyes opening to take in her surroundings. No other Pokemon were spotted, so the Fairy-type stretched her limbs, ribbons fluttering about around her, before beginning to walk around in search of food. Effie had smelt a strong Berry scent earlier, so she began to follow that, her nose continuing to sniff the air as she went.
  22. "Well I'm still sorry to have scared you that badly. So have you seen anyone else," alder apologized as he continued to swim around. He dove under the water before resurfacing to float on his back. He used his tail to keep him afloat and padded about.
  23. Midnight smiled. "Don't worry, there was no harm done, at all. And yea, my friend Rin just walked off into the forest, so... You could try following her if you want." Midnight smiled, watching Alder continue to swim about.
  24. Alder thought about it before he rolled onto his stomach again. The grass type swam over to the bank and shook off before fluffing up a little, "nah. I want to go check on this giant berry plant patch I found. See if anything is ripe".
  25. "I'f that's the case then what was the point in asking me the question then?" Midnight smirked, stretching a bit. He yawned. "Well, hope you have fun then!" He smiled, opening one eye to lazily stare at him.
  26. From some bushes in the shadow of a large oak tree poked Effie's head once again, looking around for the scent of Berries she had picked up. What she failed to notice were the nearby Eeveelutions as she quietly padded over to the water- after making a loud rustling noise in the bush and whipping her head around to find anyone that could possibly laugh at her. Bending her head down low, the shiny Sylveon began to drink, taking large gulps of the water and sighing in satisfaction at its crisp taste.
  27. Midnight looked to the newly arrived Sylveon. He sat up, smacking his lips before beginning to speak. "Hello, Sylveon, how's the water?" Midnight yawned, keeping one eye open lazily.
  28. "I asked because I wanted to learn about news," alder laughed before he turned to look at the Sylveon. He waved his tail and winked in greeting before he stretched himself out. His ears wiggled and he twitched his nose.
  29. Hearing a question that was seemingly addressed to her since she was the only Sylveon around the water, Effie squeaked and jumped slightly, whipping her head around to face not one, but two other Eeveelutions. She seemingly began to curl in on herself, ribbons wrapping themselves around her torso defensively. "U-Um..." she stuttered, ears drawn back in fear, "i-i-it's good...? I d-didn't mean to disturb you..." Slowly, she backed away from the Umbreon and Leafeon, blushing lightly as she noticed the Grass-type's greeting. "I'm s-sorry..."
  30. "You aren't bothering anyone. We were just talking and this water is for any to use," alder chucked and stretched again as he watched her posture. He looked behind to see if there was a predator but when he didn't he turned back to look at her, "and we aren't gonna hurt you".
  31. Midnight frowned at the Sylveon's sudden change in expression. "What? You weren't disturbing anyone." Midnight frowned, standing up. He slowly swam over, trying not to alarm her, mostly trying to not make her more scared then she already was. "ou OK? Are you scared of us?" Midnight asked, his head titled at the Sylveon.
  32. "Y-You wo- eep!" Effie began to respond to the Leafeon, but the Umbreon's approaching form made her stop talking and begin to shake, eyes wide and full of alarm. "I-I-I'm j-just easily s-startled... p-p-people a-aren't always nice to m-me, s-so I don't know who to... to..." Tears beginning to form in her eyes, the Sylveon moved a ribbon over her face to hide it from sight as she attempted to calm herself. "I-It's not your f-f-faults, I know, b-but... it's hard..."
  33. Midnight frowned "So I am scary... I guess Candy wins that bet..." Midnight sighed, turning back to Effie. "Well, we're not being mean, but we're technically not being nice either... Well Alder is..." Midnight smiled, which turned to a frown, watching Effie put a ribbon over her face. "H-Hey, uhh, I'll leave if you want me too... I don't want to be taking your time, and by that, I mean freak you out anymore..." Midnight frowned, taking a step back.
  34. "N-No..." Effie managed to squeak out, slowly removing the ribbon from her face and letting it fall down to the grass by her paws. Her eyes had been wiped clean of her tears, and she now looked at Midnight with her brow furrowed in sadness. "You've already b-b-been much nicer than th-them... I app-appreciate that... thank you..." Sitting down, she made a move to take another sip of the water, but paused and instead focused on stopping her shaking. "Y-You don't have to leave m-me... unless you want to... I just don't have anyone else to g-go to..." Effie spoke, words getting softer by the second, once again looking over to Midnight.
  35. Midnight frowned, confused on his options. He could stay around a bit longer, but risk making a bad first impression, to the female who was stuttering. Or he could go back to his rock and probably make the Sylveon feel much more comfortable. He smiled as she thanked him. "You're welcome, err Sylveon." Midnight smiled. Midnight frowned at what she said last, before smiling, sitting down. "I mean, I don't want to, I wanna know if you want me to leave." Midnight smiled. He noticed her voice getting much harder to hear. But he didn't say anything about it, letting her be, even if he couldn't hear her very well.
  36. "...Effie..." she stated simply, looking down to the ground as she did so, "my name is Effie... I-I was only so n-nervous because m-m-mostly all the Pokemon I've ever m-met weren't nearly as n-nice as you are... th-that's why I appreciate your kindness so much... p-please stay..." Finally, the Sylveon dipped her head toward the water and took a few sips, eyes closed, before picking her head up once again and licking her lips as she looked at Midnight. "Wh-What might your name be, if you d-don't mind me asking...?"
  37. Alder smiled as he slowly walked over to them. He held his tail and head high as he stopped beside midnight, "well if you'd like then I can show this large berry feild I found. My name is alder. It's nice to meet you, Effie".
  38. Midnight smiled. "Well it's nice to meet you Effie, and I kind of Understand, I was bullied a whole lot while I was still an Eevee, and That made it so hard for me to socialize, and put my in Social deprivation..." Midnight frowned, before flinching. "Uh, never mind about that, and sorry for not saying earlier, I'm Midnight." He smiled, before turning to Alder. "I'm just gonna throw this out there, whether that was directed towards me or Effie, I'm going to decline, Instead, I'm going back to my Rock" He smiled, turning away. "See you two later, and I hope we meet again!" Midnight smiled, umping back into the river and onto his rock.
  39. At the mention of bullying and problems with being social, Effie's ears drew back even further and she once again looked to the ground. "...That sounds n-nice..." she agreed to going to the Berry patch, her stomach growling rather loudly as she did so, causing a deep blush to spread across her face. Rising to her paws, the Sylveon unwrapped herself from her ribbons, taking a step toward the Leafeon. "A-And it's nice to meet you both... goodb-bye, then, Midnight..."
  40. Midnight flicked an ear at Effie, then waving a paw, his tail waggling contently. "Today is a good day... Hopefully it'll stay like that." Midnight smirked, rolling onto his back, more or less sunbathing. He laughed at himself for a bit, slightly dosing off.

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