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Private/Closed The Shadows Lurk

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by _Umbreon_, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. (This is a story about an Umbreon and how he has been neglected and been abused, and how he finds light in the world after evey thing that is bad has happened.)

    (This story also has no humans! Pokeomn only, sorta like Mystery Dungeon Games!)

    The Umbreon walked through the down pour.

    Another long day being stopped by Police Pokemon because he looked shady.

    He knew why they really did it though, to screw with him.

    He was the only one that walked the lone wolf lifestyle in the Village.

    He lived off in the woods out in the outskirts of the small town.

    By the time he made it into his underground burrow, he was sopping wet, and just wanted to curl up in his warm comfy bed and sleep.

    As he dried him self off, he noticed a lump laying under the covers, but he didn't care, he just got underneath the heavy quilt.

    He felt the shape stir, and he rolled over to look at the Pokemon.

    (This is where you guys come in, also ask to join!)

    (@JustAnotherOutcast , @Strange Tiffany, sorry for double post, I just tried too invite them!)
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  2. The umbreon turned to see the buggy face of a yanma. A very groggy looking yanma. After staring at the Umbreon for a considerably long amount of time, the bug type jerked awake completely. With a startled holler, he took flight. Which didn't work, considering the quilt draped over his wings. In fact, it only resulted in the quilt twisting up and entangling the pokémon in waves of cotton.

    Suddenly panicked by the darkness that wrapped around him, the yanma struggled, basically rolling around the umbreon's burrow in the quilt, not really doing much to effectively free himself.
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  3. "Come back here with my blanket you thief!" He growled as he used fake out on the Yanma.

    He pinned it down.

    "Next time don't steal! You could of asked to sleep here!" He barked angrily as he let the Dragonfly-esque creature go.
  4. "I didn't know you lived here!" the yamna responded, using one of his buggy legs to rub his sore spots from the others attack. "And I didn't steal! I was held hostage by your quilt!"
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  5. "Sure, like my quilt has evil intentions." he replied sarcasticly.

    He was sick of every one being rude.

    'Now, scram before I call the cops," he said as he shooed the pokemon out into the cold rainy night.
  6. The yanma jostled his wings, stretching them and appearing annoyed. "I can't fly in the rain," he said, almost accusingly. "My wings aren't strong enough yet."
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  7. "Fine, you can stay here till morning, then I don't care if you half to walk home!" He growled as he pulled the blanket over him and fell asleep.
  8. "Fine," the yanma grumbled.

    The next morning, he awoke with aches all over the place from sleeping on the hard, cold floor. But luckily, the rain had stopped, so the yanma would be able to travel back to his family in the woods. He cast a glance at the pokémon who had allowed him to stay, wanting to see if the other was awake.
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  9. The Umbreon grumbled in his sleep.

    He rolled over and sighed again.

    At one point he started growling because a Pokemon stole his blanket in his dream.
  10. The yanma debated what to do momentarily. Should he just leave, or wait for the other to wake up? After his moment of hesitation, the bug pokémon flew out of the burrow. His goal: find some fesh fruit as a thank-you gift.
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  11. (( I really hope you don't mind me joining in. If I messed up, I am very sorry;-; ))

    Crawdaunt stared up at the tree intently. Those fruit look so...tasty. He said to himself. One more try. The crustacean-like Pokemon ran at full speed towards the tree, attempting to climb it's bark. After a quick struggle, the sad little lobster slid down the small length it managed to climb, limp with defeat.

    Sigh...I guess I'll have to look somewhere else-- just then, the small buzzing of a Pokemon could be heard. Looking up, Crawdaunt noticed a Yanma, flying towards the tree.

    "Excuse me? I could use a little help!"
  12. (( IDK about ScoutPug, but I'm all for it! Welcome to the RP, I guess! (unless ScoutPug says otherwise) ))

    The yanma halted its advance and hovered in the air momentarily. Confused, he glanced down at the source of the call to look at the other pokémon. "Huh?"
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  13. (Yes it's fine!)

    "Hey... What's goin on out here?" He asked as he stumbled out of the underground house sleepily...
  14. The Crawdaunt looked up at the bug, happy that it caught it's attention.
    "Could you do me a favor, and knock down one of those fruits?" He said calmly.
  15. The yamna paused for a second before he felt a rush of giddiness surge through his system. Though the situation was very small and unimportant, the small amount of power the young bug had recieved gave him a sense of pride. He wanted to flaunt his power.

    "Weeeell..." He knocked his head to the side, acting as though he were considering doing as the crawdaunt asked. "I could, but you see, that takes so much effort."
  16. The Umbreon grumbled at the showy bug type and shot a small shadow ball at the branch.

    A cluster of berrys landed near the Craundant, barely bruised.

    He sat down and yawned.
  17. Crawdaunt looked down at the pile of fruit in front of him. Yes! Yes! Yeeess! It looks so delicious! He then looked over at the groggy looking Umbreon, and studied him with much admiration.

    "Why thank you!" Crawdaunt chuckled at the Yanma, still hovering in the air.

    "Hey, would you guys like to share? I can't eat this all myself."

  18. The yanma, looking rather bitter at the abrupt loss of power, shook his head. "I'll find my own fruit, thanks."
  19. "Yeah... sure..." said the Umbreon sleepily as he padded over and grabbed a few before retreating into his Burrow.

    He lay back under his quilt with the berries and munched on them quietly.
  20. No longer really remembering why he wanted the fruit in the first place, the yanma glanced around the area, looking for some type of fruit he could harvest besides the type the crawdaunt had. Spotting a bush with several small, red berries on his, he flitted over, snatching one up for a taste test.




    And the yanma decided to make sure everyone knew. cringing and moaning in disgust, he looked back at the crawdaunt and where the umbreon had been almost accusingly, as they had plented the foul berries in the ground and nurtured them just for that moment.
  21. Crawdaunt looked over at the Yanma, who was shrieking in disgust. The little bug Pokemon danced with displeasure, singing out to the world. He then shifted his glance at the berries, with great curiosity. Lifting one up, he gracefully plopped it in his mouth, and started chewing slowly.

    The Crawdaunt froze. These berries....are....DELIGHTFUL! He thought in his head, quickly shoving more and more into his mouth. He felt like a slob, but he didn't care. It was once in a blue moon he got to eat these berries, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

    "So.." Crawdaunt spoke in between bites, "Umbreon, whats with you? Just tired?" the Crawdaunt asked, somewhat sympathetic to the obviously gloomy Pokemon.
  22. "Yeah... you could say..." that siad the Umbreon sitting up against the tree.
  23. "What brings you down?" The Crawdaunt said. He shifted his weight to that of a more relaxed position.
  24. "No I'm just... tired!" he said before venturing out of the rain and into his house.
  25. Crawdaunt looked over at the Yanma, who was struggling to fly in the rain.
    "Hey wait!" He called to the Umbreon, also acknowledging the Yanma.

    "I never really said thanks, why don't we go to my den?" He said, excitedly.
  26. "Fine as long as its warm..." said the Umbreon as he followed after the lobstore like pokemon.
  27. "Yeah, follow me." Quickly, the dark-water type Pokemon waddled down a small path, took a left at the sharp, pointed rock he had carved in his spare time, and cam across a small cave opening. Walking inside, it was a large room with many beds made with straw, some sort of a fireplace, ((lets just say that this Crawdaunt has hidden power:fire)) and a small pool that appeared to go very deep to someplace unknown.

    "Welcome!Sorry for the uh...mess." The Crawdaunt said, picking up some excess hay from the ground.
  28. The Umbreon Lay next to the fire and slept.
  29. Crawdaunt, drowsy himself, looked over at the little Umbreon. What an interesting creature. It looked so...gloomy. Yet, hmm....he couldn't place his claw on it.

    "I should get some sleep too." The Crawdaunt said, stumbling over to his hay pile. I wonder where that Yanma is... was the last thought until he drifted into sleep.
  30. (I hope you don't mind me joining the story)
    Meanwhile, the Yanma was flying through the forest searching for his parents when he saw a poster that said
    "pokemon battle royal tornament"
    Winner gets 100,000,000 poke dollars!

    The Yanma folded the poster and continued his journey. When he reached his house, he found a letter that said "bring use 100,000,000 poke dollars at the fountain if you want to see your parents again!"
    I horror he remembered that that was the prize mentioned on the poster and it also mentioned "Your team has to be at least 3 members"

    He then remembered umbreon and crawdunt
  31. (Um Actully he is already being used by JustAnotherOutcast, so please pick a differnt pokemon, and there is no controlling other people's characters, thank you!)
  32. (Oh ok)
    Meanwhile an arbok was relaxing under a tree when an unknown pokemon passed by and tossed a note to the arbok that said:

    Bring use 100,000,000 poke dollars if you want to see your parents again!

    At first he was furious but then he remembered that there is a competition going on in 5 days and the grand prize is 100,000,000 poke dollars but to participate he needs to form a team of 4 pokemons including himself, that is when he noticed a Yanma pass by
  33. "ugh...waking up sucks." The Crawdaunt stirred in his hay bed, slowly getting on his feet, and walked over to the water pool. Jumping in, he calmly swam in circles, waking himself up. The Umbreon still slept. Wonder what is wrong...
  34. (( Oh jesus, gone for only 2 days and so much happened ;A; ))

    The yamna was distressed. The distracted eyes, the hesitation in flight before choosing a new direction, the awkward flitting about; it all showed the pokemon's discomfort.

    The day before, the bug pokemon had abandoned his quest for unique fruit and flown deeper into the woods to find his family. However, the swarm was no where to be found... Was it possible that the storm the night before had forced them to relocate? Judging by the amount of fallen tree limbs in the area, it was possible. However, the yamna had no idea where the swarm could have gone. One direction was just as good a guess as any other, and the young one soon found himself twirling nervously around the local area, trying his hardest to find is lost family.

    During his search, he was certain to ask any pokemon he encountered. "Excuse me," he called to the arbok nearby, slowly hovering down. "Did you happen to see a swarm of yanma pass through recently?"
  35. Crawdaunt slowly got out of his pool, and walked over to the Umbreon. Ever so gently, the lobster Pokemon nudged the sleeping creature.

    "Wakey wakey. I thought we should go look for that Yanma. He seemed pretty dazed after that storm, maybe he needs some help." He said calmly, staring down at the Umbreon.
  36. At first the arbok was scared but then he saw the Yanma and said " sorry but no" in reply as calm and polite as possible

    He started to look around for another pokemon that can help him

    When he found non he turned back to the Yanma and said

    "Excuse me, I am in big trouble you'd you help me? I promise to explain later!"
  37. The yanma blinked before narrowing his eyes. He raised his head in a forced dramatic manner as he spoke. "What do you want?" the young bug type asked, lowering the pitch of his voice in antempt to sound powerful and aloof. It didn't really work.
  38. The Umbreon yawned and got up and followed after the Craundaunt refreshed, but still a little sleepy.
  39. The arbok looked at the Yanma nervously and then said " my parent's were kidnapped and the only way to get them back is by giving the kidnappers 100,000,000 poke dollars. In 5 days time there will be a tornament with a grand prize of 100,000,000 poke dollars. Would you help me?
  40. (Hope you don't mind me joining in too.)
    A young Swablu hopped along the woodland path, humming happily to herself. It was odd, to see a Pokemon that usually flew, such as herself, choosing to walk, but she'd never been the best at flying. Besides, there were such wonderful things to enjoy on the ground that other flying Pokemon didn't get to appreciate, such as this lovely, carved rock at a junction in the path that she had been occupied with looking at for the last few moments. She wondered who could have made such a creative sculpture and decided to wait around, to ask the first Pokemon she saw who came by if they knew.

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