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"The secrets of chaining shinies?" by Midnight Shadows

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Okay, so, judging by my bland news icon I should never be allowed near Photoshop again. But that's besides the point.

    A while back, a few people may have noticed a particular post made by Midnight Shadows in the Pokecharms Staff Openings - Auditions! thread (which, by the way, is still open if people are interested in applying). Midnight Shadows, who's become known as the resident shiny Pokemon hunter around these parts (and for good reason), did an audition piece on how she personally hunts them down via PokeRadar chaining. Now, as I mentioned above, only a handful of people probably read this, so we'd now like to bring it to a wider audience.

    Due to length, you'll find the article itself in the comment jump. If you're an up and coming radar-chaining shiny hunter, give it a read. You might learn a thing or two you hadn't previously considered. If you're a player who's thought about trying but isn't quite sure on the basics, be sure to check out our step by step explanation on How to Chain as well.

    Thanks once again go to Midnight Shadows herself for writing the article and allowing it to be re-posted. Hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment. =)


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Mar 11, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      The secrets of chaining shinies? by Midnight Shadows

      Having over eighty shinies is something I have accomplished in Pokemon Diamond, not including the ones I have traded to other people. I have gained my title "Shiny Hunter" on Pokecharms respectfully, and I have been a hunter for shinies ever since the Red Gyarados in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions. Many people are often grateful to even have one shiny, or maybe a few more with or without the Pokeradar. In my eyes, chaining using the Pokeradar is something that takes practice.

      For one thing, chaining a shiny takes time. However, there are times when using the Pokeradar that a shiny patch appears before forty, (the max probability of a shiny patch appearing at forty being 1/200) which in any case is pure luck and can happen to anyone. It usually takes me a little over an hour just to get the chain to forty, and at times, even longer to see the shiny patch. If you feel tired by any means, take a short break from chaining by putting your DS in sleep mode. It's hard to concentrate while your tired, and chaining takes a lot of concentration. I recommend taking a break while in battle with what you are trying to chain, not while you are resetting the radar. You could easily step into the wrong patch because you forgot where the other patches where located around you. Stepping into the wrong patch, sadly, breaks your chain and when you start chaining again you do not start off at the number your chain broke at.

      The one thing that helps me concentrate while chaining is my I pod. As odd as that may sound, music helps me relax and not be as stressed while chaining. There are times where I wanted to throw my DS against the wall because the chain broke, and everyone can admit that it has happened to them at least once while chaining. Listening to calm music or something that relaxes you could prevent this, "urge" to throw and possibly break your DS. Being comfortable also helps me a lot, because honestly no one wants to be hunched over and stressed while chaining. Relaxing in a reclining chair or on a bed in a room with some lighting, is the best way to start chaining. Personally, I don't like chaining in a room with a lot of light because it's more stress for my eyes (due to the glare of the DS screen and the lighting) to try and see the patches when I reset my Pokeradar.

      If your not absolutely positive that the chain will not break, reset the radar. For an example, if your patch is near the edge or a patch or two away from the edge, it is possible that the chain could break. I have lost many high chains between thirty and forty because of this incident. I second guessed myself, and the chain broke and I had to restart all over, which no one likes doing. Try to stay more towards the middle and not too far in any direction. Also, if you walk too far away from where you were standing or out of the grass, the chain could break as well. Make sure to always use Max/Super repel the second it wears off and not forget to; this is another cause of broken chains, and if your not sure if you used a Max/Super repel, click it again just in case.

      There are some tricks to help make chaining a certain Pokemon easier. Some items that have helped me while chaining are the Black Flute, and the Cleanse Tag. Both repel wild Pokemon nicely, even while you are using Max/Super repel. On the flip side having the abilities Static, Magnet Pull, Swarm, Storm Drain, and Cute Charm help you find the Pokemon you are searching for easier. Although this works a little better while the Pokemon you are looking for is Swarming, it does help a lot and takes time off the chaining process. Leppa Berries are also very helpful when chaining, just in case any of your Pokemon's moves run out of PP. If you are chaining a Pokemon with either the Run away ability or the move Roar, you definitely need a Pokemon with the ability Suction Cups or Shadow Tag in the front of your party.

      If you chain for natures like I do, the ability Synchronize comes in handy. This ability can come from Abra, Ralts, or Espeon and Umbreon. When you encounter a shiny, the nature of the Pokemon with Synchronize has a fifty percent chance of giving it to the Pokemon you encountered. So when you see the shiny patch, before you step into it place the Pokemon in the front of your party then switch out to the stronger Pokemon. If it's the Pokemon with Roar/Run away switch in with the Pokemon with the Suction Cups/Shadow Tag ability, I highly recommend getting a Pokemon with the move False Swipe like Scyther or Zangoose to make catching the shiny easier.

      Overall, chaining takes practice, patience, time and determination. One isn't complete without the other, and you certainly can't run before you can walk. It's not too long before the difficulty of chaining shinies is in the past, and everyone can have a shiny of their own.
    2. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      This is a great article, Midnight! I really think you should get the position of news reporter here. The whole thing just has a great flow and tone to it that doesn't 'talk down' to the reader, nor does it make it too complicated.
    3. BradyMontly
      I love shinys... i have 50... half of them are evee's1 ( my fave pokemon) :p ;D
    4. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      I love Shinies too. Thanks Midnight your guide helped me get my first shiny. A miltank
    5. OranRi
      That's a really easy to understand guide. It is really well written and helpful. I currently have a good chain going, thanks to Midnight.
    6. pikapower94
      I just fail at shinies. xD
      The guide probably will help when I actually settle down to try though, thanks Midnight!

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